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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C4: Econometric and Statistical Methods: Special Topics
/ / / C44: Operations Research; Statistical Decision Theory
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Technology Assessment

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2016 A Data Envelopment Analysis Toolbox for MATLAB
    by Álvarez, Inmaculada & Barbero, Javier & Zofio Prieto, Jose Luis

  • 2016 Cross-Ownership: A Device for Management Entrenchment?
    by Marc Levy & Ariane Szafarz

  • 2016 Choosing from multiple alternatives in cost-effectiveness analysis with fuzzy willingness-to-pay/accept and uncertainty
    by Michal Jakubczyk

  • 2016 Supply Chain Reliability and the Role of Individual Suppliers
    by Hagspiel, Simeon

  • 2016 A Unifying Framework for Farrell Efficiency Measurement Coherent with Profit-maximizing Principle
    by Rolf Färe & Xinju He & Sungko Li & Valentin Zelenyuk

  • 2016 Qwerty, Йцукен И Српска Ћирилица: Треба Ли Нам Нови Стандард?
    by Bukvić, Rajko

  • 2016 Improving service quality to local communities via satisfaction measurament in Greece: The MUSA approach
    by Makaratzi, Elisavet & Metaxas, Theodore & Terzidis, Konstantinos

  • 2016 A comparison of the GAI model and the Choquet integral with respect to a k-ary capacity
    by Christophe Labreuche & Michel Grabisch

  • 2016 The Three I's of Public Schools: Irrelevant Inputs, Insufficient Resources and Inefficiency
    by Henderson, Daniel J. & Simar, Léopold & Wang, Le

  • 2016 Seeding the UEFA Champions League Participants: Evaluation of the Reform
    by Dmitry Dagaev & Vladimir Yu. Rudyak

  • 2016 Finding the Right Yardstick: Regulation under Heterogeneous Environments
    by Bjørndal, Endre & Bjørndal, Mette & Cullmann, Astrid & Nieswand, Maria

  • 2016 A Comparison of Different Window Models for Measuring Technical Efficiency
    by Rashidghalam, Masoomeh & Heshmati, Almas

  • 2016 A New Evaluation and Decision Making Framework Investigating the Elimination-by-Aspects Model in the Context of Transportation Projects’ Investment Choices
    by Nathalie Picard & R. Khraibania & A. de Palma & I. Kaysi

  • 2016 Finding the Right Yardstick: Regulation under Heterogeneous Environments
    by Endre Bjoerndal & Mette Bjoerndal & Astrid Cullmann & Maria Nieswand

  • 2016 The productivity of top researchers: A semi-nonparametric approach
    by Lina M. Cortés & Javier Perote & Andrés Mora-Valencia

  • 2016 Risk measures with the CxLS property
    by Freddy Delbaen & Fabio Bellini & Valeria Bignozzi & Johanna F. Ziegel

  • 2016 A learning-augmented approach to pricing risk in South Africa
    by Jacques Peeperkorn & Yudhvir Seetharam

  • 2016 AHP model for competitiveness analysis of selected countries
    by Jana Kramulová & Josef Jablonský

  • 2016 Application of Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods on Six Sigma Projects Selection
    by Çakır, Engin & Özdemir, Muhsin

  • 2016 Portfolio Optimzation Using of Metods Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm and Goal Programming: An Application in BIST-30
    by Yakut, Emre & Çankal, Ahmet

  • 2016 Simulación como herramienta de ayuda para la toma de decisiones empresariales. Un caso práctico || Simulation as a business decision making tool. A case study
    by Puche Regaliza, Julio César & Costas Gual, José & Arranz Val, Pablo

  • 2016 Hazardous Materials Warehouse Selection as a Multiple Criteria Decision making Problem
    by Fýrat SEZER & Özkan BALÝ & Pýnar GÜROL

  • 2016 A Decision Support Model Suggestion for Logistics Support Unit in Risky Environment
    by Mustafa AÐDAÞ & Özer EROÐLU

  • 2016 Felsőoktatási rangsorok jelentkezői preferenciák alapján
    by Csató, László

  • 2016 Multi-directional program efficiency: the case of Lithuanian family farms
    by Mette Asmild & Tomas Baležentis & Jens Leth Hougaard

  • 2016 Performans Degerlemesinde DEMATEL ve Bulanik TOPSIS Uygulamasi
    by Meltem KARAATLI & Nuri OMURBEK & Emrah ISIK & Ekrem YILMAZ

  • 2016 A new evaluation and decision making framework investigating the elimination-by-aspects model in the context of transportation projects' investment choices
    by Khraibani, R. & de Palma, A. & Picard, N. & Kaysi, I.

  • 2016 Endogenous information acquisition in Bayesian games with strategic complementarities
    by Amir, Rabah & Lazzati, Natalia

  • 2016 Blackwell's informativeness ranking with uncertainty-averse preferences
    by Li, Jian & Zhou, Junjie

  • 2016 Value and granularity of ICT and smart meter data in demand response systems
    by Feuerriegel, Stefan & Bodenbenner, Philipp & Neumann, Dirk

  • 2016 Optimal design of feed-in-tariffs to stimulate renewable energy investments under regulatory uncertainty — A real options analysis
    by Ritzenhofen, Ingmar & Spinler, Stefan

  • 2016 Capacity payment impact on gas-fired generation investments under rising renewable feed-in — A real options analysis
    by Hach, Daniel & Spinler, Stefan

  • 2016 Endogenous network production functions with selectivity
    by Horrace, William C. & Liu, Xiaodong & Patacchini, Eleonora

  • 2016 Hizmet Personeline Güvenin Belirlenmesi Ýçin Yeni Bir Ölçek Önerisi
    by Mehmet ÞÝMÞEK & Göknil Nur SEVER

  • 2015 Ambalaj atıklarında tersine lojistik: Bir simülasyon modeli uygulaması
    by Ender GÜRGEN & Tevfik AYTEMİZ & Kısmet CİNGÖZ

  • 2015 A novel initialization of PSO for costly portfolio selection problems
    by Marco Corazza & Giacomo Di Tollo & Giovanni Fasano & Raffaele Pesenti

  • 2015 Minimizing errors, maximizing incentives: Optimal court decisions and the quality of evidence
    by Juan José Ganuza & Fernando Gomez & Jose Penalva

  • 2015 Estimating the Variance of the Predictor in Stochastic Kriging
    by Kleijnen, J.P.C. & Mehdad, Ehsan

  • 2015 Regression and Kriging Metamodels with Their Experimental Designs in Simulation : Review
    by Kleijnen, J.P.C.

  • 2015 Efficient Global Optimization for Black-Box Simulation via Sequential Intrinsic Kriging
    by Mehdad, Ehsan & Kleijnen, J.P.C.

  • 2015 Computing the Maximum Volume Inscribed Ellipsoid of a Polytopic Projection
    by Zhen, J. & den Hertog, D.

  • 2015 Three-Valued Simple Games
    by Musegaas, M. & Borm, P.E.M. & Quant, M.

  • 2015 Simple and Three-Valued Simple Minimum Coloring Games
    by Musegaas, Marieke & Borm, Peter & Quant, Marieke

  • 2015 Validating the Assumptions of Sequential Bifurcation in Factor Screening
    by Shi, W. & Kleijnen, J.P.C.

  • 2015 Stochastic Intrinsic Kriging for Simulation Metamodelling
    by Mehdad, Ehsan & Kleijnen, J.P.C.

  • 2015 Trading Places: An Experimental Comparison of Reallocation Mechanisms for Priority Queuing
    by Anouar El Haji & Sander Onderstal

  • 2015 Value Creation in Software Service Platforms
    by Netsanet Haile & Jorn Altmann

  • 2015 Determining the efficiency of faculties in North West University Using Data Envelopment Analysis
    by Kolentino Mpeta & Jabulani Monchwe

  • 2015 A multiple criteria decision aid analysis of government performance and efficiency in the OECD
    by Carlos Vieira

  • 2015 A loading decision for batch processors with continuous job arrivals
    by Pyung Hoi Koo

  • 2015 The dynamic relationship between bank asset diversification and efficiency: Evidence from the Chinese banking sector
    by Kai Du & Andrew C. Worthington & Valentin Zelenyuk

  • 2015 Productivity Growth and Convergence: Revisiting Kumar and Russell (2002)
    by Kelly D.T.Trinh & Valentin Zelenyuk

  • 2015 Forecasting with Temporal Hierarchies
    by Athanasopoulos, George & Hyndman, Rob J. & Kourentzes, Nikolaos & Petropoulos, Fotios

  • 2015 Mineral exploration as a game of chance
    by Bell, Peter N

  • 2015 A VBA model for calculating partnership efficiency
    by Lukáš Turèok & Athanasios Podaras

  • 2015 Identifying Output Interactions Among Is Projects - A Text Mining Approach
    by Christian Meier

  • 2015 Star Wars: The Empirics Strike Back
    by Abel Brodeur & Mathias Lé & Marc Sangnier & Yanos Zylberberg

  • 2015 The Welfare Effects of Nudges: A Case Study of Energy Use Social Comparisons
    by Hunt Allcott & Judd B. Kessler

  • 2015 Is the FDA Too Conservative or Too Aggressive?: A Bayesian Decision Analysis of Clinical Trial Design
    by Vahid Montazerhodjat & Andrew W. Lo

  • 2015 Improving Policy Functions in High-Dimensional Dynamic Games
    by Carlos A. Manzanares & Ying Jiang & Patrick Bajari

  • 2015 Forecasting with Temporal Hierarchies
    by George Athanasopoulos & Rob J Hyndman & Nikolaos Kourentzes & Fotios Petropoulos

  • 2015 A Sequential Approach to Combined Clinical Trial and Health Technology Adoption Decisions
    by Jacco Thijssen & Daniele Bergantini

  • 2015 Constrained Optimization Approaches to Estimation of Structural Models: Comment
    by Fedor Iskhakov & Jinhyuk Lee & John Rust & Bertel Schjerning & Kyoungwon Seo

  • 2015 Who should be treated? Empirical welfare maximization methods for treatment choice
    by Toru Kitagawa & Aleksey Tetenov

  • 2015 Une nouvelle approche expérimentale pour tester les modèles quantiques de l'erreur de conjonction
    by Sébastien Duchêne & Thomas Boyer-Kassem & Eric Guerci

  • 2015 Testing Quantum-like Models of Judgment for Question Order Effects
    by Thomas Boyer-Kassem & Sébastien Duchêne & Eric Guerci

  • 2015 Portfolio Management With Higher Moments: The Cardinality Impact
    by Rui Pedro Brito & Hélder Sebastião & Pedro Godinho

  • 2015 Efficient Skewness/Semivariance Portfolios
    by Rui Pedro Brito & Hélder Sebastião & Pedro Godinho

  • 2015 Size Distribution of Portuguese Firms between 2006 and 2012
    by Mário Augusto & Rui Pascoal & Ana Margarida Monteiro

  • 2015 Financing and advising with (over)confident entrepreneurs : an experimental investigation
    by Nicolas Houy & François Le Grand

  • 2015 Revisiting Worst-case DEA for Composite Indicators
    by Stergios Athanassoglou

  • 2015 Measuring Social Sustainability of NUTS-1 Level Regions in Turkey
    by Yağmur Kara & Aylin Çiğdem Köne

  • 2015 Measuring Social Sustainability of NUTS-1 Level Regions in Turkey
    by Yağmur Kara & Aylin Çiğdem Köne

  • 2015 Measuring Social Sustainability of NUTS-1 Level Regions in Turkey
    by Yağmur Kara & Aylin Çiğdem Köne

  • 2015 Subjective Truths
    by Baillon, A.

  • 2015 Calidad de vida en las ciudades del Área Metropolitana de Valencia: un análisis comparativo con DEA y MCDA
    by Ernest Reig

  • 2015 Incomplete pairwise comparison matrices and weighting methods
    by Csató, László & Rónyai, Lajos

  • 2015 Tight MIP Formulations for Bounded Up/Down Times and Interval-Dependent Start-Ups
    by Queyranne, M. & Wolsey, L.A.

  • 2015 Fast reaction police units in Medellín: A budget-constrained maximal homicide covering location approach
    by Arlen Guarín & Andrés Ramírez Hassan & Juan G. Villegas

  • 2015 Robust non-parametric estimation of cost efficiency with an application to banking industry
    by Galina Besstremyannaya & Jaak Simm

  • 2015 Who should be Treated? Empirical Welfare Maximization Methods for Treatment Choice
    by Toru Kitagawa & Aleksey Tetenov

  • 2015 Capacity market design options: a dynamic capacity investment model and a GB case study
    by Daniel Hach & Chi Kong Chyong & Stefan Spinler

  • 2015 Star Wars: The Empirics Strike Back
    by Abel Brodeur & Mathias Lé & Marc Sangnier & Yanos Zylberberg

  • 2015 Influence of Decision-Making Goal and Accurate Product-Costing Goal on the Design of Sophisticated Costing Systems: Proposal of Multi-Goal Coordination Approach
    by Nikhil Chandra Shil & Mahfuzul Hoque & Mahmuda Akter

  • 2015 Advances in Data Envelopment Analysis
    by Rolf Färe & Shawna Grosskopf & Dimitris Margaritis

  • 2015 Prioritizing strategic business units in the face of innovation performance: Combining fuzzy AHP and BSC
    by Behrooz Noori

  • 2015 The Determination of Preference Ranking of A Group Travel Agencies in Turkey with PROMETHEE Method (Türkiye’deki A Grubu Seyahat Acentalarının Tercih Sıralamasının PROMETHEE Yöntemi ile Belirlenmesi)
    by Uygurtürk, Hasan & Korkmaz, Turhan

  • 2015 Efficiency in the Slovak Banking Industry: A Comparison of Three Approaches
    by Martin BOĎA & Emília Zimková

  • 2015 The Draft of Methodology for Assessment of Quality of Financial Accounting Data Using AHP Method
    by Miroslava Vlčková & Ludvík Friebel

  • 2015 Fuzzy Logic: An Instrument?for the Evaluation of Project Status || La lógica difusa: un instrumento para la evaluación del estado del proyecto
    by Doskocil, Radek

  • 2015 Application of the Analytic Network Process to competency Assessment Process of IT Professionals
    by Toader Elena Alexandra

  • 2015 Optimisation Of Operations Using A Transportation Model
    by Martina Bris Alic & Mirko Cobovic & Alen ALIC

  • 2015 Decision-Making As A Management Function
    by Mato Puseljic & Ana Skledar & Ivan Pokupec

  • 2015 Veri Zarflama Analizinde Homojen Olmayan Karar Verme Birimi Problemi için Kümeleme Analizi Yaklasimi
    by Algin Okursoy & Muhsin Özdemir

  • 2015 Islamic versus conventional banks in the GCC countries: A comparative study using classification techniques
    by Khediri, Karim Ben & Charfeddine, Lanouar & Youssef, Slah Ben

  • 2015 A more general Pandora rule?
    by Olszewski, Wojciech & Weber, Richard

  • 2015 A theory of discrete choice with information costs
    by Cheremukhin, Anton & Popova, Anna & Tutino, Antonella

  • 2015 Combining accounting data and a structural model for predicting credit ratings: Empirical evidence from European listed firms
    by Doumpos, Michael & Niklis, Dimitrios & Zopounidis, Constantin & Andriosopoulos, Kostas

  • 2015 Experimental design to persuade
    by Kolotilin, Anton

  • 2015 An optimization model to solve skidding problem in steep slope terrain
    by Ezzati, Sattar & Najafi, Akbar & Yaghini, Masoud & Hashemi, Amir Ala & Bettinger, Pete

  • 2015 A simple and general approach to fitting the discount curve under no-arbitrage constraints
    by Fengler, Matthias R. & Hin, Lin-Yee

  • 2015 Focusing on the worst state for robust investing
    by Kim, Woo Chang & Kim, Jang Ho & Mulvey, John M. & Fabozzi, Frank J.

  • 2015 A dynamic multi-stage data envelopment analysis model with application to energy consumption in the cotton industry
    by Khalili-Damghani, Kaveh & Tavana, Madjid & Santos-Arteaga, Francisco J. & Mohtasham, Sima

  • 2015 Energy import resilience with input–output linear programming models
    by He, Peijun & Ng, Tsan Sheng & Su, Bin

  • 2015 Forecasting short-term electricity consumption using a semantics-based genetic programming framework: The South Italy case
    by Castelli, Mauro & Vanneschi, Leonardo & De Felice, Matteo

  • 2015 Modern portfolio management with conditioning information
    by Chiang, I-Hsuan Ethan

  • 2015 An axiomatization of multiple-choice test scoring
    by Zapechelnyuk, Andriy

  • 2015 The Broker Simulation Model in the Emission Allowances Trading Area
    by Petr Cermak & Jarmila Zimmermannova & Jan Lavrincik & Miroslav Pokorny & Jiri Martinu

  • 2015 Distribucion hiperbolica generalizada: una aplicacion en la seleccion de portafolios y en cuantificacion de medidas de riesgo de mercado
    by Jose Luis Alayon G.

  • 2015 Propuesta de abastecimiento de medicamentos coordinando multiniveles de demanda. Un caso ilustrativo chileno
    by Fernando Rojas Zu?n ?iga & Daniel Roma?n Luza & Daniel Roma?n Luza & Giuliani Coluccio Piñones

  • 2015 The Axiomatic Approach to Risk Measures for Capital Determination
    by Hans Föllmer & Stefan Weber

  • 2015 Measuring the efficiency of Serbian insurance companies
    by Snežana Knežević & Milanka Marković & Andrijana Brown

  • 2014 Management de portefeuilles de projets : modèles multicritère d'évaluation, de sélection et d'argumentation
    by Dehouche, Nassim

  • 2014 An Extension On Fuzzy Integer Linear Programming With Equality Constrains
    by Manuel Díaz-Madroñero & Josefa Mula & Mariano Jiménez

  • 2014 Reconsidering the common ratio effect: The roles of compound independence, reduction, and coalescing
    by Schmidt, Ulrich & Seidl, Christian

  • 2014 On a simple quickest detection rule for health-care technology assessment
    by Daniele Bregantini & Jacco J.J. Thijssen

  • 2014 Improvement restriction data envelopment analysis for new energy in Japan
    by Soushi Suzuki

  • 2014 Sensitivity and simmetry of Confirmation Measures
    by Emilio Celotto

  • 2014 A simple and general approach to fitting the discount curve under no-arbitrage constraints
    by Fengler, Matthias R. & Hin, Lin-Yee

  • 2014 de Finetti's Theory of Probability and its Jaynesian Critique
    by K.Vela Velupillai

  • 2014 An Adaptable Variable Neighborhood Search for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Order Outsourcing
    by Huijink, S. & Kant, G. & Peeters, M.J.P.

  • 2014 Stochastic Intrinsic Kriging for Simulation Metamodelling
    by Mehdad, E. & Kleijnen, Jack P.C.

  • 2014 Adjustable Robust Optimizations with Decision Rules Based on Inexact Revealed Data
    by de Ruiter, F.J.C.T. & Ben-Tal, A. & Brekelmans, R.C.M. & den Hertog, D.

  • 2014 Global Optimization for Black-box Simulation via Sequential Intrinsic Kriging
    by Mehdad, E. & Kleijnen, Jack P.C.

  • 2014 Multivariate Versus Univariate Kriging Metamodels for Multi-Response Simulation Models (Revision of 2012-039)
    by Kleijnen, Jack P.C. & Mehdad, E.

  • 2014 Step out - Step in Sequencing Games
    by Musegaas, M. & Borm, P.E.M. & Quant, M.

  • 2014 Classic Kriging versus Kriging with Bootstrapping or Conditional Simulation : Classic Kriging's Robust Confidence Intervals and Optimization (Revised version of CentER DP 2013-038)
    by Mehdad, E. & Kleijnen, Jack P.C.

  • 2014 A New Bootstrap Test for the Validity of a Set of Marginal Models for Multiple Dependent Time Series: An Application to Risk Analysis
    by David Ardia & Lukasz Gatarek & Lennart F. Hoogerheide

  • 2014 Heterogeneous effect of coinsurance rate on healthcare costs: generalized finite mixtures and matching estimators
    by Galina Besstremyannaya

  • 2014 Quality Function Deployment Approach to Evaluate Supply Chains Strategies in Turkish Automotive Industry
    by Zeki Ayag

  • 2014 Prioritizing strategic business units in the face of innovation performance: Combining fuzzy AHP and BSC
    by Behrooz Noori

  • 2014 Using Flow Graphs In Data Mining

  • 2014 Risk-adjusted Valuation of the Real Option to Invest
    by Carol Alexander & Xi Chen &

  • 2014 Rescue costs and financial risk
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 A state level analysis of the status of social sector in India
    by Nayak, Purusottam & Mishra, SK

  • 2014 Properties of time averages in a risk management simulation
    by Bell, Peter Newton

  • 2014 Efficient Identification of the Pareto Optimal Set
    by Ingrida Steponavice & Rob J Hyndman & Kate Smith-Miles & Laura Villanova

  • 2014 Endogenous Network Production Functions with Selectivity
    by William C. Horrace & Xiaodong Liu & Eleonora Patacchini

  • 2014 A Laplace Stochastic Frontier Model
    by William C. Horrace & Christopher F. Parmeter

  • 2014 A New Bootstrap Test for the Validity of a Set of Marginal Models for Multiple Dependent Time Series: an Application to Risk Analysis
    by David Ardia & Lukasz Gatarek & Lennart F. hoogerheide

  • 2014 Reconsidering the common ratio effect: The roles of compound independence, reduction, and coalescing
    by Ulrich Schmidt & Christian Seidl

  • 2014 Predictions vs. preliminary sample estimates: the case of eurozone quarterly GDP
    by Enrico D'Elia

  • 2014 Portfolio Choice under Parameter Uncertainty: Bayesian Analysis and Robust Optimization Comparison
    by António Alberto Santos & Ana Margarida Monteiro & Rui Pascoal

  • 2014 Distribución Hiperbólica Generalizada: Una Aplicación en la Selección de Portafolios y Cuantificación de Medidas de Riesgo de Mercado
    by José Luis Alayón

  • 2014 The efficiency of labor matching and remuneration reforms: a panel data quantile regression approach with endogenous treatment variables
    by Galina Besstremyannaya

  • 2014 The Quantile Performance Of Statistical Treatment Rules Using Hypothesis Tests To Allocate A Population To Two Treatments
    by Charles F. Manski & Aleksey Tetenov

  • 2014 Les matroïdes et leur implication dans l'allocation de ressources indivisibles : algorithmes d'approximation avec garantie de performance
    by Tlilane, Lydia

  • 2014 Trois chemins contrôlés
    by Chouk, Khalil

  • 2014 Représentations discrètes de l'ensemble des points non dominés pour des problèmes d'optimisation multi-objectifs
    by Jamain, Florian

  • 2014 Development of a Methodology of Evaluation of Financial Stability of Commercial Banks
    by Willem Karel M. Brauers & Romualdas Ginevičius & Askoldas Podviezko

  • 2014 Ranking Of Tourist Destinations With Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods In Bosnia And Herzegovina
    by Ali Göksu & Seniye Erdinç Kaya

  • 2014 Targeting Teaching: Having More Fun with Organized Kissin
    by Matthew Wiser & Gloria Yeomans-Maldonado & Sudipta Sarangi

  • 2014 Enterprice Resource Planning (ERP) Software Selection Process with Fuzzy TOPSIS Method
    by Yıldız, Ayşe & Yıldız, Doğan

  • 2014 Analysis of Production - Inventory Decisions in a Decentralized Supply Chain
    by Saeed Alaei & Masoud Behravesh & Nayere Karegar

  • 2014 Models of Subsidy Allocation among City Districts
    by Martin Dlouhý

  • 2014 Overhaul Policy Optimization and Equipment Valuation Concerning Its Reliability
    by Smolyak, S.

  • 2014 Selección de portafolios de inversión incluyendo el efecto de asimetría: evidencia con activos de la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores
    by Flores-Ortega, Miguel. & Flores-Castillo, Lilia Alejandra. & Paredes-Gómez, Angelica.

  • 2014 Evaluation Of A Mathematic Model To Support Complex Decision Makings, Evaluacion De Un Modelo Matematico Para Apoyar Decisiones Empresariales Complejas
    by Yoannia Arean Rodriguez & Alejandro Rosete Suarez & Franklin Marin Vargas

  • 2014 La competitività del mercato forense e l’efficienza giudiziaria
    by Roberto Ippoliti

  • 2014 Bulanik TOPSIS ve Bulanik VIKOR Yontemleriyle Alisveris Merkezi Kurulus Yeri Secimi ve Bir Uygulama
    by Selahattin YAVUZ & Muhammet DEVECI

  • 2014 BIST’da Demir, Celik Metal Ana Sanayii Sektorunde Faaliyet Gosteren Isletmelerin Finansal Performans Analizi: VZA Super Etkinlik ve TOPSIS Uygulamasi
    by Fehim BAKIRCI & Seyedhadi ESLAMIAN SHIRAZ & Ali SATTARY

  • 2014 Deciphering robust portfolios
    by Kim, Woo Chang & Kim, Jang Ho & Fabozzi, Frank J.

  • 2014 Modeling risk concerns and returns preferences in performance appraisal: An application to global equity markets
    by Galagedera, Don U.A.

  • 2014 Stochastic and genetic neural network combinations in trading and hybrid time-varying leverage effects
    by Sermpinis, Georgios & Stasinakis, Charalampos & Dunis, Christian

  • 2014 Solvency II, regulatory capital, and optimal reinsurance: How good are Conditional Value-at-Risk and spectral risk measures?
    by Brandtner, Mario & Kürsten, Wolfgang

  • 2014 On optimal periodic dividend strategies in the dual model with diffusion
    by Avanzi, Benjamin & Tu, Vincent & Wong, Bernard

  • 2014 Optimal dividends in the dual model under transaction costs
    by Bayraktar, Erhan & Kyprianou, Andreas E. & Yamazaki, Kazutoshi

  • 2014 Robustness of simple menus of contracts in cost-based procurement
    by Garrett, Daniel F.

  • 2014 Efficiency assessment of hydroelectric power plants in Canada: A multi criteria decision making approach
    by Wang, Bing & Nistor, Ioan & Murty, Tad & Wei, Yi-Ming

  • 2014 A real options model to evaluate the effect of environmental policies on the oil sands rate of expansion
    by Kobari, L. & Jaimungal, S. & Lawryshyn, Y.

  • 2014 Design of experiments applied to environmental variables analysis in electricity utilities efficiency: The Brazilian case
    by Leme, Rafael C. & Paiva, Anderson P. & Steele Santos, Paulo E. & Balestrassi, Pedro P. & Galvão, Leandro de Lima

  • 2014 Combining an improved multi-delivery policy into a single-producer multi-retailer integrated inventory system with scrap in production
    by Chiu, Yuan-Shyi Peter & Chen, Yung-Chung & Lin, Hong-Dar & Chang, Huei-Hsin

  • 2014 A multivariate approach in measuring socio-economic development of MENA countries
    by Milenkovic, Nemanja & Vukmirovic, Jovanka & Bulajic, Milica & Radojicic, Zoran

  • 2014 Optimal run time for EPQ model with scrap, rework and stochastic breakdowns: A note
    by Chiu, Yuan-Shyi Peter & Chang, Huei-Hsin

  • 2014 Climate game analyses for CO2 emission trading among various world organizations
    by Wu, Pei-Ing & Chen, Chai Tzu & Cheng, Pei-Ching & Liou, Je-Liang

  • 2014 Solving a vendor–buyer integrated problem with rework and a specific multi-delivery policy by a two-phase algebraic approach
    by Tseng, Chao-Tang & Wu, Mei-Fang & Lin, Hong-Dar & Chiu, Yuan-Shyi Peter

  • 2014 Time-consistent investment policies in Markovian markets: A case of mean–variance analysis
    by Chen, Zhiping & Li, Gang & Zhao, Yonggan

  • 2014 An empirical study of the Mexican banking system’s network and its implications for systemic risk
    by Martinez-Jaramillo, Serafin & Alexandrova-Kabadjova, Biliana & Bravo-Benitez, Bernardo & Solórzano-Margain, Juan Pablo

  • 2014 Otomobil Seçimine Çok Kriterli Yaklaþým Önerisi
    by Mustafa YAVAÞ & Taner ERSÖZ & Mehmet KABAK & Filiz ERSÖZ

  • 2014 Optimización multiobjetivo en una cadena de suministro
    by Adel Alfonso Mendoza Mendoza & Tomás José Fontalvo Herrera & Delimiro Alberto Visbal Cadavid

  • 2014 Valoración probabilística versus borrosa, opciones reales y el modelo binomial. Aplicación para proyectos de inversión en condiciones de ambigüedad
    by Gastón Silverio Milanesi

  • 2014 Optimization of a Call Centre Performance Using the Stochastic Queueing Models
    by Alenka Brezavšček & Alenka Baggia

  • 2013 Les crises économiques et financières et les facteurs favorisant leur occurrence
    by Cabrol, Sébastien

  • 2013 What is the Best Measure of Financial Performance? Comprehensive Income versus Net Income: Evidence from Turkey
    by Volkan DEMİR & Oğuzhan BAHADIR & Aslı Gül ÖNCEL

  • 2013 Empirical properties of group preference aggregation methods employed in AHP. Theory and evidence
    by Michele Bernasconi & Christine Choirat & Raffaello Seri

  • 2013 Efficienza Giudiziaria e Mercato Forense
    by Ippoliti, Roberto

  • 2013 Adjustable Robust Parameter Design with Unknown Distributions
    by Yanikoglu, I. & den Hertog, D. & Kleijnen, Jack P.C.

  • 2013 Factor Screening For Simulation With Multiple Responses : Sequential Bifurcation
    by Shi, W. & Kleijnen, Jack P.C. & Liu, Zhixue

  • 2013 A Measure-Valued Differentiation Approach to Sensitivity Analysis of Quantiles
    by Bernd Heidergott & Warren Volk-Makarewicz

  • 2013 The Satisficer’s Curse
    by Robert E. Marks

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