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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L2: Firm Objectives, Organization, and Behavior
/ / / L21: Business Objectives of the Firm
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Danone: a French multinational expanding into the global market
    by Hertrich, Sylvie & Kalika, Michel & Mayrhofer, Ulrike

  • 2015 Welche Unternehmen profitieren vom Euro?
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2015 Do hospitals respond to increasing prices by supplying fewer services?
    by Salm, Martin & Wübker, Ansgar

  • 2015 Pricing as a risky choice: Uncertainty and survival in a monopoly market
    by Andersen, Per & Vetter, Henrik

  • 2015 Retail Agglomeration and Competition Externalities: Evidence from Openings and Closings of Multiline Department Stores in the US
    by John M. Clapp & Stephen L. Ross & Tingyu Zhou

  • 2015 Trust and trustworthiness in experimental organizations
    by Giuseppe Danese & Luigi Mittone

  • 2015 Worker problem-solving and the nature of the firm: new theory, new evidence
    by Dorman, Peter & Nolte, Heike

  • 2015 Manager-union bargaining agenda under monopoly and with network effects
    by Fanti, Luciano & Buccella, Domenico

  • 2015 Bargaining agenda in a unionised monopoly with network effects
    by Fanti, Luciano & Buccella, Domenico

  • 2015 From the Phased Manufacturing Programme to Frugal Engineering: Some Initial Propositions
    by Tyabji, Nasir

  • 2015 Investors are unwilling to pay for corporate social responsibility activities: Evidence from India’s Companies Act 2013
    by Parinduri, Rasyad & Paul, Saumik

  • 2015 Economic vs. organizational perspective on inter-organizational relations’ analysis – are economists on the dead-end track?
    by Beata Stepien & Monika Sulimowska-Formowicz

  • 2015 From confrontation to cooperation – institutional support in building cooperation of Polish enterprises
    by Joanna Bednarz & Magdalena Markiewicz

  • 2015 Knowledge acquisition in small and medium-sized enterprises
    by Beata Glinkowska

  • 2015 Contemporary nature of stock exchange from the perspective of demutualization process
    by Alina Rydzewska

  • 2015 The Limits of Reputation in Platform Markets: An Empirical Analysis and Field Experiment
    by Chris Nosko & Steven Tadelis

  • 2015 Technology Import, R and D Spillover and Export: A Study of Automobile Sector in India
    by Santosh K. Sahu & K. Narayanan

  • 2015 Financialization and Corporate Investments: The Indian Case
    by Sunanda Sen & Zico DasGupta

  • 2015 Resources on the Stage: A Firm Level Analysis of the ICT Adoption in Turkey
    by Derya Findik & Aysit Tansel

  • 2015 Intangible Investment and Technical Efficiency: The Case of Software-Intensive Manufacturing Firms in Turkey
    by Derya Findik & Aysit Tansel

  • 2015 Intangible Investment and Technical Efficiency: The Case of Software-Intensive Manufacturing Firms in Turkey
    by Findik, Derya & Tansel, Aysit

  • 2015 Do Hospitals Respond to Increasing Prices by Supplying Fewer Services?
    by Salm, Martin & Wübker, Ansgar

  • 2015 Corporate social responsibility in India - An Effort to bridge the welfare gap
    by Jayati Sarkar & Subrata Sarkar

  • 2015 Firms and skills: the evolution of worker sorting
    by Håkanson, Christina & Lindqvist, Erik & Vlachos, Jonas

  • 2015 Firms and Skills: The Evolution of Worker Sorting
    by Håkanson, Christina & Lindqvist, Erik & Vlachos, Jonas

  • 2015 Firms and skills: the evolution of worker sorting
    by Håkanson, Christina & Lindqvist, Erik & Vlachos, Jonas

  • 2015 Strategic alliances in the company’s value creation
    by Joanna Kuczewska & Izabela Szumal

  • 2015 Business Process Improvement Application Of Modern Management Techniques
    by Marija Zivanovic, Nada Zivanovic

  • 2015 Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions on Shareholder Wealth: Event Study for Latin American Airlines
    by Lina M. Cortés & John J. García & David Agudelo

  • 2015 Prioritizing strategic business units in the face of innovation performance: Combining fuzzy AHP and BSC
    by Behrooz Noori

  • 2015 Service innovation and internationalization in SMEs: Implications for growth and performance
    by Kunttu, Anna & Torkkeli, Lasse

  • 2015 Innovation, institutions and cultures: Exploring the European context
    by Della Piana, Bice & Vecchi, Alessandra & Vivacqua, Enrica

  • 2015 The Flexible Budget– Basic Tool Of The Management Control In The Economic Entities
    by Mariana RADU & George Ciprian GIJU

  • 2015 The Competences of HR Managers and their Impact on the Organizational Success of MNCs’ Subsidiaries in the CEE Region
    by József Poór & Agneš Slavić & Nemanja Berber

  • 2015 Interdependence Of Business Value Components In Value Creation And Value Capture Concepts1
    by Sonja Brlecic Valcic & Jana Katunar

  • 2015 Doing Business In Romania; Foreign Direct Investments (Fdi); Trading Entities-Investment Mechanisms; Protection System; Guarantees
    by Corina Cristina Buzdugan & Elena Mihaela Fodor & Rodica Diana Apan

  • 2015 From Strategic Companies to Companies with the Objective Function of Ownership
    by Gogol, A. & Starchenko, N.

  • 2015 The Effect of Enterprise Strategies Employed During the Crisis on the Growth Options of Companies
    by Károly Balaton

  • 2015 Relationship between quality certification and financial & non-financial performance of organizations
    by Md. Mazharul Islam & M.A. Karim & Essam Mohammed Habes

  • 2015 Opinions on the impact of accounting policies on tourist entities’ competitiveness
    by Traian-Ovidiu Calota

  • 2015 Exploración Y Explotación De Conocimiento En El Ámbito Empresarial. Validación De Escalas En Un Sector Industrial De Bajo Perfil Tecnológico / Knowledge Exploration And Exploitation In The Business Context. Validation Of Scales In A Low-Tech Industry
    by Nicolau-Juliá, Débora & Expósito-Langa, Manuel & Tomás-Miquel, José-Vicente

  • 2015 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Pavel Trunin & Natalia Shagaida & Sergey Tsukhlo & Alexander Abramov & Mikhail Khromov & Georgy Idrisov & Maria Kazakova & Dmitry Gordeev & Andrey Kaukin & Yuri Ponomarev & Sergey Sudakov & Eugenya Filicheva & Alexandra Burdyak & Dmitriy Rogozin

  • 2015 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Pavel Trunin & Kirill Rogov & Natalia Shagaida & Mikhail Khromov & Sergey Tsukhlo & Alexander Deryugin & Alexander Knobel & Yuri Bobylev & M.K. Kirillova

  • 2015 Toward a theory of responsible investing: On the economic foundations of corporate social responsibility
    by Dam, Lammertjan & Scholtens, Bert

  • 2015 Why are aggregate equity payouts pro-cyclical?
    by Huang-Meier, Winifred & Freeman, Mark C. & Mazouz, Khelifa

  • 2015 Corporate goodness and shareholder wealth
    by Krüger, Philipp

  • 2015 An economic analysis of deferred examination system: Evidence from a policy reform in Japan
    by Yamauchi, Isamu & Nagaoka, Sadao

  • 2015 Factors Influencing Adoption of Knowledge Management Systems in India from a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise’s Perspective
    by G. P. Girish & Dennis Joseph & Souvik Roy & G. Amar Raju

  • 2015 Factors Influencing Adoption of Knowledge Management Systems in India from a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise’s Perspective
    by G. P. Girish & Dennis Joseph & Souvik Roy & G. Amar Raju

  • 2015 Weiterhin kaum Frauen in den Vorständen großer Unternehmen: auch Aufsichtsräte bleiben Männerdomänen
    by Elke Holst & Anja Kirsch

  • 2015 Executive Board and Supervisory Board Members in Germany’s Large Corporations Remain Predominantly Male
    by Elke Holst & Anja Kirsch

  • 2015 Aspekty etyczne systemow oceniania pracownikow w instytucjach publicznych/ Ethical Aspects of the Appraisal Systems in Public Institutions
    by Przemyslaw Salek

  • 2015 Dezinformacja spoleczenstwa realizowana przez media internetowe a jej spoleczna akceptacja/ Misinformation of the Society by Internet Media and the Social Acceptance of This Phenomenon
    by Lukasz Wala

  • 2015 Dylematy moralne polskich aptekarzy/ Moral Dilemmas of the Polish Pharmacist
    by Anna Grychtol

  • 2015 Law, Regulation, and the Business Climate: The Nature and Influence of the World Bank Doing Business Project
    by Timothy Besley

  • 2015 How Business Is Done in the Developing World: Deals versus Rules
    by Mary Hallward-Driemeier & Lant Pritchett

  • 2014 IT-Compliance nach COBIT: Gegenüberstellung zwischen COBIT 4.0 und COBIT 5
    by Klotz, Michael

  • 2014 Corporate Governance in der Energiewirtschaft – zwischen Unternehmenswert und Public Value
    by Ahrend, Klaus-Michael

  • 2014 Internationale Expansion in der pharmazeutischen Industrie Österreichs
    by Christian Zeller & Andreas Hametner & Koen Smet & Markus Seiwald

  • 2014 Do business groups help or hinder technological progress in emerging markets? Evidence from India
    by Sumon K. Bhaumik & Ying Zhou

  • 2014 Heterogeneous Tax Sensitivity of Firm-level Investments
    by Egger, Peter & Erhardt, Katharina & Keuschnigg, Christian

  • 2014 Successive leadership changes in the regional jet industry
    by Vertesy D.

  • 2014 Testing for Distortions in Performance Measures: An Application to Residual Income Based Measures like Economic Value Added
    by Randolph Sloof & Mirjam van Praag

  • 2014 The Internationalization of Polish Firms: An Empirical Investigatin of the M-P Relationship
    by Grzegorz Karasiewicz & Jan Nowak

  • 2014 Prioritizing strategic business units in the face of innovation performance: Combining fuzzy AHP and BSC
    by Behrooz Noori

  • 2014 Price setting behaviour in Lesotho: Stylised facts from consumer retail prices
    by Mamello Amelia Nchake, Lawrence Edwards and Neil Rankin

  • 2014 Institutional Barriers and Job Creation in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus & Oberhofer, Harald & Vincelette, Gallina A.

  • 2014 Capacity Choice and Welfare under Alternative Unionisation Structures
    by Luciano Fanti & Nicola Meccheri

  • 2014 Organization performance and happiness in the context of leadership behavior (case study base on psychological well-beings)
    by Demircioğlu, Emre

  • 2014 Gender Employment Longevity: I.T Staff Response to Organizational Support in Pakistan
    by Haque, Adnan ul & Yamoah, Fred

  • 2014 Lo sviluppo dei mercati esteri
    by Musso, Fabio

  • 2014 Cooperation Determinants in the Atlantic Blue Economy
    by Pinto, Hugo

  • 2014 Motivations for Corporate Social Responsibility: all talk and no walk?
    by Riillo, Cesare Fabio Antonio & Sarracino, Francesco

  • 2014 The Significant Elements of Business Knowledge in the Internationalisation Process of the Visegrad Group Corporations
    by S. Gubik, Andrea & Bartha, Zoltán

  • 2014 The impact of electricity constraints on access to finance: A firm-level study
    by Nakhoda, Aadil

  • 2014 Eficiencia comparativa Empresa Pública vs. Empresa Privada: La evidencia empírica
    by Vergés, Joaquim

  • 2014 The Role of Business Knowledge in the Internationalisation Process of Hungarian Corporations
    by Bartha, Zoltán & S. Gubik, Andrea

  • 2014 Strategies on initial public offering of company equity at stock exchanges in imperfect highly volatile global capital markets with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 Capacity choice and welfare under alternative unionisation structures
    by Luciano Fanti & Nicola Meccheri

  • 2014 Management Practices, Relational Contracts, and the Decline of General Motors
    by Susan Helper & Rebecca Henderson

  • 2014 Top Team Diversity and Business Performance: Latent Class Analysis for Firms and Cities
    by Nathan, Max

  • 2014 Corporate Efficiency, Credit Status and Investment
    by Quader, Manzur & Taylor, Karl

  • 2014 Do Business Groups Help or Hinder Technological Progress in Emerging Markets? Evidence from India
    by Bhaumik, Sumon K. & Zhou, Ying

  • 2014 E-Skills, Brains and Performance of the Firms: ICT and Ability of Firms to Conduct Successful Projects in Luxembourg
    by Anissa Chaibi & Adel Ben Youssef & Leila Peltier- Ben Aoun

  • 2014 Evaluation of Growing Business: Which Method, What Risks?
    by Jean-Sebastien Lantz & Lubica Hikkerova & Mehdi Mili & Jean-Michel Sahut

  • 2014 Heterogeneous Tax Sensitivity of Firm-level Investments
    by Egger, Peter & Erhardt, Katharina & Keuschnigg, Christian

  • 2014 An Economic Analysis of Deferred Examination System: Evidence from Policy Reforms in Japan
    by Yamauchi, Isamu & Nagaoka, Sadao

  • 2014 Firms And Social Policy In The Post-Communist Bloc: Evidence From Russia
    by Israel Marques

  • 2014 Corporate Parenting Style In The Global Economy
    by Igor Gurkov

  • 2014 Explaining cost overruns in infrastructural projects: A new framework with applications to Sweden
    by Brunes, Fredrik & Lind, Hans

  • 2014 Adoption of Information and Communication Technologies and New Organizational Practices in the Tunisian Manufacturing Sector
    by Adel Ben Youssef & Walid Hadhri & Hatem Mhenni

  • 2014 Russian Industrial Enterprises in 2014
    by Sergey Tsukhlo

  • 2014 Russian Industrial Enterprises in 2013
    by Sergey Tsukhlo

  • 2014 Faithful Strategies: How Religion Shapes Nonprofit Management
    by Lapo Filistrucchi & Jens Prufer

  • 2014 What is 'firm heterogeneity' in trade models? The role of quality, scope, markups and cost
    by Colin Hottman & Stephen Redding & David E. Weinstein

  • 2014 Cross-border mergers and domestic-firm wages: Integrating ‘spillover effects’ and ‘bargaining effects’
    by Clougherty, Joseph A. & Gugler, Klaus Peter & Sørgard, Lars & Szücs, Florian

  • 2014 We're Number 1: Price Wars for Market Share Leadership
    by Cabral, Luís M B

  • 2014 What is Firm Heterogeneity in Trade Models? The Role of Quality, Scope, Markups, and Cost
    by Hottman, Colin & Redding, Stephen J. & Weinstein, David E.

  • 2014 Complexity, Efficiency, and Fairness of Multi-Product Monopoly Pricing
    by Eugenio J. Miravete & Katja Seim & Jeff Thurk

  • 2014 Stakeholder Governance, Competition and Firm Value
    by Franklin Allen & Elena Carletti & Robert Marquez

  • 2014 How Does Public IPR Protection Affect its Private Counterpart? Copyright and the Firms' Own IPR Protection in a Software Duopoly
    by Kresimir Zigic & Jiri Strelicky & Michael Kunin

  • 2014 What is 'Firm Heterogeneity' in Trade Models? The Role of Quality, Scope, Markups and Cost
    by Colin Hottman & Stephen J. Redding & David E. Weinstein

  • 2014 The Storm Before the Calm? Adverse Effects of Tackling Organised Crime
    by Long, Iain W.

  • 2014 Cost function estimation of multi-service firms. Evidence from the passenger transport industry
    by Graziano Abrate & Fabrizio Erbetta & Giovanni Fraquelli & Davide Vannoni

  • 2014 Horizontal Mergers with Capital Adjustment: Workers' Cooperatives and the Merger Paradox
    by F. Delbono & L. Lambertini

  • 2014 Analisis de la concentracion y competencia en el sector bancario
    by Jaime Zurita

  • 2014 Corporate-NGO partnerships in CSR activities: why and how?
    by Sylvaine Poret

  • 2014 Einfluss des Verhaltens von Inhaber-Unternehmern auf Innovationen und deren Erfolg in ihren Unternehmen. Eine empirische Studie nach der Grounded-Theory-Methodologie
    by Hauser, Tobias

  • 2014 Methods And Practices Of Tacit Knowledge Sharing Within An Enterprise: An Empirical Investigation
    by Maria Majewska & Urszula Szulczynska

  • 2014 Impact Of Information Organization On Performance In Tourism
    by Calotă Traian-Ovidiu

  • 2014 Impact of Accounting-Tax Relationship on Managerial Decision
    by Robu Sorin - Adrian

  • 2014 Profitability During the Financial Crisis Evidence from the Regulated Capital Market in Serbia
    by Ksenija Dencic-Mihajlov

  • 2014 Human capital financial results of an enterprise – research on the best employers in poland
    by Anna Bagieñska

  • 2014 Entrepreneurial Characteristics of Turkey’s Top 100 Industrial Enterprises According to Their Mission and Vision Statements
    by Erol, Yücel & Kanbur, Engin

  • 2014 Leaders enhance group members’ work engagement and reduce their burnout by crafting social identity
    by Steffens, Niklas K. & Haslam, S. Alexander & Kerschreiter, Rudolf & Schuh, Sebastian C. & van Dick, Rolf

  • 2014 The effect of financial resource availability on entrepreneurial orientation, customer orientation and firm performance in an international context: an empirical analysis from Austria and Hungaria
    by Filser, Matthias & Eggers, Fabian & Kraus, Sascha & Málovic, Éva

  • 2014 Action research for democracy – a Scandinavian approach
    by Pålshaugen, Øyvind

  • 2014 Advantages And Limitations Of The Financial Ratios Used In The Financial Diagnosis Of The Enterprise
    by Mihaela GADOIU

  • 2014 Financialisation or the Management Philosophy of Globalism
    by Katalin Botos

  • 2014 Competitive advantages of SMEs. The case of the Lodz Metropolitan Area
    by Tomasz Dorozynski & Anetta Kuna-Marszalek & Wojciech Urbaniak

  • 2014 Challenges of Modern Management. Crowdsourcing
    by Popovici Norina & Moraru Camelia & Cucu Eugenia

  • 2014 Behind the Exporters’ Success: Analysis of Successful Hungarian Exporter Companies From a Strategic Perspective
    by Annamaria Kazai Onodi & Krisztina Pecze

  • 2014 Irrelevance of Conjectural Variations in Duopoly under Relative Profit Maximization and Consistent Conjectures
    by Atsuhiro Satoh & Yasuhito Tanaka

  • 2014 Free Entry Oligopoly, Cournot, Bertrand and Relative Profit Maximization
    by Atsuhiro Satoh & Yasuhito Tanaka

  • 2014 Relative Profit Maximization in Duopoly: Difference or Ratio
    by Atsuhiro Satoh & Yasuhito Tanaka

  • 2014 Exploring Mobile Gaming Revenues: the Price Tag of Impatience, Stress and Release
    by Denis LESCOP & Elena LESCOP

  • 2014 Paid and Free Digital Business Models Innovations in the Video Game Industry

  • 2014 'Few to Many': Change of Business Model Paradigm in the Video Game Industry
    by Thierry RAYNA & Ludmila STRIUKOVA

  • 2014 Analytics-Based Management Of Information Systems
    by Peter Géczy & Noriaki Izumi & Kôiti Hasida

  • 2014 Features of Interaction Between Russian Enterprises and Research Organisations in the Field of Innovation
    by Stanislav Zaichenko & Tatiana Kuznetsova & Vitaliy Roud

  • 2014 Evolution in bank complexity
    by Cetorelli, Nicola & McAndrews, James J. & Traina, James

  • 2014 Le imprese familiari nel tessuto produttivo italiano: caratteristiche, dimensioni, territorialità
    by Giovanni Ferri & Marco Pini & Stefano Scaccabarozzi

  • 2014 L’andamento dell’occupazione nelle cooperative italiane negli anni della crisi: alcune evidenze a livello regionale
    by Paolo Carnazza & Attilio Pasetto

  • 2014 Intangible assets and firm heterogeneity: Evidence from Italy
    by Arrighetti, Alessandro & Landini, Fabio & Lasagni, Andrea

  • 2014 Dynamic pricing in the Singapore condominium market
    by Fesselmeyer, Eric & Liu, Haoming

  • 2014 Evolutionary competition in a mixed market with socially concerned firms
    by Kopel, Michael & Lamantia, Fabio & Szidarovszky, Ferenc

  • 2014 Cost of Capital for Exempt Foreign Private Issuers: Information Risk Effect or Earnings Quality Effect? It Depends
    by Gotti, Giorgio & Mastrolia, Stacy

  • 2014 Frauen sind in Vorständen großer Unternehmen in Deutschland noch immer die Ausnahme: Moderat steigende Anteile in Aufsichtsräten
    by Elke Holst & Anja Kirsch

  • 2014 Women Still the Exception on Executive Boards of Germany's Large Firms: Gradually Increasing Representation on Supervisory Boards
    by Elke Holst & Anja Kirsch

  • 2014 La société en commandite par actions: un outil de transmission pour l’entreprise familiale cotée
    by Patrice Charlier

  • 2014 Common resources in open innovation model as the competition driving agents
    by Elzbieta Pohulak-Zoledowska

  • 2014 Essential Inputs and Antitrust Barriers in the Mexican Economic Competition Regime
    by Victor Pavon-Villamayor

  • 2014 Beneficence is Beside the Point: The Antitrust Realities of the Comcast/Time Warner Cable Merger
    by Geoffrey Manne

  • 2014 Ist der deutsche Mittelstand tatsächlich ein Innovationsmotor?
    by Michael Berlemann & Vera Jahn

  • 2014 Economic Crisis and Smes’ Behavior: An Analysis on the Furniture Sector in Italy
    by Marco Cioppi & Fabio Musso & Elisabetta Savelli

  • 2014 Agency and Transparency in Financial Markets
    by Sadettin Haluk Citci

  • 2014 Statistical Methods Use in Small Enterprises: Relation to Performance
    by Ksenija Dumičić & Lea Bregar & Berislav Žmuk

  • 2014 Bank business models
    by Rungporn Roengpitya & Nikola Tarashev & Kostas Tsatsaronis

  • 2014 Greek Small & Medium Sized Dairy &Cheese Enterprises: A Strategic Assessment Under The Economic Crisis

  • 2014 Dimensions Of The Market Risk
    by Marcela-Cornelia Danu

  • 2014 Fundacje korporacyjne w Polsce/Corporate Foundations in Poland
    by Urszula Golaszewska-Kaczan

  • 2014 The Dynamics of Firm Lobbying
    by William R. Kerr & William F. Lincoln & Prachi Mishra

  • 2013 Entrepeneurs under Uncertainty: an Economic Experiment in China
    by Holm, Håkan J. & Opper, Sonja & Nee, Victor

  • 2013 Danone, les mouvements stratégiques d’une multinationale française
    by Hertrich, Sylvie & Kalika, Michel & Mayrhofer, Ulrike

  • 2013 Les prémices de la diffusion d'information aux salariés. Les discours des médailles du travail chez trois sidérurgistes français (1934-1977)
    by Labardin, Pierre & Floquet, Mathieu

  • 2013 Mauboussin Japan: A French Gem in Asia
    by Delecolle, Thierry & Kamin, Ronald G. & Parguel, Béatrice & Yemen, Gerry

  • 2013 Russian Big Business Facing Challenges of the Global Crisis
    by S. Afontsev & S. J. Lee.

  • 2013 Self-Serving Behavior in Price-Quality Competition
    by Marco Bertini & Daniel Halbheer & Oded Koenigsberg

  • 2013 The Role of University Scientist Mobility for Industrial Innovation
    by Ann-Kathrine Ejsing & Ulrich Kaiser & Hans Christian Kongsted & Keld Laursen

  • 2013 Digital Content Strategies
    by Daniel Halbheer & Florian Stahl & Oded Koenigsberg & Donald R. Lehmann

  • 2013 Self-Serving Behavior in Price-Quality Competition
    by Halbheer, Daniel & Bertini, Marco & Koenigsberg, Oded

  • 2013 Top Team Demographics, Innovation And Business Performance: Findings From English Firms And Cities, 2008-9
    by Max Nathan

  • 2013 How to perfectly discriminate in a crowd? A theoretical model of crowdfunding
    by Wojciech Hardy

  • 2013 Foreign family business and capital flight. The case for a fraud to fail
    by Giovanni Favero

  • 2013 The Impact of a Public Option in the Health Insurance Market
    by Andrei Barbos & Yi Deng

  • 2013 Regulating a multiproduct and multitype monopolist
    by Szalay, Dezsö

  • 2013 Faithful Strategies : How Religion Shapes Nonprofit Management
    by Filistrucchi, L. & Prüfer, J.

  • 2013 External vs Internal Determinants of Firm Technology Strategy:Evidence from the Polish Services Sector
    by Krzysztof Szczygielski & Wojciech Grabowski & Richard Woodward

  • 2013 The Socially Responsible Choice in a Duopolistic Market: a Dynamic Model of "Ethical Product" Differentiation
    by Leonardo Becchetti & Arsen Palestini & Nazaria Solferino & M.Elisabetta Tessitore

  • 2013 Intangible investment and technical efficiency: The case of software-intensive manufacturing firms in Turkey
    by Fındık, Derya & Tansel, Aysit

  • 2013 Intangible investment and technical efficiency: The case of software-intensive manufacturing firms in Turkey
    by Fındık, Derya & Tansel, Aysit

  • 2013 Подходы К Повышению Конкурентоспособности Предпринимательской Деятельности В Сфере Строительства
    by Karpov, Valery & Cement, Petr

  • 2013 Measuring the social responsibility discount for the cost of equity capital: evidence from benefit corporations
    by Everett, Craig R.

  • 2013 Бизнес Моделиране В Електронната Търговия
    by Bonev, Pavlin

  • 2013 The effect of freight transport time changes on the performance of manufacturing companies
    by Sambracos, Evangelos & Ramfou, Irene

  • 2013 Income-specific estimates of competition in European banking
    by Samantas, Ioannis

  • 2013 Usefulness of Executive Development Programs to Corporate Executives
    by Raval, Vishvesh & Vyas, Khyati & Raval, Brahmaghosh

  • 2013 Business Intelligence Support For Project Management
    by Muntean, Mihaela & Cabau, Liviu Gabiel

  • 2013 Linking ICT related Innovation Adoption and Productivity: results from micro-aggregated data versus firm-level data
    by Van Leeuwen, George & Polder, Michael

  • 2013 Short-Term Shareholders, Bubbles, And CEO Myopia
    by John Thanassoulis

  • 2013 China Investment Policy: An Update
    by Ken Davies

  • 2013 Preschool education in Brazil:Does public supply crowd out private enrollment?
    by Paulo Bastos & Odd Rune Straume

  • 2013 Industry - and firm-specific factors of innovation novelty
    by Natália Barbosa & Ana Paula Faria & Vasco Eiriz

  • 2013 The Importance (or not) of Patents to UK Firms
    by Bronwyn H. Hall & Christian Helmers & Mark Rogers & Vania Sena

  • 2013 Sales Force and Competition in Financial Product Markets: The Case Of Mexico’s Social Security Privatization
    by Justine S. Hastings & Ali Hortaçsu & Chad Syverson

  • 2013 How do Hospitals Respond to Negative Financial Shocks? The Impact of the 2008 Stock Market Crash
    by David Dranove & Craig Garthwaite & Christopher Ody

  • 2013 Cui Bono, Benefit Corporation? An Experiment Inspired by Social Enterprise Legislation in Germany and the US
    by Sven Fischer & Sebastian Goerg & Hanjo Hamann

  • 2013 Firm voluntary measures for environmental changes, eco-innovations and CSR: Empirical analyses based on data surveys
    by LE BAS Christian & POUSSING Nicolas

  • 2013 The fight against cartels: a transatlantic perspective
    by Emilie Dargaud & Andrea Mantovani & Carlo Reggiani

  • 2013 The fight against cartels: a transatlantic perspective
    by Emilie Dargaud & Andrea Mantovani & Carlo Reggiani

  • 2013 Preschool Education in Brazil: Does Public Supply Crowd Out Private Enrollment?
    by Paulo Bastos & Odd Rune Straume

  • 2013 User innovation - empirical evidence from Russia
    by Anna Zaytseva & Olga Shuvalova & Dirk Meissner

  • 2013 Management practices in Russian multinational subsidiaries: the Case of knauf cis
    by Igor Gurkov & Vladimir Kossov & Sergey Filippov

  • 2013 Innovation processes in the Russian manufacturing subsidiaries of MNCs – an integrated view from case studies
    by Igor Gurkov & Sergey Filippov

  • 2013 Innovation management in Russia’s foreign manufacturing subsidiaries: a pilot exploration of creation and implementation of effective innovation routines
    by Igor Gurkov & Sergey Filippov

  • 2013 A Darwinian theory of transformation pressure – the stimuli of negative shocks for productivity and renewal in established firms
    by Erixon, Lennart

  • 2013 Regional Influences on the Prevalence of Family Versus Non-Family Start-Ups
    by Bird, Miriam & Wennberg, Karl

  • 2013 Age and firm growth. Evidence from three European countries
    by Navaretti , Giorgio Barba & Castellani , Davide & Pieri , Fabio

  • 2013 The impact of government financial assistance on SMEs in Australia during the GFC
    by Dong Xiang & Andrew C Worthington

  • 2013 Le rôle des connaissances architecturales dans l’élaboration de la plateforme technologique d’un écosystème en émergence: le cas des plateformes NFC
    by Amel Attour & Maëlle Della Peruta

  • 2013 Firm voluntary measures for environmental changes, eco-innovations and CSR : Empirical analysis based on data surveys
    by Christian Le Bas & Nicolas Poussing

  • 2013 Russian Industrial Enterprises (on the Basis of the Surveys) in 2012
    by Sergey Tsukhlo

  • 2013 Nonprofits are not alike: The Role of Catholic and Protestant Affiliation
    by Lapo Filistrucchi & Jens Prüfer

  • 2013 Robust Imitation Strategies
    by Sudharshan, Devanathan & Furrer, Olivier & Arakoni, Ramesh A.

  • 2013 Intangible investment and Technical efficiency: The case of software-intensive manufacturing firms in Turkey
    by Derya Fındık & Aysıt Tansel

  • 2013 Marketing restructuring as a radical method for recovery from a crisis
    by Dubrovski, Drago

  • 2013 Hidden efficiencies: On the relevance of business justifications in abuse of dominance cases
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