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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ A: General Economics and Teaching
/ / A2: Economic Education and Teaching of Economics
/ / / A21: Pre-college
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 An attempt to optimise the number of pupils in comprehensive secondary schools based on their learning outcomes
    by Jan Polcyn

  • 2017 Economic Education Retrospective
    by Carlos J. Asarta & Austin S. Jennings & Paul W. Grimes

  • 2017 Super-Economics Man! Using Superheroes to Teach Economics
    by Brian O'Roark

  • 2017 Economic Lessons from the Musical Hamilton
    by Matthew C. Rousu & Courtney A. Conrad

  • 2017 From Continuous to Discrete: An Alternative Approach to Teaching Consumer Choice
    by Mark Holmgren

  • 2016 Practice Enterprise as a Way of Acquiring Foreign Languages ? an International Survey
    by Simona Pecková

  • 2016 Laissez-Colbert
    by Gregory M. Randolph

  • 2016 Using the Berenstain Bears to Teach Economics in the Elementary Classroom
    by Erin A. Yetter

  • 2016 JET: A New Journal Takes Off!
    by Linda S. Ghent & G. Dirk Mateer

  • 2016 Putting yourself in the picture with an ‘ECONSelfie’: Using student-generated photos to enhance introductory economics courses
    by Al-Bahrani, Abdullah & Holder, Kim & Moryl, Rebecca L. & Ryan Murphy, Patrick & Patel, Darshak

  • 2015 Jack Soper: A Pioneer in Economic Education
    by J.R. Clark & Joshua C. Hall & Ashley Harrison

  • 2015 Gender and Student Achievement in Personal Finance: Evidence from Keys to Financial Success
    by Andrew T. Hill & Carlos J. Asarta

  • 2015 Efectos del Conflicto Armado y el Conflicto Socioeconómico en el aprendizaje civilidad: La función de producción educativa en el caso del conflicto interno en Colombia
    by Juan Carlos Miranda Morales & Marieta Quintero & Víctor Hugo Higuera Ojito

  • 2015 Teaching teenagers in finance: Does it work?
    by Lührmann, Melanie & Serra-Garcia, Marta & Winter, Joachim

  • 2014 A Review and Analysis of the Effectiveness of Alternative Teaching Methods on Student Learning in Economics
    by Ninos P. Malek & Joshua C. Hall & Collin Hodges

  • 2014 The Impact of Age of Entry on Academic Progression
    by Cáceres-Delpiano, Julio & Giolito, Eugenio P.

  • 2014 Teaching economics with a bag of chocolate: A classroom experiment for elementary school students
    by Rupp, Nicholas G.

  • 2014 The features and effectiveness of the Keys to Financial Success curriculum
    by Asarta, Carlos J. & Hill, Andrew T. & Meszaros, Bonnie T.

  • 2014 Comparison of financial literacy between Korean and U.S. high school students
    by Jang, Kyungho & Hahn, Jinsoo & Park, Hyung Joon

  • 2014 Factors associated with financial literacy among high school students in New Zealand
    by Cameron, Michael P. & Calderwood, Richard & Cox, Ashleigh & Lim, Steven & Yamaoka, Michio

  • 2014 Construct validity of financial literacy
    by Schuhen, Michael & Schürkmann, Susanne

  • 2014 The distributional impacts of a universal school reform on mathematical achievements: A natural experiment from Canada
    by Haeck, Catherine & Lefebvre, Pierre & Merrigan, Philip

  • 2014 Uvedba virtualnega učnega okolja na Srednji šoli Doba
    by Andreja Markač Hleb

  • 2013 Factors Associated with Financial Literacy among High School Students
    by Michael P. Cameron & Richard Calderwood & Ashleigh Cox & Steven Lim & Michio Yamaoka

  • 2013 Personal Financial Literacy Among High School Students in New Zealand, Japan and the United States
    by Michael P. Cameron & Richard Calderwood & Ashleigh Cox & Steven Lim & Michio Yamaoka

  • 2013 El impacto de la educación temprana en el mediano plazo
    by Rafael, Sanchez & Eugenio, Rojas & Isidora, Zapata

  • 2013 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Teaching Methods: Do Classroom Experiments Improve Economic Education in High Schools?
    by Gerald Eisenkopf & Pascal Sulser

  • 2013 How to Improve Economic Understanding? Testing Classroom Experiments in High Schools
    by Gerald Eisenkopf & Pascal Sulser

  • 2013 Kompetenzdiagnostik in der Berufsorientierung. Eine Bestandsaufnahme der Potenzialanalyse als Diagnose-und Foerderinstrument in der Sekundarstufe I
    by Karin Krzatala & Thomas Retzmann

  • 2013 The Features and Effectiveness of the Keys to Financial Success Curriculum

  • 2013 The Gender Question in Economic Education: Is it the Teacher or the Test?

  • 2013 Entwicklung unternehmerischer Persoenlichkeit im Rahmen einer Entrepreneurship Education. Didaktische Lehr-Lern-Konzeption und empirische Analyse fuer die Sekundarstufe II
    by Bijedic, Teita

  • 2013 Managing Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Economic Education
    by Monica Elisabeta PÃDURARU

  • 2013 Managing the Transition Process of Students from Junior High-School to High-School
    by Yusef EMAN

  • 2013 New Directions For The Costs Of Evaluation
    by TASCOVICI, Daliana Ecaterina & DRAGOMIR, Robert Gabriel & ISBASOIU, Eliza Consuela & ZARNESCU, Odi Mihaela

  • 2013 A challenging contest in a time when the United States of America celebrated its significant legacy
    by MARINESCU, Mihaela-Silvia

  • 2013 A New Challenge In Eu: Effective Financial Education
    by Suciu Marta-Christina & Lacatus Maria Liana & &

  • 2013 La educación primaria en la Nueva Granada
    by Jhorland Ayala Garcia

    by Angela PRECUP

  • 2013 Psycho-Pedagogical Intervention In The Case Of The Attention Deficit And Hyperactivity Disorder
    by Claudia Doina GREC

  • 2013 Does the Classic Microfinance Model Discourage Entrepreneurship among the Poor? Experimental Evidence from India
    by Erica Field & Rohini Pande & John Papp & Natalia Rigol

  • 2013 Economic Understanding in US High School Courses
    by William B. Walstad

  • 2012 NCEA Level 3 Economics and Economic Literacy in Introductory Economics at University
    by Michael P. Cameron & Rebecca Williams

  • 2012 Lost in Translation? Teacher Training and Outcomes in High School Economics Classes
    by Valletta, Robert G. & Hoff, K. Jody & Lopus, Jane S.

  • 2012 Lost in Translation? Teacher Training and Outcomes in High School Economics Classes
    by Valletta, Robert G. & Hoff, K. Jody & Lopus, Jane S.

  • 2012 Terra incognita: Das Fach "Volkswirtschaftslehre" am Weiterbildungskolleg in Nordrhein-Westfalen
    by Thomas Retzmann

  • 2012 Evidence of Student Achievement in a High School Personal Finance Course
    by Andrew T. Hill & Bonnie T. Meszaros & Brian Tyson

  • 2012 The Current State Of Staff Developmentand Training At A Higher Educational Institution In Namibia
    by NARIS, Sylvia & UKPERE, Wilfred

  • 2012 Nominal and Real Income in a Real Dollar Store
    by Sheldon H. Stein

  • 2012 Students’ understanding of socio-economic phenomena: Conceptions about the free provision of goods and services
    by Davies, Peter & Lundholm, Cecilia

  • 2011 Kompetenzziele für das allgemein bildende Fach "Wirtschaft / Ökonomie" in der Sekundarstufe I: Ein gemeinsamer Vorschlag nordrhein-westfälischer Hochschullehrer für Ökonomische Bildung
    by Buddensiek, Marit & Krafft, Dietmar & Krzatala, Karin & Lahme, Cornelius & Liening, Andreas & Mittelstädt, Ewald & Müller, Christian & Piorkowsky, Michael-Burkhard & Pollmann, Matthias Christian & Retzmann, Thomas & Schlösser, Hans Jürgen & Volkmann, Elna-Cathérine

  • 2011 Towards a benchmark on the contribution of education and training to employability: methodological note
    by Garrouste, Christelle

  • 2011 Hacia una educación de calidad en el Perú: El heterogéneo impacto de la educación inicial sobre el rendimiento escolar
    by Arlette Beltrán & Janice Seinfeld

  • 2011 Bildungsstandards = Lernzielorientierung reloaded?
    by Thomas Retzmann

  • 2011 Kompetenzziele fuer das allgemein bildende Fach "Wirtschaft/Oekonomie" in der Sekundarstufe I
    by Thomas Retzmann & Dietmar Krafft & Andreas Liening & Christian Mueller & Michael-Burkhard Piorkowsky & Hans-Juergen Schloesser

  • 2011 Professional Responsibilities Of The Economics Teachers
    by TASCOVICI, Daliana Ecaterina & DRAGOMIR, Robert Gabriel

  • 2011 The System Of The Didactic Principles With Applicability In Teaching Economics
    by TASCOVICI, Daliana Ecaterina & DRAGOMIR, Robert Gabriel

  • 2011 Advanced Placement Economics: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    by Tawni H. Ferrarini & James D. Gwartney & John S. Morton

  • 2010 Für eine bessere ökonomische Bildung!
    by Hedtke, Reinhold & Famulla, Gerd-E. & Fischer, Andreas & Weber, Birgit & Zurstrassen, Bettina

  • 2010 Mirrlees meets Laibson: Optimal Income Taxation with Bounded Rationality
    by Matteo Bassi

  • 2010 Об Истории И Современном Состоянии Среднего Общего И Профессионального Образования В Условиях Развивающейся Экономики
    by Kormiltseva, Elena

  • 2010 Revisiting the empirical existence of the Phillips Curve for India
    by Karan Singh, B & Kanakaraj, A & Sridevi, T.O

  • 2010 From Training to Labour Market. Holocletic Model
    by Santos, Miguel

  • 2010 The role of social trust in reducing long-term truancy and forming human capital in Japan
    by Yamamura, Eiji

  • 2010 Quality education through Child-Friendly Schools: resource allocation for the protection of children’s rights
    by Orkodashvili, Mariam

  • 2010 What Does Financial Literacy Training Teach Us?
    by Bruce Ian Carlin & David T. Robinson

  • 2010 The Dog ATE my Economics Homework! Estimates of the Average Effect of Treating Hawaii’s Public High School Students with Economics
    by Kimberly Burnett & Sumner La Croix

  • 2010 The Dog ATE my Economics Homework! Estimates of the Average Effect of Treating Hawaii’s Public High School Students with Economics
    by Kimberly Burnett & Sumner La Croix

  • 2010 Determinants of Student Achievements in the Primary Education of Paraguay
    by Thomas Otter & Carlos Villalobos Barría

  • 2010 Educational Standards for Economic Education at All Types of General-education Schools in Germany
    by Thomas Retzmann & Bernd Remmele & Guenther Seeber & Hans-Carl Joengebloed

  • 2010 Oekonomische Bildung an allgemein bildenden Schulen - Bildungsstandards Standards fuer die Lehrerbildung
    by Thomas Retzmann & Bernd Remmele & Guenther Seeber & Hans-Carl Jongebloed

  • 2010 John Rogers Commons: Are His Insights Important in Teaching Modern Labor Economics?
    by Francis McLaughlin

  • 2010 Is Financial Literacy Improved by Participating in a Stock Market Game?
    by Cynthia Harter & John F.R. Harter

  • 2009 The pylons of e-economy
    by Covaci, Brindusa

  • 2009 The transition to market-based economic education: evaluating program effectiveness in Kazakhstan
    by Grimes, Paul W. & Millea, Meghan J. & Campbell, Randall C.

  • 2009 Double – shift schooling and EFA goals: assessing economic, educational and social impacts
    by Orkodashvili, Mariam

  • 2009 Correcta selección de docentes
    by David Tobón Orozco

  • 2009 Determinants of the performance of the schools in Medellín in the high-school graduation-year test (ICFES)
    by David Tobón Orozco & Héctor Mauricio Posada Duque & Paul Ríos

  • 2009 Economic Education’s Roller Coaster Ride In Hawaii, 1956-2006
    by Kimberly Burnett & Sumner La Croix

  • 2009 Enhancement of the teachers work at the upper - secondary schools to speci
    by Alena Králová

  • 2008 Bestimmungsfaktoren des Erwerbs der allgemeinen Hochschulreife in Deutschland
    by Balsmeier, Benjamin & Peters, Heiko

  • 2008 District level mandates and high school students' understanding of economics
    by Grimes, Paul W. & Millea, Meghan J. & Thomas, M. Kathleen

  • 2008 Prospects of American Scholarship to Pakistani School Students
    by Herani, Gobind M.

  • 2008 Family Background or the Characteristics of Children: What Determines High School Success in Germany?
    by Benjamin Balsmeier & Heiko Peters

  • 2008 Entropy and stability in time use – An empirical investigation based on the German Time Use Survey
    by Rainer Hufnagel

  • 2007 Münsteraner Ernährungsmuster- und Lebensstilstudie bei Schulkindern: MEALS 2006
    by von Normann, Konstantin

  • 2007 Financing Education And Development In Eritrea – Some Implications
    by Rena, Ravinder

  • 2007 Selección adversa en la convocatoria docente para educación primaria, media y básica en Colombia
    by David Tobón Orozco & Piedad Patricia Restrepo R. & Paul Ríos Gallego

  • 2007 Estudiantes de economía de la UMNG: ¿cómo son?
    by Adriana Carolina Silva Árias & Jaime Andrés Sarmiento Espinel

  • 2007 Selección adversa en la convocatoria docente para educación primaria, media y básica en Colombia
    by David Tobón & Piedad Patricia Restrepo & Paul Ríos

  • 2006 Taschengeld und Sparverhalten bei Grundschulkindern: eine empirische Untersuchung in Nordwestdeutschland
    by Dubbert, Nicole & Hufnagel, Rainer

  • 2006 Article de test de GTL3
    by Julien BATAC & Wasim AHMAD & Marie CAUSSIMONT & Guillaume BARBAT

  • 2006 Insecure Participation: Experiments in a One-Day Introduction to Economics, with Revised Experiments and Exercises
    by Chris Geller

  • 2005 The Apprenticeship System in Canada: Trends and Issues
    by Andrew Sharpe & James Gibson

  • 2005 Does School Improve Equity? Some Key Findings from Portuguese Data
    by Chagas Lopes, Margarida & Medeiros, João & PINTO, AQUILES

  • 2005 Transições e Pontos Críticos das Trajectórias de Escolaridade: Estudo de Caso em seis Escolas Secundárias da Grande Lisboa

  • 2005 Education in Post-Independent Eritrea – A Brief Description
    by Rena, Ravinder

  • 2005 La démocratisation de l'enseignement en France et ses répercussions en termes de taux de rendement sur le marché du travail
    by Estelle Viger

  • 2004 School Failure and Intergenerational “Human Capital” Transmission in Portugal
    by Chagas Lopes, Margarida & Medeiros, João

  • 2004 Market Power in Interactive Environmental and Energy Markets: The case of Green Certificates
    by Amundsen, Eirik S. & Nese, Gjermund

  • 2004 Financing Of Education In Eritrea - A Case Study Of Zoba Maekel
    by Rena, Ravinder

  • 2003 Economic education as public policy: the determinants of state-level mandates
    by Grimes, Paul W. & Millea, Meghan J.

  • 2002 Региональные Приоритеты Открытого Образования
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 2001 Economic Education in U.S. High Schools
    by William B. Walstad

  • 2001 Assessing the Economic Understanding of U.S. High School Students
    by William B. Walstad & Ken Rebeck

  • 2001 Sharing Ambiguity
    by Larry G. Epstein

  • 1995 Economic education for at-risk students: an evaluation of Choices & Changes
    by Grimes, Paul W.

  • 1991 A Flawed Ideological Critique
    by William B. Walstad

  • 1991 Economic Literacy or Economic Ideology?
    by Julie A. Nelson & Steven M. Sheffrin

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