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/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q1: Agriculture
/ / / Q10: General
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  • 2015 Volatility returns with vengeance: Financial markets vs. commodities
    by Aboura, Sofiane & Chevallier, Julien

  • 2015 Tarımsal Üretimde Girdi Kullanımının Etkinliği: Türkiye’den Kanıtlar
    by Yılmaz KILIÇASLAN & Nilgün ÇAĞLARIRMAK USLU & Hasan DUDU & Nesrin ALPTEKİN & Bünyamin DEMİR

  • 2015 Analyse der Betriebs- und Unternehmensstrukturen in der deutschen Landwirtschaft: Zwischenbericht eines Forschungsprojektes
    by Stecher, Kitty & Forstner, Bernhard

  • 2015 Aktuelle Forschung in der Gartenbauökonomie: Tagungsband zum 1. Symposium für Ökonomie im Gartenbau am 27. November 2013 in der Paulinerkirche Göttingen
    by Dirksmeyer, Walter (Ed.) & Theuvsen, Ludwig (Ed.) & Kayser, Maike (Ed.)

  • 2015 Arrendadores y arrendatarios en la explotación de la tierra sevillana (1570-1620)
    by Juan Carpio Elías

  • 2015 Exploring the Potential of Mgnrega for the revitalization of Rainfed Agriculture in India
    by Kumar, Niteen

  • 2015 Regional trade agreements and agriculture
    by OECD

  • 2015 Preventing Food Waste: Case Studies of Japan and the United Kingdom
    by Andrew Parry & Paul Bleazard & Koki Okawa

  • 2015 Market and Trade Impacts of Food Loss and Waste Reduction
    by Koki Okawa

  • 2015 Farmers' Satisfaction Towards Major Crop Rice Insurance Characteristics: The Case Of Khon Kaen Farmers
    by Supanida Ngiwdee & Ravissa Suchato Author-Email :

  • 2015 The Productivity of agricultural credit in India
    by Sudha Narayanan

  • 2015 Maize Productivity and Input Subsidies in Malawi: A State-Contingent Stochastic Production Frontier Approach
    by Holden , Stein & O’Donnell, Christopher J.

  • 2015 Eliciting Consumer WTP for Food Characteristics in a Developing Context: Comparison of four methods in a field experiment
    by Alphonce, Roselyne & Alfnes, Frode

  • 2015 Weather shocks and English wheat yields, 1690-1871
    by Brunt, Liam

  • 2015 Agriculture in Europe's Little Divergence: The Case of Spain
    by Carlos çlvarez-Nogal & Leandro Prados de la Escosura & Carlos Santiago-Caballero

  • 2015 Did Climate Change Influence English Agricultural Development? (1645-1740)
    by JosŽ L. Mart’nes-Gonz‡lez

  • 2015 Utilization Of An Agricultural Land As A Basic Capacity For Corn And Wheat Production In Serbia And Ex-Yu Countries
    by Slavica Arsiæ, Nataša Kljajiæ, Marijana Jovanoviæ

  • 2015 Impact Of Globalization On Vegetable Crops Production Per Capita In Serbia (2000-2012)
    by Biljana Grujic, Nataša Kljajic, Svetlana Roljevic

  • 2015 Intégrer l'agriculture dans les politiques d'atténuation chinoises
    by Wang, Wen

  • 2015 Modelling the economic impacts of climate change on global and European agriculture: Review of economic structural approaches
    by Fernández, Francisco J. & Blanco, Maria

  • 2015 Climatic Fluctuations and the Diffusion of Agriculture
    by Quamrul Ashraf & Stelios Michalopoulos

  • 2015 The Effect of Microinsurance on Economic Activities: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
    by Hongbin Cai & Yuyu Chen & Hanming Fang & Li-An Zhou

  • 2015 In Search of a Strategy for Making Growth More Pro-Poor in the Philippines
    by Nobuhiko Fuwa & Arsenio M. Balisacan & Fabrizio Bresciani

  • 2015 Hálózatosodás az agrárgazdaságtanban. Szerzői és hivatkozási kapcsolatok a Kelet-Közép-Európáról szóló szakirodalomban
    by Jámbor, Attila & Popp, József & Balogh, Péter & Kovács, Sándor

  • 2015 Evolutions And Trends In Agricultural Sustainable Use Of Natural Resources
    by Mihaela KRUZSLICIKA

  • 2015 Branch-Related Specificity in Functioning and Development of Regional Agrarian Sphere
    by Serhiy Nadvynychnyy

  • 2015 Results of Support for Agriculture during the CAP Implementation in Poland
    by Marek Wigier

  • 2015 Estimated Fresh Produce Shrink and Food Loss in U.S. Supermarkets
    by Jean C. Buzby & Jeanine T. Bentley & Beth Padera & Cara Ammon & Jennifer Campuzano

  • 2015 Ecophysiology of C 4 Forage Grasses—Understanding Plant Growth for Optimising Their Use and Management
    by Sila Carneiro da Silva & André Fischer Sbrissia & Lilian Elgalise Techio Pereira

  • 2015 Nutrient Composition, Forage Parameters, and Antioxidant Capacity of Alfalfa ( Medicago sativa , L.) in Response to Saline Irrigation Water
    by Jorge F. S. Ferreira & Monica V. Cornacchione & Xuan Liu & Donald L. Suarez

  • 2015 Effect of Additives and Fuel Blending on Emissions and Ash-Related Problems from Small-Scale Combustion of Reed Canary Grass
    by Sébastien Fournel & Joahnn H. Palacios & Stéphane Godbout & Michèle Heitz

  • 2015 Transferability of Models for Estimating Paddy Rice Biomass from Spatial Plant Height Data
    by Nora Tilly & Dirk Hoffmeister & Qiang Cao & Victoria Lenz-Wiedemann & Yuxin Miao & Georg Bareth

  • 2015 Mycotoxins: Producing Fungi and Mechanisms of Phytotoxicity
    by Ahmed A. Ismaiel & Jutta Papenbrock

  • 2015 Beneficial Effects of Temperate Forage Legumes that Contain Condensed Tannins
    by Jennifer W. MacAdam & Juan J. Villalba

  • 2015 Adverse Effects of Larkspur ( Delphinium spp.) on Cattle
    by Kevin D. Welch & Daniel Cook & Benedict T. Green & Dale R. Gardner & James A. Pfister & Tara G. McDaneld & Kip E. Panter

  • 2015 Extension of Small-Scale Postharvest Horticulture Technologies—A Model Training and Services Center
    by Lisa Kitinoja & Diane M. Barrett

  • 2015 The Occurrence and Toxicity of Indospicine to Grazing Animals
    by Mary T. Fletcher & Rafat A. M. Al Jassim & A. Judith Cawdell-Smith

  • 2015 A Modified Thermal Time Model Quantifying Germination Response to Temperature for C 3 and C 4 Species in Temperate Grassland
    by Hongxiang Zhang & Yu Tian & Daowei Zhou

  • 2015 Testing of Eight Medicinal Plant Extracts in Combination with Kresoxim-Methyl for Integrated Control of Botrytis cinerea in Apples
    by Burtram C. Fielding & Cindy-Lee Knowles & Filicity A. Vries & Jeremy A. Klaasen

  • 2015 Challenges of Reducing Fresh Produce Waste in Europe—From Farm to Fork
    by Michael Blanke

  • 2015 Development of Bioelectrochemical Systems to Promote Sustainable Agriculture
    by Xiaojin Li & Ibrahim M. Abu-Reesh & Zhen He

  • 2015 Variation in Response to Moisture Stress of Young Plants of Interspecific Hybrids between White Clover ( T. repens L.) and Caucasian Clover ( T. ambiguum M. Bieb.)
    by Athole H. Marshall & Matthew Lowe & Rosemary P. Collins

  • 2015 Aflatoxin Accumulation in a Maize Diallel Cross
    by W. Paul Williams & Gary L. Windham

  • 2015 Linking Management, Environment and Morphogenetic and Structural Components of a Sward for Simulating Tiller Density Dynamics in Bahiagrass ( Paspalum notatum )
    by Masahiko Hirata

  • 2015 Fermented Apple Pomace as a Feed Additive to Enhance Growth Performance of Growing Pigs and Its Effects on Emissions
    by Chandran M. Ajila & Saurabh J. Sarma & Satinder K. Brar & Stephane Godbout & Michel Cote & Frederic Guay & Mausam Verma & Jose R. Valéro

  • 2015 Finding Ways to Improve Australia’s Food Security Situation
    by Quentin Farmar-Bowers

  • 2015 Effect of Date Palm Cultivar, Particle Size, Panel Density and Hot Water Extraction on Particleboards Manufactured from Date Palm Fronds
    by Said S. Hegazy & Khaled Ahmed

  • 2015 Agricultural Sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Climate Change—Challenges and Opportunities
    by Ognjen Zurovec & Pål Olav Vedeld & Bishal Kumar Sitaula

  • 2015 Evaluation of Single or Double Hurdle Sanitizer Applications in Simulated Field or Packing Shed Operations for Cantaloupes Contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes
    by Cathy C. Webb & Marilyn C. Erickson & Lindsey E. Davey & Michael P. Doyle

  • 2015 Effectiveness of Organic Wastes as Fertilizers and Amendments in Salt-Affected Soils
    by Mariangela Diacono & Francesco Montemurro

  • 2015 Achieving Water and Food Security in 2050: Outlook, Policies, and Investments
    by Dennis Wichelns

  • 2015 Emerging Perspectives on the Natural Microbiome of Fresh Produce Vegetables
    by Colin R. Jackson & Bram W. G. Stone & Heather L. Tyler

  • 2015 Effect of Ozone Treatment on Inactivation of Escherichia coli and Listeria sp. on Spinach
    by Shreya Wani & Jagpreet K. Maker & Joseph R. Thompson & Jeremy Barnes & Ian Singleton

  • 2015 A Contemporary Introduction to Essential Oils: Chemistry, Bioactivity and Prospects for Australian Agriculture
    by Nicholas Sadgrove & Graham Jones

  • 2015 Pine Woodchip Biochar Impact on Soil Nutrient Concentrations and Corn Yield in a Silt Loam in the Mid-Southern U.S
    by Katy E. Brantley & Mary C. Savin & Kristofor R. Brye & David E. Longer

  • 2015 Community Perspectives on the On-Farm Diversity of Six Major Cereals and Climate Change in Bhutan
    by Tirtha Bdr. Katwal & Singay Dorji & Rinchen Dorji & Lhab Tshering & Mahesh Ghimiray & Ganesh B. Chhetri & Tashi Yangzome Dorji & Asta Maya Tamang

  • 2015 Provenancing Flower Bulbs by Analytical Fingerprinting: Convallaria Majalis
    by Saskia M. van Ruth & Ries de Visser

  • 2015 Food Safety Information Processing and Teaching Behavior of Dietitians: A Mental Model Approach
    by Lydia C. Medeiros & Jeffrey T. LeJeune

  • 2015 National Livestock Policy of Nepal: Needs and Opportunities
    by Upendra B. Pradhanang & Soni M. Pradhanang & Arhan Sthapit & Nir Y. Krakauer & Ajay Jha & Tarendra Lakhankar

  • 2015 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Agriculture in 2014
    by Agriculture Editorial Office

  • 2015 Продовольственная Независимость И Продовольственная Безопасность С Точки Зрения Правил Вто
    by Н. Shagaida

  • 2015 The role of energy productivity in U.S. agriculture
    by Ball, V.E. & Färe, R. & Grosskopf, S. & Margaritis, D.

  • 2015 Drought, ethanol, and livestock
    by Hao, Na & Colson, Gregory & Seong, Byeongchan & Park, Cheolwoo & Wetzstein, Michael

  • 2015 Strukturelle Veränderungen in der Landwirtschaft – Reaktion der landwirtschaftlichen Betriebsleiter sowie ableitbare Konsequenzen für den Landwirt als Unternehmer
    by Nicola Gindele & Susanne Kaps & Reiner Doluschitz

  • 2015 Consumption Risks Of Pesticide-Containing Products
    by Alina DRAGOMIR

  • 2014 Künftige Anforderungen an die Landwirtschaft: Schlussfolgerungen für die Agrarpolitik
    by Isermeyer, Folkhard

  • 2014 Beurteilung von alternativen Finanzierungsarten und -instrumenten zur Umsetzung von investiv ausgerichteten Fördergrundsätzen der GAK
    by Forstner, Bernhard & Grajewski, Regina

  • 2014 Integration of biophysical and agro-economic models to assess the economic effects of climate change on agriculture: A review of global and EU regional approaches
    by Fernández, Francisco J. & Blanco, Maria

  • 2014 Geographies of transition: The political and geographical factors of agrarian change in Tajikistan
    by Hofman, Irna & Visser, Oane

  • 2014 The water footprint of the spanish agricultural sector: 1860-2010
    by Rosa Duarte & Vicente Pinilla & Ana Serrano

  • 2014 Methodology and conversion factors to estimate the net primary productivity of historical and contemporary agroecosystems
    by Gloria Guzmán & Eduardo Aguilera & David Soto & Antonio Cid & Juan Infante & Roberto García Ruiz & Antonio Herrera & Inmaculada Villa & Manuel González de Molina

  • 2014 The Declining Share of Agricultural Employment in the People’s Republic of China: How Fast?
    by Felipe, Jesus & Dacuycuy, Connie & Lanzafame, Matteo

  • 2014 The Economic Impact of Weather Variability on China’s Rice Sector
    by Chen, Shuai & Chen, Xiaoguang & Xu, Jintao

  • 2014 Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture: Evidence from China
    by Chen, Shuai & Chen, Xiaoguang & Xu, Jintao

  • 2014 Quantifying the changes in landscape configuration using open source GIS. Case study: Bistrita subcarpathian valley
    by Chelaru, Dan-Adrian & Oiste, Ana-Maria & Mihai, Florin-Constantin

  • 2014 Technical-economic analysis of a family farm. Case study – Gheraseni Parish, Buzau county
    by Turek Rahoveanu, Petruta

  • 2014 Computer model for agricultural holdings-useful tool in the evaluation and implementation of a high performance management
    by Berevoianu, Rozi Liliana

  • 2014 Use planning analysis on agricultural holdings according to their physical size. Case studies
    by Vlad, Mihaela Cristina

  • 2014 Assessment of public good energy environment - Soy
    by Vlad, Mihaela Cristina & Berevoianu, Rozi Liliana

  • 2014 The corelation between the doses of nitrogen and phosphorus appliend on the non irigated system and physiological processes of the crop hybrid Campion – year 2012
    by Bogza, Ion & Pandia, Olimpia & Saracin, Ion

  • 2014 Physiological proprieties from corn influenced by the differentiate application of nitrogen and phosphorus
    by Bogza, Ion & Pandia, Olimpia & Saracin, Ion

  • 2014 Risk analysis in the critical pigmeat control points
    by Marin, Ancuta

  • 2014 Fighting against drought in Dobrogea by protective forest belts
    by Lup, Aurel & Miron, Liliana

  • 2014 Economy of Moldavian wine complex in context of European Union integration
    by Gaina, Boris & Gobirman, Galina & Pascari, Xenia

  • 2014 Stakeholder Analysis as a Tool for Systems Approach Research in HRD
    by Yawson, Robert M. & Greiman, Bradley

  • 2014 Mapping changes in spatial extent Irrigated and Rainfed cropped areas at the backdrop of Green Revolution
    by kumar, niteen & punia, milap

  • 2014 A Diagnostic Study on Livestock Production System in Eastern Region of India
    by Gupta, J.J. & Singh, K.M. & Bhatt, B.P. & Dey, A.

  • 2014 Lentil in India: An Overview
    by Singh, K.M. & Singh, A,K,

  • 2014 Fodder Production Scenario and Strategies for Revitalizing Fodder Production Technologies
    by Meena, M.S & Singh, K.M.

  • 2014 A regional agricultural SAM for Ireland 2007
    by Ferrari, Emanuele & Boulanger, Pierre

  • 2014 Incidencia del Complejo Sojero: Implicancias en el Riesgo Macroeconómico
    by Sorrentino, Angelica & Thomasz, Esteban Otto

  • 2014 Climate change effects and agriculture in Italy: a stochastic frontier analysis at regional level
    by Auci, Sabrina & Vignani, Donatella

  • 2014 Food security: status and concerns of India
    by Kumar, Rajesh & Bagaria, Nidhi & Santra, Swarup

  • 2014 Productividad y poder de mercado oligopsónico en la agricultura peruana
    by Francisco Galarza & J. Guillermo Díaz

  • 2014 Enabling Environment for Agricultural Growth and Competitiveness: Evaluation, Indicators and Indices
    by Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla & David Orden & Andrzej Kwieciński

  • 2014 Consumers’ valuation of national versus foreign varieties of tomatoes: results of a contingent valuation study in Portugal
    by Anabela Botelho & Isabel Dinis & Lina Sofia Lourenço-Gomes & Jorge Moreira & Lígia Costa Pinto

  • 2014 Origin or organoleptic characteristics of Pears: which is more valued in the market?
    by Anabela Botelho & Isabel Dinis & Lina Sofia Lourenço-Gomes & Jorge Moreira & Lígia Costa Pinto

  • 2014 Export Taxes and Consumption: A ‘Natural Experiment’ from Côte d'Ivoire
    by Souleymane Soumahoro

  • 2014 Production Of Forrage Grops As A Basis For Sustainable Development Of Republic Of Serbia
    by Marijana Jovanoviæ, Savo Vuckoviæ, Djuro Pajcin

  • 2014 Continued Existence of Cows Disproves Central Tenets of Capitalism?
    by Anagol, Santosh & Etang, Alvin & Karlan, Dean

  • 2014 A Branch-and-Price-and-Cut Approach for Sustainable Crop Rotation Planning
    by Alfandari, Laurent & Plateau, Agnès & Scheplerc, Xavier

  • 2014 Rainfall Risk and Religious Membership in the Late Nineteenth-Century United States
    by Ager, Philipp & Ciccone, Antonio

  • 2014 Desarrollo de la agricultura colombiana
    by Roberto Junguito & Juan José Perfetti & Alejandro Becerra

  • 2014 Tobacco Cultivation in Latin America
    by Jorge Tovar

  • 2014 Price transmission analysis in the Greek milk market
    by Ioanna Reziti

  • 2014 Indústria de Reciclados no Brasil: estrutura produtiva e contribuição socioambiental nos municípios de Cuiabá e Várzea Grande em Mato Grosso
    by Hélde Domingos & Alexandre Magno De Melo Faria & Dilamar Dallemole & José Ramos Pires Manso & Índio Campos

  • 2014 EU Cohesion Policy and CAP. A Review of the Current Debate
    by Mara Giua

  • 2014 Évaluation du consentement à recevoir des agriculteurs pour la restauration du lac Tchad
    by Patrick Arnold Ombiono Kitoto

  • 2014 Where is the risk? Price, yield and cost risk in Swiss crop production
    by Nadja El Benni & Robert Finger

  • 2014 How Should Journal Quality be Ranked? An Application to Agricultural, Energy, Environmental and Resource Economics
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer

  • 2014 Can there be rural development from agglomeration externalities & household efficiencies? lessons from a field study in India
    by Partha Gangopadhyay

  • 2014 Impact of Socio Economic Level on Health Seeking Behavior among Women
    by Muhammad Qasim & Muhammad Usman Ghani & Muhammad Muhammad Anees & Muhammad Moeen Khalid & Muhammad Aroj Bashir

  • 2014 Food Security Through Sustainable Agriculture
    by Mihaela KRUZSLICIKA

  • 2014 Challenges Of The New Common Agricultural Policy Reform 2014-2020
    by Mihaela KRUZSLICIKA

  • 2014 Milk Chain In The Context Of The Common Agricultural Policy Reform – Productivity Gaps Between Romania And The Eu-27 Countries
    by Mariana GRODEA

  • 2014 Determinants Of Economic Growth In The Romanian Agri-Food Sector – Developments And Trends
    by Elena Carmen BUCUR & Sorinel Ionel BUCUR

  • 2014 Evaluation of Performance Indicators of Field Fodder Production
    by Svitlana Dyakonova

  • 2014 Trend Analysis Method Application for Determining Risks of Crisis Occurrences in Business
    by Nataliya Klymash

  • 2014 Econometric Modelling of Interrelation between Stock Market Functioning and Parameters of Social & Economic Development of Ukraine
    by Olena Zotsenko

  • 2014 Econometric Modelling of Working Capital Effective Use in Agribusiness
    by Mykola Ohiychuk & Stanislav Vasylishyn

  • 2014 Volatiles from the Rare Australian Desert Plant Prostanthera centralis B.J.Conn (Lamiaceae): Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity
    by Timothy L. Collins & Graham L. Jones & Nicholas J. Sadgrove

  • 2014 Small Ruminant Production System Efficiency under Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Arid Land Conditions
    by Eihab Fathelrahman & Sherin Sherif & Dana L. K. Hoag

  • 2014 Vertical Distribution of Structural Components in Corn Stover
    by Jane M. F. Johnson & Douglas L. Karlen & Garold L. Gresham & Keri B. Cantrell & David W. Archer & Brian J. Wienhold & Gary E. Varvel & David A. Laird & John Baker & Tyson E. Ochsner & Jeff M. Novak & Ardell D. Halvorson & Francisco Arriaga & David T. Lightle & Amber Hoover & Rachel Emerson & Nancy W. Barbour

  • 2014 Identification of Three Distinct Eggplant Subgroups within the Solanum aethiopicum Gilo Group from Côte d’Ivoire by Morpho-Agronomic Characterization
    by Auguste Kouassi & Eric Béli-Sika & Tah Yves-Nathan Tian-Bi & Oulo Alla-N'Nan & Abou B. Kouassi & Jean-Claude N'Zi & Assanvo S.-P. N'Guetta & Bakary Tio-Touré

  • 2014 Hydrothermal Carbonization of Spent Osmotic Solution (SOS) Generated from Osmotic Dehydration of Blueberries
    by Kaushlendra Singh & Litha Sivanandan

  • 2014 Intervention to Improve Biosecurity System of Poultry Production Clusters (PPCs) in Thailand
    by Worapol Aengwanich & Thongchai Boonsorn & Prayat Srikot

  • 2014 The Next Generation Feedstock of Biofuel: Jatropha or Chlorella as Assessed by Their Life-Cycle Inventories
    by Pu Peng & Wenguang Zhou

  • 2014 Evaluation of Spring Wheat (20 Varieties) Adaptation to Soil Drought during Seedlings Growth Stage
    by Jolanta Biesaga-Kościelniak & Agnieszka Ostrowska & Maria Filek & Michał Dziurka & Piotr Waligórski & Magdalena Mirek & Janusz Kościelniak

  • 2014 Advanced Multi-Color Fluorescence Imaging System for Detection of Biotic and Abiotic Stresses in Leaves
    by Stefanie Konanz & László Kocsányi & Claus Buschmann

  • 2014 Fluorescence Indices for the Proximal Sensing of Powdery Mildew, Nitrogen Supply and Water Deficit in Sugar Beet Leaves
    by Georg Leufen & Georg Noga & Mauricio Hunsche

  • 2014 Rapid Development of Microsatellite Markers for Plantago ovata Forsk.: Using Next Generation Sequencing and Their Cross-Species Transferability
    by Ranbir Singh Fougat & Chaitanya Joshi & Kalyani Kulkarni & Sushil Kumar & Anand Patel & Amar Sakure & Jigar Mistry

  • 2014 Olive Cultivation, its Impact on Soil Erosion and its Progression into Yield Impacts in Southern Spain in the Past as a Key to a Future of Increasing Climate Uncertainty
    by José A. Gómez & Juan Infante-Amate & Manuel González de Molina & Tom Vanwalleghem & Encarnación V. Taguas & Ignacio Lorite

  • 2014 Field Observations with Laser-Induced Fluorescence Transient (LIFT) Method in Barley and Sugar Beet
    by Anna R. Raesch & Onno Muller & Roland Pieruschka & Uwe Rascher

  • 2014 Non-Invasive Spectral Phenotyping Methods can Improve and Accelerate Cercospora Disease Scoring in Sugar Beet Breeding
    by Marcus Jansen & Sergej Bergsträsser & Simone Schmittgen & Mark Müller-Linow & Uwe Rascher

  • 2014 Salinity-Induced Changes of Multiparametric Fluorescence Indices of Tomato Leaves
    by Burkard Kautz & Mauricio Hunsche & Georg Noga

  • 2014 Crop Dominance Mapping with IRS-P6 and MODIS 250-m Time Series Data
    by Murali Krishna Gumma & Kesava Rao Pyla & Prasad S. Thenkabail & Venkataramana Murthy Reddi & Gundapaka Naresh & Irshad A. Mohammed & Ismail M. D. Rafi

  • 2014 Hyperspectral and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging for Early Detection of Plant Diseases, with Special Reference to Fusarium spec. Infections on Wheat
    by Elke Bauriegel & Werner B. Herppich

  • 2014 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Agriculture in 2013
    by Agriculture Editorial Office

  • 2014 Microbiological Safety of Chicken Litter or Chicken Litter-Based Organic Fertilizers: A Review
    by Zhao Chen & Xiuping Jiang

  • 2014 Russia’S Policy Of Agricultural Land Privatization: A Total Lack Of Coherence
    by Natalia Shagaida

  • 2014 Noteworthy: agriculture, Mexico, air traffic
    by anonymous

  • 2014 On why and how agriculture declines
    by Esposti, Roberto

  • 2014 Economic evaluation of the conversion of industrial paper sludge to ethanol
    by Chen, Hui & Venditti, Richard & Gonzalez, Ronalds & Phillips, Richard & Jameel, Hasan & Park, Sunkyu

  • 2014 La producción agrícola en el departamento de Córdoba, 2001-2011
    by Saluma Castillo Guerra & Omar Castillo Nuñez

  • 2014 La economía de los Montes de María
    by María Aguilera Díaz

  • 2014 The Importance Of Agri-Food Sector In Romanian Economy
    by Raffaella ZANVETOR

  • 2014 Consideration Regarding Current Assets In The Construction Entities
    by Laura Adriana COJOCARU (ALIONESCU)

  • 2014 Potential des Anbaus und Absatzmo glichkeiten der Walnuss in der Schweiz
    by Christof Gubler

  • 2014 Considerations for rural development, the concept of rural development, decentralization and regionalization
    by Mihai ANTONOVICI & Nicu?or Marcel UDREA

  • 2014 Agriculture in the Global Economy
    by Julian M. Alston & Philip G. Pardey

  • 2013 Traceability, Product Recalls, Industry Reputation and Food Safety
    by Pouliot, Sebastien & Sumner, Daniel A.

  • 2013 Betreiben Indexfonds Agrarspekulation? Erläuterungen zum Geschäftsmodell und zum weiteren Forschungsbedarf
    by Prehn, Sören & Glauben, Thomas & Pies, Ingo & Will, Matthias Georg & Loy, Jens-Peter

  • 2013 The Agricultural Productivity Gap in Europe
    by Wenbiao Cai & Manish Pandey

  • 2013 From the experience of S.C. Toma S.R.L. Călărasi County on autumn rape crop technology
    by Crudu, Georgiana & Toma, Marin

  • 2013 Evaluation of realized investments in Belgrade’s and Danube region
    by Subić, Jonel & Nastić, Lana & Jovanović, Marijana

  • 2013 Contribution of agriculture to national economic development
    by Iacob, Oana Camelia & Volintiru, Ana-Maria & Marin, Aurel

  • 2013 Determinants of profitability of Polish rural micro-enterprises
    by Janda, Karel & Strielkowski, Wadim & Rausser, Gordon

  • 2013 Households Expenditure Pattern On Beef And Chicken Of Selected Households In Akoko South-West LGA Of Ondo State
    by Alimi, Santos R.

  • 2013 SRI Cultivation in Andhra Pradesh : Achievements, Problems and Implications for GHGs and Work
    by Duvvuru, Narasimha Reddy & Motkuri, Venkatanarayana

  • 2013 Labour in Rice Production and Value Chain : Field Observations from Jangaon, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh
    by Duvvuru, Narasimha Reddy & Motkuri, Venkatanarayana

  • 2013 Agriculture and economic security of Russia: retrospective research
    by Fyodorov, Mikhail & Kuzmin, Evgeny

  • 2013 Wholesale Milk Markets: A Study of Market Integration in Indian Markets
    by Jha, A.K. & Singh, K.M. & Singh, R.K.P.

  • 2013 Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam Development Triangle: A Viewpoint from Vietnam
    by Nguyen, Binh Giang

  • 2013 The Agri-food Situation and Policies in Switzerland
    by Peter Jarrett & Charlotte Moeser

  • 2013 Smallholder Risk Management in Developing Countries
    by Dalila Cervantes-Godoy & Shingo Kimura & Jesús Antón

  • 2013 Price volatility and risk management: the case of rice
    by Alessandro BANTERLE & Daniela VANDONE

  • 2013 Agriculture Plus Plus : growth strategy for Myanmar agriculture
    by Kudo, Toshihiro & Kumagai, Satoru & Ishido, Hikari

  • 2013 Does the Decoupling Reform Affect Agricultural Employment in Sweden? Evidence from an Exogenous Change
    by Nordin, Martin

  • 2013 Montes de María: Una subregión de economía campesina y empresarial
    by María Aguilera Díaz

  • 2013 La economía de las aguas del río Sinú
    by Karina Acosta

  • 2013 Río Ranchería: entre la economía, la biodiversidad y la cultura
    by Andrea Otero

  • 2013 La economía del bajo San Jorge
    by Andrés Sánchez Jabba

  • 2013 El río Cesar
    by Karelys Guzmán Finol

  • 2013 El Cultivo del Tabaco en América Latina
    by Jorge Tovar

  • 2013 The Economic Impact of Alternative Water Pricing Policies in Alentejo Region
    by Rui Fragoso & Carlos Marques

  • 2013 Economy Wide Impact of the Trade Integration between Japan and India: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis
    by Biswa Nath Bhattacharyay & Kakali Mukhopadhyay

  • 2013 Should we internalize intertemporal production externalities in the case of pest resistance?
    by Elsa Martin

  • 2013 Measuring the Impact of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Consumer Behavior: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
    by O. Ashton Morgan & John C. Whitehead & William L. Huth & Gregory S. Martin & Richard Sjolander

  • 2013 Patterns and causes of growth of European agricultural production, 1950-2005
    by Miguel Martín-Retortillo & Vicente Pinilla

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