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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q1: Agriculture
/ / / Q10: General
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Agricultural Health and Safety Survey in Friuli Venezia Giulia
    by Sirio Rossano Secondo Cividino & Gianfranco Pergher & Nicola Zucchiatti & Rino Gubiani

  • 2018 Sustainable Agriculture—Enhancing Environmental Benefits, Food Nutritional Quality and Building Crop Resilience to Abiotic and Biotic Stresses
    by Daniel P. Roberts & Autar K. Mattoo

  • 2018 Definition of a Methodology for Gradual and Sustainable Safety Improvements on Farms and Its Preliminary Applications
    by Sirio Rossano Secondo Cividino & Gianfranco Pergher & Rino Gubiani & Carlo Moreschi & Ugo Da Broi & Michela Vello & Fabiano Rinaldi

  • 2018 Foods and Places: Comparing Different Supply Chains
    by Anna Carbone

  • 2018 Modelling the Collection and Delivery of Sheep Milk: A Tool to Optimise the Logistics Costs of Cheese Factories
    by Maria Caria & Giuseppe Todde & Antonio Pazzona

  • 2018 Photosynthesis of Sago Palm ( Metroxylon sagu Rottb.) Seedling at Different Air Temperatures
    by Aidil Azhar & Daigo Makihara & Hitoshi Naito & Hiroshi Ehara

  • 2018 Nitrogen Use Efficiency and the Genetic Variation of Maize Expired Plant Variety Protection Germplasm
    by Adriano T. Mastrodomenico & C. Cole Hendrix & Frederick E. Below

  • 2018 Agroecological, Land-Elevation and Socioeconomic Determinants of Raising Livestock in Bangladesh
    by Sanzidur Rahman

  • 2018 Surfactin Protects Wheat against Zymoseptoria tritici and Activates Both Salicylic Acid- and Jasmonic Acid-Dependent Defense Responses
    by Geraldine Le Mire & Ali Siah & Marie-Noëlle Brisset & Matthieu Gaucher & Magali Deleu & M. Haissam Jijakli

  • 2018 Measuring the Economic Impact of Farmers’ Markets on Local Economies in the Basque Country
    by Eduardo Malagon-Zaldua & Mirene Begiristain-Zubillaga & Aintzira Onederra-Aramendi

  • 2017 Abschätzung des Schadpotentials von Hochwasser- und Extremwetterereignissen für landwirtschaftliche Kulturen
    by Heidecke, Claudia & Offermann, Frank & Hauschild, Marlen

  • 2017 F.R.A.N.Z.-Studie: Hindernisse und Perspektiven für mehr Biodiversität in der Agrarlandschaft
    by Joormann, Ineke & Schmidt, Thomas G.

  • 2017 Key policy actions for sustainable land and water use to serve people
    by von Braun, Joachim & Gulati, Ashok & Kharas, Homi Jamshed

  • 2017 Technical efficiency of dairy farms in Uruguay: a stochastic production frontier analysis
    by Gabriela Pérez Quesada

  • 2017 Development models, agricultural policies, and agricultural growth: Peru, 1950-2010
    by Jackeline Velazco & Vicente Pinilla

  • 2017 The Goose that laid the golden eggs? Agricultural development in Latin America in the 20yh century
    by Miguel Martín-Retortillo & Vicente Pinilla & Jackeline Velazco & Henry Willebald

  • 2017 Productivity, technical efficiency and technological change in French agriculture during 2002-2014: A Färe-Primont index decomposition
    by K Hervé Dakpo & Yann Desjeux & Philippe Jeanneaux & Laure Latruffe

  • 2017 Is Aid for Agriculture Effective in Sub-Saharan Africa?
    by Ssozi, John & Asongu, Simplice & Amavilah, Voxi

  • 2017 Land use, forest preservation and biodiversity in Asia
    by Halkos, George & Managi, Shunsuke

  • 2017 Сельское Хозяйство России В Свете Итогов Всероссийской Сельскохозяйственной Переписи 2016 Года
    by Zinchenko, Aleksey

  • 2017 Sustainability level of Bulgarian agriculture
    by Bachev, Hrabrin & Ivanov, Bodjidar & Toteva, Desislava & Sokolova, Emilia

  • 2017 Oyster Mushroom as Cash-Crop Fungus Cultivated
    by Dewi, Ai Suminarti

  • 2017 Growth Performance and Resource Use Efficiency of Maize in Bihar: An Economic Perspectives
    by Ahmad, Nasim & Sinha, D.K. & Singh, K.M. & Mishra, R.R.

  • 2017 Framework for analyzing and assessing the system of governance and the level of agrarian sustainability in Bulgaria and China
    by Bachev, Hrabrin & Ivanov, Bodjidar & Toteva, Desislava & Sokolova, Emilia

  • 2017 The impact of agricultural activities on urbanization: Evidence and implications for India
    by Tripathi, Sabyasachi & Rani, Chetana

  • 2017 A Survey Of Farm Management And Reproductive Managment Strategies On U.S. Commercial Dairy Farms
    by Courtney Bir & Nicole Olynk Widmar & Nathan Thompson & Christopher A. Wolf

  • 2017 Market implications of the integration scenario of Southeast Asian rice markets
    by Gen Furuhashi & Hubertus Gay

  • 2017 Crop Disease and Agricultural Productivity
    by Christine L. Carroll & Colin A. Carter & Rachael E. Goodhue & C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell

  • 2017 Uncovering The Deep Roots of Conflict
    by James B. Ang & Satyendra K. Gupta

  • 2017 Farmers' Preference On Conditions In Manufacturing Pineapple Sale Contract In Rayong Province
    by Parkpoom Pichhannaronk & Apichart Daloonpate & Santi Sanglestsawai Author-Email : -

  • 2017 Recent changes in measurement of India's GDP: Overall issues and some focus on agriculture
    by S. Mahendra Dev

  • 2017 How Tight are Malthusian Constraints?
    by T. Ryan Johnson & Dietrich Vollrath

  • 2017 Managing Water: Rights, Markets, and Welfare
    by Zaeske, Andrew L. & Krishnamurthy, Chandra Kiran

  • 2017 Women, Climate Change and Economic Problems in the Family
    by Mientje Ratoe Oedjoe

  • 2017 The value of biodiversity as an insurance device
    by Emmanuelle Augeraud-Veron & Giorgio Fabbri & Katheline Schubert

  • 2017 The Value of Biodiversity as an Insurance Device
    by Emmanuelle Augeraud-Véron & Giorgio Fabbri & Katheline Schubert

  • 2017 Is Aid for Agriculture Effective in Sub-Saharan Africa?
    by John Ssozi & Simplice Asongu & Voxi Amavilah

  • 2017 Key policy actions for sustainable land and water use to serve people
    by von Braun, Joachim & Gulati, Ashok & Kharas, Homi

  • 2017 The Analysis of Agricultural Products Export Competitiveness of the Republic of Serbia Based on the RCA Index
    by Cvetković Milica & Petrović-Ranđelović Marija

  • 2017 Business model strategies: Flexibility trade in emerging low voltage distribution networks
    by Patrick Lynch & Jamie Power & Richard Hickey & Thomas Messervey

  • 2017 Improvement of a Bio-Economic Mathematical Programming Model in the Case of On-Farm Source Inputs and Outputs
    by Parisa Aghajanzadeh-Darzi & Pierre-Alain Jayet & Athanasios Petsakos

  • 2017 Price and Profitability Analysis of Major Pulses in India
    by Ashutosh Kr. Tripathi

  • 2017 The Livelihood Vulnerability to Climate Change of Two Different Farmer Communities in Tanggamus Region, Lampung Province, Indonesia
    by Ktut Murniati & Jangkung Handoyo Mulyo & Irham & Slamet Hartono

  • 2017 Specifics of Agricultural Policy in the Countries of Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe in 1990–2010s
    by Lobanov, Mikhail & Zvezdvanovic-Lobanova, Jelena

  • 2017 The Impact of Exchange Rate Pass-Through on Implicit Price Index of Iran's Agriculture Sector: An Application of M-GARCH and Threshold Regression Models
    by Abdi Seyyedkolaee , Mohammad & Tehranchian, Amirmansour & Jafari Samimi, Ahmad & Mojaverian, Seyyed Mojtaba

  • 2017 The Effect of Capital Structure Choice on the Performance of Corporate Organizations: A Case of Quoted Agro-Based Firms in Nigeria
    by Bassey, Nsikan Edet & Ukpe, Offiong Uma & Solomon, Ubong Udo

  • 2017 The Use of Cross-Sectional Analysis to Measure Climate Impacts on Agriculture: Theory and Evidence
    by Robert O. Mendelsohn & Emanuele Massetti

  • 2017 On the Structural Transformation of Rural Africa
    by Christopher B. Barrett & Luc Christiaensen & Megan Sheahan & Abebe Shimeles

  • 2017 A Density-Ratio Model of Crop Yield Distributions
    by Yu Yvette Zhang

  • 2017 Genetic Testing to Signal Quality in Beef Cattle: Bayesian Methods for Optimal Sample Size
    by Nathanael M. Thompson & B. Wade Brorsen & Eric A. DeVuyst & Jayson L. Lusk

  • 2017 Food and Agricultural Industries: Opportunities for Improving Measurement and Reporting
    by Richard A. Dunn & Brent Hueth

  • 2017 Consumer Research with Big Data: Applications from the Food Demand Survey (FooDS)
    by Jayson L. Lusk

  • 2017 Agriculture or industry: Rice or garments: Ex-post and ex-ante analysis of Pakistan’s falling competitiveness in its main export items
    by Dawood MAMOON

  • 2017 Evaluation of agrarian sustainability in Bulgaria
    by Hrabrin I. BACHEV & Bozhidar IVANOV & Desislava TOTEVA & Emilia SOKOLOVA

  • 2017 Assessing Multi-aspects and Integral Sustainability of Bulgarian Farms
    by Hrabrin I. BACHEV

  • 2017 Socio-economic and Ecological Sustainability of Smallholder Agricultural Holdings in Bulgaria
    by Hrabrin I. BACHEV

  • 2017 World grain trade
    by Emilia Balan

  • 2017 Characterization Of The Of Red Fresh Tomato Value Chain In Mexico , Caracterizacion De La Cadena De Valor Del Tomate Rojo Fresco En Mexico
    by Maria Trinidad Alvarez Medina & Marco Alberto Núnez Ramirez & Teodoro Rafael Wendlandt

  • 2017 Socio-Economic Assessment Of The Support Capacity For Rural Participatory Processes – A Case Study In Braila County –
    by Violeta FLORIAN & Monica TUDOR

  • 2017 Variability Of Fruit Production Across Regions
    by Viorica GAVRILA

  • 2017 Cereal Production Stability In Territorial Profile
    by Mihaela KRUZSLICIKA

  • 2017 Using Colony Monitoring Devices to Evaluate the Impacts of Land Use and Nutritional Value of Forage on Honey Bee Health
    by Matthew Smart & Clint Otto & Robert Cornman & Deborah Iwanowicz

  • 2017 Assessment of Mesotrione Leaching Applied Alone and Mixed in Seven Tropical Soils Columns under Laboratory Conditions
    by Kassio F. Mendes & Marcelo R. dos Reis & Kurt A. Spokas & Valdemar L. Tornisielo

  • 2017 Fluorescence and Reflectance Sensor Comparison in Winter Wheat
    by Christoph W. Zecha & Johanna Link & Wilhelm Claupein

  • 2017 Near Infrared Spectrometry for Rapid Non-Invasive Modelling of Aspergillus -Contaminated Maturing Kernels of Maize ( Zea mays L.)
    by Titilayo D.O. Falade & Yasmina Sultanbawa & Mary T. Fletcher & Glen Fox

  • 2017 An Eco-Egalitarian Solution to the Capitalist Consumer Paradox: Integrating Short Food Chains and Public Market Systems
    by Mario Del Roble Pensado-Leglise & Andrew Smolski

  • 2017 Low-Input Maize-Based Cropping Systems Implementing IWM Match Conventional Maize Monoculture Productivity and Weed Control
    by Guillaume Adeux & Simon Giuliano & Stéphane Cordeau & Jean-Marie Savoie & Lionel Alletto

  • 2017 Optimal Cultivation Pattern to Increase Revenue and Reduce Water Use: Application of Linear Programming to Arjan Plain in Fars Province
    by Amin Daghighi & Ali Nahvi & Ungtae Kim

  • 2017 Effect of High Pressure Processing on the Microbial Inactivation in Fruit Preparations and Other Vegetable Based Beverages
    by Dahlia Daher & Soléne Le Gourrierec & Concepción Pérez-Lamela

  • 2017 Innovative Solution for Reducing the Run-Down Time of the Chipper Disc Using a Brake Clamp Device
    by Andrea Colantoni & Francesco Mazzocchi & Vincenzo Laurendi & Stefano Grigolato & Francesca Monarca & Danilo Monarca & Massimo Cecchini

  • 2017 What Is the Role of Agro-Met Information Services in Farmer Decision-Making? Uptake and Decision-Making Context among Farmers within Three Case Study Villages in Maharashtra, India
    by Ingrid Nesheim & Line Barkved & Neha Bharti

  • 2017 Adoption of Web-Based Spatial Tools by Agricultural Producers: Conversations with Seven Northeastern Ontario Farmers Using the GeoVisage Decision Support System
    by Daniel H. Jarvis & Mark P. Wachowiak & Dan F. Walters & John M. Kovacs

  • 2017 Length of Operational Life and Its Impact on Life-Cycle Costs of a Tractor in Switzerland
    by Markus Lips

  • 2017 Safety-Critical Manuals for Agricultural Tractor Drivers: A Method to Improve Their Usability
    by Maurizio Cutini & Giada Forte & Marco Maietta & Maurizio Mazzenga & Simon Mastrangelo & Carlo Bisaglia

  • 2017 Disentangling the Effects of Tillage Timing and Weather on Weed Community Assembly
    by Stéphane Cordeau & Richard G. Smith & Eric R. Gallandt & Bryan Brown & Paul Salon & Antonio DiTommaso & Matthew R. Ryan

  • 2017 Traditional Cheese Production and an EU Labeling Scheme: The Alpine Cheese Producers’ Opinion
    by Alessandro Bonadonna & Giovanni Peira & Chiara Giachino & Luana Molinaro

  • 2017 Promoting Smallholder Adoption of Conservation Agriculture through Mechanization Services
    by Brian Sims & Jennifer Heney

  • 2017 Forage Plant Ecophysiology: A Discipline Come of Age
    by Cory Matthew & Lilian Elgalise Techio Pereira

  • 2017 Analyzing the Environmental Impact of Chemically-Produced Protein Hydrolysate from Leather Waste vs. Enzymatically-Produced Protein Hydrolysate from Legume Grains
    by Andrea Colantoni & Lucia Recchia & Guido Bernabei & Mariateresa Cardarelli & Youssef Rouphael & Giuseppe Colla

  • 2017 The Role of Small-Scale Biofuel Production in Brazil: Lessons for Developing Countries
    by Arielle Muniz Kubota & João Guilherme Dal Belo Leite & Marcos Watanabe & Otávio Cavalett & Manoel Regis Lima Verde Leal & Luis Cortez

  • 2017 Precision Farming in Hilly Areas: The Use of Network RTK in GNSS Technology
    by Alvaro Marucci & Andrea Colantoni & Ilaria Zambon & Gianluca Egidi

  • 2017 Analysis and Diagnosis of the Agrarian System in the Niayes Region, Northwest Senegal (West Africa)
    by Yohann Fare & Marc Dufumier & Myriam Loloum & Fanny Miss & Alassane Pouye & Ahmat Khastalani & Adama Fall

  • 2017 Do Movement Patterns of GPS-Tracked Cattle on Extensive Rangelands Suggest Independence among Individuals?
    by Mitchell B. Stephenson & Derek W. Bailey

  • 2017 Grasslands and Croplands Have Different Microbial Biomass Carbon Levels per Unit of Soil Organic Carbon
    by Terence P. McGonigle & William G. Turner

  • 2017 Identification of Optimal Mechanization Processes for Harvesting Hazelnuts Based on Geospatial Technologies in Sicily (Southern Italy)
    by Ilaria Zambon & Lavinia Delfanti & Alvaro Marucci & Roberto Bedini & Walter Bessone & Massimo Cecchini & Danilo Monarca

  • 2017 Phenotypic Variability Assessment of Sugarcane Germplasm ( Saccharum officinarum L.) and Extraction of an Applied Mini-Core Collection
    by Atena Shadmehr & Hossein Ramshini & Mehrshad Zeinalabedini & Masoud Parvizi Almani & Mohammad Reza Ghaffari & Ali Izadi Darbandi & Mahmoud Fooladvand

  • 2017 Toward Improved Adoption of Best Management Practices (BMPs) in the Lake Erie Basin: Perspectives from Resilience and Agricultural Innovation Literature
    by Cherine Akkari & Christopher Robin Bryant

  • 2017 Validation of the Ability of a 3D Pedometer to Accurately Determine the Number of Steps Taken by Dairy Cows When Housed in Tie-Stalls
    by Elise Shepley & Marianne Berthelot & Elsa Vasseur

  • 2017 Impact of Potentially Contaminated River Water on Agricultural Irrigated Soils in an Equatorial Climate
    by Juan M. Trujillo-González & Juan D. Mahecha-Pulido & Marco A. Torres-Mora & Eric C. Brevik & Saskia D. Keesstra & Raimundo Jiménez-Ballesta

  • 2017 Effect of Sowing Method and Weed Control on the Performance of Maize ( Zea mays L.) Intercropped with Climbing Beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
    by Liina Nurk & Rüdiger Graß & Carola Pekrun & Michael Wachendorf

  • 2017 Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization for Smallholders: What Is It and How Can We Implement It?
    by Brian Sims & Josef Kienzle

  • 2017 Net Greenhouse Gas Budget and Soil Carbon Storage in a Field with Paddy–Upland Rotation with Different History of Manure Application
    by Fumiaki Takakai & Shinpei Nakagawa & Kensuke Sato & Kazuhiro Kon & Takashi Sato & Yoshihiro Kaneta

  • 2017 Microbial Carbon Substrate Utilization Differences among High- and Average-Yield Soybean Areas
    by Taylor C. Adams & Kristofor R. Brye & Mary C. Savin & Jung Ae Lee & Edward E. Gbur

  • 2017 Heterogeneous Organizational Arrangements in Agrifood Chains: A Governance Value Analysis Perspective on the Sheep and Goat Meat Sector of Italy
    by Maria Angela Perito & Marcello De Rosa & Luca Bartoli & Emilio Chiodo & Giuseppe Martino

  • 2017 Exploring Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Potential for Food Production in Urban Areas
    by Flavio Lupia & Valerio Baiocchi & Keti Lelo & Giuseppe Pulighe

  • 2017 The Behavioural Responses of Beef Cattle ( Bos taurus ) to Declining Pasture Availability and the Use of GNSS Technology to Determine Grazing Preference
    by Jaime Manning & Greg Cronin & Luciano González & Evelyn Hall & Andrew Merchant & Lachlan Ingram

  • 2017 A Decade of Progress in Organic Cover Crop-Based Reduced Tillage Practices in the Upper Midwestern USA
    by Erin M. Silva & Kathleen Delate

  • 2017 Weed Control Using Conventional Tillage, Reduced Tillage, No-Tillage, and Cover Crops in Organic Soybean
    by Jonas F. Weber & Christoph Kunz & Gerassimos G. Peteinatos & Sabine Zikeli & Roland Gerhards

  • 2017 Overview of Organic Cover Crop-Based No-Tillage Technique in Europe: Farmers’ Practices and Research Challenges
    by Laura Vincent-Caboud & Joséphine Peigné & Marion Casagrande & Erin M. Silva

  • 2017 Modelling Nutrient Load Changes from Fertilizer Application Scenarios in Six Catchments around the Baltic Sea
    by Hans Thodsen & Csilla Farkas & Jaroslaw Chormanski & Dennis Trolle & Gitte Blicher-Mathiesen & Ruth Grant & Alexander Engebretsen & Ignacy Kardel & Hans Estrup Andersen

  • 2017 Enhanced Plant Performance in Cicer arietinum L. Due to the Addition of a Combination of Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria
    by María Pérez-Fernández & Valentine Alexander

  • 2017 Changes in the Nitrogen Budget and Soil Nitrogen in a Field with Paddy–Upland Rotation with Different Histories of Manure Application
    by Fumiaki Takakai & Takemi Kikuchi & Tomomi Sato & Masato Takeda & Kensuke Sato & Shinpei Nakagawa & Kazuhiro Kon & Takashi Sato & Yoshihiro Kaneta

  • 2017 Comparative Analysis of Agricultural Assets, Incomes and Food Security of Rural Households in Ghana, Senegal and Liberia
    by Dagbegnon C. Sohoulande Djebou & Edwin Price & Shahriar Kibriya & Jaehyun Ahn

  • 2017 Influence of Composted Dairy Manure and Perennial Forage on Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Fractions during Transition into Organic Management
    by Maysoon M. Mikha & Dwi P. Widiastuti & Tunsisa T. Hurisso & Joe E. Brummer & Jessica G. Davis

  • 2017 Organic No-Till Systems in Eastern Canada: A Review
    by Caroline Halde & Samuel Gagné & Anaïs Charles & Yvonne Lawley

  • 2017 Reduced Tillage and No-Till in Organic Farming Systems, Germany—Status Quo, Potentials and Challenges
    by Sabine Zikeli & Sabine Gruber

  • 2017 Cover Crop-Based, Organic Rotational No-Till Corn and Soybean Production Systems in the Mid-Atlantic United States
    by John M. Wallace & Alwyn Williams & Jeffrey A. Liebert & Victoria J. Ackroyd & Rachel A. Vann & William S. Curran & Clair L. Keene & Mark J. VanGessel & Matthew R. Ryan & Steven B. Mirsky

  • 2017 Organic Agriculture and the Quest for the Holy Grail in Water-Limited Ecosystems: Managing Weeds and Reducing Tillage Intensity
    by Erik Lehnhoff & Zachariah Miller & Perry Miller & Stephen Johnson & Tessa Scott & Patrick Hatfield & Fabian D. Menalled

  • 2017 Global Biofuels at the Crossroads: An Overview of Technical, Policy, and Investment Complexities in the Sustainability of Biofuel Development
    by Kathleen Araújo & Devinder Mahajan & Ryan Kerr & Marcelo da Silva

  • 2017 Effect of Organic, Inorganic Fertilizers and Plant Spacing on the Growth and Yield of Cabbage
    by Md Ashraful Islam & Golam Ferdous & Ayasha Akter & Md Mokter Hossain & Dilip Nandwani

  • 2017 Impact of Practice Change on Runoff Water Quality and Vegetable Yield—An On-Farm Case Study
    by Gunasekhar Nachimuthu & Neil V. Halpin & Michael J. Bell

  • 2017 Nitrous Oxide Emission from Organic Fertilizer and Controlled Release Fertilizer in Tea Fields
    by Meihua Deng & Mudan Hou & Naoko Ohkama-Ohtsu & Tadashi Yokoyama & Haruo Tanaka & Kenta Nakajima & Ryosuke Omata & Sonoko Dorothea Bellingrath-Kimura

  • 2017 Evaluation of Pectin Extraction Conditions and Polyphenol Profile from Citrus x lantifolia Waste: Potential Application as Functional Ingredients
    by Teresa del Rosario Ayora-Talavera & Cristina A. Ramos-Chan & Ana G. Covarrubias-Cárdenas & Angeles Sánchez-Contreras & Ulises García-Cruz & Neith A. Pacheco L.

  • 2017 Surface and Subsurface Transport of Nitrate Loss from the Selected Bioenergy Crop Fields: Systematic Review, Analysis and Future Directions
    by Suresh Sharma & Indrajeet Chaubey

  • 2017 Impacts of Rural Labor Resource Change on the Technical Efficiency of Crop Production in China
    by Ning Yin & Yapeng Wang

  • 2017 Changes in Carbon Cycling during Development of Successional Agroforestry
    by Tomas Selecky & Sonoko D. Bellingrath-Kimura & Yuji Kobata & Masaaki Yamada & Iraê A. Guerrini & Helio M. Umemura & Dinaldo A. Dos Santos

  • 2017 Phytochemistry and Agro-Industrial Potential of Native Oilseeds from West Africa: African Grape ( Lannea microcarpa ), Marula ( Sclerocarya birrea ), and Butter Tree ( Pentadesma butyracea )
    by Adama Hilou & Adjima Bougma & Mamoudou H. Dicko

  • 2017 Fusarium Wilt Affecting Chickpea Crop
    by Warda Jendoubi & Mariem Bouhadida & Amal Boukteb & Mohamed Béji & Mohamed Kharrat

  • 2017 Development and Evaluation of Poly Herbal Molluscicidal Extracts for Control of Apple Snail ( Pomacea maculata )
    by Guruswamy Prabhakaran & Subhash Janardhan Bhore & Manikam Ravichandran

  • 2017 Suppression of CH4 Emission by Rice Straw Removal and Application of Bio‐Ethanol Production Residue in a Paddy Field in Akita, Japan
    by Fumiaki Takakai & Jota Ichikawa & Masato Ogawa & Saki Ogaya & Kentaro Yasuda & Yukiya Kobayashi & Takashi Sato & Yoshihiro Kaneta & Ken‐ichiro Nagahama

  • 2017 The Impact of a Warming Micro‐Climate on Muooni Farmers of Kenya
    by Cush Ngonzo Luwesi & Joy Apiyo Obando & Chris Allan Shisanya

  • 2017 Guest Editorial: Conservation Tillage for Organic Farming
    by Patrick M. Carr

  • 2017 Effect of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on Soil Properties and the Growth, Yield and Quality of Tomato in Mymensingh, Bangladesh
    by M. Ashraful Islam & Sumiya Islam & Ayasha Akter & Md Habibur Rahman & Dilip Nandwani

  • 2017 Erratum: Ghasemi, M., et al. The Evaluation of Exogenous Application of Salicylic Acid on Physiological Characteristics, Proline and Essential Oil Content of Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) under Normal and Heat Stress Conditions. Agriculture 2016, 6, 31
    by Mojtaba Ghasemi & Mohammad Modarresi & Nadali Babaeian Jelodar & Nadali Bagheri & Abbas Jamali

  • 2017 Ammonia and Methane Emission Factors from Cattle Operations Expressed as Losses of Dietary Nutrients or Energy
    by Zifei Liu & Yang Liu & James P. Murphy & Ronaldo Maghirang

  • 2017 Changes in the Polyphenolic Profile, Carotenoids and Antioxidant Potential of Apricot ( Prunus armeniaca L.) Leaves during Maturation
    by Alam Zeb & Nadia Khadim & Waqar Ali

  • 2017 Assessment of Photosynthetic Pigment and Water Contents in Intact Sunflower Plants from Spectral Indices
    by Antonio José Steidle Neto & Daniela de Carvalho Lopes & João Carlos Ferreira Borges Júnior

  • 2017 Achieving Sustainability: Insights from Biogas Ecosystems in India
    by Gita Surie

  • 2017 Advances in Eco-Efficient Agriculture: The Plant-Soil Mycobiome
    by Marcela Claudia Pagano & Eduardo J. Azevedo Correa & Neimar F. Duarte & Bakhytzhan Yelikbayev & Anthonia O’Donovan & Vijai Kumar Gupta

  • 2017 Mitigating Global Warming Potential and Greenhouse Gas Intensities by Applying Composted Manure in Cornfield: A 3-Year Field Study in an Andosol Soil
    by Ikabongo Mukumbuta & Mariko Shimizu & Ryusuke Hatano

  • 2017 Durum Wheat Cover Analysis in the Scope of Policy and Market Price Changes: A Case Study in Southern Italy
    by Si Mokrane Siad & Andrea Gioia & Gerrit Hoogenboom & Vito Iacobellis & Antonio Novelli & Eufemia Tarantino & Pandi Zdruli

  • 2017 Small-Scale Vegetable Farmers’ Participation in Modern Retail Market Channels in Indonesia: The Determinants of and Effects on Their Income
    by Alim Setiawan Slamet & Akira Nakayasu & Masahiro Ichikawa

  • 2017 Efflux of Soil Nitrous Oxide from Applied Fertilizer Containing Organic Materials in Citrus unshiu Field in Southwestern Japan
    by Yo Toma & Takeshi Higuchi & Osamu Nagata & Yasuhiko Kato & Tooru Izumiya & Shingo Oomori & Hideto Ueno

  • 2017 Rice Cultivation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Review and Conceptual Framework with Reference to Ghana
    by Kofi K. Boateng & George Y. Obeng & Ebenezer Mensah

  • 2017 Beyond Food Provisioning: The Transformative Potential of Grassroots Innovation around Food
    by Adanella Rossi

  • 2017 State Support in Brazil for a Local Turn to Food
    by Ana Paula Matei & Paul Swagemakers & Maria Dolores Dominguez Garcia & Leonardo Xavier da Silva & Flaminia Ventura & Pierluigi Milone

  • 2017 Practices for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Rice Production in Northeast Thailand
    by Noppol Arunrat & Nathsuda Pumijumnong

  • 2017 Development and Testing of a Device to Increase the Level of Automation of a Conventional Milking Parlor through Vocal Commands
    by Mauro Zaninelli

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Agriculture in 2016
    by Agriculture Editorial Office

  • 2017 Can Phosphate Salts Recovered from Manure Replace Conventional Phosphate Fertilizer?
    by Andrea Ehmann & Inga-Mareike Bach & Sukhanes Laopeamthong & Jennifer Bilbao & Iris Lewandowski

  • 2017 Assessing the Impacts of Large-Scale Agro-Industrial Sugarcane Production on Biodiversity: A Case Study of Wonji Shoa Sugar Estate, Ethiopia
    by Sileshi Degefa & Osamu Saito

  • 2017 Safety Improvements on Wood Chippers Currently in Use: A Study on Feasibility in the Italian Context
    by Giorgia Bagagiolo & Vincenzo Laurendi & Eugenio Cavallo

  • 2017 The Analysis of the Cause-Effect Relation between Tractor Overturns and Traumatic Lesions Suffered by Drivers and Passengers: A Crucial Step in the Reconstruction of Accident Dynamics and the Improvement of Prevention
    by Carlo Moreschi & Ugo Da Broi & Sirio Rossano Secondo Cividino & Rino Gubiani & Gianfranco Pergher & Michela Vello & Fabiano Rinaldi

  • 2017 Exploring the Future Potential of Jute in Bangladesh
    by Sanzidur Rahman & Mohammad Mizanul Haque Kazal & Ismat Ara Begum & Mohammad Jahangir Alam

  • 2017 Evaluation of Crop to Crop Water Demand Forecasting: Tomatoes and Bell Peppers Grown in a Commercial Greenhouse
    by Dean C. J. Rice & Rupp Carriveau & David S. -K. Ting & Mo’tamad H. Bata

  • 2017 Impacts of Agro-Ecological Practices on Soil Losses and Cash Crop Yield
    by Daniela De Benedetto & Francesco Montemurro & Mariangela Diacono

  • 2017 Validity of the Mechanical Threshing of Onion Seeds from the Point of View of Seed Quality
    by Ester Foppa Pedretti & Daniele Duca & Giuseppe Toscano & Chiara Mengarelli & Giorgio Rossini & Andrea Pizzi & Manuela Mancini & Debora Tesei & Alessio Ilari

  • 2017 Farmers’ Technical Knowledge about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Olive Production
    by Mohammad S. Allahyari & Christos A. Damalas & Mehdi Ebadattalab

  • 2017 Analysis of the Almond Harvesting and Hulling Mechanization Process: A Case Study
    by Simone Pascuzzi & Francesco Santoro

  • 2017 Mechatronic Solutions for the Safety of Workers Involved in the Use of Manure Spreader
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