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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R4: Transportation Economics
/ / / R40: General
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Agglomeration Effects and Liquidity Gradients in Local Rental Housing Markets
    by Ruf, Daniel

  • 2017 Is Uber a substitute or complement for public transit?
    by Jonathan D. Hall & Craig Palsson & Joseph Price

  • 2017 The total size of an airline and the quality of its flights
    by Joep van Montfort & Vincent A.C. van den Berg

  • 2017 The Impact of Airline Mergers on Quality: Why Do Different Mergers Have Such Different Effects?
    by Daniel Rijken & Vincent (V.A.C.) van den Berg

  • 2017 The Impact of Parking Policy on House Prices
    by Jesper de Groote & Jos van Ommeren & Hans R.A. Koster

  • 2017 Domestic Market Power in the International Airline Industry
    by G. de Jong & C.L. Behrens & H. van Herk & E.T. Verhoef

  • 2017 Measuring Financial Performance of Airline Passenger Transport Company in European

  • 2017 Gravity, Distance, and International Trade
    by Baier, Scott & Kerr, Amanda & Yotov, Yoto

  • 2017 International Trade with Increasing Returns in the Transportation Sector
    by Zhou, Haiwen

  • 2017 Why do Portuguese Railways Languish? An Application of Internalisation of Transport Related Externalities
    by Moreira, Paulo Pires

  • 2017 Climate Zone Crucial for Efficiency of Ski Lift Operators
    by Falk, Martin & Hagsten, Eva

  • 2017 Do negative externalities have any impact on population agglomerations? Evidence from Urban India
    by Tripathi, Sabyasachi & Kaur, Shupinder

  • 2017 The impact of road infrastructure investment on incumbent firms in Korea
    by Alexander C. Lembcke & Carlo Menon

  • 2017 Multi-objective local environmental simulator (MOLES 1.0): Model specification, algorithm design and policy applications
    by Ioannis Tikoudis & Walid Oueslati

  • 2017 Market Structure and State Involvement: Passenger Railways in Europe
    by Torben HOLVAD

  • 2017 Solving a hold-up problem may harm all firms: downstream R&D and transport-price contracts
    by Kazuhiro Takauchi & Tomomichi Mizuno

  • 2017 Commuting and Sickness Absence
    by Goerke, Laszlo & Lorenz, Olga

  • 2017 Potential impacts of liberalisation of the EU-Africa aviation market
    by Eric Tchouamou Njoya & Panayotis Christidis

  • 2017 Economic Effects of the EU External Aviation Policy
    by Megerska Abate & Panayotis Christidis

  • 2017 What drives car use in Europe?
    by Focas Caralampo & Panayotis Christidis

  • 2017 Commuting and Sickness Absence
    by Laszlo Goerke & Olga Lorenz

  • 2017 Does Commuting Matter to Subjective Well-Being?
    by Olga Lorenz

  • 2017 Backfiring with Backhaul Problems: Trade and Industrial Policies with Endogenous Transport Costs
    by ISHIKAWA, Jota & TARUI, Norio

  • 2017 Recommendation for a new commodity classification for the national freight model Samgods
    by Vierth , Inge & Lindgren, Samuel & de Jong, Gerard & Baak , Jaap & Hovi , Inger Beate & Berglund , Moa & Edwards, Henrik

  • 2017 The city as a driver of new mobility patterns, cycling and gender equality: travel behaviour trends in Stockholm 1985-2015
    by Bastian , Anne & Börjesson, Maria

  • 2017 Public transport: one mode or several?
    by Lorenzo Varela , Juan Manuel & Börjesson, Maria & Daly, Andrew

  • 2017 Cost-benefit analysis of transport improvements in the presence of spillovers, matching and an income tax
    by Eliasson , Jonas & Fosgerau, Mogens

  • 2017 Should I Go by Bus? The Liberalization of the Long-Distance Bus Industry in France
    by Thierry Blayac & Patrice Bougette

  • 2017 Indivisibilities in Distribution
    by Holmes, Thomas J. & Singer, Ethan

  • 2017 Effets des infrastructures de transport sur le niveau et la localisation des activités économiques
    by Florian Mayneris

  • 2017 The making of a national currency. Spatial transaction costs and money market integration in Spain (1825-1874)
    by Aslanidis, Nektarios & Herranz-Loncán, Alfonso & Nogues-Marco, Pilar

  • 2017 Out-of-town Home Buyers and City Welfare
    by Favilukis, Jack & van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn

  • 2017 Institutional Architecture for Financing Pan-Asian Infrastructure Connectivity
    by Biswa Nath Bhattacharyay & Madhurima Bhattacharyay

  • 2017 Employer-Paid Parking, Mode Choice, and Suburbanization
    by Jan K. Brueckner & Sofia F. Franco

  • 2017 Communication Costs and the Internal Organization of Multi-Plant Businesses: Evidence from the Impact of the French High-Speed Rail
    by P. Charnoz & C. Lelarge & C. Trevien

  • 2017 European railway reforms and efficiency: Review of evidence in the literature
    by Fitzová Hana

  • 2017 Natural City Growth in the People's Republic of China
    by Peter H. Egger & Gabriel Loumeau & Nicole Püschel

  • 2017 Transport Infrastructure and the Decentralization of Cities in the People's Republic of China
    by Nathaniel Baum-Snow & Matthew A. Turner

  • 2017 Inter-regional transportation and economic productivity: a case study of regional agglomeration economies in Japan
    by Jetpan Wetwitoo & Hironori Kato

  • 2017 Development of public transport and its effects on the economy
    by Valentina Elena Dumitru

  • 2017 Intra-household commuting choices and local labour markets
    by Jennifer Roberts & Karl Taylor

  • 2017 ‘No county left behind?’ The distributional impact of high-speed rail upgrades in China
    by Yu Qin

  • 2017 Markets, Transportation Infrastructure, and Food Prices in Nepal
    by Gerald Shively & Ganesh Thapa

  • 2017 Improving the Quality of Passenger Transport in the City of Sofia by Adopting Intelligent Transport Systems
    by Svetla Tzvetkova

  • 2017 Analyzing and Evaluating the Harmful Influence of Transport on the Environment in the Urban Areas
    by Svetla Tzvetkova & Tashko Minkov

  • 2017 Evaluation of Bulk Cargo According to Turkish Maritime Transportation
    by Serap ÝNCAZ

  • 2017 Competition, vertical relationship and countervailing power in the UK airport industry
    by Anna Bottasso & Martina Bruno & Maurizio Conti & Claudio Piga

  • 2017 Comparing access for all: disability-induced accessibility disparity in Lisbon
    by David S. Vale & Fernando Ascensão & Nuno Raposo & António Pedro Figueiredo

  • 2017 Does European development have Roman roots? Evidence from the German Limes
    by Fabian Wahl

  • 2017 Logistics Capability, Logistics Performance, And The Moderating Effect Of Firm Size: Empirical Evidence From East Coast Malaysia
    by Nur Fadiah Binti Mohd Zawawi & Sazali Abdul Wahab & Abdullah Al Mamun

  • 2017 Unbundling political and economic rationality: A non-parametric approach tested on transport infrastructure in Spain
    by Bertoméu-Sánchez, Salvador & Estache, Antonio

  • 2017 Should I go by bus? The liberalization of the long-distance bus industry in France
    by Blayac, Thierry & Bougette, Patrice

  • 2017 Transport-mode competition in intra-national trade: An empirical investigation for the Spanish case
    by Llano, C. & De la Mata, T. & Díaz-Lanchas, J. & Gallego, N.

  • 2017 Regional repercussions of new transport infrastructure investments: An SCGE model analysis of wider economic impacts
    by Hansen, Wiljar & Johansen, Bjørn Gjerde

  • 2017 Effects of transportation barriers on geographic asymmetries in labour markets
    by Thorsen, Helge Sandvig & Thorsen, Inge

  • 2017 The impact of attitudes and perceptions on travel mode choice and car ownership in a Chinese megacity: The case of Guangzhou
    by He, Sylvia Y. & Thøgersen, John

  • 2017 Regional differences in the determinants of Oregon VMT
    by Ke, Yue & McMullen, B. Starr

  • 2017 Locomotives of local growth: The short- and long-term impact of railroads in Sweden
    by Berger, Thor & Enflo, Kerstin

  • 2017 Chinese airline efficiency under CO2 emissions and flight delays: A stochastic network DEA model
    by Chen, Zhongfei & Wanke, Peter & Antunes, Jorge Junio Moreira & Zhang, Ning

  • 2017 Airfares and oil prices: ‘Feathers and Rockets’ adjustments
    by Kaufmann, Robert K.

  • 2017 Supply elasticity matters for the rebound effect and its impact on policy comparisons
    by Ghoddusi, Hamed & Roy, Mandira

  • 2017 Roads, exports and employment: Evidence from a developing country
    by Volpe Martincus, Christian & Carballo, Jerónimo & Cusolito, Ana

  • 2017 Transporte público, bienestar y desigualdad: cobertura y capacidad de pago en la ciudad de Montevideo
    by Hernández, Diego

  • 2017 Aspects Regarding the Efficiency of the Tertiary Education in Integrated Transport, Sustainable Way to Develop the Public Policy
    by Kuci ALUSH & Vladimir MUKA

  • 2016 Long-range growth: economic development in the global network of air links
    by Filipe Campante & David Yanagizawa-Drott

  • 2016 What Drives Gender Differences in Commuting Behavior: Evidence from the American Time Use Survey
    by Kimbrough, Gray

  • 2016 Emergence of a urban traffic macroscopic fundamental diagram
    by Ranjan, Abhishek & Fosgerau, Mogens & Jenelius, Erik

  • 2016 Modeling for Operating Expenses and Time Consumption of High-Speed Railway (HSR)
    by Noor, Bashar Abdal & Sirong, Yi & Alam Kazmi, Syed Hasnain & Abid, Malik Muneeb

  • 2016 A Scale-Free Transportation Network Explains the City-Size Distribution
    by Berliant, Marcus & Watanabe, Hiroki

  • 2016 Demographic determinants of car ownership in Japan
    by Yagi, Michiyuki & Managi, Shunsuke

  • 2016 Profit-reducing fixed-price contract: The role of the transport sector
    by Takauchi, Kazuhiro

  • 2016 A bird-eye view of Costa Rica's transport infrastructure
    by Mauro Pisu & Federico Villalobos

  • 2016 Cross-Elasticities in Frequencies and Ridership for Urban Local Routes
    by Joseph Totten & David Levinson

  • 2016 Spatiotemporal Traffic Forecasting: Review and Proposed Directions
    by Alireza Ermagun & David Levinson

  • 2016 An Introduction to the Network Weight Matrix
    by Alireza Ermagun & David Levinson

  • 2016 Intra-household Bargaining for School Trip Accompaniment of Children: A Group Decision Approach
    by Alireza Ermagun & David Levinson

  • 2016 The Greenest Path: Comparing the Effects of Internal and External Costs of Motor Vehicle Pollution on Route Choice and Accessibility
    by Mengying Cui & David Levinson

  • 2016 Full cost analysis of accessibility
    by Mengying Cui & David Levinson

  • 2016 Long-Range Growth: Economic Development in the Global Network of Air Links
    by Filipe Campante & David Yanagizawa-Drott

  • 2016 Economic impacts of the Kra Canal : an application of the automatic calculation of sea distances by a GIS
    by Chen, Ching-mu & Kumagai, Satoru

  • 2016 The valuation of changes in commuting distances: an analysis using georeferenced data
    by Dauth, Wolfgang & Haller, Peter

  • 2016 Car fleet policy evaluation: the case of a Bonus-Malus system in Sweden
    by Habibi, Shiva & Beser Hugosson, Muriel & Sundbergh, Pia & Algers, Staffan

  • 2016 Competition in Swedish passenger railway : entry in an open-access market
    by Vigren, Andreas

  • 2016 Flexible coupling of disaggregate travel demand models and network simulation packages (“IHOP2”): final project report
    by Canella, Olivier & Flötteröd , Gunnar & Johnsson , Daniel & Kristoffersson, Ida & Larek, Patryk & Thelin , Joacim

  • 2016 Estimation and implementation of joint econometric models of freight transport chain and shipment size choice
    by Abate , Megersa & Vierth , Inge & Karlsson , Rune & de Jong , Gerard & Baak , Jaap

  • 2016 Issues and paradoxes of the French maritime economy at the start of the 21st century
    by Hubert BONIN

  • 2016 Estimating travel mode choice, including rail in regional area, based on a new family of regression models
    by Bouscasse, H. & Joly, I. & Peyhardi, J.

  • 2016 Congestion, Agglomeration, and the Structure of Cities
    by Brinkman, Jeffrey

  • 2016 Government quality and the economic returns of transport infrastructure investment in European regions
    by Crescenzi, Riccardo & Di Cataldo, Marco & Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés

  • 2016 Energy transition in transportation under cost uncertainty- an assessment based on robust optimization
    by Claire Nicolas & Stéphane Tchung-Ming & Emmanuel Hache

  • 2016 Study of the variables that affected the behavior of the demand of the Integrated System of Massive Transportation (MIO) in Santiago de Cali in the period 2009 - 2013
    by Maribel Castillo Caicedo & Sandra Balanta Cobo & Juan Carlos Orobio Quiñones & Maria Victoria Echeverry Moreno

  • 2016 Game of zones: The political economy of conservation areas
    by Ahlfeldt, Gabriel & Möller, Kristoffer & Waights, Sevrin & Wendland, Nicolai

  • 2016 Empresas de vapores en el Caribe Colombiano: La navegación fluvial y los ferrocarriles en el Magdalena Grande y el Bajo Magdalena, 1870 - 1930
    by Joaquín Viloria De la Hoz

  • 2016 Express Delivery to the Suburbs. The Effect of Transportation in Europe's Heterogeneous Cities
    by Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López & Ilias Pasidis & Elisabet Viladecans Marsal

  • 2016 On Ya Bike? A Review of the Christchurch Cycleway Network Business Case
    by Glenn Boyle & James Hill

  • 2016 Caution, Drivers! Children Present: Traffic, Pollution, and Infant Health
    by Christopher R. Knittel & Douglas L. Miller & Nicholas J. Sanders

  • 2016 Managerial psychology and transport firms efficiency: a stochastic frontier analysis
    by Sami Jarboui

  • 2016 Assessing the Impact of the Latest Deregulatory Developments in the EU28 Transport Industry Production: a Critical Review Based on Empirical Data
    by Ioannis Koliousis

  • 2016 Estimación del “Efecto Mohring” en el sistema de transporte masivo Puma Katari de la ciudad de La Paz
    by Ibañez Veizaga, Fabricio Fernando & Espinoza Vásquez, Lourdes

  • 2016 Super-Proximity and Spatial Development
    by Kourtit, Karima

  • 2016 Concentración, especialización y liderazgo de los puertos españoles. Análisis de los efectos de la crisis económica
    by González-Laxe, Fernando & Novo-Corti , Isabel

  • 2016 Traffic system in function of sustainable development
    by Zrinka Lacković Vincek & Stjepan Dvorski & Ivana Dvorski Lacković

  • 2016 Elasticidad-precio de la demanda del transporte público urbano: un análisis para los servicios de ómnibus y subterráneo de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
    by Jerónimo Montalvo

  • 2016 The Potential Demand for Carsharing by University Students: An Italian Case Study
    by Romeo Danielis & Lucia Rotaris & Andrea Rusich & Eva Valeri

  • 2016 Demographic determinants of car ownership in Japan
    by Yagi, Michiyuki & Managi, Shunsuke

  • 2016 Social capital and local public transportation in Japan
    by Utsunomiya, Kiyohito

  • 2016 A theoretical analysis of business models for urban public transport systems, with comparative reference to a Community Franchise involving Individual Line Ownership
    by Emerson, David & Mulley, Corinne & Bliemer, Michiel C.J.

  • 2016 Estimation of travel time variability for cars, buses, metro and door-to-door public transport trips in Santiago, Chile
    by Durán-Hormazábal, Elsa & Tirachini, Alejandro

  • 2016 Towards multi-modal integrated mobility systems: Views from Panama City and Barranquilla
    by Ortegon-Sanchez, Adriana & Tyler, Nick

  • 2016 The impact of alternative governance forms of regional public rail transport on transaction costs. Case evidence from Germany and Switzerland
    by Wegelin, Philipp & von Arx, Widar

  • 2016 Cost efficiency in Swedish public transport
    by Vigren, Andreas

  • 2016 The environmental effects of peak hour air traffic congestion: The case of London Heathrow Airport
    by Irvine, Daniel & Budd, Lucy & Ison, Stephen & Kitching, Gareth

  • 2016 Sustainability versus stakeholder preferences: Searching for synergies in urban and regional mobility measures
    by Bulckaen, Jeroen & Keseru, Imre & Macharis, Cathy

  • 2016 Does employment growth increase travel time to work?: An empirical analysis using military troop movements
    by Morrison, Geoffrey M. & Lin Lawell, C.-Y. Cynthia

  • 2016 More for everyone: The effect of local interests on spending on infrastructure
    by Halse, Askill H.

  • 2016 Congestion, agglomeration, and the structure of cities
    by Brinkman, Jeffrey C.

  • 2016 The private (unnoticed) welfare cost of highway speeding behavior from time saving misperceptions
    by Tscharaktschiew, Stefan

  • 2016 The impact of lengthening petrol price cycles on consumer purchasing behaviour
    by Hashimi, Hasham & Jeffreys, Ian

  • 2016 Domestic railroad infrastructure and exports: Evidence from the Silk Route
    by Xu, Hangtian

  • 2016 Thinking Regionally: How to Improve Service Delivery in Canada’s Cities
    by Zachary Spicer & Adam Found

  • 2015 Evaluation of bonus-malus systems for reducing car fleet CO2 emissions in Sweden
    by Habibi, Shiva & Beser Hugosson, Muriel & Sundbergh, Pia & Algers, Staffan

  • 2015 Commuting and Sickness Absence
    by Lorenz, Olga & Goerke, Laszlo

  • 2015 The long shadow of history: Roman legacy and economic development - evidence from the German limes
    by Wahl, Fabian

  • 2015 Die Rolle der Transportmittel für die Einkommenssegregation in deutschen Städten
    by Hiller, Norbert

  • 2015 Investigating the role of High Speed Rail in shaping metro-regions
    by Francesca Pagliara & João de Abreu e Silva & Guineng Chen

  • 2015 The Travel-to-work. Which factors matter? An analysis on regional labor market in UK
    by Angela Stefania Bergantino & Leonardo Madio

  • 2015 Economic Role of Population Density
    by Yuri Yegorov

  • 2015 The relationship between public and private bicycle use: the case of Seville
    by José I. Castillo-Manzano & Mercedes Castro-Nuño & Lourdes Lopez-Valpuesta

  • 2015 Market Structure and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
    by Yuri Yegorov

  • 2015 Car Ownership and Residential Parking Subsidies: Evidence from Amsterdam
    by Jesper de Groote & Jos N. van Ommeren & Hans R.A. Koster

  • 2015 Congestion Pricing in Urban Polycentric Networks with Distorted Labor Markets: A Spatial General Equilibrium Model for the Area Randstad
    by Ioannis Tikoudis

  • 2015 Intra-household Commuting Choices and Local Labour Markets
    by Jennifer Roberts & Karl Taylor

  • 2015 A Content Analysis Of Airline Websites: An Evaluation Of The Airline Companies That Have Direct Flights To Istanbul Ataturk Airport In 2013
    by Ertan Cinar & Soner Demirel

  • 2015 The Significance of Lean Culture in Warehouse Management
    by Katarzyna ?ukasik & Agnieszka Puto & Katarzyna Brendzel-Skowera & Helena Ko?cielniak

  • 2015 Role and importance of logistics facilities in the fruit farming

  • 2015 The Influence Of Railway Infrastructure On The Live In Selected European Countries
    by Helena Mitwallyova

  • 2015 A decision support system for scheduling fleets of fuel supply vessels
    by Rachaniotis, Nikolaos & Masvoula, Marisa

  • 2015 Accessibility Models Based On the Gravity Analogy: In Theory and Practice
    by Tóth, Géza & Kincses, Áron

  • 2015 Bullwhip effect phenomenon and mitigation in logistic firm's supply chain: Adaptive approach by Transborder Agency, Canada
    by Faizan, Riffat & Haque, Adnan ul

  • 2015 Analysis of Financial Crisis Results on Dry Bulk Market & Financing
    by Sambracos, Evangelos & Maniati, Marina

  • 2015 A scale-free transportation network explains the city-size distribution
    by Berliant, Marcus & Watanabe, Hiroki

  • 2015 Identifying Odometer Fraud: Evidence from the Used Car Market in the Czech Republic
    by Montag, Josef

  • 2015 Dieselization, CO2 emissions and fuel taxes in Europe
    by Jesús Rodríguez-López & Gustavo A. Marrero & Rosa Marina González-Marrero

  • 2015 Temporal Sampling Intervals and Service Frequency Harmonics in Transit Accessibility Evaluation
    by Andrew Owen & Haibing Jiang

  • 2015 Effects of Corruption on Efficiency of the European Airports
    by Laingo M. Randrianarisoa & Denis Bolduc & Yap Yin Choo & Tae H.Oum & Jia Yan

  • 2015 Intra-Household Commuting Choices and Local Labour Markets
    by Roberts, Jennifer & Taylor, Karl

  • 2015 Smart guide on regional transport innovation strategy: Transport innovation roadmaps
    by Ana Condeco-Melhorado & Aris Christodoulou & Panayotis Christidis

  • 2015 EU Survey on issues related to transport and mobility
    by Davide Fiorello & Loredana Zani

  • 2015 The future of the transport industry
    by Aggelos AGGELAKAKIS & Joao Bernardino & Maria Boile & Panayotis Christidis & Ana Condeco & Michael Krail & Anestis Papanikolaou & Max Reichenbach & Jens Schippl

  • 2015 Historic and potential technology transition paths of grid battery storage: Co-evolution of energy grid, electric mobility and batteries
    by Manuel Baumann

  • 2015 Backfiring with backhaul problems: Trade and Industrial Policies with Endogenous Transport Costs
    by ISHIKAWA, Jota & TARUI, Nori

  • 2015 Road freight transport policies and their impact: a comparative study of Germany and Sweden
    by Vierth , Inge & Schleussner , Heike & Mandell , Svante

  • 2015 Wider economic impacts of accessibility: a literature survey
    by Andersson, Matts & Dehlin, Fredrik & Jörgensen, Peter & Pädam, Sirje

  • 2015 Peak Car for urban Swedish men?
    by Bastian, Anne & Börjesson, Maria

  • 2015 Estimating the marginal costs of road wear
    by Nilsson, Jan-Eric & Svensson , Kristin & Haraldsson, Mattias

  • 2015 An empirical study of aggregation of alternatives and its influence on prediction: case study of car type choice in Sweden
    by Habibi, Shiva & Frejinger, Emma & Sundberg, Marcus

  • 2015 Appraisal of increased public transport capacity: the case of a new metro line to Nacka, Sweden
    by Cats, Oded & West , Jens & Eliasson, Jonas

  • 2015 Functional Economic Regions, Accessibility and Regional Development
    by Karlsson , Charlie & Olsson, Michael

  • 2015 Backfiring with backhaul problems: Trade and Industrial Policies with Endogenous Transport Costs
    by Jota Ishikawa & Nori Tarui

  • 2015 Government quality and the economic returns of transport infrastructure investment in European regions
    by Riccardo Crescenzi & Marco Di Cataldo & Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

  • 2015 CO2 Intensity and the Importance of Country Level Differences: An Analysis of the Relationship Between per Capita Emissions and Population Density
    by Thomas Longden

  • 2015 Compliance Of Serbian Railways Regulations For Performance Of Duties In Public Transportation With European Union Regulations
    by Biljana Matic, Silvana Ilic

  • 2015 Government quality and the economic returns of transport infrastructure investment in European regions
    by Riccardo Crescenzi & Marco Di Cataldo & Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

  • 2015 Does Transport Behavior Influence Preferences for Elektromobility? An Analysis Based on Person- and Alternative-Specific Error Components
    by Francisco J. Bahamonde-Birke

  • 2015 Government quality and the economic returns of transport infrastructure investment in European regions
    by Crescenzi, Riccardo & Di Cataldo, Marco & Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés

  • 2015 Aceleración de la urbanización global y movilidad sostenible
    by Jorge Rafael Figueroa Elenes & Pablo Martín Urbano & Juan Ignacio Sánchez Gutiérrez

  • 2015 Pricing Freight Transport to Account for External Costs: Working Paper 2015-03
    by David Austin

  • 2015 Kyoto and Carbon Leakage: An Empirical Analysis of the Carbon Content of Bilateral Trade
    by Rahel Aichele & Gabriel Felbermayr

  • 2015 The Port Attractiveness Index:Application On African Ports
    by Simone CASCHILI & Francesca MEDDA

  • 2015 Vers Une Redéfinition Du Rôle Des Ports De Commerce Dans Les Territoires Par Le Prisme De La Transition Énergétique ?
    by Romuald LACOSTE

  • 2015 The Influence Of Railway Infrastructure On The Live In Selected European Countries
    by Helena Mitwallyova & Vukica Jankovic

  • 2015 Potential and Prospects of Strengthening Transport Connectivity for Regional Economic Integration in Southern Asia
    by Nagesh Kumar

  • 2015 Multifunctional Roads
    by Jonathan Demenge & Rossella Alba & Katharina Welle & Kebede Manjur & Alemu Addisu & Lyla Mehta & Kifle Woldearegay

  • 2015 Did suburbanization cause residential segregation? Evidence from U.S. metropolitan areas
    by Boishampayan Chatterjee

  • 2015 Relevant Studies to Public Transportation at an International Level
    by Alexandru BUGHEANU

  • 2015 La conectividad de los puertos españoles del Mediterráneo
    by González Laxe, Fernando & Freire, María Jesús & Pais Montes, Carlos

  • 2015 Evaluation by Integrated AHP and TOPSIS Method of Logistics Performance in Turkey’s Regions
    by Gergin, Ramazan Eyüp & Baki, Birdoğan

  • 2015 Estimation of effects of transport accessibility on housing prices
    by Sidorovykh, Aleksandra

  • 2015 Custo de acessibilidade entre residência e trabalho: um enfoque das características individuais, familiares e locais [Accessibility analysis between residence and workplace: evidence of the individual and local components]
    by Admir Antonio Betarelli Junior

  • 2015 O PAPEL DA GESTÃO DO CAMINHO DE FERRO E O IMPACTO REGIONAL – os casos de El Ferrocarril de La Robla e a Linha do Tua
    by André PIRES & Francisco DINIZ

  • 2015 Enabling sustainable transportation: The model-based determination of business/operating areas of free-floating carsharing systems
    by Seign, René & Schüßler, Maximilian & Bogenberger, Klaus

  • 2015 Changes in transport behavior during the financial crisis. An analysis of urban form, location and transport behavior in the greater Copenhagen area 2006–2011
    by Nielsen, Thomas Alexander Sick

  • 2015 Total cost of ownership, social lifecycle cost and energy consumption of various automotive technologies in Italy
    by Rusich, Andrea & Danielis, Romeo

  • 2015 Preference and lifestyle heterogeneity among potential plug-in electric vehicle buyers
    by Axsen, Jonn & Bailey, Joseph & Castro, Marisol Andrea

  • 2015 Asset price bubbles and monetary policy in a small open economy
    by Martha López

  • 2015 Asset price bubbles and monetary policy in a small open economy
    by Martha López

  • 2015 The Gains from Market Integration
    by Dave Donaldson

  • 2014 A Longitudinal Analysis of Fast-Food Exposure On Child Weight Outcomes: Identifying Causality Through School Transitions
    by Dunn, Richard A. & Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr. & Thomsen, Michael & Heather L. Rouse

  • 2014 Population Structures in Russia: Optimality and Dependence on Parameters of Global Evolution
    by Yuri Yegorov

  • 2014 High Speed Rail System and the Tourism Market: Between Accessibility, Image and Coordination Tool
    by marie delaplace & sylvie bazin & francesca pagliara & Antonio Sposaro

  • 2014 The impact of production and infrastructure shocks to the Japanese inter-regional economy: A non-linear input-output programming approach
    by Jan Oosterhaven & Michiya Nozaki

  • 2014 Infrastructure and the international export performance of Turkish regions
    by Celbis M.G. & Nijkamp P. & Poot J.

  • 2014 The Brasília Experiment: Road Access and the Spatial Pattern of Long-term Local Development in Brazil
    by Bird, Julia & Straub, Stéphane

  • 2014 A Practical Method to estimate the Benefits of Improved Network Reliability: An Application to Departing Air Passengers
    by Eric Kroes & Paul R. Koster & Stefanie Peer

  • 2014 Probabilistic Choice and Congestion Pricing with Heterogeneous Travellers and Price-Sensitive Demand
    by Paul Koster & Erik T. Verhoef & Simon Shepherd & David Watling

  • 2014 The automotive industry regional development challenges in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Andrea Uszkai & László Jóna

  • 2014 An Economic Analysis For The Capacitated Hub Location-Routing Problem
    by Ji Ung Sun

  • 2014 The Pacific's Connectivity and Its Trade Implications
    by Helble, Matthias

  • 2014 The Role of Transport in Economic Development
    by Nistor, Filip & Popa, Catalin C.

  • 2014 Requirements for interoperable Intelligent Transport Systems in South East Europe
    by Iordanopoulos, Panagiotis & Mitsakis, Evangelos & Rijavec, Robert & Hausmann, Alexander & Kernstock, Wolfgang

  • 2014 Estimation of road traffic induced environmental pollutants based on a point-to-point traffic detection system
    by Mitsakis, Evangelos & Stamos, Iraklis & Basbas, Socrates & Aggelakis, Miron & Aifadopoulou, Georgia

  • 2014 Current status and future prospects of Intelligent Transport Systems deployment in South East Europe
    by Mitsakis, Evangelos & Iordanopoulos, Panagiotis & Aifadopoulou, Georgia & Tyrinopoulos, Yannis & Chatziathanasiou, Maria

  • 2014 A review on climate change adaptation policies for the transportation sector
    by Stamos, Iraklis & Mitsakis, Evangelos

  • 2014 Reële opties en de waarde van flexibiliteit bij natte infrastructuur
    by Bos, Frits & Zwaneveld, Peter

  • 2014 Greenhouse gas emissions and marginal abatement cost curves for the road transport in Greece
    by Halkos, George & Kevork, Ilias & Tziourtzioumis, Chris

  • 2014 Emissions and abatement costs for the passenger cars sector in Greece
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