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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L8: Industry Studies: Services
/ / / L84: Personal, Professional, and Business Services
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Studying The Relationship Of "Soft" And "Hard" TQM Elements With Service Quality In Service Firms
    by Seng Ratny & Arif Mohammad Arshad & Tian Gaoliang

  • 2017 Effectiveness and Challenges of Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) in the Indian Hotel Sector
    by Nadda, Vipin & Rafiq, Zaman & Tyagi, Pankaj

  • 2017 Trade in services related to the environment
    by Jehan Sauvage & Christina Timiliotis

  • 2017 On the Economics of Audit Partner Tenure and Rotation: Evidence from PCAOB Data
    by Brandon Gipper & Luzi Hail & Christian Leuz

  • 2017 Are Recessions Good for Staffing in Nursing Homes?
    by R. Tamara Konetzka & Karen B. Lasater & Edward C. Norton & Rachel M. Werner

  • 2017 Digital Labor Markets and Global Talent Flows
    by John Horton & William R. Kerr & Christopher Stanton

  • 2017 Innovation and location in German knowledge intensive business service firms
    by Brunow, Stephan & Hammer, Andrea & Mc Cann, Philip

  • 2017 Caracterización de los actores del clúster BPO - ITO - KPO en Cali (2014 - 2016)
    by Luis Hernando García

  • 2017 Joint audit, audit market structure, and consumer surplus
    by Qiang Guo & Christopher Koch & Aiyong Zhu

  • 2017 Audit firms face downward-sloping demand curves and the audit market is far from perfectly competitive
    by Joseph Gerakos & Chad Syverson

  • 2017 Distance decay for supply and demand potentials
    by Börje Johansson & Johan Klaesson

  • 2017 The Assessment of Feasibility of Potential Bar Monopoly in Russia
    by Vereshchagin, Alexander

  • 2017 Service innovation, experience marketing, and post-purchase behavior: The case of Team working in a direct marketing organization
    by Tao-Hung LIN

  • 2017 Service innovation, perceived values, and post-purchase behavior
    by Tao-Hung LIN

  • 2017 Do consumers value price transparency?
    by Katja Seim & Maria Ana Vitorino & David M. Muir

  • 2017 Marketing’s Renaissance by Committing to Improve CX
    by PURCAREA, Theodor

  • 2017 Marketing’s progress beyond its heritage functions: New Marketing, New CMO, and the Revenue Potential
    by PURCAREA, Theodor

  • 2017 Innovation Configurations in Knowledge-Intensive Business Services
    by Ian Miles & Veronika Belousova & Nikolay Chichkanov

  • 2017 Sanal Maðazacýlýkta E-Hizmet Kalitesinin E-Sadakate Etkisi
    by Murat AKIN & Murat TOKSARI

  • 2017 Moderating Effect of Access to Finance on the Relationship between Total Quality Management, Market Orientation and Small and Medium Enterprises Performance: A Proposed Framework
    by Halilu Bello Rogo & Halilu Bello Rogo & Mohd Noor Mohd. Shariff & Muhammad Haroon Hafeez

  • 2017 Le marketing dans l'assurance : le tournant du digital
    by Pierre-Alain de Malleray

  • 2017 Study on the Development of Quality Measurements Models for Steering Business Services in Relation to Customer Satisfaction
    by Katrin Marquardt & Marieta Olaru & Ioana Ceausu

  • 2017 Timing of Proactive Organizational Consulting: Difference between Organizational Perception and Behaviour
    by Ichak Adizes & Mladen Cudanov & Dusanka Rodic

  • 2017 Modeling the Revolving Revolution: The Debt Collection Channel
    by Lukasz A. Drozd & Ricardo Serrano-Padial

  • 2017 Valuing Alternative Work Arrangements
    by Alexandre Mas & Amanda Pallais

  • 2016 Human resource management practices and organizational performance. The mediator role of immaterial satisfaction in Italian Social Cooperatives
    by Silvia Sacchetti & Ermanno C. Tortia & Francisco J. López Arceiz

  • 2016 Young Professionals? Intentions To Make Use Of Financial Planning Services: A South African Perspective
    by Tony Matchaba-Hove

  • 2016 Dimension of the Country of Origin Effect in the Perception of Medical Services in EU Countries? an International Comparison
    by Ewa Magier-?akomy & Monika Boguszewicz-Kreft & Brigita Jani?nait?

  • 2016 Retention Strategies to Increase Organizational Commitment and Reduce Employee Turnover in Hospitality Sector of Karachi, Pakistan
    by Shaikh, Taha & Zahid, Marium

  • 2016 Analyzing the Influence of Occupational Licensing Duration on Labor Market Outcomes
    by Suyoun Han & Morris M. Kleiner

  • 2016 Informational Frictions and Practice Variation: Evidence from Physicians in Training
    by David C. Chan, Jr

  • 2016 The Role of Lawyers in Social Changes in Developing Countries: Evidence from Russia
    by Andrei Yakovlev & Anton Kazun & Daniil Sitkevich

  • 2016 Marketing as a Part of Strategic Management of Consulting Companies
    by Hanuláková Eva & Bečková Ina Kováčová

  • 2016 Knowledge-Intensive Business Services in Russia: 2014–2015 Crisis Aftermath
    by Veronika Belousova & Nikolay Chichkanov

  • 2016 Distorting Economic Balance and its Consequences on the Regional Market of Consulting Services
    by Svetlana Anatolievna Ashirova & Svetlana Valentinovna Yudina & Yevgeniya Vladimirovna Kabitova & Mouhabbat Sharifovna Garifullina & Natalia Vladimirovna Serikova

  • 2016 Franchise From Family Business?
    by Adrián NAGY & Gergő KUN & Veronika FENYVES

  • 2016 Rationalité et (dé)réglementation de la profession d’avocat : une analyse de la concurrence sur le marché des services juridiques
    by Camille Chaserant & Sophie Harnay

  • 2016 Real Convergence, Steps from Adherence to Integration
    by Mihail Busu & Adina Gyorgy

  • 2016 Regional Development Fueled by Entrepreneurial Ventures Providing KIBS – Case Study on Romania
    by Vasile Alecsandru Strat & Adriana AnaMaria Davidescu & Raluca Mariana Grosu & Ion-Daniel Zgura

  • 2016 Regional Development Fueled by Entrepreneurial Ventures Providing KIBS – Case Study on Romania
    by Vasile Alecsandru Strat & Adriana AnaMaria Davidescu & Raluca Mariana Grosu & Ion-Daniel Zgura

  • 2016 Knowledge-Intensive Business Services and Business Consulting Services in Romanian Changing Economic Environment
    by Iacob Catoiu & Liviu Tudor & Cristian Bisa

  • 2016 Knowledge-Intensive Business Services and Business Consulting Services in Romanian Changing Economic Environment
    by Iacob Catoiu & Liviu Tudor & Cristian Bisa

  • 2016 Should the US Eliminate Entry Barriers to the Practice of Law? Perspectives Shaped by Industry Deregulation
    by Clifford Winston & Quentin Karpilow

  • 2015 Strengthening the Independence of the Attorneys’ Community in Russia: The Demand of the Population and Business, Human Capital, and Professional Associations
    by A. Kazun.

  • 2015 Independent Economic Think Tanks in Russia: Evolution and Developmental Prospects
    by A. Yakovlev & L. Freinkman & A. Zolotov.

  • 2015 Freiberufliche Existenzgründungen in Deutschland und seinen Regionen im Jahr 2014
    by Kranzusch, Peter & Suprinovič, Olga

  • 2015 A call for action - warum sich das professionelle Managementdes Service Portfolios in der Industrie auszahlt
    by Schicker, Günter & Strassl, Johann

  • 2015 Giving ideas a chance: Systematic development of services in manufacturing industry
    by Strassl, Johann & Schicker, Günter & Grasser, Christian

  • 2015 Outsourcing of mutual funds' non-core competencies
    by Sorhage, Christoph

  • 2015 Promoting social iclusion through the de-institutionalization of social services in the Slovak Republic
    by Maria Husakova

  • 2015 Tapering payments in hospitals: Experiences in OECD countries
    by Grégoire de Lagasnerie & Valérie Paris & Michael Mueller & Ankit Kumar

  • 2015 A Snapshot of China's Service Sector
    by Margit Molnar & Wei Wang

  • 2015 Raising the Potential of the Domestically Oriented Sector in Germany
    by André Eid & Andrés Fuentes Hutfilter

  • 2015 The Effect of Regulatory Harmonization on Cross-border Labor Migration: Evidence from the Accounting Profession
    by Matthew J. Bloomfield & Ulf Brüggemann & Hans B. Christensen & Christian Leuz

  • 2015 KIBS for Public Needs
    by Dmitri Vinogradov & Elena Shadrina & Marina Doroshenko

  • 2015 Combining knowledge bases in transnational innovation - microfoundations and the geography of organization
    by Strambach , Simone

  • 2015 How To Deal With Knowledge In Small Companies? Defining Emergent Km Approach
    by Ettore Bolisani & Enrico Scarso & Malgorzata Zieba

  • 2015 Caracterización del Sector de Servicios a las Empresas en Manizales
    by Alejandro Barrera Escobar & Oscar Andrés Jiménez

  • 2015 The Effect of Regulatory Harmonization on Cross-border Labor Migration: Evidence from the Accounting Profession
    by Matthew J. Bloomfield & Ulf Brüggemann & Hans B. Christensen & Christian Leuz

  • 2015 Litigation in Spain 2001-2010: Exploring the market for legar services
    by Juan S. Mora-Sanguinetti & Nuno Garoupa

  • 2015 Entrepreneurship of Polish Lawyers (Przedsiebiorczosc polskich prawnikow)
    by Marek Gnusowski

  • 2015 Human Resource Management in Professional Service Firms: Learning from a framework for research and practice
    by Kaiser, Stephan & Kozica, Arjan & Swart, Juani & Werr, Andreas

  • 2015 Human Resource Management in Professional Service Firms: Too good to be true? Transcending conflicting institutional logics
    by Bévort, Frans & Poulfelt, Flemming

  • 2015 Between work and non-work: Institutional settings of boundary management in case of German self-employed lawyers
    by Rybnikova, Irma & Krueger, Josephine

  • 2015 Organisierte Ungleichheit in der Leiharbeit? (Organised inequality in temporary work?)
    by Helfen, Markus & Hense, Andrea & Nicklich, Manuel

  • 2015 Análisis de la eficiencia y sus factores explicativos en el sector de consultoría y auditoría en España || Analysis of the efficiency and the explanatory factors in the consulting and auditing sector in Spain
    by de Jorge Moreno, Justo & Rojas Carrasco, Oscar & Sánchez Henríquez, Jorge

  • 2015 Explanatory Models of Consumer Behaviour from a Psychological Perspective
    by Rus Mihaela

  • 2015 The Effect Of Social Capital Level Of Accommodation Services Employees On Job Satisfaction
    by Lokman TOPRAK

  • 2015 Personal Marketing Plan and Its Influence on Employability
    by Jose G. VARGAS-HERNANDEZ & Rebeca Almanza JIMENEZ

  • 2015 Profile Of The Micro Businesswoman In Puerto Rico, Perfil De La Empresaria De Micro Empresas En Puerto Rico
    by Elizabeth Robles

  • 2015 Do lawyers induce litigation? Evidence from Spain, 2001–2010
    by Mora-Sanguinetti, Juan S. & Garoupa, Nuno

  • 2015 Educational Policies And Initiatives For Improved Performance
    by Flavia, CAIA & Cristina-Nicoleta, CARANICA

  • 2015 The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: Understanding Pro-cyclical Mortality
    by Ann H. Stevens & Douglas L. Miller & Marianne E. Page & Mateusz Filipski

  • 2015 The Effect of Product Demand on Inequality: Evidence from the United States and the United Kingdom
    by Marco Leonardi

  • 2014 Die Eignung des Taxpayer-Panels zur Identifizierung von Selbstständigen und Gründungen
    by Suprinovič, Olga & Kranzusch, Peter

  • 2014 Wie erzielen Unternehmen herausragende Serviceleistungen mit höheren Gewinnen?
    by Strassl, Johann & Schicker, Günter

  • 2014 A ‘human growth’ perspective on organizational resources, worker satisfaction and firm performance
    by Silvia Sacchetti & Ermanno C. Tortia

  • 2014 Gender Employment Longevity: I.T Staff Response to Organizational Support in Pakistan
    by Haque, Adnan ul & Yamoah, Fred

  • 2014 The Quality of Outsourced Logistics Service: A Collectivist Culture Perspective
    by Rahmat, Abdul Khabir & Faisol, Nasruddin

  • 2014 Services Trade Restrictiveness Index (STRI): Legal and Accounting Services
    by Massimo Geloso Grosso & Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås & Frederic Gonzales & Iza Lejárraga & Sébastien Miroudot & Asako Ueno & Dorothée Rouzet

  • 2014 Services Trade Restrictiveness Index (STRI): Construction, Architecture and Engineering Services
    by Massimo Geloso Grosso & Iza Lejárraga & Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås & Frederic Gonzales & Sébastien Miroudot & Asako Ueno & Dorothée Rouzet

  • 2014 An analysis of the knowledge base of Scientific Research & Development Business Services
    by Consoli,Davide & Elche,Dioni

  • 2014 Who Demands Collective Action In An Imperfect Institutional Environment? A Case-Study Of The Professional Community Of Attorneys In Russia
    by Anton P. Kazun & Andrei A. Yakovlev

  • 2014 The economics of research, consulting, and teaching quality: Theory and evidence from a technical university
    by Stefano BIANCHINI & Francesco LISSONI & Michele PEZZONI & Lorenzo ZIRULIA

  • 2014 How Small Kibs Companies Manage Their Intellectual Capital? Towards An Emergent Km Approach
    by Ettore Bolisani & Enrico Scarso & Malgorzata Zieba

  • 2014 Outsourcing and the shift from manufacturing to services
    by Giuseppe Berlingieri

  • 2014 Improvement Of Body Shop Managing As A Part Of Vehicle Importers Center
    by Stamboliski, Vasil

  • 2014 Exchange Rate Volatility and Tourist Flows into Turkey
    by Agiomirgianakis, George & Serenis, Dimitrios & Tsounis, Nicholas

  • 2014 Job definitions and service behaviour. An investigation among technical service employees
    by Dettmers, Jan

  • 2014 The diagnosis of the quality of educational services within the University of Petroşani
    by Codruţa Dura & Claudia Isac

  • 2014 Trends in the Evolution of Retail Commerce
    by Stanciu Anca Cristina & Constandache Mihaela & Condrea Elena

  • 2014 Professional Career Planning - Practice and Results
    by Janetta Sirbu & Maria Popa & Maria Daniela Pipas

  • 2014 Knowledge Intensive Business Services: The Russian Experience
    by Marina Doroshenko & Ian Miles & Dmitry Vinogradov

  • 2014 Open service innovation and the firm's search for external knowledge
    by Mina, Andrea & Bascavusoglu-Moreau, Elif & Hughes, Alan

  • 2014 The Effects of Emotional Labor on Job Attitudes of Hotel Employees: Mediating and Moderating Roles of Social Support and Job Autonomy
    by Fatma Nur Ýplik & Yunus Topsakal & Esengül Ýplik

  • 2014 Funktionaler Strukturwandel in der Industrie: Bedeutung produktionsnaher Dienste nimmt zu
    by Alexander Eickelpasch

  • 2014 Management Coaching Versus Management Consulting: Which Comes First?

  • 2014 Marketizing the up-to-date forecasting
    by Blagovesta Nikolova

  • 2014 Investigating Potential Strategies for Increasing Tourism Competiveness at the Black Sea Shore
    by Adina-Roxana Munteanu & Raluca-Daniela Rizea & Anca Gabriela Ilie & Roxana Sârbu

  • 2014 The Effect of Third-Party Funding of Plaintiffs on Settlement
    by Andrew F. Daughety & Jennifer F. Reinganum

  • 2013 Entwicklung der Freien Berufe in Nordrhein-Westfalen und seinen Regionen im Zeitraum 2002 bis 2011
    by Suprinovič, Olga & Brink, Siegrun

  • 2013 Freiberufliche Existenzgründungen in Deutschland im Jahr 2012
    by Kranzusch, Peter & Suprinovič, Olga

  • 2013 Exploring Barriers to Innovation in Tourism Industry – The Case of Southern Region of Poland
    by Najda-Janoszka, Marta & Kopera, Sebastian

  • 2013 2011 Precision Agriculture Services Dealership Survey Results
    by Linda D. Whipker & Bruce Erickson

  • 2013 Compensation Matters: Incentives for Multitasking in a Law Firm
    by Ann Bartel & Brianna Cardiff-Hicks & Kathryn Shaw

  • 2013 Competition in the Audit Market: Policy Implications
    by Joseph J. Gerakos & Chad Syverson

  • 2013 The Value of Hiring through Referrals
    by Burks, Stephen V. & Cowgill, Bo & Hoffman, Mitchell & Housman, Michael

  • 2013 Do KIBS make manufacturing more innovative? An empirical investigation for four European countries
    by Daria Ciriaci & Sandro Montresor & Daniela Palma

  • 2013 Knowledge Intensive Business Services As Generators Of Innovations
    by Marina Doroshenko & Ian Miles & Dmitri Vinogradov

  • 2013 Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (Kibs) And Their Role In The Knowledge-Based Economy
    by Malgorzata Zieba

  • 2013 Entry, exit, and the determinants of market structure
    by Dunne, Timothy & Klimek, Shawn D. & Roberts, Mark J. & Xu, Daniel Yi

  • 2013 Outsourcing and the rise in services
    by Berlingieri, Giuseppe

  • 2013 Tercerización de Servicios Informáticos
    by Ricardo ROCHA GARCIA

  • 2013 Outsourcing and the Rise in Services
    by Giuseppe Berlingieri

  • 2013 The Italian technology balance of payments
    by Enrico Tosti

  • 2013 Priorities and Pathways in Services Reform — Part I :Quantitative Studies

  • 2013 Interpreting Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Systems Thinking
    by Jelena Cosic & Petar Curkovic & Josip Kasac & Josip Stepanic

  • 2013 International Specialization In Services: Insights From A New Theoretical Taxonomy
    by Alain GAUGRIS & El Mouhoub MOUHOUD

  • 2013 Doradztwo jako temat badan naukowych – przegl¹d wspolczesnej literatury. (Consulting as a subject of study – a review of a recent literature.)
    by Przemyslaw Hensel

  • 2013 Neo-Liberalism at Work
    by Roger Seifert & Kim Mather

  • 2013 Resilience and recovery: The Philippine IT–BPO industry during the global crisis
    by Anna Charmaine Abara & Yoon Heo

  • 2013 The Importance of Commercial Services in the Trade Activity
    by Stanciu Anca Cristina & Constandache Mihaela & Racoceanu Cristina

  • 2013 Internship Programs � Opportunity for Start Career
    by Tatyana Kicheva

  • 2013 The regulation of quality in the market for legal services: Taking the heterogeneity of legal services seriously
    by Camille Chaserant & Sophie Harnay

  • 2013 The impact of ICT and business services on the Italian economy
    by Saltari, Enrico & Wymer, Clifford R. & Federici, Daniela

  • 2013 R&D service firms: The hidden engine of the high-tech economy?
    by Probert, Jocelyn & Connell, David & Mina, Andrea

  • 2013 Location patterns of service industries in France: A distance-based approach
    by Barlet, M. & Briant, A. & Crusson, L.

  • 2013 The Smart Homes – A Promising Business Domain Which Worth Attention Of Romanian Telecom Companies
    by Radu PRODAN & Ioan NAȘCU

  • 2013 Genesis and initial development of consulting market in Bulgaria
    by Spartak Keremidchiev

  • 2013 Auditor Independence in New Zealand: Further Evidence on the Role of Non-Audit Services
    by Si Wen (Stacey) WANG & David HAY

  • 2012 Accounting Firms: Global Spread with Limited Transnationalization
    by Jochen Zimmermann & Jan-Christoph Volckmer

  • 2012 Freiberufliche Gründungen in Deutschland: Ergebnisse einer erstmaligen Auswertung von Daten der Finanzverwaltung
    by Kranzusch, Peter & Suprinovic, Olga & Haunschild, Ljuba

  • 2012 A �Human Growth� Perspective on Organizational Resources and Firm Performance
    by Silvia Sacchetti & Ermanno C. Tortia

  • 2012 The role of ICT and Business Services in Italy
    by Enrico Saltari

  • 2012 ATM Fees, Pricing and Consumer Behaviour: An Analysis of ATM Network Reform in Australia
    by Clare Noone

  • 2012 The significance of socioeconomic factors on personal loan decision a study of consumer banking local private banks in Pakistan
    by Azam, Rehan & Muhammad, Danish & Syed Akbar, Suleman

  • 2012 Investor-State Dispute Settlement: A Scoping Paper for the Investment Policy Community
    by David Gaukrodger & Kathryn Gordon

  • 2012 Diasporas and Outsourcing: Evidence from oDesk and India
    by Ejaz Ghani & William R. Kerr & Christopher T. Stanton

  • 2012 Audit Market Regulation and Supplier Concentration Around the World: Empirical Evidence
    by Benjamin Heß & Ulrike Stefani

  • 2012 Business services outsourcing and economic growth: Evidence from a dynamic panel data approach
    by Bianka Dettmer

  • 2012 The European Union's service directive: Contrasting ex ante estimates with empirical evidence
    by Bianka Dettmer

  • 2012 To what extent are knowledge-intensive business services contributing to manufacturing? A subsystem analysis
    by Daria Ciriaci & Daniela Palma

  • 2012 To what extent are knowledge-intensive business services contributing to manufacturing? A subsystem analysis
    by Daria Ciriaci & Daniela Palma

  • 2012 Knowledge systematisation and the development of a business function: the case of design
    by D’Ippolito,Beatrice & Miozzo,Marcela & Consoli,Davide

  • 2012 Co-agglomeration of Knowledge-Intensive Business Services and Multinational Enterprises
    by Wouter Jacobs & Hans R.A. Koster & Frank van Oort

  • 2012 Dinámica regional del sector de bienes y servicios petroleros en Colombia
    by Felipe Castro & Luis Alberto Zuleta & Juan Fernando Alandette & Sandra Milena Fonseca

  • 2012 Antecedents and consequences of relationship quality. A case study of banking sector in Romania
    by Simona-Mihaela TRIF

  • 2012 Co-Production and Reversed Cream-Skimming in Quasi-markets
    by F. DELBONO & D. LANZI

  • 2012 La Economía Social Ibérica: el caso de las Santas Casas de la Misericordia de Portugal como instituciones particulares de solidaridad social
    by Antonio Juan Briones Peñalver & Maria Paula Lopes Castelao & Fernando Cardoso de Sousa

  • 2012 Considerations on the impact of ICTS on the location and structure of two business services companies
    by Andrei SCHWARTZ & Janeta WEISZ

  • 2012 Anfaenge einer Institutionalisierung grenzueberschreitender Arbeitsbeziehungen? Zur Paradoxie der Internationalen Rahmenabkommen im globalen Dienstleistungssektor (Regulation of Labour in Project Networks: A Structurationist Analysis)
    by Helfen, Markus & Fichter, Michael Joerg Sydow & Sydow, Joerg

  • 2012 Strategic Directions in Business Services
    by Alexandru Vlad Cãtãlina & Ungureanu Gabriela

  • 2012 Productivity Model Based On Knowledge- The Case Of The Information Tecnology Pymes In Baja California, Modelo De Competitividad Basado En El Conocimiento: El Caso De Las Pymes Del Sector De Tecnologias De Informacion En Baja California
    by Eduardo Ahumada-Tello & Robert Efrain Zarate Cornejo & Ismael Plascencia Lopez & Juan Manuel Alberto Perusquia Velasco

  • 2012 Regulación de los servicios notariales en México
    by Estrada, Ernesto & Sánchez, Juan Carlos & Hernández, César Alejandro

  • 2012 La arqueología comercial en España: ¿un sistema sectorial de innovación?
    by Parga-Dans, Eva & Castro-Martínez, Elena & Fernández de Lucio, Ignacio

  • 2012 Optimal attorney advertising
    by Stone, Michael P. & Miceli, Thomas J.

  • 2012 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Hotel Industry: A framework Proposal on the Relationship among CRM Dimensions, Marketing Capabilities and Hotel Performance
    by Abdul Alem Mohammed & Basri bin Rashid

  • 2012 Entrepreneurship, Innovation And Business Competitiveness In The Service-Producing Sector: Implementation To Mainland Portugal
    by Orlando Petiz PEREIRA & Isabel M. CORREIA

  • 2012 Quality Management in Tourism and Hospitality: an Exploratory Study among Tourism Stakeholders
    by Soultana Kapiki

  • 2012 Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship Through Public Services in the Madrid Region: Succesful Aspects
    by M. Teresa Fernández Fernández & Ana Fernández-Ardavín Martínez & David Berenguer Herrero

  • 2012 Revolving Door Lobbyists
    by Jordi Blanes i Vidal & Mirko Draca & Christian Fons-Rosen

  • 2011 Ein Ansatz zur Bestimmung kundenindividueller Finanzierungslösungen am Beispiel gekoppelter Absatz- und Finanzierungsgeschäfte
    by Julia Wiesent

  • 2011 Die Ergänzung der Gründungsstatistik des IfM Bonn durch freiberufliche Gründungen: Ergebnisse einer Pilotstudie am Beispiel Nordrhein-Westfalen
    by Kranzusch, Peter & Suprinovic, Olga

  • 2011 Co-Production and Managed Competition in Mixed Quasi-markets
    by Delbono, Flavio & Lanzi, Diego

  • 2011 Does Marginal Cost Pricing of Public Sector Information Spur Firm Growth?
    by Koski, Heli

  • 2011 Measuring dynamic market selection by persistent scale inefficiencies - new methodology applied to EU business services
    by Kox, Henk L.M. & Leeuwen, George van

  • 2011 Knowledge Spillovers and Knowledge Intensive Business Services: An Empirical Study
    by Fernandes, Cristina & Ferreira, João

  • 2011 Trade in Services Related to Climate Change: An Exploratory Analysis
    by Ronald Steenblik & Massimo Geloso Grosso

  • 2011 What type of innovative firms acquire knowledge intensive services and from which suppliers?
    by José García-Quevedo & Francisco Mas-Verdú & Daniel Montolio

  • 2011 Reputation on a credence good market: an economic analysis of professional self-regulation
    by Camille Chaserant & Sophie Harnay

  • 2011 Co-Production and Managed Competition in Mixed Quasi-markets
    by F. Delbono & D. Lanzi

  • 2011 Who Ordered That? The Economics of Treatment Choices in Medical Care
    by Chandra, Amitabh & Cutler, David & Song, Zirui

  • 2011 Standardization Versus Innovation In Management Consultancy
    by Ciumara, Tudor

  • 2011 The Role of Time for the Competitiveness of SMEs in the Service Sector
    by Marco Valeri

  • 2011 Customers’ Satisfaction In Atm Service: An Empirical Evidences From Public And Private Sector Banks In India
    by Vijay M. KUMBHAR

  • 2011 Human Resources Performance in Service Encounters – A Customer Service Case Study
    by Claudia GRIGORE

  • 2011 Operational Risk Management in Hotel Establishments: A Study on Four and Five Star Hotels in Ankara
    by Pelit, Elbeyi

  • 2011 An Empirical Investigation into the Construct of Higher Education Service Quality
    by Jaroslav Dado & Janka Taborecka Petrovicova & Dejan Riznic & Tamara Rajic

  • 2011 Optimizing purchasing management of non-product-related goods and services
    by Corina Pop Sitar

  • 2011 Quality Uncertainty as a Barrier to Business Services Development
    by Laurentiu Tachiciu & Vasile Dinu & Iacob Kerbalek

  • 2011 Names and Reputations: An Empirical Analysis
    by Ryan C. McDevitt

  • 2010 Forensic Services - Eine Innovation auf dem Wirtschaftsprüfungsmarkt?Forensic Services - An Innovation on the Auditing Market?
    by Anne Chwolka & Johanna Zwernemann

  • 2010 Bilgi yoğun profesyonel hizmet firmalarında bilgi yönetimi: Türkiye’deki reklam ajansları üzerine bir çalışma
    by Çiğdem ŞAHİN & Hacer ANSAL

  • 2010 Optimal Attorney Advertising
    by Michael P. Stone

  • 2010 Knowledge Commodification and New Patterns of Specialisation: Professionals and Experts in Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (KIBS)
    by Simone Strambach

  • 2010 Teachers in action: delivering individualized education plan
    by Mislan, Nora & Kosnin, Azlina Mohd & Jiar, Yeo Kee & Shariffudin, Rio Sumarni

  • 2010 Future Bangalores? The increasing role of Central and Eastern Europe in the global services offshoring market: evidence from trade statistics
    by Gál, Zoltán

  • 2010 Turning Digital: Diversification in UK Design Consultancy Services
    by Wennberg, K. & Tether, B. & Li, C. & Mina, A.

  • 2010 Too many lawyers? Litigation in Italian civil courts
    by Amanda Carmignani & Silvia Giacomelli

  • 2010 General Considerations on Leadership in the Hospitality Industry. Conceptual Analysis and Practical Studies
    by Andreia ISPAS

  • 2010 International Comparisons of Industry-based Productivity Levels in the Financial and Business Service Sectors
    by Pamfili Antipa & Marie-Elisabeth de la Serve

  • 2010 Management Consultancies as Institutional Agents: Strategies for Creating and Sustaining Institutional Capital
    by Markus Reihlen & Michael Smets & Andreas Veit

  • 2010 Growing Professionalism in the Services of Nonprofit Organizations
    by Katalin DOBRAI & Ferenc FARKAS

  • 2010 Partizipation, Arbeitszufriedenheit und Belastung von Unternehmensberatern. Empirische Befunde zu den Auswirkungen der Arbeit in wissensintensiven Arbeitsformen (Participation, Job Satisfaction and Stress among Management Consultants. Empirical Findings on the Effects of Work in Knowledge-intensive Employment Forms)
    by Bernd Kriegesmann & Frank Striewe

  • 2010 Uzbek Travel Services Industry And International Comparison

  • 2010 The effects of KIBS outsourcing on Aragon firms’ efficiency/Efectos de la externalización de servicios a empresas intensivos en conocimiento sobre la eficiencia de las empresas en Aragón

  • 2010 The Importance of Stakeholders and Policy Influence Enhancing the Innovation in Nature Based Tourism Services Greece, Austria, Finland and Romania Case Studies
    by Carmen Nastase & Carmen Chasovschi & Mihai Popescu & Adrian Liviu Scutariu

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