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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L6: Industry Studies: Manufacturing
/ / / L66: Food; Beverages; Cosmetics; Tobacco
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Socio-economics of Fisheries and Aquaculture
  2. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 La valorisation des produits de terroir en Algérie : démarches en cours, contraintes institutionnelles et perspectives
    by Cheriet, F.

  • 2017 What's in a Name? Information, Heterogeneity, and Quality in a Theory of Nested Names
    by Bouamra-Mechemache, Zohra & Yu, Jianyu & Zago, Angelo

  • 2017 Markup and Product Differentiation in the German Brewing Sector
    by Giannis Karagiannis & Magnus Kellermann & Simon Pröll & Klaus Salhofer

  • 2017 The impact of home and host country institutions in the internationalization of an African multinational enterprise
    by John M. Luiz & Dustin Stringfellow & Anthea Jefthas

  • 2017 Roadmap for Renewal: A Shared Platform in the Food Industry
    by Kotiranta, Annu & Seppälä, Timo & Tahvanainen, Antti-Jussi & Hemminki, Markus & Mattila, Juri & Sadeoja, Samuli & Tähtinen, Tea

  • 2017 Indonesia towards 2030 and beyond: A Long-Run International Trade Foresight
    by Verico, Kiki

  • 2017 Regional development in the context of economic reform: The case of Limassol
    by Benner, Maximilian & Hirth, Jana & Kraatz, Fabian & Ludwig, Katja & Schrade, Jessi

  • 2017 Vertical price relationships between different cuts and quality grades in the U.S. beef marketing channel: a wholesale-retail analysis
    by Panagiotou, Dimitrios & Stavrakoudis, Athanassios

  • 2017 Impulsive Consumption and Financial Wellbeing: Evidence from an Increase in the Availability of Alcohol
    by Itzhak Ben-David & Marieke Bos

  • 2017 Disentangling Innovation in Small Food Firms: The role of External Knowledge, Support, and Collaboration
    by Wixe, Sofia & Nilsson, Pia & Naldi, Lucia & Westlund, Hans

  • 2017 The Effects of Mandatory Disclosure of Supermarket Prices
    by Ater, Itai & Rigbi, Oren

  • 2017 Convergence in National Alcohol Consumption Patterns: New Global Indicators
    by Anderson, Kym & Holmes, Alexander

  • 2017 Cadena de Farmacéuticos y Apósitos Quirúrgicos. Estructura, Comercio Internacional y Protección
    by Víctor Manuel NIETO & Ana Katherine RIVERA

  • 2017 Supply Uncertainty and Foreign Direct Investments in Agri-food Industry
    by Mankan M. Koné & Carl Gaigné & Lota Dabio Tamini

  • 2017 Quantifying the Coordinated Effects of Partial Horizontal Acquisitions
    by Duarte Brito & Ricardo Ribeiro & Helder Vasconcelos

  • 2017 Consumers’ Costly Responses to Product-Harm Crises
    by Rosa Ferrer & Helena Perrone

  • 2017 Cooperative Wineries and Wine Marketing in Spain
    by Francisco J. Medina-Albaladejo & Jordi Planas

  • 2017 Branding and Performance in the Global Beer Market
    by Erik Strøjer Madsen

  • 2017 Dynamics of EU food safety certification: a survival analysis of firm decisions
    by Catherine Ragasa & Suzanne Thornsbury & Satish Joshi

  • 2017 Monopolistic Markups In The Polish Food Sector
    by Justyna Kufel-Gajda

  • 2017 Is the price-cost margin affected by the market concentration? Evidence from the Czech food and beverages industry
    by Ivana Blazkova, & Ondrej Dvoulety

  • 2017 Border effects in a free-trade zone: Evidence from European wine shipments
    by Mona Kashiha & Craig Depken & Jean-Claude Thill

  • 2017 Testing Justification For Segment Based Relevant Product Market Definition In Merger Control: Evidence From Turkey
    by Gönenç Gürkaynak & Ekrem Kalkan

  • 2017 On the Measurement of Food Waste
    by Marc F. Bellemare & Metin Çakir & Hikaru Hanawa Peterson & Lindsey Novak & Jeta Rudi

  • 2017 Capturing a Value-Added Niche Market: Articulation of Local Organic Grain
    by Brian P. Baker & June A. Russell

  • 2017 Corn-Ethanol Plant Investment: A Real Options Case Study
    by William G. Secor & Michael A. Boland

  • 2017 Spatial-Dynamic Complexities of Climate Challenge for Rural Areas: Integrating Resource and Regional Economic Insights
    by Rebecca Epanchin-Niell & Yusuke Kuwayama & Margaret Walls

  • 2017 Heterogeneous Behavior, Obesity, and Storability in the Demand for Soft Drinks
    by Emily Wang & Christian Rojas & Francesca Colantuoni

  • 2017 Producción y exportación de vino en España: El caso de Castilla y León/Spains?s Wine Production and Exports: The Case of Castile and Leon

  • 2017 Avner Offer & Gabriel Söderberg, The Nobel Factor: The Prize in Economics, Social Democracy, and The Market Turn
    by Scott Alan CARSON

  • 2017 Nicholas Eberstadt, Men without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis
    by Scott Alan CARSON

  • 2017 The Role of Business Environment in Reshaping the Textile Industry
    by Adriana Ungureanu

  • 2017 A Single Espresso, Please! Rationalizing Espresso Price Dispersion Across Italian Cities
    by Flavio Delbono & Gemma Dipoppa & Luca Lambertini & Carlo Reggiani

  • 2017 A Stochastic Production Frontier Estimator of the Degree of Oligopsony Power in the U.S. Cattle Industry
    by Dimitrios Panagiotou & Athanassios Stavrakoudis

  • 2017 Gravity Meets Pricing to Market: What a Combined-Method Approach Tells Us on German Beer Exports and Pricing
    by Dreyer Heiko & Fedoseeva Svetlana & Herrmann Roland

  • 2017 Economics of farming household’s food intake and health-capital in Nigeria: A two-stage probit regression approach
    by Abiodun Olusola Omotayo

  • 2017 Acquisition Of Mexican Companies By Foreign Investors: Evidence From Catering Services And The Food Industry, Adquisicion De Empresas Mexicanas Por Inversionistas Extranjeros: Caso De Comedores Industriales
    by Sara Lilia Garcia Perez & Maria Hortensia Lacayo Ojeda

  • 2017 Mechanisms and Tools of Accounting and Financial Engineering in Enterprise Management
    by Inna Herasymovych

  • 2017 Willingness to pay for local food?: Consumer preferences and shopping behavior at Otago Farmers Market
    by Berg, Nathan & Preston, Kate L.

  • 2017 Empirical analysis of the national treatment obligation under the WTO: The case of Japanese shochu
    by Doi, Naoshi & Ohashi, Hiroshi

  • 2017 Non-separable time preferences, novelty consumption and body weight: Theory and evidence from the East German transition to capitalism
    by Dragone, Davide & Ziebarth, Nicolas R.

  • 2017 Evaluating the net benefits of collective reputation: The case of Bordeaux wine
    by Gergaud, Olivier & Livat, Florine & Rickard, Bradley & Warzynski, Frederic

  • 2017 Health information and consumer learning in the bottled water market
    by Huang, Lu & Liu, Yizao

  • 2017 The Impact of Internal Determinants and Environment on Market Orientation of Businesses from Slovak Foodstuff Industry
    by Simona Salyova & Janka Taborecka-Petrovicova

  • 2017 To Study Consumers’ Use of Information on Food Labels in Vietnam
    by Nguyen Minh Ha & Nguyen Thi Dung

  • 2017 Evidence on the Extent of Cosmetic Earnings and Revenues Management by Jordanian Companies
    by Ahmad Ahed Bader & Mousa Mohammad Abdullah Saleh

  • 2017 Tendencia de la producción y el consumo del café en Colombia
    by Olga Lucía Ocampo Lopez & Lina Maria Alvarez-Herrera

  • 2017 The Role Of Research In Reshaping Textile Industry
    by Adriana UNGUREANU

  • 2017 Food Safety: Strengthening the Present with an Eye to the Future
    by Fragiskos Gaitis & Georgia Ouzounidou

  • 2016 Craft-Stoff für den Biermarkt?
    by Julia Schricker

  • 2016 The effect of retail mergers on prices and variety: An ex-post evaluation
    by Argentesi, Elena & Buccirossi, Paolo & Cervone, Roberto & Duso, Tomaso & Marrazzo, Alessia

  • 2016 What drives firm profitability? A comparison of the US and EU food processing industry
    by Adelina Gschwandtner & Stefan Hirsch

  • 2016 Leniency and Loyalty in the Choice of Certifiers: Evidence from the BRC Food Safety Standard
    by Talia Bar & Yuqing Zheng

  • 2016 A stochastic frontier estimator of the aggregate degree of market power exerted by the U.S. beef and pork packing industries
    by Stavrakoudis, Athanassios & Panagiotou, Dimitrios

  • 2016 Identifying the Factors affecting the customer’s Buying Behavior: A case study of Men’s cosmetic Market in Karachi, Pakistan
    by Khan, Amber Yamin & Karim, Emadul & Abbas, Omair

  • 2016 Socio-Economic Status and Life Expectancy in Lebanon: An Empirical Analysis
    by Audi, Marc & Ali, Amjad

  • 2016 Concurrence dans les industries de réseau et renforcement du marché intérieur au Canada
    by Corinne Luu

  • 2016 Strengthening competition in network sectors and the internal market in Canada
    by Corinne Luu

  • 2016 Boosting competition on Israeli markets
    by Claude Giorno

  • 2016 New consumers behaviours in the sharing economy: An experimental analysis on food waste reduction
    by Piergiuseppe Morone & Pasquale Marcello Falcone & Enrica Imbert & Marcello Morone & Andrea Morone

  • 2016 KÖLSCH versus ALT: Erkenntnisse aus konsumentenpsychologischen Experimenten
    by Quack, Helmut

  • 2016 KÖLSCH versus ALT: Erkenntnisse aus konsumentenpsychologischen Experimenten
    by Quack, Helmut

  • 2016 Consumers' Costly Responses to Product Safety Threats
    by Ferrer, Rosa & Perrone, Helena

  • 2016 ¿Qué explica el precio del vino? Análisis hedónico del mercado de alta calidad
    by Ignacio Benito Amaro & Gustavo Ferro

  • 2016 Non-Separable Time Preferences and Novelty Consumption: Theory and Evidence from the East German Transition to Capitalism
    by Davide Dragone & Nicolas Ziebarth

  • 2016 The Irresistible Rise of the Craft-Brewing Sector in Italy: Can We Explain It?
    by Roberto ESPOSTI & Matteo FASTIGI & Elena VIGANO'

  • 2016 Permanence and competitive success of the SMIs located in Libertador municipalitiy Mérida, Venezuela
    by María Barrios & Marlene Peñaloza & Daniel Ramírez

  • 2016 Vice versus virtue investing around the world
    by Sebastian Lobe & Christian Walkshäusl

  • 2016 Complexity Management In The Food Industry

  • 2016 Инновационное Развитие Пищевых Предприятий Украины С Учетом Параметров Устойчивости
    by Natalia Chuhrayeva

  • 2016 Joint use of attribute importance rankings and non-attendance data in choice experiments
    by Ali Chalak & Mohamad Abiad & Kelvin Balcombe

  • 2016 Concentration, Product Variety, and Entry-for-Merger: Evidence from New Product Introductions in the U.S. Food Industry
    by Haimanti Bhattacharya & Robert Innes

  • 2016 Robert Dirks, Food in the Gilded Age; What Ordinary Americans Ate
    by Scott Alan CARSON

  • 2016 The impact of social media conversations on consumer brand choices
    by Yizao Liu & Rigoberto A. Lopez

  • 2016 Efficiency and related technological aspects of the Indian food processing industry: A non-parametric analysis
    by Anup Kumar Bhandari & V Vipin

  • 2016 An Innovative Approach For Planning And Execution Of Pre-Experimental Runs For Design Of Experiments / Enfoque Innovador Para La Planificación Y Ejecución De Series Pre-Experimentales Para Diseno˜ De Experimentos
    by Arsalan Farooq, Muhammad & Nóvoa, Henriqueta & Araújo, António & Tavares, Sergio M.O.

  • 2016 Freshwater White Shrimp Supply Chain Performance Assessment, Evaluacion Del Desempeno De La Cadena De Suministro Del Camaron Blanco De Agua
    by Ernesto A. Lagarda-Leyva

  • 2016 Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies In Albanian Food Industry
    by Kreshnik Vukatana & Kozeta Sevrani & Elira Hoxha

  • 2016 Juice Market in Ukraine: State Analysis and Assessment of the Impact of Accounts Receivable of Customers on Its Development
    by Liudmyla Kruchak

  • 2016 Prospettive strategiche per il Made in Italy agroalimentare: un’analisi esplorativa del mercato delle macchine professionali da caffè espresso secondo le 5 forze competitive di Porter
    by Giacomo Fiorani & Alessio Cavicchi & Elisabetta Croci Angelini

  • 2016 Testing the Pecking Order Theory of Capital Structure in FTSE 350 Food Producers Firms in United Kingdom between 2001 and 2005
    by Louie DACOSTA & Charles ADUSEI

  • 2016 Performans Degerlemesinde DEMATEL ve Bulanik TOPSIS Uygulamasi
    by Meltem KARAATLI & Nuri OMURBEK & Emrah ISIK & Ekrem YILMAZ

  • 2016 Time inconsistency and alcohol sales restrictions
    by Hinnosaar, Marit

  • 2016 Consumers’ Purchasing Decision towards Food Products of Small and Medium Enterprises
    by F. Diana-Rose & M. A. Zariyawati & K. Norazlina & M. N. Annuar & O. Manisah

  • 2016 Domestic and Foreign Firms in Russian Food Industry for the Period of 2005-2014
    by Vladislav Spitsin & Alexandr Mikhalchuk & Darya Novoseltzeva & Anton Boznyakov & Lubov Spitsina & Irina Antonova

  • 2016 El Mercado Mundial De Aceituna De Mesa (1990-2015)

  • 2016 Fusionen im Lebensmitteleinzelhandel gehen zu Lasten der Produktvielfalt: Sechs Fragen an Tomaso Duso
    by Corporate author

  • 2016 Unternehmenszusammenschlüsse im Lebensmitteleinzelhandel verringern die Produktvielfalt
    by Tomaso Duso & Elena Argentesi & Paolo Buccirossi & Roberto Cervone & Alessia Marrazzo

  • 2016 Анализ На Пазара И Профилът На Потребителите На Захарните И Шоколадовите Изделия В България
    by Георги Личев

  • 2016 Cooperation in the food industry: contributions and limitations of the open innovation model
    by Corinne Tanguy

  • 2016 Improving Energy Management In The Food Industry Using The Motivational And Prediction Factors Evaluation And Energy Efficiency Measurement System
    by Corina, GRIBINCEA

  • 2016 Profitability of Czech Food Enterprises in Relation to Their Size
    by Ivana Blažková

  • 2016 Where Is The Romanian Wine Industry Heading?
    by NELA Steliac

  • 2016 The Exploitation of the Traditional Component in Restructuring Modern Food Offer in Romania
    by Magdalena Bobe & Roxana Procopie & Maria Alexandra Toma

  • 2016 Innovative Food Quality Models – Developed as an Interface for Modern Consumers and Sustainable Business
    by Rodica Pamfilie & Magdalena Bobe & Lavinia Cristescu & Maria Alexandra Toma

  • 2016 Do Consumers Exploit Commitment Opportunities? Evidence from Natural Experiments Involving Liquor Consumption
    by B. Douglas Bernheim & Jonathan Meer & Neva K. Novarro

  • 2016 The Effects of Tobacco Control Policies on Tobacco Products, Tar, and Nicotine Purchases among Adults: Evidence from Household Panel Data
    by Chad Cotti & Erik Nesson & Nathan Tefft

  • 2016 Particulate Pollution and the Productivity of Pear Packers
    by Tom Chang & Joshua Graff Zivin & Tal Gross & Matthew Neidell

  • 2015 Branchen im Blickpunkt: Entwicklung und Perspektiven der Fleischerzeugung in Deutschland
    by Matthias Balz

  • 2015 International diversification and performance in agri-food firms
    by Raúl Serrano & Marta Fernández-Olmos & Vicente Pinilla

  • 2015 Non-Separable Time Preferences and Novelty Consumption: Theory and Evidence from the East German Transition to Capitalism
    by Dragone, D. & Ziebarth, N.R.

  • 2015 E-Cigarettes: The Extent and Impact of Complementary Dual-Use
    by Doyle, Chris & Ronayne, David & Sgroi, Daniel

  • 2015 Price Dispersion and Informational Frictions: Evidence from Supermarket Purchases
    by Dubois, Pierre & Perrone, Helena

  • 2015 Competition between organisational forms in Danish and Irish dairying around the turn of the twentieth century
    by Eoin McLaughlin & Paul Sharp

  • 2015 Profiling the dietary supplement users in Turkey

  • 2015 A stochastic production frontier estimator of the degree of oligopsony power in the U.S. cattle industry
    by Panagiotou, Dimitrios & Stavrakoudis, Athanassios

  • 2015 Price Dependence between Different Beef Cuts and Quality Grades: A Copula Approach at the Retail Level for the U.S. Beef Industry
    by Papagiotou, Dimitrios & Stavrakoudis, Athanassios

  • 2015 Monopolistic markups in the Polish food sector
    by Justyna Kufel

  • 2015 Measuring Competitiveness of Agro-Food Industries: The Swiss Case
    by Jo H. M. Wijnands & Siemen van Berkum & David Verhoog

  • 2015 Economic Development, Novelty Consumption, and Body Weight: Evidence from the East German Transition to Capitalism
    by Dragone, Davide & Ziebarth, Nicolas R.

  • 2015 Behavioral Responses to Taxation: Cigarette Taxes and Food Stamp Take-Up
    by Rozema, Kyle & Ziebarth, Nicolas R.

  • 2015 Markets for non-GM Identity Preserved soybean in the EU: results from an original study
    by Pascal Tillie & Emilio Rodríguez-Cerezo

  • 2015 Proximity, knowledge base and the innovation process The case of Unilever’s Becel diet margarine
    by Davids, Mila & Frenken, Koen

  • 2015 Politiche di sostegno al settore agroindustriale in Piemonte: una valutazione controfattuale [Supporting agro-food enterprises in Piedmont: a counterfactual evaluation]
    by Sara Pavone & Elena Ragazzi & Lisa Sella

  • 2015 Price Dispersion and Informational Frictions: Evidence from Supermarket Purchases
    by Dubois, Pierre & Perrone, Helena

  • 2015 The Effects of Productvity and Demand-Specific Factors on Plant Survival and Ownership Change in the U.S. Poultry Industry
    by Tengying Weng & Tomislav Vukina & Xiaoyong Zheng

  • 2015 Behavioral Responses to Taxation: Cigarette Taxes and Food Stamp Take-Up
    by Kyle Rozema & Nicolas Ziebarth

  • 2015 Unilateral Effects Screens for Partial Horizontal Acquisitions: The Generalized HHI and GUPPI
    by Duarte Brito & António Osório & Ricardo Ribeiro & Hélder Vasconcelos

  • 2015 A single espresso, please! Rationalizing espresso price dispersion across Italian cities
    by F. Delbono & G. Dipoppa & L. Lambertini & C. Reggiani

  • 2015 Economic Development, Novelty Consumption, and Body Weight: Evidence from the East German Transition to Capitalism
    by D. Dragone & N. R. Ziebarth

  • 2015 Manufacturing doubt
    by Yann Bramoullé & Caroline Orset

  • 2015 Are consumers concerned about plastic water bottles environmental impact?
    by Caroline Orset & Nicolas Barret & Aurélien Lemaire

  • 2015 Methodology for constructing the satellite account for agro-food industry: the Venezuela case
    by Nery Roxana Sánchez Guerrero & Luis Enrique Vargas Osorio & Alberto José Hurtado Briceño

  • 2015 Cambios y ajustes tecnológicos en la agro-manufactura azucarera cubana, 1898-1913
    by Antonio Santamaría García

  • 2015 Internal Funding In The Dairy Industry Companies In The Podlaskie Province In 2010-2012
    by Jolanta £uczaj

  • 2015 In vino veritas: competitive factors in wine-producing industrial districts
    by Ruiz Fuensanta, María Jesús & Hernández Sancho, Francesc & Soler i Marco, Vicent

  • 2015 Welcome to Carpathian Delta! Doripesco’s participation at TuttoFood, Expo Milano 2015
    by COC, Ruxandra

  • 2015 Internationalisation of R&D: New insights into multinational enterprises’ R&D strategies in emerging markets
    by Haakonsson, Stine Jessen & Ujjual, Vandana

  • 2015 Shifts In Lithuania’S Agri-Food Industry Export Competitiveness: A Comparative Analysis Versus High- And Medium-High Technology Manufacturing Industries
    by Vlada Vitunskiene & Evaldas Serva

  • 2015 Prospects of Development of Dairy Products Market in Georgia
    by Malania Elisabed & Kochlamazashvili Lela & Kandashvili Teimuraz

  • 2015 Measuring Brand Personality - Construct Validity Of A Short Version Of A Brand Personality Scale
    by Ulrich Fohl & Simon Elser

  • 2015 Valuating Wine Brands Using The Brand Finance Method - A Case Study
    by Zdravko Tolusic & Sandra Odobasic & Marija Tolusic

  • 2015 Financial Future Prospect Investigation Using Bankruptcy Forecasting Models In Hungarian Meat Processing Industry
    by Dalma Peto & Andrea Rozsa & &

  • 2015 Growth and Prospects of Agro-Processing Industries in Punjab
    by Rajiv KHOSLA & Sharanjit S. DHILLON

  • 2015 Socio-Economic Determinants of Household Food Insecurity in Pakistan
    by Zahid Asghar & Muhammad Ahmad

  • 2015 Le imprese in crescita e la ricomposizione dell’occupazione nei settori del made in italy del veneto
    by Sebastiano Basso & Gianluca Emireni & Maurizio Gambuzza

  • 2015 I flussi dell’uva verso la vinificazione: un’analisi comparata per regioni e macroaree
    by Simonetta Mazzarino & Alessandro Corsi

  • 2015 Extensión de los predios agrícolas y productividad. El caso del campo cañero en México
    by Campos, Francisco & Oviedo, Mariana

  • 2015 An economy of scales: A selective review of obesity's economic causes, consequences, and solutions
    by Cawley, John

  • 2015 Divestiture requirements as a tool for competition policy: A case from the Swedish beer market
    by Friberg, Richard & Romahn, André

  • 2015 Consumer uncertainty and price discrimination through online coupons: An empirical study of restaurants in Shanghai
    by (Catherine) Zhang, Jie & Savage, Scott J. & Chen, Yongmin

  • 2015 El Sector Cervecero Artesanal Español Y Sus Posibilidades De Internacionalización

  • 2015 The Massó Fish Canning Company: An Innovative Family Business, 1883-1994
    by ABREU, Luisa Fernanda

  • 2015 Effets perçus de l’intégration relationnelle entre fournisseur et client:le cas de la prestation logistique au Vietnam
    by Huu Tuyen Duong & Gilles Paché

  • 2015 Análisis bibliométrico para la identificación de factores de innovación en la industria alimenticia
    by Diana Lorena Pineda Ospina

  • 2015 Sustainable Agrifood Investment And Its Marketing
    by Magdalena Daniela DINU (POPA)

  • 2015 The artisanal economy through the prism of practical actions: the case of the parisian glover-perfumers in the 18 th century
    by Catherine Lanoë

  • 2015 Capacité d’innovation du prestataire de services logistiques et performance logistique perçue par l’industriel : quelle relation dans le contexte vietnamien ?
    by Huu Tuyen Duong & Gilles Paché

  • 2015 Innover de façon plus juste ? De la place des connaissances dans un dispositif de coopération sciences sociales – industrie
    by Frédéric Goulet & Sophie-Anne Sauvegrain & Laura Arciniegas & Nicolas Bricas

  • 2015 Le développement d'une logistique durable dans la filière vitivinicole bourguignonne ? Identification des stratégies et pratiques
    by Corinne Tanguy & Michel Martin

  • 2015 Innovation et responsabilité sociale des entreprises (RSE) dans les entreprises agroalimentaires du Languedoc-Roussillon : le rôle de la performance économique
    by Leila Temri & Géraldine Giordano & Myriam-Emilie Kessari

  • 2015 No milk for the bear: the impact on the Baltic states of Russia's counter-sanctions
    by Kaspar Oja

  • 2015 Study on the Competitiveness of the Romanian Meat Processing Industry
    by Silvius Stanciu & Raluca Daniela Rizea & Anca Gabriela Ilie

  • 2015 The Rise of Fringe Competitors in the Wake of an Emerging Middle Class: An Empirical Analysis
    by Alon Eizenberg & Alberto Salvo

  • 2015 Acquisitions, Productivity, and Profitability: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry
    by Serguey Braguinsky & Atsushi Ohyama & Tetsuji Okazaki & Chad Syverson

  • 2014 Apprentissage inter-organisationnel au sein des réseaux interindividuels : le cas de la conversion de viticulteurs à l'agriculture biologique
    by Montes Lihn, Jaime

  • 2014 Açık İnovasyon ve Firma Performansı İlişkisi: Türkiye Gıda ve İçecek Sanayi Örneği

  • 2014 Is there a difference? Exchange rate nonlinearities in European agri-food (versus total) exports to the US
    by Fedoseeva, Svetlana

  • 2014 An Analysis of the World Market for Tobacco Production and International Trade and Its Importance for Turkey
    by Alper Sönmez

  • 2014 Nice But Naugthy: Tv Adverts And Choice Of Food Among Children In Sabah, Malaysia
    by Andreas Totu & Halina Sendera Mohd Yakin

  • 2014 Comportement économique et structures sociales (d’André Nicolaï) ou l’entrepreneur et « son » système
    by Sophie BOUTILLIER & Dimitri UZUNIDIS

  • 2014 Innovations dans l’agroalimentaire le parcours de quatre entrepreneurs héroïques initiative individuelle et trajectoire techno-économique sectorielle
    by Sophie BOUTILLIER & Dimitri UZUNIDIS

  • 2014 The impact of retail mergers on food prices: evidence from France
    by Marie-Laure Allain & Claire Chambolle & Stéphane Turolla & Sofia B. villas-boas

  • 2014 The Impact of Socio-Economic Factors on Life Expectancy for Sultanate of Oman: An Empirical Analysis
    by Ali, Amjad & Ahmad, Khalil

  • 2014 The Impact of Socio-Economic Factors on Life Expectancy for Sultanate of Oman: An Empirical Analysis
    by Ali, Amjad & Ahmad, Khalil

  • 2014 Growth of Maple syrup and related products in Maine
    by Gabe, Todd

  • 2014 Food competition in world markets: Some evidence from a panel data analysis of top exporting countries
    by Donatella Baiardi & Carluccio Bianchi & Eleonora Lorenzini

  • 2014 House Prices, Local Demand, and Retail Prices
    by Johannes Stroebel & Joseph Vavra

  • 2014 Do Pharmacists Buy Bayer? Informed Shoppers and the Brand Premium
    by Bart J. Bronnenberg & Jean-Pierre Dubé & Matthew Gentzkow & Jesse M. Shapiro

  • 2014 The Effect Of Closing Hour Restrictions On Alcohol Use And Abuse In Russia
    by Alexander S. Skorobogatov

  • 2014 A Winning Strategy? The employment of women and firm longevity during industrialization
    by Eriksson, Björn & Stanfors, Maria

  • 2014 Explaining Cluster Evolution from an Institutional Point of View: Evidence from a French Beverage Cluster
    by Moodysson , Jerker & Sack , Lionel

  • 2014 Small-scale food production and location of gourmet restaurants in rural Sweden
    by Johansson, Sara & Pettersson, Lars

  • 2014 Taxation and Economic Incentives on Health-Related Commodities: Alcohol, Tobacco and Food
    by Alemanno , Alberto & Sassi , Franco

  • 2014 Determinantes del desarrollo en la avicultura en Colombia: instituciones, organizaciones y tecnología
    by María Aguilera Díaz

  • 2014 Notas sobre Política de Desarrollo Productivo en Colombia
    by Marcela Eslava & Marcela Meléndez & Guillermo Perry

  • 2014 Does living close to a vineyard increase the willingness-to-pay for organic and local wine?
    by Jean-Sauveur Ay & Raja Chakir & Stephan Marette

  • 2014 Globalization of Brewing and Economies of Scale
    by Erik Strøjer Madsen & Yanqing Wu

  • 2014 The Future of Food Business:The Facts, The Impacts and The Acts
    by Marcos Fava Neves

  • 2014 A Comparative Study On Application Of Regulation Of Hygiene Education Dated 5 July 2013 Between Göynük And Güdül Counties
    by Gökmoğol, Mehmet Ruhi

  • 2014 Determining Factors Affecting Safety Performance Practices Of Construction Contractors In Gaza Strip, Palestine

  • 2014 The Georgian cuisine according to some national and international cookbooks
    by Ulrica Soderlind

  • 2014 Fast food in Tbilisi
    by Ulrica Soderlind

  • 2014 Power and influence in Russian agri-food supply chains: Results of a survey of local subsidiaries of multinational enterprises
    by Belaya, Vera & Hanf, Jon Henrich

  • 2014 Comparative Analysis Of The Bankrupt Companies Of The Sector Of Animal Slaughtering And Processing
    by Sebastian Tomczak

  • 2014 Price Hysteresis After Antitrust Enforcement: Evidence From Spanish Food Markets
    by José Manuel Ordóñez-de-Haro & José Luis Torres

  • 2014 The Effects Of The Economic Crisis On Beverage Sales In Catering Facilities
    by Branimir Markovic & Domagoj Pavic

  • 2014 From Slow Food To Slow Tourism
    by Bac Dorin Paul

  • 2014 Analysis Of Working Capital Management Of Leading Companies In The Hungarian Dairy Sector Between 2008 And 2012
    by Dorisz Talas

  • 2014 Financial Performance Analysis And Bankruptcy Prediction In Hungarian Dairy Sector
    by Rozsa Andrea

  • 2014 Product-Market Profile Research in Dairy Products Sector
    by Radko Radev

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  • 2014 An Analysis Of The Entrepreneurial Potential In Oltenia Tourist Region
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  • 2014 An Analysis Of The Entrepreneurial Potential In Oltenia Tourist Region
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  • 2013 Wine Tourism – A New Image Of Iasi County
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  • 2013 Wine Tourism – A New Image Of Iasi County
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  • 2013 Wine Tourism – A New Image Of Iasi County
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