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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L8: Industry Studies: Services
/ / / L85: Real Estate Services
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Blockchain's Struggle to Deliver Impersonal Exchange
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 Property as sequential exchange: The forgotten limits of private contract
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 Mito y realidad del alquiler vacacional en las Islas Baleares. Análisis y recomendaciones de política turística
    by José Luis Groizard & William Nilsson

  • 2017 Regional development in the context of economic reform: The case of Limassol
    by Benner, Maximilian & Hirth, Jana & Kraatz, Fabian & Ludwig, Katja & Schrade, Jessi

  • 2017 Under What Circumstances do First-time Homebuyers Overpay? – An Empirical Analysis Using Mortgage and Appraisal Data
    by Jessica Shui & Shriya Murthy

  • 2017 Property as sequential exchange: The forgotten limits of private contract
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 Managerial Issues in Multi-Storey Buildings
    by Çiftçioğlu, Aydem & Gündüz, Şeref

  • 2017 Do Reserve Prices Yield Reference Price Effects in Korean Court Auctions of Residential Real Estate?
    by Han-Jang No & Dai-Won Kim & Jung-Suk Yu

  • 2017 Can Real Estate Brokers Affect Home Prices Under Extreme Market Conditions?
    by Steven Stelk & Leonard V. Zumpano

  • 2017 Monetary Policy, House Prices, and Consumption in China: A National and Regional Study
    by Zan Yang & Shuping Wu & Yanhao Shen

  • 2017 Global Liquidity, Capital Inflows and House Prices in ASEAN Economies
    by Matthew S. Yiu & Sahminan Sahminan

  • 2017 Low Volatility Investing in U.S. Equity REITs
    by Greg MacKinnon & Jon Spinney

  • 2017 Immigration and housing: A spatial econometric analysis
    by Mussa, Abeba & Nwaogu, Uwaoma G. & Pozo, Susan

  • 2016 Policy measures to improve energy efficiency in Russian buildings: Forecast up to 2050
    by I. Bashmakov.

  • 2016 Bubble Economics How Big a Shock to China’s Real Estate Sector Will Throw the Country into Recession, and Why Does It Matter?
    by Michael, Bryane & Zhao, Simon

  • 2016 Coase and the departure from property
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2016 The market of land plots in Russia in 2015
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2016 Housing mortgage lending in Russia in 2015
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2016 Coase and the Departure from Property
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2016 Papers presented during the Narodowy Bank Polski Workshop: Recent trends in the real estate market and its analysis - 2015 edition
    by Adrienne Csizmady & József Hegedüs & Christophe André & Elisabeth Beckmann, & Antje Hildebrandt & Krisztina Jäger-Gyovai & Agnieszka Nierodka & Martin Schneider & Karin Wagner & Guenter Karl & Robert Leszczyński & Jerry Cao & Bihong Huang & Rose Neng Lai & Martin Lux & Petr Gibas & Irena Boumová & Martin Hájek & Mick Silver & Gyula Nagy & Magdalena Erdem & Michela Scatigna & Timur Hülagü & Erdi Kızılkaya & Ali Gencay & Pınar Tunar & Xi Chen & Michael Funke & Jens Mehrhoff & Elena Triebskorn & Hanna Augustyniak & Jacek Łaszek & Krzysztof Olszewski & Joanna Waszczuk

  • 2016 Grey Zone in the Real Estate Market
    by Kucharska-Stasiak Ewa

  • 2016 The Essence of Equivalent Markets in Determining the Market Value of Land Property for Variable Planning Factors
    by Wójciak Ewelina

  • 2016 Towards Sustainable Building: Case Study on Romania
    by Ana Maria Marinoiu & Mihaela Gabriela Belu & Iulia Țarțavulea (Dieaconescu)

  • 2016 Dynamics of a facilitator’s role: Insights from the Danish construction industry
    by Freytag, Per V. & Storvang, Pia

  • 2016 Determining the Impact of Residential Neighbourhood Crime on Housing Investment Using Logistic Regression
    by Sunday Emmanuel Olajide & Mohd Lizam

  • 2016 The Economics of Commercial Real Estate Preleasing
    by Robert H. Edelstein & Peng Liu

  • 2016 Using Neurological Evidence to Differentiate between Informational and Social Herding among Strategic Mortgage Defaulters
    by Michael J. Seiler & Eric Walden

  • 2016 Demand for Green Buildings: Office Tenants' Stated Willingness-to-Pay for Green Features
    by Spenser Robinson & Robert Simons & Eunkyu Lee & Andrew Kern

  • 2016 Long-Term Natural Cycle Momentum and Housing Price Changes in Israel, 1995-2013
    by Boris A. Portnov & Charles Ingene & Sagi Akron

  • 2016 Which Factors Drive Rental Depreciation Rates for Office and Industrial Properties?

  • 2016 Time Variation of Expected Returns on REITs: Implications for Market Integration and the Financial Crisis
    by Yuming Li

  • 2016 Capturing Heterogeneity in Preference for a Real-Estate Offering Using Hierarchical Bayesian Regression Model

  • 2016 Do Mortgage Loans Respond Perversely to Monetary Policy?
    by Ali Termos & Mohsen Saad

  • 2016 Prospect Theory and Loss Aversion in the Housing Market
    by Florent Buisson

  • 2016 Property price separation between land and building components
    by Unsal Ozdilek

  • 2016 Information Content and Forecasting Ability of Sentiment Indicators: Case of Real Estate Market
    by Gianluca Marcato & Anupam Nanda

  • 2016 Price Indexes for Short Horizons, Thin Markets or Smaller Cities
    by Karl L. Guntermann & Crocker Liu & Adam D. Nowak

  • 2016 The Relative Value of Public Non-listed REITS
    by Paul J. Seguin

  • 2016 Chain Affiliation, Store Prestige And Shopping Center Rents
    by Francois Des Rosiers & Marius Theriault & Jean Dube

  • 2016 Who Follows REITs?
    by Elizabeth Devos & Erik Devos & Seow Eng Ong & Andrew C. Spieler

  • 2016 Price Variation in Waterfront Properties Over the Economic Cycle
    by Randy E. Dumm & G. Stacy Sirmans & Greg T. Smersh

  • 2016 Malaysia REITs: First Decade Development and Returns Characteristics
    by Yuen-Meng Wong

  • 2016 The Effects of Time Constraints on Broker Behavior in China¡¦s Resale Housing Market: Theory and Evidence
    by Yang Zhang & Hong Zhang & Michael J. Seiler

  • 2016 Contagion, Interdependence and Diversification across Regional UK Housing Markets
    by Wichita State University

  • 2016 Efficiency and Justice in the Market for Cooperative Dwellings
    by Silje Eretveit & Theis Theisen

  • 2016 Five Property Types¡¦ Real Estate Cycles as Markov Chains
    by Richard D. Evans & Glenn R. Mueller

  • 2016 The Effect of Appurtenant Golf Memberships on Residential Real Estate Prices
    by Steve P. Fraser & Marcus T. Allen

  • 2016 Financing Patterns and Property Acquisitions of Sponsor-backed REITs: Evidence from J-REIT Markets
    by Mamoru Nagano

  • 2016 The Role of Sponsors and External Management on the Capital Structure of Asian-Pacific REITs: The Case of Australia, Japan, and Singapore
    by Dong Chen & Yanmin Gao & Mayank Kaul & Charles Ka Yui Leung & Desmond Tsang

  • 2016 Contagious Real Estate Cycle: Case of the US Subprime Related Crisis
    by Tyler T. Yang & Jessie Y. Zhang

  • 2016 Are Real Estate Banks More Affected by Real Estate Market Dynamics?
    by Lucia Gibilaro & Gianluca Mattarocci

  • 2016 Impact of Remittance Income on House Prices: Evidence from Bangladesh
    by Kh. A. Mottaleb & Seydina Ousmane Sene & Ashok K. Mishra

  • 2016 The Helping Hand of the State in Chinese Real Estate Firms: Anti-corruption and Liberalization
    by Gang-Zhi Fan & Zsuzsa R. Huszar & Weina Zhang

  • 2016 Does Property Transaction Matter in the Price Discovery of Real Estate Markets?
    by William Mingyan Cheung & James Chicheong Lei & Desmond Tsang

  • 2016 How Does Loan-To-Value Policy Strengthen Resilience of Banks to Property Price Shocks ¡V Evidence from Hong Kong
    by Eric Wong & Andrew Tsang & Steven Kong

  • 2016 Private Ordering, Social Cohesion and Value: Residential Community Association Covenant Enforcement
    by Jay Weiser & Ronald Neath

  • 2016 Рынок Недвижимости Российской Федерации В Первой Половине 2016 Г
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2016 Рынок Недвижимости В Рф
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2016 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2016 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2016 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonskiy

  • 2016 The real estate market in the Russian Federation in H1 2016
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2016 The Real Estate Market In The Russian Federation In Q1 2016
    by Zadonsky Georgy

  • 2016 Austerity: A Trend Across Russia’S Region
    by N. Zubarevich

  • 2016 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In December 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2016 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In November 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2016 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In November 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2016 A cost-benefit analysis of judicial foreclosure delay and a preliminary look at new mortgage servicing rules
    by Cordell, Larry & Lambie-Hanson, Lauren

  • 2016 Buying versus renting – Determinants of the net present value of home ownership for individual households
    by Tabner, Isaac T.

  • 2016 Konjunkturtest im Fokus: Boom im gesamten Dienstleistungssektor?
    by Przemyslaw Wojciechowski

  • 2016 Nachtrag: Steigende Immobilienpreise und steigende Wohnungsnot: Wohnungsmarkt aus dem Gleichgewicht?
    by Barbara Hendricks

  • 2016 Auswirkungen der Energieeinsparverordnung auf die Baukosten im Wohnungsneubau
    by Ludwig Dorffmeister & Matijas Kocijan

  • 2015 The economic role of valuers in real property markets
    by Bartke, Stephan

  • 2015 Spatial Competition and Transport Infrastructure: The Case of Moscow Office Rental Market
    by Tatiana Mikhailova

  • 2015 Housing Discrimination among Available Housing Units in 2012: Do Paired Testing Studies understate Housing Discrimination?
    by Rob Pitingolo & Stephen L. Ross

  • 2015 Retail Networks and Real Estate: the case of Swiss luxury watches in China and Southeast
    by Thierry Theurillat & Pierre-Yves Donzé

  • 2015 Mortgage Refinancing, Consumer Spending, and Competition: Evidence from the Home Affordable Refinancing Program
    by Sumit Agarwal & Gene Amromin & Souphala Chomsisengphet & Tomasz Piskorski & Amit Seru & Vincent Yao

  • 2015 The Market of Land Plots in Russia in 2014
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Agency and incentives: vertical integration in the mortgage foreclosure industry
    by Lambie-Hanson, Lauren & Lambie-Hanson, Timothy

  • 2015 A cost-benefit analysis of judicial foreclosure delay and a preliminary look at new mortgage servicing rules
    by Cordell, Lawrence R. & Lambie-Hanson, Lauren

  • 2015 Information losses in home purchase appraisals
    by Calem, Paul S. & Lambie-Hanson, Lauren & Nakamura, Leonard I.

  • 2015 Caracterización del Sector de Servicios a las Empresas en Manizales
    by Alejandro Barrera Escobar & Oscar Andrés Jiménez

  • 2015 The real estate market, the supply chain and credit: the effects of the great recession
    by Cristina Fabrizi & Raffaella Pico & Luca Casolaro & Mariano Graziano & Elisabetta Manzoli & Sonia Soncin & Luciano Esposito & Giuseppe Saporito & Tiziana Sodano

  • 2015 Pricing in the office rental market in Moscow: hedonic analysis
    by Ignatenko, Anna & Mikhailova, Tatiana

  • 2015 Nonlinear A Djustment To The Long-Run Equilibrium Between The Reit And The Stock Markets In Japan And Singapore
    by Tsang-Yao CHANG & Hao FANG & Yen-Hsien LEE

  • 2015 Current managerial topics in public real estate asset management
    by Anna Wojewnik-Filipkowska & Małgorzata Rymarzak & Carsten Lausberg

  • 2015 An Insight into the Behaviour of Real Estate Manager in the Context of Agency Theory
    by Joanna Węgrzyn

  • 2015 Weight Fractions of Real Estate Market Characteristics and Preferences of Potential Buyers
    by Lesław Polny & Ewelina Wójciak

  • 2015 The Benefit of Search in Housing Markets
    by Ping Cheng & Zhenguo Lin & Yingchun Liu & Michael J. Seiler

  • 2015 Seller-Paid Concessions from 2004-2012: Implications for House Selling Price and Days on the Market
    by Daniel T. Winkler & Bruce L. Gordon

  • 2015 Land Erosion and Coastal Home Values
    by Scott Below & Eli Beracha & Hilla Skiba

  • 2015 A Commercial Real Estate Matching Method for Return Estimations
    by Spenser Robinson & Alan Reichert

  • 2015 Mortgage Modification and the Decision to Strategically Default: A Game Theoretic Approach s
    by Andrew J. Collins & David M. Harrison & Michael J. Seiler

  • 2015 Gated Community Premiums and Amenity Differentials in Residential Subdivisions
    by Evgeny Radetskiy & Ronald W. Spahr & Mark A. Sunderman

  • 2015 Long-run Supply and Demand Elasticities in the Spanish Housing Market
    by Maria Arrazola & Jose de Hevia & Desiderio Romero-Jordan & Jose Felix Sanz-Sanz

  • 2015 Modeling The Effects Of Refinery Emissions On Residential Property Values
    by Robert A. Simons & Youngme Seo & Paul Rosenfeld

  • 2015 The 2005-11 Housing Boom and Bust: Impacts on Housing Turnover and Implications for the Recovery
    by Patric H. Hendershott & Jin Man Lee & James D. Shilling

  • 2015 Effects of Real Estate Brokers' Marketing Strategies: Public Open Houses, Broker Open Houses, MLS Virtual Tours, and MLS Photographs
    by Marcus T. Allen & Anjelita Cadena & Jessica Rutherford & Ronald C. Rutherford

  • 2015 Parcel Size and Land Value: A Comparison of Approaches
    by Karl L. Guntermann & Alex R. Horenstein & Federico Nardari & Gareth Thomas

  • 2015 Tail parameters of stable distributions using one million observations of real estate returns from continents
    by Michael Stein & Daniel Piazolo & Stoyan V. Stoyanov

  • 2015 Perceived Environmental Risk, Media and Residential Sales Prices
    by Julia Freybote & Eric Fruits

  • 2015 Do as I Say, Not as I do: The Role of Advice versus Actions in the Decision to Strategically Default
    by Michael J. Seiler

  • 2015 What Drives REIT Prices? The Time-Varying Informational Content of Dividend Yields
    by Kevin C.H. Chiang

  • 2015 Bank Delays in the Resolution of Delinquent Mortgages: The Problem of Limbo Loans
    by Linda Allen & Stavros Peristiani & Yi Tang

  • 2015 An Examination Of Primary And Secondary Market Returns In Equity Reit Ipos

  • 2015 A Low Cost Methodology for Correcting the Distressed Sales Bias in a Downward Spiraling Housing Market
    by Craig A. Depken, II & Harris Hollans & Steve Swidler

  • 2015 The Improved Net Rate Analysis
    by Song Shi

  • 2015 Market Risk Factor and the Weighted Repeated Sales Method
    by Ping Cheng & Xin He & Zhenguo Lin & Yingchun Liu

  • 2015 Real Estate Investment Selection and Empirical Analysis of Property Prices: Study of Select Residential Projects in Gurgaon, India
    by Sanjay Sehgal & Mridul Upreti & Piyush Pandey & Aakriti Bhatia

  • 2015 Is there Long-Run Equilibrium in the House Prices of Australian Capital Cities?
    by Le Ma & Chunlu Liu

  • 2015 Tax-driven Bunching of Housing Market Transactions: The Case of Hong Kong
    by Charles Ka Yui Leung & Tin Cheuk Leung & Kwok Ping Tsang

  • 2015 Bubbles, Busts and Breaks in UK Housing
    by William Miles

  • 2015 Long-Run Movements in House Prices
    by Svein Olav Krakstad

  • 2015 Availability, Affordability and Volatility: The Case of the Hong Kong Housing Market
    by Charles Ka Yui Leung

  • 2015 Is Shenzhen Housing Price Bubble that High? A Perspective of Shenzhen Hong Kong Cross-Border Integration
    by Yu Zhou & Hongru Guo

  • 2015 Is Shenzhen Housing Price Bubble that High? A Perspective of Shenzhen Hong Kong Cross-Border Integration
    by Yu Zhou & Hongru Guo

  • 2015 Political Risk and the Cost of Capital in Asia-Pacific Property Markets
    by George D. Cashman & David M. Harrison & Hainan Sheng

  • 2015 Triskaidekaphobia and North American Residential Real Estate Prices
    by James E. Larsen

  • 2015 Use of Hedonic Prices to Estimate Capitalization Rate
    by Gaetano Lisi

  • 2015 Income Migration and Home Price Trajectories in the United States
    by Samuel M. Otterstrom

  • 2015 The Relative Performance of Private Equity Real Estate Joint Ventures
    by James D. Shilling & Charles H. Wurtzebach

  • 2015 Inflation and House Prices: Theory and Evidence from 35 Major Cities in China
    by Weida Kuang & Peng Liu

  • 2015 Calendar Anomalies: Do REITs Behave Like Stocks?
    by Mehmet Akbulut & Su Han Chan & Mariya Letdin

  • 2015 The Role of Public Markets in International Real Estate Diversification
    by Brian A. Ciochetti & Rose Neng Lai & James D. Shilling

  • 2015 Introduction to the Special Issue of International Real Estate Review
    by James D. Shilling

  • 2015 Determinants of Potential Seller/Lessee Benefits in Sale¡VLeaseback Transactions
    by Noriko Ashiya

  • 2015 Speculating China Economic Growth through Hong Kong? Evidence from Stock Market IPOs and Real Estate Markets
    by Charles Ka Yui Leung & Edward Chi Ho Tang

  • 2015 Causality between the Construction Sector and Economic Growth: The Case of Saudi Arabia
    by Albdulkarim K. Alhowaish

  • 2015 Winner's Curse or Signaling? Bidding Outcomes in the Chinese Land Market
    by Xiaolong Liu & Weidong Qu

  • 2015 Transaction-Based and Appraisal-Based Capitalization Rate Determinants
    by Alain Chaney & Martin Hoesli

  • 2015 Ипотека В Российской Федерации
    by Georgiy Zadonskiy

  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonskiy

  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonskiy

  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonskiy

  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In October 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In Russian Federation In September 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In H1 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Housing mortgage in the russian federation in q2 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In January-May 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 The Real Property Market In The Russian Federation In Q1 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In Q1 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 The Real Estate Market In The Russian Federation In January-February 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Housing Mortgage In The Russian Federation In January 2015
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In December 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In December 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Russia’S Real Property Market In January-November 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2015 Brokers’ contractual arrangements in the Manhattan residential rental market
    by Bar-Isaac, Heski & Gavazza, Alessandro

  • 2015 Determinants of mortgage pricing: A quantile regression analysisAuthor-Name: Al-Bahrani, Abdullah
    by Su, Qing

  • 2015 What added value do estate agents offer compared to FSBO transactions? Explanation from a perceived advantages model
    by Larceneux, Fabrice & Lefebvre, Thomas & Simon, Arnaud

  • 2015 How many listings are too many? Agent inventory externalities and the residential housing market
    by Bian, Xun & Waller, Bennie D. & Turnbull, Geoffrey K. & Wentland, Scott A.

  • 2015 Reverse mortgage pricing and risk analysis allowing for idiosyncratic house price risk and longevity risk
    by Shao, Adam W. & Hanewald, Katja & Sherris, Michael

  • 2015 Eine kommunale Wohnungsbaugesellschaft für Dresden?
    by Carolin Fritzsche

  • 2014 Die Legende von der Mietpreisexplosion
    by Benček, David & Klodt, Henning

  • 2014 Registries
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2014 The titling role of possession
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2014 Institutional Reform Design: А New Chapter of Economics
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2014 The Effectiveness of Mandatory Mortgage Counseling: Can One Dissuade Borrowers from Choosing Risky Mortgages?
    by Sumit Agarwal & Gene Amromin & Itzhak Ben-David & Souphala Chomsisengphet & Douglas Evanoff

  • 2014 Housing Mortgage Lending in Russia in 2013
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 The Land Plots Market in Russia in 2013
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 The Titling Role of Possession
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2014 Providing innovational activity of enterprises of the real sector of the economy
    by Tatyana Bezrukova

  • 2014 Assessment of social and innovational orientation of enterprises and companies
    by V. Parahina & О. Boris & Т. Bezrukova & B. Bezrukov & С. Kirillova

  • 2014 Impact of estate agents on market and the relationship with experience
    by Serkan Dilek

  • 2014 Why Reforms Fail
    by Polterovich, V.

  • 2014 Development Potential of the Croatian Hotel Industry
    by Tamara Florièiæ

  • 2014 Institutionalization of residential property management in Poland
    by Adam Nalepka

  • 2014 The identification of the success factors of an enterprise on the real estate market. The case of real estate brokerage
    by Anna Lemañska-Majdzik & Piotr Tomski

  • 2014 On the Predictive Content of Leading Indicators: The Case of U.S. Real Estate Markets
    by Sotiris Tsolacos & Chris Brooks & Ogonna Nneji

  • 2014 Insider Trading in REITs: Evidence from Informed Stock Option Exercise Around Seasoned Equity Offerings
    by Brandon Cline & Xudong Fu & Thomas M. Springer & Tian Tang

  • 2014 Presales, Leverage Decisions and Risk Shifting
    by Su Han Chan & Fang Fang & Jing Yang

  • 2014 Opting for a Green Certificate: The Impact of Local Attitudes and Economic Conditions
    by Tobias Dippold & Jan Mutl & Joachim Zietz

  • 2014 Houses and Apartments: Similar Assets, Different Financials
    by Peter Chinloy & Prashant K. Das & Jonathan A. Wiley

  • 2014 The Relation between Momentum and Drift: Industry-Level Evidence from Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
    by Zhilan Feng & S. McKay Price & C.F. Sirmans

  • 2014 Testing the Waters: A Spatial Econometric Pricing Model of Different Waterfront Views
    by David Wyman & Norman Hutchison & Piyush Tiwari, MRICS

  • 2014 Lender Characteristics and the Neurological Reasons for Strategic Mortgage Default
    by Michael J. Seiler & Eric Walden

  • 2014 The Commercial Office Market and the Markup for Full Service Leases
    by Jonathan A. Wiley & Yu Liu & Dongshin Kim & Tom Springer

  • 2014 The Dynamics of Housing Prices
    by Sheridan Titman & Ko Wang & Jing Yang

  • 2014 'GECO's Weather Forecast' for the U.K. Housing Market: To What Extent Can We Rely on Google ECOnometrics?
    by Ralf Hohenstatt & Manuel Kaesbauer

  • 2014 The U.S. Housing Market and the Pricing of Risk: Fundamental Analysis and Market Sentiment
    by Changha Jin & Gokce Soydemir & Alan Tidwell

  • 2014 The Speculative Value of Farm Real Estate

  • 2014 The Dynamics of Credit Spreads in Hotel Mortgages and Signaling Implications
    by Jan A. deRoos & Crocker H. Liu

  • 2014 Consumption-Wealth Ratio and Expected Housing Return
    by N. Kundan Kishor & Swati Kumari

  • 2014 The U.S. Housing Finance Debacle, Measures to Assure its Non-Recurrence and Reform of the Housing GSEs
    by Ronald W. Spahr & Mark A. Sunderman

  • 2014 The Housing Bubble: How Much Blame Does the Fed Really Deserve?
    by William Miles

  • 2014 Is the Response of REIT Returns to Monetary Policy Asymmetric?
    by Yu-Hsi Chou & Yi-Chi Chen

  • 2014 Percentage Rents and Stand-Alone Property: Share Contracting as a Barrier to Entry
    by Yongqiang Chu & Timothy J. Riddiough

  • 2014 Housing Acquisition Process for Public Housing and Commodity Housing in Shanghai: A Survey of Residents
    by Kazuya Tani & Yoshiyuki Kikuchi & Hideo Takaoka & Shubin Lin

  • 2014 Wealth, Labor Income and House Prices
    by Yuming Li & Laura Yue Liu

  • 2014 Long-term Cointegrative and Short-term Causal Relations among U.S. Real Estate Sectors
    by Paul Gallimore & J. Andrew Hansz & Wikrom Prombutr & Ying Zhang

  • 2014 Return Enhancing, Cash-rich or simply Empire-Building? An Empirical Investigation of Corporate Real Estate Holdings
    by Julan Du & Charles Ka Yui Leung & Derek Chu

  • 2014 The Effects of Demand Specification and Search Patience on the Buyer Search Process in China¡¦s Resale Housing Market: An Experimental Study
    by Yang Zhang & Hong Zhang & Michael J. Seiler

  • 2014 A Global Tour of Commercial Property and REIT Markets
    by Frank Packer & Timothy Riddiough & Jimmy Shek

  • 2014 Why Are Some Home Values Resistant and Others Resilient?
    by Gary Smith

  • 2014 Housing the Ex:Factors that Affect the Housing Solutions of the Divorced and the Separated
    by Pnina O. Plaut & Steven E. Plaut

  • 2014 An Assessment of the Relationship between Public Real Estate and Stock Markets at the Local, Regional, and Global Levels
    by Kim Hiang Liow & Felix Schindler

  • 2014 Measuring the Impact of Eminent Domain Partial Takings: A Behavioral Approach
    by Michael J. Seiler

  • 2014 The Market Valuation of Interior Design and Developer Strategies: A Simple Theory and Some Evidence
    by Charles Ka Yui LEUNG & Wai Yip MA & Jun ZHANG

  • 2014 Home-seekers in the Housing Market
    by Gaetano Lisi

  • 2014 Predictability of Shariah-Compliant Stock and Real Estate Investments
    by Sing Tien Foo & Loh Kok Weng

  • 2014 Bubble, Bubble ¡V Is there House Price Trouble -- in Canada?
    by Marsha J. Courchane & Cynthia Holmes

  • 2014 The Effect of Lock-Ups on the Suggested Real Estate Portfolio Weight
    by Martin Hoesli & Eva Liljeblom & Anders Loflund

  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Ипотека В Российской Федерации
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Рынок Недвижимости
    by Georgy Zadonsky

  • 2014 The Mortgage In Russian Federation In November 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In January-August 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2014 The Real Estate Market In The Russian Federation In H1 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Mortgage Lending In The Russian Federation In Q2 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Mortgage In The Russian Federation In January Through May 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Real Estate Market In The Rf In January,April 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Mortgage In Russian Federation In Q1 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

  • 2014 Mortgage In Russian Federation In January-February 2014
    by Georgiy Zadonsky

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