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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ A: General Economics and Teaching
/ / A2: Economic Education and Teaching of Economics
/ / / A20: General
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Building an Economic Theoretical Framework to Link Quizzes, Effort Investment, and Learning Outcomes
    by Tin-Chun Lin

  • 2017 Which tests not witch hunts: a diagnostic approach for conducting replication research
    by Brown, Annette N. & Wood, Benjamin Douglas Kuflick

  • 2017 The Relative Value of AER P&P Economic Education Papers
    by J.R. Clark & Joshua C. Hall & Ashley S. Harrison

  • 2017 Financial education and financial literacy in Gen Y - Alternative forms of financing
    by Aneta Ewa Waszkiewicz

  • 2017 Diversification of Research on Economic Awareness and Education of Poles
    by Ewa Cichowicz & Agnieszka K. Nowak

  • 2017 Reconsidering Communication Regarding Economic Phenomena. Some Hints from a Complexity Approach
    by Piercarlo Frigero

  • 2017 Сельское Хозяйство России В Свете Итогов Всероссийской Сельскохозяйственной Переписи 2016 Года
    by Zinchenko, Aleksey

  • 2017 Irrungen und Wirrungen im Umfeld der Geldtheorie: Wohin einseitige Darstellungen der Zentralbanken führen
    by Quaas, Georg

  • 2017 Paying Bank Risk Professionals to Lie About Bank Loan Loss Provisioning Process
    by Ozili, Peterson K

  • 2017 The Research Excellence Framework 2014, journal ratings and the marginalization of heterodox economics
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & Quirin Dammerer & Sukriti Kapur

  • 2017 Awards and Rewards: Evidence from an Evaluation of the Metrobank's Search for Outstanding Teachers
    by Majah-Leah V. Ravago & Dennis S. Mapa

  • 2017 An attempt to optimise the number of pupils in comprehensive secondary schools based on their learning outcomes
    by Jan Polcyn

  • 2017 Public Finance in a Nutshell: A Cobb Douglas Teaching Tool for General Equilibrium Tax Incidence and Excess Burden
    by Don Fullerton & Chi L. Ta

  • 2017 Testing the Effectiveness of Online Assignments in Theory of Finance
    by Michael Batu & Esmond Lun & Nancy Bower & Asha Sadanand

  • 2017 Determinants of student success in finance courses
    by Alexandr Akimov & Sonja Kobinger & Mirela Malin

  • 2017 Is Lecture Capture benefiting (all) HE students? An Empirical Investigation
    by Carlos Cortinhas

  • 2017 Teaching Piketty To Undergraduates
    by Humberto Barreto

  • 2017 Notas de historia de pensamiento económico para no economistas
    by Hermes Fernando MARTINEZ

  • 2017 Boosting Scientific Publications in Africa: Which IPRs Protection Channels Matter?
    by Simplice A. Asongu

  • 2017 Financial literacy, financial advice, and financial behavior
    by Oscar A. Stolper & Andreas Walter

  • 2017 Theory and Practice in Teaching English Economics Vocabulary
    by Daliana Ecaterina Tascovici & Carolina Platon

  • 2017 Challenges In Assessing Process – Moral And Professional Values From Acquisition To Application
    by TASCOVICI, Daliana Ecaterina & Dragomir, Robert Gabriel

  • 2017 Criteria for Structural Differentiation of Innovation Industries in the System of Creative Industries
    by Vladya Borisova

  • 2017 Improvement of the Instruments for Students� Performance and Assessment in the Field of International Finance and International Politics
    by Iordanka Stateva & Silvia Kirova

  • 2017 Economic Approach in Structuring the Creative Industries
    by Vladia Borisova

  • 2017 Economic Growth and the Growth of Human Population in the Past 2,000,000 Years
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2017 Puzzling Features of the Historical Income per Capita Distributions Explained
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2017 Changing the direction of the economic and demographic research
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2017 Post conflict reconstruction efforts in tribal areas of Pakistan through informal education
    by Dawood MAMOON

  • 2017 John W. Creswell, Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches
    by Chih-Pei HU & Yan-Yi CHANG

  • 2017 Demographic Catastrophes Did Not Shape the Growth of Human Population or the Economic Growth
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2017 Economics case study: Harvard Business School pedagogy techniques: From teaching entrepreneurship to influencing business policy through research
    by Dawood MAMOON

  • 2017 Gender Differences in Financial Education: Evidence from Primary School
    by Matteo Migheli & Flavia Coda Moscarola

  • 2017 Graduation Rates At Colleges And Universities In The Midwest
    by Jeff Anstine & Megan Seidman

  • 2017 Education, Research – Development And Innovation In The South-East Development Region – A Case Study
    by Marioara RUSU

  • 2017 Blasphemy in the classroom: in search of microeconomics textbooks for heterodox instructors
    by Erik Dean & Mitchell R. Green

  • 2017 Enriching undergraduate economics: curricular and pedagogical integration of heterodox approaches from within
    by Tara Natarajan

  • 2017 Critical thinking within a multi-paradigmatic approach: introduction to the symposium on innovations in heterodox economics education
    by Geoffrey E. Schneider & Daniel A. Underwood

  • 2017 The power of a simple verbal explanation: Evaluating the efficacy of narrated feedback
    by Chiang, Eric P. & Vazquez, Jose J.

  • 2017 The source and impact of student preconceptions in economics principles classes
    by Parsons, Richard & Mamo, Michael

  • 2017 The effect of adaptive versus static practicing on student learning - evidence from a randomized field experiment
    by van Klaveren, Chris & Vonk, Sebastiaan & Cornelisz, Ilja

  • 2017 Does money affect children’s educational outcomes? Evidence from Japan
    by Nozaki, Yuko & Matsuura, Katsumi

  • 2017 The number of pupils and educational effects in comprehensive secondary schools
    by Jan Polcyn

  • 2017 La influencia del manual en el pensamiento económico colombiano durante el siglo XX
    by Alberto Mayor Mora & Carlos Humberto Zambrano Escamilla

  • 2017 The Benefits Of Having Large Reservoirs Of Petroleum
    by Viorel POP

  • 2017 The Evolution Of The Production And The Global Energy Consumption
    by Viorel POP

  • 2017 Éducation financière et comportements patrimoniaux : mauvaise éducation et zéro de conduite ?
    by Luc Arrondel

  • 2017 The Theory of Planned Behavior and financial decisions of Italian investors
    by Doriana Cucinelli & Gino Gandolfi & Maria-Gaia Soana

  • 2017 Developing a Research Agenda through Pitching
    by Victor Maxwell

  • 2017 Fantasy Pitching
    by Robert Faff & Searat Ali & Muhammad Atif & Matt Brenner & Hasibul Chowdhury & Leelyn Crudas & Alison Joubet & Ihtisham Malik & Lin Mi & Vinu Nagar & Tim Pullen & Manuel Siegrist & Steve Smythe & Jeff Stephenson & Beile Zhang & Kun Zhang

  • 2017 Edmond Malinvaud - an Economist's Econometrician
    by Peter C. B. Phillips

  • 2016 Financial Literacy and Self-Employment
    by Cumurovic, Aida & Hyll, Walter

  • 2016 Financial Literacy and Self-employment
    by Ćumurović, Aida & Hyll, Walter

  • 2016 Sozioökonomische Bildung in der sozialwissenschaftlichen Domäne
    by Hedtke, Reinhold

  • 2016 Sozialwissenschaftliche ökonomische Bildung
    by Hedtke, Reinhold

  • 2016 Von der Betriebswirtschaftslehre lernen? Handlungsorientierung und Pluralismus in der ökonomischen Bildung
    by Hedtke, Reinhold

  • 2016 Wer hat Angst vor der BWL? Was die Konsumentenbildung von der Betriebswirtschaftslehre lernen kann
    by Hedtke, Reinhold

  • 2016 Mjerenje financijske pismenosti studenata Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
    by Mihovil Anđelinović & Ana Pavković & Domagoj Mišević

  • 2016 Curriculum reform in UK economics: a critique
    by Andrew Mearman & Sebastian Berger & Danielle Guizzo

  • 2016 Examining the performance of the South African economics departments, 2005-2014
    by Derek Yu & Atoko Kasongo & Mariana Moses

  • 2016 Modern Educational Methods - Gamification at Schools of Higher Education in Poland
    by Aleksandra Ptak & Tomasz Lis & Paula Bajdor

  • 2016 Gamblers, scratchers and their financial education
    by Becchetti, Leonardo & Bellucci, Davide & Rossetti, Fiammetta

  • 2016 Estática comparativa e indeterminación de signos en un modelo macroeconómico neoclásico sencillo
    by Cendejas Bueno, José Luis

  • 2016 PhD by Publication as an Argument for Innovation and Technology Transfer: with Emphasis on Africa
    by Asongu, Simplice A & Nwachukwu, Jacinta

  • 2016 Why economics textbooks must, and how they can, be changed into a real-world and pluralist economics. The example of a fundamentally new complexity-economics micro-textbook
    by Elsner, Wolfram

  • 2016 The Dichotomy, Inconsistency, and Peculiar Outmodedness of the „Mainstream“ Textbook. The Example of Institutions
    by Elsner, Wolfram

  • 2016 Grading systems of degree projects and labor market entry: Students choices and perceptions of the importance of grading scales in the labor market
    by Nyström, Kristina

  • 2016 Perceptions and Practices of Replication by Social and Behavioral Scientists: Making Replications a Mandatory Element of Curricula Would Be Useful
    by Benedikt Fecher & Mathis Fräßdorf & Gert G. Wagner

  • 2016 The Rise of a Mainstream in Economics
    by Michel De Vroey & Luca Pensieroso

  • 2016 The Choice of Valuation Techniques in Practice: Education versus Profession
    by Mukhlynina, Lilia & Nyborg, Kjell G

  • 2016 The Choice of Valuation Techniques in Practice: Education versus Profession
    by Lilia Mukhlynina & Kjell G. Nyborg

  • 2016 The Economic Geography of Human Capital in Twentieth-Century Latin America in an International Comparative Perspective
    by Enriqueta Camps & Stanley L. Engerman

  • 2016 Scrambled Questions Penalty in Multiple Choice Tests: New Evidence from French Undergraduate Students
    by Morgan Raux & Marc Sangnier & Tanguy Van Ypersele

  • 2016 PhD by Publication as an Argument for Innovation and Technology Transfer: with Emphasis on Africa
    by Simplice Asongu & Jacinta C. Nwachukwu

  • 2016 Finanzmarktwissen bei Selbstständigen besonders ausgeprägt
    by Ćumurović, Aida & Hyll, Walter

  • 2016 La formación en economía social. Análisis de la oferta universitaria de posgrado en España
    by David Flores Ruiz & Carmen Guzmán Alfonso & María de la O Barroso González

  • 2016 Sustainable development in higher education through service quality and price fairness: empirical evidence from private universities in Syria
    by Serene Dalati & Salah1 Al Hamwi

  • 2016 Die Krise der VWL und die Vision einer Pluralen Ökonomik
    by Dirk Ehnts & Lino Zeddies

  • 2016 A Comment on “What Is Wrong with the West’s Economies?” by Edmund Phelps
    by Dušan Tříska

  • 2016 Rozważania nad istotą klastrów
    by Cezary Główka

  • 2016 Inconsistencies in Textbook Presentation of Substitution and Income Effects
    by Julien Picault

  • 2016 Targeting the Profession: Teaching Preparation and Placement in “Non-top-tier” Ph.D. Programs
    by Bhavneet Walia & Shane Sanders

  • 2016 The bubble game: A classroom experiment
    by Sophie Moinas & Sébastien Pouget

  • 2016 Targeting Teaching Lecture Capture Learning: Do Students Perform Better Compared to Face-to-Face Classes?
    by William Bosshardt & Eric P. Chiang

  • 2016 The 10 Greatest Films for Teaching Economics
    by G. Dirk Mateer & Brian O’Roark & Kim Holder

  • 2016 Paul Samuelson on His 90th Birthday
    by John Kenneth Galbraith

  • 2016 Higher Education System Development in Russia. Realization and Criticism
    by Anna A. Dokukina

  • 2016 Students Economic Literacy between Real and Ideal
    by Maria Liana LÃCÃTUS & Camelia STÃICULESCU

  • 2016 The Impact of Vocational Education on Economic Growth of Pakistan
    by Arooj Fatima & Ramesha Saleem

  • 2016 Paulo Freire and the methodology of thematic investigation for permanent teacher education
    by Saul, Ana Maria & Saul, Alexandre

  • 2016 University students’ support to an NGO that helps children with cancer: Lessons learned in thirteen academic projects
    by Arantes do Amaral, João Alberto & Okazaki, Erica

  • 2016 An Exploratory Study of Career Anchors in Business Higher Education
    by Cãtãlina Radu & Daniel Jiroveanu & Georgiana Costache

  • 2016 Mechanism of Hyperbolic Growth Explained
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2016 12th International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning (ICTEL) in Mauritius
    by Betchoo N. Irmal KUMAR

  • 2016 Philosophical Origins of Seventeenth Century American Economic Thought
    by James S. CICARELLI

  • 2016 Demographic Transition Theory and Its Link to the Historical Economic Growth
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2016 Monitoring the International Monetary System: Its Development in the West, and Future in the East
    by Todd J. Barry

  • 2016 An Exercise on Creating a Student Expenditure Basket
    by Chandini Sankaran & Thomas Mulroney, Jr. & Dana Corcoran

  • 2016 Explaining "In the Aggregate" Concepts with Clickers
    by Martha L. Olney

  • 2016 Mattress Money
    by Henry W. Chappell, Jr.

  • 2016 Advice on Implementing Supplemental Instruction in an Introductory Level Economics Course
    by Michael J. Enz & James E. Tierney

  • 2016 JET: A New Journal Takes Off!
    by Linda S. Ghent & G. Dirk Mateer

  • 2016 Does an extra year of primary schooling yeild higher earnings?: Evidence from Kenya
    by Richard U. Agesa & Jacqueline Agesa & Andrew Dabalen

  • 2016 El pensamiento económico en los estudiantes de economía de Chile
    by Correa, Felipe

  • 2016 Economics: An elite subject soon only available in elite universities?
    by Lodewijks, John & Stokes, Anthony & Wright, Sarah

  • 2016 Putting yourself in the picture with an ‘ECONSelfie’: Using student-generated photos to enhance introductory economics courses
    by Al-Bahrani, Abdullah & Holder, Kim & Moryl, Rebecca L. & Ryan Murphy, Patrick & Patel, Darshak

  • 2016 Student-crafted experiments “from the ground up”
    by Bosley, Stacie

  • 2016 Second-order accelerator of investment: The case of discrete time
    by Dalla, Eleni & Varelas, Erotokritos

  • 2016 What determines students’ perceptions in course evaluation rating in higher education? An econometric exploration
    by Kifle, Temesgen & Alauddin, Mohammad

  • 2016 oTree—An open-source platform for laboratory, online, and field experiments
    by Chen, Daniel L. & Schonger, Martin & Wickens, Chris

  • 2016 Practical Recommendations on the Improvement of the Effectiveness of Anti-corruption Policy in Universities
    by Radif R. Zamaletdinov & Nadezhda P. Yudina & Elvira I. Lavrentyeva & Lubov I. Savva & Natalya B. Pugacheva

  • 2016 Features of Students’ Economic Competence Formation
    by Valentina A. Komelina & Zulfiya N. Mirzagalyamova & Lyaisan B. Gabbasova & Yuliya S. Rod & Malika L. Slobodyan & Svetlana A. Esipova & Sergei Y. Lavrentiev & Guzyal M. Kharisova

  • 2016 The Model of the Formation and Implementation of the Creative and Innovative Potential of the Russian System of Higher Education
    by Aleksandr Pavlovich Gorbunov & Natalya Nikolaevna Gorbunova & Ekaterina Vladimirovna Efimova & Sofiya Georgievna Kilinkarova

  • 2016 Youth Unemployment And School Dropout
    by Viorel POP & Vasile GOLDIȘ

  • 2016 Romania’S Economy In Its Current Functionality
    by Mihaela, SAVU & Dumitru, CIUCUR

  • 2016 American Economic Association Universal Academic Questionnaire Summary Statistics
    by Charles E. Scott & John J. Siegfried

  • 2015 A Closer Look at the Relationship between Grades and Teacher Evaluation: The Role of Grade Knowledge
    by Tin-Chun Lin

  • 2015 The influence of media use on laymen s monetary policy knowledge in Germany
    by Neuenkirch, Edith & Hayo, Bernd

  • 2015 Grundlagen der Sportnachfrage: Theorie und Empirie der Einflussfaktoren auf die Zuschauernachfrage
    by Budzinski, Oliver & Feddersen, Arne

  • 2015 Wettbewerb und Regulierung
    by Budzinski, Oliver & Eckert, Sandra

  • 2015 Auf dem Weg zur weltanschaulichen Bekenntnisschule: Das wirtschaftspolitische Leitbild der Hochschule Pforzheim
    by Maurer, Rainer

  • 2015 Jack Soper: A Pioneer in Economic Education
    by J.R. Clark & Joshua C. Hall & Ashley Harrison

  • 2015 Die Volkswirtschaftslehre an der Hochschule für Welthandel, 1918–1973
    by Hansjörg Klausinger

  • 2015 Reflections on the one-minute paper
    by Damian Whittard

  • 2015 Comment appréhender les temporalités de l’histoire économique ? Plaidoyer pour une cliométrie des événements rares
    by Claude Diebolt

  • 2015 Accounting learning preferences: the role of visualisation
    by Mouhcine Tallaki & Enrico Bracci & Monia Castellini

  • 2015 Student preconceptions and learning economic reasoning
    by Isabel Busom Piquer & Cristina López-Mayán Navarrete

  • 2015 Teachers' Lounge According To The Social Sharing Site Eksi Sozluk
    by Musa Gursel & Ali Ünal

  • 2015 Effective Teacher Behaviors Based On The Opinions Of Teacher Candidates
    by Atila YILDIRIM & Ali ÜNAL & Abdullah SÜRÜCÜ

  • 2015 Negative Teacher Behaviors From Which Teacher Candidates Are Affected
    by Ali Unal & Musa Gursel

  • 2015 The Impact of Citizenship Education on Social Cohesion in Sri Lanka
    by Lakshman Wedikkarage & Nilantha Pushpakumara

  • 2015 Examining Teachers' Organizational Socialization Levels In Terms Of Various Variables
    by Elif Aydo?du-Özo?lu

  • 2015 The project program in the model of education of teachers in Western Hungary
    by Ildiko Koos

  • 2015 Mother Tongue As A Viable Vehicle For Enhancing The Teaching/Learning Of Oral English Among Pupils In Edo Central Senatorial District Of Edo State, Nigeria
    by Samuel Ehi-Awolowo Osime & Idemudia Okhiria

  • 2015 Measuring Leadership Attributes in Vocational and Technical Education: The College of Technological Studies, Kuwait, As A Case Study
    by Salah Al-Ali

  • 2015 The Investigation Of The Contribution Of Mountaineering And Wall Bars Excercises To The Physical Development Of The Hearing Impaired Students
    by Sertaç ERC??

    by Ahmet ??R?NKAN

  • 2015 Statistical Control Of The Process - Six Sigma Technique To Identify The Problems
    by Gabriel Mirea

  • 2015 The Importance Of Mentoring Programs In Business
    by Daniela Ilieva-Koleva

  • 2015 The effects of social media on cognitive development in undergraduate economics students
    by Ling Ting and Naiefa Rashied

  • 2015 What Determines Students’ Perceptions in Course Evaluation Rating in Higher Education? An Econometric Exploration
    by Temesgen Kifle & Mohammad Alauddin

  • 2015 An Integrated Strategy Framework (ISF) for Combining Porter's 5-Forces, Diamond, PESTEL, and SWOT Analysis
    by Anton, Roman

  • 2015 Does active learning improve student performance? A randomized experiment in a Chilean university
    by Alcalde, Pilar & Nagel, Juan

  • 2015 Accounting for research quality: Research audits and the journal rankings debate
    by Rowlinson, Michael & Harvey, Charles & Kelly, Aidan & Morris, Huw & Todeva, Emanuela

  • 2015 ¿Debería la Historia del Pensamiento Económico ser incluida en los Planes de Estudio de Economía en Pregrado?
    by Roncaglia, Alesandro

  • 2015 Theoretical approaches of endogenous regional development
    by Daniela, Antonescu

  • 2015 Procesos de internacionalización en la educación superior de Costa Rica
    by Mora-Alfaro, Jorge

  • 2015 Are short Economics teaching videos liked? Analysis of features driving “Likes” in Youtube
    by Meseguer-Martinez, Angel & Ros-Galvez, Alejandro & Rosa-Garcia, Alfonso

  • 2015 oTree - An Open-Source Platform for Laboratory, Online, and Field Experiments
    by Chen, Daniel Li & Schonger, Martin & Wickens, Chris

  • 2015 Policies for inclusive and sustainable growth in Indonesia
    by Petar Vujanovic

  • 2015 Does Exposure to Economics Bring New Majors to the Field? Evidence from a natural Experiment
    by Hans Fricke & Jeffrey Grogger & Andreas Steinmayr

  • 2015 Second-Order Accelerator of Investment: The Case of Discrete Time
    by Erotokritos Varelas & Eleni Dalla

  • 2015 The Influence of Media Use on Laymen’s Monetary Policy Knowledge in Germany
    by Bernd Hayo & Edith Neuenkirch

  • 2015 Natural Disasters and University Enrolment: Evidence from L'Aquila Earthquake
    by Cerqua, Augusto & Di Pietro, Giorgio

  • 2015 Does Exposure to Economics Bring New Majors to the Field? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
    by Fricke, Hans & Grogger, Jeff & Steinmayr, Andreas

  • 2015 ¿Se pueden aplicar las ideas Keynesianas al largo plazo? Unas reflexiones teóricas y un modelo ilustrativo
    by Marco Missaglia

  • 2015 Financial Education Programs in Colombia: Challenges in Assessing their Effectiveness
    by Diego A. Restrepo Tobón & Pilar B. Álvarez Franco & Melisa Muñoz Murillo

  • 2015 Student Preconceptions and Learning Economic Reasoning
    by Isabel Busom & Cristina Lopez-Mayan

  • 2015 Student Preconceptions And Learning Economic Reasoning
    by Isabel Busom & Cristina Lopez-Mayan

  • 2015 Assembling the research profile of Greek Economic Departments
    by Dimitris Kremmydas & Kyriakos Drivas

  • 2015 Dördüncü Sanayi Devrimi’ne Girerken İktisat Eğitimi
    by Hasan Kazdağlı

  • 2015 İktisat Eğitimi Üzerine Bir Kaç Not
    by Fikret Görün

  • 2015 Economical writing (or, “Think Hemingway”)
    by Andrés Marroquín & Julio H. Cole

  • 2015 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Integration in Education. Ohaio state model
    by Muna Aljohani

  • 2015 ¿Debería la economía heterodoxa ser enseñada en departamentos de economía, o existe algún espacio para la economía backwater?
    by Lavoie, Marc

  • 2015 Economic-financial Literacy and (Sustainable) Pension Reforms: Why the Former is a Key Ingredient for the Latter
    by Elsa Fornero

  • 2015 Financial literacy gaps of the Austrian population
    by Bettina Greimel-Fuhrmann & Maria Antoinette Silgoner & Rosa Weber

  • 2015 System Tasks of a Doctoral Dissertation
    by Pano Lulanski

  • 2015 Financial Literacy in Nepal: A Survey Analysis from College Students
    by Bharat Singh Thapa & Surendra Raj Nepal

  • 2015 Entrepreneurship Education: A Selective Examination of the Literature
    by Baptista, Rui & Naia, Ana

  • 2015 On Teaching Production Theory: Integrating Short-Run and Long-Run Analysis
    by Will C. Heath & Rand W. Ressler

  • 2015 Benchmarking As A Tool For Improving The Management Of Organizations Of Secondary Vocational Education In The Context Of Execution Of The State Program "Development Of Education In Moscow"
    by Sosnitskiy K.M.

  • 2015 Learning Heckscher-Ohlin Model in Five Easy Steps
    by Omer GOKCEKUS & Kevin BENGYAK

  • 2015 Competency Based Education And Technology In Teaching Statistics
    by Juan Rositas-Martínez & Joel Mendoza-Gómez

  • 2015 Classical Liberalism in the Czech Republic
    by Josef Šíma & Tomáš Nikodym

  • 2015 Classical Liberal Economics in the Ex-Yugoslav Nations
    by Miroslav Prokopijević & Slaviša Tasić

  • 2015 The Endangered Classical Liberal Tradition in Lebanon: A General Description and Survey Results
    by Patrick Mardini

  • 2015 Liberal Economics in Poland
    by Mateusz Machaj

  • 2015 Liberal Economics in Spain
    by Fernando Hernández Fradejas

  • 2015 Classical Liberalism in Australian Economics
    by Chris Berg

  • 2015 Reflections on the one-minute paper
    by Whittard, Damian

  • 2015 Bringing imagination back to the classroom: A model for creative arts in economics
    by Davis, Mary E.

  • 2015 Exploring Easter Island economics with Excel
    by Dalton, Thomas R. & Coats, R. Morris & Luccasen, R. Andrew

  • 2015 Financial literacy in Southern Brazil: Modeling and invariance between genders
    by Potrich, Ani Caroline Grigion & Vieira, Kelmara Mendes & Coronel, Daniel Arruda & Bender Filho, Reisoli

  • 2015 Is financial literacy an economic good?
    by Castro, Rubén & Fortunato, Andrés

  • 2015 Classroom discipline, classroom environment and student performance in Chile
    by Gazmuri, Carolina & Manzi, Jorge & Paredes, Ricardo D.

  • 2015 ¿Se comporta el alfabetismo financiero como un bien económico?
    by Castro, Rubén & Fortunato, Andrés

  • 2015 Disciplina, clima y desempeño escolar en Chile
    by Gazmuri, Carolina & Manzi, Jorge & Paredes, Ricardo D.

  • 2015 Didácticas para la formación en investigación contable: una discusión crítica de las prácticas de enseñanza
    by Sandra Milena Muñoz López & Gustavo Alberto Ruiz Rojas & Héctor José Sarmiento Ramírez

  • 2015 The necessity of teaching functions in the foreign language class
    by Georgeta OBILIªTEANU

  • 2015 Considerations on English synonyms from a semantic point of view
    by Camelia BOARCê

  • 2015 Considerations regarding the benefits of using methods to stimulate creativity in higher education
    by Leila BARDAªUC & Nicuºor Marcel UDREA

  • 2015 Using authentic materials in second language teaching
    by Georgeta OBILIªTEANU

  • 2015 Teaching economics in Hungary after the crisis
    by Pál Gervai & László Trautmann

  • 2014 Does High School Economics Make a Difference?
    by Kim Andrews & James Swanson & Penny Kugler

  • 2014 The Great Schism in the Theory of Public Finance. A Treatise in the Theory of Economic Thought
    by Blankart, Charles B:

  • 2014 Sensitivity of economists during market allocation
    by Suttner, Johannes R.

  • 2014 Bernanke/Blinder revisited - The New Keynesian model with credit channel
    by Offick, Sven & Wohltmann, Hans-Werner

  • 2014 The attacks on The General Theory: How Keynes’s theory was lost
    by G.C. Harcourt & Peter Kriesler & John Nevile

  • 2014 Teaching Replication in Quantitative Empirical Economics
    by Jan H. Höffler

  • 2014 A Tutorial on Bonds, Yield Curves and Duration
    by E. Tylor Claggett

  • 2014 Education as a key factor for the development of social entrepreneurship
    by Eva Pongrácz

  • 2014 Improving Saudi Technical College students Skills in Accounting Courses
    by Fahad Alamr

  • 2014 Public spending on education and Economic Growth in Algeria: Causality Test
    by Yousra Mekdad & Aziz Dahmani & Monir Louadj

  • 2014 Financial education and financial inclusion: How lexicography makes sense
    by Gerardo Sierra & Serafín Martínez-Jaramillo & Biliana Alexandrova-Kabadjova & Elena Lozanova

  • 2014 Research-Integrated Learning: A Distinct Possibility
    by Vincent Choon-Seng Lim & Seow Yun Yee

  • 2014 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Risk Aversion and Gender Discrimination in Assessment
    by Jason Hartford and Nic Spearman

  • 2014 Zu guter Forschungsinfrastruktur und forschungsbasierter Politikberatung gehören mehr als nur gute Statistikdaten
    by Gert G. Wagner

  • 2014 Software piracy and scientific publications: knowledge economy evidence from Africa
    by Asongu, Simplice

  • 2014 A Ponzi scheme exposed to volatile markets
    by Parodi, Bernhard R.

  • 2014 Морал И Етика В Научните Изследвания
    by Marinov, Eduard

  • 2014 Teaching business cycles with the IS-TR model
    by Tervala, Juha

  • 2014 Boosting scientific publications in Africa: which IPRs protection channels matter?
    by Asongu, Simplice A

  • 2014 The Typical Spectral Shape of an Economic Variable: A Visual Guide with 100 Examples
    by Medel, Carlos A.

  • 2014 Income growth and happiness: Reassessment of the Easterlin Paradox
    by Beja Jr., Edsel

  • 2014 Analysis of customer satisfaction in services industry: A case study of private universities in Karachi, Pakistan
    by Waseem, S. Nazneen & Chhapra, Imran Umer & Bhutto, Shumaila

  • 2014 Learning Millennial-Style
    by Bruce I. Carlin & Li Jiang & Stephen A. Spiller

  • 2014 Equalizing Superstars: The Internet and the Democratization of Education
    by Daron Acemoglu & David Laibson & John A. List

  • 2014 Toward an Understanding of the BDM: Predictive Validity, Gambling Effects, and Risk Attitude
    by Sebastian Lehmann

  • 2014 Monopoly Profit Maximization: Success and Economic Principles
    by Korbinian von Blanckenburg & Milena Neubert

  • 2014 Does Diploma Type Matter for Subsequent Academic Achievement? A UAE Case Study
    by Kherfi, Samer & Naufal, George S

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  • Do Business Students make Good Citizens?
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  • Two Concerns about Rational Choice: Indoctrination and Imperialism
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  • Selfish and Indoctrinated Economists?
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  • Political Economists are Neither Selfish nor Indoctrinated
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  • 2012-09 Who was Swimming Naked when the Tide went out? Introducing Criminology to the Finance Curriculum
    by Jacqueline M. Drew & Michael E. Drew

  • 2012-04 Ethics and Quantitative Finance
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  • Self-interest, Social Wealth, and Competition as a Discovery Procedure
    by Roland Kirstein & Dieter Schmidtchen

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