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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L6: Industry Studies: Manufacturing
/ / / L61: Metals and Metal Products; Cement; Glass; Ceramics
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Le luxe, storytelling industry
    by Beaume-Brizzi, Claire & Darpy, Denis & Perret, Véronique

  • 2015 Kurz zum Klima: Rohstoffmärkte im »Superzyklus«
    by Heiko Sorg & Christoph Weissbart & Philipp Wertz

  • 2015 Legal and illegal cartels in the European cement industry
    by Fink, Nikolaus & Frübing, Stefan

  • 2015 Implications of the 2030 EU Resource Efficiency Target on Sustainable Development
    by Lorenza Campagnolo & Fabio Eboli

  • 2015 EU ETS, Free Allocations and Activity Level Thresholds - The Devil Lies in the Detail
    by Frédéric Branger & Jean-Pierre Ponssard & Oliver Sartor & Misato Sato

  • 2015 Dynamic convergence of commodity futures: Not all types of commodities are alike
    by Ahmet Sensoy & Erk Hacihasanoglu & Duc Khuong Nguyen

  • 2015 State Aids for restructuring Spanish Steel Industry in European Perspective
    by Pablo Díaz-Morlán & Miguel Ángel Sáez-García

  • 2015 An Alternative Approach for Manufacturing Performance Measurement: Preference Selection Index (PSI) Method
    by Akyüz, Gökhan & Aka, Salih

  • 2015 Performance-related pay and labor productivity
    by Claudio Lucifora

  • 2015 Diagnostico del Clima Organizacional Promotor de Estrategias Gerenciales en las Pequenas Empresas de la Inustria Metal-Mecanica
    by Maricela Carolina Pena Cardenas & Ma Guadalupe Diaz Diaz & Maribel Moserrat Olivares Medina

  • 2015 Diagnosis of Organizational Climate Promoter of Management Strategies in Small Enterprises in Industry Mechanics
    by Maricela Carolina Pena Cardenas & Ma Guadalupe Diaz Diaz & Maribel Moserrat Olivares Medina

  • 2015 Behavioral influences in non-ferrous metals prices
    by Cummins, Mark & Dowling, Michael & Lucey, Brian M.

  • 2015 Dynamic convergence of commodity futures: Not all types of commodities are alike
    by Sensoy, Ahmet & Hacihasanoglu, Erk & Nguyen, Duc Khuong

  • 2015 Determinants of Target Dividend Payout Ratio: A Panel Autoregressive Distributed Lag Analysis
    by Kartal Demirgüneþ

  • 2015 Modernisierung und Innovation bei CO₂-intensiven Materialien: Lehren aus der Stahl- und Zementindustrie
    by Karsten Neuhoff & Andrzej Ancygier & Jean-Pierre Ponssard & Philippe Quirion & Nagore Sabio & Oliver Sartor & Misato Sato & Anne Schopp

  • 2015 Modernization and Innovation in the Materials Sector: Lessons from Steel and Cement
    by Karsten Neuhoff & Andrzej Ancygier & Jean-Pierre Ponssard & Philippe Quirion & Nagore Sabio & Oliver Sartor & Misato Sato & Anne Schopp

  • 2015 Reallocation and Technology: Evidence from the US Steel Industry
    by Allan Collard-Wexler & Jan De Loecker

  • 2014 Aluminium and the London Metal Exchange
    by Chalmin, Philippe

  • 2014 Time is money - how much money is time? Interest and inflation in competition law actions for damages
    by Bueren, Eckart & Hüschelrath, Kai & Veith, Tobias

  • 2014 Stratégie d’innovation et leadership : le cas d’ArcelorMittal, leader du secteur métallurgique
    by Anthony WIDEHEM

  • 2014 Metals and engineering vision 2025
    by Nikinmaa, Timo

  • 2014 Porto Marghera and the Industrial Ecology Challenge: Why it did not become an Eco-Industrial Park
    by Mannino, Ilda & Ninka, Eniel & Turvani, Margherita

  • 2014 Behavioral Influences in Non-Ferrous Metals Prices
    by Mark Cummins & Brian M. Lucey & Michael M. Dowling

  • 2014 Co-evolution of Technology and Institutions: Government Regulation and Technological Creativity in the Swedish Moped History 1952–70
    by Blomkvist, Pär & Emanuel, Martin

  • 2014 BIST’da Demir, Celik Metal Ana Sanayii Sektorunde Faaliyet Gosteren Isletmelerin Finansal Performans Analizi: VZA Super Etkinlik ve TOPSIS Uygulamasi
    by Fehim BAKIRCI & Seyedhadi ESLAMIAN SHIRAZ & Ali SATTARY

  • 2014 Chinese steel market in the post-futures period
    by Arık, Evren & Mutlu, Elif

  • 2014 Trends and developments in long-term steel demand – The intensity-of-use hypothesis revisited
    by Wårell, Linda

  • 2014 London Metal Exchange: Causality Relationship between the Price Series of Non-Ferrous Metal Contracts
    by Mustafa Serdar Basoglu & Turhan Korkmaz & Emrah Ismail Cevik

  • 2014 La reconversión industrial de la siderúrgica integrada en Colombia
    by Patricia Carolina Barreto Bernala & Oscar Gutiérrez Molina & Juan Sebastián Lara Rodríguez

  • 2014 The Internationalization Process Of A Sme During A General Financial Crisis: A Case Study Of A Greek Company

  • 2014 Mergers and Sunk Costs: An Application to the Ready-Mix Concrete Industry
    by Allan Collard-Wexler Jr.

  • 2014 Small Steps for Workers, a Giant Leap for Productivity
    by Igal Hendel & Yossi Spiegel

  • 2013 Les prémices de la diffusion d'information aux salariés. Les discours des médailles du travail chez trois sidérurgistes français (1934-1977)
    by Labardin, Pierre & Floquet, Mathieu

  • 2013 Systemic Risk and Complex Systems: A Graph-Theory Analysis
    by Lautier, Delphine & Raynaud, Franck

  • 2013 Energy efficiency and industrial output: The case of the iron and steel industry
    by Flues, Florens & Rübbelke, Dirk & Vögele, Stefan

  • 2013 Long Term Trends in Steel Consumption
    by Döhrn, Roland & Krätschell, Karoline

  • 2013 Long Term Trends in Steel Consumption
    by Roland Döhrn & Karoline Krätschell

  • 2013 O desenvolvimento do setor siderúrgico brasileiro entre 1900 e 1940: Criação de empresas e evolução da capacidade produtiva
    by Barros, Gustavo

  • 2013 Price, Return and Volatility Linkages of Base Metal Futures traded in India
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Mathur, Kritika

  • 2013 A study on the Price Behavior of Base Metals traded in India
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Mathur, Kritika

  • 2013 Internacionalizacion y Sistema Nacional de Innovacion argentino: una perspectiva de tramas productivas. Los casos automotriz y siderurgico
    by Morero, Hernan Alejandro

  • 2013 Energy Efficiency and Industrial Output: The Case of the Iron and Steel Industry
    by Florens Flues & Dirk Rübbelke & Stefan Vögele

  • 2013 Potenzialità di sviluppo del settore ceramico in regioni a notevole intensità del sapere locale: il caso della Sicilia
    by Rosario La Rosa

  • 2013 Towards solution based thinking: characteristics of servitization at Hungarian manufacturing companies
    by Demeter, Krisztina & Szász, Levente

  • 2013 Afganistan And Rare Earths
    by Emilian M. Dobrescu & Edith Mihaela Dobre

  • 2013 Rare Earth Elements - A New Challenge for the World Economy
    by Cristina Bumbac

  • 2013 Organizational Climate Factors Job Satisfaction In A Company Of Metal Industry €“ Mechanical, Clima Organizacional: Factores De Satisfacciã“N Laboral En Una Empresa De La Industria Metal - Mecanica
    by Ma. Guadalupe Díaz Díaz & Maricela Carolina Peña Cárdenas & Ivy Oney Elizabeth Samaniego González

  • 2013 Dynamic relationship between precious metals
    by Sensoy, Ahmet

  • 2013 Forecasting metal prices: Do forecasters herd?
    by Pierdzioch, Christian & Rülke, Jan-Christoph & Stadtmann, Georg

  • 2013 Investment decision in integrated steel plants under uncertainty
    by Ozorio, Luiz de Magalhães & Bastian-Pinto, Carlos de Lamare & Baidya, Tara Keshar Nanda & Brandão, Luiz Eduardo Teixeira

  • 2013 Energy Sources and Carbon Emissions in the Iron and Steel Industry Sector in South Asia
    by Tapan Sarker & Roberto Corradetti & Muslima Zahan

  • 2013 Redes empresariales locales, investigación y desarrollo e innovación en la empresa. Cluster de herramientas de Caldas, Colombia
    by Freddy Becerra Rodríguez & Héctor Mauricio Serna Gómez & Julia Clemencia Naranjo Valencia

  • 2013 Back on the Rails: Competition and Productivity in State-Owned Industry
    by Sanghamitra Das & Kala Krishna & Sergey Lychagin & Rohini Somanathan

  • 2012 Cartel in the Indian cement industry: An attempt to identify it
    by Bejger, Sylwester

  • 2012 Forecasting metal prices: Do forecasters herd?
    by Pierdzioch, Christian & Rülke, Jan-Christoph & Stadtmann, Georg

  • 2012 Competitiveness and future challenges of Pohjois-Savo - A report for The Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo (in Finnish with English abstract and summary)
    by Hernesniemi, Hannu & Kulvik, Martti & Ylä-Anttila, Pekka

  • 2012 Kone- ja metallialan koulutuksen laadullinen ennakointi
    by Hernesniemi, Hannu

  • 2012 Reallocation and Technology: Evidence from the U.S. Steel Industry
    by Allan Collard-Wexler & Jan De Loecker

  • 2012 Paving the Way for Unfair Competition: The Imposition of EU Anti-Dumping Duties on Ceramic Tiles from China
    by Kasteng, Jonas

  • 2012 Bank on Steel? Joint-Stock Banks and the Rationalisation of the British Interwar Steel Industry
    by Florian Ploeckl & Simon C. Holmes

  • 2012 Bank on Steel? Joint-stocks and the Rationalisation of the British Interwar Steel Industry
    by Simon C. Holmes & Florian Ploeckl

  • 2012 Performance Related Pay and Firm Productivity: New Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment in Italy
    by Lucifora, Claudio & Origo, Federica

  • 2012 Performance Related Pay and Firm Productivity: New Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment in Italy
    by Lucifora, Claudio & Origo, Federica

  • 2012 Cooperation for the innovation at the local level: a successful Italian case
    by Secondo Rolfo & Angelo Bonomi

  • 2012 Dynamics of the steel and long-term equilibrium hypothesis across leading geo-economic players: empirical evidence for supporting a policy formulation
    by Mario Coccia

  • 2012 Introduction to Energy Systems Modelling
    by Andrea Herbst & Felipe Andrés Toro & Felix Reitze & Eberhard Jochem

  • 2012 Productivity Growth in Indian Cement Industry: A Panel Estimation of Stochastic Production Frontier
    by Sabuj Kumar Mandal & S. Madheswaran

  • 2012 Profitability Analysis and Tax Incidence in Cement Companies
    by Aruna Tyagi

  • 2012 Imkb’de Islem Goren Cimento Sektorundeki Sirketlerin Finansal Performanslarinin VIKOR Yontemi Ile Siralanmasi
    by Unal H. Ozden & Ozlem Deniz Basar & Seda Bagdatli Kalkan

  • 2012 Bulanik Analitik Hiyerarsi Prosesi ile Fabrika Imalat Performansýnýn Olcumu
    by Gokhan AKYUZ

  • 2012 Intra-plant diffusion of new technology: Role of productivity in the study of steel refining furnaces
    by Nakamura, Tsuyoshi & Ohashi, Hiroshi

  • 2012 Markets and the non-monotonic relation between productivity and establishment size
    by Sasan Bakhtiari

  • 2011 The impact of cartelization on pricing dynamics: Evidence from the German cement industry
    by Hüschelrath, Kai & Veith, Tobias

  • 2011 Cartel detection in procurement markets
    by Hüschelrath, Kai & Veith, Tobias

  • 2011 Il livello di disclosure volontaria del modello di business all'interno del prospetto informativo di quotazione
    by Carlo Bagnoli & Giulia Redigolo

  • 2011 Medición del poder de mercado en la industria del cobre de Estados Unidos: Una aproximación desde la perspectiva de la Nueva Organización Industrial Empírica
    by Andrés E. Luengo

  • 2011 Price Linkages in the Copper Futures, Primary, and Scrap Markets
    by Aruga, Kentaka & Managi, Shunsuke

  • 2011 Sensitivity of scrap metal prices to global economic conditions
    by Chindamo, Phillip

  • 2011 Demand Variability in Supply Chains: The Influence of Global developments and Globalization on the Local Dutch Steel Industry
    by Herman de Kwaatsteniet

  • 2011 Challenges of Transformation: Innovation, Re-bundling and Traditional Manufacturing in Canada's Technology Triangle
    by Harald Bathelt & Andrew Munro & Ben Spigel

  • 2011 Addressing leakage in the EU ETS : Border adjustment or output-based allocation ?
    by Monjon, Stéphanie & Quirion, Philippe

  • 2011 Tacit Collusion under Imperfect Monitoring in the Canadian Manufacturing Industry: An Empirical Study
    by Marcelo Resende & Rodrigo M. Zeidan

  • 2011 Lifting the Veil: The Face of TFP in an Indian Rail Mill
    by Sanghamitra Das & Kala M. Krishna & Sergey Lychagin & Rohini Somanathan

  • 2011 Competition among Spatially Differentiated Firms: An Estimator with an Application to Cement
    by Matthew J Osborne & Nathan H. Miller

  • 2011 Building New Plants or Entering by Acquisition? Estimation of an Entry Model for the U.S. Cement Industry
    by Hector Perez-Saiz

  • 2011 Collaboration and Innovation in Sweden and Bulgaria: A Study of a Mature Industry
    by Maya Hoveskog & Diana Antonova

  • 2011 Measuring and Reporting on Sustainability Performance in the Cement Industry
    by Dan CANDEA & Adrian VAIDA

  • 2011 Biomaterials. The Behavior of Stainless Steel as a Biomaterial
    by Sanda VISAN & Rodica Filofteia POPESCU

  • 2011 Competence-building in foreign subsidiaries: The case of new EU member states
    by Sergey Filippov & Geert Duysters

  • 2011 A managerial perspective of dynamic capabilities in emerging markets: The case of the Russian steel industry
    by Gregory Ludwig & Jon Pemberton

  • 2011 Testing the international linkage in the platinum-group metal futures markets
    by Aruga, Kentaka & Managi, Shunsuke

  • 2010 Contribution à une généalogie de la responsabilité sociétale de l'entreprise. Le cas Aluminium du Cameroun (1954-2005)
    by Loison, Marie-Claire & Pezet, Anne

  • 2010 Dynamic Efficiency Measurement

  • 2010 Global Cement Industry: Competitive and Institutional Dimensions
    by Selim, Tarek & Salem, Ahmed

  • 2010 Back on the Rails: Competition and Productivity in State-owned Industry
    by Sanghamitra Das & Kala Krishna & Sergey Lychagin & Rohini Somanathan

  • 2010 The Emergence of Wage Coordination in the Central Western European Metal Sector and its Relationship to European Economic Policy
    by Vera Glassner & Toralf Pusch

  • 2010 Explaining contract choice: vertical co-ordination, sharecropping, and wine, France 1850-1950
    by Juan Carmona & James Simpson

  • 2010 Capacity Investment under Demand Uncertainty. An Empirical Study of the US Cement Industry, 1994-2006
    by Jean-Pierre Ponssard & Catherine Thomas

  • 2010 Back on the Rails -- Competition and Productivity in State-owned Industry
    by Rohini Somanathan & Kala Krishna & Sergey Lychagin & Sanghamitra Das

  • 2010 Erosion, Erneuerung, Umnutzung: Arbeitgeberverbaende und ihr Umgang mit dem Flaechentarifvertrag am Beispiel der ERA-Einfuehrung in der Metall- und Elektroindustrie (Erosion, Renewal, Conversion: Employers’ Associations and Collective Bargaining: The Case of the ERA-agreements in the German Metalworking and Electrical Industry)
    by Reinhard Bahnmueller & Martin Kuhlmann & Werner Schmidt & Hans Joachim Sperling

  • 2010 Von der Avantgarde zu den Verlierern des Postkommunismus: Gewerkschaften im Prozess der Restrukturierung der Stahlindustrie in Mittel- und Osteuropa (From Vanguard to Losers of Postcommunism: Unions and Restructur-ing of the Steel Industry in Central and Eastern Europe)
    by Aleksandra Sznajder Lee & Vera Trappmann

  • 2010 Regionale Gewerkschaftspraxis in Ostdeutschland 20 Jahre nach der 'Wende' – eine Fallstudie (Trade Unions in East Germany 20 Years after 'Die Wende' – A Case Study)
    by Stephan Meise

  • 2010 Do Investigations of Competition Authorities Really Increase the Degree of Competition? An Answer From Turkish Cement Market
    by Aydin Çelen & Burak Gunalp

  • 2010 Modern Jewelry Art of Moldova
    by Ph.D. Liliana CONDRATICOVA

  • 2010 Indicatores de Aprendizaje Organizacional Individual en una PYME de Coahuila
    by Edna Isabel de la Garza Martinez & Nidia Estela Hernandez Castro & Nadia Lidieth Puente Muniz

  • 2010 İşletmelerin Kurumsallaşma Düzeylerinin Belirlenmesi: (Haddehaneler) Karabük Demir-Çelik Sektörü Örneği
    by Hüseyin ALKIŞ & Volkan TEMİZKAN

  • 2010 When High-tech meets Low-tech: Eco-innovation Dynamics and Corporate Strategizing in the Construction Sector
    by Maj Munch Andersen

  • 2010 Cuando la alta tecnología se encuentra con la baja tecnología: dinámicas de eco-innovación y estrategia corporativa en el sector de la construcción
    by Maj Munch Andersen

  • 2010 Perspektiven für die Gießereiindustrie – Update der Prognose Guss 2020
    by Hans-Günther Vieweg & Christian Wanninger

  • 2010 Competition and Productivity: A Review of Evidence
    by Thomas J. Holmes & James A. Schmitz

  • 2010 Steel Sector In Poland And Its Condition After Accession To The European Union
    by Grondys Katarzynat & Beata Åšlusarczyk

  • 2009 Persistence and Change of Regional Industrial Activities – The Impact of Diversification in the German Machine Tool Industry
    by Dirk Fornahl & Christina Guenther

  • 2009 Quantifying Non-monotonicity in Productivity-Input Relations
    by Sasan Bakhtiari

  • 2009 Sistemas regionales de innovación: un espacio para el desarrollo de las PYMES. El caso de la industria de maquinados industriales
    by Dutrénit, Gabriela

  • 2009 The Belgian Iron and Steel Industry in the International Context
    by Frédéric Lagneaux & David Vivet

  • 2009 The Iron and Steel Industry in Asia: Development and Restructuring
    by Sato, Hajime

  • 2009 Workers Made Idle by Company Strikes and the 'British Disease'
    by Hart, Robert A.

  • 2009 Workers Made Idle by Company Strikes and the 'British Disease'
    by Hart, Robert A.

  • 2009 Entrepreneurial orientation, organizational learning capability and performance in the ceramic tiles industry
    by Joaquín Alegre & Ricardo Chiva

  • 2009 India’s Outward Foreign Direct Investments in Steel Industry in a Chinese Comparative Perspective
    by Nagesh Kumar & Alka Chadha

  • 2009 China en el siglo XXI, su efecto en los mercados de metales industriales y las implicaciones para América Latina
    by Diego Z. Pulido Lema

  • 2009 Ownership and Technological Intensities in Ugandan Manufacturing
    by Rajah Rasiah

  • 2009 Influence of Endogenous Characteristics of Russian Fuel-and-Energy and Metallurgical Companies on their International Financing Operational Factors
    by Teslya, Elena & Alexeyeva, Nina & Gracheva, Polina

  • 2009 The economic consequences of ISO 9000 Certification in East and West German firms in the mechanical engineering industry
    by Nikolaus Beck & Peter Walgenbach

  • 2009 Do Domestic Firms Benefit from Geographical Proximity with Foreign Investors? Evidence from the Privatization of the Czech Glass Industry
    by Elisa Galeotti

  • 2009 Ventajas competitivas basadas en la gestión del conocimiento: El caso de tres sectores industriales del departamento del Atlántico
    by José Luis Ramos R. & Rubén Darío Rangel R.

  • 2008 India's Outward Foreign Direct Investments in Steel Industry in a Chinese Comparative Perspective
    by Kumar, Nagesh & Chadha, Alka

  • 2008 Metalmaking In Italy, 1861-1913: National And Regional Time Series
    by Ciccarelli, Carlo & Fenoaltea, Stefano

  • 2008 The origins of American industrial success: Evidence from the US portland cement industry
    by Prentice, David

  • 2008 Shipwrecks on the Great Lakes and the Lake Carriers Association
    by Decker, Christopher & Corcoran, William & Flynn, David

  • 2008 The Foundation of Birmingham Assay Office and Silver Workmanship
    by Yoshihiko Okabe

  • 2008 Dynamic Analysis of Structural Change and Productivity Measurement
    by Førsund, Finn R. & Hjalmarsson, Lennart

  • 2008 Do domestic firms benefit from geographic proximity with FDI? Evidence from the privatization of the Czech glass industry
    by Elisa Gaelotti

  • 2008 Can Imports Discipline Collusive Firms? Case of the Philippine Cement Industry
    by Rafaelita M. Aldaba

  • 2008 The endogeneity problem and fdi in transition: evidence from the privatized glass sector
    by Elisa Galeotti & Eva Ryšavá

  • 2008 Competitividad del sector del vidrio templado en Colombia
    by Javier Mauricio Mendoza Paredes

  • 2008 Zeitarbeit in der sächsischen Metall- und Elektroindustrie : die Sicht der Unternehmen
    by Joachim Ragnitz

  • 2008 Trade Policy and Loss Aversion
    by Caroline Freund & Caglar Ozden

  • 2007 Restructuring of Energy-intensive Industrial Branches in Romania and Proposals for Industrial Policy Measures
    by Edward Christie & Gabor Hunya & Waltraut Urban

  • 2007 e-Commerce as a sign: The diffusion of electronic commerce in the UK ceramic industry
    by Thea Hinde

  • 2007 Imposing a unilateral carbon constraint on European energy-intensive industries and its impact on their international competitiveness - data & analysis
    by Bergmann, Manfred & Schmitz, Andreas & Hayden, Mark & Kosonen, Katri

  • 2007 Trade Policy and Market Power: The Case of the US Steel Industry
    by Bruce A. Blonigen & Benjamin H. Liebman & Wesley W. Wilson

  • 2007 Consumo de Acero, Inversión y Producto en América Latina. Un Análisis de Cointegración y de la Dinámica de Corto Plazo
    by Juan Eduardo Coeymans.

  • 2007 Modelling and Optimizing Imperfect Maintenance of Coatings on Steel Structures
    by Nicolai, R.P. & Frenk, J.B.G. & Dekker, R.

  • 2007 Productivity and Transition in Swedish Iron and Steel, 1870-1940
    by Houpt, Stefan

  • 2007 Did US Safeguards Affect Mark-ups of EU Steel Producers?
    by Vandenbussche, Hylke & Zarnic, Ziga

  • 2007 Competencias endógenas y vinculaciones en agentes pertenecientes a las tramas productivas automotriz y siderúrgica
    by Sonia Roitter & Analía Erbes & Gabriel Yoguel & Marcelo Delfini & Andrea Pujol

  • 2007 Las Relaciones Fabricante Distribuidor Como Elementosb Ásicos De Competitividad: Evaluación De Tres Factores Moderadores. Análisis Empírico En El Caso Del Cluster Cerámico Español
    by Patricia B, Márquez Rodríguez

  • 2007 Structuralanalysis Ofturkish Cementsector Within Contextofconcentration And Marketstructure Relation
    by Cetin Polat

  • 2006 Pollution and Informal Sector: A Theoretical Analysis
    by Chaudhuri, Sarbajit & Mukhopadhyay, Ujjaini

  • 2006 Sonuçsuz tespit girişimleri ve yetersiz cezalar kartelleri zayıflatacağına güçlendirebilir
    by Serdar DALKIR

  • 2006 Impact of joining the WTO on Ukrainian ferrous metallurgy: subsidies vs. antidumping, is there really a trade-off?
    by Eromenko, Igor & Lisenkova, Katerina

  • 2006 Did US Safeguard Protection on Steel Affect Market Power of European Steel Producers?
    by Hylke Vandenbussche & Ziga Zarnic

  • 2006 Assessment of damages in the district heating pipe cartel
    by Møllgaard, Peter

  • 2006 Market power in oligopoly: The case of the Ukrainian cement industry
    by Isayenko Oleksiy & Maryanchyk Ivan

  • 2006 Relative property rights in transition economies: Can the oligarchs be productive?
    by Gorodnichenko Yury & Grigorenko Yegor & Ostanin Dmytro

  • 2006 El sector de materiales de construcción en Bogotá - Cundinamarca
    by Camila Aguilar & Nicolás León & Marcela Meléndez

  • 2005 Screening markets for cartel detection - collusive marker in the CFD cartel-audit
    by Christian Lorenz

  • 2005 Consequences of the IPPC-directive’s BAT requirements for abatement costs and emissions
    by Jan Larsson & Kjetil Telle

  • 2005 Technology Adoption, Learning by Doing, and Productivity: A Study from Steel Refining Furnaces
    by Hiroshi Ohashi & Tsuyoshi Nakamura

  • 2005 Testing for Market Power under the Two-Price System in the U.S. Copper Industry
    by Claudio Agostini

  • 2005 Technical Efficiency in the Iron and Steel Industry: A Stochastic Frontier Approach
    by Jung Woo Kim & Jeong Yeon Lee & Jae Yong Kim & Hoe Kyung Lee

  • 2005 Impact of joining the WTO on Ukrainian ferrous metallurgy
    by Eremenko Igor & Lisenkova Katerina

  • 2005 The Position of Metalworking Industries in the Structure of an Industrializing Economy 1/Situación estructural de las industrias metal-mecánicas en las economías industrializadas

  • 2005 Price discrimination and market power in export markets: The case of the ceramic tile industry
    by Francisco Requena Silvente

  • 2004 Price Discrimination in the Steel Market
    by John Rust & Hui Man Chan & George Hall

  • 2004 Economies of Scale in the Global Iron-Making Industry
    by Paul Crompton & Jean-Baptiste Lesourd

  • 2004 Solving a concrete sleepers production scheduling by genetic algorithms
    by M. E. Pérez-Vázquez & A. M. Gento-Municio & Helena Ramalhinho-Lourenço

  • 2004 Measuring the Effectiveness of Competition Policy: Evidence from the Turkish Cement Industry
    by Kulaksizoglu, Tamer

  • 2004 The Impact on Ukraine of Joining the WTO: Subsidies vs. Antidumping in Ferrous Metallurgy
    by Igor Eremenko & Katerina Lisenkova

  • 2004 El proceso de innovación, sus determinantes e impacto en la industria metalúrgica semi-integrada de Boyacá
    by Jorge Humberto Saavedra & Dolly Yazmín Camacho Corredor

  • 2004 Metallhandwerk kann mit leichter Erholung rechnen
    by Hans-Dieter Karl

  • 2004 The Impact of Environmental Regulation on Competitiveness in the European Cement Industry - Results of a Matched Plant Comparison between Germany, Spain and the UK
    by Ursula Triebswetter & D. Hitchens

  • 2004 The Trade Structure And Export Performance Of Turkish Glass And Ceramic Industries In The European Market
    by Gonca Konyal› & P›nar Narin Emirhan

  • 2003 Grandes indústrias e impacto ambiental: análise empírica e métodos de mensuração aplicados às indústrias da Bacia do Piracicaba (MG)
    by Tania Moreira Braga & Irina Mikailova & Cláudio Bueno Guerra & Flavia Diniz Ravski

  • 2003 Testing the Multiproduct Hypothesis on Norwegian Aluminium Industry Plants
    by Jan Larsson

  • 2003 Competitive Strategy of the Japanese Integrated Steel Firms in Mature Stage
    by Kawabata, Nozomu

  • 2003 The Cutting Edge of Modernity: Machine Tools in the United States and Germany 1930-1945
    by Ristuccia , C.A. & Tooze, J.A.

  • 2003 Iso 9000 And Formalization – How Organizational Contingencies Affect Organizational Responses To Institutional Forces
    by Nikolaus Beck & Peter Walgenbach

  • 2003 Assessment of the «district effect» through non-radial measures of technical efficiency
    by Hernández Sancho, Francesc & Soler i Marco, Vicent

  • 2002 Meaningful and Measurable Market Domination
    by Lisbeth F. la Cour & H. Peter Møllgaard

  • 2002 Solution of Macromodels with Hansen-Sargent Robust Policies: Some Extensions
    by Giordani, Paolo & Söderlind, Paul

  • 2002 Institutional Transplant and American Corporate Governance: The case of Ferodyn
    by Suzanne Konzelmann

  • 2002 Experiences of Technological Partnership of Japan with Overseas: The Case of Steel Industry
    by Akio Hosono & Nobuaki Hamaguchi

  • 2001 Has Futures Trading Affected the Volatility of Aluminium Transactions Prices?
    by Isabel Figuerola-Ferretti & Christopher L. Gilbert

  • 2001 Price Variability and Marketing Method in the Non-Ferrous Metals Industry
    by Isabel Figuerola-Ferretti & Christopher L. Gilbert

  • 2001 An Empty Promise: Average Cost Savings and Scale Economies Among Canadian and American Manufacturers, 1910-1998
    by Ian Keay

  • 2001 Subcontracting dynamics and economic development: A study on textile and engineering industries
    by Erol Taymaz & Yilmaz Kilicaslan

  • 2001 Collective Invention during the British Industrial Revolution The Case of the Cornish Pumping Engine
    by Alessandro Nuvolari

  • 2000 Heterogeneity in Returns to Scale: A Random Coefficient Analysis with Unbalanced Panel Data
    by Erik Biørn & Kjersti-Gro Lindquist & Terje Skjerpen

  • 2000 A micro-econometric model of a short run cost function with unobserved heterogeneity
    by Prentice, David

  • 2000 Estimating a Differentiated Products Model with a Discrete/Continuous Choice and Limited Data
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