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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ A: General Economics and Teaching
/ / A2: Economic Education and Teaching of Economics
/ / / A20: General
/ / / A21: Pre-college
/ / / A22: Undergraduate
/ / / A23: Graduate
/ / / A29: Other

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Enseigner les structures de marché et stratégies de concurrence avec les jeux pédagogiques
    by Yannick Gabuthy & Eve-Angéline Lambert

  • 2018 A Tautologies-Founded IS-LM Model
    by Hiermeyer, Martin

  • 2018 Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On Environment Degradation: Evidence From SIDS Countries
    by B. Jugurnath & A. Emrith

  • 2017 Pay, Rank and Job Satisfaction amongst Academic Economists in the UK
    by Karen Mumford & Cristina Sechel

  • 2017 Enhancing Teaching Through Innovation in the University: What Teachers should Know and Do
    by Bukari, Chei & Owusu, Anthony Akwesi

  • 2017 Economics Case Study: Harvard Business School Pedagogy Techniques: From Teaching Entrepreneurship to Influencing Business Policy through Research
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2017 A More Detailed IS-LM Story
    by Hiermeyer, Martin

  • 2017 The performance of four possible rules for selecting the Prime Minister after the Dutch Parliamentary elections of March 2017
    by Colignatus, Thomas

  • 2017 Edukacja jako dobro publiczne - próba kwantyfikacji
    by Polcyn, Jan

  • 2017 Paying Bank Risk Professionals to Lie About Bank Loan Loss Provisioning Process
    by Ozili, Peterson K

  • 2017 Where Modern Macroeconomics Went Wrong
    by Joseph E. Stiglitz

  • 2017 The Complexity of Economies and Pluralism in Economics
    by Claudius Graebner

  • 2017 Research Handbook on Innovation Governance for Emerging Economies

  • 2017 “Anything worth winning is worth cheating for”? Determinants of cheating behavior among business and theology students
    by Brinja Meiseberg & Thomas Ehrmann & Aloys Prinz

  • 2017 The evaluation of the Higher Education lecturer competences in East Timor: a student inquiry
    by Abílio António Freitas Belo

  • 2017 Moving To Greener Pastures: Untangling The Evidence About Fdi And Environmental Regulation In Eu Countries
    by B. Jugurnath Author-Name: B. Roucheet Author-Name: V. Teeroovengadum

  • 2017 Mentoring To Mentor: Evidence From Facultad De Contaduria Publica, Mentoring Para Mentor Par, Facultad De Contaduria Publica
    by Guadalupe Ines Solis Salazar & Sandra Alicia Salgado Guzman & Rosa Maria Solis Salazar & Delfino Amando Montiel Rodriguez

  • 2017 Knowledge, Skills, And Other Individual Characteristics Of Academic Researchers
    by Zulma Medina-Rivera & Segundo Castro-Gonzales & Jose C. Vega Vilca

  • 2017 A Model For Forecasting Small Business Financial Statements And Firm Performance
    by Terrance Jalbert

  • 2017 An Integrated System Of Education: Using Structured Learning Environments And Assurance Of Learning To Improve Students' Human Capital
    by Tom Cate & Linda Dynan

  • 2017 Long-Term Performance And Potential Of A Student-Managed Peer-To-Peer Loan Fund
    by Lynda S. Livingston & Andrew R. Crosby

  • 2017 A Comparative Study Of Abet Accredited Associate Degree Programs, Evidence From Saudi Arabia
    by Mubarak Almutairi

  • 2017 Measuring The Effectiveness Of Business Ethics Education: An Analysis Of Business Ethics Education Measurement Preferences In National Liberal Arts Colleges In The United States
    by James S. Welch, Jr

  • 2017 Blasphemy in the classroom: in search of microeconomics textbooks for heterodox instructors
    by Erik Dean & Mitchell R. Green

  • 2017 The use of dichotomies in introductory economics
    by Mathieu Dufour & Ian J. Seda-Irizarry

  • 2017 Econ 101 Morality: The Amiable, the Mundane, and the Market
    by J. R. Clark & Dwight R. Lee

  • 2017 Motivation - The Facilitator Factor Of The Inculturation Phenomenon In School
    by Emil LAZÄ‚R

  • 2017 Reintegration Of Migrant Students In The Dolj Region
    by Janina-Elena VAȘCU & Mihaela Aurelia ȘTEFAN

  • 2017 Shadow Education: Evolution, Flaws And Further Development Of The Term
    by Muhammad Abid MALIK

  • 2017 Ethics And Deontology In Solving Conflicts
    by Raluca-Ștefania BALICA

  • 2017 The Impact Of The Concept Of Leadership In Educational Management
    by Oprea-Valentin BUȘU & Valentina-Violeta DRAGĂ

  • 2017 Development of Economics Learning, Problematics, and Student Economics Literacy
    by Novi Trisnawati & Ruri Nurul Aeni Wulandari & Yoyok Soesatyo & Albrian Fiky Prakoso

  • 2017 Learning styles and performance in principles of economics: does the gender gap exist?
    by David Sabiston & Ambrose Leung & Gianfranco Terrazzano

  • 2017 Scrambled questions penalty in multiple choice tests: New evidence from French undergraduate students
    by Morgan Raux & Marc Sangnier & Tanguy van Ypersele

  • 2017 Интернет-Предпринимательство В России И Новые Формы Подготовки Молодых Предпринимателей
    by Наталья Алтухова & Елена Васильева

  • 2017 An Exploration of the Accounting Profession – The Stream of Mobile Devices
    by Victoria Stanciu & Mirela Gheorghe

  • 2017 Innovative Educational Scenarios in Game Based Teaching and Learning
    by Ion Smeureanu & Narcisa Isaila

  • 2017(XXVII) The financial education - part of corporate social responsibility for employees and customers
    by Corina ENE & Mirela PANAIT

  • 2016 What to teach, when teaching economics as a minor subject?
    by Martin Kniepert

  • 2016 Finance Behind the Veil of Money, A Rejoinder To Dr. Braun
    by Howden, David

  • 2016 Възможности За Използването На Интерактивни Методи На Обучение По Счетоводните Дисциплини, Преподавани Във Висшите Учебни Заведения
    by Georgieva, Daniela

  • 2016 Linking education to employment:how to establish a successful and uninterrupted connection
    by Abdel-Rahman, Alaa

  • 2016 Plurality in Teaching Macroeconomics
    by Azad, Rohit

  • 2016 Does Studying Ethics Affect Moral Views? An Application to Distributive Justice
    by Konow, James

  • 2016 Потенциал Научной Школы В Развитии Аграрной Экономики Региона: Опыт, Проблемы
    by Стукач, Виктор

  • 2016 Economia Pluralista para Enfrentar Crisis Contemporanea
    by Parada, Jairo

  • 2016 The Rapid Evolution of Homo Economicus: Brief Exposure to Neoclassical Assumptions Increases Self-Interested Behavior
    by Ifcher, John & Zarghamee, Homa

  • 2016 Interactive analysis of individual consumption patterns with regard to raw-material availability: The web tool ‘My Raw Material World’
    by Gerd Ahlert & Frank Hohmann & Michael Lettenmeier & Christa Liedke & Mark Meyer & Sören Steger & Helena Walter

  • 2016 Let's Put Demography Back into Economics: Population Pyramids in Excel
    by Humberto Barreto

  • 2016 Empleabilidad y déficit formativo de los egresados universitarios
    by Rafaela Pizarro-Barceló & Mercedes Herrero-Montagud

  • 2016 Innovation Systems for Development

  • 2016 Economics, an Uncertain Glory
    by Vikas Kumar

  • 2016 Teaching and Learning Alternatives to a Comparative Advantage Motivation for Trade
    by James K. Self & William E. Becker

  • 2016 The (not so)perfect match between the university graduates and the labor market
    by Anca TamaÅŸ

  • 2016 Accounting Education And Research In Relation To Business Needs
    by Athanasios MANDILAS & Dimitrios KOURTIDIS & Giannoula FLOROU & Stavros VALSAMIDIS

  • 2016 Considerations on the Regional Disparities in the Romanian Academic Education
    by Adina Moise – Titei & Eleonora Baca

  • 2016 Mastering the Content- The Challenges of an Academic Course Design
    by Eleonora Baca & Adina Moise – Titei

  • 2016 The “Eastern Partnership” Project: Does Poland’S Voice The Notion Of Refugee. Definition And Distinctions
    by Carmen MOLDOVAN

  • 2016 Business Intelligence Applications – Possible Instruments For Economic Integration Within The Eastern Partnership
    by Dragos Ovidiu TOFAN

  • 2016 Faculty And Student Perceptions Of Podcasting: Empirical Evidence From Four Higher Education Institutions
    by Nicole Ortloff

  • 2016 Periscoping economics through someone else’s eyes: A real world (Twitter) app
    by Dowell, Chelsea T. & Duncan, Daniel F.

  • 2016 Cooperative learning and personality types
    by Emerson, Tisha L.N. & English, Linda & McGoldrick, KimMarie

  • 2016 Taking higher order thinking seriously: Using Marzano’s taxonomy in the economics classroom
    by Dubas, Justin M. & Toledo, Santiago A.

  • 2016 What determines students’ study practices in higher education? An instrumental variable approach
    by Alauddin, Mohammad & Ashman, Adrian & Nghiem, Son & Lovell, Knox

  • 2016 Explanatory and Predictor Relationships Between Forgiving Behaviors, Social Anxiety Levels and Values of Convict-Prisoners in Penal Institutions
    by Sidika Isler & Bulent Dilmac

  • 2016 Schooling adaptation of Romanian remigrants pupils to the primary education in Romania
    by Claudiu Langa & Florentina Dumitru

  • 2016 Values as predictors of teacher trainees' self-esteem and perceived social support
    by Metin Deniz & Bulent Dilmac & Erdal Hamarta

  • 2016 Determine Teacher Candidate Students' Views on Peer Assessment
    by Omer BEYHAN & Yıldız CAY

  • 2016 Distorted perceptions of teachers in organizing the differentiated learning situations
    by Aida Cornelia Stoian

  • 2016 Learning results and evaluation through levels given by the results in Religious Education
    by Emil Lazar

  • 2016 Features of Students’ Economic Competence Formation
    by Valentina A. Komelina & Zulfiya N. Mirzagalyamova & Lyaisan B. Gabbasova & Yuliya S. Rod & Malika L. Slobodyan & Svetlana A. Esipova & Sergei Y. Lavrentiev & Guzyal M. Kharisova

  • 2016 Priority Directions of Development of Innovation Education Cluster in the Regional Agro-industrial Complex
    by Lyubov Agarkova & Tatyana Gurnovich & Valentin Filonich & Sergei Shmatko & Irina Podkolzina

  • 2016 Product proliferation to prevent entry: a pedagogical note
    by Massimo A. De Francesco

  • 2016 Risk Preference and Student Behavior on Multiple-Choice Exams
    by Zhou Yang & Martin Tackie

  • 2016 microeconomics courses: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design experiment
    by Jennjou Chen & Tsui-Fang Lin

  • 2016 El Banco Grameen como impulsor del microcrédito. Rasgos destacados y cuestionamientos a este tipo de iniciativas
    by Alderid Gutiérrez Loaiza

  • 2016 Bloom'S Taxonomy And Interrogtive Scholarly Discourse
    by Constantin-Georgel, STOICA

  • 2016 Students’ Awareness on Information Security between Own Perception and Reality – An Empirical Study
    by Victoria Stanciu & Andrei Tinca

  • 2015 Not Through Fear But Through Habit. Procrastination, cognitive capabilities and self-confidence
    by Novarese, Marco & Di Giovinazzo, Viviana

  • 2015 The Internal Revenue Service and the American Middle Class
    by Bibek Adhikari & James Alm

  • 2015 Publication Trends in Physics Education: A Bibliometric study
    by Jamali, Seyedh Mahboobeh & Md Zain, Ahmad Nurulazam & Samsudin, Mohd Ali & Ale Ebrahim, Nader

  • 2015 Kontribusi Sarjana Muslim bagi Peradaban Eropa: Melacak Akar Sejarah dan Perkembangan Ekonomi
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2015 Principles of Islamic Finance: Prohibition of Riba, Gharar and Maysir
    by Uddin, Md Akther

  • 2015 How to Choose the Level of Significance: A Pedagogical Note
    by Kim, Jae

  • 2015 Sraffa and the Labour Theory of Value - a note
    by Anderaos de Araujo, Fabio

  • 2015 Heavens above: what equilibrium means for economics. With an appendix on temporality, equilibrium, endogeneity and exogeneity, in the inductive sciences and in economics
    by Freeman, Alan

  • 2015 Theoretical approaches of endogenous regional development
    by Daniela, Antonescu

  • 2015 Higher Education, High-impact Research and University Rankings: A Case of India
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Образование Как Социально Значимое Благо. Настоящее И Будущее
    by Edzhibiya, Tatyana

  • 2015 Theory meets practice in the taxi industry: Coase and Uber
    by Jenk, Justin

  • 2015 Hotelling competition and teaching efficiency of Italian university faculties. A semi-parametric analysis
    by Bergantino, Angela Stefania & Capozza, Claudia & Porcelli, Francesco

  • 2015 Note for the teaching of the logarithmic and exponential functions
    by Annick Lambert & Juan Salazar

  • 2015 It's Good to be First: Order Bias in Reading and Citing NBER Working Papers
    by Daniel R. Feenberg & Ina Ganguli & Patrick Gaule & Jonathan Gruber

  • 2015 The Educational Achievement of Pupils with Immigrant and Native Mothers: Evidence from Taiwan
    by Lin, Eric S. & Lu, Yu-Lung

  • 2015 Hotelling competition and teaching efficiency of Italian university faculties. A semi-parametric analysis
    by Angela Stefania Bergantino & Claudia Capozza & Francesco Porcelli

  • 2015 Intuitive axiomatics and semiotics in economics – cement factory case
    by Marincu Vicentiu

  • 2015 The University and the Economy
    by Aldo Geuna & Federica Rossi

  • 2015 Over-estimating the effects of teacher attributes on school performance in the Chilean education system
    by Gabriela Toledo Román & Juan Pablo Valenzuela

  • 2015 A Pedagogical Note on the Interregional Economic Base Model: Canada, 2004
    by William A. Schaffer & John Josza

  • 2015 Improving Public Health And Environment Through Plastic Waste Management In Mumbai Metropolitan Region
    by Sanjay RODE

  • 2015 Indian Customers And Retailers Perception Towards Cellular Service Providers With Special Reference To Bsnl
    by Suraj Kushe SHEKHAR

  • 2015 Foreign Capital, Labor Markets And Efficiency Effects. A Case Study Of A Small Open Economy
    by Mico APOSTOLOV

  • 2015 The Analysis Of The Main Strengths And Weaknesses Of Romanian Firms’ Management
    by Ion POPA & Simona C?t?lina ?TEFAN

  • 2015 The Capital Determinants In Trade Of Serbia
    by Radojko LUKIC

  • 2015 Strategic Approach To Human Resources In Universities
    by Asser KHAMIS

  • 2015 The Usage Of System Dynamics In Strategic And Operational Decisions In The Financial Sector
    by Nicoleta Liliana ROBU

  • 2015 The Dynamics Of The Dow Jones Sukuk Volatility: Evidence From Egarch Model
    by Nadhem SELMI & Mohamed FAKHFEKH & Marwa BEN SALEM

  • 2015 Solar Energy Field Welcomes New Trends In The European Union. Case Study: Romania
    by Horatiu Sorin REGNEALA

  • 2015 The Socio Economic Determinants Of Low Birth Weight Babies Of Slums In Mumbai Metropolitan Region
    by Sanjay RODE

  • 2015 Competitiveness Of Smes
    by Sebastian Ion CEPTUREANU

  • 2015 Human Resources’ Qualification And Its Influence Upon Company’S Performance
    by Vasile DEAC & Radu Nicolae BÂRZA-NICOARA

  • 2015 Comparative Research On Project Management Approach In The European Educational Institutions
    by Armenia ANDRONICEANU & Bianca RISTEA

  • 2015 Research Regarding Change Management Tools On Eu Smes
    by Eduard Gabriel CEPTUREANU

  • 2015 Strategic Human Resources Management And Career Planning
    by Migally WAEL

  • 2015 The Disruptive Force Of 3d Printing On Supply Chains
    by Alexandra Ioana FLOREA IONESCU

  • 2015 Real Economic Growth for Romania – the Key Element Savior for a Long Period of Time?
    by Loredana Maria Pãunescu

  • 2015 Competitiveness Issue in Romania
    by Loredana Maria Pãunescu

  • 2015 Empirical Analysis of Legal Theory: In Honor of Theodore Eisenberg
    by Geoffrey P. Miller

  • 2015 A közgazdaság-tudományi doktori iskolák helyzete Magyarországon. MTA Közgazdaság-tudományi Bizottsága, Budapest, 2015. május 14
    by Győrffy, Dóra

  • 2015 Vágyak és realitások közt vergődve. A közgazdasági doktori képzésekről
    by Lengyel, Imre

  • 2015 Comparative Assessment Of Efficiency In Attracting European Funds By Regions Of Eastern European Countries
    by Dan LUPU & Mircea ASANDULUI

  • 2015 Development Of Political Parties And Party Funding: Models And Characteristics

  • 2015 Differences In Student Performance In Online Versus Traditional Quantitative Courses
    by David P. Stevens & Zhiwei Zhu

  • 2015 The Role Of University On Students Money Management Practices
    by Antoneta POLO & Dorjana NANO

  • 2015 ¿Se encuentra la ciencia económica en México en la vanguardia de la corriente dominante?
    by Castañeda, Gonzalo

  • 2015 Why economics textbooks should, but don't, and won't, change
    by David Colander

  • 2015 Teaching monetary theory and monetary policy implementation after the crisis
    by Marc Lavoie

  • 2015 Venezuela: Without Liberals, There Is No Liberalism
    by Hugo J. Faria & Leonor Filardo

  • 2015 Flipping out about the flip: All hype or is there hope?
    by Calimeris, Lauren & Sauer, Katherine M.

  • 2015 A practical guide to incorporating service learning into development economics classes
    by Paxton, Julia

  • 2015 An axiomatization of multiple-choice test scoring
    by Zapechelnyuk, Andriy

  • 2015 Creative Thinking Development to Foster Economic Creative: Evidence of State University of Surabaya
    by Waspodo Tjipto Subroto

  • 2015 Exploiting Regression-Discontinuity Design to Estimate Peer Effects in College – The Case of Class Attendance
    by Qihui Chen & Tade Okediji & Tian Guoqiang

  • 2015 Determinant of Co-authorship in economics: the French case
    by Damien Besancenot & Kim V. Huynh & Francisco Serranito

  • 2015 Intervju z dekanom DOBA Fakultete profesorjem Rastom Ovinom
    by Petra Cajnko

  • 2014 Does High School Economics Make a Difference?
    by Kim Andrews & James Swanson & Penny Kugler

  • 2014 A Study of Financial Education in the Clark County School District
    by Dimitra Papadovasilaki & Elliott Parker & Mark Pingle

  • 2014 Абстрактный Характер Подготовки Специалиста И Реальные Проблемы Модернизации Экономики: Потенциал Деловой Игры В Профессиональном Становлении Менеджера
    by Stukach, Victor & Astashova, Ekaterina & Zinich, Flla

  • 2014 Heurística: notas muy preliminares para analizar problemas en economía
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 The Theory and Practice of Case-In-Point Teaching of Organizational Leadership
    by Robert, Yawson

  • 2014 Research Ranking Place of Turkish Economists in the World
    by Ferda, HALICIOGLU

  • 2014 Mass attrition: An analysis of drop out from a Principles of Microeconomics MOOC
    by Rebecca M. Stein & Gloria Allione

  • 2014 Behavioral Indifference Curves
    by John Komlos

  • 2014 The Economics of Online Postsecondary Education: MOOCs, Nonselective Education, and Highly Selective Education
    by Caroline M. Hoxby

  • 2014 Introduction: Telling the Story of MIT Economics in the Postwar Period
    by E. Roy Weintraub

  • 2014 Ranking Economics Journals and Articles, Economics Departments, and Economists Using Teaching-Focused Research Productivity: 1991-2011
    by Melody Lo & Sunny Wong & Franklin G. Mixon & Carlos J. Asarta

  • 2014 Financialization: The AIDS of economic system
    by Juan Pablo Durán Ortiz

  • 2014 New Developments in Economic Education

  • 2014 National Innovation Systems, Social Inclusion and Development

  • 2014 Mapping National Innovation Ecosystems
    by Amnon Frenkel & Shlomo Maital

  • 2014 Recent Developments in the Economics of Science and Innovation

  • 2014 Knowledge, Diversity and Performance in European Higher Education

  • 2014 Common Innovation
    by G. M.P. Swann

  • 2014 Decision Making And Innovation Diagnosis Within Aero-Space Sector
    by Cristian VIZITIU & Vlad VALEANU & Adrian TANTAU & Ruxandra VIZITIU & Mihaela MARIN & Alexandru NISTORESCU

  • 2014 Quality Management In Romania’S Private And State Hospitals
    by Ruxandra DINULESCU & Laura Violeta VOICU

  • 2014 Considerations On The Pricing Strategy For The Product Line
    by Gabriel MIREA

  • 2014 Perceiving Risk Of Automobile Drivers On Mobile Phone Usage While Driving In Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria
    by Hope Oyemami OLUMAMI & Thomas Kolawole OJO & Dickson Okoree MIREKU

  • 2014 Implementing Business Process Management
    by Vlad BALANESCU & Mihaela MASCU

  • 2014 The Implementation Of The Tableau De Bord At S.C. Turbomecanica S.A
    by Dragos Ionut IONESCU

  • 2014 Considerations On The Flexibility Of The Production Systems In The Machine Building Industry
    by Gabriel MIREA & Catalin Cristian BABALÂC

  • 2014 The Largest Laser In The World – Economic And Research Prospects For Romania
    by Elena-Oana CROITORU

  • 2014 Managing Services In The Field Of Wholesale Of Wood And Construction Materials And Sanitary Equipment In Romania. Case Study: Noua Tei Com
    by Mirela-Ionela PLAVAN

  • 2014 Challenges And Strategies Of Supply Chain Management In A Competitive Environment
    by Alexandra Ioana FLOREA

  • 2014 Development Of Services In The Hospitality Sector. Case Study: S.C. Ro Com Central S.A
    by Florina STEFANACHE

  • 2014 Prevalence And Determinants Of Malnutrition Among Below Five Age Group Children Of Slums In Mumbai City
    by Sanjay RODE

  • 2014 „Towards Integrity” Integrity education and research at the National University for Public Service
    by Katain Pallai, Norbert Kis

  • 2014 Impact of Economic Crisis on Education
    by Mihai Mihaela

  • 2014 Major League Baseball: Dynamic Ticket Pricing and Measurement Costs
    by Tim Dittmer & Bob Carbaugh

  • 2014 Rendszerváltás és közgazdaság-tudomány
    by Móczár, József

  • 2014 Átmenettan és közgazdaságtan. Módszertani tanulságok egy részterület műveléséből
    by Csaba, László

  • 2014 United States Agency For International Development’S Role In Reforming Higher Education In Pakistan
    by Majid Khan & Saquib Yusaf Janjua & Malik Asghar Naeem & Farrukh Nawaz Kayani

  • 2014 Saying Too Little, Too Late: Public Finance Textbooks and the Excess Burdens of Taxation
    by Cecil E. Bohanon & John B. Horowitz & James E. McClure

  • 2014 Does Supplemental Instruction for Principles of Economics improve outcomes for traditionally underrepresented minorities?
    by Wilson, Beth & Rossig, Sarah

  • 2014 Non-response bias in student evaluations of teaching
    by Nowell, Clifford & Gale, Lewis R. & Kerkvliet, Joe

  • 2014 Reinterpreting the economics textbook: A student assignment
    by Denny, Eleanor

  • 2014 The effect of blended courses on student learning: Evidence from introductory economics courses
    by Olitsky, Neal H. & Cosgrove, Sarah B.

  • 2014 Do Social Networks Help to Improve Student Academic Performance? The Case of and Russian Students
    by Alexander Krasilnikov & Maria Semenova

  • 2014 Do students recognize an opportunity cost when they see one? Evidence from introductory economics
    by William Polley

  • 2014 A New Challenge – Intellectual Capital Evaluation In A Romanian University
    by Ph. D Student Maria-Luminita Gogan

  • 2013 The Financial and Economic Crisis and the Aberrance of Economics
    by Thorsten Polleit

  • 2013 Einflussfaktoren des Studienerfolges im betriebswirtschaftlichen Studium: Eine empirische Untersuchung
    by Giese, Stefanie & Otte, Franziska & Stoetzer, Matthias-Wolfgang & Berger, Christian

  • 2013 Compulsory tutorial programmes and performance in undergraduate microeconomics: A regression discontinuity design
    by Volker Schöer & Debra Shepherd

  • 2013 Academic Success and the Transfer of Community College Credits in the Principles of Economics
    by Grimes, Paul W. & Rezek, Jon P. & Campbell, Randall C.

  • 2013 El m-learning en el aprendizaje presencial: un curso híbrido en economía
    by G. Rabanal, Nuria

  • 2013 Effective Strategies for Increasing Citation Frequency
    by Ale Ebrahim, Nader & Salehi, Hadi & Embi, Mohamed Amin & Habibi Tanha, Farid & Gholizadeh, Hossein & Motahar, Seyed Mohammad & Ordi, Ali

  • 2013 Does economic prosperity bring about a happier society? Empirical remarks on the Easterlin Paradox debate sans Happiness Adaptation
    by Beja Jr., Edsel

  • 2013 Compulsory tutorial programmes and performance in undergraduate microeconomics: A regression discontinuity design
    by Schöer, Volker & Shepherd, Debra

  • 2013 Does economic prosperity bring about a happier society? Empirical remarks on the Easterlin Paradox debate
    by Beja Jr., Edsel

  • 2013 От Машин Удовольствия К Моральным Сообществам (Размышления Над Новой Книгой Джеффри Ходжсона)
    by Yefimov, Vladimir

  • 2013 Enhancing Markets (i.e. Economies) Transmissionability to Optimize Monetary Policies’ Effect
    by Konov, Joshua Ioji / JK

  • 2013 Экономика: Теория И Реальность
    by Pyastolov, S.M.

  • 2013 Research and Science Today No. 1(5)/2013
    by ADAM, Elena & TRIȘCAȘ, Floarea Elena & NICOARĂ, Raluca-Maria & IVAN, Ruben Ioan & DUȚĂ, Paul & PANAIT, Ion & MANOLACHE, Viorella & ANDRONACHE, Alin & TRANDAFIR, Andreea & TAROPA-IACOB, Anda & DUȚĂ, Andreea Emilia & IORDAN, Costel & ALEXA, Oana Alexandra & CIOREI, Mihaela Andreea & MARCAU, Flavius-Cristian & SIMA, Isabella Cristiana & MATEIU, Mihaela & NISIPEANU, Elena & CĂLIN, Alexandra & HARANGUS, Katalin & EDU, Filip Vladimir & MARIN, Aurelia Camelia & AŞER, Nica & BOGDAN, Laura & MOGA, Monika & VULPAȘU, Dana & COSTESCU, Elena-Alis & CIUNTUC, Cristina-Elena & NECHIFOR, Caleb Otniel Traian & CRISTESCU, Cosmina & PIPOŞ, Cristina

  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Metaphysical
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 The performance of four possible rules for selecting the Prime Minister after the Dutch Parliamentary elections of September 2012
    by Colignatus, Thomas

  • 2013 Economics Research Ranking Place of Turkey in Europe
    by Halicioglu, Ferda

  • 2013 Understanding and Teaching Within-Cluster Correlation in Complex Surveys
    by Humberto Barreto & Manu Raghav

  • 2013 Macro Data with the FRED Excel Add-in
    by Humberto Barreto

  • 2013 Teaching Post Keynesian Economics

  • 2013 The Innovation Union in Europe

  • 2013 Handbook of Innovation Indicators and Measurement

  • 2013 Zahraniční a vnitřní obchod - historie a rozvoj vědního oboru
    by Eva Černohlávková & Hana Machková & Ludmila Štěrbová & Dana Zadražilová

  • 2013 Od Albína Bráfa k Josefu Mackovi - příspěvek k výročí úmrtí dvou významných českých ekonomů
    by Antonie Doležalová

  • 2013 The Economic Efficiency Of The Company And Its Indicators
    by Angela DELIU & Pantelemon FRASINEANU

  • 2013 Using RFID Technology to Track Attendance
    by Mehmet F. Dicle & John Levendis

  • 2013 Az ideológia hálójából a mennyiségi hajsza csapdájába. A magyarországi közgazdászképzés átalakulásáról
    by Bessenyei, István

  • 2013 Minden tudományág maga formálja játékterét!
    by Bazsa, György

  • 2013 Javaslat a magyarországi közgazdasági doktori képzés korszerűsítésére
    by Valentinyi, Ákos & Kézdi, Gábor & Kondor, Péter & Benczúr, Péter & Mátyás, László

  • 2013 Szubjektív gondolatok a közgazdaságtanról
    by Simonovits, András

  • 2013 Levelled or Tilted Playing Field?
    by Török, Ádám

  • 2013 Közgazdaság-tudományi doktori iskolák Magyarországon
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