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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B5: Current Heterodox Approaches
/ / / B52: Historical; Institutional; Evolutionary
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Un récit historique alternatif sur l’indépendance des banques centrales: la doctrine et les pratiques avant la théorie ou l’art avant la science
    by Adriano Do Vale

  • 2017 Escenarios de negociación intergubernamental: intereses partidarios y territoriales en los procesos de descentralización fiscal en Bolivia y Ecuador
    by Rocabado, Carlos

  • 2017 Forming a new reality: From quasi-market to contractual razdatok
    by O. Bessonova.

  • 2017 Conducting Monetary Policy in a Complex, Adaptive Economy: Past Mistakes and Future Possibilities
    by William R. White

  • 2017 SMEs access to formal finance in post-communist economies: Do institutional structure and political connectedness matter?
    by Kobil Ruziev & Don Webber

  • 2017 The Origins of Private Property
    by Colombatto, Enrico & Tavormina, Valerio

  • 2017 The Great Deception: The ‘Science’ of Monetary Policy and the Great Moderation Revisited
    by Gilberto Tadeu Lima & Mark Setterfield, Jaylson Jair da Silveira

  • 2017 Blockchain Technology - An Instrument of Economic Evolution?
    by Hegadekatti, Kartik

  • 2017 Institutional Quality and Economic Performance in West Africa
    by Iheonu, Chimere & Ihedimma, Godfrey & Onwuanaku, Chigozie

  • 2017 Толерантность, Сотрудничество И Экономический Рост
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2017 Разработка стратегий социально-экономического развития: наука vs идеология
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2017 Piyasa ekonomisine geçiş süreci ve sonrasında Türkiye'de GINI katsayılarının analizi: Alternatif GINI formülü yaklaşımı
    by Bilgili, Faik

  • 2017 Consumption & Class in Evolutionary Macroeconomics
    by Rengs, Bernhard & Scholz-Waeckerle, Manuel

  • 2017 What Affects General Trust? A Perspective from Institutional Economics and Empirical Evidence from China
    by Gao, Lin

  • 2017 Between Trust and Performance: Exploring Socio-Economic Mechanisms on Directed Weighted Regular Ring with Agent-Based Modeling
    by Gao, Lin

  • 2017 The firm as a common. The case of the accumulation and use of capital resources in co-operative enterprises
    by Tortia, Ermanno C.

  • 2017 Mainstreams of Research on Institutional Change in the Multidimensional Viewpoint
    by Marek Piosik

  • 2017 Pension Funds in Chile: Bringing the State Back In
    by Anna Zabkowicz

  • 2017 Beyond Catch Up: Some Speculations About the Next Twenty Five
    by Mundle, Sudipto

  • 2017 The Great Deception: the ‘science’ of monetary policy and the Great Moderation revisited
    by Gilberto Tadeu Lima & Mark Setterfield & Jaylson Jair da Silveira

  • 2017 Understanding Financialization: Standing on the Shoulders of Minsky
    by Charles J. Whalen

  • 2017 Social-scienciation of Economics and its Consequences: On a Relative Convergence between Economics and Sociology
    by Dieter Bögenhold

  • 2017 The Role of Agents’ Propensity toward Conformity and Independence in the Process of Institutional Change
    by Angela Ambrosino

  • 2017 Unrelated knowledge combinations: Unexplored potential for regional industrial path development
    by Grillitsch, Markus & Asheim, Bjorn & Trippl, Michaela

  • 2017 The spatial evolution of the Italian motorcycle industry (1893-1993): KlepperÕs heritage theory revisited
    by Andrea Morrison & Ron Boschma

  • 2017 Migrants and the Making of America: The Short and Long Run Effects of Immigration during the Age of Mass Migration
    by Nunn, Nathan & Qian, Nancy & Sequeira, Sandra

  • 2017 Assessing the Fiscal Sustainability of the Czech Republic
    by Robert Ambrisko & Vilma Dingova & Michal Dvorak & Dana Hajkova & Eva Hromadkova & Kamila Kulhava & Radka Stikova

  • 2017 Um fordismo “atrofiado”?: considerações a respeito do modo de desenvolvimento do capitalismo no Brasil : retrospecto histórico e situação atual
    by José Artur dos Santos Ferreira & Cândido Guerra Ferreira

  • 2017 Tony Lawson's Theory of the Corporation: Towards a Social Ontology of Law
    by Simon Deakin

  • 2017 Economic Liberalism in the school of Salamanca and its influence institutional and organizational development
    by José G. Vargas-Hernández & Víctor Manuel Castillo Girón

  • 2017 An evolutive financial market model with animal spirits: imitation and endogenous beliefs
    by F. Cavalli & A. Naimzada & M. Pireddu

  • 2017 The ontology of complexity and the neo-Schumpeterian evolutionary theory of economic change
    by Verónica Robert & Gabriel Yoguel & Octavio Lerena

  • 2017 Heterogeneity of habits as a foundation for Schumpeterian economic policy
    by Markus C. Becker & Thorbjørn Knudsen

  • 2017 Understanding “Development”: Insights from Some Aspects of Complexity Theory
    by Christopher A. Hartwell

  • 2017 Informal state–business connections, institutions, and economic growth
    by Mohamed Ismail Sabry

  • 2017 A computational consumer-driven market model: statistical properties and the underlying industry dynamics
    by Carlos M. Fernández-Márquez & Francisco Fatas-Villafranca & Francisco J. Vázquez

  • 2017 (Re)claiming Space by Urban Commons
    by Zofia Å apniewska

  • 2017 Progreso tecnológico y divergencias regionales: evidencia para Colombia (1980-2010)
    by Sanabria Gómez, Segundo Abrahán

  • 2017 Inštitucionálne a makroekonomické prostreide firiem
    by Zuzana Kittová & Dušan Steinhauser

  • 2017 Half-Forgotten Personalities of Economic Thought - J. K. Galbraith
    by Pavel Sirůček

  • 2017 E-gospodarka: problem regulacji
    by Piotr Wisniewski

  • 2017 Evolutionary finance and central banking
    by Giorgos Argitis

  • 2017 Towards a capability theory of (innovating) firms: implications for management and policy
    by David J. Teece

  • 2017 Unpacking monetary complementarity and competition: a conceptual framework
    by Jérôme Blanc

  • 2017 Alternative Financial Regimes and Development Banks in Greece 1963-2002: What Have We Learned?
    by Konstantinos I. Loizos

  • 2017 Designing the Strategies for Socio-Economic Development: Science vs. Ideology
    by Polterovich, V.

  • 2017 Effect of information quality due accounting regulatory changes: Applied case to Mexican real sector
    by Héctor Horacio Garza Sánchez & Klender Aimer Cortez Alejandro & Alma Berenice Méndez Sáenz & Martha del Pilar Rodríguez García

  • 2017 Efecto en la calidad de la información ante cambios en la normatividad contable: caso aplicado al sector real mexicano
    by Héctor Horacio Garza Sánchez & Klender Aimer Cortez Alejandro & Alma Berenice Méndez Sáenz & Martha del Pilar Rodríguez García

  • 2017 United States of America, European economy and inequality: A perspective from the economic history, 1910-2010
    by Carles Manera & Ferran Navinés & Javier Franconneti

  • 2017 The Cause of War and Role of People by Karl Polanyi: A Change in Realm of International Relations after The Great Transformation
    by Takato KASAI

  • 2017 Socio-cultural Evolution, Institutionalized Dispositions, And Rational Expressive Behavior
    by Hiroaki HAYAKAWA

  • 2017 Számít-e a földrajzi elhelyezkedés?. A nyugat-európai régiók fejlettségének térökonometriai vizsgálata
    by Váry, Miklós

  • 2017 Controversy over the Market Value of Real Property as an Institution
    by Andrzej Reszke & Lucjan Czechowski

  • 2017 The adaptive life cycle of entrepreneurial ecosystems: the biotechnology cluster
    by Philip E. Auerswald & Lokesh Dani

  • 2017 Human agency and convergence: Gaus’s Kantian Parliamentarian
    by Michael C. Munger

  • 2017 Twin-killing in some traditional societies: an economic perspective
    by Andrés Marroquín & Colleen Haight

  • 2017 Social and solidarity finance: A conceptual approach
    by Artis, Amélie

  • 2017 Global Innovation Systems—A conceptual framework for innovation dynamics in transnational contexts
    by Binz, Christian & Truffer, Bernhard

  • 2017 Strategies and public propositions in games of institutional change: Comparative historical cases
    by Aoki, Masahiko

  • 2017 Élaborer des indicateurs avec les citoyens. Lecture pragmatiste d’une méthode d’enquête sur les valeurs
    by Michel Renault & Pascale Meriot & Annie Gouzien

  • 2017 Le travail est-il soluble dans le capitalisme ?. Apports et limites de l’interprétation de Marx par Moishe Postone
    by Richard Sobel

  • 2017 Les lois de l’imitation et de l’invention : Gabriel Tarde et l’économie évolutionniste de l’innovation
    by Faridah Djellal & Faïz Gallouj

  • 2017 Political Economy Dimensions of the Crisis: the Case of Bulgaria
    by Garabed Minassian

  • 2017 Reputacja jako instytucja: proba konceptualizacji i problemy pomiaru / Reputation as an Institution: An Attempt to Conceptualize and Measure Issues
    by Agata Adamska & Tomasz J. Dabrowski

  • 2017 Podstawy etyczne ladu konkurencyjnego w ujeciu Waltera Euckena / Ethical Foundations of Competitive Order According to Walter Eucken
    by Katarzyna Kaminska

  • 2017 Gospodarka jako zinstytucjonalizowany proces Instytucjonalizm Karla Polanyiego i jego etyczne konsekwencje / The Economy as Instituted Process. Karl Polanyi’s Institutionalism and Its Ethical Consequences
    by Maciej Kassner

  • 2017 Badanie instytucji: dylematy, metody, doswiadczenia / Research on Institutions: Dilemmas, Methods, Experiences
    by Monika Krakowiak-Drzewiecka

  • 2016 Economic theory in IMEMO
    by V. Avtonomov.

  • 2016 Positive collaboration: Factors and mechanisms of evolution
    by V. Polterovich.

  • 2016 Foundations of the parametric strategic management: An institutional economics perspective
    by A. Obydenov.

  • 2016 Methodological institutionalism 2.0: From institutions to institutional configurations
    by D. Frolov.

  • 2016 Social capital, institutions and policymaking
    by Savioli, Marco & Patuelli, Roberto

  • 2016 De jure and de facto institutions – disentangling the interrelationships
    by Jacek Lewkowicz & Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska

  • 2016 Mimetic behaviour and institutional persistence: A two-armed bandit experiment
    by Innocenti, Stefania & Cowan, Robin

  • 2016 Oltre il conflitto tra efficienza ed equità: regole e misure di policy per l’uguaglianza di genere
    by GAROFALO, Maria Rosaria

  • 2016 Social capital, institutions and policymaking
    by Marco Savioli & Roberto Patuelli

  • 2016 Micro-dynamics in regional transition paths to sustainability - an analysis of organizational and institutional change in Augsburgs transition topology
    by Simone Strambach & Gesa Pflitsch

  • 2016 Фирмата в Теорията на транзакционните разходи/The Firm as Transaction Cost Economics Concept
    by Tchipev, Plamen D

  • 2016 Recent economic theorising on innovation: Lessons for analysing social innovation
    by Havas, Attila

  • 2016 The Narrow and the Broad Approach to Evolutionary Modeling in Economics
    by Heinrich, Torsten

  • 2016 The complementary relationship between institutional and complexity economics: The example of deep mechanismic explanations
    by Gräbner, Claudius

  • 2016 Growth, Stagnation and Decline of a Village: An Autobiographical Essay on the Socio-economic History of Tarar, Bihar (India)
    by Mishra, SK

  • 2016 Trust and Performance: Exploring Socio-Economic Mechanisms in the “Deep” Network Structure with Agent-Based Modeling
    by Gao, Lin

  • 2016 Марковљеви Ланци И Проблем Одређивања Распореда Слова На Тастатури Српске Ћирилице
    by Bukvić, Rajko & Vemić, Mirčeta

  • 2016 Позитивное Сотрудничество: Факторы И Механизмы Эволюции
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2016 Институты Догоняющего Развития
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2016 Competition between Firms in Economic Evolution: Its Characteristics and Differences to the Biological Sphere
    by Su, Tong-Yaa

  • 2016 How do biological markets compare to the markets of economics?
    by Noë, Ronald

  • 2016 How do biological markets compare to the markets of economics?
    by Noë, Ronald

  • 2016 A Heterodox Theory of the Business Enterprise
    by Jo, Tae-Hee

  • 2016 The Social Provisioning Process and Heterodox Economics
    by Jo, Tae-Hee

  • 2016 Институциональные Реформы И Гражданская Культура
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2016 Qwerty, Йцукен И Српска Ћирилица: Треба Ли Нам Нови Стандард?
    by Bukvić, Rajko

  • 2016 What do you want to be when you grow up? Local institutional quality and the choice of the fields of study in Italy (2004-2007)
    by Nifo, Annamaria & Scalera, Domenico & Vecchione, Gaetano

  • 2016 The Italian economic decline in a Kaldorian theoretical perspective
    by Guglielmo Forges Davanzati & Rosario Patalano & Guido Traficante

  • 2016 Hodgson, Cumulative Causation, and Reflexive Economic Agents
    by Davis, John B.

  • 2016 A Review of the Recent Literature on the Institutional Economics Analysis of the Long-Run Performance of Nations
    by Peter Lloyd & Cassey Lee

  • 2016 Hedging, arbitrage and the financialization of commodities markets
    by Domenica Tropeano

  • 2016 Have We Been Here Before? Phases of Financialization within the 20th Century in the United States
    by Apostolos Fasianos & Diego Guevara & Christos Pierros

  • 2016 Ragioni, negazioni e direzioni dell’intervento pubblico. Logiche del processo economico in Mises e Polanyi
    by Riccardo Evangelista

  • 2016 What are production, work and consumption? Trans-historical re-conceptualisations
    by Edvinsson, Rodney

  • 2016 What drives the geographies of creative industries? From literature review to research agenda
    by Gong, Huiwen & Hassink, Robert

  • 2016 The ‘fit’ between forward-looking activities and the innovation policy governance sub-system
    by Attila Havas & K. Matthias Weber

  • 2016 Quality of employment regimes and diversity of emerging countries
    by DEGUILHEM Thibaud & FRONTENAUD Adrien

  • 2016 Institutions as Emergent Phenomena: Redefining Downward Causation
    by Nicolas Brisset

  • 2016 Is the Market Really a Good Teacher? Market Selection, Collective Adaptation and Financial Instability
    by Pascal Seppecher & Isabelle Salle & Dany Lang

  • 2016 Les droits et libertés fondamentaux à l'épreuve de l'efficacité économique : une application à la politique de la concurrence
    by Frédéric Marty

  • 2016 Industrial diversification in Europe: The differentiated role of relatedness
    by Jing Xiao & Ron Boschma & Martin Andersson

  • 2016 Towards a theory of regional diversification
    by Ron Boschma, Lars Coenen, Koen Frenken, Bernhard Truffer & Lars Coenen & Koen Frenken & Bernhard Truffer

  • 2016 Resilience in the European Union: the effect of the 2008 crisis on the ability of regions in Europe to develop new industrial specializations
    by Jing Xiao & Ron Boschma & Martin Andersson

  • 2016 Economía pluralista para enfrentar la crisis contemporánea
    by Jairo Parada Corrales

  • 2016 La crisis del euro en perspectiva
    by Francesco Bogliacino & Dario Guarascio

  • 2016 Historia e institucionalidad en la minería colombiana
    by Simón Gil Arango & Juan Sebastián Cubillos & Guillermo Andrés Martínez Medina

  • 2016 Social capital, institutions and policymaking
    by M. Savioli & R. Patuelli

  • 2016 Variety of Future-Orientation: The Case of G-19 Countries
    by Horst Hanusch & Yasushi Hara

  • 2016 Revolutionary Developments in the World Economy
    by Horst Hanusch

  • 2016 On the Patterns of Behaviour in Digitalized Societies
    by Horst Hanusch

  • 2016 Meeting the Challenges of the EU-2020 Agenda - A Future-Oriented Indicator Analysis for the EU-Countries
    by Horst Hanusch & Yasushi Hara

  • 2016 Institutions Without Culture. A Critique of Acemoglu and Robinson's Theory of Economic Development
    by Joanna Dzionek-Kozlowska & Rafal Matera

  • 2016 Conspicuous Consumption and Darwin's Critical Sexual Selection Dynamic That Thorstein Veblen Missed
    by Jon D. Wisman

  • 2016 Simulator and scenario for "Is the Market Really a Good Teacher? Market Selection, Collective Adaptation and Financial Instability"
    by Pascal Seppecher & Isabelle Laure Salle

  • 2016 Rethinking Economic Evolution
    by Ulrich Witt

  • 2016 Agent-based modeling for decision making in economics under uncertainty
    by Vermeulen, Ben & Pyka, Andreas

  • 2016 Comparative Models of Capitalism in the Areas of Financial System and Corporate Governance – the Diversity of Capitalism Approach Perspective
    by Pisany Paweł

  • 2016 Evolutionary learning and the stability of wage posting equilibria
    by Robert Jump

  • 2016 Confounded, augmented and constrained replicator dynamics
    by Jacob Rubæk Holm & Esben Sloth Andersen & J. Stanley Metcalfe

  • 2016 Upward and downward complementarity: the meso core of evolutionary growth theory
    by Kurt Dopfer & Jason Potts & Andreas Pyka

  • 2016 Entrepreneurship and institutional change
    by Pavel Kuchař

  • 2016 A Comment on “What Is Wrong with the West’s Economies?” by Edmund Phelps
    by Branko Urošević

  • 2016 In the New Institutional Economics Approach R. Coase and Law, D. North and Social Psychology Context: Pluralist Approach Opportunities in Economics
    by Selma Sevinç ORHAN

  • 2016 Modern Makroiktisadi Uzlaşının Kayıp Ekonomi Politiği: Yerleşik Formalist, Yerleşik Kuramsal ve Yerleşik Politik Uzlaşı
    by Selma Sevinç ORHAN

  • 2016 The Impact of Public Expenses for Innovativeness and Entrepreneurship on Local Development in the Eastern Poland (Wplyw wydatkow zwiazanych z innowacyjnoscia i przedsiebiorczoscia na rozwoj lokalny regionow przygranicznych Polski Wschodniej)
    by Robert Romanowski & Wieslaw Ciechomski

  • 2016 Transformacja ekonomiczna i polityczna na Tajwanie
    by Tomasz Legiędź

  • 2016 Dokąd zmierzał system gospodarczy Polski w latach 1995–2012?
    by Anna E. Jurczuk & Piotr Pysz

  • 2016 From Heterodox Political Economy to Generalized Darwinism
    by George Liagouras

  • 2016 The new institutional economics - main theories
    by Emilia Obiñska-Wajda

  • 2016 Regulation Theory and Transformation of Agriculture: a Literature Review
    by Touzard, Jean-Marc & Labarthe, Pierre

  • 2016 D’une charte à l’autre : le processus de révision de la charte des AMAP comme indicateur d’une institution qui se renforce
    by Lamine, Claire & Rouchier, Juliette

  • 2016 Économie politique des services écosystémiques : de l’analyse économique aux évolutions juridiques
    by Prevost, Benoît & Rivaud, Audrey & Michelot, Agnès

  • 2016 Régimes de qualité de l’emploi et diversité des pays émergents
    by Deguilhem, Thibaud & Frontenaud, Adrien

  • 2016 The Legality of Vertical Restraints by the Rule of Reason and the Character of the Specific Investments
    by Agamirova, Maria Å. & Dzagurova, Nataliya B.

  • 2016 The impact of socio-cultural factors on transaction costs and the competitive advantages of the company
    by Nikishina, Elena

  • 2016 Konfliktpartnerschaft – zwischen Auslaufmodell und sozialer Innovation (Conflict partnership – between decline and social innovation)
    by Kaedtler, Juergen

  • 2016 A Paradox Of Reforming Pensions In Poland
    by Anna Z¹bkowicz

  • 2016 Marcel Mauss and New Institutional Economics
    by Henrik Egbert & Teodor Sedlarski

  • 2016 Padrões de crescimento e desenvolvimentismo: uma perspectiva keynesiano-institucionalista [Growth regimes and developmentalism: a Keynesian-Institutionalist approach]
    by Fernando Ferrari Filho & Luiz Fernando de Paula

  • 2016 Society and brain: A complementary approach to Thorstein Veblen’s conspicuous consumer based on Tibor Scitovsky’s neuropsychology [Society and brain: A complementary approach to Thorstein Veblen’s conspicuous consumer based on Tibor Scitovsky’s neuropsychology]
    by Felipe Almeida

  • 2016 The diversity of agents and evolution of overlapping patents on electric vehicles
    by Ricardo Artemio Chávez Meza & Arturo Ángel Lara Rivero

  • 2016 Keynesian Spiritus Animales Approach and the Transformation of the Capitalist System
    by Hasan ALPAGU

  • 2016 The Institutional Fundamentals of Turkey's Economic Performance: A New Institutional Perspective
    by Yýldýrým Beyazýt ÇÝÇEN

  • 2016 Tisztesség, empátia, közgazdaságtan
    by Fazekas, Károly

  • 2016 A regionális növekedés új tényezői az evolúciós gazdaságföldrajzi kutatásokban. A változatosság és a technológiai közelség
    by Elekes, Zoltán

  • 2016 Austrian theories of entrepreneurship: Insights from complexity theory
    by Steven E. Phelan

  • 2016 The roles of political inclusion and democracy in economic development: Insights from Singapore and Botswana
    by Kevin You

  • 2016 The evolution of law under communism and post-communism: a system-theory analysis in the spirit of Luhmann
    by Bruno Schönfelder

  • 2016 Dinámicas epigenéticas y su impacto sobre el territorio: el caso del cooperativismo vasco
    by Jon Mikel Zabala Iturriagagoitia & Jon Barrutia Güenaga & Virginia Rincón Díez

  • 2016 Formal definitions of information and knowledge and their role in growth through structural change
    by Hilbert, Martin

  • 2016 Complexity paths in neo-Schumpeterian evolutionary economics, structural change and development policies
    by Robert, Verónica & Yoguel, Gabriel

  • 2016 Diversity of firm sizes, complexity, and industry structure in the Chinese economy
    by Heinrich, Torsten & Dai, Shuanping

  • 2016 Regional co-evolution of firm population, innovation and public research? Evidence from the West German laser industry
    by Blankenberg, Ann-Kathrin & Buenstorf, Guido

  • 2016 A Darwinian theory of institutional evolution two centuries before Darwin?
    by Grajzl, Peter & Murrell, Peter

  • 2016 Endogenous evolution of heterogeneous consumers preferences: Multistability and coexistence between groups
    by Naimzada, Ahmad & Pireddu, Marina

  • 2016 Teilen, Sharing 1 und Sharing 2: die Sharing Economy im Licht theoretischer Zugänge
    by Michaela Haase & Doreén Pick

  • 2016 Evolutionary efficiency in economic systems: A proposal
    by María-Isabel Encinar

  • 2016 Firm growth and knowledge flows: comparative analysis between defence and civil areas
    by François-Xavier Meunier & Célia Zyla

  • 2016 Une approche transactionnelle des démarches d’élaboration participative d’indicateurs sociétaux. La méthode du Conseil de l’Europe
    by Michel Renault

  • 2016 Has Creative Destruction become more Destructive?
    by Komlos John

  • 2016 Informal Institutions in the Corporate Governance System in Russia
    by Piotr Wajszczyk

  • 2016 Informal Institutions in the Corporate Governance System in Russia
    by Monika Fiedorczuk

  • 2016 Instytucjonalne uwarunkowania wspólnej polityki pieniężnej w Unii Gospodarczej i Walutowej / Institutional Framework of Single Monetary Policy in The Economic and Monetary Union
    by Michał Laskowski

  • 2015 Exploratory research into government regulation's impact on business-level employment growth
    by Bruce Cunningham & Leon Colombo & Ulises Garcia

  • 2015 The Issue of Housing in Russia: Which Model Will Overcome the Crisis — Updated Razdatok or Quasi-market? (On the Books by Harris S. E. "Communism on Tomorrow Street: Mass Housing and Everyday Life after Stalin" and Zavisca J. R. "Housing the New Russia")
    by O. Bessonova.

  • 2015 Modern Austrian School on Institutions, Development Problems and the Role of the Economist
    by A. Zaostrovtsev.

  • 2015 To Understand the Informal
    by A. Zaostrovtsev.

  • 2015 Declining trust in growing China: A dilemma between growth and socio-economic damage
    by Dai, Shuanping & Elsner, Wolfram

  • 2015 Is Amazon the next Google?
    by Budzinski, Oliver & Köhler, Karoline Henrike

  • 2015 The macroeconomics of radical uncertainty
    by Roos, Michael W. M.

  • 2015 Agent-based modeling for decision making in economics under uncertainty
    by Vermeulen, Ben & Pyka, Andreas

  • 2015 Creative forces for entrepreneurship: The role of institutional change agents
    by Welter, Friederike & Smallbone, David

  • 2015 The institutional underpinnings of the prospective euro adoption in Poland
    by Rapacki, Ryszard

  • 2015 Market vs. system failure as a rationale for EU regional policy? A critique from an evolutionary economic perspective
    by Peter Schmidt

  • 2015 Research joint ventures in an R&D driven market with evolving consumer preferences: An evolutionary multi-agent based modelling approach
    by Cevikarslan S.

  • 2015 Comment appréhender les temporalités de l’histoire économique ? Plaidoyer pour une cliométrie des événements rares
    by Claude Diebolt

  • 2015 Some Reflections on Popper's approach to Rationality and its implications for the Social Sciences
    by Iván H. Ayala & Alfonso Palacio Vera

  • 2015 Shadow Banking, Relationship Banking, and the Economics of Depression
    by Antonio Bianco

  • 2015 New Perspectives on Institutionalist Pattern Modeling: Systemism, Complexity, and Agent-Based Modeling
    by Gräbner, Claudius & Kapeller, Jakop

  • 2015 Evolutionary Political Economy: Content and Methods
    by Hanappi, Hardy & Scholz-Waeckerle, Manuel

  • 2015 Модернизация Аграрной Экономики: Практика Измерения Организационной Культуры, Способы Регулирования
    by Стукач, Виктор & Аникина, Надежда

  • 2015 The Effects of FDI on Innovation Systems in Hungarian Regions: Where is the Synergy Generated?

  • 2015 The Rise of New Institutional Economics and Assessment its Contributions to the Post Washington Consensus
    by Babayev, Bahruz

  • 2015 O Custo da Incerteza: Uma Análise do Pensamento Novo Institucional de Douglass North
    by Daniel Mendonça, Araújo

  • 2015 Evolution-Based Approaches in Economics and Evolutionary Loss of Information
    by Heinrich, Torsten

  • 2015 From Political Crisis to Europe’s Second Renaissance? An interpretation of recent events and some ideas for the future
    by Hanappi, Hardy

  • 2015 The (dis-)embedded firm: Complex structure and dynamics in inter-firm relations. Adding institutionalization as a Veblenian dimension to the Coase-Williamson approach – An emerging triangular organizational space
    by Elsner, Wolfram & Schwardt, Henning

  • 2015 Economía y ciencias sociales: reporte de investigación
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2015 Worker problem-solving and the nature of the firm: new theory, new evidence
    by Dorman, Peter & Nolte, Heike

  • 2015 Out of Equilibrium: Bases, Basics, Policies, and Accounts
    by Bianco, Antonio

  • 2015 Relationship Banking, Shadow Banking, and the Economics of Depression
    by Bianco, Antonio

  • 2015 Networks in Manuel Castells’ theory of the network society
    by Anttiroiko, Ari-Veikko

  • 2015 Эволюция Институтов Конкуренции, Власти И Сотрудничества
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2015 What Makes People Go to War? Defensive Intentions Motivate Retaliatory and Preemptive Intergroup Aggression
    by Böhm, Robert & Rusch, Hannes & Gürerk, Özgür

  • 2015 От Социального Либерализма - К Философии Сотрудничества
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2015 Institutional Efficiency and Processes of Institutional Changes (as Seen by the Russian Academic Tradition)
    by Kuzmin, Evgeny A. & Barbakov, Oleg M.

  • 2015 Formal Approaches to Socio Economic Policy Analysis - Past and Perspectives
    by Gräbner, Claudius

  • 2015 A Veblenian articulation of the monetary theory of production
    by Zdravka Todorova

  • 2015 A paradox of reforming pensions in Poland
    by Anna Zabkowicz

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