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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ A: General Economics and Teaching
/ / A1: General Economics
/ / / A10: General
/ / / A11: Role of Economics; Role of Economists
/ / / A12: Relation of Economics to Other Disciplines
/ / / A13: Relation of Economics to Social Values
/ / / A14: Sociology of Economics
/ / / A19: Other

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Rankings of Economists, Economics Departments and Economics Journals
  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Electronic Money Tax Benefits, Dinero Electronico: Beneficios Tributarios
    by Alvaro Rivera Guerrero & Felix Hablich Sanchez & Logan Berni Moran

  • 2017 Replicating "Predicting the present with Google trends" by Hyunyoung Choi and Hal Varian (The Economic Record, 2012)
    by Coupé, Tom

  • 2017 Notes on Endogenous Growth Models
    by Vasilev, Aleksandar

  • 2017 Notes on Exogenous Growth Models
    by Vasilev, Aleksandar

  • 2017 Neoclassical Growth Model with Overlapping Generations
    by Vasilev, Aleksandar

  • 2017 Microeconomic Simulator of Firm Behavior under Monopolistic Competition
    by Angelov, Aleks & Vasilev, Aleksandar

  • 2017 Pay, Rank and Job Satisfaction amongst Academic Economists in the UK
    by Karen Mumford & Cristina Sechel

  • 2017 Is Economics Useful for Public Policy?
    by James Alm

  • 2017 A Quantitative Optimization Framework for Market-Driven Academic Program Portfolios
    by Burgher, Joshua & Hamers, Herbert

  • 2017 Is Natural Resource Abundance a Stimulus for Financial Development in the USA?
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Naeem, Muhammad & Ahad, Muhammad & Tahir, Iqbal

  • 2017 Is the tourism-economic growth nexus time-varying? Bootstrap rolling-window causality analysis for the top ten tourist destinations
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Ferrer, Román & Hussain Shahzad, Syed Jawad & Haouas, Ilham

  • 2017 Is Globalization Detrimental to CO2 Emissions in Japan? New Threshold Analysis
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Shahzad, Syed Jawad Hussain & Kumar, Mantu

  • 2017 How Economic Growth, Renewable Electricity and Natural Resources Contribute to CO2 Emissions?
    by Balsalobre-Lorente, Daniel & Shahbaz, Muhammad & Roubaud, David & Farhani, Sahbi

  • 2017 Current Issues in Time-Series Analysis for the Energy-Growth Nexus; Asymmetries and Nonlinearities Case Study: Pakistan
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad

  • 2017 Exploring the world of Economics through RePEc data
    by Orazbayev, Sultan

  • 2017 Society Case Study: Why Formal Education is the Common Goal of Human Progress
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2017 Common Dreams, Different Circumstances: Lessons from Contemporary Development Economics
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2017 Bounds Testing Approach to Analyzing the Environment Kuznets Curve Hypothesis: The Role of Biomass Energy Consumption in the United States with Structural Breaks
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Solarin, Sakiru Adebola & Hammoudeh, Shawkat & Shahzad, Syed Jawad Hussain

  • 2017 Financial Development, Industrialisation, Urbanisation and the Role of Institutions: A Comparative Analysis between India and China
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Bhattacharya, Mita & Kumar, Mantu

  • 2017 Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization, Volume II: Applications. An Introduction
    by Corchon, Luis & Marini, Marco A.

  • 2017 Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization, Volume I: Theory. An Introduction
    by Corchon, Luis & Marini, Marco A.

  • 2017 Does Inflation Cause Gold Market Price Changes? Evidence on the G7 Countries from the Tests of Nonparametric Quantile Causality in Mean and Variance
    by Balcilar, Mehmet & Ozdemir, Zeynel Abidin & Shahbaz, Muhammad & Gunes, Serkan

  • 2017 Les motivations des femmes entrepreneures du secteur informel à Dakar (Sénégal)
    by DIA, Ibrahima

  • 2017 Exploring the Relationship between Energy Usage Segregation and Environmental Degradation in N-11 Countries
    by Sinha, Avik & Shahbaz, Muhammad & Balsalobre, Daniel

  • 2017 Production Function with Electricity Consumption and Policy Implications in Portugal
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & BENKRAIEM, Ramzi & MILOUDI, Anthony & Lahiani, Amine

  • 2017 The Impact of Domestic Investment in the Industrial Sector on Economic Growth with Partial Openness: Evidence from Tunisia
    by Bakari, Sayef & Mabrouki, Mohamed & elmakki, asma

  • 2017 Cost-benefit analysis for flood risk management and water governance in the Netherlands; an overview of one century
    by Bos, Frits & Zwaneveld, Peter

  • 2017 Does Income and education of working-women transform societal values: An evidence from Pakistan
    by Riaz, Rida

  • 2017 How Strong is the Causal Relationship between Globalization and Energy Consumption in Developed Economies? A Country-Specific Time-Series and Panel Analysis
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Shahzad, Syed Jawad Hussain & Mahalik, Mantu Kumar & Sadorsky, Perry

  • 2017 Quality control and improvements in research of Islamic Economics
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2017 Concordian Economic Theory as a View of Various Sides of the Economic System
    by Gorga, Carmine

  • 2017 Calculating the excellence shift: How efficiently do institutions produce highly cited papers?
    by Bornmann, Lutz & Wohlrabe, Klaus

  • 2017 The CO2-Growth nexus revisited: A nonparametric analysis for G7 economies over nearly two centuries
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Shafiullah, Muhammad & Papavassiliou, Vassilios & Hammoudeh, Shawkat

  • 2017 The Relationship of RHB Bank Berhad’s Profitability with Leverage and Size (Total Asset)
    by Sofi, Farah Nuramalina

  • 2017 Investment in capital markets
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2017 The Drivers of Economic Growth in China and India: Globalization or Financial Development?
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Kandil, Magda & Kumar, Mantu & Nguyen, Duc Khuong

  • 2017 The Framework of Tunisian Textile and Clothing Industry
    by Kahia, Montassar

  • 2017 Business registration pillars: Good regulatory practice for ASEAN
    by Zoe Dayan & Winona Rei Bolislis

  • 2017 Regulatory policy in India: Moving towards regulatory governance
    by Lalita Som & Faisal Naru

  • 2017 Information theory and behavior
    by Duncan K. Foley

  • 2017 Where Modern Macroeconomics Went Wrong
    by Joseph E. Stiglitz

  • 2017 Incentives for Replication in Economics
    by Sebastian Galiani & Paul Gertler & Mauricio Romero

  • 2017 Firm Dynamics and Immigration: The Case of High-Skilled Immigration
    by Michael E. Waugh

  • 2017 The Economics of Replication
    by Mueller-Langer, Frank & Fecher, Benedikt & Harhoff, Dietmar & Wagner, Gert G.

  • 2017 The Economics of Replication
    by Mueller-Langer, Frank & Fecher, Benedikt & Harhoff, Dietmar & Wagner, Gert G.

  • 2017 The Complexity of Economies and Pluralism in Economics
    by Claudius Graebner

  • 2017 The Economics of Replication
    by Frank Mueller-Langer & Benedikt Fecher & Dietmar Harhoff & Gert G. Wagner

  • 2017 Replication in Labor Economics
    by W. Robert Reed

  • 2017 Tony Atkinson and his legacy
    by Rolf Aaberge & François Bourguignon & Andrea Brandolini & Francisco H. G. Ferreira & Janet C. Gornick & John Hills & Markus Jäntti & Stephen P. Jenkins & Eric Marlier & John Micklewright & Brian Nolan & Thomas Piketty & Walter J. Radermacher & Timothy M. Smeeding & Nicholas H. Stern & Joseph Stiglitz & Holly Sutherland

  • 2017 Quality And Safety Of Consumer Goods

  • 2017 Second conference on innovative teaching methods (ITM 2017)

  • 2017 Religious loyalty and acceptance of corruption. A replication study of Gouda and Park (Journal of Economics and Statistics, 2015)
    by Wagner, Joachim

  • 2017 Bio economy and entrepreneurial ecosystem patterns. Case study for Romania - USH Pro Business
    by Costin Lianu

  • 2017 Editorial: Change and continuity
    by Alessandro Roncaglia & Carlo D'Ippoliti

  • 2017 Un cambiamento nella continuità (Change and Continuity)
    by Alessandro Roncaglia & Carlo D'Ippoliti

  • 2017 Ergodic Versus Uncertain Financial Processes. Part II. Neoclassical and Institutional Economics
    by József Móczár

  • 2017 Ergodic versus Uncertain Financial Processes. Part I. Ergodic Hypothesis and Uncertainty in Financial Theory
    by József Móczár

  • 2017 A Split in The Middle East Financial System
    by Oprea Raluca Ioana

  • 2017 The Impact of Tourism on the Global Economic System
    by Serban-Comanescu Adrian

  • 2017 Tourism – Sector of Interest in Marketing Vision
    by Serban-Comanescu Adrian

  • 2017 Towards an economics of well-being
    by J. Allister McGregor & Nicky Pouw

  • 2017 I, Roboticus Oeconomicus The philosophy of mind in economics, and why it matters
    by Brendan Markey-Towler

  • 2017 Gross Domestic Savings And Gross Capital: What Matters To Their Formation In An Era Of Economic Recession In Nigeria?
    by Success Abusomwan & Jessy Ezebuihe

  • 2017 Post-Socialist State Capture: Economic, Political and Social Dimensions
    by Andrey Nonchev

  • 2017 About Some Directions of Economic Theory Development
    by Leonidov, A.

  • 2017 Tullock on the organization of scientific inquiry
    by Jac C. Heckelman

  • 2017 A Comparative Study Of Abet Accredited Associate Degree Programs, Evidence From Saudi Arabia
    by Mubarak Almutairi

  • 2017 Intergenerational field transitions in economics
    by Albornoz, Facundo & Cabrales, Antonio & Hauk, Esther & Warnes, Pablo E.

  • 2017 Global Climate Policy Will Have Net Benefits Larger Than Anyone Thinks (and Welfare Gains, Strangely, Are Likely To Be Much Larger Yet)
    by Graves, Philip E.

  • 2017 Impact of Macro Economic Variables of India and USA on Indian Stock Market
    by Priyanka Aggarwal & Najia Saqib

  • 2017 China Trade Expansion: A Case Study of Vietnam
    by Vy Dang Bich Huynh & Phuc Van Nguyen & Quyen Le Hoang Thuy To Nguyen & Phong Thanh Nguyen & Phong Thanh Nguyen

  • 2017 Trust and Growth Revisited
    by Simplice Asongu & Oasis Kodila-tedika

  • 2017 An Elo ranking for economics journals
    by Robert Lehmann & Klaus Wohlrabe

  • 2017 Modeling the nexus between oil shocks, inflation and commodity prices: Do Asymmetries really matter?
    by Naveed Raza & Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad & Muhammad Shahbaz & Aviral kumar Tiwari

  • 2017 Scrambled questions penalty in multiple choice tests: New evidence from French undergraduate students
    by Morgan Raux & Marc Sangnier & Tanguy van Ypersele

  • 2017 Tribalism and Government Effectiveness
    by Simplice Asongu & Oasis Kodila-tedika

  • 2017 Altruistic behavior and social influence in the dictator game
    by Niall O`Higgins & Clelia Mazzoni & Patrizia Sbriglia

  • 2017 Innovative Educational Scenarios in Game Based Teaching and Learning
    by Ion Smeureanu & Narcisa Isaila

  • 2016 The Sharing Economy: The End of Employment and the Rise of Crowd-Based Capitalism
    by Sundararajan, Arun

  • 2016 Verwertung der Innovationen von an Hochschulen tätigen Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern
    by Bijedić, Teita & Brink, Siegrun & Chlosta, Simone & Werner, Arndt

  • 2016 La metrologia legale come strumento di politica macroindustriale
    by Giuseppe Capuano

  • 2016 Adaptive estimation in the nonparametric random coefficients binary choice model by needlet thresholding
    by Gautier, Eric & Le Pennec, Erwan

  • 2016 The Disintegrating Force of Rationalism on Economics: What it means for Islamic Economics
    by Abdulkader Cassim Mahomedy

  • 2016 Blyth’s paradox «of three pies»: setwise vs. pairwise event preferences
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 The theory of dual co~event means
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 A Refinement to the Typology of “Goods”
    by Howden, David

  • 2016 Finance Behind the Veil of Money: Response to Dr. Braun’s Comment
    by Howden, David

  • 2016 Finance Behind the Veil of Money, A Rejoinder To Dr. Braun
    by Howden, David

  • 2016 “Agricultural Economics and Rural Development - realities and perspectives for Romania”
    by Ursu, Ana

  • 2016 Tourism-led Growth Hypothesis in the Top Ten Tourist Destinations: New Evidence Using the Quantile-on-Quantile Approach
    by Shahzad, Syed Jawad Hussain & Shahbaz, Muhammad & Ferrer, Román & Kumar, Ronald Ravinesh

  • 2016 Estimation of Electricity Demand Function for Algeria: Revisit of Time Series Analysis
    by Khraief, Naceur & Shahbaz, Muhammad & Mallick, Hrushikesh & Loganathan, Nanthakumar

  • 2016 Миссия Биткоин – Децентрализация Финансовых И Законодательных Рычагов Управления Обществом
    by Kosten, Dmitri

  • 2016 Time-Varying Analysis of CO2 Emissions, Energy Consumption, and Economic Growth Nexus: Statistical Experience in Next 11 Countries
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Kumar, Mantu & Shah, Syed Hasanat & Sato, João Ricardo

  • 2016 Financial development and environmental quality: The way forward
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Shahzad, Syed Jawad Hussain & Ahmad, Nawaz & Alam, Shaista

  • 2016 Makroökonomische/Sozialpolitische Perspektiven auf die Sozialpolitik/Makroökonomie
    by Klüh, Ulrich

  • 2016 Another Solution for Allais Paradox: Preference Imprecision, Dispersion and Pessimism
    by Bayrak, Oben

  • 2016 Pirated Economics
    by Babutsidze, Zakaria

  • 2016 Cirebon as the Silk Road: A New Approach of Heritage Tourisme and Creative Economy
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2016 Pancasila, Globalisasi dan Pasar Bebas: Meneguhkan Kembali Ekonomi Pancasila sebagai Karakter Bangsa
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2016 Development Redefined: Cooperatives as Business Entity
    by Sapovadia, Vrajlal

  • 2016 Digital DNA of economy of scale and scope
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2016 Entrepreneurship vulnerability to business cycle. A new methodology for identification pro-cyclical and counter-cyclical patterns of entrepreneurial activity
    by Lechman, Ewa & Dominiak, Piotr

  • 2016 JEL Codes: What Do They Mean and Are They Used Consistently?
    by Lea Kosnik

  • 2016 The Rapid Evolution of Homo Economicus: Brief Exposure to Neoclassical Assumptions Increases Self-Interested Behavior
    by Ifcher, John & Zarghamee, Homa

  • 2016 Potential for Trouble: The IMF's Estimates of Potential GDP
    by David Rosnick

  • 2016 Let's Put Demography Back into Economics: Population Pyramids in Excel
    by Humberto Barreto

  • 2016 Food and Agricultural Industries: Opportunities for Improving Measurement and Reporting
    by Richard Dunn & Brent Hueth

  • 2016 What is Meant by ‘Replication’ and Why Does It Encounter Resistance in Economics?
    by Maren Duvendack & Richard Palmer-Jones & W. Robert Reed

  • 2016 Securitization: a financing vehicle for all seasons?
    by Buchanan, Bonnie G.

  • 2016 Commodity Science In A Changing World

  • 2016 The Measurement of Human Capital Methods
    by Miciuła Ireneusz

  • 2016 Economics, an Uncertain Glory
    by Vikas Kumar

  • 2016 What is Wrong with the West’s Economies? An Alternative View
    by John Hudson

  • 2016 Rule-Inequality-Aversion Preference and Conditional Cooperation in Public Goods Experiments: Economic Experiment Evidence from China
    by Hongyu Guan & Xianchen Zhu & Ping Zhang

  • 2016 Model for an Insurance Market Analysis. New Challenges for Companies Management
    by Cristina Elena PROTOPOPESCU

  • 2016 Politicko-ekonomická reflexe současného stavu globální společnosti
    by Miroslav Jurásek & Václav Leinweber & Radim Valenčík

  • 2016 Advantages and Disadvantages Romania's Transition to the Euro
    by Maria Mirabela Florea Ianc & Loredana Ciurlău

  • 2016 Influence of Life Insurance on the Romanian Insurance Market
    by Maria Mirabela Florea Ianc

  • 2016 Some Particularities of Rural Tourism Management in Romania through Indirect Quantification
    by Alina Gheorghe & Mircea Udrescu

  • 2016 Securitization: A Financing Vehicle for All Seasons?
    by Bonnie G. Buchanan

  • 2016 Where are the rent seekers?
    by Arye L. Hillman & Heinrich W. Ursprung

  • 2016 The DIMBI project – guidelines for innovative teaching curricula in the field of business intelligence and data warehouse
    by Todorka Atanasova

  • 2016 The DIMBI project – adapting new methods of teaching business informatics
    by Julian Vasilev

  • 2016 The DIMBI project – innovative approaches for teaching business informatics
    by Ivan Kuyumdzhiev

  • 2016 Business intelligence and data warehouse programs in higher education institutions: current status and recommendations for improvement
    by Olga Marinova

  • 2016 Telecommunications Infrastructure And Gdp /Jipp Curve/
    by Mariana Kaneva

  • 2016 Interaction "Foreign Direct Investment – Domestic Investment" - Analytical Approaches
    by Konstantin Kapitanov

  • 2016 How Economic Activity Affects The Economic Cycles Of Individual Consumption Expenditure Of Government In Central And Eastern Europe
    by Georgi Chernevski

  • 2016 Creating Consolidated Financial Reports – Accounting, Informational And Managerial Aspects
    by Svetlozar Stefanov & Julian Vasilev & Milcho Bliznakov

  • 2016 Evaluation Of Manufacturing And Agricultural Production By The End Of The Financial Period
    by Mincho Minev

  • 2016 Analysis Of Financial Autonomy And Indebtedness Of Medical Diagnostic Consultative Centers In Varna
    by Lyubomira Koeva-Dimitrova

  • 2016 Summary Of Accounting Data And Its Application During The Process Of Closure Of Accounts
    by Stanislava Pancheva

  • 2016 Information In The System Of Management Accounting And Its Users
    by Aneliya Galinova

  • 2016 Analysis Of Property Structure Of Medical Diagnostic Consultative Centers In Varna
    by Lyubomira Koeva-Dimitrova

  • 2016 Options For Reporting Of Depreciation Of Fixed Biological Assets According To Ias 41
    by Elena Georgieva

  • 2016 Aspects Of The Relationships Of The Companies With The Suppliers
    by Plamena Milusheva

  • 2016 A Model For Communication Between An Erp System And A Gamification System
    by Julian Vasilev & Miglena Stoyanova

  • 2016 Inventory Management In The Enterprise Through The Application Of Ifrs 2 Inventories
    by Svetlozar Stefanov

  • 2016 The “Eastern Partnership” Project: Does Poland’S Voice The Notion Of Refugee. Definition And Distinctions
    by Carmen MOLDOVAN

  • 2016 Business Intelligence Applications – Possible Instruments For Economic Integration Within The Eastern Partnership
    by Dragos Ovidiu TOFAN

  • 2016 Rising Population and Food Insecurity Linkages in Pakistan: Testing Malthusian Population Growth Theory
    by Khalil Ahmad & Amjad Ali

  • 2016 Liberalism in Korea
    by Young Back Choi & Yong J. Yoon

  • 2016 The financial Logos: The framing of financial decision-making by mathematical modelling
    by Walter, Christian

  • 2016 Trust and trustworthiness under information asymmetry and ambiguity
    by Clots-Figueras, Irma & González, Roberto Hernán & Kujal, Praveen

  • 2016 University Students Grit Level And Grit Achievement Relation
    by Omer Beyhan

  • 2016 Calculating Weights of Social Capital Index Using Analytic Hierarchy Process
    by Phuc Van Nguyen & Phong Thanh Nguyen & Phong Thanh Nguyen & Quyen Le Hoang Thuy To Nguyen & Vy Dang Bich Huynh

  • 2016 Out of Big Brother's Shadow: Ranking Economics Faculties at Regional Universities in the U.S. South
    by Franklin G. Mixon & Kamal Upadhyaya

  • 2016 Arbitrary temporal heterogeneity in time of European countries panel model
    by Roman Matkovskyy

  • 2016 The Place Of Shari'Ah In The Global Financial Architecture Islamic Finance In The Uae
    by OPREA Raluca Ioana

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 12 Economics, Entropy and a Sustainable World
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 11 The Atmosphere, Oceans and Cryosphere
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 10 Renewable Resources
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 9 Non-renewable Resources
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 8 Resource Dynamics and the Economy
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 7 Labour and Unemployment
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 6 Money
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 5 Production and Consumption
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 4 Economic Stocks and Flows
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 3 Connecting to Economic Value
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 2 A Short History of Human Development
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 1 Setting the Entropy Scene
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 The Internal Revenue Service and the American Middle Class
    by Bibek Adhikari & James Alm

  • 2015 Ranking economics journals using data from a national research evaluation exercise
    by Arne Risa Hole

  • 2015 Croissance et Soutenabilité de la Dette Extérieure Tunisienne pour la Période 1970-2012 : Une Analyse Dynamique
    by Slimani, Slah & Bakari, Sayef & Othmani, Abdelhafidh

  • 2015 Impact Direct et Indirect de la Corruption sur le Commerce Extérieur en Tunisie : Étude Descriptive
    by Othmani, Abdelhafidh & Bakari, Sayef & Slimani, Slah

  • 2015 Les Effets de la Corruption sur le Commerce Extérieur de la Tunisie : Une Approche du Modèle de Gravité Statique durant la Période 1999-2012
    by Othmani, Abdelhafidh & Slimani, Slah & Bakari, Sayef

  • 2015 Les Effets de la Concurrence sur le Commerce Extérieur de la Tunisie : Une Approche du Modèle de Gravité Statique durant la Période 1999-2012
    by Othmani, Abdelhafidh & Slimani, Slah & Bakari, Sayef

  • 2015 Analyse de la Soutenabilité de la Dette Extérieure de la Tunisie pour la Période 1970-2012
    by Slimani, Slah & Othmani, Abdelhafidh & Bakari, Sayef

  • 2015 Change within organizational culture
    by Tanase, Ion Alexandru

  • 2015 The question of the firm. Organizational forms and dimensions
    by Fusari, Angelo

  • 2015 Across the crises of modern capitalism
    by Fusari, Angelo i

  • 2015 Corruption, Inequality and Economic Growth
    by Ambar, Rabnawaz

  • 2015 Conventional Futures: Derivatives from Islamic Law of Contract Perspective
    by Uddin, Md Akther

  • 2015 Implications of Chinese Yuan on China’s competitiveness
    by Uddin, Md Akther & Baddou, Mehdi & Gulzar Mohd, Rosana

  • 2015 Transformations of European agricultural sector, market and model under the influence of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
    by Jean Vasile, Andrei & Mirela, Panait & Alexandra, Alecu

  • 2015 Risk Management Practices in Islamic Bank: A Case Study of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
    by Uddin, Md Akther

  • 2015 Policy Design & Delivery: Undermanaged Human Resources as Determinants of India’s High Growth & Low Productivity
    by Sapovadia, Vrajlal & Patel, Sweta & Patel, Akash

  • 2015 Analyzing Challenges & Opportunities of Ethiopian SMEs: Micro & Macro Economic Drivers
    by Sapovadia, Vrajlal

  • 2015 Indian Manufacturing Sector: Competitiveness at Stake
    by Sapovadia, Vrajlal

  • 2015 Entrepreneurship Failure: Case of Low Productivity in Nigeria
    by Sapovadia, Vrajlal

  • 2015 A Social Business Model for Poverty Alleviation through Collecting & Merchandising of Dry Fish: A Case Study from Bangladesh
    by Ullah, Nazim & Uddin, Md Akther

  • 2015 Principles and application of Preemption in Islamic finance: A critical analysis
    by Uddin, Md Akther

  • 2015 Principles of Islamic Finance: Prohibition of Riba, Gharar and Maysir
    by Uddin, Md Akther

  • 2015 Islamic monetary policy: Is there an alternative of interest rate?
    by Uddin, Md Akther & Halim, Asyraf

  • 2015 Governance from Islamic economic perspective: A Shari’ah governance framework
    by Uddin, Md Akther

  • 2015 Monetary Development and Transmission in the Eurosystem
    by Anton, Roman

  • 2015 Sraffa and the Labour Theory of Value - a note
    by Anderaos de Araujo, Fabio

  • 2015 Инвестиции В Агропромышленный Комплекс Омской Области
    by Egorova, Yana

  • 2015 Sraffa and the labour theory of value - a note
    by Anderaos de Araujo, Fabio

  • 2015 Sraffa and the Labour Theory of Value - a note
    by Anderaos de Araujo, Fabio

  • 2015 Gauge field theory of market dynamics: Toward a solution of the "man vs. men" dilemma
    by Yang, Yingrui

  • 2015 Gauge field theory of market dynamics: Toward a solution of the "man vs. men" dilemma
    by Yang, Yingrui

  • 2015 Theoretical approaches of endogenous regional development
    by Daniela, Antonescu

  • 2015 Reconsidering Ethnic-Based-Autonomy Movements in Meghalaya: An Analysis
    by Singha, Komol & Nayak, Purusottam

  • 2015 Gender Disparity and Women Empowerment in Assam
    by Nayak, Purusottam & Mahanta, Bidisha

  • 2015 The Impact of Globalization on CO2 Emissions in China
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Khan, Saleheen & Ali, Amjad & Bhattacharya, Mita

  • 2015 Does Energy Intensity Contribute to CO2 Emissions? A Trivariate Analysis in Selected African Countries
    by Shahbaz, muhammad & Solarin, Sakiru Adebola & Sbia, Rashid & Bibi, Sadia

  • 2015 Strategies for Managing Bank’s Legacy Assets:part 2 (of 2) Assessment of strategies and their implementation
    by Jenk, Justin

  • 2015 Strategies for Managing Banks’ Legacy Assets: part 1 (of 2) context, setting the scene, Spain 2012
    by Jenk, Justin

  • 2015 Theory meets practice in the taxi industry: Coase and Uber
    by Jenk, Justin

  • 2015 Social Capital as Patterns of Connections. A Review of Bankston’s "Immigrant Networks and Social Capital"
    by Sabatini, Fabio

  • 2015 General Equilibrium Theory - Walras versus post-Walras Economists: “Finding Equilibrium” - Losing Economics
    by Ezra Davar

  • 2015 Equilibrium Technology Diffusion, Trade, and Growth
    by Jesse Perla & Christopher Tonetti & Michael E. Waugh

  • 2015 Social Ties in Academia: A Friend is a Treasure
    by Colussi, Tommaso

  • 2015 Recent Engagements with Adam Smith and the Scottish Enlightenment
    by Maria Pia Paganelli

  • 2015 On the Need for a Replication Journal
    by Zimmermann, Christian

  • 2015 Rational Choice Theory And Random Behaviour
    by Bojan Krstic, Milos Krstic

  • 2015 Accordi, regole sociali, giudici e tribunali Parte II
    by Carlo Beretta

  • 2015 Accordi, regole sociali, giudici e tribunali Parte I
    by Carlo Beretta

  • 2015 Propuesta de un sistema de equilibrio general clásico de los precios con capital circulante susceptible de ofrecer diversas calidades
    by Iván A. Montoya Restrepo & Luz Alexandra Montoya Restrepo

  • 2015 Entropy Man
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Data Policies and Data Archives: A New Paradigm for Academic Publishing in Economic Sciences?
    by Vlaeminck, Sven & Herrmann, Lisa-Kristin

  • 2015 Les Déterminants De L'Efficience Portuaire : Une Analyse Des Ports À Conteneurs Méditerranéens

  • 2015 A Geographical Analysis Of The Relationship Between Inland Accessibility And Maritime Transport Supply
    by David GUERRERO & Fernando GONZALEZ LAXE & Maria-Jesus FREIRE SEOANE & Carlos PAIS MONTES

  • 2015 İktisatta Yayın Yapma Telaşı
    by A. Suut Doğruel & Fatma Doğruel

  • 2015 Improving Public Health And Environment Through Plastic Waste Management In Mumbai Metropolitan Region
    by Sanjay RODE

  • 2015 Indian Customers And Retailers Perception Towards Cellular Service Providers With Special Reference To Bsnl
    by Suraj Kushe SHEKHAR

  • 2015 Foreign Capital, Labor Markets And Efficiency Effects. A Case Study Of A Small Open Economy
    by Mico APOSTOLOV

  • 2015 The Analysis Of The Main Strengths And Weaknesses Of Romanian Firms’ Management
    by Ion POPA & Simona C?t?lina ?TEFAN

  • 2015 The Capital Determinants In Trade Of Serbia
    by Radojko LUKIC

  • 2015 Strategic Approach To Human Resources In Universities
    by Asser KHAMIS

  • 2015 The Usage Of System Dynamics In Strategic And Operational Decisions In The Financial Sector
    by Nicoleta Liliana ROBU

  • 2015 The Dynamics Of The Dow Jones Sukuk Volatility: Evidence From Egarch Model
    by Nadhem SELMI & Mohamed FAKHFEKH & Marwa BEN SALEM

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