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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L6: Industry Studies: Manufacturing
/ / / L61: Metals and Metal Products; Cement; Glass; Ceramics
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Competition, collusion and spatial sales patterns: Theory and evidence
    by Hunold, Matthias & Hüschelrath, Kai & Laitenberger, Ulrich & Muthers, Johannes

  • 2017 Capacity constraints, price discrimination, inefficient competition and subcontracting
    by Hunold, Matthias & Muthers, Johannes

  • 2017 The Schneider company as a key actor of the industrial war in 1914-1918
    by Hubert BONIN

  • 2017 The global iron and steel industry: from a bilateral oligopoly to a thwarted monopsony
    by Sylvain Sourisseau

  • 2017 Zone Pricing in Retail Oligopoly
    by Brian Adams & Kevin R. Williams

  • 2017 Zone Pricing in Retail Oligopoly
    by Brian Adams & Kevin R. Williams

  • 2017 Competition in the International Niobium Market: An Econometric Study
    by Jáilison W. Silveira & Marcelo Resende

  • 2017 Analyzing investment strategies under changing energy and climate policies: an interdisciplinary bottom-up approach regarding German metal industries
    by Patrick Breun & Magnus Fröhling & Konrad Zimmer & Frank Schultmann

  • 2017 New forms of industrial districts
    by Marco Bellandi & Lisa De Propris

  • 2017 Copper Theft in the United States
    by Craig A. Depken II & E. Frank Stephenson

  • 2017 Insight into the Hungarian Automotive Industry in International Comparison
    by János Rechnitzer & Róbert Hausmann & Tamás Tóth

  • 2017 Volatility Dynamics of Precious Metals: Evidence from Russia
    by Berna Kirkulak-Uludag & Zorikto Lkhamazhapov

  • 2017 Sonora state producer and strategic exporter of copper
    by Rosalina JAIME MEULY & Daniela GORMITH

  • 2017 Long-run performance of an industry after broader reforms including privatization
    by Ghulam, Yaseen

  • 2017 Range-based and GARCH volatility estimation: Evidence from the French asset market
    by Benlagha, Noureddine & Chargui, Sana

  • 2017 Relation between Environmental Impact and Financial Structure of Cement Industry
    by Engin Demirel & Ýlknur Eskin

  • 2017 Economic Impact on Financial Ratios of Food Industry at Istanbul Stock Exchange Listed Firms
    by Metin Atmaca & Engin Demirel

  • 2016 Linkages between Gold Futures Traded in Indian Commodity Futures Market and International Commodity Futures Market
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Mathur, Kritika

  • 2016 Impact of Global Financial Crisis and Implied Volatility in the Equity Market on Gold Futures Traded on Multi Commodity Exchange, India
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Mathur, Kritika

  • 2016 Inclusion of Consumption into Emissions Trading Systems: Legal Design and Practical Administration
    by Roland Ismer & Manuel Haussner & Karsten Neuhoff & William Acworth

  • 2016 Le ferriere genovesi in età preindustriale: aspetti tecnici, innovazioni e declino [Genoese ironworks in preindustrial age: techniques, innovations and decline]
    by Giovanni Ghiglione

  • 2016 A GRASP heuristic for the hot strip mill scheduling problem under consideration of energy consumption
    by Karen Puttkammer & Matthias G. Wichmann & Thomas S. Spengler

  • 2016 Empirical Estimation Of The Multiplicative Effects Of Steel Industry In Macedonia By Using Input-Output Model
    by Lazarov, Darko & Kocovski, Mitko

  • 2016 Financial Performance Evaluation of Turkish Energy Companies with Fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy TOPSIS Methods
    by Eyüboğlu, Kemal & Çelik, Pelin

  • 2016 Cartelization, Cartel Breakdown, and Price Behavior: Evidence from the German Cement Industry
    by Kai Hüschelrath & Tobias Veith

  • 2016 Estimating damages from price-fixing: the value of transaction data
    by Kai Hüschelrath & Kathrin Müller & Tobias Veith

  • 2016 Analisys Of Learning Development Three Levels: Individual, Group And Organizational And Its Relationship With The Percieved Competitive Advantage Of The Company, Analisis Del Desarrollo Del Aprendizaje En Sus Tres Niveles: Individual, Grupal Y Organizacional Y Su Relacion Con La Ventaja Competitiva Percibida De La Empresa
    by Zochitl Araiza Garza & Edna de la Garza Martinez & Nidia Hernandez Castro & Viridiana Alarcon Sanchez

  • 2016 Correlation Between Public Funding And Non-Ferrous Industry. Evidence From Cee And Romania
    by Brîndusa COVACI

  • 2016 Renewable Energy Investments During 2004-2015 Period
    by Brîndușa COVACI

  • 2016 Non-Ferrous Exports Concentration And Global Investments
    by Brîndușa COVACI

  • 2016 Die nordrhein-westfälische Metall- und Elektroindustrie im Jahr 2015
    by Matthias Opfinger

  • 2016 The place of gold in the cross-market dependencies
    by Aboura Sofiane & Chevallier Julien & Jammazi Rania & Tiwari Aviral Kumar

  • 2015 Legal and illegal cartels in the European cement industry
    by Fink, Nikolaus & Frübing, Stefan

  • 2015 Implications of the 2030 EU Resource Efficiency Target on Sustainable Development
    by Lorenza Campagnolo & Fabio Eboli

  • 2015 EU ETS, free allocations, and activity level thresholds: the devil lies in the details
    by Frédéric Branger & Jean-Pierre Ponssard & Oliver Sartor & Misato Sato

  • 2015 EU ETS, Free Allocations and Activity Level Thresholds - The Devil Lies in the Detail
    by Frédéric Branger & Jean-Pierre Ponssard & Oliver Sartor & Misato Sato

  • 2015 State Aids for restructuring Spanish Steel Industry in European Perspective
    by Pablo Díaz-Morlán & Miguel Ángel Sáez-García

  • 2015 Industrialisation factors in post-industrial society
    by Vladimir Shatrevich & Valentina Strautmane

  • 2015 Method of decision tree applied in adopting the decision for promoting a company
    by TOFAN, Cezarina Adina

  • 2015 An Alternative Approach for Manufacturing Performance Measurement: Preference Selection Index (PSI) Method
    by Akyüz, Gökhan & Aka, Salih

  • 2015 Giovanni Demaria
    by Aldo Montesano

  • 2015 Ernesto Rossi
    by Alessandro Roncaglia

  • 2015 Screening for collusion: Evidences from the Indian cement industry
    by Sylwester Bejger

  • 2015 Performance-related pay and labor productivity
    by Claudio Lucifora

  • 2015 Diagnostico del Clima Organizacional Promotor de Estrategias Gerenciales en las Pequenas Empresas de la Inustria Metal-Mecanica
    by Maricela Carolina Pena Cardenas & Ma Guadalupe Diaz Diaz & Maribel Moserrat Olivares Medina

    by Luis Aguilera Enriquez & Octavio Hernandez Castorena & Oscar Perez Veyna

  • 2015 Relationship Of Organizational Climate And Job Satisfaction In A Small Family Business, Relacion Del Clima Organizacional Y La Satisfaccion Laboral En Una Pequena Empresa Familiar
    by Maricela Carolina Pena Cardenas & Ma. Guadalupe Diaz Diaz & Alejandra Carrillo Puente

  • 2015 The performances of acquired firms in the steel industry: Do financial institutions cause bubbles?
    by Huh, Kwang-Sook

  • 2015 Behavioral influences in non-ferrous metals prices
    by Cummins, Mark & Dowling, Michael & Lucey, Brian M.

  • 2015 Dynamic convergence of commodity futures: Not all types of commodities are alike
    by Sensoy, Ahmet & Hacihasanoglu, Erk & Nguyen, Duc Khuong

  • 2015 Determinants of Target Dividend Payout Ratio: A Panel Autoregressive Distributed Lag Analysis
    by Kartal Demirgüneþ

  • 2015 Modernisierung und Innovation bei CO₂-intensiven Materialien: Lehren aus der Stahl- und Zementindustrie
    by Karsten Neuhoff & Andrzej Ancygier & Jean-Pierre Ponssard & Philippe Quirion & Nagore Sabio & Oliver Sartor & Misato Sato & Anne Schopp

  • 2015 Modernization and Innovation in the Materials Sector: Lessons from Steel and Cement
    by Karsten Neuhoff & Andrzej Ancygier & Jean-Pierre Ponssard & Philippe Quirion & Nagore Sabio & Oliver Sartor & Misato Sato & Anne Schopp

  • 2015 Kurz zum Klima: Rohstoffmärkte im »Superzyklus«
    by Heiko Sorg & Christoph Weissbart & Philipp Wertz

  • 2015 Cellular Manufacturing Systems: Organization, Trends And Innovative Methods
    by Attila Ä°ÅŸlier

  • 2015 Reallocation and Technology: Evidence from the US Steel Industry
    by Allan Collard-Wexler & Jan De Loecker

  • 2014 Time is money - how much money is time? Interest and inflation in competition law actions for damages
    by Bueren, Eckart & Hüschelrath, Kai & Veith, Tobias

  • 2014 Stratégie d’innovation et leadership : le cas d’ArcelorMittal, leader du secteur métallurgique
    by Anthony WIDEHEM

  • 2014 Metals and engineering vision 2025
    by Nikinmaa, Timo

  • 2014 Porto Marghera and the Industrial Ecology Challenge: Why it did not become an Eco-Industrial Park
    by Mannino, Ilda & Ninka, Eniel & Turvani, Margherita

  • 2014 Behavioral Influences in Non-Ferrous Metals Prices
    by Mark Cummins & Brian M. Lucey & Michael M. Dowling

  • 2014 Co-evolution of Technology and Institutions: Government Regulation and Technological Creativity in the Swedish Moped History 1952–70
    by Blomkvist, Pär & Emanuel, Martin

  • 2014 Transformaciones en la industria siderúrgica durante la post-convertiblidad
    by Juan E. Santarcángelo & Julia Strada

  • 2014 Leadership And Interpersonal Relationships Within The Organizational Climate El Liderzago Y Las Relaciones Interpersonales Dentro Del Clima Organizacional
    by Ma. Guadalupe Diaz Diaz & Maricela Carolina Pena Cardenas & Brenda Alejandra Castellanos Ortiz

  • 2014 BIST’da Demir, Celik Metal Ana Sanayii Sektorunde Faaliyet Gosteren Isletmelerin Finansal Performans Analizi: VZA Super Etkinlik ve TOPSIS Uygulamasi
    by Fehim BAKIRCI & Seyedhadi ESLAMIAN SHIRAZ & Ali SATTARY

  • 2014 Chinese steel market in the post-futures period
    by Arık, Evren & Mutlu, Elif

  • 2014 Trends and developments in long-term steel demand – The intensity-of-use hypothesis revisited
    by Wårell, Linda

  • 2014 London Metal Exchange: Causality Relationship between the Price Series of Non-Ferrous Metal Contracts
    by Mustafa Serdar Basoglu & Turhan Korkmaz & Emrah Ismail Cevik

  • 2014 La reconversión industrial de la siderúrgica integrada en Colombia
    by Patricia Carolina Barreto Bernala & Oscar Gutiérrez Molina & Juan Sebastián Lara Rodríguez

  • 2014 The Internationalization Process Of A Sme During A General Financial Crisis: A Case Study Of A Greek Company

  • 2014 Mergers and Sunk Costs: An Application to the Ready-Mix Concrete Industry
    by Allan Collard-Wexler Jr.

  • 2014 Small Steps for Workers, a Giant Leap for Productivity
    by Igal Hendel & Yossi Spiegel

  • 2013 Energy efficiency and industrial output: The case of the iron and steel industry
    by Flues, Florens & Rübbelke, Dirk & Vögele, Stefan

  • 2013 Long Term Trends in Steel Consumption
    by Döhrn, Roland & Krätschell, Karoline

  • 2013 O desenvolvimento do setor siderúrgico brasileiro entre 1900 e 1940: Criação de empresas e evolução da capacidade produtiva
    by Barros, Gustavo

  • 2013 Price, Return and Volatility Linkages of Base Metal Futures traded in India
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Mathur, Kritika

  • 2013 A study on the Price Behavior of Base Metals traded in India
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Mathur, Kritika

  • 2013 Internacionalizacion y Sistema Nacional de Innovacion argentino: una perspectiva de tramas productivas. Los casos automotriz y siderurgico
    by Morero, Hernan Alejandro

  • 2013 Energy Efficiency and Industrial Output: The Case of the Iron and Steel Industry
    by Florens Flues & Dirk Rübbelke & Stefan Vögele

  • 2013 Potenzialità di sviluppo del settore ceramico in regioni a notevole intensità del sapere locale: il caso della Sicilia
    by Rosario La Rosa

  • 2013 Towards solution based thinking: characteristics of servitization at Hungarian manufacturing companies
    by Demeter, Krisztina & Szász, Levente

  • 2013 Concrete Shoes For Competition: The Effect Of The German Cement Cartel On Market Price
    by Kai Hüschelrath & Kathrin Müller & Tobias Veith

  • 2013 Afganistan And Rare Earths
    by Emilian M. Dobrescu & Edith Mihaela Dobre

  • 2013 A diósgyőri kohászat barnamezős területének fejlesztési lehetőségei
    by Judit Dobák

  • 2013 Rare Earth Elements - A New Challenge for the World Economy
    by Cristina Bumbac

  • 2013 Relationship Of Factors In Job Satisfaction Of Employees Of A Small Business Industry Metal €“ Mechanical,Relacion De Factores En La Satisfaccion Laboral De Los Trabajadores De Una Pequena Empresa De La Industria Metal - Mecanica
    by Maricela Carolina Pena Cardenas & Armandina Margarita Olloqui Lopez & Adrian Aguilar Fraire

  • 2013 Organizational Climate Factors Job Satisfaction In A Company Of Metal Industry €“ Mechanical Clima Organizacional: Factores De Satisfacciã“N Laboral En Una Empresa De La Industria Metal - Mecanica
    by Ma. Guadalupe Diaz Diaz & Maricela Carolina Pena Cardenas & Ivy Oney Elizabeth Samaniego Gonzalez

  • 2013 Dynamic relationship between precious metals
    by Sensoy, Ahmet

  • 2013 Forecasting metal prices: Do forecasters herd?
    by Pierdzioch, Christian & Rülke, Jan-Christoph & Stadtmann, Georg

  • 2013 Investment decision in integrated steel plants under uncertainty
    by Ozorio, Luiz de Magalhães & Bastian-Pinto, Carlos de Lamare & Baidya, Tara Keshar Nanda & Brandão, Luiz Eduardo Teixeira

  • 2013 Energy Sources and Carbon Emissions in the Iron and Steel Industry Sector in South Asia
    by Tapan Sarker & Roberto Corradetti & Muslima Zahan

  • 2013 Redes empresariales locales, investigación y desarrollo e innovación en la empresa. Cluster de herramientas de Caldas, Colombia
    by Freddy Becerra Rodríguez & Héctor Mauricio Serna Gómez & Julia Clemencia Naranjo Valencia

  • 2013 Back on the Rails: Competition and Productivity in State-Owned Industry
    by Sanghamitra Das & Kala Krishna & Sergey Lychagin & Rohini Somanathan

  • 2012 Cartel in the Indian cement industry: An attempt to identify it
    by Bejger, Sylwester

  • 2012 Forecasting metal prices: Do forecasters herd?
    by Pierdzioch, Christian & Rülke, Jan-Christoph & Stadtmann, Georg

  • 2012 The Stubai Co-operative: Using Local Roots for Global Competitiveness Abstract: The Stubai Co-operative, founded in 1897 by several craftsmen and steel manufacturing companies located in the Tyrolean Stubai Valley, has developed in one of the most successful distributors of small steel products in the high quality segment on a global scale. The proposed case study will discuss the reasons for this remarkable success, given that the comparably small Stubai Co-operative is able to challenge big players in the iron manufacturing industry, mainly from the US and the Far East. The Co-operative combines long-lasting local industrial traditions with a process of advanced professionalization and internationalization. Stubai’s success significantly depends on its legal status as a co-operative, as it provides the optimal framework for the successful collaboration of its members. Through the consistent uniformity of its presence, Stubai was able to establish itself in the international steel manufacturing sector as a brand combining the well-known quality of its products with its locality, the Stubai Valley. In a remarkable use of marketing synergies, the logo of the brand was offered (in a slightly changed version) to the tourism office of the Stubai Valley, thus linking the tourism marketing with the marketing of the Co-operative. The historical foundations are another facet of the Co-operative’s grounding in the Stubai Valley. The roots reach back to the 14th Century, when the iron production and the iron manufacturing started in the valley. The founding process of the Co-operative is to be seen as an answer to a severe crisis of the market of iron products at that time –where the Co-operative offered better opportunities for the existing small manufacturers– and political interests of the socio-conservatives, who, successfully, tried to prevent the evolvement of a socialist workers movement in the region. Since then, the number of co-operative members has not been significantly modified. The right of membership exclusively belongs to metal processing companies from the valley. To guarantee the necessary pipeline of a specialised, highly skilled workforce, the co-operative also has enabled the foundation of a College for Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Technique in Fulpmes, the main place of business. A key to success is the diversity and quality offered by the member companies, which all are specialized on their own products. So, the marketing of a wide range of products under one brand becomes possible. By solely concentrating on local production, the information channels are short, what enables quick responses to new market demands. Furthermore, the Co-operative offers its mainly small sized members the opportunity to bring their products to the world market. At present, the Co-operative records a steady growth. Nevertheless, any substantial growth of the Co-operative is strongly limited by its strict focus on local membership. Therefore, its activities on a global scale are limited to being a niche player. Given the size of its main international competitors and the huge potential of simple economics of scale, this will remain a significant challenge to the Co-operative in the long run
    by Elisabeth Reiner

  • 2012 Competitiveness and future challenges of Pohjois-Savo - A report for The Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo (in Finnish with English abstract and summary)
    by Hernesniemi, Hannu & Kulvik, Martti & Ylä-Anttila, Pekka

  • 2012 Kone- ja metallialan koulutuksen laadullinen ennakointi
    by Hernesniemi, Hannu

  • 2012 Reallocation and Technology: Evidence from the U.S. Steel Industry
    by Allan Collard-Wexler & Jan De Loecker

  • 2012 Paving the Way for Unfair Competition: The Imposition of EU Anti-Dumping Duties on Ceramic Tiles from China
    by Kasteng, Jonas

  • 2012 Bank on Steel? Joint-Stock Banks and the Rationalisation of the British Interwar Steel Industry
    by Florian Ploeckl & Simon C. Holmes

  • 2012 Bank on Steel? Joint-stocks and the Rationalisation of the British Interwar Steel Industry
    by Simon C. Holmes & Florian Ploeckl

  • 2012 Performance Related Pay and Firm Productivity: New Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment in Italy
    by Lucifora, Claudio & Origo, Federica

  • 2012 Performance Related Pay and Firm Productivity: New Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment in Italy
    by Lucifora, Claudio & Origo, Federica

  • 2012 Cooperation for the innovation at the local level: a successful Italian case
    by Secondo Rolfo & Angelo Bonomi

  • 2012 Dynamics of the steel and long-term equilibrium hypothesis across leading geo-economic players: empirical evidence for supporting a policy formulation
    by Mario Coccia

  • 2012 Introduction to Energy Systems Modelling
    by Andrea Herbst & Felipe Andrés Toro & Felix Reitze & Eberhard Jochem

  • 2012 Productivity Growth in Indian Cement Industry: A Panel Estimation of Stochastic Production Frontier
    by Sabuj Kumar Mandal & S. Madheswaran

  • 2012 Profitability Analysis and Tax Incidence in Cement Companies
    by Aruna Tyagi

  • 2012 Imkb’de Islem Goren Cimento Sektorundeki Sirketlerin Finansal Performanslarinin VIKOR Yontemi Ile Siralanmasi
    by Unal H. Ozden & Ozlem Deniz Basar & Seda Bagdatli Kalkan

  • 2012 Social Capital Factors That Facilitate Cooperation Between Small Enterprises: The Case Of The Metalworking Industry Of The Central Region Of Coahuila State In Mexico, Factores Del Capital Social Que Facilitan La Cooperacion Entre Las Pequenas Empresas: Caso De La Industria Metalmecanica De La Region Centro Del Estado De Coahuila En Mexico
    by Zochitl Araiza Garza & Nidia Hernandez Castro & Dariela Sanchez Campos

  • 2012 Bulanik Analitik Hiyerarsi Prosesi ile Fabrika Imalat Performansýnýn Olcumu
    by Gokhan AKYUZ

  • 2012 Intra-plant diffusion of new technology: Role of productivity in the study of steel refining furnaces
    by Nakamura, Tsuyoshi & Ohashi, Hiroshi

  • 2012 Markets and the non-monotonic relation between productivity and establishment size
    by Sasan Bakhtiari

  • 2012 Mean Reversion with Drift and Real Options in Steel Industry
    by Luiz de Magalhães Ozorio & Carlos de Lamare Bastian-Pinto & Tara Nanda Baidya & Luiz Eduardo Teixeira Brandão

  • 2011 The impact of cartelization on pricing dynamics: Evidence from the German cement industry
    by Hüschelrath, Kai & Veith, Tobias

  • 2011 Cartel detection in procurement markets
    by Hüschelrath, Kai & Veith, Tobias

  • 2011 Il livello di disclosure volontaria del modello di business all'interno del prospetto informativo di quotazione
    by Carlo Bagnoli & Giulia Redigolo

  • 2011 Medición del poder de mercado en la industria del cobre de Estados Unidos: Una aproximación desde la perspectiva de la Nueva Organización Industrial Empírica
    by Andrés E. Luengo

  • 2011 Price Linkages in the Copper Futures, Primary, and Scrap Markets
    by Aruga, Kentaka & Managi, Shunsuke

  • 2011 Sensitivity of scrap metal prices to global economic conditions
    by Chindamo, Phillip

  • 2011 Demand Variability in Supply Chains: The Influence of Global developments and Globalization on the Local Dutch Steel Industry
    by Herman de Kwaatsteniet

  • 2011 Challenges of Transformation: Innovation, Re-bundling and Traditional Manufacturing in Canada's Technology Triangle
    by Harald Bathelt & Andrew Munro & Ben Spigel

  • 2011 Tacit Collusion under Imperfect Monitoring in the Canadian Manufacturing Industry: An Empirical Study
    by Marcelo Resende & Rodrigo M. Zeidan

  • 2011 Lifting the Veil: The Face of TFP in an Indian Rail Mill
    by Sanghamitra Das & Kala M. Krishna & Sergey Lychagin & Rohini Somanathan

  • 2011 Competition among Spatially Differentiated Firms: An Estimator with an Application to Cement
    by Matthew J Osborne & Nathan H. Miller

  • 2011 Building New Plants or Entering by Acquisition? Estimation of an Entry Model for the U.S. Cement Industry
    by Hector Perez-Saiz

  • 2011 Collaboration and Innovation in Sweden and Bulgaria: A Study of a Mature Industry
    by Maya Hoveskog & Diana Antonova

  • 2011 Crise et modalités d’élaboration d’un compromis social dans le nouveau capitalisme indien
    by Krichewsky, Damien

  • 2011 Measuring and Reporting on Sustainability Performance in the Cement Industry
    by Dan CANDEA & Adrian VAIDA

  • 2011 Biomaterials. The Behavior of Stainless Steel as a Biomaterial
    by Sanda VISAN & Rodica Filofteia POPESCU

  • 2011 Competence-building in foreign subsidiaries: The case of new EU member states
    by Sergey Filippov & Geert Duysters

  • 2011 A managerial perspective of dynamic capabilities in emerging markets: The case of the Russian steel industry
    by Gregory Ludwig & Jon Pemberton

  • 2011 Testing the international linkage in the platinum-group metal futures markets
    by Aruga, Kentaka & Managi, Shunsuke

  • 2010 Dynamic Efficiency Measurement

  • 2010 The Emergence of Wage Coordination in the Central Western European Metal Sector and its Relationship to European Economic Policy
    by Glassner, Vera & Pusch, Toralf

  • 2010 Global Cement Industry: Competitive and Institutional Dimensions
    by Selim, Tarek & Salem, Ahmed

  • 2010 Back on the Rails: Competition and Productivity in State-owned Industry
    by Sanghamitra Das & Kala Krishna & Sergey Lychagin & Rohini Somanathan

  • 2010 Explaining contract choice : vertical co-ordination, sharecropping, and wine, France 1850-1950
    by Carmona, Juan & Simpson, James

  • 2010 Capacity Investment under Demand Uncertainty. An Empirical Study of the US Cement Industry, 1994-2006
    by Jean-Pierre Ponssard & Catherine Thomas

  • 2010 Back on the Rails -- Competition and Productivity in State-owned Industry
    by Rohini Somanathan & Kala Krishna & Sergey Lychagin & Sanghamitra Das

  • 2010 Erosion, Erneuerung, Umnutzung: Arbeitgeberverbaende und ihr Umgang mit dem Flaechentarifvertrag am Beispiel der ERA-Einfuehrung in der Metall- und Elektroindustrie (Erosion, Renewal, Conversion: Employers’ Associations and Collective Bargaining: The Case of the ERA-agreements in the German Metalworking and Electrical Industry)
    by Reinhard Bahnmueller & Martin Kuhlmann & Werner Schmidt & Hans Joachim Sperling

  • 2010 Von der Avantgarde zu den Verlierern des Postkommunismus: Gewerkschaften im Prozess der Restrukturierung der Stahlindustrie in Mittel- und Osteuropa (From Vanguard to Losers of Postcommunism: Unions and Restructur-ing of the Steel Industry in Central and Eastern Europe)
    by Aleksandra Sznajder Lee & Vera Trappmann

  • 2010 Regionale Gewerkschaftspraxis in Ostdeutschland 20 Jahre nach der 'Wende' – eine Fallstudie (Trade Unions in East Germany 20 Years after 'Die Wende' – A Case Study)
    by Stephan Meise

  • 2010 Do Investigations of Competition Authorities Really Increase the Degree of Competition? An Answer From Turkish Cement Market
    by Aydin Çelen & Burak Gunalp

  • 2010 Modern Jewelry Art of Moldova
    by Ph.D. Liliana CONDRATICOVA

  • 2010 Indicatores de Aprendizaje Organizacional Individual en una PYME de Coahuila
    by Edna Isabel de la Garza Martinez & Nidia Estela Hernandez Castro & Nadia Lidieth Puente Muniz

  • 2010 İşletmelerin Kurumsallaşma Düzeylerinin Belirlenmesi: (Haddehaneler) Karabük Demir-Çelik Sektörü Örneği
    by Hüseyin ALKIŞ & Volkan TEMİZKAN

  • 2010 When High-tech meets Low-tech: Eco-innovation Dynamics and Corporate Strategizing in the Construction Sector
    by Maj Munch Andersen

  • 2010 Cuando la alta tecnología se encuentra con la baja tecnología: dinámicas de eco-innovación y estrategia corporativa en el sector de la construcción
    by Maj Munch Andersen

  • 2010 Perspektiven für die Gießereiindustrie – Update der Prognose Guss 2020
    by Hans-Günther Vieweg & Christian Wanninger

  • 2010 Competition and Productivity: A Review of Evidence
    by Thomas J. Holmes & James A. Schmitz

  • 2010 Steel Sector In Poland And Its Condition After Accession To The European Union
    by Grondys Katarzynat & Beata Åšlusarczyk

  • 2009 Persistence and Change of Regional Industrial Activities – The Impact of Diversification in the German Machine Tool Industry
    by Dirk Fornahl & Christina Guenther

  • 2009 Quantifying Non-monotonicity in Productivity-Input Relations
    by Sasan Bakhtiari

  • 2009 Sistemas regionales de innovación: un espacio para el desarrollo de las PYMES. El caso de la industria de maquinados industriales
    by Dutrénit, Gabriela

  • 2009 The Belgian Iron and Steel Industry in the International Context
    by Frédéric Lagneaux & David Vivet

  • 2009 The Iron and Steel Industry in Asia: Development and Restructuring
    by Sato, Hajime

  • 2009 Workers Made Idle by Company Strikes and the 'British Disease'
    by Hart, Robert A.

  • 2009 Workers Made Idle by Company Strikes and the 'British Disease'
    by Hart, Robert A.

  • 2009 Entrepreneurial orientation, organizational learning capability and performance in the ceramic tiles industry
    by Joaquín Alegre & Ricardo Chiva

  • 2009 India’s Outward Foreign Direct Investments in Steel Industry in a Chinese Comparative Perspective
    by Nagesh Kumar & Alka Chadha

  • 2009 China en el siglo XXI, su efecto en los mercados de metales industriales y las implicaciones para América Latina
    by Diego Z. Pulido Lema

  • 2009 Ventajas competitivas basadas en la gestión del conocimiento: El caso de tres sectores industriales del departamento del Atlántico
    by José Luis Ramos R. & Rubén Darío Rangel R.

  • 2009 Ownership and Technological Intensities in Ugandan Manufacturing
    by Rajah Rasiah

  • 2009 Influence of Endogenous Characteristics of Russian Fuel-and-Energy and Metallurgical Companies on their International Financing Operational Factors
    by Teslya, Elena & Alexeyeva, Nina & Gracheva, Polina

  • 2009 The economic consequences of ISO 9000 Certification in East and West German firms in the mechanical engineering industry
    by Nikolaus Beck & Peter Walgenbach

  • 2009 Do Domestic Firms Benefit from Geographical Proximity with Foreign Investors? Evidence from the Privatization of the Czech Glass Industry
    by Elisa Galeotti

  • 2008 India's Outward Foreign Direct Investments in Steel Industry in a Chinese Comparative Perspective
    by Kumar, Nagesh & Chadha, Alka

  • 2008 Metalmaking In Italy, 1861-1913: National And Regional Time Series
    by Ciccarelli, Carlo & Fenoaltea, Stefano

  • 2008 The origins of American industrial success: Evidence from the US portland cement industry
    by Prentice, David

  • 2008 Shipwrecks on the Great Lakes and the Lake Carriers Association
    by Decker, Christopher & Corcoran, William & Flynn, David

  • 2008 The Foundation of Birmingham Assay Office and Silver Workmanship
    by Yoshihiko Okabe

  • 2008 Dynamic Analysis of Structural Change and Productivity Measurement
    by Førsund, Finn R. & Hjalmarsson, Lennart

  • 2008 Do domestic firms benefit from geographic proximity with FDI? Evidence from the privatization of the Czech glass industry
    by Elisa Gaelotti

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