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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M3: Marketing and Advertising
/ / / M37: Advertising
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Online Marketing and Advertising
  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2016 Targeted information and limited attention
    by Andreas Hefti & Shuo Liu

  • 2016 Mobile User Experience: Der Einfluss von kognitivem Entertainment auf die Nutzung mobiler Anwendungen
    by Zeiler, Vanessa

  • 2016 Kopieren, transformieren, kombinieren: Ideenklau und Plagiarismus in der Werbung
    by Paasche, Jaqueline

  • 2016 False Advertising
    by Rhodes, Andrew & Wilson, Chris

  • 2016 A Structural Model of Advertising Signaling and Social Learning: The Case of the Motion Picture Industry
    by Haiyan Liu

  • 2016 The effects of banning advertising in junk food markets
    by Dubois, Pierre & Griffith, Rachel & O'Connell, Martin

  • 2016 Fairness in Strategy: A Fair Process Evaluation of Strategy Schools
    by Koen Tackx & Ludo Van der Heyden & Paul Verdin

  • 2016 Identifying Key Drivers and Bottlenecks in the Adoption of E-Book Readers in Korea
    by Dongnyok Shim & Jin Gyo Kim & Jorn Altmann

  • 2016 Free viewpoint real video streaming system for 360° three-dimensional viewing
    by Teppei Eriguchi

  • 2016 Effectiveness of Animated Spokes Character in Advertising Targeted to Kids
    by Shuja, Komal & Ali, Mazhar & Mehak Anjum, Munazzah & Rahim, Abdul

  • 2016 Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness of Creative Television Advertisements for High Involvement Products
    by Ali, Mazhar

  • 2016 False Advertising
    by Rhodes, Andrew & Wilson, Chris M

  • 2016 Ordered Consumer Search
    by Armstrong, Mark

  • 2016 Особенности И Эффективные Методы Партизанского Маркетинга
    by Egorova, Veronika

  • 2016 A test of the Behavioral versus the Rational model of Persuasion in Financial Advertising
    by Riccardo Ferretti & Francesca Pancotto & Enrico Rubaltelli

  • 2016 Persuasion and Gender: Experimental Evidence from Two Political Campaigns
    by Galasso, Vincenzo & Nannicini, Tommaso

  • 2016 Valuing "Free" Media in GDP: An Experimental Approach
    by Nakamura, Leonard I. & Samuels, Jon & Soloveichik, Rachel

  • 2016 Newspapers in Times of Low Advertising Revenues
    by Angelucci, Charles & Cagé, Julia

  • 2016 The effects of banning advertising in junk food markets
    by Dubois, Pierre & Griffith, Rachel & O'Connell, Martin

  • 2016 Persuasion and Gender: Experimental Evidence from Two Political Campaigns
    by Galasso, Vincenzo & Nannicini, Tommaso

  • 2016 Persuasion and Gender: Experimental Evidence from Two Political Campaigns
    by Vincenzo Galasso & Tommaso Nannicini

  • 2016 The relation between the effects of testimonials' sources and the cognitive, affective and behavioural changes
    by Tudor Tocila & Corina Cara

  • 2016 The importance of key celebrity characteristics for customer segmentation by age and gender: Does beauty matter in professional football?
    by Daniel Hoegele & Sascha L. Schmidt & Benno Torgler

  • 2016 Location-based advertising on mobile devices
    by Christine Bauer & Christine Strauss

  • 2016 Influence of print advertising layout complexity on visual attention
    by Lina Pilelienė & Viktorija Grigaliūnaitė

  • 2016 The Development of Online Payment in Polish Retail E-Commerce (Rozwoj platnosci internetowych w polskim detalicznym handlu elektronicznym)
    by Grzegorz Szymanski

  • 2016 Electronic Trade in Foods from the Customer’s Perspective (Handel elektroniczny artykulami zywnosciowymi z perspektywy klienta)
    by Mariola Grzybowska-Brzezinska & Adam Rudzewicz

  • 2016 Cultural congruency and shocking buzz campaigns: contrasting the opinions of professionals and consumers
    by Karim BEN YAHIA & Soukeina TOUITI & Mourad TOUZANI

  • 2016 Nostalgia from the Younger Generation Perspective: The Impact of Nostalgia Advertising on Postmodern Individuals
    by Güzel, Ebru & Yolbulan Okan, Elif

  • 2016 The Future of Marketing in 2016: Trends in the New Digital Age
    by TANASE, George

  • 2016 The Impact of the Digital Revolution in the Development of Market and Communication Strategies for the Luxury Sector (Fashion Luxury)
    by Andrea Escobar Rios

  • 2016 Этические Аспекты Рекламы В Борьбе За Доверие Потребителей
    by Galavtina Anna & Zharaya Karyna

  • 2016 Rhetorics of Bulgarian Advertising – an Empirical Study of the Use of Rhetorical Figures in Advertising Slogans
    by Hristo Katrandzhiev & Ivo Velinov & Kamelia Radova

  • 2016 Benchmarketing - Fashionable Term Concerning Traditional Processes
    by Mircea Udrescu & Alina Gheorghe

  • 2016 Advertising competition in presidential elections
    by Brett R. Gordon & Wesley R. Hartmann

  • 2016 The impact of social media conversations on consumer brand choices
    by Yizao Liu & Rigoberto A. Lopez

  • 2016 Determinants of the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement in advertisement
    by Syed Mazlan Syed Mat Dom & Hani Suhaila binti Ramli & Audrey Lim Li Chin & Tan Tze Fern

  • 2016 Islamic branding and marketing: An insight of consumer perception in Pakistan
    by Kulsoom Malik & Malik Muhammad Sheheryar Khan

  • 2016 The Retailers’ Marketing Strategy: Adapting to the fast-evolving environment
    by TANASE, Cosmin

  • 2016 Negative campaigning, fundraising, and voter turnout: A field experiment
    by Barton, Jared & Castillo, Marco & Petrie, Ragan

  • 2016 Competitive provision of tune-ins under common private information
    by Celik, Levent

  • 2016 Inter-firm price coordination in a two-sided market
    by Kind, Hans Jarle & Nilssen, Tore & Sørgard, Lars

  • 2016 Optimal provision of information about consumption choices in the presence of a cognitive constraint
    by Saak, Alexander E.

  • 2016 Advertising intensity and welfare in an equilibrium search model
    by McCarthy, Ian M.

  • 2016 The Impact of Brand trust, Self-image Congruence and Usage Satisfaction toward Smartphone Repurchase Intention
    by See Kwong Goh & Nan Jiang & Pei Leng Tee

  • 2016 Effect of Advertising on the Brand Loyalty of Cosmetic Products among College Students
    by Abraham Gyamfi Ababio & Emmanuel Erastus Yamoah

  • 2016 Characteristic features in setting up the marketing mix, position and segments of the banking sector
    by Tsvetelina Nedialkova-Shtereva

  • 2016 The Economics of Privacy
    by Alessandro Acquisti & Curtis Taylor & Liad Wagman

  • 2016 Either or Both Competition: A "Two-Sided" Theory of Advertising with Overlapping Viewerships
    by Attila Ambrus & Emilio Calvano & Markus Reisinger

  • 2016 Search Advertising
    by Alexandre de Cornière

  • 2016 Intermediaries in Two-Sided Markets: An Empirical Analysis of the US Cable Television Industry
    by Andre Boik

  • 2016 Wintertime for Deceptive Advertising?
    by Jonathan Zinman & Eric Zitzewitz

  • 2015 Substitution between Online and Offline Advertising: Evidence from the Carbonated Soft Drink Industry
    by He, Xi & Lopez, Rigoberto A. & Liu, Yizao

  • 2015 The economics of television and online video markets
    by Gregory S. Crawford

  • 2015 Advertising, Attention, and Financial Markets
    by Focke, Florens & Ruenzi, Stefan & Ungeheuer, Michael

  • 2015 On the Positive Role of Negative Political Campaigning
    by Maarten C. W. Janssen & Mariya Teteryatnikova

  • 2015 Digital Dynamism: How IT and social media are enhancing business opportunities for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs
    by Anushka Wijesinha

  • 2015 Diffusion by imitation: The importance of targeting agents
    by Nikolas Tsakas

  • 2015 Optimal influence under observational learning
    by Nikolas Tsakas

  • 2015 False Advertising
    by Rhodes, Andrew & Wilson, Chris

  • 2015 Sales Spotter: An Algorithm to Identify Sale Prices in Point-of-Sale Data
    by Iqbal A. Syed

  • 2015 The perception of road safety communication campaigns: the gender influence
    by Helena Sofia Rodrigues & Manuel Fonseca & Paulo Ribeiro Cardoso

  • 2015 Measurement of the Relationship Between Service Quality and Brand Loyalty with Structural Equation Modeling: A Research on Users of Smartphone Brands
    by Mehmet Nejat ÖZÜPEK & Murat KOÇYİĞİT & Murat ERDOĞDU

  • 2015 False Advertising
    by Rhodes, Andrew & Wilson, Chris M

  • 2015 Do vegetarian marketing campaigns promote a vegan diet?
    by James, Waters

  • 2015 Social paradigms of the digital marketing- an Indian perspective of Social Media Marketing
    by Malhotra, Deepika

  • 2015 Реклама В Мобильных Приложениях
    by Sobolevsky, Alexandr

  • 2015 You Are What You Consume
    by Ahmed, Jubayer

  • 2015 Advertising and Aggregate Consumption: A Bayesian DSGE Assessment
    by Benedetto Molinari & Francesco Turino

  • 2015 Towards a Digital Attribution Model: Measuring the Impact of Display Advertising on Online Consumer Behavior
    by Anindya Ghose & Vilma Todri

  • 2015 Can TV programs improve the competitiveness of european seafood products?Exploratory results from the success project
    by Bertrand Le Galic & Myriam Nourry & Claudio Pirrone

  • 2015 The Effectiveness of Individual Targeting Through Smartphone Application in Retail: Evidence from Field Experiment
    by Mariia I. Okuneva & Dmitriy B. Potapov

  • 2015 Defining the links between retail price strategies and price tactics
    by Lagin, Madelen & Gebert-Persson, Sabine

  • 2015 Valuing “free” media across countries in GDP
    by Nakamura, Leonard I. & Soloveichik, Rachel

  • 2015 Improving Enterprise Interests Through The Process Of Business Communication
    by Slavomir Miletic, Djuro Djurovic

  • 2015 Viral Marketing
    by Mira Rakic, Beba Rakic

  • 2015 Does a public campaign influence debit card usage? Evidence from the Netherlands
    by Nicole Jonker & Mirjam Plooij & Johan Verburg

  • 2015 Store Brands and the Role of Advertising
    by Griffith, Rachel & Krol, Michal & Smith, Kate

  • 2015 Advertising Competition in the French Free-To-Air Television Broadcasting Industry
    by Ivaldi, Marc & Zhang, Jiekai

  • 2015 The Economics of Television and Online Video Markets
    by Crawford, Gregory S.

  • 2015 Push-Me Pull-You: Comparative Advertising in the OTC Analgesics Industry
    by Simon P. Anderson & Federico Ciliberto & Jura Liaukonyte & Régis Renault

  • 2015 Mathematical Programming Applied To Benchmarking In Economics And Management
    by Jorge Santos & Armando B Mendes & Luís Cavique & Magdalena Kapelko

  • 2015 Measuring The Effects Of Marketing Actions: The Role Of Matching Methodologies
    by Iola Pinto & Margarida GMS Cardoso

  • 2015 Clique Communities In Social Networks
    by Luís Cavique & Armando B Mendes & Jorge MA Santos

  • 2015 Stream-Based Classification For Social Network Recommendation Systems
    by Yan Zhuang & Hang Yang

  • 2015 A Model For Optimising Earned Attention In Social Media Based On A Memetic Algorithm
    by Pedro Godinho & Luiz Moutinho & Manuela Silva

  • 2015 Metaheuristics In Logistics
    by Thomas Hanne & Suash Deb & Simon Fong

  • 2015 Data Mining Process Models: A Roadmap For Knowledge Discovery
    by Armando B Mendes & Luís Cavique & Jorge MA Santos

  • 2015 Promethee: Technical Details And Developments, And Its Role In Performance Management
    by Malcolm J Beynon & Harry Barton

  • 2015 Bayesian Prediction With Linear Dynamic Model: Principle And Application
    by Yun Li & Luiz Moutinho & Kwaku K Opong & Yang Pang

  • 2015 Growth Models
    by Mladen Sokele

  • 2015 Qualitative Comparison Analysis: An Example Analysis Of Clinical Directorates And Resource Management
    by Malcolm J Beynon & Aoife McDermott & Mary A Keating

  • 2015 Interactive Virtual Platform For Shopping Furniture Based On Unity 3d
    by Yingwan Wu & Simon Fong & Suash Deb & Thomas Hanne

  • 2015 Too Much Ado About Nothing? Fuzzy Measurement Of Job Stress For School Leaders
    by Berlin Wu & Mei Fen Liu

  • 2015 Non-Parametric Test With Fuzzy Data And Its Applications In The Performance Evaluation Of Customer Capital
    by Yu-Lan Lee & Ming-leih Wu & Chunti Su

  • 2015 Meta-Heuristics In Marketing
    by Stephen Hurley & Luiz Moutinho

  • 2015 The Application Of Nn To Management Problems
    by Arnaldo Coelho & Luiz Moutinho & Graeme D Hutcheson & Maria Manuela Santos Silva

  • 2015 Artificial Neural Networks And Structural Equation Modelling: An Empirical Comparison To Evaluate Business Customer Loyalty
    by Arnaldo Coelho & Luiz Moutinho & Graeme D Hutcheson & Maria Manuela Santos Silva

  • 2015 Statistical Model Selection
    by Graeme D Hutcheson

  • 2015 Partial Least Squares Path Modelling In Marketing And Management Research: An Annotated Application
    by Joaquín Aldás-Manzano

  • 2015 Role Of Structural Equation Modelling In Theory Testing And Development
    by Parikshat S Manhas & Ajay K Manrai & Lalita A Manrai & Ramjit

  • 2015 A Review Of The Major Multidimensional Scaling Models For The Analysis Of Preference/Dominance Data In Marketing
    by Wayne S DeSarbo & Sunghoon Kim

  • 2015 Quantitative Modelling in Marketing and Management

  • 2015 The Future of Education into a Digital World
    by Viorica Jelev

  • 2015 Generation Y on the e-commerce market. Comparison between Polish and South Korean young consumers’ behaviour
    by Aleksandra Korzeniowska

  • 2015 The effect of drivers gender on the perception of Portuguese road safety communication campaigns
    by Helena Sofia Rodrigues & Manuel José Fonseca & Paulo Ribeiro Cardoso

  • 2015 Some Developments in Direct Marketing
    by Eleonora Mihaela Constantinescu & Gheorghe Marinescu

  • 2015 The Influence of Communication Mixture on Seniors' Purchase Behavior
    by Michaela Janska

  • 2015 Challenges of the modern retail trade
    by PURCAREA, Theodor

  • 2015 „Marketing the Business Online with Youtube: The Future is Now”
    by TANASE, George Cosmin

  • 2015 Advertising Campaign: Building Creative Ideas
    by TANASE, George Cosmin

  • 2015 Top Level Results of a Study of Czech Households´ Awareness of the Food Advertising Industry’s Self-Regulation Related to Children
    by Markéta Lhotáková & Květa Olšanová

  • 2015 An Overview of Millennials’ Coming of Age. The Emergence of Generation Y and its Underlying and Consequential Socio-Economic Aspects
    by Popovici Veronica & Muhcina Silvia

  • 2015 Impact Of Unconventional Advertising On Performance Of Cultural Institutions In City Of Osijek
    by Iva Buljabasic

  • 2015 Remarks About Online Advertising - A Qualitative Research Among Romanian Professionals
    by Acatrinei Carmen

  • 2015 Sponsored-Search Auctions: Empirical and Experimental Works
    by Davydov, D. & Izmalkov, S. & Smirnov, A.

  • 2015 When the reaper becomes a salesman: The influence of terror management on product preferences
    by Tom van Bommel & Cormac O’Dwyer & Tim W. M. Zuidgeest & Fenna H. Poletiek

  • 2015 Anthropomorphism and Advertising Effectiveness: Moderating Roles of Product Involvement and The Type of Consumer Need
    by Cigdem BAÞFIRINCI & Zuhal ÇÝLÝNGÝR

  • 2015 The Ratio Evolution Analysis of the Non-Performing Loans Obtained by the Credit Institutions in Romania during the Period 2007-2015
    by Mirela Catalina Turkes

  • 2015 The Influence of Strategic Alternatives on the Increasing Level Value of the Term Deposits
    by Mirela Catalina Turkes

  • 2015 Card Payments in Romania – a Slow Transition From Cash to Card
    by Mirela Catalina Turkes

  • 2015 New Pilgrimage Destination in Romania-the Tomb of Father Arsenie Boca at Prislop Monastery
    by Mihaela Simona Apostol & Adriana Anca Cristea & Tatiana Corina Dosescu

  • 2015 Advertising of Mamaia
    by Mihaela Simona Apostol & Adriana Anca Cristea & Tatiana Corina Dosescu

  • 2015 Structure Evaluation of Credit to Households from Romania During 2013-2014 Using Anova: Two-Factor with Replication
    by Mirela Catalina Turkes

  • 2015 The Relationship between Constituent Power And National Sovereignty. Some Theoretical Considerations
    by Andreea Ana-Maria Alexe

  • 2015 Deconstructing Financial Services Advertising in the Run Up to the Great Recession: The Case of the Live Richly Campaign
    by Noel Murray & Ajay Manrai & Lalita Manrai

  • 2015 Gender in Advertisements. Male/Female Perception of one Controversial Romanian Antismoking Ad
    by Manuela EPURE & Ana Maria MIHALI & Raluca CRETOIU

  • 2015 Examining the Impact of Trust, Satisfaction and Service Qualityon Consumer E-Loyalty
    by Fehmi AZEMI & Krenar BINAKU

  • 2015 Innovation in Communication into a Digital World
    by Viorica JELEV

  • 2015 Analysis Of The Marketing Experience Strategies Implemented By Chothing Brands In Two Shopping Center In Cali City, Analisis De Las Estrategias De Mercadeo De La Experiencia Implementadas Por Marcas De Prendas De Vestir, En Dos Centros Comerciales De La Ciudad De Cali €“ Colombia
    by Carmen Elisa Lerma Cruz

  • 2015 Aqua-Agricultural Production: Creation And Implementation Of A Marketing Plan Produccion Acua-Agricola: Creaciã“N E Implementacion De Un Plan De Mercadeo
    by Daniel Paredes Zempual & Roberto Quintana Jaime & Lizeth Alejandra González Martinez & Viridiana Macias Vargas

  • 2015 The Young And The Restless: Grappling With The Young Chinese Consumer Mindset
    by Luding Tong

  • 2015 Evaluation Of New Generic Top Level Domains From A Brand And A Trademark Perspective
    by Alexander Nagel & Philipp Sandner

  • 2015 Marketers, challenged to prove their new skills within the context of the actual trends
    by PURCAREA, Theodor

  • 2015 Marketers, challenged to meeting digital priorities
    by NEGRICEA, Costel Iliuta & PURCAREA, Ioan Matei

  • 2015 La qualità della comunicazione via web per la promozione del turismo nautico
    by Clara Benevolo & Elena Morchio

  • 2015 Media competition enhances new-product entry: On the market for fake observations
    by Brekke, Kjell Arne & Nilssen, Tore

  • 2015 Inverted-U aggregate investment curves in a dynamic game of advertising
    by Lambertini, Luca & Zaccour, Georges

  • 2015 Dynamic pricing and advertising of perishable products with inventory holding costs
    by Schlosser, Rainer

  • 2015 The Role of Brand Loyalty: The Case Study of Telekom Malaysia
    by Munawwer Husain

  • 2015 Personalidad de marca de las escuelas de negocios en Chile: Propuesta de modelo
    by Luis Araya-Castillo & Manuel Antonio Escobar-Farfan

  • 2015 Directrices para la implementacio?n de un modelo de gestio?n de la relacio?n con el cliente en el sector industrial: caso DAMERA
    by Jose Luis Wakabayashi & Jorge Merzthal

  • 2015 La efectividad de la publicidad oposicional
    by Pablo Farías

  • 2015 Promoting Traditional Food Products As Healthy Diet Products
    by Mihaela Teodora TARCZA & Marcela Sefora (SANA) NEMTEANU

  • 2015 Qualitative Research Among Experts Regarding The Frequency Of Exposure
    by Alexandra Elena POȘTOACĂ & Dorian Laurențiu FLOREA & Dora MOROȘANU

  • 2015 Methods Used In Audience Measurement Of Mass Media Channels Types, Results And Impact
    by TERCHILA Sorin

  • 2015 Political Communication During The 2014 Presidential Campaign: Online Media Coverage
    by Cristina Cirtita-Buzoianu

  • 2015 Feminine Vs. Masculine Gestural Marketing. Case Study: The French Presidential Debate On May 2, 2007
    by Brindusa-Mariana Amalancei

  • 2015 Online Media Coverage Of Environmental Protest In Romania. Rosia Montana Case
    by Corina Daba-Buzoianu

  • 2015 The Contribution Of Gestures To Personal Branding
    by Brîndusa-Mariana Amalancei

  • 2015 Dezinformacja spoleczenstwa realizowana przez media internetowe a jej spoleczna akceptacja/ Misinformation of the Society by Internet Media and the Social Acceptance of This Phenomenon
    by Lukasz Wala

  • 2015 Product placement as a way of promoting on an international scale based on a series of films about James Bond
    by Karolina Anielak

  • 2015 Impacts Of Green Marketing Strategies On Benefits Of Hotels: The Case From Serbia
    by Markovic JELICA & Miskovic IVANA & Tomka DRAGICA & Djeri LUKRECIJA & Milosevic SRDJAN

  • 2015 Philatelic Boosterism: Tourism Stamps Of Small Island States
    by Stanley Brunn

  • 2015 Building Brand Awareness In The Medical Travel Market
    by Iulia-Maria Apostu

  • 2015 The Online Advertising Of Small And Medium Sized Businesses
    by Cristina Bălteanu & Mihaela Marcu

  • 2015 Designing Email Marketing Campaigns - A Data Mining Approach Based On Consumer Preferences
    by Radu Ioan Mogos & Carmen Acatrinei

  • 2015 The pricing strategies of Hungarian food retail chains during the last recession
    by Zombor Berezvai

  • 2015 Inferring Rationales from Choice: Identification for Rational Shortlist Methods
    by Rohan Dutta & Sean Horan

  • 2015 Selling Cookies
    by Dirk Bergemann & Alessandro Bonatti

  • 2015 What Makes Them Click: Empirical Analysis of Consumer Demand for Search Advertising
    by Przemyslaw Jeziorski & Ilya Segal

  • 2015 The Rise of Fringe Competitors in the Wake of an Emerging Middle Class: An Empirical Analysis
    by Alon Eizenberg & Alberto Salvo

  • 2014 Unusual Location and Unexpected Execution in Advertising: Content Analysis and Test of Effectiveness in Ambient Advertisements
    by Hutter, Katharina

  • 2014 Video Killed the Radio Star? Online Music Videos and Digital Music Sales
    by Peukert, Christian & Kretschmer, Tobias

  • 2014 A Friendly Turn: Advertising Bias in the News Media
    by Ruenzi, Stefan & Focke, Florens & Niessen-Ruenzi, Alexandra

  • 2014 A Utility-Based Model of Sales with Informative Advertising
    by Sandro Shelegia & Chris M. Wilson

  • 2014 Factors Affecting a Brands Perception in Russia
    by Gerasimenko Valentina & Ochkovskaya Marina & Rybalko Maria

  • 2014 The Effects of Banning Advertising on Demand, Supply and Welfare: Structural Estimation on a Junk Food Market
    by Dubois, Pierre & Griffith, Rachel & O'Connell, Martin

  • 2014 Comparative analysis of the engagement rate on Facebook and Google Plus social networks
    by Tudor Niciporuc

  • 2014 Nice But Naugthy: Tv Adverts And Choice Of Food Among Children In Sabah, Malaysia
    by Andreas Totu & Halina Sendera Mohd Yakin

  • 2014 Either or Both Competition: A "Two-sided" Theory of Advertising with Overlapping Viewerships
    by Attila Ambrus & Emilio Calvano & Markus Reisinger

  • 2014 Привлечение Клиентов При Помощи Контекстной Рекламы
    by Kornienko, Nikita

  • 2014 Welfare Analysis of Dynamic Voluntary Advertising in Covered Markets
    by Tenryu, Yohei & Kamei, Keita

  • 2014 La confianza y la actitud hacia la red social como determinantes de la intención de aceptar herramientas de marketing. Diferencias según intensidad de uso de la red
    by Rebeca Cordero Gutiérrez & Libia Santos Requejo

  • 2014 Consumer Heterogeneity and Paid Search Effectiveness: A Large Scale Field Experiment
    by Tom Blake & Chris Nosko & Steven Tadelis

  • 2014 Direct to Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceutical Drugs: Information and Persuasion
    by Talia Bar & Dean R. Lillard

  • 2014 The Economics of Internet Media
    by Peitz, Martin & Reisinger, Markus

  • 2014 A Utility-Based Model of Sales with Informative Advertising
    by Sandro Shelegia & Chris M Wilson

  • 2014 Dynamic Voluntary Advertising under Partial Market Coverage
    by Yohei Tenryu & Keita Kamei

  • 2014 Inter-Firm Price Coordination in a Two-Sided Market
    by Kind, Hans Jarle & Nilssen, Tore & Sørgard, Lars

  • 2014 Video killed the radio star? Online music videos and digital music sales
    by Tobias Kretschmer & Christian Peukert

  • 2014 Do Sympathy Biases Induce Charitable Giving? The Effects of Advertising Content
    by K. Sudhir & Subroto Roy & Mathew Cherian

  • 2014 Optimal influence under observational learning
    by Nikolas Tsakas

  • 2014 Diffusion by imitation: the importance of targeting agents
    by Nikolas Tsakas

  • 2014 The Effects of Banning Advertising on Demand, Supply and Welfare: Structural Estimation on a Junk Food Market
    by Dubois, Pierre & Griffith, Rachel & O'Connell, Martin

  • 2014 Video Killed the Radio Star? Online Music Videos and Digital Music Sales
    by Tobias Kretschmer & Christian Peukert

  • 2014 Video killed the radio star? Evidence from YouTube and iTunes
    by Tobias Kretschmer & Christian Peukert

  • 2014 Inverted-U aggregate investment curves in a dynamic game of advertising
    by L. Lambertini & G. Zaccour

  • 2014 Globalization of Brewing and Economies of Scale
    by Erik Strøjer Madsen & Yanqing Wu

  • 2014 Sales Promotions
    by Kusum L. Ailawadi & Sunil Gupta

  • 2014 Sales Force Productivity Models
    by Murali K. Mantrala

  • 2014 Pricing
    by Russell S. Winer

  • 2014 Organizational Buying Behavior
    by Gary L. Lilien

  • 2014 New Products Research
    by Donald R. Lehmann & Peter N. Golder

  • 2014 Digital and Internet Marketing
    by Wendy W. Moe & David A. Schweidel

  • 2014 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    by Scott A. Neslin

  • 2014 Distribution Channels
    by Richard Staelin & Eunkyu Lee

  • 2014 Branding and Brand Equity Models
    by Tulin Erdem & Joffre Swait

  • 2014 Advertising Effectiveness
    by Gerard J. Tellis

  • 2014 Stochastic Models of Buyer Behavior
    by Peter S. Fader & Bruce G. S. Hardie & Subrata Sen

  • 2014 Market Structure Research
    by Steven M. Shugan

  • 2014 Econometric Models
    by Dominique M. Hanssens

  • 2014 Innovation Diffusion
    by Eitan Muller

  • 2014 Conjoint Analysis
    by Vithala R. Rao

  • 2014 Brand Choice Models
    by Gary J. Russell

  • 2014 The History of Marketing Science: Beginnings
    by Scott A. Neslin & Russell S. Winer

  • 2014 The History of Marketing Science

  • 2014 Pricing the Eyes of Passersby
    by Zoe Sherman

  • 2014 The Importance Of Marketing Communication In The Touristic Negotiation
    by Ana Maria, MIHALI

  • 2014 Advertising Policy and Geographic Information
    by Tanase, George Cosmin

  • 2014 Interpretationen und Rekonstruktionen einer Arbeitgebermarke durch unternehmensexterne Stakeholder: eine explorative Studie (External interpretations and reconstructions of an employer brand: An exploratory study)
    by Auer, Manfred & Edlinger, Gabriela & Moelk, Andreas

  • 2014 Challenges in the Central European Postal Markets: The Example of the Polish Post
    by Slawomir Czarniewski

  • 2014 Profiling Customer Types in Luxury Retail Settin
    by Marija Tisovski

  • 2014 The Risk of Vampire Effect in Advertisements Using Celebrity Endorsement
    by Tetyana Kuvita & Miroslav Karlíček

  • 2014 Food Industry Approach to Rising Prevalence of Children Obesity in the Czech Republic
    by Květa Olšanová

  • 2014 Communicating Customer Value Based on Modern Technologies
    by Slawomir Czarniewski

  • 2014 Consumer Relevant Online Communication Channels in Czech Republic in the Consumer Goods Category
    by Alena Farková & Markéta Lhotáková

  • 2014 Effectiveness of the advertising targeted to children regulation and self-regulation with focus on food industry
    by Markéta Lhotáková & Květa Olšanová

  • 2014 Identifying Strategies to Market Police Image in the Media
    by Ciabuca Alina

  • 2014 The Influence Of Design Criteria For The Brand Personality
    by Ulrich Fohl & Felicitas Meßmer

  • 2014 The Potential Of Mobile Applicationsin Organization And Promotion
    by Goran Pajnic & Davor Bosnjakovic & Ivan Kelic

  • 2014 Analysis Of The Signaling Hypothesis In Higher Education Marketing Via Classroom Experiment
    by KISS Marietta & KUN Andras Istvan

  • 2014 Marketing during a Recession: An Illustration of How Economic Principles Guide Marketing Approaches
    by Melanie Marks & Scott Wentland & Abbey O'Connor

  • 2014 Measuring the Correlation between Ethical Dimensions of Advertisement and Development of Society
    by Syed Karamatullah Hussainy & Syed Luqman Hakim & Muhammad Adil Khan

  • 2014 Improving the Performance of Business Pprocess Modeling for Small-Medium Sized Companies
    by Mirela Turkes & Emil Scarlat & Radu Ioan Vija & Irina Raicu

  • 2014 Enhancing the Performance of Business Process in Romanian SMEs Through ERP Solutions
    by Mirela Turkes & Irina Raicu & Ioan Vija

  • 2014 The Convergence of Romanian Media – between Reality and Fiction
    by Camelia Pavel

  • 2014 Organizational Performance Improvement by Implementing the Latest CRM Solutions
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  • 2011 The 5-D Model Analysis Of Brd & Bt Financial Institutions In Terms Of The Characters That Appear In Advertisements
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  • 2010 Celebrity Endorsement In Advertising
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  • 2010 Celebrity Endorsement In Advertising
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  • 2010 The Forms Of Unconventional Advertising – A Theoretical Approach
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  • 2010 The Forms Of Unconventional Advertising – A Theoretical Approach
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  • 2010 The Role Of Tourism Marketing In The Strategic Development Of The Town Of Rovaniemi
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  • 2010 The Role Of Tourism Marketing In The Strategic Development Of The Town Of Rovaniemi
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  • 2010 The Impact Of Endorsers’ Characteristics On Consumers’ Reaction To The Ads
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  • 2009 Human resources management in advertising agency
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  • 2009 Human resources management in advertising agency
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  • 2009 The brand – an increasing factor of a tourist destination’s competitiveness
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