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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C4: Econometric and Statistical Methods: Special Topics
/ / / C45: Neural Networks and Related Topics
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Technology Assessment

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Importance of the long-term seasonal component in day-ahead electricity price forecasting revisited: Neural network models
    by Grzegorz Marcjasz & Bartosz Uniejewski & Rafal Weron

  • 2017 Whose Balance Sheet is this? Neural Networks for Banks' Pattern Recognition
    by Leon Rincon, Carlos & Moreno, José Fernando & Cely, Jorge

  • 2017 CDS Rate Construction Methods by Machine Learning Techniques
    by Brummelhuis, Raymond & Luo, Zhongmin

  • 2017 Robust modelling of the impacts of climate change on the habitat suitability of forest tree species
    by de Rigo, Daniele & Caudullo, Giovanni & San-Miguel-Ayanz, Jesús & Barredo, José I.

  • 2017 Bagged artificial neural networks in forecasting inflation: An extensive comparison with current modelling frameworks
    by Karol Szafranek

  • 2017 Tail event driven networks of SIFIs
    by Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen & Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Yarema Okhrin &

  • 2017 How Centralized is U.S. Metropolitan Employment?
    by Brown, Jason & Maloney, Maeve & Rappaport, Jordan & Smalter Hall, Aaron

  • 2017 Macroeconomic Indicator Forecasting with Deep Neural Networks
    by Cook, Thomas R. & Smalter Hall, Aaron

  • 2017 Obeying vs. resisting unfair laws. A structural analysis of the internalization of collective preferences on redistribution using classification trees and random forests
    by Sophie Harnay & Elisabeth Tovar

  • 2017 Network Structure of French Multinational Firms
    by Charlie Joyez

  • 2017 Prevalence of Diseases and Health Care Utilization ofthe Self-Employed Artists and TheirEmpirical Determinants: Evidence From a Slovenian Survey
    by Andrej Sarkar

  • 2017 Evaluación de pronósticos de modelos lineales y no lineales de la tasa de cambio de Colombia
    by Andrés González

  • 2017 Risk Adjustment Revisited using Machine Learning Techniques
    by Alvaro J. Riascos & Mauricio Romero & Natalia Serna

  • 2017 Machine learning at central banks
    by Chakraborty, Chiranjit & Joseph, Andreas

  • 2017 Measuring business cycles intra-synchronization in us: a regime-switching interdependence framework
    by Danilo Leiva-Leon

  • 2017 Innovative time series forecasting: auto regressive moving average vs deep networks
    by Anthony Mouraud

  • 2017 A patent search strategy based on machine learning for the emerging field of service robotics
    by Florian Kreuchauff & Vladimir Korzinov

  • 2017 Measuring Tanker Market Future Risk with the use of FORESIM
    by Dimitrios Lyridis & Nikolaos Manos & Panayotis Zacharioudakis & Athanassios Pappas & Aristidis Mavris

  • 2017 Forecasting Stock Market Realized Variance with Echo State Neural Networks
    by Milan Fičura

  • 2017 Creating of Something from Nothing. Methodic. Applying the Principles of Chaos and Complex Systems in a Learning Environment
    by Evgenia Vasileva

  • 2017 Effect of information quality due accounting regulatory changes: Applied case to Mexican real sector
    by Héctor Horacio Garza Sánchez & Klender Aimer Cortez Alejandro & Alma Berenice Méndez Sáenz & Martha del Pilar Rodríguez García

  • 2017 Efecto en la calidad de la información ante cambios en la normatividad contable: caso aplicado al sector real mexicano
    by Héctor Horacio Garza Sánchez & Klender Aimer Cortez Alejandro & Alma Berenice Méndez Sáenz & Martha del Pilar Rodríguez García

  • 2017 Organizational and Financial Modeling of Transnational Industrial Clusters Sustainable Development: Experience, Risks, Management Innovation
    by O.V. Andreeva & E.V. Shevchik

  • 2017 Debt and growth: A non-parametric approach
    by Brida, Juan Gabriel & Gómez, David Matesanz & Seijas, Maria Nela

  • 2017 Financial distress prediction: The case of French small and medium-sized firms
    by Mselmi, Nada & Lahiani, Amine & Hamza, Taher

  • 2017 A deep learning ensemble approach for crude oil price forecasting
    by Zhao, Yang & Li, Jianping & Yu, Lean

  • 2017 Investigate the Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility on the Demand for Life Insurance in Iran
    by Maryam Hosseinzadeh & Saeed Daei-Karimzadeh

  • 2017 A Novel Method of Modeling Dynamic Evolutionary Game with Rational Agents for Market Forecasting

  • 2017 Quand l’union fait la force : un indice de risque systémique
    by Patrick Kouontchou & Bertrand Maillet & Alejandro Modesto & Sessi Tokpavi

  • 2017 Quand l’union fait la force : un indice de risque systémique
    by Patrick Kouontchou & Bertrand Maillet & Alejandro Modesto & Sessi Tokpavi

  • 2017 Classification of Gene Samples Using Pair-Wise Support Vector Machines
    by Engin Taş

  • 2017 Returned Product Acquisition Pricing by Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
    by Yusuf Kuvvetli

  • 2017 The Prediction of Precious Metal Prices via Artificial Neural Network by Using RapidMiner
    by Ufuk Çelik & Çağatay Başarır

  • 2017 Comparing Accuracy Performance of ELM, ARMA and ARMA-GARCH Model In Predicting Exchange Rate Return
    by Nimet Melis Esenyel & Melda Akın

  • 2016 Chaos in G7 Stock Markets using Over One Century of Data: A Note
    by Aviral Kumar Tiwari & Rangan Gupta & Stelios Bekiros

  • 2016 Forecasting with Neural Networks Models
    by Francis Bismans & Igor N. Litvine

  • 2016 A Fuzzy-Neural Performance Evaluation Approach of Selecting Outsource International Logistic Company
    by Chun Wei R. Lin & Yun-Jiuan Melody Parng & Hong-Yi Chen

  • 2016 “Butterfly Effect" vs Chaos in Energy Futures Markets
    by Loretta Mastroeni & Pierluigi Vellucci

  • 2016 Nightlights as a Development Indicator: The Estimation of Gross Provincial Product (GPP) in Turkey
    by Basihos, Seda

  • 2016 Neural Network Models of Regulating Natural Capital Funds for Renewable Energy
    by Alsayyed, Nidal & Zhu, Weihang

  • 2016 Methodological Aspects of Qualitative-Quantitative Analysis of Decision-Making Processes
    by Gawlik, Remigiusz

  • 2016 Wavelet Analysis of Unemployment Rate in Visegrad Countries
    by Monika Hadas-Dyduch & Michal Bernard Pietrzak & Adam P. Balcerzak

  • 2016 The Effect of Word of Mouth on Sales: New Answers from the Comprehensive Consumer Journey Data
    by Xiao Liu & Dokyun Lee & Kannan Srinivasan

  • 2016 Co-authorship and Academic Productivity in Economics: Interaction Maps from the Complex Networks Approach
    by Molina, José Alberto & Alcolea, Alberto & Ferrer, Alfredo & Iñiguez, David & Rivero, Alejandro & Ruiz, Gonzalo & Tarancón, Alfonso

  • 2016 Using Recursive Partitioning to Account for Parameter Heterogeneity in Multinomial Processing Tree Models
    by Florian Wickelmaier & Achim Zeileis

  • 2016 A Toolkit for Stability Assessment of Tree-Based Learners
    by Michel Philipp & Achim Zeileis & Carolin Strobl

  • 2016 Comparing the market risk premia forecasts in JSE and NYSE equity markets
    by Leoni Eleni Oikonomikou

  • 2016 Forecasting the Market Risk Premium with Artificial Neural Networks
    by Leoni Eleni Oikonomikou

  • 2016 Spatial Dependence and Data-Driven Networks of International Banks
    by Craig, Ben R. & Saldias Zambrana, Martin

  • 2016 EU ETS Facets in the Net: How Account Types Influence the Structure of the System
    by Simone Borghesi & Andrea Flori

  • 2016 Being Central and Productive? Evidence from Slovenian Visual Artists in the 19th and 20th Century
    by Andrej Srakar & Petja Grafenauer & Marilena Vecco

  • 2016 Co-authorship and Academic Productivity in Economics: Interaction Maps from the Complex Networks Approach
    by José Alberto Molina & Alberto Alcolea & Alfredo Ferrer & Alberto Alcolea & David Iñiguez & Alejandro Rivero & Gonzalo Ruiz & Alfonso Tarancón

  • 2016 Neural Nets for Indirect Inference
    by Michael Creel

  • 2016 Wavelet Analisis of Unemployment Rate in Visegrad Countries
    by Monika Hadas-Dyduch & Adam P. Balcerzak & Michal Bernard Pietrzak

  • 2016 Predicting customer churn in banking industry using neural networks
    by Alisa Bilal Zoric

  • 2016 Integrated Model of Demand for Telephone Services in Terms of Microeconometrics
    by Kaczmarczyk Paweł

  • 2016 Neural Networks Modelling of Municipal Real Estate Market Rent Rates
    by Muczyński Andrzej & Walacik Marek

  • 2016 Measuring the impact of Mision Alimentacion in Merida by means of fuzzy logic
    by Alberto José Hurtado Briceño

  • 2016 Ukrainian Banks’ Business Models Clustering: Application of Kohonen Neural Networks
    by Vladyslav Rashkovan & Dmytro Pokidin

  • 2016 Modelling cross-dependencies between Spain’s regional tourism markets with an extension of the Gaussian process regression model
    by Oscar Claveria & Enric Monte & Salvador Torra

  • 2016 Evaluating the combined forecasts of the dynamic factor model and the artificial neural network model using linear and nonlinear combining methods
    by Ali Babikir & Henry Mwambi

  • 2016 Improving Efficiency of the Oil and Gas Sector and Other Extractive Industries by Applying Methods of Artificial Intelligence
    by Peter F. Kaznacheev & Regina V. Samoilova & Nikola V. Kjurchiski

  • 2016 The diversity of agents and evolution of overlapping patents on electric vehicles
    by Ricardo Artemio Chávez Meza & Arturo Ángel Lara Rivero

  • 2016 The International Practice of Statistical Property Valuation Methods and the Possibilities of Introducing Automated Valuation Models in Hungary
    by Áron Horváth & Blanka Imre & Zoltán Sápi

  • 2016 Detección de fraude financiero mediante redes neuronales de clasificación en un caso real español /Detecting Financial Fraud using Neural Network Classification Models in a Real Spanish Case

  • 2016 Weighted merge context for clustering and quantizing spatial data with self-organizing neural networks
    by Julian Hagenauer

  • 2016 Determinants Of The Index Of Prices And Quotations On The Mexican Stock Exchange: Sensitivity Analysis Based On Artificial Neural Networks
    by Stephanie Valdivia & Arturo Morales

  • 2016 A Comparison between Neural Networks and GARCH Models in Exchange Rate Forecasting
    by Fahima Charef & Fethi Ayachi

  • 2016 A self-organizing map analysis of survey-based agents׳ expectations before impending shocks for model selection: The case of the 2008 financial crisis
    by Claveria, Oscar & Monte, Enric & Torra, Salvador

  • 2016 Dynamics of global business cycle interdependence
    by Ductor, Lorenzo & Leiva-Leon, Danilo

  • 2016 On business cycle fluctuations in USA macroeconomic time series
    by Kiani, Khurshid M.

  • 2016 Machine Learning Techniques For Stock Market Prediction.Acase Study Of Omv Petrom
    by Cătălina-Lucia COCIANU & Hakob GRIGORYAN

  • 2016 Using Nature-Inspired Metaheuristics to Train Predictive Machines
    by Vasile GEORGESCU

  • 2016 A self-organizing map analysis of survey-based agents? expectations before impending shocks for model selection: The case of the 2008 financial crisis
    by Oscar Claveria & Enric Monte & Salvador Torra

  • 2016 Pronóstico de la actividad económica con base en el volumen transaccional - caso boliviano
    by Jonnathan R. Cáceres Santos

  • 2016 Credit Scoring Models for a Tunisian Microfinance Institution: Comparison between Artificial Neural Network and Logistic Regression
    by A?da Kammoun & Imen Triki

  • 2016 A fuzzy model for the evaluation of suppliers of material resources to machine-building enterprises
    by Evgeniya Kozlova & Vladimir Volynsky

  • 2016 Comparison of Individual Pension System and Bank's Deposit System for Low-Risk Investors
    by Özcan Mutlu & Muhammed Ordu & Olcay Polat

  • 2016 Tests of the Constancy of Conditional Correlations of Unknown Functional Form in Multivariate GARCH Models
    by Anne Péguin-Feissolle & Bilel Sanhaji

  • 2015 The Informational Content of the Term-Spread in Forecasting the U.S. Inflation Rate: A Nonlinear Approach
    by Periklis Gogas & Theophilos Papadimitriou & Vasilios Plakandaras & Rangan Gupta

  • 2015 Forecasting the US CPI: Does Nonlinearity Matter?
    by Marcos Álvarez-Díaz & Rangan Gupta

  • 2015 How Do Different Time Spans Affect The Prediction Accuracy Of Business Failure?
    by Càmara-Turull, X. & Fernández Izquierdo, M.A. & Sorrosal Forradellas, M.T.

  • 2015 Emergence of networks and market institutions in a large virtual economy
    by Kephart, Curtis & Friedman, Daniel & Baumer, Matt

  • 2015 A patent search strategy based on machine learning for the emerging field of service robotics
    by Kreuchauff, Florian & Korzinov, Vladimir

  • 2015 Isolation and Innovation – Two Contradictory Concepts? Explorative Findings from the German Laser Industry
    by Kudic, Muhamed & Ehrenfeld, Wilfried & Pusch, Toralf

  • 2015 Were the Scandinavian Banking Crises Predictable? A Neural Network Approach
    by Kim Ristolainen

  • 2015 Nonlinear Time Series and Neural-Network Models of Exchange Rates between the US Dollar and Major Currencies
    by David E. Allen & Michael McAleer & Shelton Peiris & Abhay K. Singh

  • 2015 Estimation and prediction of an Index of Financial Safety of Tunisia
    by Matkovskyy, Roman & Bouraoui, Taoufik & Hammami, Helmi

  • 2015 Measuring the Core Inflation in Turkey with the SM-AR Model
    by Kulaksizoglu, Tamer

  • 2015 Analyzing Multiday Route Choice Behavior using GPS Data
    by Wenyun Tang & Lin Cheng

  • 2015 Detecting Treatment-Subgroup Interactions in Clustered Data with Generalized Linear Mixed-Effects Model Trees
    by Marjolein Fokkema & Niels Smits & Achim Zeileis & Torsten Hothorn & Henk Kelderman

  • 2015 Analyzing the impact of global financial crisis on the interconnectedness of Asian stock markets using network science
    by Jitendra Aswani

  • 2015 A Power Market Forward Curve with Hydrology Dependence An Approach based on Artificial Neural Networks
    by Green, Rikard

  • 2015 Forecasting the Term Structure of Crude Oil Futures Prices with Neural Networks
    by Jozef Barunik & Barbora Malinska

  • 2015 Nonlinear time series and neural-network models of exchange rates between the US dollar and major currencies
    by Allen, D.E. & McAleer, M.J. & Peiris, S. & Singh, A.K.

  • 2015 Classification Models Via Tabu Search: An Application to Early Stage Venture Classification
    by Astebro , Thomas & Akdemir , Canan & Elhedhli , Samir

  • 2015 Testing the Constancy of Conditional Correlations in Multivariate GARCH-type Models (Extended Version with Appendix)
    by Anne Péguin-Feissolle & Bilel Sanhaji

  • 2015 Text mining for central banks
    by David Bholat & Stephen Hans & Pedro Santos & Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey

  • 2015 National Bank of Ukraine Econometric Model for the Assessment of Banks’ Credit Risk and Support Vector Machine Alternative
    by Dmytro Pokidin

  • 2015 Out-Of-Sample Forecasting Performance Of A Robust Neural Exchange Rate Model Of Ron/Usd
    by Corina SAMAN

  • 2015 Quantitative Easing and the U.S. Stock Market: A Decision Tree Analysis
    by Ramaprasad Bhar & A.G. Malliaris & Mary Malliaris

  • 2015 Security Assessment And Optimization Of Energy Supply (Neural Networks Approach)
    by Tomasz Jasinski & Agnieszka Scianowska

  • 2015 Homo Economicus and Homo Sapiens
    by Goldstone, Robert L.

  • 2015 Topology of the foreign currency/forint swap market
    by Ádám Banai & András Kollarik & András Szabó-Solticzky

  • 2015 Is There an Arms Race Between Pakistan and India? An Application of GMM
    by Muhammad Ramzan Sheikh & Muhammad Aslam

  • 2015 Approximating Innovation Potential With Neurofuzzy Robust Model / Aproximación Al Potencial Innovador Con Un Modelo Robusto De Neuro-Fuzzy
    by Kasa, Richard

  • 2015 Systemic Sovereign Risk and Asset Prices: Evidence from the CDS Market, Stressed European Economies and Nonlinear Causality Tests
    by Antonio Blanco-Oliver & Ana Irimia-Dieguez & María Oliver-Alfonso & Nicholas Wilson

  • 2015 Islamic versus conventional banks in the GCC countries: A comparative study using classification techniques
    by Khediri, Karim Ben & Charfeddine, Lanouar & Youssef, Slah Ben

  • 2015 The predictive accuracy of Sukuk ratings; Multinomial Logistic and Neural Network inferences
    by Arundina, Tika & Azmi Omar, Mohd. & Kartiwi, Mira

  • 2015 Forecasting the COMEX copper spot price by means of neural networks and ARIMA models
    by Sánchez Lasheras, Fernando & de Cos Juez, Francisco Javier & Suárez Sánchez, Ana & Krzemień, Alicja & Riesgo Fernández, Pedro

  • 2015 Forecasting short-term electricity consumption using a semantics-based genetic programming framework: The South Italy case
    by Castelli, Mauro & Vanneschi, Leonardo & De Felice, Matteo

  • 2015 Heuristic learning in intraday trading under uncertainty
    by Bekiros, Stelios D.

  • 2015 Concrete strength control charts pattern recognition based on Linear Vector Quantization neural networks
    by Þebnem KOLTAN YILMAZ & M. Mustafa YÜCEL

  • 2015 A Support Vector Machine Approach For Developing Telemedicine Solutions: Medical Diagnosis
    by Mihaela GHEORGHE

  • 2015 A Comparative Analysis Of Serbia And The Eu Member States In The Context Of The Networked Readiness Index Values
    by Jasna Soldić-Aleksić & Rade Stankić

  • 2015 A Comparison of Artificial Neural Networks and Multiple Linear Regression Models As Predictors of Discard Rates In Plastic Injection Molding
    by Vesile Sinem Arıkan Kargı

  • 2015 Bank Credit Risk Analysis with K-Nearest-Neighbor Classifier: Case of Tunisian Banks
    by Aida Krichene Abdelmoula

  • 2015 Credit Risk Prediction: A Comparative Study between Discriminant Analysis and the Neural Network Approach
    by Sihem Khemakhem & Younes Boujelbene

  • 2014 Hisse Senedi Piyasalarının Kaotik Yapısı ve Yapay Sinir Ağları ile öngörüsü: IMKB-100 örneği
    by Selin Devrim ÖZDEMİR & Işıl AKGÜL

  • 2014 Forecasting The Runoff Data Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Systems (ANFIS)
    by Alpaslan YARAR & Mustafa ONÜÇYILDIZ & Nuri PEKÇET?N

  • 2014 Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods for Analysis of Material and Non-material Determinants of Functioning of Young Europeans in Times of Crisis in the Eurozone
    by Gawlik, Remigiusz

  • 2014 Incorporating Qualitative Indicators of Well - Being into Quantitative Economic Research
    by Gawlik, Remigiusz & Gołębiowski, Kamil

  • 2014 A note on Poincaré recurrence in Anosov diffeomorphic transformation of discretized outline of some plant leaves
    by Mishra, SK

  • 2014 What happens if in the principal component analysis the Pearsonian is replaced by the Brownian coefficient of correlation?
    by Mishra, Sudhanshu K

  • 2014 Security Assessment and Optimization of Energy Supply
    by Tomasz Jasinski & Agnieszka Scianowska

  • 2014 Information Processing, Pattern Transmission and Aggregate Consumption Patterns in New Zealand:
    by Dan Farhat

  • 2014 Artificial Neural Networks and Aggregate Consumption Patterns in New Zealand:
    by Dan Farhat

  • 2014 The Formation of Migrant Networks
    by Comola, Margherita & Mendola, Mariapia

  • 2014 partykit: A Modular Toolkit for Recursive Partytioning in R
    by Torsten Hothorn & Achim Zeileis

  • 2014 Learning the Ramsey outcome in a Kydland & Prescott economy
    by Jasmina ARIFOVIC & Murat YILDIZOGLU

  • 2014 On Estimation of Gravity Equation: A Cluster Analysis
    by Bozena Bobkova

  • 2014 A New Approach to Infer Changes in the Synchronization of Business Cycle Phases
    by Danilo Leiva-Leon

  • 2014 Particularities Of Transfer Channel In The Financial Network Modeling
    by DIMITRIU, Mihail

  • 2014 A Point Of View On The Logic Modelling Of The Financial Network
    by DIMITRIU, Mihail

  • 2014 Determinación del riesgo de fracaso financiero mediante la utilización de modelos paramétricos, de inteligencia artificial, y de información de auditoría
    by Manuel Rodríguez & Carlos Piñeiro & Pablo De Llano

  • 2014 Empresas exitosas y no exitosas que cotizan en la BMV del Sector Comercial: Una clasificación con Análisis Discriminante Múltiple, Modelos Logit y Redes Neuronales Artificiales
    by Oswaldo García Salgado & Arturo Morales Castro

  • 2014 Os determinantes da inflação brasileira recente: estimações utilizando redes neurais [Determinants of recent Brazilian inflation: Estimates using neural networks]
    by Ricardo Figueiredo Summa & Leonardo Macrini

  • 2014 Real-Time Analysis of Online Product Reviews by Means of Multi-Layer Feed-Forward Neural Networks
    by Reinhold Decker

  • 2014 Efficiency measurement in Turkish manufacturing sector using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
    by Ömer Akgöbek & Emre Yakut

  • 2014 Neuroeconomic Models of Decision-Making
    by Gheorghe H. Popescu & Elvira Nica

  • 2014 Suleyman Demirel Universitesi, Iktisadi ve Idari Bilimler Fakultesi, Isletme Bolumu
    by Meltem KARAATLI & Serpil SENAL & Mahmut Sami OZTURK

  • 2014 Bulanik TOPSIS ve Bulanik VIKOR Yontemleriyle Alisveris Merkezi Kurulus Yeri Secimi ve Bir Uygulama
    by Selahattin YAVUZ & Muhammet DEVECI

  • 2014 Disa Aciklik ve Demokratik Yapinin Kamu Kesimi Buyuklugu Uzerindeki Etkisi: Rodrik Hipotezine Gecis Ekonomilerinden Kanit
    by Mahmut ZORTUK & Berna BESER

  • 2014 Stochastic and genetic neural network combinations in trading and hybrid time-varying leverage effects
    by Sermpinis, Georgios & Stasinakis, Charalampos & Dunis, Christian

  • 2014 A compressed sensing based AI learning paradigm for crude oil price forecasting
    by Yu, Lean & Zhao, Yang & Tang, Ling

  • 2014 Forecasting energy markets using support vector machines
    by Papadimitriou, Theophilos & Gogas, Periklis & Stathakis, Efthimios

  • 2014 Forecasting tourism demand to Catalonia: Neural networks vs. time series models
    by Claveria, Oscar & Torra, Salvador

  • 2014 Evaluando las intervenciones cambiarias en Colombia: 2004-2012
    by Mauricio Lopera & Ramón Javier Mesa & Charle Londoño

  • 2014 Estimación bayesiana del valor en riesgo: una aplicación para el mercado de valores colombiano
    by Charle Augusto Londoño & Juan Carlos Correa & Mauricio Lopera

  • 2014 Une seule fonction de demande ?. Une enquête sur la stabilité des préférences par mélanges discrets de réseaux de neurones
    by Julien Boelaert

  • 2014 Is there a trade-off between the predictive power and the interpretability of bankruptcy models? The case of the first Hungarian bankruptcy prediction model
    by Miklós Virág & Tamás Nyitrai

  • 2014 The Computational Intelligence Techniques For Predictions - Artificial Neural Networks
    by Mary Violeta Bar

  • 2013 A Network Analysis of Minority Representation in the British Local Government: Tower Hamlets Council (2006-2010)
    by Eren Tatari & Zeynep Teymuroglu

  • 2013 Multi-layered interbank model for assessing systemic risk
    by Montagna, Mattia & Kok, Christoffer

  • 2013 Modeling and forecasting of the long-term seasonal component of the EEX and Nord Pool spot prices
    by Jakub Nowotarski & Jakub Tomczyk & Rafal Weron

  • 2013 Testing for Neglected Nonlinearity Using Regularized Artificial Neural Networks
    by Tae-Hwy Lee & Zhou Xi & Ru Zhang

  • 2013 Asset Price Dynamics with Heterogeneous Beliefs and Local Network Interactions
    by Valentyn Panchenko & Sergiy Gerasymchuk & Oleg V. Pavlov

  • 2013 Predicting students’ results in higher education using a neural network
    by Oancea, Bogdan & Dragoescu, Raluca & Ciucu, Stefan

  • 2013 A New Approach to Infer Changes in the Synchronization of Business Cycle Phases
    by Leiva-Leon, Danilo

  • 2013 Capital and Contagion in Financial Networks
    by di Iasio, Giovanni & Battiston, Stefano & Infante, Luigi & Pierobon, Federico

  • 2013 Material and Non-material Determinants of European Youth's Life Quality
    by Gawlik, Remigiusz

  • 2013 Forecasting Stock Market Volatility: A Forecast Combination Approach
    by Nazarian, Rafik & Gandali Alikhani, Nadiya & Naderi, Esmaeil & Amiri, Ashkan

  • 2013 Software uncertainty in integrated environmental modelling: the role of semantics and open science
    by de Rigo, Daniele

  • 2013 Financial Time Series Forecasting by Developing a Hybrid Intelligent System
    by Abounoori, Abbas Ali & Naderi, Esmaeil & Gandali Alikhani, Nadiya & Amiri, Ashkan

  • 2013 Financial Time Series Forecasting by Developing a Hybrid Intelligent System
    by Abounoori, Abbas Ali & Naderi, Esmaeil & Gandali Alikhani, Nadiya & Amiri, Ashkan

  • 2013 Software uncertainty in integrated environmental modelling: the role of semantics and open science
    by de Rigo, Daniele

  • 2013 Toward open science at the European scale: geospatial semantic array programming for integrated environmental modelling
    by de Rigo, Daniele & Corti, Paolo & Caudullo, Giovanni & McInerney, Daniel & Di Leo, Margherita & San-Miguel-Ayanz, Jesús

  • 2013 A Neural Network Demand System
    by Julien Boelaert

  • 2013 Trade integration and trade imbalances in the European Union: a network pespective
    by Gautier M. Krings & Jean-François Carpantier, & Jean-Charles Delvenne

  • 2013 Avro Bölgesi Borç Krizi: GIIPS
    by Akçay, Belgin

  • 2013 Perfect Competition vs. Riskaverse Agents: Technology Portfolio Choice in Electricity Markets
    by Malte Sundkötter & Daniel Ziegler

  • 2013 The Formation of Migrant Networks
    by Margherita Comola & Mariapia Mendola

  • 2013 Trade integration and trade imbalances in the European Union: a network perspective
    by KRINGS, Gautier M. & CARPANTIER, Jean-François & dELVENNE, Jean-Charles & ,

  • 2013 Forecasting Latin-American yield curves: An artificial neural network approach
    by Daniel Vela

  • 2013 Determinants of Individual Tourist Expenditure as a Network: Empirical Findings from Uruguay
    by Antonio Abbruzzo & Juan Gabriel Brida & Raffaele Scuderi

  • 2013 A Hybrid Business Failure Prediction Model Using Locally Linear Embedding And Support Vector Machines
    by Lin, Fengyi & Yeh, Ching Chiang & Lee, Meng Yuan

  • 2013 Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting Real Estate Prices || Redes neuronales artificiales para la predicción de precios inmobiliarios
    by Núñez Tabales, Julia M. & Caridad y Ocerin, José María & Rey Carmona, Francisco J.

  • 2013 A Review of Artificial Neural Networks: How Well Do They Perform in Forecasting Time Series?
    by Elsy Gómez-Ramos & Francisco Venegas-Martínez

  • 2013 Factores determinantes de la migración de los ecuatorianos
    by Patricia Cortez & Paúl Medina

  • 2013 Spectral Analysis And Networks In Financial Correlation Matrices, Analisis Espectral Y Redes En Matrices De Correlacion Financiera
    by Linda Margarita Medina Herrera & Ernesto Armando Pacheco Velazquez

  • 2013 Forecasting the Finnish Consumer Price Inflation Using Artificial Neural Network Models and Three Automated Model Selection Techniques
    by Anders Bredahl Kock & Timo Teräsvirta

  • 2013 Bankruptcy Prediction Models in Galician companies. Application of Parametric Methodologies and Artificial Intelligence
    by Pablo de Llano Monelos & Manuel Rodríguez López & Carlos Piñeiro Sánchez

  • 2013 ANN Models and Bayesian Spline Models for Analysis of Exchange Rates and Gold Price
    by Ozer Ozdemir & Memmedaga Memmedli & Akhlitdin Nizamitdinov

  • 2013 Solving replication problems in a complete market by orthogonal series expansion
    by Dong, Chaohua & Gao, Jiti

  • 2013 D-GMDH: A novel inductive modelling approach in the forecasting of the industrial economy
    by Zhang, Mingzhu & He, Changzheng & Gu, Xin & Liatsis, Panos & Zhu, Bing

  • 2013 Do Dynamic Neural Networks Stand a Better Chance in Fractionally Integrated Process Forecasting?
    by Majid Delavari & Nadiya Gandali Alikhani & Esmaeil Naderi

  • 2013 Efectos de la política monetaria sobre la valoración de activos en el mercado accionario colombiano (2004-2012)
    by Lopera C., Mauricio & González, Favián & Augusto Londoño, Charle

  • 2013 Modelando el esquema de intervenciones del tipo de cambio para Colombia. una aplicación empírica de la técnica de regresión del cuantil bajo redes neu
    by Mauricio Lopera Castaño & Ramón Javier Mesa Callejas & Sergio Iván Restrepo Ochoa & Charle Augusto Londoño Henao

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