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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ A: General Economics and Teaching
/ / A0: General
/ / A1: General Economics
/ / A2: Economic Education and Teaching of Economics
/ / A3: Multisubject Collective Works

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2016 La politica industriale tra Stato e Mercato
    by Paolo Carnazza

  • 2016 Compositions vs Gini: A new metric to evaluate the effects of land-income disparities
    by Mauricio Velasquez

  • 2016 Potential for Trouble: The IMF's Estimates of Potential GDP
    by David Rosnick

  • 2016 An anatomy of Italian cities: evidence from firm-level data
    by Andrea Lamorgese & Andrea Petrella

  • 2016 A price theory of altruistic identity
    by Kevin C. Corinth

  • 2016 The Life Cycle Model, Replacement Rates, and Retirement Income Adequacy
    by Andrew G. Biggs

  • 2016 Designing performance-based incentives when service providers compete for users to help
    by Kevin C. Corinth

  • 2016 The role of legislative change in reducing domestic violence against women in India
    by Aparna Mathur & Sita Nataraj Slavov

  • 2016 Banning the box: The labor market consequences of bans on criminal record screening in employment applications
    by Stan Veuger & Daniel Shoag

  • 2016 Did right-to-work laws impact income inequality? Evidence from US states using the Synthetic Control Method
    by Aparna Mathur & Jeffrey L. Jordan & Abdul Munasib & Devesh Roy

  • 2016 Real and permanent minimum wages
    by Michael R. Strain & Peter Brummund

  • 2016 Economic linkages inferred from news stories and the predictability of stock returns
    by Anna Scherbina & Bernd Schlusche

  • 2016 Statistically measuring 2016 presidential candidate electability: Evidence from prediction markets
    by Kevin A. Hassett & Jonathan S. Hartley

  • 2016 Fixing Prompt Corrective Action
    by Paul H. Kupiec

  • 2016 Residential land values in the Washington, DC metro area: New insights from big data
    by Edward J. Pinto & Stephen D. Oliner & Morris A. Davis & Sankar Bokka

  • 2016 Do minimum wage increases influence worker health?
    by Michael R. Strain & Brady P. Horn & Johanna Catherine Maclean

  • 2016 Financial incentives, hospital care, and health outcomes: Evidence from fair pricing laws
    by Benedic N. Ippolito & Michael Batty

  • 2016 The US Labor Market: Questions and Challenges for Public Policy
    by Michael R. Strain

  • 2016 Economic Freedom and Human Flourishing: Perspectives from Political Philosophy
    by Stan Veuger & Michael R. Strain

  • 2016 In Our Hands: A Plan to Replace the Welfare State
    by Charles Murray

  • 2016 Bank non-performing loans cyclical analysis and econometric modelling for economic activity in 1999-2013
    by Yong Chacón, Marlon & Loaiza Marín, Kerry

  • 2016 Índice de tensión financiera para Costa Rica
    by Álvarez Corrales, Cristian & Mora Gómez, Carlos

  • 2016 Depreciación del capital humano en la Alianza del Pacífico durante 2007-2014
    by Castillo Aroca, Alberto

  • 2016 Influence of Life Insurance on the Romanian Insurance Market
    by Maria Mirabela Florea Ianc

  • 2016 Ascription, Achievement, and Perceived Equity of Educational Regimes: An Empirical Investigation
    by Jeroen Lavrijsen & Ides Nicaise

  • 2016 Turning Points in the Lives of Chinese and Indian Women Leaders Working toward Social Justice
    by Rosanna Hertz

  • 2016 40 Is the New 65? Older Adults and Niche Targeting Strategies in the Online Dating Industry
    by Derek Blackwell

  • 2016 Banishment in Public Housing: Testing an Evolution of Broken Windows
    by Jose Torres & Jacob Apkarian & James Hawdon

  • 2016 Azerbaijani Women, Online Mediatized Activism and Offline Mass Mobilization
    by Ilkin Mehrabov

  • 2016 Just Not Like Us: The Interactive Impact of Dimensions of Identity and Race in Attitudes towards Immigration
    by Jennifer Byrne & Gregory C. Dixon

  • 2016 Support for Protests in Latin America: Classifications and the Role of Online Networking
    by Rachel R. Mourão & Magdalena Saldaña & Shannon C. McGregor & Adrian D. Zeh

  • 2016 War Trauma, Politics of Recognition and Purple Heart: PTSD or PTSI?
    by Irit Keynan & Jackob N. Keynan

  • 2016 Boomers versus Millennials: Online Media Influence on Media Performance and Candidate Evaluations
    by Terri Towner & Caroline Lego Munoz

  • 2016 Children’s Civic Engagement in the Scratch Online Community
    by Ricarose Roque & Sayamindu Dasgupta & Sasha Costanza-Chock

  • 2016 Dispositional Immobility: An Analysis of Non-Decisions as Public Policy in Alberta’s City-Regions
    by James Lightbody & Lisa Kline

  • 2016 Prescribing under the Influence: The Business of Breastmilk Substitutes
    by Rosa Rios & Hernan Riquelme & Sharif El Beshlawy

  • 2016 “Religious Freedom” as a Tool to Oppress: The Explosion in Religion-Based Attacks on Civil Rights in Litigation
    by Alex J. Luchenitser

  • 2016 Approaches to Sampling Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men from Geosocial-Networking Smartphone Applications: A Methodological Note
    by William C. Goedel & Forrest A. Brooks & Dustin T. Duncan

  • 2016 18 Million Cracks, but No Cigar: News Media and the Campaigns of Clinton, Palin, and Bachmann
    by Nicole R. Foster Shoaf & Tara N. Parsons

  • 2016 Did the Great Recession Downsize Immigrants and Native-Born Americans Differently? Unemployment Differentials by Nativity, Race and Gender from 2007 to 2013 in the U.S
    by Sharron Xuanren Wang & Arthur Sakamoto

  • 2016 State-Society Relations in Ethiopia: A Political-Economy Perspective of the Post-1991 Order
    by Yeshtila Wondemeneh Bekele & Darley Jose Kjosavik & Nadarajah Shanmugaratnam

  • 2016 Income Sharing within Households: Evidence from Data on Financial Satisfaction
    by Susanne Elsas

  • 2016 Reconfiguring the Contours of Statehood and the Rights of Peoples of Disappearing States in the Age of Global Climate Change
    by Tracey Skillington

  • 2016 The Importance of National Ethos in Military Victories
    by Eyal Lewin

  • 2016 Healthy Communities: What Have We Learned and Where do We Go from Here?
    by Jerry D. Marx

  • 2016 Researching and Working for Transgender Youth: Contexts, Problems and Solutions
    by Tiffany Jones

  • 2016 The Death of Democracy and the Forces of Power and Control: The Case of Europe
    by Theo Gavrielides

  • 2016 Piracy and the Politics of Social Media
    by Martin Fredriksson Almqvist

  • 2016 Engaging Citizen Participation—A Result of Trusting Governmental Institutions and Politicians in the Portuguese Democracy
    by Vanda Carreira & João Reis Machado & Lia Vasconcelos

  • 2016 Strategies for Combating Islamic State
    by Timothy Sands

  • 2016 Safety on Passenger Ferries from Catering Staff’s Perspective
    by Margareta Ljung & Margareta Oudhuis

  • 2016 Domestic Violence against Albanian Immigrant Women in Greece: Facing Patriarchy
    by Margarita Poteyeva & Gabriela Wasileski

  • 2016 “I Collected Money, not a Bribe”: Strategic Ambiguity and the Dynamics of Corruption in Contemporary Nigeria
    by Emeka W. Dumbili & Adedayo Sofadekan

  • 2016 Misalignment of Career and Educational Aspirations in Middle School: Differences across Race, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status
    by Brea L. Perry & Elizabeth Martinez & Edward Morris & Tanja C. Link & Carl Leukefeld

  • 2016 Trans* + ing Classrooms: The Pedagogy of Refusal as Mediator for Learning
    by sj Miller

  • 2016 Who Wants Income Inequality?: An Analysis of Public Choice under Income Comparison
    by Tongzhe Li

  • 2016 Population Growth, Migration, and Changes in the Racial Differential in Imprisonment in the United States, 1940–1980
    by David J. Harding & Christopher Winship

  • 2016 Worksheet for Describing and Categorizing a Genocidal Event: A New Tool for Assembling More Objective Data and Classifying Events of Mass Killing
    by Israel W. Charny

  • 2016 In Pursuit of Child and Family Well-Being: Initial Steps to Advocacy
    by Mary Moeller & Angela McKillip & Ruth Wienk & Kay Cutler

  • 2016 Method in the Madness: Hysteria and the Will to Power
    by Matthew Gildersleeve

  • 2016 Converging Urban Agendas: Toward Healthy and Sustainable Communities
    by Mark Roseland & Maria Spiliotopoulou

  • 2016 Do Robots Need to Be Stereotyped? Technical Characteristics as a Moderator of Gender Stereotyping
    by Florian Dufour & Céline Ehrwein Nihan

  • 2016 The Impact of Sanctions and Neo-Liberalism on Women’s Organising in Iran
    by Tara Povey

  • 2016 Validity and Reliability of the Problem Solving Inventory (PSI) in a Nationwide Sample of Greek Educators
    by Ntina Kourmousi & Vasiliki Xythali & Maria Theologitou & Vasilios Koutras

  • 2016 The Effects of Religion on Enduring Marriages
    by David F. Mullins

  • 2016 Effectiveness of Recycling Promotion and Education Initiatives among First-Generation Ethnic Minorities in Ontario, Canada
    by Calvin Lakhan

  • 2016 U.S. Volunteering in the Aftermath of the Great Recession: Were African Americans a Significant Factor?
    by Vernon B. Carter & Jerry D. Marx

  • 2016 Veiled Politics: Muslim Women’s Visibility and Their Use in European Countries’ Political Life
    by Anna Vanzan

  • 2016 Oil in Syria between Terrorism and Dictatorship
    by Hussein Almohamad & Andreas Dittmann

  • 2016 Making Communication Strategy Choices in a Fast Evolving Crisis Situation—Results from a Table-Top Discussion on an Anthrax Scenario
    by Aino Ruggiero

  • 2016 Masculinities in Cyberspace: An Analysis of Portrayals of Manhood in Men’s Rights Activist Websites
    by Rachel M. Schmitz & Emily Kazyak

  • 2016 The Fragility of Gender Equality Policies in Spain
    by Octavio Salazar Benítez

  • 2016 Political Experience and the Success of Female Gubernatorial Candidates
    by Valerie R. O’Regan & Stephen J. Stambough

  • 2016 Integrated Social Housing and Health Care for Homeless and Marginally-Housed Individuals: A Study of the Housing and Homelessness Steering Committee in Ontario, Canada
    by Kristy Buccieri

  • 2016 Hybridity: A Theory of Agency in Early Childhood Governance
    by Rachel Robinson

  • 2016 Transnationalism: A Vehicle for Settlement and Incorporation of Muslim Iraqi Turkoman Forced Migrants in Sydney
    by Firdaws Karim

  • 2016 The Left- and Right-Wing Political Power Design: The Dilemma of Welfare Policy with Low-Income Relief
    by Joseph E. Mullat

  • 2016 Voluntary Turnover: A Means of Reducing Perceived Job Insecurity? A Propensity Score Matching Procedure Applied on Swiss Data
    by Florence Lebert

  • 2016 From Athletes to Astrophysicists: Gender Differences in Patterns and Predictors of Career Aspirations in Pre-Adolescence
    by Brea L. Perry & Edward W. Morris & Tanja C. Link & Carl Leukefeld

  • 2016 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Social Sciences in 2015
    by Social Sciences Editorial Office

  • 2016 American Long-Distance Locomobility and the Spaces of Actor-Network Theory
    by Michael Minn

  • 2016 Crisis Communication Competence in Co-Producing Safety with Citizen Groups
    by Anne Laajalahti & Jenni Hyvärinen & Marita Vos

  • 2016 Decreasing Obesity and Obesity Stigma: Socio-Demographic Differences in Beliefs about Causes of and Responsibility for Obesity
    by Christy Brady

  • 2016 Gender, Fitness Doping and the Genetic Max. The Ambivalent Construction of Muscular Masculinities in an Online Community
    by Jesper Andreasson & Thomas Johansson

  • 2016 Attitudes towards Tax Evasion in Turkey and Australia: A Comparative Study
    by Robert W. McGee & Ken Devos & Serkan Benk

  • 2016 The Influential Knowledge Factors of Companies’ Performance in Slovenia
    by Katja Rašič & Matjaž Mulej & Vesna Čančer

  • 2016 Smoking out illicit trade: How some policies intended to limit smoking drive illegal trade
    by Roger Bate

  • 2016 Smoking out illicit trade: How some policies intended to limit smoking drive illegal trade
    by Roger Bate

  • 2016 The candidates in their own words: A textual analysis of 2016 president primary debates
    by Weifeng Zhong

  • 2016 Understanding middle-class tax cuts
    by Alex Brill

  • 2015 Metodologie innovative nell’Accounting Education. La simulazione d’impresa. Indagine sulle motivazioni e aspettative degli studenti universitari di Forlì e Parma
    by Daniele Gualdi & Francesca Melagranati

  • 2015 Charitable Behaviour and the Big Five Personality Traits: Evidence from UK Panel Data
    by Sarah Brown & Karl Taylor

  • 2015 A Framework for Ex-Ante Economic Analysis of Tourism Investments: An Application to Haiti
    by Onil Banerjee & Martin Cicowiez & Sebastien Gachot

  • 2015 Macroeconomic effects of a 10% cut in statutory marginal income tax rates on ordinary income
    by Jason DeBacker & Richard W. Evans & Kerk L. Phillips

  • 2015 Ending homelessness: More housing or fewer shelters?
    by Kevin C. Corinth

  • 2015 Using linked survey and administrative data to better measure income: Implications for poverty, program effectiveness and holes in the safety net
    by Bruce D. Meyer & Nikolas Mittag

  • 2015 Is Dodd Frank orderly liquidation authority necessary to fix too-big-to-fail?
    by Paul H. Kupiec

  • 2015 Capital for concentrated credit portfolios
    by Paul H. Kupiec

  • 2015 Does bank supervision impact bank loan growth?
    by Paul H. Kupiec & Claire Rosenfeld & Yan Lee

  • 2015 Capital for concentrated credit portfolios
    by Paul H. Kupiec

  • 2015 Generics substitution, bioequivalence standards, and oversight of international pharmaceutical producers: Complex issues facing the FDA
    by Aparna Mathur & Roger Bate

  • 2015 Portfolio diversification in concentrated bond and loan portfolios
    by Paul H. Kupiec

  • 2015 Innovation and uncertainty in the medical industry: Evidence from the case of Myriad Genetics, Inc
    by Stan Veuger & Jeffrey Clemens

  • 2015 Testing for systemic risk using stock returns
    by Paul H. Kupiec

  • 2015 Measuring and communicating Social Security earnings replacement rates
    by Andrew G. Biggs & Sylvester J. Schieber & Gaobo Pang

  • 2015 Staffing a Low-Performing School: Behavioral Responses to Selective Teacher Transfer Incentives
    by Ali Protik & Steven Glazerman & Julie Bruch & Bing-ru Teh

  • 2015 Does Teacher Evaluation Improve School Performance? Experimental Evidence from Chicago's Excellence in Teaching Project
    by Matthew P. Steinberg & Lauren Sartain

  • 2015 Teacher Preparation Programs and Teacher Quality: Are There Real Differences Across Programs?
    by Cory Koedel & Eric Parsons & Michael Podgursky & Mark Ehlert

  • 2015 Teacher Layoffs, Teacher Quality, and Student Achievement: Evidence from a Discretionary Layoff Policy
    by Matthew A. Kraft

  • 2015 Heterogeneous gender effects under loss aversion in the economics classroom: A field experiment
    by Maria Apostolova-Mihaylova & William Cooper & Gail Hoyt & Emily C. Marshall

  • 2015 Evaluación de impacto de la educación sobre la pobreza en Costa Rica (un análisis para educación secundaria y post-secundaria)
    by Sánchez Retana, Carmen

  • 2015 Balanced Scorecard implementation in small companies: a literature review
    by Argüello-Solano, Estefanie & Quesada-López, Christian

  • 2015 A Glance to Costa Rican National Banking System Competitiveness through Boone indicator 2008-2013
    by Salas-Alvarado, Andrés & Mora, Jose C. & Agüero Rodríguez, Oscar Emilio

  • 2015 Implementation of confirmatory factor analysis: a measuring model of reading academic achievement
    by Fernández Aráuz, Andrés

  • 2015 Outsourcing and the financial performance: a sample of us companies, 2000-2009
    by Ortiz Santos, Pedro L. & Juma'h, Ahmad H.

  • 2015 Criteria to identify and define territories with productive development potential to establish Special Economic Zones of Development (SEZD) in Costa Rica
    by Arias Ramírez, Rafael & Sánchez Hernández, Leonardo & Vargas Montoya, Luis & Agüero Rodríguez, Oscar

  • 2015 Statistical analysis of abstentionism in the presidential elections of Costa Rica, 2014
    by Araya Alpízar, Carlomagno

  • 2015 Una metodología para encontrar el mejor clasificador en decisión empresarial
    by Vega Vilca, José C. & Torres Núñez, David A.

  • 2015 El efecto traspaso de la tasa de interés de los instrumentos del Banco Central en Costa Rica hacia las tasas de interés del sistema financiero
    by Barquero Romero, José Pablo & Mora Guerrero, David Ricardo

  • 2015 Evaluación de impacto de la implementación de transferencias monetarias condicionadas para educación secundaria en Costa Rica (Avancemos)
    by Mata, Catherine & Hernández, Karla

  • 2015 Real Economic Growth for Romania – the Key Element Savior for a Long Period of Time?
    by Loredana Maria Pãunescu

  • 2015 Competitiveness Issue in Romania
    by Loredana Maria Pãunescu

  • 2015 Economic Development and Business Groups in Asia: Japan’s Experience and Implications
    by Masao Nakamura

  • 2015 A Network Analysis Of Open Innovation In Drug Discovery
    by Fumihiko Isada & Yuriko Isada

  • 2015 Volatility And Kurtosis At Emerging Markets: Comparative Analysis Of Macedonian Stock Exchange And Six Stock Markets From Central And Eastern Europe
    by Zoran Ivanovski & Zoran Narasanov & Nadica Ivanovska

  • 2015 Changes In Bank Market Structure Under Financial Crisis In Bosnia And Herzegovina
    by Igor Živko & Zora Marijanović & Anela Čolak

  • 2015 Best Information System In Achieving Social Responsibility Strategy Of The Company
    by Aleksandra Ferens

  • 2015 Improvement Of Business Processes As A Factor For Sustainable Development Of Rural Areas
    by Ludmila V. Fomina & Galina A. Sergutkina

  • 2015 Omani-Indian Economic Ties During 19th And 20th Century
    by Said bin Muhammad al-Hashimy

  • 2015 Impact Investing As A "Basic Innovation" For The Global Economy And Finance System Post-Crisis Transformation
    by Olga B. Koshovets & Igor E. Frolov

  • 2015 Identifying And Ranking The Factors Affecting The Performance Of Small And Medium Enterprises (The Case Study Of A Province In Iran)
    by Amir Abbas Rahmati Alaei & Younos Vakil Alroaia

  • 2015 Organised Retailing And Its Structure In The City Of Shillong
    by Ibabet Hynniewta

  • 2015 Accuracy Of Dividend Discount Model Valuation At Macedonian Stock- Exchange
    by Zoran Ivanovski & Zoran Narasanov & Nadica Ivanovska

  • 2015 Formulate Competitive Strategy In Non-Metal Mineral Industries On A. D. Little Model (Case Study: Semnan Tile Company)
    by Younos Vakilalroaia & Nassim Saboorinejad

  • 2015 Gene, Seme, Meme: Vectors Of Arationality, Rationality And Irrationality
    by Daniel Neagoe

  • 2015 The Role And Effectiveness Of Supervisory Boards Of Companies Listed On Warsaw Stock Exchange In Poland
    by Piotr Grabowski

  • 2015 Financial Evaluation Of Property Development Projects. Residual Value Method
    by Manyu Moravenov

  • 2015 Financial Evaluation Of Property Development Projects. Cash Flow Method
    by Manyu Moravenov

  • 2015 Business Intelligence And Social Media Listening
    by Tsvetta Kaleynska

  • 2015 The Changing Face Of Capitalism: The State Capitalism
    by Doina Ana Drăniceanu

  • 2015 Direct Payment Of Households For Healthcare
    by Rumyana T. Yaneva & Tsvetelina M. Petrova-Gotova & Boryana V. Borisova & Alexandrina Ts. Vodenicharova

  • 2015 Innovations And Market Of Biologically Active Substances In Feeding And Cosmetics
    by Slaveyka Paneva & Stefan Velikov & Krasimira Markova

  • 2015 The Voluntary Health Insurance Market In Bulgaria After The Changes
    by Nikolay A. Popov

  • 2015 Analysis Of Economic Indicators For Activity Of The Hospitals In Sofia Region
    by Tsvetelina M. Petrova-Gotova

  • 2015 Analysis Of Mother And Child Healthcare In Bulgaria
    by Lidiya Stoykova-Chorbanova & Ralitsa Zlatanova-Velikova & Tihomira Zlatanova

  • 2015 Awareness, Knowledge And Skills Of Medical Personnel, Clergy And Students Referring To Spiritual Care In Hospitals
    by Petya Asparuhova & Galya Yankova & Penka Marinova

  • 2015 Psychological Support Of Patients With Diabetes Type 1- Role And Participation Of Nurse
    by Elka D. Vladimirova & Penka A. Marinova & Galya T. Yankova

  • 2015 Burn Out And The Conditions Of The Work Place In The Field Of Health Care
    by Galya Т. Yankova & Petya А. Asparuhova & Elka D. Vladimirova & Tonislava R. Yankova

  • 2015 Health And Social Characteristics Of Medical Group Practices’ Patients In Yambol Region (Bulgaria)
    by Emilia Naseva & Malina Gardeva & Doroteya Shtereva & Stanislava Yordanova

  • 2015 Analysis Of Economic Efficiency Of Municipal Hospital
    by Krasimira Kovachka & Tihomira Zlatanova & Desislava Lyubenova

  • 2015 The Semantic Information Model For Cluster "Biological Active Substances In Feeding And Cosmetics"
    by Stefan Velikov

  • 2015 Socioeconomic Implications For Sustainable Business
    by Julia G. Dobreva

  • 2015 Need For Qualification Of Masters In Health Management At The Faculty Of Public Health Sofia
    by Alexandrina Vodenicharova

  • 2015 On The Risk Modeling In General Insurance
    by Velizar Pavlov & Elitsa Raeva

  • 2015 The Currency Board In Bulgaria – Staus Quo And Perspectives
    by Emil Kalchev

  • 2015 The New Approach Towards Defining The Risk Expositions Of Commercial Banks Through The Prism Of Regulation № 575/2013 Of The European Parliament And The Council Of The European Union
    by Reneta Dimitrova

  • 2015 The Role Of Financial Education In Developing The Financial Services Market
    by Ivanka Daneva

  • 2015 Clusters As An Appropriate Way To Increase The Competitiveness Of The Wine Sector
    by Adelina Petkova

  • 2015 Are Risk Free Government Bonds Risk Free Indeed
    by Yakim Kitanov

  • 2015 Sri Strategies In Asset Management: Typology And Application Trends
    by Virginia Zhelyazkova

  • 2015 Dynamics And Distribution Of The Capital Investments Of Bulgarian Hospitals
    by Doroteya T. Shtereva

  • 2015 Critical Analysis Of Hospital Financing Systems
    by Doroteya T. Shtereva & E. Naseva & R. Goranova

  • 2015 Internal Audit In Financial Institutions
    by Tomas Hrebik

  • 2015 The Impact Of Quality Of Services In The Car Rental Companies On Customer Satisfaction
    by Tareq N. Hashem

  • 2015 Multi-National Companies And Transition Countries: A Macedonian Experience
    by Aleksandra Patoska & Branko Dimeski

  • 2015 Pension Systems Reforms In Macedonia: Causes, Conditions And Benefits
    by Aleksandra Patoska & Branko Dimeski

  • 2015 Expenditures Of The National Health Fund On Hospital Services And The Efficiency Of Hospitals In Polish Voivodeships
    by Agnieszka Strzelecka & Sylwia Nieszporska

  • 2015 The Evaluation Of Hospitals Based On The Polish Institutions
    by Sylwia Nieszporska & Wioletta Skrodzka

  • 2015 Efficiency Of Investments In The Shares Of The Polish Energy Sector Companies Against The Backdrop Of The World Stock Market Indexes
    by Wioletta Skrodzka & Aneta Włodarczyk

  • 2015 Organization Of Public Transport In The City As The Main Task Of Urban Logistics - Infrastructure Regional Background In Poland
    by Agata Mesjasz-Lech & Agnieszka Strzelecka

  • 2015 Allocation Of Regional Social Infrastructure Objects As A Factor Of Integrated Area Development
    by Olga V. Zaborovskaya & Alexander A. Gorovoy

  • 2015 Corporate Risk Reporting In Bosnia And Herzegovina
    by Josipa Grbavac & Zdenko Klepić & Nikola Papac

  • 2015 International Framework Of Internal Audit Professional Practice
    by Tomas Hrebik

  • 2015 “White Elephants” Olympic Project “Sochi − 2014”
    by Inna V. Mitrofanova & Aleksandr N. Zhukov & Victoria V. Batmanova & Inna A. Mitrofanova

  • 2015 Innovative Ict Solutions Of Knowledge-Based Enterprises – A Case Study
    by Ewa Badzińska

  • 2015 Mobile Applications As Knowledge-Based Products
    by Krzysztof Kubiak

  • 2015 Problems Of Development And Regulation Of Small And Medium-Sized Business In Modern Russia
    by Lyudmila Bogachkova & Andrey Usachev

  • 2015 Electrical Supply Quality Incentive And The Smart Grid Implementation As Factors Of Energy Efficiency Improvement And Economic Growth In Southern Russia
    by Irina Usacheva & Shamam Khurshudian

  • 2015 Modeling Of Essential Characteristics Of Dynamics Of The Economic Entity
    by Dariusz Andrzej Banaś

  • 2015 Rise And Fall Of Bretton Woods
    by Kristijan Gavranić & Dejan Milеtić

  • 2015 Managing Quality: With Special Emphasizes On Sme’S In The Pollog Region
    by Brikend Aziri

  • 2015 The Potential And Challenges Of Sustainable Tourism In Romania
    by Flaviu Doru Neaga

  • 2015 Consumer And Producer Surplus Changes After Taxation
    by Fran Galetic

  • 2015 Private Versus Public Sector Saving-Investment Gap In The Macedonian Economy – A Comparative Study
    by Gjorgji Gockov & Elena Naumovska & Kiril Jovanovski & Ljupco Eftimov

  • 2015 Electronic Retailing In Croatia And Comparsion With Some European Union Member States
    by Nikola Knego

  • 2015 Labor Productivity Within The Emergency Medical Service In The Czech Republic
    by Tomáš Halajčuk & Jiří Mašek & Libor Seneta

  • 2015 Pre-Hospital Emergency Care ("Pec") In The Czech Republic, Changes In The Pec Organization – Personnel And Economic Connections
    by Jiri Masek & Miroslav Prochazka & Libor Seneta

  • 2015 Welfare State Challenges And The Concept Of Basic Income
    by Bernadeta Baran

  • 2015 The Institutions Developed In The Eu - Eurasia And The Role Of Balkan Countries – Geopolitical And Geo-Economic Analysis
    by Efstratios Kypriotelis

  • 2015 The Regeneration Of Western Democraties. Tax Way
    by Getmantsev Danylo Oleksandrovych

  • 2015 On The Value For Consumers In Instruments Of Advertising And Public Relations
    by Marek Prymon

  • 2015 Contradictions In The Russian Space Program: Changing Priorities During The Economic Crisis
    by Nikolay A. Ganichev & Igor E. Frolov

  • 2015 Application Of Public-Private Partnership - In The Republic Of Kosovo
    by Ibrahim Kryeziu

  • 2015 Cause Related Marketing As A Strategy For Cooperation Between Business And Non-Profit Organizations
    by Anita Tkocz

  • 2015 Municipal Companies In Poland
    by Łukasz Żabski

  • 2015 A Comparative Study On Entrepreneurial Intentions Of Vocational School And Undergraduate Students With Entrepreneurship Education
    by İzlem Gözükara Yıldız & Nurdan Çolakoğlu

  • 2015 Work Engagement As Mediator In The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership And Job Satisfaction
    by İzlem Gözükara & Ömer Faruk Şimşek

  • 2015 Transferred Price And The Sector Of Productive Services As The Key Preconditions To Smart, Sustainable, And Inclusive Growth
    by Radim Valenčík & Petr Wawrosz

  • 2015 The Emergence And Development Of Corporate Governance As An Economic And Institutional Phenomenon
    by Ilona Bažantová

  • 2015 Sustainability Of Research Centres In Relation To Reducing Imbalance In European Research Area
    by Ľubomír Pepucha & Daniela Skovajsová & Štefan Šedivý

  • 2015 The Origins And Principles Of The Welfare State And The Struggle Over Its Future
    by Uri Zilbersheid

  • 2015 Taxonomic Measure Of Economic Stability Of Polish Companies As A Tool Supporting Management Process In The Enterprises
    by Aneta Włodarczyk & Agata Mesjasz-Lech

  • 2015 Application Possibilities Of Non-Financial Reporting Guidelines
    by Dejan Miljenović & Goran Kutnjak & Žarko Stilin

  • 2015 The Potential Of Private Social Services For Senior Citizens In The Prague Region
    by Petr Jilek & Hana Silovska

  • 2015 The Disproportion Of Allocation Under The Given Boundary Conditions
    by Piotr Dniestrzański & Janusz Łyko

  • 2015 Use Of Economic Indicators For Assessing The Effectiveness Of Marketing Communications
    by Renata Nováková & Vladimír Ovsenák

  • 2015 The Learning Organization - An Information Systems Perspective
    by Mijalce Santa

  • 2015 Research on safe maintenance - complete safety for workers
    by Niculescu Dan Florin

  • 2015 Afghanistan - the current security situation
    by Ioana Alina Dima

  • 2015 The main international actors involved and their interests in the Afghanistan
    by Dima Ioana Alina

  • 2015 The Effectiveness of Healthy Community Approaches on Positive Health Outcomes in Canada and the United States
    by Hazel Williams-Roberts & Bonnie Jeffery & Shanthi Johnson & Nazeem Muhajarine

  • 2015 Community Engaged Leadership to Advance Health Equity and Build Healthier Communities
    by Kisha Holden & Tabia Akintobi & Jammie Hopkins & Allyson Belton & Brian McGregor & Starla Blanks & Glenda Wrenn

  • 2015 A Case Study in Organizing for Livable and Sustainable Communities
    by Jerry Marx & Alison Rataj

  • 2015 Influencing Factors for Developing Managerial Behaviours That Encourage a Work-Family Culture in the University Context
    by María Dolores Álvarez-Pérez & Adolfo Carballo-Penela

  • 2015 Analysis of Benefits to Young Rail Enthusiasts of Participating in Extracurricular Academic Activities
    by Anna Fraszczyk & Joseph Dungworth & Marin Marinov

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