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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L6: Industry Studies: Manufacturing
/ / / L60: General
/ / / L61: Metals and Metal Products; Cement; Glass; Ceramics
/ / / L62: Automobiles; Other Transportation Equipment; Related Parts and Equipment
/ / / L63: Microelectronics; Computers; Communications Equipment
/ / / L64: Other Machinery; Business Equipment; Armaments
/ / / L65: Chemicals; Rubber; Drugs; Biotechnology; Plastics
/ / / L66: Food; Beverages; Cosmetics; Tobacco
/ / / L67: Other Consumer Nondurables: Clothing, Textiles, Shoes, and Leather Goods; Household Goods; Sports Equipment
/ / / L68: Appliances; Furniture; Other Consumer Durables
/ / / L69: Other

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Roadmap for Renewal: A Shared Platform in the Food Industry
    by Kotiranta, Annu & Seppälä, Timo & Tahvanainen, Antti-Jussi & Hemminki, Markus & Mattila, Juri & Sadeoja, Samuli & Tähtinen, Tea

  • 2017 Strengthening the Management of Ubiquitous Internet by Refining ISO/IEC 27001 Implementation Using a Generic Responsibility Model
    by Feltus, Christophe & Khadraoui, Djamel

  • 2017 Politica industriale e tecnologia in Italia
    by Lucchese, Matteo & Nascia, Leopoldo & Pianta, Mario

  • 2017 Participación online del cliente en el sector de la moda
    by Carlota Lorenzo Romero & Juan Antonio Mondéjar Jiménez & Leticia del Pozo Ruiz

  • 2017 A hybrid space to support the regeneration of competences for re-industrialization. Lessons from a research-action
    by Paola Mengoli & Margherita Russo

  • 2017 A hybrid space to support the regeneration of competences for re-industrialization. Lessons from a research-action
    by Paola Mengoli & Margherita Russo

  • 2017 The empirics of agglomeration economies: the link with productivity
    by Ana Gouveia & Sílvia Santos & Marli Fernandes

  • 2017 Growth, Upgrading And Excess Cost In China’S Electric Power Sector
    by RAWSKI, Thomas G.

  • 2017 Análisis empírico de los efectos económicos de la colusión: lecciones para Colombia
    by Jorge Flórez Acosta & Karoll Gómez Portilla

  • 2017 Faldas por pantalones: las obreras, la brecha salarial, y el sindicalismo femenino en la industria en Colombia en 1945
    by Daniela Santos Cárdenas

  • 2017 Can Africa Be a Manufacturing Destination? Labor Costs in Comparative Perspective
    by Alan Gelb & Christian J. Meyer & Vijaya Ramachandran & Divyanshi Wadhwa

  • 2017 Trade protection and productivity differentials between multinationals and local firms in Vietnamese manufacturing
    by Thuyen, Truong Thi Ngoc & Jongwanich, Juthathip & Ramstetter, Eric D.

  • 2017 Trade specialisation patterns in major steelmaking economies: the role of advanced economies and the implications for rapid growth in emerging market and developing economies in the global steel market
    by Naoki Sekiguchi

  • 2017 Determinants of export diversification in Sub-Sahara African region: a fractionalized logit estimation model
    by Dobdinga Cletus Fonchamnyo & Afuge Ramsy Akame

  • 2017 Prerequisites of efficient decentralized waste heat recovery and energy storage in production planning
    by Konstantin Biel & Christoph H. Glock

  • 2017 Measuring the efficiency of large pharmaceutical companies: an industry analysis
    by Fernando Gascón & Jesús Lozano & Borja Ponte & David Fuente

  • 2017 Clustering strategy and development of subsidiaries in China
    by Francisco Puig & Borja Portero & Miguel González-Loureiro

  • 2017 Economic geography and misallocation in Pakistan’s manufacturing hub
    by Theresa Chaudhry & Muhammad Haseeb & Maryiam Haroon

  • 2017 Manufacturing And Economic Development In The World For 2000-2015: Main Features And Challenges
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen

  • 2017 Customer Satisfaction with Quality of Products of Food Business
    by Petr Suchánek & Jiří Richter & Maria Králová

  • 2017 An Analysis of French Mergers and Acquisitions in Different Sectors of the Czech Economy
    by Eric Thivant & Hana Machková

  • 2017 Modeling the virtuous circle of innovation. A test on Italian firms
    by Francesco Bogliacino & Matteo Lucchese & Leopoldo Nascia & Mario Pianta

  • 2017 Knowledge sourcing from advanced markets subsidiaries: political embeddedness and reverse knowledge transfer barriers in emerging-market multinationals
    by Francesco Ciabuschi & Lingshuang Kong & Cong Su

  • 2017 The footprint of evolutionary processes of learning and selection upon the statistical properties of industrial dynamics
    by Giovanni Dosi & Marcelo C. Pereira & Maria Enrica Virgillito

  • 2017 The American paradox: ideology of free markets and the hidden practice of directional thrust
    by Robert H. Wade

  • 2017 Az ipar 4.0 komplexitása - II
    by Kovács, Olivér

  • 2017 Az ipar 4.0 komplexitása - I
    by Kovács, Olivér

  • 2017 New Outsourcing, Demand Uncertainty and Labor Usage
    by Sasan Bakhtiari & Robert Breunig

  • 2017 A review of qualitative case methods trends and themes used in technology transfer research
    by James A. Cunningham & Matthias Menter & Chris Young

  • 2017 The Effect of Within-Sector, Upstream and Downstream Environmental Taxes on Innovation and Productivity
    by Chiara Franco & Giovanni Marin

  • 2017 Strategic Planning for Xiaomi: Smart Phones, Crisis, Turning Point
    by Lung-Tan Lu

  • 2017 Factores Organizacionales: Su Impacto En La Estrategia De Equipos De Trabajo, Organizational Factors: Their Impact On Work Teams Strategy
    by Velia Herminia Castillo Perez & Mario Alberto Corral Chacon & Alfonso Aldape Alamillo

  • 2017 Innovation In Small And Medium-Sized Manufacturing Companies Located In Puebla, Mexico, Innovacion En Las Pequenas Y Medianas Empresas Manufactureras Ubicadas En Puebla, Mexico
    by Rafaela Martinez Mendez & Maria Antonieta Monserrat Vera Munoz & Jose Gerardo Serafin Vera Munoz & Rafael Martinez Sandoval

  • 2017 Modelling Circular Material Flow And The Consequences For Scm And Ppc
    by Philipp Schäfers & André Walther

  • 2017 Empreendedorismo- Inovação, Risco E Pró-Actividade Nos Sectores Da Indústria E Construção Da Região Do Vale Do Sousa
    by Nelson DUARTE & Francisco DINIZ

  • 2017 Intellectual Capital and Its Impact on the Financial Performance of Russian Manufacturing Companies
    by Tatiana Andreeva & Tatiana Garanina

  • 2017 Cadenas productivas y clusters en la economía regional de Nuevo León. Un análisis con matrices de insumo-producto
    by Gilberto Martínez Sidón & Salvador Corrales Corrales

  • 2017 Corporate credit ratings: Selection on size or productivity?
    by Bakhtiari, Sasan

  • 2017 The cost-quantity relations and the diverse patterns of “learning by doing”: Evidence from India
    by Dosi, Giovanni & Grazzi, Marco & Mathew, Nanditha

  • 2017 Does technology diffusion help to reduce emission intensity? Evidence from organized manufacturing and agriculture in India
    by Majumdar, Devleena & Kar, Saibal

  • 2017 Productive performance, technology heterogeneity and hierarchies: Who to compare with whom
    by Tsekouras, Kostas & Chatzistamoulou, Nikos & Kounetas, Kostas

  • 2017 Do credit constraints favor dirty production? Theory and plant-level evidence
    by Andersen, Dana C.

  • 2017 Access to long-term credit and productivity of small and medium firms: A causal evidence
    by Cavalcanti, Tiago & Vaz, Paulo Henrique

  • 2017 Towards a green economy through innovations: The role of trade union involvement
    by Antonioli, Davide & Mazzanti, Massimiliano

  • 2017 Differential effects of trade openness on Indian manufacturing firms
    by Mukherjee, Subhadip & Chanda, Rupa

  • 2017 Disasters, economic growth and fiscal response in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, 1972-2010
    by Bello, Omar

  • 2017 Desastres, crecimiento económico y respuesta fiscal en los países de América Latina y el Caribe, 1972-2010
    by Bello, Omar

  • 2017 The Influence of Entrepreneurial Education and Managerial Skills toward the Productivity of Silk Industry in Wajo Regency
    by Ramli Manrapi & Amiruddin Tawe & Haerani & Hisyam

  • 2017 How Powerful is Your Customers’ Reaction to Carbon Performance? Linking Carbon and Firm Financial Performance
    by Andewi Rokhmawati & Ardi Gunardi & Matteo Rossi

  • 2017 Environmental Performance Versus Economic-financial Performance: Evidence from Italian Firms
    by Francesca Di Pillo & Massimo Gastaldi & Nathan Levialdi & Michela Miliacca

  • 2017 The Implementing Activity-based Costing Technique and Its Impact on Profitability: A Study of Listed Manufacturing Companies in Jordan
    by Laith Akram Muflih Al-Qudah & Yusuf Ali Khalaf Al-Hroot

  • 2017 The Relative Impact of Bank Credit on Manufacturing Sector in Nigeria
    by Kalu Ebere Ume & Alice Chinwe Obasikene & Chioma Dorothy Oleka & Augustina Ogoma Nwadike & Chinwe Okoyeuzu

  • 2017 Innovation, market power and biotechnology in the Brazilian Chemical industry
    by Gilson Silva jr & José Maria Silveira & Júlia Paranhos & Lia Hasenclever & Rogério Miranda

  • 2017 On the Efficiency of Manufacturing Sectors: Evidence from a DEA Additive Bootstrap Model for Tunisia
    by Mohamed Mehdi Jelassi & Ezzeddine Delhoumi

  • 2017 Does migration promote industrial development in Africa?
    by Mawussé K. N. Okey

  • 2017 Employment By Sector, Productivity And Wages In 5 European Countries, 1965-2015: Fifty Years Of Evolution In Germany, Spain, France, Italy And Uk
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen & EXPOSITO, Pilar

  • 2017 Industrie in Großstädten: Klein, aber fein
    by Alexander Eickelpasch & Rainer Behrend

  • 2017 Analysis in Material Selection: Influence of Normalization Tools on COPRAS-G

  • 2017 Plant exit and U.S. imports from low-wage countries
    by David L. Rigby & Thomas Kemeny & Abigail Cooke

  • 2017 Analysis of Regional Categorization by Employment and Wages and the Possibility of the Virtuous Cycle (in Korean)
    by Jeonghong Kim

  • 2017(XXVII) Financing regional development and competitiveness: problems and challenges at macro and micro level in Bulgaria

  • 2016 Vazamento de demanda setorial e competitividade da indústria de transformação brasileira
    by Paulo César Morceiro

  • 2016 The lack of boundaries resources hinders the growth of industrial internet
    by Castren, Klaus & Kortelainen, Aleksi & Seppälä, Timo

  • 2016 Mid-Sized Italian manufacturing firms: a panel data analysis on profitability
    by Migliardo, Carlo & Schilirò, Daniele

  • 2016 Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization: An Introduction
    by Marini, Marco A. & Corchon, Luis

  • 2016 Scoping Study for The Special Border Economic Zone (SBEZ) In The Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT)
    by Lord, Montague J. & Tangtrongjita, Pawat

  • 2016 Quel niveau de transformation économique pour réduire les inégalités de revenu en Afrique ?
    by Djahini, Edém & Ayassou, Kokou

  • 2016 What is the Effect of Economic Globalisation on the Productivity of the Manufacturing Sector of Ghana?
    by Yeboah Asuamah, Samuel & Broni Pinkrah, Samuel & Quansah Abbey, Paul

  • 2016 Emergence of Innovative Manufacturing Firms across Asian Countries
    by Singh, Lakhwinder & Gill, Anita

  • 2016 Productivité, innovation et politique sectorielle des industries de transformation au Maroc (1985-2013) : Fondements théoriques et proposition d’une méthodologie
    by Benabdelkader, Mohamed

  • 2016 Cirebon as the Silk Road: A New Approach of Heritage Tourisme and Creative Economy
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2016 Islamic Tourism Development in Cirebon: The Study Heritage Tourism in Islamic Economic Perspective
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2016 Industrial Productivity in a Hotter World: The Aggregate Implications of Heterogeneous Firm Investment in Air Conditioning
    by Joshua Graff Zivin & Matthew E. Kahn

  • 2016 Documenting work through videos. A project by Officina Emilia with nine engineering firms in the province of Modena
    by Margherita Russo

  • 2016 Preferential Attachment and Pattern Formation in R&D Networks - Plausible explanation or just a widespread myth?
    by Michael Fritsch & Muhamed Kudic

  • 2016 Evidence on the Within-Industry Agglomeration of R&D, Production, and Administrative Occupations
    by Goldman, Benjamin & Klier, Thomas H. & Walstrum, Thomas

  • 2016 Industrialization and Structural Change: Can Sub-Saharan Africa Develop without Factories?
    by Olivier CADOT & Jaime DE MELO & Patrick PLANE & Laurent WAGNER & Martha Tesfaye WOLDEMICHAEL

  • 2016 The Impact of Trade Agreements on Consumer Welfare
    by Berlingieri, Giuseppe & Breinlich, Holger & Dhingra, Swati

  • 2016 Plant Exit and U.S. Imports from Low-Wage Countries
    by Abigail Cooke & Thomas Kemeny & David L. Rigby

  • 2016 Multiproduct firms, firm dynamics, and the productive mix of Brazilian manufacturing firms
    by Juliana Dias Alves & Mauro Sayar Ferreira

  • 2016 Firm-Specific Shocks and Aggregate Fluctuations
    by Leonid Karasik & Danny Leung & Ben Tomlin

  • 2016 Staffing Strategy of Japanese Companies in China (JCC) : Selection of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    by Lau Chung Ming, Kevin

  • 2016 Two to Tango: Public-Private Collaboration for Productive Development Policies
    by Eduardo Fernández-Arias & Charles Sabel & Ernesto H. Stein & Alberto Trejos

  • 2016 Understanding Changes on the Country-of-origin Effect of Portugal
    by Costa e Silva Susana & Saraiva Lucénio

  • 2016 Déterminants De L’Adoption Des Tic Dans Un Pays En Développement : Une Analyse Économétrique Sur Les Entreprises Industrielles Au Cameroun
    by Ariel Herbert FAMBEU

  • 2016 Industrial policy and technology in Italy
    by Matteo Lucchese & Leopoldo Nascia & Mario Pianta

  • 2016 Monetary Policy Shocks And Industrial Output In Brics Countries
    by Adebayo Augustine Kutu & Harold Ngalawa

  • 2016 Accounting for Inequality
    by Charles Reitz

  • 2016 Competition, Openness and Inequality of Firm Size in the Indian Manufacturing
    by Hariprasad Govinda

  • 2016 The changing economic geography of large U.S. law firms
    by William D. Henderson & Arthur S. Alderson

  • 2016 Can monitoring improve the performance of state-owned firms? Evidence from privatization in a large emerging market
    by Sharon Poczter

  • 2016 Structural Features and Mechanisms of The Korean Powerhouses: What Makes These Niche Companies Leaders in The Global Market?
    by WooJin KIM

  • 2016 Product market regulation and innovation efficiency
    by Chiara Franco & Fabio Pieri & Francesco Venturini

  • 2016 Analisys Of Learning Development Three Levels: Individual, Group And Organizational And Its Relationship With The Percieved Competitive Advantage Of The Company, Analisis Del Desarrollo Del Aprendizaje En Sus Tres Niveles: Individual, Grupal Y Organizacional Y Su Relacion Con La Ventaja Competitiva Percibida De La Empresa
    by Zochitl Araiza Garza & Edna de la Garza Martinez & Nidia Hernandez Castro & Viridiana Alarcon Sanchez

  • 2016 Relationship Between Levels Of Organization Learning,Relacion Entre Los Niveles De Aprendizaje Organizacional
    by Edna Isabel de la Garza Martinez & Zochitl Araiza Garza & Nidia Estela Hernández Castro & Izamar Guadalupe Amador Charles

  • 2016 Use Of The Formal Evaluation Systems And Feedback In Baja California Maquilas, El Uso De Los Sistemas Formales De Evaluacion Y El Feedback En Las Maquiladoras De Baja California
    by Monica Fernanda Aranibar & Blanca Rosa Garcia Rivera & Maria Concepción Ramirez Baron

    by Juan Jesus Nahuat Arreguin & Monica Blanco Jimenez & Jesus Cruz & Diego Buenrostro

  • 2016 Energy pricing reform and energy efficiency in China: Evidence from the automobile market
    by Sun, Qi & Xu, Lin & Yin, Hua

  • 2016 Creating manufacturing jobs in India: Has openness to trade really helped?
    by Vashisht, Pankaj

  • 2016 Eager and able: a study of innovation activity among young, mature and old firms in Norway
    by Pål Børing & Arne Martin Fevolden & Sverre Herstad

  • 2016 Media Coverage and Car Manufacturers' Sales
    by Ralf Dewenter & Ulrich Heimeshoff & Tobias Thomas

  • 2016 A New Combinative Distance-Based Assessment(Codas) Method For Multi-Criteria Decision-Making
    by Mehdi KESHAVARZ GHORABAEE & Edmundas Kazimieras ZAVADSKAS & Zenonas TURSKIS & Jurgita ANTUCHEVICIENE

  • 2016 A New Method Of Assessment Based On Fuzzy Ranking And Aggregated Weights (Afraw) For Mcdm Problems Under Type-2 Fuzzy Environment
    by Mehdi KESHAVARZ GHORABAEE & Edmundas Kazimieras ZAVADSKAS & Maghsoud AMIRI & Jurgita ANTUCHEVICIENE

  • 2016 Adoption of environmental management systems and organizational changes: the case of the French industrial firms
    by Simon Nadel & Danielle Galliano & Luis Orozco

  • 2016 Industry structure and disruptive innovations: the satellite industry
    by Victor dos Santos Paulino & Gaël Le Hir

  • 2016 Pays pauvres, pays bon marché ? Regard comparatif sur le coût de la main-d’œuvre dans le secteur industriel en Afrique
    by Alan Gelb & Christian Meyer & Vijaya Ramachandran

  • 2016 Industrialisation et transformation structurelle : l’Afrique subsaharienne peut-elle se développer sans usines ?
    by Olivier Cadot & Jaime de Melo & Patrick Plane & Laurent Wagner & Martha Tesfaye Woldemichael

  • 2015 Breakthrough technologies - Robotics, innovation and intellectual property
    by Andrew Keisner & Julio Raffo & Sacha Wunsch-Vincent

  • 2015 The Relation between Industry and Services in Terms of Productivity and Value Creation
    by Neil Foster-McGregor & Koenen Johannes & Sandra M. Leitner & Baker Paul & Julia Schricker & Robert Stehrer & Thomas Strobel & Jurgen Vermeulen & Hans-Günther Vieweg & Anastasia Yagafarova

  • 2015 The virtuous circle of innovation in Italian firms
    by Francesco Bogliacino & Matteo Lucchese & Leopoldo Nascia & Mario Pianta

  • 2015 Industrial internet transforms Finland’s challenges into opportunities: background synthesis
    by Juhanko, Jari & Jurvansuu, Marko & Ailisto, Heikki & Alahuhta, Petteri & Collin, Jari & Halen, Marco & Heikkilä, Tapio & Kortelainen, Helena & Mäntylä, Martti & Seppälä, Timo & Sallinen, Mikko & Simons, Magnus & Tuominen, Anu

  • 2015 Designing Security Policies for Complex SCADA Systems Protection
    by Khadraoui, Djamel & Feltus, Christophe

  • 2015 Origin and Destination Sectors of Indirect Domestic Value Added Embodied in Mexico's Manufacturing Exports
    by Fujii-Gambero, Gerardo & Cervantes-Martínez, Rosario

  • 2015 Regional Business Climate and Interstate Manufacturing Relocation Decisions
    by Conroy, Tessa & Deller, Steven & Tsvetkova, Alexandra

  • 2015 Backshoring of Production Activities in European Manufacturing
    by Dachs, Bernhard & Zanker, Christoph

  • 2015 Political Economy of the Debate on Industrial Growth and Stagnation in India: A Review
    by Dutta, Sourish

  • 2015 The structure of steel exports: Changes in specialisation and the role of innovation
    by Anthony de Carvalho & Naoki Sekiguchi

  • 2015 A Constant Market Share Analysis of Spanish Goods Exports
    by Alberto González Pandiella

  • 2015 Measuring Competitiveness of Agro-Food Industries: The Swiss Case
    by Jo H. M. Wijnands & Siemen van Berkum & David Verhoog

  • 2015 The Logic of Agglomeration
    by Gilles Duranton & William R. Kerr

  • 2015 Upgrading of Hungarian subsidiaries in machinery and automotive global value chains
    by Andrea Elteto & Andrea Szalavetz & Gabor Tury & Aniko Magashazi

  • 2015 The Logic of Agglomeration
    by Gilles Duranton & William R. Kerr

  • 2015 Cartels Destroy Productivity: Evidence from the New Deal Sugar Manufacturing Cartel, 1934-74
    by Bridgman, Benjamin & Qi, Shi & Schmitz, James A.

  • 2015 Industrialisation et transformation structurelle : l’Afrique sub-saharienne peut-elle se développer sans usines ?
    by Olivier CADOT & Jaime DE MELO & Patrick PLANE & Laurent WAGNER & Martha Tesfaye WOLDEMICHAEL

  • 2015 Management Instruments Used For The Improvement Of The Enterprise Value Chain In Order To Increase Its Competitiveness
    by Jolanta Walas-Trêbacz

  • 2015 Business Licensing: A Key to Investment Climate Reform
    by Lili Yan ING

  • 2015 Foreign Capital, Credit Constraints and Continuity of Firms’ R&D
    by Pilar Beneito & Maria Engracia Rochina-Barrachina & Amparo Sanchis

  • 2015 Where Have China’s State Monopolies Gone?
    by Paul Hubbard

  • 2015 Where Have China’s State Monopolies Gone?
    by Paul Hubbard

  • 2015 The Virtuous Circle of Innovation in Italian Firms
    by Francesco Bogliacino & Matteo Lucchesex & Leopoldo Nascia & Mario Pianta

  • 2015 Canales de transmisión de la política monetaria en países de América Latina: una explicación a partir de las características de la industria manufacturera
    by Jorge David Quintero Otero

  • 2015 Should everybody be in services? The effect of servitization on manufacturing firm performance
    by Matthieu Crozet & Emmanuel Milet

  • 2015 Manufacturing or Services? An Indian Illustration of a Development Dilemma - Working Paper 409
    by Amrit Amirapu and Arvind Subramanian

  • 2015 Dutch Disease or Agglomeration? The Local Economic Effects of Natural Resource Booms in Modern America
    by Hunt Allcott & Daniel Keniston

  • 2015 Water Use and Conservation in Manufacturing: Evidence from U.S. Microdata
    by Randy A. Becker

  • 2015 The impact of Chinese competition on Africa’s manufacturing

  • 2015 Agglomeration and innovation
    by Carlino, Gerald & Kerr, William R.

  • 2015 A New Approach to Estimation of the R&D-Innovation-Productivity Relationship
    by Christopher F Baum & Hans Lööf & Pardis Nabavi & Andreas Stephan

  • 2015 Norwegian gross domestic product by industry 1830 - 1930
    by Ola Honningdal Grytten

  • 2015 Agglomerative Forces and Cluster Shapes
    by William R. Kerr & Scott Duke Kominers

  • 2015 Manufacturing In Yemen: Challenges And Obstacles

  • 2015 Supply Chain Features Of The Aerospace Industry Particular Case Airbus And Boeing
    by Daniela MOCENCO

  • 2015 Are Our Export-Oriented Industries Technically More Efficient?
    by Tariq Mahmood & Ejaz Ghani & Musleh Ud Din

  • 2015 Review on Lean Tools used in Manufacturing Process Improvement (I)
    by Utureanu Simona & Dragomir Cristina

  • 2015 Applying Triple Helix Concept To Develop Wood Sector In Vukovar-Srijem County
    by Ivan Ambros & Ivan Miskulin & Gabrijela Zalac

  • 2015 Competitiveness Indicators In The Manufacturing Industry In The Republic Of Croatia
    by Lena Duspara & Drazen Holmik

  • 2015 Measuring Brand Personality - Construct Validity Of A Short Version Of A Brand Personality Scale
    by Ulrich Fohl & Simon Elser

  • 2015 Valuating Wine Brands Using The Brand Finance Method - A Case Study
    by Zdravko Tolusic & Sandra Odobasic & Marija Tolusic

  • 2015 Analysing Romanian Industrial Competitiveness Regarding The Recent Dynamics Of The International Industrial Trade Balance
    by Felea Adrian Ioan & & &

  • 2015 Impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) In Select Indian Retail Companies - With Respect to Equity Investment
    by Ponsabariraj Nagalingam

  • 2015 Technical Efficiency Determinants Of The Tunisian Manufacturing Industry: Stochastic Production Frontiers Estimates On Panel Data

  • 2015 The direction of causality between exports and firm performance: microeconomic evidence from Croatia using the matching approach
    by Miljana Valdec & Jurica Zrnc

  • 2015 A firm-level analysis of outage loss differentials and self-generation: Evidence from African business enterprises
    by Oseni, Musiliu O. & Pollitt, Michael G.

  • 2015 Measuring eco-efficiency based on green indicators and potentials in energy saving and undesirable output abatement
    by Rashidi, Kamran & Farzipoor Saen, Reza

  • 2015 Does market structure affect labour productivity and wages? Evidence from a smooth coefficient semiparametric panel model
    by Polemis, Michael L. & Stengos, Thanasis

  • 2015 Finding Obstacles to Growth: Is Infrastructure a Binding Constraint on African Light-Manufacturing Firms?
    by Stefan Reppen

  • 2015 Manufacturing And Development In Countries And Areas Of Asia-Pacific, 2000-2010
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen & EXPOSITO, Pilar

  • 2015 Manufacturing And Development In Countries And Areas Of America, 2000-2010
    by Guisan, Maria-Carmen & Aguayo, Eva

  • 2015 Die ostdeutsche Wirtschaft ist zu kleinteilig strukturiert
    by Michael Arnold & Alexander Eickelpasch & Michael Fritsch & Anselm Mattes & Alexander Schiersch

  • 2015 Factores de la innovación y su influencia en las ventas y el empleo. El caso de las mipymes manufactureras mexicanas
    by Herenia Gutiérrez Ponce & Pablo Daniel Palacios Duarte

  • 2015 L’innovation à l’épreuve des délocalisations : le cas de l’industrie textile en France
    by Dalila Messaoudi

  • 2014 The Performance of Predictions Based on the Dobrescu Macromodel for the Romanian Economy
    by Mihaela Simionescu (Bratu)

  • 2014 Innovation Complementarity and Environmental Productivity Effects: Reality or Delusion? Evidence from the EU
    by Massimiliano Mazzanti & Susanna Mancinelli & Marianna Gilli

  • 2014 Total factor productivity estimation for Polish manufacturing industry: A comparison of alternative methods
    by Malgorzata Sulimierska

  • 2014 Carbon Dioxide reducing Environmental innovations, sector upstream/downstream integration and policy. Evidence from the EU
    by Massimiliano Mazzanti & Giovanni Marin & Susanna Mancinelli & Francesco Nicolli

  • 2014 Special Border Economic Zone (SBEZ) in the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT)
    by Lord, Montague J. & Tangtrongjita, Pawat

  • 2014 A note on the effect of consumer protection requirements on firm strategy
    by Huric Larsen, Jesper Fredborg

  • 2014 التغيير وإدارة التغيير في قطاع الصناعة التقليدية: استكشاف المقومات و بحث في الأدوات
    by Benzarour, Choukri

  • 2014 Inflation, Income Inequality and Economic Growth in Pakistan: A Cointegration Analysis
    by Ali, Sharafat

  • 2014 Dutch Disease or Agglomeration? The Local Economic Effects of Natural Resource Booms in Modern America
    by Hunt Allcott & Daniel Keniston

  • 2014 Agglomeration and Innovation
    by Gerald Carlino & William R. Kerr

  • 2014 Acquisitions, Productivity, and Profitability: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry
    by Serguey Braguinsky & Atsushi Ohyama & Tetsuji Okazaki & Chad Syverson

  • 2014 An Empirical Analysis of Mark-ups in the Argentine Manufacturing Sector
    by Irene Brambilla & Darío Tortarolo

  • 2014 Who Do Unions Target? Unionization over the Life-Cycle of U.S. Businesses
    by Dinlersoz, Emin & Greenwood, Jeremy & Hyatt, Henry R.

  • 2014 Return of the Solow Paradox? IT, Productivity, and Employment in U.S. Manufacturing
    by Acemoglu, Daron & Autor, David & Dorn, David & Hanson, Gordon H. & Price, Brendan

  • 2014 Public-Private Collaboration on Productive Development Policies in Argentina
    by Ricardo Rozemberg & Daniela Ramos & Andrés López & Juan Carlos Hallak & Andrea González & Roberto Bisang

  • 2014 Agglomeration and Innovation
    by Gerald Carlino & William R. Kerr

  • 2014 Agglomeration and innovation
    by Carlino, Gerald A. & Kerr, William R.

  • 2014 What Businesses Attract Unions? Unionization over the Life-Cycle of U.S. Establishments
    by Emin Dinlersoz & Henry Hyatt & Jeremy Greenwood

  • 2014 Who Do Unions Target? Unionization Over The Life-Cycle Of U.S. Businesses
    by Emin Dinlersoz & Jeremy Greenwood & Henry Hyatt

  • 2014 Simulationsstudie zur Anpassung der Produktionsplanung eines mittelständischen Industrieunternehmens
    by Jürgen Wicht

  • 2014 Secteurs manufacturiers dans le système communautaire d'échange de quotas d'émissions
    by Lecourt, Stephen

  • 2014 What Makes Cities More Competitive? Lessons from India
    by Ghani, Ejaz & o'Connell, Stephen D. & Kerr, William R.

  • 2014 Especializaciones reveladas y ventajas competitivas en el Bajio mexicano
    by Kurt Unger & Rafael Garduño & Jose Eduardo Ibarra

  • 2014 Impact of Employment Agglomeration on Patented Innovation in U.S. Manufacturing Industries from 1986 to 2008
    by Abdullah M. Khan

  • 2014 The Effect of Organization Culture and Uncertainty in Supply Chain Management - The Albanian Beer Industry
    by Denisa Mamillo

  • 2014 Un estudio exploratorio sobre el crecimiento de la industria mexicana y el comercio exterior, periodo 2004–2012
    by Gutiérrez-Lagunes, Mario

  • 2014 The Mexican and US economies in the NAFTA era
    by Gregorio Vidal

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    by W. D. Walls & F. Rusco & M. Kendix

  • The South Korean Auto Industry: All Grown Up Now? Since 1962, South Korea has recognized the motor vehicle industry as a critical industry for economic development. The government has been closely involved in the industry's growth from infancy to its current position among the top five motor vehicle producers in the world. The results of this study strongly suggest that the industry as a whole has achieved a minimally efficient scale of operations. However, cross price elasticity estimates indicate that many rigidities exist in the input markets, particularly with respect to outsourced intermediate products. The restrictions on imports of these products may have to be reduced as South Korea seeks to expand its global trade footprint by participating in bilateral preferential trade agreements, presenting challenges for the industry
    by Lila J. Truett & Dale B. Truett

  • Firm Size and Efficiency in the South African Motor Vehicle Industry
    by Lila J. Truett & Dale B.Truett

  • The German Motor Vehicle Industry: Costs and Crisis During the late 1980s and 1990s, Japanese expertise with their flexible and efficient motor vehicle manufacturing system posed a substantial challenge to the German automobile industry. The German industry, renowned for its high quality, struggled to maintain its competitiveness in the new environment. This research investigates cost characteristics of the German motor vehicle industry, using a translog cost function to examine economies of scale, relationships among the input pairs, and other issues involving the industry between 1975 and 2007. The findings include that German automobile production still has available economies of scale at its maximum output level; that the input pairs of capital and labor, capital and insourced intermediate goods as well as labor and insourced intermediate goods are complements, while the other input pairs are substitutes. However, not all of these input relationships are statistically significant. The industry has increased its use of imported (outsourced) inputs, and labor demand has become more sensitive to its own price as well as that of outsourced inputs. The results also suggest that the recent restructuring of the industry has been successful in increasing its international competitiveness
    by TINA M. Lila J. Truett & TINA M. Dale B. Truett

  • Export Performance, Innovation, and Productivity in Indian Manufacturing Firms
    by Santosh Kumar Sahu & Sunder Ramaswamy & Abishek Choutagunta

  • Aggregate Productivity Growth in Indian Manufacturing: An Application of Domar Aggregation
    by Deb Kusum Das & Gunajit Kalita

  • Aggregate Productivity Growth in Indian Manufacturing: An Application of Domar Aggregation
    by Deb Kusum Das & Gunajit Kalita

  • What Constrains Indian Manufacturing?
    by Poonam Gupta & Rana Hasan & Utsav Kumar

  • What Constrains Indian Manufacturing?
    by Poonam Gupta & Rana Hasan & Utsav Kumar

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