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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L8: Industry Studies: Services
/ / / L85: Real Estate Services
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 How to make land titling more rational
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 Blockchain's struggle to deliver impersonal exchange
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 Property as sequential exchange: The forgotten limits of private contract
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 Mito y realidad del alquiler vacacional en las Islas Baleares. Análisis y recomendaciones de política turística
    by José Luis Groizard & William Nilsson

  • 2017 Information Asymmetry, Lease Incentives, and the Role of Advisors in the Market for Commercial Real Estate
    by Martijn (M.I.) Droes & Boris Ziermans & Philip Koppels

  • 2017 The Financial Crisis and Diverging House Prices: Evidence from the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area
    by Ismir Mulalic & Holger Rasmussen & Jan Rouwendal & Hans Henrik Woltmann

  • 2017 Distributed Workflow Management with Smart Contracts
    by Hukkinen, Taneli & Mattila, Juri & Seppälä, Timo

  • 2017 Regional development in the context of economic reform: The case of Limassol
    by Benner, Maximilian & Hirth, Jana & Kraatz, Fabian & Ludwig, Katja & Schrade, Jessi

  • 2017 Under What Circumstances do First-time Homebuyers Overpay? – An Empirical Analysis Using Mortgage and Appraisal Data
    by Jessica Shui & Shriya Murthy

  • 2017 Housing market in Russia in 2016
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2017 Appraising Home Purchase Appraisals
    by Calem, Paul S. & Lambie-Hanson, Lauren & Nakamura, Leonard I.

  • 2017 How to Make Land Titling more Rational
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 Property as sequential exchange: The forgotten limits of private contract
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 Auswirkungen der demografischen Entwicklung auf den ostdeutschen Wohnungsmarkt
    by Juliane Banse & Clemens Deilmann & Carolin Fritzsche & Virginie Hörnig & Jan Kluge & Daniel Kretzschmar & Gesine Marquardt & Tom Motzek & Joachim Ragnitz & Marcel Thum & Lars Vandrei

  • 2017 Managerial Issues in Multi-Storey Buildings
    by Çiftçioğlu, Aydem & Gündüz, Şeref

  • 2017 Real Estate Investment as a Panacea for Economic Instability in Nigeria: Evidence from Northeastern States of Nigeria
    by Muhammad Umar Bello & Aliyu Ahmad Aliyu & David Martin @ Daud Juanil & Rozilah Kasim

  • 2017 Modern Digital Techniques Integrating BIM and Facility Management of a Building Structure
    by Krystyna Araszkiewicz

  • 2017 Impact Investing on the Real Estate Market – Foreign Experience
    by Krzysztof Marcinek

  • 2017 On the relationship between the number of a broker’s real estate listings and transaction outcomes
    by Oded Palmon & Ben J. Sopranzetti

  • 2017 Agency and Incentives: Vertical Integration in the Mortgage Foreclosure Industry
    by Lauren Lambie-Hanson & Timothy Lambie-Hanson

  • 2017 Information Asymmetry and Organizational Structure: Evidence from REITs
    by Yongheng Deng & Maggie (Rong) Hu & Anand Srinivasan

  • 2017 Housing Ownership Decision Making in the Framework of Household Portfolio Choice
    by Eli Beracha & Alexandre Skiba & Ken H Johnson

  • 2017 What can we learn from past mistakes? Lessons from Data Mining the Fannie Mae Mortgage Portfolio
    by Stanislav Mamonov & Raquel Benbunan-Fich

  • 2017 Renewing a Lease at a Discount or Premium?
    by Siu Kei Wong & Ka Shing Cheung

  • 2017 Foreclosures, Returns, and Buyer Intentions
    by Herman Donner

  • 2017 Characteristics of Long-run Return and Risk: a Unified Performance Metric
    by Ping Cheng & Zhenguo Lin & Yingchun Liu

  • 2017 Switching Regime Beta Analysis of Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from International Public Real Estate Markets
    by Kim Hiang LIOW & Qing YE

  • 2017 The Role of Appreciation and Borrower Characteristics in Reverse Mortgage Terminations
    by Thomas Davidoff & Gerd M. Welke

  • 2017 REITs and Market Microstructure: A Comprehensive Analysis of Market Quality
    by Pawan Jain & Mark Sunderman & K. Janean Westby-Gibson

  • 2017 Connecticut's Land Value Taxation Public Act: Who Would Bear the Burden?
    by Jeffrey P. Cohen & Michael J. Fedele

  • 2017 Societal Influence on Diffusion of Green Buildings - A Count Regression Approach
    by Ben Hoen & Marcelo Cajias & Ralf Hohenstatt

  • 2017 Policy-Driven Housing Cycle: The Hong Kong Case of Supply Intervention
    by Gary Wai Chung Wong & Lok Sang Ho

  • 2017 Do Economies of Scale Exist? : Evidence from Korean REITs
    by Changha Jin & Kwanyoung Kim

  • 2017 Did Increased Large Bank Concentration of US Mortgage Loan Originations Explain Rising Originator Profits?
    by Hany Guirguis & Glenn R. Mueller & Joshua Harris & Andrew G. Mueller

  • 2017 An Anatomy of the Interrelationship between Equity and Mortgage REITs
    by J. Andrew Hansz & Wikrom Prombutr & Ying Zhang & Tingyu Zhou

  • 2017 A Dynamic Housing Affordability Index
    by Steven C. Bourassa & Donald R. Haurin

  • 2017 A Localized Model for Residential Property Valuation: Nearest Neighbor with Attribute Differences
    by Simon K.C. Cheung & Sahminan Sahminan

  • 2017 Real Estate Transfer Taxes and Housing Price Volatility in the United States
    by Haiwei Chen

  • 2017 Self-Assessed Positive Impacts of Area Management Organizations in Japan
    by Misaki Ueno & Motohiro Adachi & Jun Mitarai

  • 2017 The Effect of HVTLs on Property Values: An Event Study
    by Charles Thomas & Gerd Welke

  • 2017 Asymmetric Causality and Asymmetric Cointegration between Income and House Prices in the United States of America
    by Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee & Seyed Hesam Ghodsi

  • 2017 Do Reserve Prices Yield Reference Price Effects in Korean Court Auctions of Residential Real Estate?
    by Han-Jang No & Dai-Won Kim & Jung-Suk Yu

  • 2017 Can Real Estate Brokers Affect Home Prices Under Extreme Market Conditions?
    by Steven Stelk & Leonard V. Zumpano

  • 2017 Monetary Policy, House Prices, and Consumption in China: A National and Regional Study
    by Zan Yang & Shuping Wu & Yanhao Shen

  • 2017 Global Liquidity, Capital Inflows and House Prices in ASEAN Economies
    by Matthew S. Yiu & Sahminan Sahminan

  • 2017 Low Volatility Investing in U.S. Equity REITs
    by Greg MacKinnon & Jon Spinney

  • 2017 Employee stock ownership and the cost of capital11We are grateful to the Editor in Chief, Thomas Lagoarde-Segot and to participants at 2016 French accounting association conference, 2015 French finance association conference, the 2014 International corporate governance for their useful comments and suggestions. Siessima Djibril Toé provided excellent research assistance. All remaining errors are our own
    by Aubert, Nicolas & Kern, Alexander & Hollandts, Xavier

  • 2017 Immigration and housing: A spatial econometric analysis
    by Mussa, Abeba & Nwaogu, Uwaoma G. & Pozo, Susan

  • 2017 The importance of being remembered: Prices for cemetery plots in the US
    by Canofari, Paolo & Marini, Giancarlo & Scaramozzino, Pasquale

  • 2017 Conflicts of Interest and Steering in Residential Brokerage
    by Panle Jia Barwick & Parag A. Pathak & Maisy Wong

  • 2016 Policy measures to improve energy efficiency in Russian buildings: Forecast up to 2050
    by I. Bashmakov.

  • 2016 Bubble Economics How Big a Shock to China’s Real Estate Sector Will Throw the Country into Recession, and Why Does It Matter?
    by Michael, Bryane & Zhao, Simon

  • 2016 Coase and the departure from property
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2016 The market of land plots in Russia in 2015
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2016 Housing mortgage lending in Russia in 2015
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2016 Coase and the Departure from Property
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2016 Papers presented during the Narodowy Bank Polski Workshop: Recent trends in the real estate market and its analysis - 2015 edition
    by Adrienne Csizmady & József Hegedüs & Christophe André & Elisabeth Beckmann, & Antje Hildebrandt & Krisztina Jäger-Gyovai & Agnieszka Nierodka & Martin Schneider & Karin Wagner & Guenter Karl & Robert Leszczyński & Jerry Cao & Bihong Huang & Rose Neng Lai & Martin Lux & Petr Gibas & Irena Boumová & Martin Hájek & Mick Silver & Gyula Nagy & Magdalena Erdem & Michela Scatigna & Timur Hülagü & Erdi Kızılkaya & Ali Gencay & Pınar Tunar & Xi Chen & Michael Funke & Jens Mehrhoff & Elena Triebskorn & Hanna Augustyniak & Jacek Łaszek & Krzysztof Olszewski & Joanna Waszczuk

  • 2016 Grey Zone in the Real Estate Market
    by Kucharska-Stasiak Ewa

  • 2016 The Essence of Equivalent Markets in Determining the Market Value of Land Property for Variable Planning Factors
    by Wójciak Ewelina

  • 2016 Towards Sustainable Building: Case Study on Romania
    by Ana Maria Marinoiu & Mihaela Gabriela Belu & Iulia Țarțavulea (Dieaconescu)

  • 2016 Dynamics of a facilitator’s role: Insights from the Danish construction industry
    by Freytag, Per V. & Storvang, Pia

  • 2016 Determining the Impact of Residential Neighbourhood Crime on Housing Investment Using Logistic Regression
    by Sunday Emmanuel Olajide & Mohd Lizam

  • 2016 The Suitability of the Selected Ways of Determining the Degree of Technical Wear in the Valuation of Real Estate
    by Małgorzata Krajewska

  • 2016 Inefficient Practices in Municipal Property Management in Poland: The Case of Krakow Metropolitan Area
    by Bartłomiej Marona

  • 2016 The Economics of Commercial Real Estate Preleasing
    by Robert H. Edelstein & Peng Liu

  • 2016 Macro-Economic and Financial Determinants of Comovement across Global Real Estate Security Markets
    by Simon Stevenson

  • 2016 Do Foreign Buyers Compress Office Real Estate Cap Rates?

  • 2016 REIT Liquidity Management and Institutional Investors
    by Heng An & Qun Wu & Ting Zhang

  • 2016 The Impact of State Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Laws on Higher-Risk Lending: Evidence from FHA and Subprime Mortgage Originations
    by Qianqian Cao & Shimeng Liu

  • 2016 Wind Turbines, Amenities and Disamenities: A Study of Home Value Impacts in Densely Populated Massachusetts
    by Ben Hoen & Carol Atkinson-Palombo

  • 2016 Using Neurological Evidence to Differentiate between Informational and Social Herding among Strategic Mortgage Defaulters
    by Michael J. Seiler & Eric Walden

  • 2016 Demand for Green Buildings: Office Tenants' Stated Willingness-to-Pay for Green Features
    by Spenser Robinson & Robert Simons & Eunkyu Lee & Andrew Kern

  • 2016 Long-Term Natural Cycle Momentum and Housing Price Changes in Israel, 1995-2013
    by Boris A. Portnov & Charles Ingene & Sagi Akron

  • 2016 Which Factors Drive Rental Depreciation Rates for Office and Industrial Properties?

  • 2016 Time Variation of Expected Returns on REITs: Implications for Market Integration and the Financial Crisis
    by Yuming Li

  • 2016 Capturing Heterogeneity in Preference for a Real-Estate Offering Using Hierarchical Bayesian Regression Model

  • 2016 Do Mortgage Loans Respond Perversely to Monetary Policy?
    by Ali Termos & Mohsen Saad

  • 2016 Prospect Theory and Loss Aversion in the Housing Market
    by Florent Buisson

  • 2016 Property price separation between land and building components
    by Unsal Ozdilek

  • 2016 Information Content and Forecasting Ability of Sentiment Indicators: Case of Real Estate Market
    by Gianluca Marcato & Anupam Nanda

  • 2016 Price Indexes for Short Horizons, Thin Markets or Smaller Cities
    by Karl L. Guntermann & Crocker Liu & Adam D. Nowak

  • 2016 The Relative Value of Public Non-listed REITS
    by Paul J. Seguin

  • 2016 Chain Affiliation, Store Prestige And Shopping Center Rents
    by Francois Des Rosiers & Marius Theriault & Jean Dube

  • 2016 Who Follows REITs?
    by Elizabeth Devos & Erik Devos & Seow Eng Ong & Andrew C. Spieler

  • 2016 Price Variation in Waterfront Properties Over the Economic Cycle
    by Randy E. Dumm & G. Stacy Sirmans & Greg T. Smersh

  • 2016 Malaysia REITs: First Decade Development and Returns Characteristics
    by Yuen-Meng Wong

  • 2016 The Effects of Time Constraints on Broker Behavior in China¡¦s Resale Housing Market: Theory and Evidence
    by Yang Zhang & Hong Zhang & Michael J. Seiler

  • 2016 Contagion, Interdependence and Diversification across Regional UK Housing Markets
    by Wichita State University

  • 2016 Efficiency and Justice in the Market for Cooperative Dwellings
    by Silje Eretveit & Theis Theisen

  • 2016 Five Property Types¡¦ Real Estate Cycles as Markov Chains
    by Richard D. Evans & Glenn R. Mueller

  • 2016 The Effect of Appurtenant Golf Memberships on Residential Real Estate Prices
    by Steve P. Fraser & Marcus T. Allen

  • 2016 Financing Patterns and Property Acquisitions of Sponsor-backed REITs: Evidence from J-REIT Markets
    by Mamoru Nagano

  • 2016 The Role of Sponsors and External Management on the Capital Structure of Asian-Pacific REITs: The Case of Australia, Japan, and Singapore
    by Dong Chen & Yanmin Gao & Mayank Kaul & Charles Ka Yui Leung & Desmond Tsang

  • 2016 Contagious Real Estate Cycle: Case of the US Subprime Related Crisis
    by Tyler T. Yang & Jessie Y. Zhang

  • 2016 Are Real Estate Banks More Affected by Real Estate Market Dynamics?
    by Lucia Gibilaro & Gianluca Mattarocci

  • 2016 Impact of Remittance Income on House Prices: Evidence from Bangladesh
    by Kh. A. Mottaleb & Seydina Ousmane Sene & Ashok K. Mishra

  • 2016 The Helping Hand of the State in Chinese Real Estate Firms: Anti-corruption and Liberalization
    by Gang-Zhi Fan & Zsuzsa R. Huszar & Weina Zhang

  • 2016 Does Property Transaction Matter in the Price Discovery of Real Estate Markets?
    by William Mingyan Cheung & James Chicheong Lei & Desmond Tsang

  • 2016 How Does Loan-To-Value Policy Strengthen Resilience of Banks to Property Price Shocks ¡V Evidence from Hong Kong
    by Eric Wong & Andrew Tsang & Steven Kong

  • 2016 Private Ordering, Social Cohesion and Value: Residential Community Association Covenant Enforcement
    by Jay Weiser & Ronald Neath

  • 2016 Рынок Недвижимости Российской Федерации В Первой Половине 2016 Г
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2016 Рынок Недвижимости В Рф
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2016 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2016 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2016 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonskiy

  • 2016 The real estate market in the Russian Federation in H1 2016
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2016 The Real Estate Market In The Russian Federation In Q1 2016
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2016 Austerity: A Trend Across Russia’S Region
    by N. Zubarevich

  • 2016 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In December 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2016 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In November 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2016 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In November 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2016 Real economic activity and accounting information in Spanish construction and real estate firms
    by Navarro-García, Juan Carlos & Madrid-Guijarro, Antonia

  • 2016 A cost-benefit analysis of judicial foreclosure delay and a preliminary look at new mortgage servicing rules
    by Cordell, Larry & Lambie-Hanson, Lauren

  • 2016 Buying versus renting – Determinants of the net present value of home ownership for individual households
    by Tabner, Isaac T.

  • 2016 Konjunkturtest im Fokus: Boom im gesamten Dienstleistungssektor?
    by Przemyslaw Brandt

  • 2016 Nachtrag: Steigende Immobilienpreise und steigende Wohnungsnot: Wohnungsmarkt aus dem Gleichgewicht?
    by Barbara Hendricks

  • 2016 Auswirkungen der Energieeinsparverordnung auf die Baukosten im Wohnungsneubau
    by Ludwig Dorffmeister & Matijas Kocijan

  • 2015 The economic role of valuers in real property markets
    by Bartke, Stephan

  • 2015 Spatial Competition and Transport Infrastructure: The Case of Moscow Office Rental Market
    by Tatiana Mikhailova

  • 2015 Housing Discrimination among Available Housing Units in 2012: Do Paired Testing Studies understate Housing Discrimination?
    by Rob Pitingolo & Stephen L. Ross

  • 2015 Retail Networks and Real Estate: the case of Swiss luxury watches in China and Southeast
    by Thierry Theurillat & Pierre-Yves Donzé

  • 2015 Mortgage Refinancing, Consumer Spending, and Competition: Evidence from the Home Affordable Refinancing Program
    by Sumit Agarwal & Gene Amromin & Souphala Chomsisengphet & Tim Landvoigt & Tomasz Piskorski & Amit Seru & Vincent Yao

  • 2015 The Market of Land Plots in Russia in 2014
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Agency and incentives: vertical integration in the mortgage foreclosure industry
    by Lambie-Hanson, Lauren & Lambie-Hanson, Timothy

  • 2015 A cost-benefit analysis of judicial foreclosure delay and a preliminary look at new mortgage servicing rules
    by Cordell, Lawrence R. & Lambie-Hanson, Lauren

  • 2015 Information losses in home purchase appraisals
    by Calem, Paul S. & Lambie-Hanson, Lauren & Nakamura, Leonard I.

  • 2015 Caracterización del Sector de Servicios a las Empresas en Manizales
    by Alejandro Barrera Escobar & Oscar Andrés Jiménez

  • 2015 The real estate market, the supply chain and credit: the effects of the great recession
    by Cristina Fabrizi & Raffaella Pico & Luca Casolaro & Mariano Graziano & Elisabetta Manzoli & Sonia Soncin & Luciano Esposito & Giuseppe Saporito & Tiziana Sodano

  • 2015 Pricing in the office rental market in Moscow: hedonic analysis
    by Ignatenko, Anna & Mikhailova, Tatiana

  • 2015 Nonlinear A Djustment To The Long-Run Equilibrium Between The Reit And The Stock Markets In Japan And Singapore
    by Tsang-Yao CHANG & Hao FANG & Yen-Hsien LEE

  • 2015 Current managerial topics in public real estate asset management
    by Anna Wojewnik-Filipkowska & Małgorzata Rymarzak & Carsten Lausberg

  • 2015 An Insight into the Behaviour of Real Estate Manager in the Context of Agency Theory
    by Joanna Węgrzyn

  • 2015 Weight Fractions of Real Estate Market Characteristics and Preferences of Potential Buyers
    by Lesław Polny & Ewelina Wójciak

  • 2015 The Benefit of Search in Housing Markets
    by Ping Cheng & Zhenguo Lin & Yingchun Liu & Michael J. Seiler

  • 2015 Seller-Paid Concessions from 2004-2012: Implications for House Selling Price and Days on the Market
    by Daniel T. Winkler & Bruce L. Gordon

  • 2015 Land Erosion and Coastal Home Values
    by Scott Below & Eli Beracha & Hilla Skiba

  • 2015 A Commercial Real Estate Matching Method for Return Estimations
    by Spenser Robinson & Alan Reichert

  • 2015 Mortgage Modification and the Decision to Strategically Default: A Game Theoretic Approach s
    by Andrew J. Collins & David M. Harrison & Michael J. Seiler

  • 2015 Gated Community Premiums and Amenity Differentials in Residential Subdivisions
    by Evgeny Radetskiy & Ronald W. Spahr & Mark A. Sunderman

  • 2015 Long-run Supply and Demand Elasticities in the Spanish Housing Market
    by Maria Arrazola & Jose de Hevia & Desiderio Romero-Jordan & Jose Felix Sanz-Sanz

  • 2015 Modeling The Effects Of Refinery Emissions On Residential Property Values
    by Robert A. Simons & Youngme Seo & Paul Rosenfeld

  • 2015 The 2005-11 Housing Boom and Bust: Impacts on Housing Turnover and Implications for the Recovery
    by Patric H. Hendershott & Jin Man Lee & James D. Shilling

  • 2015 Effects of Real Estate Brokers' Marketing Strategies: Public Open Houses, Broker Open Houses, MLS Virtual Tours, and MLS Photographs
    by Marcus T. Allen & Anjelita Cadena & Jessica Rutherford & Ronald C. Rutherford

  • 2015 Parcel Size and Land Value: A Comparison of Approaches
    by Karl L. Guntermann & Alex R. Horenstein & Federico Nardari & Gareth Thomas

  • 2015 Tail parameters of stable distributions using one million observations of real estate returns from continents
    by Michael Stein & Daniel Piazolo & Stoyan V. Stoyanov

  • 2015 Perceived Environmental Risk, Media and Residential Sales Prices
    by Julia Freybote & Eric Fruits

  • 2015 Do as I Say, Not as I do: The Role of Advice versus Actions in the Decision to Strategically Default
    by Michael J. Seiler

  • 2015 What Drives REIT Prices? The Time-Varying Informational Content of Dividend Yields
    by Kevin C.H. Chiang

  • 2015 Bank Delays in the Resolution of Delinquent Mortgages: The Problem of Limbo Loans
    by Linda Allen & Stavros Peristiani & Yi Tang

  • 2015 An Examination Of Primary And Secondary Market Returns In Equity Reit Ipos

  • 2015 A Low Cost Methodology for Correcting the Distressed Sales Bias in a Downward Spiraling Housing Market
    by Craig A. Depken, II & Harris Hollans & Steve Swidler

  • 2015 The Improved Net Rate Analysis
    by Song Shi

  • 2015 Market Risk Factor and the Weighted Repeated Sales Method
    by Ping Cheng & Xin He & Zhenguo Lin & Yingchun Liu

  • 2015 Real Estate Investment Selection and Empirical Analysis of Property Prices: Study of Select Residential Projects in Gurgaon, India
    by Sanjay Sehgal & Mridul Upreti & Piyush Pandey & Aakriti Bhatia

  • 2015 Is there Long-Run Equilibrium in the House Prices of Australian Capital Cities?
    by Le Ma & Chunlu Liu

  • 2015 Tax-driven Bunching of Housing Market Transactions: The Case of Hong Kong
    by Charles Ka Yui Leung & Tin Cheuk Leung & Kwok Ping Tsang

  • 2015 Bubbles, Busts and Breaks in UK Housing
    by William Miles

  • 2015 Long-Run Movements in House Prices
    by Svein Olav Krakstad

  • 2015 Availability, Affordability and Volatility: The Case of the Hong Kong Housing Market
    by Charles Ka Yui Leung

  • 2015 Is Shenzhen Housing Price Bubble that High? A Perspective of Shenzhen Hong Kong Cross-Border Integration
    by Yu Zhou & Hongru Guo

  • 2015 Is Shenzhen Housing Price Bubble that High? A Perspective of Shenzhen Hong Kong Cross-Border Integration
    by Yu Zhou & Hongru Guo

  • 2015 Political Risk and the Cost of Capital in Asia-Pacific Property Markets
    by George D. Cashman & David M. Harrison & Hainan Sheng

  • 2015 Triskaidekaphobia and North American Residential Real Estate Prices
    by James E. Larsen

  • 2015 Use of Hedonic Prices to Estimate Capitalization Rate
    by Gaetano Lisi

  • 2015 Income Migration and Home Price Trajectories in the United States
    by Samuel M. Otterstrom

  • 2015 The Relative Performance of Private Equity Real Estate Joint Ventures
    by James D. Shilling & Charles H. Wurtzebach

  • 2015 Inflation and House Prices: Theory and Evidence from 35 Major Cities in China
    by Weida Kuang & Peng Liu

  • 2015 Calendar Anomalies: Do REITs Behave Like Stocks?
    by Mehmet Akbulut & Su Han Chan & Mariya Letdin

  • 2015 The Role of Public Markets in International Real Estate Diversification
    by Brian A. Ciochetti & Rose Neng Lai & James D. Shilling

  • 2015 Introduction to the Special Issue of International Real Estate Review
    by James D. Shilling

  • 2015 Determinants of Potential Seller/Lessee Benefits in Sale¡VLeaseback Transactions
    by Noriko Ashiya

  • 2015 Speculating China Economic Growth through Hong Kong? Evidence from Stock Market IPOs and Real Estate Markets
    by Charles Ka Yui Leung & Edward Chi Ho Tang

  • 2015 Causality between the Construction Sector and Economic Growth: The Case of Saudi Arabia
    by Albdulkarim K. Alhowaish

  • 2015 Winner's Curse or Signaling? Bidding Outcomes in the Chinese Land Market
    by Xiaolong Liu & Weidong Qu

  • 2015 Transaction-Based and Appraisal-Based Capitalization Rate Determinants
    by Alain Chaney & Martin Hoesli

  • 2015 Ипотека В Российской Федерации
    by Georgiy Zadonskiy

  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonskiy

  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonskiy

  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonskiy

  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In October 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In Russian Federation In September 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In H1 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Housing mortgage in the russian federation in q2 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In January-May 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 The Real Property Market In The Russian Federation In Q1 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In Q1 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 The Real Estate Market In The Russian Federation In January-February 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Housing Mortgage In The Russian Federation In January 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In December 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In December 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Russia’S Real Property Market In January-November 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Brokers’ contractual arrangements in the Manhattan residential rental market
    by Bar-Isaac, Heski & Gavazza, Alessandro

  • 2015 Determinants of mortgage pricing: A quantile regression analysisAuthor-Name: Al-Bahrani, Abdullah
    by Su, Qing

  • 2015 What added value do estate agents offer compared to FSBO transactions? Explanation from a perceived advantages model
    by Larceneux, Fabrice & Lefebvre, Thomas & Simon, Arnaud

  • 2015 How many listings are too many? Agent inventory externalities and the residential housing market
    by Bian, Xun & Waller, Bennie D. & Turnbull, Geoffrey K. & Wentland, Scott A.

  • 2015 Reverse mortgage pricing and risk analysis allowing for idiosyncratic house price risk and longevity risk
    by Shao, Adam W. & Hanewald, Katja & Sherris, Michael

  • 2015 Eine kommunale Wohnungsbaugesellschaft für Dresden?
    by Carolin Fritzsche

  • 2014 Die Legende von der Mietpreisexplosion
    by Benček, David & Klodt, Henning

  • 2014 Registries
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2014 The titling role of possession
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2014 Institutional Reform Design: А New Chapter of Economics
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2014 The Effectiveness of Mandatory Mortgage Counseling: Can One Dissuade Borrowers from Choosing Risky Mortgages?
    by Sumit Agarwal & Gene Amromin & Itzhak Ben-David & Souphala Chomsisengphet & Douglas Evanoff

  • 2014 Housing Mortgage Lending in Russia in 2013
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 The Land Plots Market in Russia in 2013
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 The Titling Role of Possession
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2014 Providing innovational activity of enterprises of the real sector of the economy
    by Tatyana Bezrukova

  • 2014 Assessment of social and innovational orientation of enterprises and companies
    by V. Parahina & О. Boris & Т. Bezrukova & B. Bezrukov & С. Kirillova

  • 2014 Impact of estate agents on market and the relationship with experience
    by Serkan Dilek

  • 2014 Why Reforms Fail
    by Polterovich, V.

  • 2014 Development Potential of the Croatian Hotel Industry
    by Tamara Florièiæ

  • 2014 Institutionalization of residential property management in Poland
    by Adam Nalepka

  • 2014 The identification of the success factors of an enterprise on the real estate market. The case of real estate brokerage
    by Anna Lemañska-Majdzik & Piotr Tomski

  • 2014 On the Predictive Content of Leading Indicators: The Case of U.S. Real Estate Markets
    by Sotiris Tsolacos & Chris Brooks & Ogonna Nneji

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  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
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  • 2014 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
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  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
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