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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C4: Econometric and Statistical Methods: Special Topics
/ / / C40: General
/ / / C41: Duration Analysis; Optimal Timing Strategies
/ / / C42: Survey Methods
/ / / C43: Index Numbers and Aggregation
/ / / C44: Operations Research; Statistical Decision Theory
/ / / C45: Neural Networks and Related Topics
/ / / C46: Specific Distributions
/ / / C49: Other

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Technology Assessment
  2. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Volatility returns with vengeance: Financial markets vs. commodities
    by Aboura, Sofiane & Chevallier, Julien

  • 2015 Bad Behavior : Delinquency, Arrest and Early School Leaving
    by Ward, Shannon & Williams, J. & van Ours, Jan

  • 2015 Impact de productivité des infrastructures: Une application au Québec
    by Dorothée Boccanfuso & Marcelin Joanis & Mathieu Paquet & Luc Savard

  • 2015 Functional generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity
    by Aue, Alexander & Horvath, Lajos & Pellatt, Daniel

  • 2015 Wave function in economics
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 Indonesia embraces the Data Science
    by Situngkir, Hokky

  • 2015 Decomposition of the European GDP based on Singular Spectrum Analysis
    by Leon, Costas

  • 2015 New Fractional Dickey and Fuller Test
    by Bensalma, Ahmed

  • 2015 Publication Bias in Measuring Anthropogenic Climate Change
    by Reckova, Dominika & Irsova, Zuzana

  • 2015 Seasonal Unit Roots and Structural Breaks in agricultural time series: Monthly exports and domestic supply in Argentina
    by Mendez Parra, Maximiliano

  • 2015 Intervalling-effect bias and evidences for competition policy
    by Fotis, Panagiotis & Pekka, Victoria & Polemis, Michael

  • 2015 The Online Supplement to “International R&D Spillovers and other Unobserved Common Spillovers and Shocks”
    by Ruge-Leiva, Diego-Ivan

  • 2015 Exchange Rate Determination and Out of Sample Forecasting: Cointegration Analysis
    by Hina, Hafsa & Qayyum, Abdul

  • 2015 On the decomposition of Generalized Additive Independence models
    by Michel Grabisch & Christophe Labreuche

  • 2015 Bad Behavior: Delinquency, Arrest and Early School Leaving
    by Ward, Shannon & Williams, Jenny & van Ours, Jan C.

  • 2015 Analyzing Nutritional Impacts of Price and Income Related Shocks in Malawi: Simulating Household Entitlements to Food
    by Kenneth Harttgen & Stephan Klasen & Ramona Rischke

  • 2015 Could they grow faster? An explorative and counterfactual exercise of the Firms’ Core during the Golden Age in Italy
    by Fabrizio Cipollini & Camilla Ferretti & Piero Ganugi & Renato Giannetti

  • 2015 Space-time (in)consistency in the national accounts: causes and cures
    by Nicholas Oulton

  • 2015 Bad Behavior: Delinquency, Arrest and Early School Leaving
    by van Ours, Jan C. & Ward, Shannon & Williams, Jenny

  • 2015 Labor Market Policies and Self-Employment Transitions of Older Workers
    by Dimitris Christelis & Raquel Fonseca Benito

  • 2015 Econometric Approach To The Demand Function
    by Dominika Crnjac Milic

  • 2015 Optimisation Of Operations Using A Transportation Model
    by Martina Bris Alic & Mirko Cobovic & Alen ALIC

  • 2015 Global Macroeconomic Performance: A Comparative Study Based on Composite Scores
    by Somnath Chattopadhyay & Suchismita Bose

  • 2015 Testing in a Random Effects Panel Data Model with Spatially Correlated Error Components and Spatially Lagged Dependent Variables
    by Ming He & Kuan-Pin Lin

  • 2015 Forecasting Interest Rates Using Geostatistical Techniques
    by Giuseppe Arbia & Michele Di Marcantonio

  • 2015 Counterfactual Distributions in Bivariate Models—A Conditional Quantile Approach
    by Javier Alejo & Nicolás Badaracco

  • 2015 Measurement Errors Arising When Using Distances in Microeconometric Modelling and the Individuals’ Position Is Geo-Masked for Confidentiality
    by Giuseppe Arbia & Giuseppe Espa & Diego Giuliani

  • 2015 Is Benford’s Law a Universal Behavioral Theory?
    by Sofia B. Villas-Boas & Qiuzi Fu & George Judge

  • 2015 A Joint Specification Test for Response Probabilities in Unordered Multinomial Choice Models
    by Masamune Iwasawa

  • 2015 On Bootstrap Inference for Quantile Regression Panel Data: A Monte Carlo Study
    by Antonio F. Galvao & Gabriel Montes-Rojas

  • 2015 A New Family of Consistent and Asymptotically-Normal Estimators for the Extremal Index
    by Jose Olmo

  • 2015 Right on Target, or Is it? The Role of Distributional Shape in Variance Targeting
    by Stanislav Anatolyev & Stanislav Khrapov

  • 2015 A Kolmogorov-Smirnov Based Test for Comparing the Predictive Accuracy of Two Sets of Forecasts
    by Hossein Hassani & Emmanuel Sirimal Silva

  • 2015 A Spectral Model of Turnover Reduction
    by Zura Kakushadze

  • 2015 A Note on the Asymptotic Normality of the Kernel Deconvolution Density Estimator with Logarithmic Chi-Square Noise
    by Yang Zu

  • 2015 New Graphical Methods and Test Statistics for Testing Composite Normality
    by Marc S. Paolella

  • 2015 Efficient Estimation in Heteroscedastic Varying Coefficient Models
    by Chuanhua Wei & Lijie Wan

  • 2015 Consistency in Estimation and Model Selection of Dynamic Panel Data Models with Fixed Effects
    by Guangjie Li

  • 2015 A New Approach to Model Verification, Falsification and Selection
    by Andrew J. Buck & George M. Lady

  • 2015 Bayesian Approach to Disentangling Technical and Environmental Productivity
    by Emir Malikov & Subal C. Kumbhakar & Efthymios G. Tsionas

  • 2015 Strategic Interaction Model with Censored Strategies
    by Nazgul Jenish

  • 2015 Asymptotic Distribution and Finite Sample Bias Correction of QML Estimators for Spatial Error Dependence Model
    by Shew Fan Liu & Zhenlin Yang

  • 2015 A Jackknife Correction to a Test for Cointegration Rank
    by Marcus J. Chambers

  • 2015 The Seasonal KPSS Test: Examining Possible Applications with Monthly Data and Additional Deterministic Terms
    by Ghassen El Montasser

  • 2015 The SAR Model for Very Large Datasets: A Reduced Rank Approach
    by Sandy Burden & Noel Cressie & David G. Steel

  • 2015 Selection Criteria in Regime Switching Conditional Volatility Models
    by Thomas Chuffart

  • 2015 Nonparametric Regression Estimation for Multivariate Null Recurrent Processes
    by Biqing Cai & Dag Tjøstheim

  • 2015 Detecting Location Shifts during Model Selection by Step-Indicator Saturation
    by Jennifer L. Castle & Jurgen A. Doornik & David F. Hendry & Felix Pretis

  • 2015 A Pitfall in Using the Characterization of Granger Non-Causality in Vector Autoregressive Models
    by Umberto Triacca

  • 2015 Return and Volatility Spillovers across Equity Markets in Mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States
    by Hassan Mohammadi & Yuting Tan

  • 2015 Plug-in Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Density Estimation with Discrete Data
    by Chi-Yang Chu & Daniel J. Henderson & Christopher F. Parmeter

  • 2015 Information Recovery in a Dynamic Statistical Markov Model
    by Douglas J. Miller & George Judge

  • 2015 Entropy Maximization as a Basis for Information Recovery in Dynamic Economic Behavioral Systems
    by George Judge

  • 2015 Finding Starting-Values for the Estimation of Vector STAR Models
    by Frauke Schleer

  • 2015 On the Interpretation of Instrumental Variables in the Presence of Specification Errors
    by P.A.V.B. Swamy & George S. Tavlas & Stephen G. Hall

  • 2015 Modeling Autoregressive Processes with Moving-Quantiles-Implied Nonlinearity
    by Isao Ishida & Virmantas Kvedaras

  • 2015 A Joint Chow Test for Structural Instability
    by Bent Nielsen & Andrew Whitby

  • 2015 Two-Step Lasso Estimation of the Spatial Weights Matrix
    by Achim Ahrens & Arnab Bhattacharjee

  • 2015 Heteroskedasticity of Unknown Form in Spatial Autoregressive Models with a Moving Average Disturbance Term
    by Osman DoÄŸan

  • 2015 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Econometrics in 2014
    by Econometrics Editorial Office

  • 2015 Volatility returns with vengeance: Financial markets vs. commodities
    by Aboura, Sofiane & Chevallier, Julien

  • 2015 War and local collective action in Sierra Leone: A comment on the use of coefficient stability approaches
    by González, Felipe & Miguel, Edward

  • 2015 Risk-return characteristics of Islamic equity indices: Multi-timescales analysis
    by Dewandaru, Ginanjar & Bacha, Obiyathulla Ismath & Masih, A. Mansur M. & Masih, Rumi

  • 2015 How do banks perform under Basel III? Tracing lending rates and loan quantity
    by Gavalas, Dimitris

  • 2015 Growing stars: A laboratory analysis of network formation
    by Rong, Rong & Houser, Daniel

  • 2015 Breaks, trends, and unit roots in spot prices for crude oil and petroleum products
    by Sun, Jingwei & Shi, Wendong

  • 2015 Modeling and testing smooth structural changes with endogenous regressors
    by Chen, Bin

  • 2015 Technical, Economical and Environmental Assessments of the Solar Photovoltaic Technology in Southeast Sulawesi, a Developing Province in Eastern Indonesia
    by Aditya Rachman & Usman Rianse & Mustarum Musaruddin & Kurniati Ornam

  • 2015 Bayesian analysis of the predictive power of the yield curve using a vector autoregressive model with multiple structural breaks
    by Katsuhiro Sugita

  • 2015 Too much public expenditures, less economic growt
    by Itchoko motande Mondjeli mwa ndjokou

  • 2015 Asymmetric dynamics in the correlations of hedge fund strategy indices: what lessons about financial contagion ?
    by Franck Martin & Mai lan Nguyen

  • 2015 Robust estimation based on the third-moment restriction of the error terms for the Box-Cox transformation model: An estimator consistent under heteroscedasticity
    by Kazumitsu Nawata

  • 2015 Partial efficient estimation of SUR models
    by Hailong Qian & Heather L. Bednarek

  • 2015 Is there a causal relationship between unemployment and informal economy in Tunisia: evidence from linear and non-linear Granger causality
    by Sami Saafi & Meriem Haj mohamed & Abdeljelil Farhat

  • 2015 Data Mining as Support to Knowledge Management in Marketing
    by Marijana Zekić-Sušac & Adela Has

  • 2015 The Entrepreneur`s Role in the Performance Growth of the Financial Audit Activity in Romania
    by Cristina Raluca Popescu & Veronica Adriana Popescu & Gheorghe N. Popescu

  • 2014 Cross-Market Spillovers with 'Volatility Surprise'
    by Aboura, Sofiane & Chevallier, Julien

  • 2014 When the U.S. Stock Market Becomes Extreme?
    by Aboura, Sofiane

  • 2014 Testing for Neglected Nonlinearity Using Artificial Neural Networks with Many Randomized Hidden Unit Activations
    by Tae-Hwy Lee & Zhou Xi & Ru Zhang

  • 2014 The convenient calculation of some test statistics in models of discrete choice
    by Darryl Holden & Roger Perman

  • 2014 Semiiparametric Selection Models with Binary Outcomes
    by Roger Klein & Chan Shen & Francis Vella

  • 2014 Historical trade integration: Globalization and the distance puzzle in the long 20th century
    by Samuel Standaert & Stijn Ronsse & Benjamin Vandermarliere

  • 2014 Optimization of Post-Scoring Classification and Impact on Regulatory Capital for Low Default Portfolios
    by Genest, benoit & Fares, Ziad

  • 2014 Inflation and Inflation Uncertainty in Turkey
    by dogru, bulent

  • 2014 Determinants of bank profits and its persistence in Indian Banks: A study in a dynamic panel data framework
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Sharma, Sakshi

  • 2014 Rainfall Drought Simulating Using Stochastic SARIMA Models for Gadaref Region, Sudan
    by Moahmed Hassan, Hisham & Mahgoub Mohamed, Tariq

  • 2014 Asymptotic Properties of the Weighted Least Squares Estimator Under Moments Restriction
    by Bayram, Deniz & Dayé, Modeste

  • 2014 Tests for High Dimensional Generalized Linear Models
    by Chen, Song Xi & Guo, Bin

  • 2014 How Robust is the Connection between Exchange Rate Uncertainty and Tunisia’s Exports?
    by Bouoiyour, Jamal & Selmi, Refk

  • 2014 An Analysis of the Impact of Government Size on Economic Growth of Pakistan: An Endogenous Growth
    by Zareen, Shumaila & Qayyum, Abdul

  • 2014 Properties of time averages in a risk management simulation
    by Bell, Peter Newton

  • 2014 Analyzing and Forecasting Movements of the Philippine Economy using the Dynamic Factor Models (DFM)
    by Mapa, Dennis S. & Simbulan, Maria Christina

  • 2014 The laffer curve and the debt-growth link in low-income Sub-Saharan African economies
    by Megersa, kelbesa

  • 2014 Golden Rule of Forecasting: Be conservative
    by Armstrong, J. Scott & Green, Kesten C. & Graefe, Andreas

  • 2014 Applications of Information Measures to Assess Convergence in the Central Limit Theorem
    by Ranjani Atukorala & Maxwell L. King & Sivagowry Sriananthakumar

  • 2014 A Journey Home: What Drives How Long People Are Homeless?
    by Cobb-Clark, Deborah A. & Herault, Nicolas & Scutella, Rosanna & Tseng, Yi-Ping

  • 2014 An empirical analysis of energy demand in Tunisia
    by Besma Talbi & Duc Khuong Nguyen

  • 2014 Cross-Market Spillovers with Volatility Surprise
    by Sofiane Aboura & Julien Chevallier

  • 2014 Does The Keynesian Absolute Income Hypothesis Exist in Pakistan?
    by Muhammad Shahbaz & Kishwar Nawaz & Mohamed Arouri & Frédéric Teulon & Gazi Salah Uddin

  • 2014 A Journey Home: What Drives How Long People Are Homeless?
    by Deborah A. Cobb-Clark & Nicolas Herault & Rosanna Scutella & Yi-Ping Tseng

  • 2014 Measuring Gender Differences in Information Sharing Using Network Analysis: the Case of the Austrian Interlocking Directorship Network in 2009
    by Carlo Drago & Livia Amidani Aliberti & Davide Carbonai

  • 2014 Cross-Market Spillovers with ‘Volatility Surprise’
    by Sofiane Aboura & Julien Chevallier

  • 2014 Reasonable Sample Sizes for Convergence to Normality
    by Carsten Schröder & Shlomo Yitzhaki

  • 2014 Regularization for Spatial Panel Time Series Using the Adaptive LASSO
    by Clifford Lam & Pedro Souza

  • 2014 Assessing temporal trends and industry contributions to air and water pollution using stochastic dominance
    by E. Agliardi & M. Pinar & T. Stengos

  • 2014 Predicting Financial Stress Events: A Signal Extraction Approach
    by Ian Christensen & Fuchun Li

  • 2014 Las competencias genéricas en la Universidad de A Coruña: un análisis factorial
    by Carlos Pais Montes & Maria Jesús Freire Seoane & Mercedes Teijeiro Alvarez

  • 2014 “Mathiness” ve İstatistik, Ulusal Gelir Hesapları, Matematik ve Ekonometri Konusunda Keynes
    by Ercan Uygur

  • 2014 Transaction Costs in International Armaments Cooperation
    by Vladan Holcner & Marek Sedlačik & Jaroslav Michálek & Jakub Odehnal

  • 2014 The Biggest Myth in Spatial Econometrics
    by James P. LeSage & R. Kelley Pace

  • 2014 Testing for A Set of Linear Restrictions in VARMA Models Using Autoregressive Metric: An Application to Granger Causality Test
    by Francesca Di Iorio & Umberto Triacca

  • 2014 Success at the Summer Olympics: How Much Do Economic Factors Explain?
    by Pravin K. Trivedi & David M. Zimmer

  • 2014 A GMM-Based Test for Normal Disturbances of the Heckman Sample Selection Model
    by Michael Pfaffermayr

  • 2014 Asymmetry and Leverage in Conditional Volatility Models
    by Michael McAleer

  • 2014 Two-Part Models for Fractional Responses Defined as Ratios of Integers
    by Harald Oberhofer & Michael Pfaffermayr

  • 2014 A Fast, Accurate Method for Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall
    by Jochen Krause & Marc S. Paolella

  • 2014 A One Line Derivation of EGARCH
    by Michael McAleer & Christian M. Hafner

  • 2014 Credible Granger-Causality Inference with Modest Sample Lengths: A Cross-Sample Validation Approach
    by Richard A. Ashley & Kwok Ping Tsang

  • 2014 Bias-Correction in Vector Autoregressive Models: A Simulation Study
    by Tom Engsted & Thomas Q. Pedersen

  • 2014 Incorporating Responsiveness to Marketing Efforts in Brand Choice Modeling
    by Dennis Fok & Richard Paap & Philip Hans Franses

  • 2014 Referee Bias and Stoppage Time in Major League Soccer: A Partially Adaptive Approach
    by Katherine G. Yewell & Steven B. Caudill & Franklin G. Mixon, Jr.

  • 2014 Measuring the monetary value of social relations: A hedonic approach
    by Colombo, Emilio & Stanca, Luca

  • 2014 Cross-market spillovers with ‘volatility surprise’
    by Aboura, Sofiane & Chevallier, Julien

  • 2014 Semi-parametric regression models and economies of scale in the presence of an endogenous variable
    by Cohen, Jeffrey P. & Osleeb, Jeffrey P. & Yang, Ke

  • 2014 On the income–nuclear energy–CO2 emissions nexus revisited
    by Baek, Jungho & Pride, Dominique

  • 2014 Testing multiple inequality hypotheses: A smoothed indicator approach
    by Chen, Le-Yu & Szroeter, Jerzy

  • 2014 A unified approach to validating univariate and multivariate conditional distribution models in time series
    by Chen, Bin & Hong, Yongmiao

  • 2014 Testing a linear dynamic panel data model against nonlinear alternatives
    by Lee, Yoon-Jin

  • 2014 A new perspective on the issue of selection bias in randomized controlled field experiments
    by Belot, Michèle & James, Jonathan

  • 2014 The economic impact of Swiss smoking bans on the hospitality sector
    by Marti, Joachim & Schläpfer, Jörg

  • 2014 Measuring business cycles: Empirical Mode Decomposition of economic time series
    by Kožić, Ivan & Sever, Ivan

  • 2014 Analysis of the Decomposition of Energy Intensity in Tunisia
    by Amira Ben Hammamia & Ahlem Dakhlaoui & Abdessalem Abbassi

  • 2014 Correlation and volatility on bond markets during the EMU crisis: does the OMT change the process ?
    by Franck Martin & Jiangxingyun Zhang

  • 2014 European equity fund managers: luck or skill?!
    by Enareta Kurtbegu & Juliana Caicedo-llano

  • 2014 A flexible descriptive model for the size distribution of incomes
    by Masato Okamoto

  • 2014 The stochastic volatility model with random jumps and its application to BRL/USD exchange rate
    by Márcio P. Laurini & Roberto B. Mauad

  • 2014 On the implicit uniform BIC prior
    by Richard Startz

  • 2014 An Empirical Analysis of Energy Demand in Tunisia
    by Besma Talbi & Duc Khuong Nguyen

  • 2014 A multivariate evaluation of German output growth and inflation forecasts
    by Jens J. Krüger

  • 2014 Oil prices and trade balance: A frequency domain analysis for India
    by Aviral Kumar Tiwari & Mohamed Arouri & Frédéric Teulon

  • 2014 The EURPLN, DAX and WIG20: the Granger causality tests before and during the crisis
    by Ewa M. Syczewska

  • 2014 The Concept of Probability in the Work of Lord Keynes
    by Alberto Landro

  • 2014 Statistical Testing of Key Effectiveness Indicators of the Companies (Case for Ukraine in 2012)
    by Vladimir Ponomarenko & Oleksandr Dorokhov & Iryna Gontareva

  • 2013 A Unified Approach to Validating Univariate and Multivariate Conditional Distribution Models in Time Series
    by Bin Chen & Yongmiao Hong

  • 2013 Detecting for Smooth Structural Changes in GARCH Models
    by Bin Chen & Yongmiao Hong

  • 2013 Characteristic Function-Based Testing for Multifactor Continuous-Time Markov Models via Nonparametri
    by Bin Chen & Yongmiao Hong

  • 2013 Leverage vs. Feedback: Which Effect Drives the Oil Market ?
    by Chevallier, Julien & Aboura, Sofiane

  • 2013 Empirical Performance Study of Alternative Option Pricing Models: An Application to the French Option Market
    by Aboura, Sofiane

  • 2013 Economic Evaluation of Human Losses from Disasters
    by B. Porfiriev.

  • 2013 On the Finite Sample Properties of Pre-test Estimators of Spatial Models
    by Gianfranco Piras & Ingmar R. Prucha

  • 2013 Impact Estimates for Static Spatial Panel Data Models in R
    by Gianfranco Piras

  • 2013 Comparing Implementations of Estimation Methods for Spatial Econometrics
    by Roger Bivand & Gianfranco Piras

  • 2013 A New Index of Environmental Quality Based on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    by Elettra Agliardi & Mehmet Pinar & Thanasis Stengos

  • 2013 Modelling the Demand for Bank Loans by Private Business Sector in Pakistan
    by Hassan, Faiza & Qayyum, Abdul

  • 2013 Do high customer bank deposits incite management fraud? Examining causes of management fraud in the Nigerian banking sector
    by ojeaga, paul & Ikpefan, o & Odejimi, Deborah

  • 2013 Finance and growth: New evidence from Meta-analysis
    by Asongu, Simplice A

  • 2013 On the tracking and replication of hedge fund optimal investment portfolio strategies in global capital markets in presence of nonlinearities, applying Bayesian filters: 1. Stratanovich – Kalman – Bucy filters for Gaussian linear investment returns distribution and 2. Particle filters for non-Gaussian non-linear investment returns distribution
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2013 Does economic prosperity bring about a happier society? Empirical remarks on the Easterlin Paradox debate sans Happiness Adaptation
    by Beja Jr., Edsel

  • 2013 Natural Gas Consumption and Economic Growth Nexus: The Role of Exports, Capital and Labor in France
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Farhani, Sahbi & Rahman, Mohammad Mafizur

  • 2013 Coal Consumption, Industrial Production and CO2 Emissions in China and India
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Farhani, Sahbi & Ozturk, Ilhan

  • 2013 Causality between Trade Openness and Energy Consumption: What Causes What in High, Middle and Low Income countries
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Nasreen, Samia & Ling, Chong Hui & Sbia, Rashid

  • 2013 On the Stratonovich – Kalman - Bucy filtering algorithm application for accurate characterization of financial time series with use of state-space model by central banks
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2013 Some thoughts on accurate characterization of stock market indexes trends in conditions of nonlinear capital flows during electronic trading at stock exchanges in global capital markets
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2013 Does economic prosperity bring about a happier society? Empirical remarks on the Easterlin Paradox debate
    by Beja Jr., Edsel

  • 2013 Exploiting Zero-Inflated Consumption Data using Propensity Score Matching and the Infrequency of Purchase Model, with Application to Climate Change Policy
    by Bardsley, Nicholas & Buechs, Milena

  • 2013 Bubbles, shocks and elementary technical trading strategies
    by Fry, John

  • 2013 Parameter Estimation and Model Testing for Markov Processes via Conditional Characteristic Functions
    by Chen, Songxi & Peng, Liang & Yu, Cindy

  • 2013 Mann-Whitney Test with Adjustments to Pre-treatment Variables for Missing Values and Observational Study
    by Chen, Songxi

  • 2013 A potential solution to problems in ordered choice models involving endogenous ordinal variables for self-reported questions
    by HASAN, HAMID & Rehman, Attiqur

  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Metaphysical
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 Hilbert's Sixth Problem: Descriptive Statistics as New Foundations for Probability: Lévy Processes
    by Johnson, Joseph F.

  • 2013 Measuring the Monetary Value of Social Relations: a Hedonic Approach
    by Emilio Colombo & Luca Stanca

  • 2013 Testing the Statistical Significance of Microsimulation Results: Often Easier than You Think. A Technical Note
    by Tim Goedemé & Karel Van den Bosch & Lina Salanauskaite & Gerlinde Verbist

  • 2013 Is sprawling residential behavior influenced by climate?
    by Cyrus Grout & Jean Cavailhès & Cécile Detang-Dessendre & Alban Thomas

  • 2013 Finance and growth: New evidence from Meta-analysis
    by Asongu Simplice

  • 2013 Finance and growth: Schumpeter might be wrong in our era. New evidence from Meta-analysis
    by Asongu Simplice

  • 2013 A foreign investment project of an autoparts firm: Real options versus financial valuation
    by María Luisa Saavedra García & Máximo Jorge Saavedra García & Deyanira Bernal Domínguez

  • 2013 Using Linear Programming in order to Optimize the Allocation of Resources for Investment
    by Rodica Gherghina & Ioana Duca

  • 2013 Predicción de quiebras empresariales en economías emergentes: uso de un modelo logístico mixto || Bankruptcy Prediction in Emerging Economies: Use of a Mixed Logistic Model
    by Caro, Norma Patricia & Díaz, Margarita & Porporato, Marcela

  • 2013 A two-step selective editing procedure based on contamination models
    by Marco Di Zio & Ugo Guarnera

  • 2013 Academic Rankings with RePEc
    by Christian Zimmermann

  • 2013 Polynomial Regressions and Nonsense Inference
    by Daniel Ventosa-Santaulà ria & Carlos Vladimir Rodríguez-Caballero

  • 2013 Ranking Leading Econometrics Journals Using Citations Data from ISI and RePEc
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer

  • 2013 The Geometric Meaning of the Notion of Joint Unpredictability of a Bivariate VAR(1) Stochastic Process
    by Umberto Triacca

  • 2013 Structural Panel VARs
    by Peter Pedroni

  • 2013 Parametric and Nonparametric Frequentist Model Selection and Model Averaging
    by Aman Ullah & Huansha Wang

  • 2013 Generalized Empirical Likelihood-Based Focused Information Criterion and Model Averaging
    by Naoya Sueishi

  • 2013 Generalized Spatial Two Stage Least Squares Estimation of Spatial Autoregressive Models with Autoregressive Disturbances in the Presence of Endogenous Regressors and Many Instruments
    by Fei Jin & Lung-fei Lee

  • 2013 Outlier Detection in Regression Using an Iterated One-Step Approximation to the Huber-Skip Estimator
    by Søren Johansen & Bent Nielsen

  • 2013 Constructing U.K. Core Inflation
    by Terence C. Mills

  • 2013 Forecasting Value-at-Risk Using High-Frequency Information
    by Huiyu Huang & Tae-Hwy Lee

  • 2013 Ten Things You Should Know about the Dynamic Conditional Correlation Representation
    by Massimiliano Caporin & Michael McAleer

  • 2013 On Diagnostic Checking of Vector ARMA-GARCH Models with Gaussian and Student-t Innovations
    by Yongning Wang & Ruey S. Tsay

  • 2013 Testing for collusion in asymmetric first-price auctions
    by Aryal, Gaurab & Gabrielli, Maria F.

  • 2013 The spillover effects of the sub-prime mortgage crisis and optimum asset allocation in the BRICV stock markets
    by Chiang, Shu-Mei & Chen, Hsin-Fu & Lin, Chi-Tai

  • 2013 Leverage vs. feedback: Which Effect drives the oil market?
    by Aboura, Sofiane & Chevallier, Julien

  • 2013 Quantitative analysis of feasibility of hydrous ethanol futures contracts in Brazil
    by Quintino, Derick David & David, Sergio Adriani

  • 2013 Functional form and aggregate energy demand elasticities: A nonparametric panel approach for 17 OECD countries
    by Karimu, Amin & Brännlund, Runar

  • 2013 A note on bounding average treatment effects
    by Lafférs, Lukáš

  • 2013 On Jarque–Bera normality and cusum parameter change tests for BCTT-GARCH models
    by Lee, Taewook

  • 2013 On the validity of the Keynesian Absolute Income hypothesis in Pakistan: An ARDL bounds testing approach
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Nawaz, Kishwar & Arouri, Mohamed & Teulon, Frédéric & Uddin, Gazi Salah

  • 2013 Testing linear regression model with AR(1) errors against a first-order dynamic linear regression model with white noise errors: A point optimal testing approach
    by Sriananthakumar, Sivagowry

  • 2013 Trade liberalisation and manufacturing wage premiums: Evidence from Thailand
    by Jayanthakumaran, Kankesu & Sangkaew, Piyapong & O’Brien, Martin

  • 2013 Oil prices and trade balance: A wavelet based analysis for India
    by Aviral Kumar Tiwari & Olaolu Richard Olayeni

  • 2013 The Fall of Bretton Woods: Which Geography Matters?
    by Leila Ali & Marie Lebreton

  • 2013 Pair Copula Construction based Expected Shortfall estimation
    by Marcelo Brutti Righi & Paulo Sergio Ceretta

  • 2013 A new estimator of the Box-Cox transformation model using moment conditions
    by Kazumitsu Nawata

  • 2013 Empirical Analysis of the Interconnection between Structural Changes and Labour Productivity
    by Rossitsa Rangelova

  • 2012 Systemic Risk in Energy Derivative Markets: A Graph-Theory Analysis
    by Raynaud, Franck & Lautier, Delphine

  • 2012 Systemic Risk in Derivative Markets: an Empirical Assessment Through Network Analysis
    by Lautier, Delphine & Simon, Yves

  • 2012 Heredity, Family, and Inequality: A Critique of Social Sciences
    by Beenstock, Michael

  • 2012 Is Collusion Proof Auction Expensive? Estimates from Highway Procurements
    by Aryal, Gaurab & Gabrielli, Maria F.

  • 2012 Another Look at the Interaction Between Oil Price Uncertainty and Exchange Rate Volatility: The Case of Small Open Economies
    by Selmi, Refk & Bouoiyour, Jamal & Ayachi, Fethi

  • 2012 Test for Bandedness of High Dimensional Covariance Matrices with Bandwidth Estimation
    by Qiu, Yumou & Chen, Songxi

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