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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C6: Mathematical Methods; Programming Models; Mathematical and Simulation Modeling
/ / / C60: General
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 R&D-driven medical progess, health care costs, and the future of human longevity
    by Böhm, Sebastian & Grossmann, Volker & Strulik, Holger

  • 2017 Optimal social insurance and health inequality
    by Grossmann, Volker & Strulik, Holger

  • 2017 The Transformation Function, Technical Efficiency, and the CCR Ratio
    by Subhash C. Ray

  • 2017 On a Class of Smooth Preferences
    by Attar, Andrea & Mariotti, Thomas & Salanié, François

  • 2017 Revealed preferences over risk and uncertainty
    by Matthew Polisson & John K.-H. Quah & Ludovic Renou

  • 2017 Economic Analysis of Price Premiums in the Presence of Non-convexities - Evidence from German Electricity Markets
    by Paschmann, Martin

  • 2017 Regional environmental efficiency in waste generation
    by Halkos, George & Petrou, Kleoniki Natalia

  • 2017 A Path Integral Approach to Interacting Economic Systems with Multiple Heterogeneous Agents
    by Gosselin, Pierre & Lotz, Aïleen & Wambst, Marc

  • 2017 Improving Algebraic Thinking Skill, Beliefs And Attitude For Mathematics Throught Learning Cycle Based On Beliefs
    by Toheri, Toheri & winarso, widodo

  • 2017 A Theory of Sequential Group Reciprocity
    by Moreno-Okuno, Alejandro T. & Mosiño, Alejandro

  • 2017 Stability and Universal Implementability of the Price Mechanism
    by Kohzo Shiraishi & Ken Urai & Hiromi Murakami

  • 2017 Local Independence, Monotonicity, Incentive Compatibility and Axiomatic Characterization of Price-Money Message Mechanism
    by Ken Urai & Hiromi Murakami

  • 2017 Multi-objective local environmental simulator (MOLES 1.0): Model specification, algorithm design and policy applications
    by Ioannis Tikoudis & Walid Oueslati

  • 2017 Market Power Under Nodal and Zonal Congestion Management Techniques
    by Bjørndal, Endre & Bjørndal, Mette & Rud, Linda & Alangi, Somayeh Rahimi

  • 2017 Scrubber: a potentially overestimated compliance method for the Emission Control Areas - The importance of involving a ship's sailing pattern in the evaluation
    by Gu, Yewen & Wallace, Stein W.

  • 2017 Stochastic programs with binary distributions: Structural properties of scenario trees and algorithms
    by Prochazka, Vit & Wallace, Stein W.

  • 2017 A Simple Framework for Climate-Change Policy under Model Uncertainty
    by Stergios Athanasoglou & Valentina Bosetti & Laurent Drouet

  • 2017 Uncertainty Quantification and Global Sensitivity Analysis for Economic Models
    by Daniel Harenberg & Stefano Marelli & Bruno Sudret & Viktor Winschel

  • 2017 Kalman on dynamics and contro, Linear System Theory, Optimal Control, and Filter
    by Pierre Bernhard & Marc Deschamps

  • 2017 Assimetrias na tributação da renda do trabalho e do capital : impactos de modificações na estrutura de tributação da renda de pessoa física no Brasil
    by Débora Freire Cardoso & Edson Paulo Domingues & Gustavo Britto

  • 2017 Impactos estruturais do programa Bolsa família na dinâmica recente da economia brasileira
    by Débora Freire Cardoso & Edson Paulo Domingues & Gustavo Britto

  • 2017 An interdisciplinary model for macroeconomics
    by haldane, Andrew & Turrell, Arthur

  • 2017 The exact Taylor formula of the implied volatility
    by Stefano Pagliarani & Andrea Pascucci

  • 2017 Maximal elements of quasi upper semicontinuous preorders on compact spaces
    by Gianni Bosi & Magalì E. Zuanon

  • 2017 The magic market and the Nobel turn: a review article
    by K. Vela Velupillai

  • 2017 Control strategy to trade cryptocurrencies
    by Josef Koke?

  • 2017 How Borda voting rule can respect Arrow IIA and avoid cloning manipulation
    by Dany R. DOMBOU T.

  • 2017 Sectoral scope and colocalisation of Spanish manufacturing industries
    by Marta R. Casanova & Vicente Orts & José M. Albert

  • 2017 Portfolio optimization under lower partial moments in emerging electricity markets: Evidence from Turkey
    by Gökgöz, Fazıl & Atmaca, Mete Emin

  • 2017 A typology of distance-based measures of spatial concentration
    by Marcon, Eric & Puech, Florence

  • 2017 The tradeoff of the commons under stochastic use
    by Cao, Xiaoyong & Gong, Jiong

  • 2017 Slutsky matrix norms: The size, classification, and comparative statics of bounded rationality
    by Aguiar, Victor H. & Serrano, Roberto

  • 2017 Ordinal aggregation results via Karlin's variation diminishing property
    by Choi, Michael & Smith, Lones

  • 2017 Pareto-optimal reinsurance arrangements under general model settings
    by Cai, Jun & Liu, Haiyan & Wang, Ruodu

  • 2017 Intensity-based framework for surrender modeling in life insurance
    by Russo, Vincenzo & Giacometti, Rosella & Fabozzi, Frank J.

  • 2017 Capital and resolution policies: The US interbank market
    by Capponi, Agostino & Dooley, John M. & Oet, Mikhail V. & Ong, Stephen J.

  • 2017 On the use of the Moore–Penrose generalized inverse in the portfolio optimization problem
    by Lee, Miyoung & Kim, Daehwan

  • 2017 Effects of common factors on stock correlation networks and portfolio diversification
    by Eom, Cheoljun & Park, Jong Won

  • 2017 A fundamental analysis on the implementation and development of virtual natural gas hubs
    by del Valle, Aurora & Dueñas, Pablo & Wogrin, Sonja & Reneses, Javier

  • 2017 Renewable energy in the equilibrium mix of electricity supply sources
    by Faúndez, Pablo

  • 2017 Strategic real option and flexibility analysis for nuclear power plants considering uncertainty in electricity demand and public acceptance
    by Cardin, Michel-Alexandre & Zhang, Sizhe & Nuttall, William J.

  • 2017 Does risk aversion affect transmission and generation planning? A Western North America case study
    by Munoz, Francisco D. & van der Weijde, Adriaan Hendrik & Hobbs, Benjamin F. & Watson, Jean-Paul

  • 2017 Random categorization and bounded rationality
    by Aguiar, Victor H.

  • 2017 Une nouvelle approche expérimentale pour tester les modèles quantiques de l’erreur de conjonction
    by Sébastien Duchêne & Thomas Boyer-Kassem & Eric Guerci

  • 2016 Aggregation Methods For Fuzzy Judgments
    by A. Syed & I. Beg & A. Khalid

  • 2016 Building Computable General Equilibrium Model Of Croatia
    by Ozana Nadoveza & Marija Penava

  • 2016 Random Categorization and Bounded Rationality
    by Victor H. Aguiar

  • 2016 Empirical Hedging Performance on Long-dDted Crude Oil Derivatives
    by Benjamin Cheng & Christina Nikitopoulos-Sklibosios & Erik Schlogl

  • 2016 Hedging Futures Options with Stochastic Interest Rates
    by Benjamin Cheng & Christina Nikitopoulos-Sklibosios & Erik Schlogl

  • 2016 Empirical Pricing Performance in Long-Dated Crude Oil Derivatives: Do Models with Stochastic Interest Rates Matter?
    by Benjamin Cheng & Christina Nikitopoulos-Sklibosios & Erik Schlogl

  • 2016 Control Strategy To Trade Cryptocurrencies
    by Josef Koke? & Michal Bej?ek

  • 2016 Free viewpoint real video streaming system for 360° three-dimensional viewing
    by Teppei Eriguchi

  • 2016 Proof-of-Sovereignty (PoSv) as a Method to Achieve Distributed Consensus in Crypto-Currency Networks
    by Hegadekatti, Kartik & S G, Yatish

  • 2016 The bet on a bald
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 Triangle room paradox of negative probabilities of events
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 Postulating the theory of experience and chance as a theory of co~events (co~beings)
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 An element-set labelling a Cartesian product by measurable binary relations which leads to postulates of the theory of experience and chance as a theory of co~events
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 Self Image and Environmental Attitude and Behavior
    by Fiorillo, Damiano & Senatore, Luigi

  • 2016 Impact of Demand Response Participation in Energy, Reserve and Capacity Markets
    by Nolan, Sheila & Devine, Mel & Lynch, Muireann & O'Malley, Mark

  • 2016 Wavelet Based Analysis Of Major Real Estate Markets
    by Yilmaz, Adil & Unal, Gazanfer & Karatasoglu, Cengiz

  • 2016 A MS-Excel Module to Transform an Integrated Variable into Cumulative Partial Sums for Negative and Positive Components with and without Deterministic Trend Parts
    by Hatemi-J, Abdulnasser & Mustafa, Alan

  • 2016 Continuous time, continuous decision space prisoner’s dilemma: A bridge between game theory and economic GCD-models
    by Glötzl, Erhard

  • 2016 Solving the Social Choice problem under equality constraints
    by Crespo, Juan A. & Sanchez-Gabites, J.J

  • 2016 The determination of the least distance to the strongly efficient frontier in Data Envelopment Analysis oriented models: modelling and computational aspects
    by Aparicio, Juan & Cordero, Jose M. & Pastor, Jesús

  • 2016 A Rational Inattention Perspective on Equilibrium Asset Pricing under Heterogeneous Information with Structural Breaks and Market Efficiency
    by Steve, Heinke & Niels, Warmuth

  • 2016 Eliciting the just-noticeable difference
    by Pawel Dziewulski

  • 2016 Local Independence, Monotonicity and Axiomatic Characterization of Price-Money Message Mechanism
    by Ken Urai & Hiromi Murakami

  • 2016 A cobweb model with alternating demand and supply functions
    by Fausto, Cavalli

  • 2016 Long-term petroleum product supply analysis through a robust modelling approach
    by Umed Temurshoev & Fréderic Lantz

  • 2016 Afriat's Theorem and Samuelson's `Eternal Darkness'
    by Matthew Polisson & Ludovic Renou

  • 2016 Estimating output mix effectiveness: A scenario approach
    by Hanson, Torbjørn

  • 2016 The Impact of Bunker Risk Management on CO2 Emissions in Maritime Transportation Under ECA Regulation
    by Gu, Yewen & Wallace, Stein W. & Wang, Xin

  • 2016 Pricing wind: A revenue adequate, cost recovering uniform price for electricity markets with intermittent generation
    by Zakeri, Golbon & Pritchard, Geoff & Bjørndal, Mette & Bjørndal, Endre

  • 2016 Integrated maritime bunker management with stochastic fuel prices and new emission regulations
    by Gu, Yewen & Wallace, Stein W. & Wang, Xin

  • 2016 Congestion Management in a Stochastic Dispatch Model for Electricity Markets
    by Bjørndal, Endre & Bjørndal, Mette & Midthun, Kjetil & Zakeri, Golbon

  • 2016 Stochastic Electricity Dispatch: A challenge for market design
    by Bjørndal, Endre & Bjørndal, Mette & Midthun, Kjetil & Tomasgard, Asgeir

  • 2016 Specification of merger gains in the Norwegian electricity distribution industry
    by Saastamoinen, Antti & Bjørndal, Endre & Bjørndal, Mette

  • 2016 The Method of Leader’s Overthrow in Networks
    by Belik, Ivan & Jörnsten, Kurt

  • 2016 Exploring the Community Structure of Complex Networks
    by Carlo Drago

  • 2016 Blanchard and Kahn's (1980) Solution for a Linear Rational Expectations Model with One State Variable and One Control Variable: the Correct Formula
    by Robert Kollmann & Stefan Zeugner

  • 2016 The Risk Parity Principle applied on a Corporate Bond Index using Duration Times Spread
    by Lauren Stagnol

  • 2016 Technology modelling and technology innovetion. How a technology model may be useful in studying the innovation process
    by Angelo Bonomi & Mario Andrea Marchisio

  • 2016 Intrinsic Risk Measures
    by Walter Farkas & Alexander Smirnow

  • 2016 Economically Consistent Valuations and Put-Call Parity
    by Martin HERDEGEN & Martin SCHWEIZER

  • 2016 Efficiency Study of Greek Health Units of the Public Sector using Data Envelopment Analysis Method, before and during the start of the Economic Crisis
    by Georgios I. Farantos & Nikitas Spiros Koutsoukis

  • 2016 Groves mechanisms and communication externalities
    by Efthymios Athanasiou & Santanu Dey & Giacomo Valletta

  • 2016 Use of simulation in controlling research: a systematic literature review for German-speaking countries
    by Cathérine Grisar & Matthias Meyer

  • 2016 Optimal Controls for a Large Insurance Under a CEV Model: Based on the Legendre Transform-Dual Method
    by Kun Wu & Weixing Wu

  • 2016 Conditional exact law of large numbers and asymmetric information economies with aggregate uncertainty
    by Lei Qiao & Yeneng Sun & Zhixiang Zhang

  • 2016 Economic Cycles and Their Synchronization: A Comparison of Cyclic Modes in Three European Countries
    by Lisa Sella & Gianna Vivaldo & Andreas Groth & Michael Ghil

  • 2016 Regional industrial diversification: evidence from German gross value added
    by Kurt A. Hafner

  • 2016 No arbitrage of the first kind and local martingale numéraires
    by Yuri Kabanov & Constantinos Kardaras & Shiqi Song

  • 2016 Asset Market Linkages in a Regime Switching Environment: Evidence from Commodity and Stock Markets in India
    by Singhal, Shelly & Biswal, P. C.

  • 2016 Portfolio Optimzation Using of Metods Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm and Goal Programming: An Application in BIST-30
    by Yakut, Emre & Çankal, Ahmet

  • 2016 Bayesian binomial zero-coupon bonds model
    by Bogomolov, Rostislav & Khametov, Vladimir

  • 2016 Organizing Dynamic Capabilities: Exploiting Complementarities by Organizational Bundling
    by Jost, Peter-J. & Zschoche, Miriam

  • 2016 Metodología para elaborar leyes de posibilidad de retirada del cliente: una aplicación al sector del vestido || A Methodology to Elaborate Laws of Possibilities in the Retreat of a Client: An Application to the Dress Sector
    by Ortigosa Hernández, Mauricio & Gil Lafuente, Anna María

  • 2016 Pre-evaluating technical efficiency gains from possible mergers and acquisitions: evidence from Japanese regional banks
    by George E. Halkos & Roman Matousek & Nickolaos G. Tzeremes

  • 2016 Is the refining margin stationary?
    by Población, Javier & Serna, Gregorio

  • 2016 Unexpected shortfalls of Expected Shortfall: Extreme default profiles and regulatory arbitrage
    by Koch-Medina, Pablo & Munari, Cosimo

  • 2016 Modeling loss data using mixtures of distributions
    by Miljkovic, Tatjana & Grün, Bettina

  • 2016 Efficiency and stability of probabilistic assignments in marriage problems
    by Doğan, Battal & Yıldız, Kemal

  • 2016 Optimal rates from eigenvalues
    by Carr, Peter & Worah, Pratik

  • 2016 On Economic Space notion
    by Olkhov, Victor

  • 2016 Economics of U.S. natural gas exports: Should regulators limit U.S. LNG exports?
    by Bernstein, Paul & Tuladhar, Sugandha D. & Yuan, Mei

  • 2016 North American natural gas and energy markets in transition: insights from global models
    by Yeh, Sonia & Cai, Yiyong & Huppman, Daniel & Bernstein, Paul & Tuladhar, Sugandha & Huntington, Hillard G.

  • 2016 The spark spread and clean spark spread option based valuation of a power plant with multiple turbines
    by Elias, R.S. & Wahab, M.I.M. & Fang, L.

  • 2016 CVaR constrained planning of renewable generation with consideration of system inertial response, reserve services and demand participation
    by Inzunza, Andrés & Moreno, Rodrigo & Bernales, Alejandro & Rudnick, Hugh

  • 2016 Land requirements, feedstock haul distance, and expected profit response to land use restrictions for switchgrass production
    by Gouzaye, Amadou & Epplin, Francis M.

  • 2016 Red obsession: The ascent of fine wine in China
    by Masset, Philippe & Weisskopf, Jean-Philippe & Faye, Benoît & Le Fur, Eric

  • 2016 Diminished-dimensional political economy
    by Harstad, Ronald M. & Selten, Reinhard

  • 2016 A Probabilistic Approach To Setting Weights In A Weighted-Average Product Evaluation
    by Filip TOŠENOVSKÝ

  • 2016 Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making Methods Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Generalized Hamacher Aggregation Operator
    by Lili RONG & Peide LIU & Yanchang CHU

  • 2016 Comparison of Individual Pension System and Bank’s Deposit System for Low-Risk Investors
    by Özcan Mutlu & Muhammed Ordu & Olcay Polat

  • 2016 Determining Strategy Based Supplier Pre-Qualification Criteria With Fuzzy Relational Maps
    by Gülcan Petriçli & Gül Gökay Emel

  • 2016 Optimal City Street Network Design Under Uncertainty
    by Andrew Howe

  • 2016 Measuring Firms’ Input Congestion with Consideration of Environmental Factors: The Case of European Railway Transport
    by Erwin Lin

  • 2016 Measuring Economic Growth Using Data Envelopment Analysis
    by Marinko Škare & Danijela Rabar

  • 2015 An Axiomatic Characterization of the Price-Money Message Mechanism
    by Ken Urai & Hiromi Murakami

  • 2015 Revealed Preference Test and Shortest Path Problem; Graph Theoretic Structure of the Rationalizability Test
    by Kohei Shiozawa

  • 2015 Revealed Preference Test and Shortest Path Problem; Graph Theoretic Structure of the Rationalizability Test
    by Kohei Shiozawa

  • 2015 A Method For The Evaluation And Selection Of An Appropriate Fuzzy Implication By Using Statistical Data
    by G.N. Botzoris & K. Papadopoulos & B.K. Papadopoulos

  • 2015 Revisiting the Lucas model
    by Skritek, Bernhard & Crespo Cuaresma, Jesús & Kryazhimskii, Arkadii V. & Prettner, Klaus & Prskawetz, Alexia & Rovenskaya, Elena

  • 2015 Revisiting the Lucas Model
    by Bernhard Skritek & Jesus Crespo Cuaresma & Arkadii V. Kryazhimskii & Klaus Prettner & Alexia Prskawetz & Elena Rovenskaya

  • 2015 Think not calculate! Implementation of Felix Klein postulates in economic education with CAS software
    by Tomasz Kopczewski

  • 2015 In the search for the optimal path to establish a funded pension system
    by Marcin Bielecki & Krzysztof Makarski & Joanna Tyrowicz & Marcin Waniek

  • 2015 Endogenous Growth and Technological Progress with Innovation Driven by Social Interactions
    by Simone Marsiglio & Marco Tolotti

  • 2015 Some notes on divisibility rules
    by Alberto Peretti

  • 2015 Pricing of Long-dated Commodity Derivatives with Stochastic Volatility and Stochastic Interest Rates
    by Benjamin Cheng & Christina Nikitopoulos-Sklibosios & Erik Schlogl

  • 2015 A ’Jump’ in the Stochasticity of the Solow-Swan Growth Model
    by Claude Diebolt & Tapas Mishra & Mamata Parhi

  • 2015 Dynamic Model of the Individual Consumer
    by Craig McLaren

  • 2015 Dynamic Model of the Individual Consumer
    by Craig McLaren

  • 2015 CO2 abatement policies in the power sector under an oligopolistic gas market
    by Hecking, Harald

  • 2015 Exploring the Community Structure of Complex Networks
    by Drago, Carlo

  • 2015 Simultaneous optimization: sectorization and congolese air traffic assignment by the method of preferential reference of dominance

  • 2015 The effect of including the environment in the neoclassical growth model
    by Halkos, George & Psarianos, Iacovos

  • 2015 A decomposition for the space of games with externalities
    by Sanchez-Perez, Joss

  • 2015 Nonstationary Z-score measures
    by Mare, Davide Salvatore & Moreira, Fernando & Rossi, Roberto

  • 2015 Dynamische Modellierung des Cournot Oligopols mit Methoden der Regelungstechnik
    by Schüssler, Robert

  • 2015 Wave function in economics
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 Why and How to overcome General Equilibrium Theory
    by Glötzl, Erhard

  • 2015 Exact Methods for Path-Dependent Credit Exposure
    by Zhou, Richard

  • 2015 Environmental implications of crop insurance subsidies in Southern Italy
    by Capitanio, Fabian & Adinolfi, Felice & Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano

  • 2015 Revealed time-preference
    by Pawel Dziewulski

  • 2015 Revealed preferences over risk and uncertainty
    by John Quah & Matthew Polisson & Ludovic Renou

  • 2015 An Axiomatic Characterization of the Price-Money Message Mechanism
    by Ken Urai & Hiromi Murakami

  • 2015 Note on the goodness-of-fit measure for GARP; NP-hardness of minimum cost index
    by Kohei Shiozawa

  • 2015 Revealed Preference Test and Shortest Path Problem; Graph Theoretic Structure of the Rationalizability Test
    by Kohei Shiozawa

  • 2015 Model Risk - From Epistemology to Management. Ipse se nihil scire id unum sciat. (Socrates' Plato)
    by Bertrand K Hassani

  • 2015 Rank dependent expected utility theory explains the St. Petersburg paradox
    by Ali al-Nowaihi & Sanjit Dhami & Jia Zhu

  • 2015 Revealed preferences over risk and uncertainty
    by Matthew Polisson & John Quah & Ludovic Renou

  • 2015 Parametric and Non-Parametric Cost Efficiency Benchmarking of Water Utilities in Russia
    by Ilya A. Dolmatov & Vladimir V. Dvorkin & Igor V. Maskaev

  • 2015 A Game-Theoretic Model with Empirics of Economic Crises
    by Welburn, Jonathan William & Hausken, Kjell

  • 2015 Shapley-Based Stackelberg Leadership Formation in Networks
    by Belik, Ivan & Jörnsten, Kurt

  • 2015 A new Lagrangean Approach for the Travelling Salesman Problem
    by Jörnsten, Kurt & Kalcsics, Jörg

  • 2015 A new Semi-Lagrangean Relaxation for the p-median problem
    by Butsch, Alex & Jörnsten, Kurt & Kalcsics, Jörg

  • 2015 The Road to Servomechanisms: The Influence of Cybernetics on Hayek from The Sensory Order to the Social Order
    by Gabriel Oliva

  • 2015 Optimal social insurance and health inequality
    by Grossmann, Volker & Strulik, Holger

  • 2015 A risk model with renewal shot-noise Cox process
    by Dassios, Angelos & Jang, Jiwook & Zhao, Hongbiao

  • 2015 A Result on Integral Functionals with Infinitely Many Constraints
    by Tahir CHOULLI & Martin SCHWEIZER

  • 2015 Locally Phi-Integrable Sigma-Martingale Densities for General Semimartingales
    by Tahir CHOULLI & Martin SCHWEIZER

  • 2015 Economics-Based Financial Bubbles (and Why They Imply Strict Local Martingales)
    by Martin HERDEGEN & Martin SCHWEIZER

  • 2015 The Fundamental Nature of HARA Utility
    by Gadi S. Perets & Eran Yashiv

  • 2015 Optimal Social Insurance and Health Inequality
    by Volker Grossmann & Holger Strulik

  • 2015 On the pricing of defaultable bonds and Hitting times of Ito processes
    by Hernández del Valle Gerardo

  • 2015 Ekonomiczne skutki eksploatacji gazu łupkowego
    by Jakub Boratyński

  • 2015 La profundidad de mercado y el impacto cruzado de precios
    by Treviño Aguilar, Erick & Refugio Vallejo Gutiérrez

  • 2015 Portfolio Construction Based on Implied Correlation Information and Value at Risk
    by Jesus & Rogel - Salazar & Roberto Tella

  • 2015 The role of oscillatory modes in US business cycles
    by Andreas Groth & Michael Ghil & Stéphane Hallegatte & Patrice Dumas

  • 2015 The Insecure Future of the World Economic Growth
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2015 Mathematics of Predicting Growth
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2015 Early Warning Signs of the Economic Crisis in Greece: A Warning for Other Countries and Regions
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2015 Importance of the three-dimensional modeling in materials processing
    by Olteanu Elena Luminita

  • 2015 Combined Forecasts of Inflation Rate in Romania Using AFTER Algorithm
    by Mihaela Simionescu

  • 2015 Robust Turnpikes Deduced by the Minimum-Time Needed toward Economic Maturity
    by Darong Dai

  • 2015 A new approach to assessing model risk in high dimensions
    by Bernard, Carole & Vanduffel, Steven

  • 2015 A parametric alternative to the Hill estimator for heavy-tailed distributions
    by Kim, Joseph H.T. & Kim, Joocheol

  • 2015 Capital adequacy tests and limited liability of financial institutions
    by Koch-Medina, Pablo & Moreno-Bromberg, Santiago & Munari, Cosimo

  • 2015 A risk model with renewal shot-noise Cox process
    by Dassios, Angelos & Jang, Jiwook & Zhao, Hongbiao

  • 2015 On the efficient utilisation of duration
    by Dierkes, Thomas & Ortmann, Karl Michael

  • 2015 The pricing of embedded lease options
    by Amédée-Manesme, Charles-Olivier & des Rosiers, François & Grégoire, Philippe

  • 2015 How performance of risk-based strategies is modified by socially responsible investment universe?
    by Bertrand, Philippe & Lapointe, Vincent

  • 2015 Driving factors behind carbon dioxide emissions in China: A modified production-theoretical decomposition analysis
    by Wang, Qunwei & Chiu, Yung-Ho & Chiu, Ching-Ren

  • 2015 Fine structure of the price–demand relationship in the electricity market: Multi-scale correlation analysis
    by Afanasyev, Dmitriy O. & Fedorova, Elena A. & Popov, Viktor U.

  • 2015 Environmental assessment on coal-fired power plants in U.S. north-east region by DEA non-radial measurement
    by Sueyoshi, Toshiyuki & Goto, Mika

  • 2015 China's regional sustainability and diversified resource allocation: DEA environmental assessment on economic development and air pollution
    by Sueyoshi, Toshiyuki & Yuan, Yan

  • 2015 Revealed preference tests for weak separability: An integer programming approach
    by Cherchye, Laurens & Demuynck, Thomas & De Rock, Bram & Hjertstrand, Per

  • 2015 Optimal order display in limit order markets with liquidity competition
    by Cebiroğlu, Gökhan & Horst, Ulrich

  • 2015 Approximate dynamic programming with post-decision states as a solution method for dynamic economic models
    by Hull, Isaiah

  • 2015 News, disaster risk, and time-varying uncertainty
    by Shen, Wenyi

  • 2015 Application Of Technical Level On Two Fruit And Vegetable Juicers
    by Paula VOICU & Petruta MIHAI

  • 2015 The Electricity Market Changes In Romania After The 2007 Liberalization
    by Alina Steluţa CRISTEA

  • 2015 The Firm, Part Of The Economic System: Reasons For Exiting A Market - An Agent-Based Modeling Approach
    by CIUTACU Ileana & MICU Liviu-Alexandru

  • 2015 Forecasting Agricultural Production: A Chaotic Dynamic Approach
    by Bunyamin Demir & Nesrin Alptekin & Yilmaz Kilicaslan & Mehmet Ergen & Nilgun Caglairmak Uslu

  • 2014 The Rhythms of Evolutionary Economics
    by G. Kleiner.

  • 2014 An inconsistency in using stock flow consistency in modelling the monetary profit paradox
    by de la Fonteijne, Marcel

  • 2014 A finite set of equilibria for the indeterminacy of linear rational expectations models
    by Chatelain, Jean-Bernard & Ralf, Kirsten

  • 2014 Economic modeling approaches: optimization versus equilibrium
    by Olga Kiuila & Thomas F. Rutherford

  • 2014 Constructive and Computable Hahn-Banach Theorems for the (Second) Fundamental Theorem of Welfare Economics
    by K.Vela Velupillai

  • 2014 Fact and fictions in FX arbitrage processes
    by Rod Cross & Victor Kozyakin

  • 2014 Unemployment: natural rate epicycles or hysteresis?
    by Rod Cross

  • 2014 Two-Phase Heuristic For Capacitated Degree Constrained Min-Sum Arborescence
    by Rakesh Kawatra

  • 2014 A nonparametric approach for evaluating long-term energy policy scenarios: An application to the Greek energy system
    by Halkos, George & Tzeremes, Nickolaos & Tzeremes, Panagiotis

  • 2014 A weighted location differential tax method in environmental problems
    by Halkos, George & Kitsou, Dimitra

  • 2014 The Representative Household Assumption Requires sustainable Heterogeneity in Dynamic Models
    by Harashima, Taiji

  • 2014 A finite set of equilibria for the indeterminacy of linear rational expectations models
    by Jean-Bernard, Chatelain & Kirsten, Ralf

  • 2014 A Historical Sketch of Macroeconometrics
    by Rahmanov, Ramiz

  • 2014 Revealed time-preference
    by Dziewulski, Pawel

  • 2014 Standardization of Credit Default Swaps Market
    by Tommaso Colozza

  • 2014 A test for weakly separable preferences
    by John Quah

  • 2014 A finite set of equilibria for the indeterminacy of linear rational expectations models
    by Jean-Bernard Chatelain & Kirsten Ralf

  • 2014 Foundations and Properties of Time Discount Functions
    by Ali al-Nowaihi & Sanjit Dhami,

  • 2014 Global Games Selection in Games with Strategic Substitutes or Complements
    by Eric Hoffmann

  • 2014 On the Learning and Stability of Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibria in Games of Strategic Substitutes
    by Eric Hoffmann

  • 2014 Economics Is a Science of Time Saving: The First Tentative Model
    by Drew Zhu

  • 2014 On Linearity Of Transaction Costs In Order Driven Market
    by Nikolay A. Andreev

  • 2014 Optimal maintenance scheduling of local public purpose buildings
    by Hopland, Arnt O. & Kvamsdal, Sturla F.

  • 2014 Common Mistakes in Computing the Nucleolus
    by Guajardo, Mario & Jörnsten, Kurt

  • 2014 The Analysis of Split Graphs in Social Networks Based on the K-Cardinality Assignment Problem
    by Belik, Ivan

  • 2014 A New Semi-Lagrangean Relaxation for the K-Cardinality Assignment Problem
    by Belik, Ivan & Jörnsten, Kurt

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