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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C4: Econometric and Statistical Methods: Special Topics
/ / / C44: Operations Research; Statistical Decision Theory
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Technology Assessment

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 σ-µ efficiency analysis: A new methodology for evaluating units through composite indices
    by Greco, Salvatore & Ishizaka, Alessio & Tasiou, Menelaos & Torrisi, Gianpiero

  • 2018 A satisficing approach to eliciting risk preferences
    by Berg, Nathan & Prakhya, Srinivas & Ranganathan, Kavitha

  • 2017 Simulation Optimization through Regression or Kriging Metamodels
    by Kleijnen, J.P.C.

  • 2017 Design and Analysis of simulation experiments : Tutorial
    by Kleijnen, J.P.C.

  • 2017 Testing the Assumptions of Sequential Bifurcation for Factor Screening (revision of CentER DP 2015-034)
    by Shi, Wen & Kleijnen, J.P.C.

  • 2017 Sequential Probability Ration Tests : Conservative and Robust
    by Kleijnen, J.P.C. & Shi, Wen

  • 2017 Kriging : Methods and Applications
    by Kleijnen, J.P.C.

  • 2017 Exploring farmers? selection of crop protection levels as an adaptation strategy to climate risks
    by Sonia Quiroga & Emilio Cerdá

  • 2017 Analysis Of Inventory Policy For Perishable Goods Having Constant Demand
    by Sarbjit Singh

  • 2017 Статистическая Оценка Налогового Контроля Как Инструмент Налогового Мониторинга
    by Zaruk, Natalia & Tikhonova, Anna & Lukina, Valentina

  • 2017 Tournaments with subsequent group stages are incentive incompatible
    by Csató, László

  • 2017 Was Zidane honest or well-informed? How UEFA barely avoided a serious scandal
    by Csató, László

  • 2017 Is the Grass Always Greener on the Other Side of the fence? Composite Index of Well-Being Taking into Account the Local Relative Appreciations in Better Life Index
    by Greco, Salvatore & Ishizaka, Alessio & Resce, Giuliano & Torrisi, Gianpiero

  • 2017 European qualifiers to the 2018 FIFA World Cup can be manipulated
    by Csató, László

  • 2017 Cost-benefit analysis for flood risk management and water governance in the Netherlands; an overview of one century
    by Bos, Frits & Zwaneveld, Peter

  • 2017 Using machine learning for financial fraud detection in the accounts of companies investigated for money laundering
    by José A. Álvarez-Jareño & Elena Badal-Valero & José Manuel Pavía

  • 2017 What types are there?
    by COSAERT Sam

  • 2017 Higher order moments of the estimated tangency portfolio weights
    by Javed, Farrukh & Mazur, Stepan & Ngailo, Edward

  • 2017 Discriminant analysis in small and large dimensions
    by Bodnar, Taras & Mazur, Stepan & Ngailo, Edward & Parolya, Nestor

  • 2017 Scrubber: a potentially overestimated compliance method for the Emission Control Areas - The importance of involving a ship's sailing pattern in the evaluation
    by Gu, Yewen & Wallace, Stein W.

  • 2017 Stochastic programs with binary distributions: Structural properties of scenario trees and algorithms
    by Prochazka, Vit & Wallace, Stein W.

  • 2017 Profit-oriented scheduling of resource-constrained projects with flexible capacity constraints
    by Schnabel, André & Kellenbrink, Carolin & Helber, Stefan

  • 2017 Exploring health outcomes by stochastic multi-objective acceptability analysis: an application to Italian regions
    by Raffaele Lagravinese & Paolo Liberati & Giuliano Resce

  • 2017 On the gains of using high frequency data and higher moments in Portfolio Selection
    by Rui Pedro Brito & Hélder Sebastião & Pedro Godinho

  • 2017 Computation of the Corrected Cornish-Fisher Expansion using the Response Surface Methodology: Application to V aR and CV aR
    by Charles-Olivier Amédée-Manesme & Fabrice Barthélémy & Didier Maillard

  • 2017 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification can be manipulated
    by Csató, László

  • 2017 Robust estimation of cost efficiency in non-parametric frontier models
    by Galina Besstremyannaya & Jaak Simm & Sergei Golovan

  • 2017 Machine learning at central banks
    by Chakraborty, Chiranjit & Joseph, Andreas

  • 2017 Regional effectiveness of innovation – leaders and followers of the EU NUTS 0 and NUTS 2 regions
    by Agata Zoltaszek & Alicja Olejnik

  • 2017 A Naïve Approach to Bidding
    by Paul Pezanis-Christou & Hang Wu

  • 2017 European railway reforms and efficiency: Review of evidence in the literature
    by Fitzová Hana

  • 2017 Assessing the Performance of the Construction Sectors in the Baltic States and Poland
    by Valentinas Podvezko & Simona Kildienė & Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas

  • 2017 Portfolio choice with high frequency data: CRRA preferences and the liquidity effect
    by R. P. Brito & H. Sebastião & P. Godinho

  • 2017 Allocation of seminar applicants
    by Andreas Kleine & Andreas Dellnitz

  • 2017 Enhancing individual entrepreneurial orientation measurement using a metacognitive decision making-based framework
    by Fernando A. F. Ferreira & Marjan S. Jalali & Paulo Bento & Carla S. E. Marques & João J. M. Ferreira

  • 2017 Convex and convex-like optimization over a range inclusion problem and first applications
    by Hocine Mokhtar-Kharroubi

  • 2017 Regional analytics
    by Alan T. Murray

  • 2017 How risky is the optimal portfolio which maximizes the Sharpe ratio?
    by Taras Bodnar & Taras Zabolotskyy

  • 2017 Using The Philips Curve In Macroeconomic Analysis
    by Constantin ANGHELACHE & Alexandru MANOLE & Madalina-Gabriela ANGHEL & Maria MIREA

  • 2017 The Use Of The Pivot Pairwise Relative Criteria Importance Assessment Method For Determining The Weights Of Criteria
    by Dragisa STANUJKIC & Edmundas Kazimieras ZAVADSKAS & Darjan KARABASEVIC & Florentin SMARANDACHE & Zenonas TURSKIS

  • 2017 On the Protection of Investment Capital During Financial Crisis in the South African Equity Market: A Risk-Based Asset Allocation Approach
    by MUTEBA MWAMBA, John Weirstrass & MANTSHIMULI, Lamukanyani

  • 2017 Cross-Ownership: A Device for Management Entrenchment?
    by Marc Levy & Ariane Szafarz

  • 2017 Analysis of the emergency service applying the queueing theory
    by Gustavo Ramiro Rodríguez Jáuregui & Ana Karen González Pérez & Salvador Hernández González & Manuel Darío Hernández Ripalda

  • 2017 Análisis del servicio de Urgencias aplicando teoría de líneas de espera
    by Gustavo Ramiro Rodríguez Jáuregui & Ana Karen González Pérez & Salvador Hernández González & Manuel Darío Hernández Ripalda

  • 2017 Proposal of a coefficient to evaluate the management of the internal control
    by Leudis Orlando Vega de la Cruz & Yosvani Orlando Lao León & Any Flor Nieves Julbe

  • 2017 Propuesta de un índice para evaluar la gestión del control interno
    by Leudis Orlando Vega de la Cruz & Yosvani Orlando Lao León & Any Flor Nieves Julbe

  • 2017 Comparing Statistical and Data Mining Techniques for Enrichment Ontology with Instances
    by Aurawan Imsombut & Jesada Kajornrit

  • 2017 18. International symposium on econometrics operation research and statistics
    by Mehmet BÖLÜKBAÞ

  • 2017 Application of Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods on Six Sigma Projects Selection
    by Engin ÇAKIR

  • 2017 A comprehensive and quantitative internal control index: construction, validation, and impact
    by Hanwen Chen & Wang Dong & Hongling Han & Nan Zhou

  • 2017 Application of extended Dempster–Shafer theory of evidence in accident probability estimation for dangerous goods transportation
    by Yee Leung & Rongrong Li & Nannan Ji

  • 2017 Applicability of open-source web mapping libraries for building massive Web GIS clients
    by Gábor Farkas

  • 2017 Numerical Modeling of Dependent Credit Rating Transitions with Asynchronously Moving Industries
    by D. V. Boreiko & Y. M. Kaniovski & G. Ch. Pflug

  • 2017 The dampening effect of iceberg orders on small traders’ welfare
    by Laura Delaney & Polina Kovaleva

  • 2017 Improving service quality to local communities via a citizen satisfaction measurement in Greece: The 'MUSA' approach
    by Theodore Metaxas & Elisavet Makaratzi & Konstantinos Terzidis

  • 2017 Index tracking and enhanced indexing using cointegration and correlation with endogenous portfolio selection
    by Sant’Anna, Leonardo R. & Filomena, Tiago P. & Caldeira, João F.

  • 2017 System stress testing of bank liquidity risk
    by Pagratis, Spyros & Topaloglou, Nikolas & Tsionas, Mike

  • 2017 Ordering ambiguous acts
    by Jewitt, Ian & Mukerji, Sujoy

  • 2017 Dynamic benchmark targeting
    by Schlag, Karl H. & Zapechelnyuk, Andriy

  • 2017 Mean-variance versus naïve diversification: The role of mispricing
    by Yan, Cheng & Zhang, Huazhu

  • 2017 On the optimality of periodic barrier strategies for a spectrally positive Lévy process
    by Pérez, José-Luis & Yamazaki, Kazutoshi

  • 2017 Optimal periodic dividend and capital injection problem for spectrally positive Lévy processes
    by Zhao, Yongxia & Chen, Ping & Yang, Hailiang

  • 2017 On optimal joint reflective and refractive dividend strategies in spectrally positive Lévy models
    by Avanzi, Benjamin & Pérez, José-Luis & Wong, Bernard & Yamazaki, Kazutoshi

  • 2017 Rationality of energy efficiency improvement targets under the PAT scheme in India – A case of thermal power plants
    by Sahoo, Nihar R. & Mohapatra, Pratap K.J. & Sahoo, Biresh K. & Mahanty, Biswajit

  • 2017 Does emission permit allocation affect CO2 cost pass-through? A theoretical analysis
    by Wang, M. & Zhou, P.

  • 2017 Regime-switching based vehicle-to-building operation against electricity price spikes
    by Zhang, Lei & Li, Yaoyu

  • 2017 Measuring energy performance with sectoral heterogeneity: A non-parametric frontier approach
    by Wang, H. & Ang, B.W. & Wang, Q.W. & Zhou, P.

  • 2017 Heterogeneous effect of the global financial crisis and the Great East Japan Earthquake on costs of Japanese banks
    by Besstremyannaya, Galina

  • 2017 Testing for prospect and Markowitz stochastic dominance efficiency
    by Arvanitis, Stelios & Topaloglou, Nikolas

  • 2017 Is MORE LESS? The role of data augmentation in testing for structural breaks
    by Rao, Yao & McCabe, Brendan

  • 2017 The Future of Group Decision Support System Supported Meetings: Perceiving the Value and the Need for Competitive Strategies
    by Amer Al Shishany & Radwan Kharabsheh & Waed Elnsour & Jackson Adams

  • 2017 Level of Focus of Organizations Operating in Slovakia on Flexible Organizational Structure
    by Katarína Stachová & Zdenko Stacho

  • 2017 The Effect of Stock Prices and Exchange Rates on Economic Growth in Indonesia
    by La Saidi & Pasrun Adam & Rostin & Zainuddin Saenong & Muh. Yani Balaka & Gamsir & Asmuddin & Salwiah

  • 2017 Analysis in Material Selection: Influence of Normalization Tools on COPRAS-G

  • 2017 Economic Performance Evaluation of European Union Countries by Topsis Method
    by Mahmut MASCA

  • 2017 Zur Messung der Unsicherheit mit Befragungsdaten
    by Klaus Abberger & Wolfgang Nierhaus

  • 2017 Messung der Unternehmensunsicherheit in Deutschland - das ifo Streuungsmaß
    by Christian Grimme

  • 2017 Lebenszufriedenheit und ihre Verteilung in Deutschland: Eine Bestandsaufnahme
    by Gabriel Felbermayr & Michele Battisti & Jan-Philipp Suchta

  • 2017 ¡°Shifting the Paradigm¡± in Superintelligence
    by Vladimir A. Masch

  • 2017 Large-Scale Global and Simultaneous Inference: Estimation and Testing in Very High Dimensions
    by T. Tony Cai & Wenguang Sun

  • 2017 The Evaluation of Container Terminal Efficiency Using by Cluster and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
    by Aynur Acer & Mehpare Timor

  • 2017 Application of Seasonal and Multivariable Grey Prediction Models for Short-Term Load Forecasting
    by Tuncay Özcan

  • 2017 A Hybrid Multi-Criteria Analysis Approach for the Assessment of Renewable Energy Resources Under Uncertainty
    by Fatih Tüysüz

  • 2017 Determination of Optimal Vehicle Selection of Logistics Companies with AHP-ARAS Hybrid Method
    by Hakan Murat Aslan

  • 2017 Current Application Fields of ELECTRE and PROMETHEE: A Literature Review
    by Hasan Durucasu & Ahmet Aytekin & Bilal Saraç & Erhan Orakçı

  • 2017 Determination of The Factors Affecting The Success of The Students of Econometry Department: Manisa Celal Bayar University Sample
    by Rıdvan Keskin & Aynur İncekırık

  • 2017 Returned Product Acquisition Pricing by Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
    by Yusuf Kuvvetli

  • 2017 Multi Criteria Decision Making Methods Approach to Asynchronous Electric Motor Selection
    by Gökce Yüce & İzzettin Temiz

  • 2017 The Evaluation with Multi Criteria Decision Model of Substance Abuse in High School Youth
    by Deniz Koçak & Murat Atan

  • 2017 Analyzing Financial Performance Of Insurance Companies Traded In BIST via Fuzzy Shannon's Entropy Based Fuzzy TOPSIS Methodology
    by Ahmet Aytekin & Çağlar Karamaşa

  • 2017 Examining the Factors Influential on Smart Phone Users' Satisfaction Levels: A Case Study from Eskisehir
    by Hatice Şamkar

  • 2017 Process Improvement Using Quality Function Deployment in the Healthcare Sector
    by Sinem Gündoğdu & Ali Görener

  • 2017 Predicting Second-Hand Car Sales Price Using Decision Trees and Genetic Algorithms
    by Mehmet Özçalıcı

  • 2017 Towards Sustainability: Effective Operations Strategies, Quality Management and Operational Excellence in Banking
    by Vesna Tornjanski & Sanja Marinkovic & Željka Jancic

  • 2017 An Inverse Problem: Recovery of a Distribution Using Wasserstein Barycenter
    by Eustasio DEL BARRIO & Jean-Michel LOUBES & Bruno PELLETIER

  • 2016 Seeing the Forest for the Trees - The Taming of Big Data
    by Sidhwani, Sanjay & Yasav, Sue

  • 2016 Fuzzy Grouping Variables In Economic Analysis. A Pilot Study Of A Verification Of A Normative Model For R&D Alliances
    by A. Morrealea & J. Stoklasab & T. Talášekc

  • 2016 A bidding strategy for minimizing the imbalances costs for renewable generators in Spanish power markets
    by Francisco Javier Eransus

  • 2016 A Data Envelopment Analysis Toolbox for MATLAB
    by Álvarez, Inmaculada & Barbero, Javier & Zofío, Jose Luis

  • 2016 On the Convexity of Step out - Step in Sequencing Games
    by Musegaas, Marieke & Borm, Peter & Quant, Marieke

  • 2016 Cross-Ownership: A Device for Management Entrenchment?
    by Marc Levy & Ariane Szafarz

  • 2016 Choosing from multiple alternatives in cost-effectiveness analysis with fuzzy willingness-to-pay/accept and uncertainty
    by Michal Jakubczyk

  • 2016 Supply Chain Reliability and the Role of Individual Suppliers
    by Hagspiel, Simeon

  • 2016 Slack-based directional distance function in the presence of bad outputs: Theory and Application to Vietnamese Banking
    by Manh D. Pham & Valentin Zelenyuk

  • 2016 Nonparametric Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models for Time Series Data
    by Byeong U. Park & Leopold Simar & Valentin Zelenyuk

  • 2016 A Unifying Framework for Farrell Efficiency Measurement Coherent with Profit-maximizing Principle
    by Rolf Färe & Xinju He & Sungko Li & Valentin Zelenyuk

  • 2016 Encompassing the Work-Life Balance into Early Career Decision-Making of Future Employees Through the Analytic Hierarchy Process
    by Gawlik, Remigiusz

  • 2016 What's BEPS got to do with it? Exploring the effectiveness of thin capitalisation rules
    by Kayis-Kumar, Ann

  • 2016 Марковљеви Ланци И Проблем Одређивања Распореда Слова На Тастатури Српске Ћирилице
    by Bukvić, Rajko & Vemić, Mirčeta

  • 2016 Stratyfikacja próby badawczej i dobór ekspertów na przykładzie modelu decyzyjnego opartego na metodzie AHP
    by Gawlik, Remigiusz

  • 2016 Qwerty, Йцукен И Српска Ћирилица: Треба Ли Нам Нови Стандард?
    by Bukvić, Rajko

  • 2016 Improving service quality to local communities via satisfaction measurament in Greece: The MUSA approach
    by Makaratzi, Elisavet & Metaxas, Theodore & Terzidis, Konstantinos

  • 2016 A comparison of the GAI model and the Choquet integral with respect to a k-ary capacity
    by Christophe Labreuche & Michel Grabisch

  • 2016 New Tests for Richness and Poorness:A Stochastic Dominance Analysis of Income Distributions in Hong Kong
    by Sheung-Chi Chow & Ma. Rebecca Valenzuela & Wing-Keung Wong

  • 2016 Technical Efficiency, Unions and Decentralized Labor Contracts
    by Devicienti, Francesco & Manello, Alessandro & Vannoni, Davide

  • 2016 The Three I's of Public Schools: Irrelevant Inputs, Insufficient Resources and Inefficiency
    by Henderson, Daniel J. & Simar, Léopold & Wang, Le

  • 2016 Seeding the UEFA Champions League Participants: Evaluation of the Reform
    by Dmitry Dagaev & Vladimir Yu. Rudyak

  • 2016 Smoothing the frontier in the DEA models
    by Førsund, Finn & Krivonozhko, Vladimir W & Lychev, Andrey V.

  • 2016 A bridge between continuous and discrete-time bioeconomic models: Seasonality in fisheries
    by Kvamsdal, Sturla F. & Maroto, José M. & Morán, Manuel & Sandal, Leif K.

  • 2016 The Impact of Bunker Risk Management on CO2 Emissions in Maritime Transportation Under ECA Regulation
    by Gu, Yewen & Wallace, Stein W. & Wang, Xin

  • 2016 Integrated maritime bunker management with stochastic fuel prices and new emission regulations
    by Gu, Yewen & Wallace, Stein W. & Wang, Xin

  • 2016 Finding the Right Yardstick: Regulation under Heterogeneous Environments
    by Bjørndal, Endre & Bjørndal, Mette & Cullmann, Astrid & Nieswand, Maria

  • 2016 A Comparison of Different Window Models for Measuring Technical Efficiency
    by Rashidghalam, Masoomeh & Heshmati, Almas

  • 2016 Dynamic Benchmark Targeting
    by Karl H. Schlag & Andriy Zapechelnyuk

  • 2016 A New Evaluation and Decision Making Framework Investigating the Elimination-by-Aspects Model in the Context of Transportation Projects’ Investment Choices
    by Nathalie Picard & R. Khraibania & A. de Palma & I. Kaysi

  • 2016 Finding the Right Yardstick: Regulation under Heterogeneous Environments
    by Endre Bjoerndal & Mette Bjoerndal & Astrid Cullmann & Maria Nieswand

  • 2016 The productivity of top researchers: A semi-nonparametric approach
    by Lina M. Cortés & Javier Perote & Andrés Mora-Valencia

  • 2016 Calibration of Quantum Decision Theory, Aversion to Large Losses and Predictability of Probabilistic Choices
    by Sabine Vincent & Tatyana Kovalenko & Vyacheslav I. Yukalov & Didier Sornette

  • 2016 Quantum Decision Theory in Simple Risky Choices
    by Maroussia Favre & Amrei Wittwer & Hans Rudolf Heinimann & Vyacheslav I. Yukalov & Didier Sornette

  • 2016 Effectiveness of National Airlines in Europe – the DEA Approach
    by Żółtaszek Agata & Pisarek Renata

  • 2016 Modeling the Dynamics of the Production Process in the Conditions of Uncertainty with the Use of the Calculus of Variations
    by Grzesiak Stefan

  • 2016 Forecasting Conditional Probabilities of Binary Outcomes under Misspecification
    by Graham Elliott & Dalia Ghanem & Fabian Krüger

  • 2016 Partial Identification, Distributional Preferences, and the Welfare Ranking of Policies
    by Maximilian Kasy

  • 2016 Simple and three-valued simple minimum coloring games
    by M. Musegaas & P. E. M. Borm & M. Quant

  • 2016 Risk measures with the CxLS property
    by Freddy Delbaen & Fabio Bellini & Valeria Bignozzi & Johanna F. Ziegel

  • 2016 A learning-augmented approach to pricing risk in South Africa
    by Jacques Peeperkorn & Yudhvir Seetharam

  • 2016 Capital allocation to alternatives with a multivariate ladder gamma return distribution
    by John A. Buzacott

  • 2016 AHP model for competitiveness analysis of selected countries
    by Jana Kramulová & Josef Jablonský

  • 2016 Application of Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods on Six Sigma Projects Selection
    by Çakır, Engin & Özdemir, Muhsin

  • 2016 Portfolio Optimzation Using of Metods Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm and Goal Programming: An Application in BIST-30
    by Yakut, Emre & Çankal, Ahmet

  • 2016 Aplicación de dos técnicas del análisis multivariado en el mercado de valores mexicano || Application of Two Techniques of Multivariate Analysis in the Mexican Stock Market
    by Quiroga Juárez, Christian Arturo & Villalobos Escobedo, Aglaé

  • 2016 Simulación como herramienta de ayuda para la toma de decisiones empresariales. Un caso práctico || Simulation as a business decision making tool. A case study
    by Puche Regaliza, Julio César & Costas Gual, José & Arranz Val, Pablo

  • 2016 Utility Theory of General Lotteries
    by Danilov, V.

  • 2016 An Analysis of Job Change Decision Using a Hybrid Mcdm Method: A Comparative Analysis
    by V. Alpagut Yavuz

  • 2016 Hazardous Materials Warehouse Selection as a Multiple Criteria Decision making Problem
    by Fýrat SEZER & Özkan BALÝ & Pýnar GÜROL

  • 2016 A Decision Support Model Suggestion for Logistics Support Unit in Risky Environment
    by Mustafa AÐDAÞ & Özer EROÐLU

  • 2016 Felsőoktatási rangsorok jelentkezői preferenciák alapján
    by Csató, László

  • 2016 Multi-directional productivity change: MEA-Malmquist
    by Mette Asmild & Tomas Baležentis & Jens Leth Hougaard

  • 2016 Comparison of production risks in the state-contingent framework: application to balanced panel data
    by Kota Minegishi

  • 2016 Multi-directional program efficiency: the case of Lithuanian family farms
    by Mette Asmild & Tomas Baležentis & Jens Leth Hougaard

  • 2016 Performans Degerlemesinde DEMATEL ve Bulanik TOPSIS Uygulamasi
    by Meltem KARAATLI & Nuri OMURBEK & Emrah ISIK & Ekrem YILMAZ

  • 2016 A new evaluation and decision making framework investigating the elimination-by-aspects model in the context of transportation projects' investment choices
    by Khraibani, R. & de Palma, A. & Picard, N. & Kaysi, I.

  • 2016 Endogenous information acquisition in Bayesian games with strategic complementarities
    by Amir, Rabah & Lazzati, Natalia

  • 2016 Risk reducers in convex order
    by He, Junnan & Tang, Qihe & Zhang, Huan

  • 2016 Blackwell's informativeness ranking with uncertainty-averse preferences
    by Li, Jian & Zhou, Junjie

  • 2016 Portfolio selection with conservative short-selling
    by Kim, Jang Ho & Kim, Woo Chang & Fabozzi, Frank J.

  • 2016 Value and granularity of ICT and smart meter data in demand response systems
    by Feuerriegel, Stefan & Bodenbenner, Philipp & Neumann, Dirk

  • 2016 Optimal design of feed-in-tariffs to stimulate renewable energy investments under regulatory uncertainty — A real options analysis
    by Ritzenhofen, Ingmar & Spinler, Stefan

  • 2016 Capacity payment impact on gas-fired generation investments under rising renewable feed-in — A real options analysis
    by Hach, Daniel & Spinler, Stefan

  • 2016 Endogenous network production functions with selectivity
    by Horrace, William C. & Liu, Xiaodong & Patacchini, Eleonora

  • 2016 Energy-related CO2 emission in European Union agriculture: Driving forces and possibilities for reduction
    by Li, Tianxiang & Baležentis, Tomas & Makutėnienė, Daiva & Streimikiene, Dalia & Kriščiukaitienė, Irena

  • 2016 Hizmet Personeline Güvenin Belirlenmesi Ýçin Yeni Bir Ölçek Önerisi
    by Mehmet ÞÝMÞEK & Göknil Nur SEVER

  • 2016 Measuring Efficiency and Total Factor Productivity using Data Envelopment Analysis: An Empirical Study from Banks of Turkey
    by Serpil Kilic Depren & Ozer Depren

  • 2016 Multicriteria Decision-Making Method Based On Cosine Similarity Measures Between Interval- Valued Fuzzy Sets With Risk Preference
    by Jun YE

  • 2016 Logistic Regression In Modelling Some Sustainable Development Phenomena
    by Daniela MANEA & Emilia TITAN & Cristina BOBOC & Andra ANOAICA

  • 2016 Fuzzy Multi Objective Project Scheduling Under Inflationary Conditions
    by Fatemeh Azimi & Fatemeh Fathallahi

  • 2016 Ranking Enterpreneurship Main Risks In Non-Profit Financial Funds By Todim Technique Under Grey Conditions (A Case Study In Iran)
    by Mostafa EKHTIARI & Ehsan YADEGARI & Ghazale SADIDI

  • 2016 A New Combinative Distance-Based Assessment(Codas) Method For Multi-Criteria Decision-Making
    by Mehdi KESHAVARZ GHORABAEE & Edmundas Kazimieras ZAVADSKAS & Zenonas TURSKIS & Jurgita ANTUCHEVICIENE

  • 2016 Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making Methods Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Generalized Hamacher Aggregation Operator
    by Lili RONG & Peide LIU & Yanchang CHU

  • 2016 A New Method Of Assessment Based On Fuzzy Ranking And Aggregated Weights (Afraw) For Mcdm Problems Under Type-2 Fuzzy Environment
    by Mehdi KESHAVARZ GHORABAEE & Edmundas Kazimieras ZAVADSKAS & Maghsoud AMIRI & Jurgita ANTUCHEVICIENE

  • 2016 Development of Network-Ranking Model to Create the Best Production Line Value Chain: A Case Study in Textile Industry

  • 2016 Group Decision Making Procedure Based On Trapezoidal Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers: Multimoora Methodology
    by Tomas BALEŽENTIS & Alvydas BALEŽENTIS

  • 2016 Quantile forecasting in operational planning and inventory management – an initial empirical verification
    by Joanna Bruzda

  • 2016 Determination QAD in Audited and Unaudited Companies
    by Miroslava Vlčková

  • 2016 Use of Constraints in the Hierarchical Aggregation Procedure Intramax
    by Drobne Samo & Lakner Mitja

  • 2016 Comparison of Individual Pension System and Bank's Deposit System for Low-Risk Investors
    by Özcan Mutlu & Muhammed Ordu & Olcay Polat

  • 2016 Personnel Selection In Health Sector With EVAMIX and TODIM Methods
    by Esra Aytaç Adalı

  • 2016 QUALIFLEX and ORESTE Methods for the Insurance Company Selection Problem
    by Ayşegül Tuş Işık

  • 2016 A SWOT-AHP Approach for Assessment of Medical Tourism Sector in Turkey
    by Ali Görener

  • 2016 Investigating The Factors Which Are Effective On Ice Cream Consumption Of Consumers
    by Gamze Özel & Rıdvan Ceylan

  • 2016 Determining Strategy Based Supplier Pre-Qualification Criteria With Fuzzy Relational Maps
    by Gülcan Petriçli & Gül Gökay Emel

  • 2016 Energy Saving In Continuous Annealing Line Using Heating Optimization
    by Ömer Faruk Sezer & Erman Coşkun

  • 2016 Determination of Effective Critical Factors in Successful Efficiency Measurement of University Departments by Using Fuzzy DEMATEL Method
    by Turgay Türker & Murat Etöz & Yasemin Altun Türker

  • 2016 Productivity Change: An Empirical Study on Turkish State Universities
    by Feyyaz Cengiz Dikmen

  • 2016 Combined Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach Based on MACBETH and MULTI-MOORA Methods
    by Nilsen Kundakcı

  • 2015 Ambalaj atıklarında tersine lojistik: Bir simülasyon modeli uygulaması
    by Ender GÜRGEN & Tevfik AYTEMİZ & Kısmet CİNGÖZ

  • 2015 A novel initialization of PSO for costly portfolio selection problems
    by Marco Corazza & Giacomo Di Tollo & Giovanni Fasano & Raffaele Pesenti

  • 2015 Minimizing errors, maximizing incentives: Optimal court decisions and the quality of evidence
    by Juan José Ganuza & Fernando Gomez & Jose Penalva

  • 2015 Estimating the Variance of the Predictor in Stochastic Kriging
    by Kleijnen, J.P.C. & Mehdad, Ehsan

  • 2015 Regression and Kriging Metamodels with Their Experimental Designs in Simulation : Review
    by Kleijnen, J.P.C.

  • 2015 Efficient Global Optimization for Black-Box Simulation via Sequential Intrinsic Kriging
    by Mehdad, Ehsan & Kleijnen, J.P.C.

  • 2015 Computing the Maximum Volume Inscribed Ellipsoid of a Polytopic Projection
    by Zhen, J. & den Hertog, D.

  • 2015 Three-Valued Simple Games
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