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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L8: Industry Studies: Services
/ / / L80: General
/ / / L81: Retail and Wholesale Trade; e-Commerce
/ / / L82: Entertainment; Media
/ / / L83: Sports; Gambling; Restaurants; Recreation; Tourism
/ / / L84: Personal, Professional, and Business Services
/ / / L85: Real Estate Services
/ / / L86: Information and Internet Services; Computer Software
/ / / L87: Postal and Delivery Services
/ / / L88: Government Policy
/ / / L89: Other

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The contribution of services trade policies to connectivity in the context of aid for trade
    by Roy, Martin

  • 2017 Match Fixing and Sports Betting in Football: Empirical Evidence from the German Bundesliga
    by Christian Deutscher & Eugen Dimant & Brad R. Humphreys

  • 2017 Innovation, public support and productivity in colombia
    by Isabel Busom & Jorge-Andrés Vélez-Ospina

  • 2017 Services Trade Policy and Sustainable Development
    by Matteo Fiorini & Bernard Hoekman

  • 2017 Services Input Intensity and US Manufacturing Employment. Responses to the China Shock
    by Omar Bamieh & Matteo Fiorini & Bernard Hoekman and Adam Jakubik

  • 2017 Distributed Workflow Management with Smart Contracts
    by Hukkinen, Taneli & Mattila, Juri & Seppälä, Timo

  • 2017 Roadmap for Renewal: A Shared Platform in the Food Industry
    by Kotiranta, Annu & Seppälä, Timo & Tahvanainen, Antti-Jussi & Hemminki, Markus & Mattila, Juri & Sadeoja, Samuli & Tähtinen, Tea

  • 2017 Using Simulation and Six-Sigma Tools in Improving Process Flow in Outpatient Clinics
    by Heidarzadeh, Elham & Sajadnia, Sahar

  • 2017 Effectiveness and Challenges of Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) in the Indian Hotel Sector
    by Nadda, Vipin & Rafiq, Zaman & Tyagi, Pankaj

  • 2017 Match Fixing and Sports Betting in Football. Empirical Evidence from the German Bundesliga
    by Christian Deutscher & Eugen Dimant & Brad Humphreys

  • 2017 Trading firms and trading costs in services: Firm-level analysis
    by Dorothée Rouzet & Sebastian Benz & Francesca Spinelli

  • 2017 The Geography of Consumption
    by Sumit Agarwal & J. Bradford Jensen & Ferdinando Monte

  • 2017 The Role of Hospital and Market Characteristics in Invasive Cardiac Service Diffusion
    by Jill R. Horwitz & Charleen Hsuan & Austin Nichols

  • 2017 Trump's Bait and Switch: Job Creation in the Midst of Welfare State Sabotage
    by Pavlina R. Tcherneva

  • 2017 Services Trade Policy, Domestic Regulation and Economic Governance
    by Matteo Fiorini & Bernard Hoekman

  • 2017 Banks in Tax Havens: First Evidence based on Country-by-Country Reporting
    by Vincent Bouvatier & Gunther Capelle & Anne-Laure Delatte

  • 2017 Services Trade Policy and Sustainable Development
    by Fiorini, Matteo & Hoekman, Bernard

  • 2017 Services Input Intensity and US Manufacturing Employment Responses to the China Shock
    by Bamieh, Omar & Fiorini, Matteo & Hoekman, Bernard & Jakubik, Adam

  • 2017 The Geography of Consumption
    by Agarwal, Sumit & Jensen, J Bradford & Monte, Ferdinando

  • 2017 Comercio exterior del Gran Caribe
    by Jaime Bonet-Morón & Maria Camila Barakat-Niño & Lewis Enrique Polo-Espinosa

  • 2017 A replication of four quasi-experiments and three facts from "The effect of file sharing on record sales: an empirical analysis" (Journal of Political Economy, 2007)
    by Liebowitz, Stan J.

  • 2017 Evaluating the use of internet search volumes for time series modeling of sales in the video game industry
    by Jukka Ruohonen & Sami Hyrynsalmi

  • 2017 A MPLS Simulation for Use in Design Networking for Multi Site Businesses
    by Petac Eugen

  • 2017 Bourdieu, culture, and the economic geography of practice: entrepreneurial mentorship in Ottawa and Waterloo, Canada
    by Ben Spigel

  • 2017 Modeling the virtuous circle of innovation. A test on Italian firms
    by Francesco Bogliacino & Matteo Lucchese & Leopoldo Nascia & Mario Pianta

  • 2017 Are We There Yet?
    by Emmanuel Olusegun Stober

  • 2017 A review of qualitative case methods trends and themes used in technology transfer research
    by James A. Cunningham & Matthias Menter & Chris Young

  • 2017 Cadenas productivas y clusters en la economía regional de Nuevo León. Un análisis con matrices de insumo-producto
    by Gilberto Martínez Sidón & Salvador Corrales Corrales

  • 2017 Responding to Oberholzer-Gee and Strumpf's Attempted Defense of Their Piracy Paper
    by Stan J. Liebowitz

  • 2017 Innovation, Public Support, and Productivity in Colombia. A Cross-industry Comparison
    by Busom, Isabel & Vélez-Ospina, Jorge Andrés

  • 2017 Estimating store choices with endogenous shopping bundles and price uncertainty
    by Kim, Hyunchul & Kim, Kyoo il

  • 2017 Risk taking in competition: Evidence from match play golf tournaments
    by Ozbeklik, Serkan & Smith, Janet Kiholm

  • 2017 Innovation and productivity in services and manufacturing firms: the case of Peru
    by Tello, Mario D.

  • 2017 Disasters, economic growth and fiscal response in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, 1972-2010
    by Bello, Omar

  • 2017 Innovación y productividad en las empresas de servicios y manufactureras: el caso del Perú
    by Tello, Mario D.

  • 2017 Desastres, crecimiento económico y respuesta fiscal en los países de América Latina y el Caribe, 1972-2010
    by Bello, Omar

  • 2017 Turizmin Kamu Kaynaklarýnýn Daðýtýmýndaki Yeri ve Gelecekteki Konumu: Siyasetçilerin Görüþleri
    by Gülser Yavuz & Kamil Unur

  • 2017 The Role of Relationship Marketing, and Satisfaction As Variable Mediation: Study at Bank BPR UMKM East Java in Surabaya
    by Hotman Panjaitan & Nur Laely

  • 2017 Total Quality Management Tools: Are they Necessary for Improving Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction?
    by Tasneem F. Alfalah

  • 2017 Internet and income inequality: A research note
    by Yongzheng Liu

  • 2017 Elite marathon runners: do East Africans utilize different strategies than the rest of the world?
    by Jamie Emerson & Brian Hill

  • 2017 Predicting Advertising Volumes Using Structural Time Series Models: A Case Study
    by Ralf Dewenter & Ulrich Heimeshoff

  • 2017 Does tourism development lead positive or negative impact on economic growth and environment in BRICS countries? A panel data analysis
    by Umer J Banday & Saba Ismail

  • 2017 Employment By Sector, Productivity And Wages In 5 European Countries, 1965-2015: Fifty Years Of Evolution In Germany, Spain, France, Italy And Uk
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen & EXPOSITO, Pilar

  • 2017 Industrie in Großstädten: Klein, aber fein
    by Alexander Eickelpasch & Rainer Behrend

  • 2016 A replication of four quasi-experiments and three facts from 'The effect of file sharing on record sales: an empirical analysis' (Journal of Political Economy, 2007)
    by Liebowitz, Stan J.

  • 2016 Internationalisierung von kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen im Dienstleistungssektor im Lichte der (amtlichen) Statistik
    by Kranzusch, Peter & Pahnke, André & Kay, Rosemarie & Holz, Michael

  • 2016 Financial constraints and moral hazard: The case of franchising
    by Fan, Ying & Kühn, Kai-Uwe & Lafontaine, Francine

  • 2016 Marketmaking Middlemen
    by Pieter Gautier & Bo Hu & Makoto Watanabe

  • 2016 The lack of boundaries resources hinders the growth of industrial internet
    by Castren, Klaus & Kortelainen, Aleksi & Seppälä, Timo

  • 2016 Retention Strategies to Increase Organizational Commitment and Reduce Employee Turnover in Hospitality Sector of Karachi, Pakistan
    by Shaikh, Taha & Zahid, Marium

  • 2016 Religious Heritage Tourism and Creative Economy in Cirebon: The Diversity of Religious, Cultures and Culinary
    by Jaelani, Aan & Setyawan, Edy & Hasyim, Nursyamsudin

  • 2016 Islamic Tourism Development in Cirebon: The Study Heritage Tourism in Islamic Economic Perspective
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2016 Services Trade Restrictiveness, Mark-Ups and Competition
    by Dorothée Rouzet & Francesca Spinelli

  • 2016 The Role of Services for Economic Performance in Brazil
    by Jorge Arbache & Dorothée Rouzet & Francesca Spinelli

  • 2016 The short-term impact of product market reforms: A cross-country firm-level analysis
    by Peter Gal & Alexander Hijzen

  • 2016 Marketmaking Middlemen
    by Gautier, Pieter A. & Hu, Bo & Watanabe, Makoto

  • 2016 How to Catch a Unicorn. Case Studies
    by Jean Paul Simon

  • 2016 How to Catch a Unicorn: An exploration of the universe of tech companies with high market capitalisation
    by Jean Paul Simon

  • 2016 Knowledge Shocks Diffusion and the Resilience of Regional Inequality
    by Alexandra López-Cermeño

  • 2016 Exploring Online and Offline Informal Work : Findings from the Enterprising and Informal Work Activities (EIWA) Survey
    by Barbara J. Robles & Marysol McGee

  • 2016 Knowledge shocks diffusion and the resilience of regional inequality
    by Lopez-Cermeño, Alexandra

  • 2016 Marketmaking Middlemen
    by Gautier, Pieter A. & Hu, Bo & Watanabe, Makoto

  • 2016 Caracterización del mercado laboral en el sector hotelero de Cartagena y las principales áreas metropolitanas
    by Ana María Estrada-Jabela & Lewis Enrique Polo-Espinosa & Gerson Javier Pérez-Valbuena & Lucas Wilfried Hahn-De-Castro

  • 2016 Staffing Strategy of Japanese Companies in China (JCC) : Selection of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    by Lau Chung Ming, Kevin

  • 2016 Market Structure and Price-Cost Margins in European Retail Gasoline Industry
    by Nowakowski Marcin & Karasiewicz Grzegorz

  • 2016 Administration Of Reward For Individual Performance As A Predictor Of Organizational Commitments
    by Azman Ismail & Anis Anisah Abdullah

  • 2016 Is trust in leadership a mediator between transformational leadership and in-role performance among small-scale factory workers?
    by Leonard I. Ugwu & Ibeawuchi K. Enwereuzor & Esther U. Orji

  • 2016 A grouping genetic algorithm for the Order Batching Problem in distribution warehouses
    by Sören Koch & Gerhard Wäscher

  • 2016 Toward of the spatiality of the ICT sector: Case study from the Slovak Republic
    by Emilia Madudova

  • 2016 About Security Solutions in Fog Computing
    by Eugen Petac & Andreea-Oana Petac

  • 2016 The Challenge of Private Cloud for the Digital Business
    by Eugen Petac & Andreea-Oana Petac

  • 2016 Segregación ocupacional por género y diferencial de ingresos en turismo: evidencia para Argentina
    by Natalia Espinola

  • 2016 Expanding K-Means Algorithm For Absolute Data
    by Ana-Maria Ramona Stancu & Mihaela Mocanu

  • 2016 How much of the decline in sound recording sales is due to file-sharing?
    by Stan J. Liebowitz

  • 2016 Sector servicios: un diagnóstico del producto interno bruto en México. Periodo 2000-2015
    by Gutiérrez-Lagunes, Mario & Quintana-Estrada, Aderak & Vera-González, Alejandra

  • 2016 Tourist Intermediation As A Strategic Element In The Consumer Disicion In Emerging Markets, Intermediaciã“N Turã Stica Como Elemento Estratã‰Gico En El Proceso De Decisiã“N De Compra En Mercados Emergentes
    by Lucila Zárraga Cano & Ilia Cázares Garrido & Enrique Corona Sandoval

  • 2016 Towards Future Customer Experience: Trends and Innovation in Retail
    by Marisela Rodriguez & Francisco Paredes & Gaofeng Yi

  • 2016 The Role of Financial Constraints in the Services Sector: How Different is it from Manufacturing?
    by Filipe Silva & Carlos Carreira

  • 2016 Italian state-owned enterprises after decades of reforms: Still public?
    by Stefano Clò & Marco Di Giulio & Maria Tullia Galanti & Maddalena Sorrentino

  • 2016 Why the Oberholzer-Gee/Strumpf Article on File Sharing Is Not Credible
    by Stan J. Liebowitz

  • 2016 Do industrial companies respond to the guiding principles of the Integrated Reporting framework? A preliminary study on the first companies joined to the initiative
    by Ruiz-Lozano, Mercedes & Tirado-Valencia, Pilar

  • 2016 To contract or to operate publicly? Observations from the bus service reform transition process in Malta
    by Bajada, Thérèse & Titheridge, Helena

  • 2016 Why are we more likely to tip some service occupations than others? Theory, evidence, and implications
    by Lynn, Michael

  • 2016 Competition, information, and quality: Evidence from nursing homes
    by Zhao, Xin

  • 2016 A methodology to estimate the costs of data regulations
    by van der Marel, Erik & Bauer, Matthias & Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk & Verschelde, Bert

  • 2016 Attack-prevention and damage-control investments in cybersecurity
    by Lam, Wing Man Wynne

  • 2016 Bank overdraft pricing and myopic consumers
    by Williams, Marlon L.

  • 2016 The Effects of Compliments on the Feelings of Job Attitudes of Hotel Employees
    by Yong-Soo Cheon

  • 2016 Stock market reactions to FIFA World Cup announcements: An event study
    by Amélie Charles & Olivier Darné

  • 2016 Dynamic relationship between tourism and economic growth in MERCOSUR countries: a nonlinear approach based on asymmetric time series models
    by Juan Gabriel Brida & Bibiana Lanzilotta & Fiorella Pizzolon

  • 2016 Voting Dynamics and the Birth of State-owned Casinos in Kansas
    by Amir Borges Ferreira Neto & Collin D. Hodges & Hyunwoong Pyun

  • 2016 Smartphone Diffusion and Consumer Price Comparison Shopping Behavior: Implications for the Marketplace Fairness Act
    by Ishuan Li & Robert Simonson & Guncha Babajanova & Matthew Tuomala

  • 2016 Effect of TV shows on outbound tourism: empirical evidence from Ukraine
    by Raufhon Salahodjaev

  • 2016 Grundzüge einer industriell-kollaborativen Wirtschaftsform
    by Christian Lerch & Carsten Gandenberger & Niclas Meyer & Matthias Gotsch

  • 2016 A methodology to estimate the costs of data regulations
    by Erik van der Marel & Matthias Bauer & Hosuk Lee-Makiyama & Bert Verschelde

  • 2016 The growth of the service sector in Palestine: the productivity challenge
    by Rabeh Morrar & Faïz Gallouj

  • 2015 Urban microclusters and tourism governance in Salvador/BA
    by Carolina Spinola & Jorge Antonio Silva

  • 2015 The Relation between Industry and Services in Terms of Productivity and Value Creation
    by Neil Foster-McGregor & Koenen Johannes & Sandra M. Leitner & Baker Paul & Julia Schricker & Robert Stehrer & Thomas Strobel & Jurgen Vermeulen & Hans-Günther Vieweg & Anastasia Yagafarova

  • 2015 The virtuous circle of innovation in Italian firms
    by Francesco Bogliacino & Matteo Lucchese & Leopoldo Nascia & Mario Pianta

  • 2015 Industrial internet transforms Finland’s challenges into opportunities: background synthesis
    by Juhanko, Jari & Jurvansuu, Marko & Ailisto, Heikki & Alahuhta, Petteri & Collin, Jari & Halen, Marco & Heikkilä, Tapio & Kortelainen, Helena & Mäntylä, Martti & Seppälä, Timo & Sallinen, Mikko & Simons, Magnus & Tuominen, Anu

  • 2015 Designing Security Policies for Complex SCADA Systems Protection
    by Khadraoui, Djamel & Feltus, Christophe

  • 2015 Leading Leadership style to motivate cultural-oriented female employees in the I.T sector of developing country: I.T Sectors responses from Pakistan
    by Haque, Adnan ul & Faizan, Riffat & Zehra, Nasreen & Baloch, Akhtar & Nadda, Vipin & Riaz, Fayyaz

  • 2015 La disyuntiva que enfrentan los jóvenes y el empleo en Quintana Roo: Una oportunidad para diversificar las actividades productivas
    by Ken, Crucita Aurora & Góngora, Cindy María

  • 2015 Un modelo multidisciplinar para el estudio de la relación del consumidor español con un destino. Aplicación al caso de Mundo Maya México
    by Rafael Fabricio Matos Cámara & Sonia San Martín Gutiérrez

  • 2015 Améliorer la compétitivité, le pouvoir d'achat et l'emploi en renforçant la concurrence en France
    by Antoine Goujard

  • 2015 Enhancing Competitiveness, Purchasing Power and Employment by Increasing Competition in France
    by Antoine Goujard

  • 2015 Conflicts of Interest and the Realtor Commission Puzzle
    by Panle Jia Barwick & Parag A. Pathak & Maisy Wong

  • 2015 Consumer Search in Retail Gasoline Markets
    by David P. Byrne & Nicolas de Roos

  • 2015 Italian State-Owned Enterprises after Decades of Reforms: Still Public?
    by Stefano CLÒ & Marco DI GIULIO & Maria Tullia GALANTI & Maddalena SORRENTINO

  • 2015 Multi-Product Duopoly With Cross-Product Cost Interdependencies
    by Gary Biglaiser & Andrei Hagiu

  • 2015 Determinants of Differential Rent Changes: Mean Reversion versus the Usual Suspects
    by Verbrugge, Randal & Dorfman, Alan & Johnson, William & Marsh !!!, Fred & Poole, Robert & Shoemaker, Owen

  • 2015 Aggressive Implementation Of Digitization In The Modern Business
    by Nebojsa Gijic, Oliver Dimitrijevic, Adriana Jovic-Bogdanovic

  • 2015 Italian State-Owned Enterprises After Decades of Reforms: Still Public?
    by Stefano CLÒ & Marco DI GIULIO & Maria Tullia GALANTI & Maddalena SORRENTINO

  • 2015 Demand Fluctuations, Capacity Constraints and Repeated Interaction: An Empirical Analysis of Service Quality Adjustments
    by Chatain, Olivier & Eizenberg, Alon

  • 2015 Competiton in the Market for Flexible Resources: an application to cloud computing
    by LAM, W.

  • 2015 Attack-Deterring and Damage-Control Investments in Cybersecurity
    by LAM, W.

  • 2015 The Virtuous Circle of Innovation in Italian Firms
    by Francesco Bogliacino & Matteo Lucchesex & Leopoldo Nascia & Mario Pianta

  • 2015 The Impact of Electronic Payments on Bank Cost Efficiency: Nonparametric Evidence
    by G. Ardizzi & F. Crudu & C. Petraglia

  • 2015 Norwegian gross domestic product by industry 1830 - 1930
    by Ola Honningdal Grytten

  • 2015 Services and Innovation

  • 2015 Non-Standard Employment in Post-Industrial Labour Markets

  • 2015 Handbook of Service Business

  • 2015 Effect Of Workplace Stress On Job Performance
    by Azman Ismail & Noorshafine Saudin & Yusof Ismail & Ainon Jauhariah Abu Samah & Rizal Abu Bakar & Norish Norsiah Aminudin

  • 2015 Challenges to Regional Services Integration in South Asia
    by Rupa Chanda

  • 2015 Study On The Evolution Of Seasonality In Agri-Tourism, By Regions Of Romania
    by Florentina Daniela Matei

  • 2015 Some Aspects of Intrusion Detection in IoE
    by Eugen Petac & Petru? Duma

  • 2015 The Effects Of Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction On Customer Loyalty: A Case Of Thai Mobile Network Industry
    by Ajdanai Yuktanandana & Dissatat Prasertsakul

  • 2015 Qualitätssicherung In Der Wirtschaftsprüfung - Ein System Mit Ständigem Reformbedarf?
    by Markus Hafele & Brigitte Mayer

  • 2015 What Company Creates Investment Value Through Innovation? Google it!
    by Kimery LYNCH & Margaret RAY

  • 2015 Developing a Mathematical Model
    by Ana-Maria Ramona Stancu & Ion Lungu

  • 2015 Non-technological innovation activities mediate the impacts of the intra- and extra-organizational contexts on technological innovation outputs
    by Ana Ferreira & Ana Lúcia Teixeira & Ana Roque Dantas

  • 2015 Knowledge Assets In Services Across Industries And Across Time / Los Activos De Conocimiento En Diversas Industrias De Servicios A Lo Largo Del Tiempo
    by Erickson, G. Scott & Rothberg, Helen N.

  • 2015 Changing Perspectives Of Politics Marketing In Nigeria
    by Vincent Aghara & Ireneus Nwaizugbo & Emmanuel Chukwuemeka & Chinedu Onyeizugbe

  • 2015 Relationship Between Ethical Leadership, Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction at Hotel Organizations
    by Sedat Celik & Bekir Bora Dedeoglu & Ali Ýnanýr

  • 2015 Service gratuities and tipping: A motivational framework
    by Lynn, Michael

  • 2015 Financial literacy and financial planning: Evidence from India
    by Agarwal, Sumit & Amromin, Gene & Ben-David, Itzhak & Chomsisengphet, Souphala & Evanoff, Douglas D.

  • 2015 A firm-level analysis of outage loss differentials and self-generation: Evidence from African business enterprises
    by Oseni, Musiliu O. & Pollitt, Michael G.

  • 2015 More ads more revs: A note on media bias in review likelihood
    by Dewenter, Ralf & Heimeshoff, Ulrich

  • 2015 Energy Efficiency Enhancement of Fossil-Fuelled Power Systems
    by Chinnasamy Palanichamy & Palanichamy Naveen & Wong Kiing Ing & Michael Kobina Danquah & Jayaraman Indumath

  • 2015 Vertical integration and pricing outcomes in retail gasoline markets
    by Joshua Karl Austin

  • 2015 Economic crises and tourism competitiveness: A Markov swtiching regression approach
    by José Perles & Ana Ramón & Antonio Rubia

  • 2015 Determinants of aggressiveness in soccer: Evidence from FIFA and UEFA tournaments
    by Raul Caruso & Marco Di Domizio & David A. Savage

  • 2015 International tourism demand in Tunisia: Evidence from dynamic panel data model
    by Amira Gasmi & Seifallah Sassi

  • 2015 Modelo de evaluación de gestión del conocimiento para las pymes del sector de tecnologías de la Información
    by Carlos Eduardo Marulanda Echeverry & Jaime Alberto Giraldo García & Héctor Mauricio Serna Gómez

  • 2015 Propuesta de abastecimiento de medicamentos coordinando multiniveles de demanda. Un caso ilustrativo chileno
    by Fernando Rojas Zu?n ?iga & Daniel Roma?n Luza & Daniel Roma?n Luza & Giuliani Coluccio Piñones

  • 2015 The Importance Of Using Managerial Strategies By Thetouristic Firms From Alba County
    by Malina Cordos

  • 2014 Das gewerbliche Gründungsgeschehen im Dienstleistungssektor
    by Günterberg, Brigitte & Kay, Rosemarie & Levering, Britta

  • 2014 Marché du travail en revue - Octobre 2014
    by Tran, Vivian

  • 2014 Labour Market Matters - October 2014
    by Tran, Vivian

  • 2014 UPSKILL: A Credible Test of Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills Training
    by Dowie, Michael & Gyarmati, David & Hébert, Sophie & Leckie, Norm & Palameta, Boris & Taylor, Shek-wai Hui

  • 2014 Ex Ante and Ex Post Investments in Cybersecurity
    by Lam, Wing Man Wynne

  • 2014 Competition in the Market for Flexible Resources: an application to cloud computing
    by Lam, Wing Man Wynne

  • 2014 Structural Analysis of Nonlinear Pricing
    by Yao Luo & Isabelle Perrigne & Quang Vuong

  • 2014 Ecologie industrielle et développement territorial durable : le rôle des services
    by Blandine LAPERCHE & Antje BURMEISTER & Céline MERLIN-BROGNIART & Fédoua KASMI

  • 2014 The spillover effects of the ICT cluster support in Córdoba
    by Boneu, Franco & Giuliodori, David & Maffioli, Alessandro & Rodríguez, Alejandro & Stucchi, Rodolfo

  • 2014 A note on the effect of consumer protection requirements on firm strategy
    by Huric Larsen, Jesper Fredborg

  • 2014 Governing Knowledge for Development: Knowledge Clusters in Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia
    by Ariff, Syamimi & Hans-Dieter, Evers & Anthony Banyouko, Ngah & Farah, Purwaningrum

  • 2014 Motivaciones para viajar del sector senior en España. Implicaciones en la comercialización de destinos turísticos
    by Nieves Losada Sánchez & Elisa Alén González & Trinidad Domínguez Vila

  • 2014 Marketing con causa. Evidencias prácticas desde la perspectiva del consumidor
    by Mª de las Mercedes Galán Ladero & Clementina Galera Casquet

  • 2014 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Global Markets: A Differential Approach for Services?
    by Iza Lejárraga & Humberto López Rizzo & Harald Oberhofer & Susan Stone & Ben Shepherd

  • 2014 Enhancing Competition and the Business Environment in Hungary
    by Álvaro Pina

  • 2014 The influence of services on firm productivity in Sub-saharan Africa
    by Godfrey Madigu

  • 2014 Search and Stockpiling in Retail Gasoline Markets
    by David P. Byrne & Nicolas de Roos

  • 2014 Tertiarisation revisited in the perspective of Hill's views on services, with some insights on EU and France
    by Damien BROUSSOLLE

  • 2014 Backbone services as growth enabling factor - an Input-Output analysis for South Africa
    by Susanne Fricke & Bianka Dettmer

  • 2014 Public-Private Collaboration on Productive Development Policies in Argentina
    by Ricardo Rozemberg & Daniela Ramos & Andrés López & Juan Carlos Hallak & Andrea González & Roberto Bisang

  • 2014 Climate Amenities and Adaptation to Climate Change: A Hedonic-Travel Cost Approach for Europe
    by Salvador Barrios & J. Nicolás Ibañez Rivas

  • 2014 Time is of the Essence: Adaptation of Tourism Demand to Climate Change in Europe
    by Salvador Barrios & J. Nicolás Ibañez

  • 2014 Network Dynamics and Knowledge Transfer in Virtual Organizations: Overcoming the Liability of Dispersion
    by Gandal, Neil & Stettner, Uriel

  • 2014 Fragmenting global business processes: A protection for proprietary information
    by Julien Gooris & Carine Peeters

  • 2014 The Servitization of French Manufacturing Firms
    by Matthieu Crozet & Emmanuel Milet

  • 2014 The Impact of Service Bundling on Consumer Switching Behaviour: Evidence from UK Communication Markets
    by Tim Burnett

  • 2014 Handbook of Management and Creativity

  • 2014 What Makes Cities More Competitive? Lessons from India
    by Ghani, Ejaz & o'Connell, Stephen D. & Kerr, William R.

  • 2014 Drivers of Innovation in the Malaysian Services Sector: An Analysis Based on Firm-Level Data
    by Suresh Narayanan & Mehrshad Parvin Hosseini

  • 2014 What Are SEC Football Tickets Worth? Evidence from Secondary Market Transactions
    by Ken Sanford & Frank Scott

  • 2014 Integrating R and Hadoop for Big Data Analysis
    by Bogdan Oancea & Raluca Mariana Dragoescu

  • 2014 Statistical Data Analysis via R and PHP: A Case Study Of the Relationship Between GDP and Foreign Direct Investments for the Republic Of Moldova
    by Stefan Cristian Ciucu

  • 2014 Especializaciones reveladas y ventajas competitivas en el Bajio mexicano
    by Kurt Unger & Rafael Garduño & Jose Eduardo Ibarra

  • 2014 Premises for a quality tourism in Mehedinti county
    by Marinescu Roxana – Cristina

  • 2014 Modeling a Product Launching Process Based on a Decision Tree
    by Lungu Ion & Stancu Ana-Maria Ramona

  • 2014 Fundamentals of Smart Geolocation Solutions for Business
    by Petac Eugen & Alzoubaidi Abdel Rahman & Prodan-Palade Doina

  • 2014 The Effects of Opportunism and Trust on Buyer-Supplier Relationship: Do Commitment Types Matter?
    by Oznur OZKAN-TEKTAS

  • 2014 The Effect of Organization Culture and Uncertainty in Supply Chain Management - The Albanian Beer Industry
    by Denisa Mamillo

  • 2014 Cuisine – a Regional Tourism Differentiation Tool
    by Georgica Gheorghe & Daniel Bulin

  • 2014 Un estudio exploratorio sobre el crecimiento de la industria mexicana y el comercio exterior, periodo 2004–2012
    by Gutiérrez-Lagunes, Mario

  • 2014 Innovation A Competitive Factor For Tourism Industry In Cancun, Quntana Roo, Mexico, La Innovacion Como Factor De Competitividad En Las Empresas Turisticas En Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
    by Enrique Corona Sandoval & Lucila Zárraga Cano

  • 2014 Does services liberalization affect manufacturing firms’ export performance? Evidence from India
    by Bas, Maria

  • 2014 The effect of concentration and regulation on audit fees: An application of panel data techniques
    by Evans, Lawrance & Schwartz, Jeremy

  • 2014 Price effects of multimarket contact among movie chains in small US metropolitan areas
    by Feinberg, Robert M.

  • 2014 The Twitter Effect: Social Media Usage as a Contributor to Movie Success
    by Julianne Treme & Zoe VanDerPloeg

  • 2014 Product differentiation and advertising in multiple markets
    by Wenjiao Che & Toshiki Kodera

  • 2014 Using The Paired Comparison Method In Improving Soccerrankings: The Case Of The Romanian First Division
    by Calin Veghes

  • 2013 Financial constraints and moral hazard: The case of franchising
    by Fan, Ying & Kühn, Kai-Uwe & Lafontaine, Francine

  • 2013 Inter-format competition among retailers: The role of private label products in market delineation
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