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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H8: Miscellaneous Issues
/ / / H83: Public Administration
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The Returns to Online Postsecondary Education
    by Caroline M. Hoxby

  • 2017 Going beyond analysis of internal data to support customs modernization: A case study in Gabon
    by Joel CARIOLLE & Cyril CHALENDARD & Anne-Marie GEOURJON & Bertrand LAPORTE

  • 2017 Décloisonner l’analyse des données pour appuyer la modernisation des douanes : une illustration à partir du Gabon
    by Joel CARIOLLE & Cyril CHALENDARD & Anne-Marie GEOURJON & Bertrand LAPORTE

  • 2017 State ownership and efficiency characteristics
    by A. Abramov & A. Radygin & M. Chernova & R. Entov.

  • 2017 Gli enti pubblici economici e le societˆ partecipate: Profili giuslavoristici fra diritto privato e legislazione speciale
    by Maurizio Falsone

  • 2017 The Employment Service-Unemployment Insurance Partnership: Origin, Evolution, and Revitalization
    by David E. Balducchi & Christopher J. O'Leary

  • 2017 When the State Doesn't Play Dice: An Experimental Analysis of Cunning Fiscal Policies and Tax Compliance
    by Luigi Mittone & Matteo Ploner & Eugenio Verrina

  • 2017 Endogenous Tax Audits and Taxpayer Assistance Services: Theory and Experiments
    by Christian A. Vossler & Scott M. Gilpatric

  • 2017 Significance of Communication and Project Management Processes in Public Sector Projects
    by Riaz Ahmed

  • 2017 ¿Cuántos trabajadores emplea el Estado de Chile? Problematización y orden de magnitud de la contratación a honorarios
    by Valdebenito Pedrero, Sebastián

  • 2017 Transparency and Responsibility in the Public Administration Institutions. The case of Romania
    by Vrabie, Catalin & Tirziu, Andreea-Maria

  • 2017 Non-parametric methods applied in the efficiency analysis of European structural funding in Romania
    by Roman, Monica & Gotiu (Lucaciu), Liliana

  • 2017 Казахстанская национальная программа открытого доступа: What is dead may never die
    by Iskakov, Aziz

  • 2017 Balance de la economía gallega en el año 2016
    by González Laxe, Fernando & Armesto Pina, José Francisco & Sánchez-Fernández, Patricio & Lago Peñas, Santiago

  • 2017 Совершенствование Администрирования Государственных Программ В Республике Казахстан
    by Iskakov, Aziz

  • 2017 Organizational alignment in public administration: case study of Ministry of Justice of Cape Verde
    by Andrade, Monica & Göksel, Doç. Dr. Aykut

  • 2017 Opening the Black Box: Managing the Aid Policy Process in Pakistan
    by Faheem Jehangir Khan

  • 2017 A Model of a Liberally Conservative Approach to Negotiation in Public Administration
    by Dagmar Svobodová

  • 2017 Governance statistics in OECD countries and beyond: What exists, and what would be required to assess their quality?
    by Santiago González & Lara Fleischer & Marco Mira d’Ercole

  • 2017 The accuracy of measures of institutional trust in household surveys: Evidence from the oecd trust database
    by Santiago González & Conal Smith

  • 2017 Enhancing public sector efficiency and effectiveness in the Czech Republic
    by Christine Lewis & Falilou Fall

  • 2017 Patent Examiner Specialization
    by Cesare Righi & Timothy Simcoe

  • 2017 How Taxing Is Tax Filing? Using Revealed Preferences to Estimate Compliance Costs
    by Youssef Benzarti

  • 2017 Stock-Flow Adjustments and Interest Rates
    by António Afonso & José Alves

  • 2017 JRC Insights - Social Policy Innovation Series - Innovating EU Social Protection Systems through ICTs. Findings from analysis of case studies in fourteen Member States
    by Gianluca Misuraca & Giulio Pasi & Fabienne Abadie

  • 2017 Exploring the role of ICT-Enabled Social Innovation to support the modernisation of EU Social Protection Systems: findings and insights from analysis of case studies in fourteen Member States
    by Gianluca Misuraca & Giulio Pasi & Fabienne Abadie & Csaba Kucsera & Marco Virginillo

  • 2017 Motivations for Public Service in Corrupt States: Evidence from Post-Soviet Russia
    by Jordan Gans-Morse & Alexander S. Kalgin & Andrei V. Klimenko & Andrei A. Yakovlev

  • 2017 Innovative Behavior and Prosocial Motivation of Russian Civil Servants
    by Tim Jaekel

  • 2017 Occupational Intention of Public Administration Undergraduates
    by Tim Jaekel & Georgiy Borshchevskiy

  • 2017 Hidden Subsidies and the Public Ownership of Sports Facilities: The Case of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara
    by Robert Baumann & Victor Matheson & Debra O'Connor

  • 2017 Impact of Surplus Labor Existence on Land Lease Market in Rural Central Java
    by Ernoiz Antriyandarti

  • 2017 The Effect of Tangible Service Quality on The Performance of The Regional Office of Directorate General of State Assets Management West Kalimantan
    by Aan Kurniyanta

  • 2017 Dramaturgy Budget Policy Formulation: Intuitive Response of Politics and Power
    by Syarifuddin

  • 2017 Transparency and Accountability of Local Government by Internet Financial Reporting in Ex Besuki Residency
    by Isti Fadah

  • 2017 Transparency in state debt disclosure
    by Zhao, Bo & Wang, Wen

  • 2017 Going beyond analysis of internal data to support customs modernization: a case study in Gabon
    by Joël CARIOLLE & Cyril CHALENDARD & Anne-Marie GEOURJON & Bertrand LAPORTE

  • 2017 Whistleblower Rewards, False Reports, and Corporate Fraud
    by Buccirossi, Paolo & Immordino, Giovanni & Spagnolo, Giancarlo

  • 2017 Estado del arte sobre la corrupción en Colombia
    by Vivian Newman Pont & María Paula Ángel Arango

  • 2017 Using Internal and External Sources of Information to Reduce Customs Evasion
    by Cyril CHALENDARD

  • 2017 The Optimal NGO Chief: Strategic Delegation in Social Advocacy
    by Anthony Heyes & Marcel Oestreich

  • 2017 Public works procurement in the new code: a legal and economic assessment of the main measures
    by Anna Peta

  • 2017 Gendered economic policy making: The case of public expenditures on family allowances
    by Ozdamar, Oznur

  • 2017 Perspectives Regarding the Prefect Institution in Romania
    by Dincă Dragoş

  • 2017 Citation metrics as an additional indicator for evaluating research performance? An analysis of their correlations and validity
    by Marcel Clermont & Alexander Dirksen & Barbara Scheidt & Dirk Tunger

  • 2017 Challenges in the Measurement of Public Sector Productivity in OECD 180 Countries
    by Edwin Lau, Zsuzsanna Lonti and Rebecca Schultz

  • 2017 Theoretical Considerations on eGovernment in Romania and Bulgaria
    by Gheorghe PÃCURAR

  • 2017 Toward Developing a Model of Stakeholder Trust in Waqf Institutions

  • 2017 Factors Contributing To The Institutional Efficiency Of Local Governments In The Administrative Area
    by Wieslawa Lizinska & Renata Marks-Bielska & Karolina Babuchowska & Magdalena Wojarska

  • 2017 Tax Collection Costs in Romania
    by Lazăr Sebastian

  • 2017 The Impacts of Fiscal Openness
    by Paolo de Renzio & Joachim Wehner

  • 2017 Spending reviews in Ireland – Learning from experience
    by Fiachra Kennedy & John Howlin

  • 2017 Budgeting and performance in the European Union: A review by the OECD in the context of EU budget focused on results
    by Ronnie Downes & Delphine Moretti & Scherie Nicol

  • 2017 Long-term fiscal sustainability analysis: Benchmarks for Independent Fiscal Institutions
    by Trevor Shaw

  • 2017 Trends in the Development of the E-government in the Countries of the European Union
    by Katia Kirilova

  • 2017 Logic Models: Strengths and Weaknesses in the Context of Programmes Funded by the European Union
    by Albena Vutsova & Daniel Nigohosyan

  • 2017 Efficiency of Public Administration Management in Cultural Heritage Protection
    by Shteryo Nozharov

  • 2017 Progress in the quantity of financial information in the public sector in Mexico following the LGCG
    by Laura Sour

  • 2017 Avances en la cantidad de la información financiera del sector público en México a raíz de la LGCG
    by Laura Sour

  • 2017 What Makes Citizens Satisfied? The Influence of Perceived Responsiveness of Local Administration on Satisfaction with Public Administration
    by Daniel RÖLLE

  • 2017 The Forensic Accountants' Skills and Ethics on Fraud Prevention in the Nigerian Public Sector
    by Lateef Saheed Ademola & Ayoib B. Ch-Ahmad & Oluwatoyin Johnson Muse Popoola

  • 2017 Using past experience to optimize audit sampling design
    by Alfio Marazzi & Yves Tillé

  • 2017 Efficiency assessment of Portuguese municipalities using a conditional nonparametric approach
    by Jose M. Cordero & Francisco Pedraja-Chaparro & Elsa C. Pisaflores & Cristina Polo

  • 2017 Public Policy As A Tool For Floriculture Development In The Municipality Of Tepetlixpa Mexico State, Politica Publica Como Herramienta De Desarrollo Para La Floricultura Del Municipio De Tepetlixpa Estado De Mexico
    by Omar Ernesto Teran Varela & Sandra Saldivar Esteba & Enrique Espinosa Ayala & Yadira Rocha Gonzalez

  • 2017 Pedal And Motor Cycle Helmet Use, Split By Gender: Evidence From Europe, Central America And The Caribbean
    by Keith Akiva Lehrer

  • 2017 Perception of Accounting and Auditing Standards by Users in Context of Formation of Institutional Openness in Regulation
    by Oleh Pasko

  • 2017 I controlli interni gestionali nella PA: criticità e correttivi di un sistema in continua evoluzione
    by Anna Peta

  • 2017 El análisis presupuestario con enfoque de género: un instrumento feminista clave para avanzar en la equidad socioeconómica
    by Yolanda Jubeto

  • 2017 State-owned enterprises in the Russian market: Ownership structure and their role in the economy
    by Abramov, Alexander & Radygin, Alexander & Chernova, Maria

  • 2017 Reforming the public administration: The role of crisis and the power of bureaucracy
    by Asatryan, Zareh & Heinemann, Friedrich & Pitlik, Hans

  • 2017 On optimal audit mechanisms for environmental taxes
    by Oestreich, Andreas Marcel

  • 2017 The Relationship Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitment on Public Service Quality; Perspective Local Government in Bandung, Indonesia
    by Dedi Hadian

  • 2017 A propósito de la propuesta de control de los planes de manejo de áreas protegidas del Estado
    by Juan C. Monckeberg F. & José A. Hernández R. & Kay J. Bergamini L. & Cristián M. Pérez M.

  • 2017 La gruesa decimal en Michoacán y la creación de la contaduría de diezmos, 1824-1835
    by Obed López Arriaga

  • 2017 Relative efficiency within a tax administration: The effects of result improvement
    by Elena Villar Rubio & Pedro Enrique Barrilao González & Juan Delgado Alaminos

  • 2017 Financial Diagnosis as a Tool of Improving the Performance of an Organisation
    by Izabela Luiza POP

  • 2017 Risk Assessment Of Internal Audit Of Public Entity
    by Inga BULAT

  • 2017 The Integrity Management In The Public Institutions From Romania
    by Sorina - Cristina MARIN

  • 2017 The Impact of Fiscal Transparency on Corruption: An Empirical Analysis Based on Longitudinal Data
    by De Simone Elina & Gaeta Giuseppe Lucio & Mourão Paulo Reis

  • 2017 The Determinants Of Change Management In Public Administration
    by BEDRULE-GRIGORUTA Maria Viorica

  • 2017 The Performance Management And The Primary Directions Of Modernization Within The Tax Administration In Romania
    by MOGOIU Carmen Mihaela

  • 2017 Public Governance And Financial Development In Central And Eastern European Countries
    by Yilmaz Bayar

  • 2017 Usefulness and Factors of Benefit of Internal Audits (Empirical Assessments)
    by Valentin Goev & Ognyan Simeonov

  • 2017 Implementation Of Management Accounting Tools – Solution To Enhance The Performance Of Public Capital Companies In Difficulty. Case Study: Romanian Television Company
    by Mariana MAN & Bogdan RAVA?

  • 2017 International Migration from Public Health Systems. Case of Romania
    by Mihai Paunica & Ileana Cosmina Pitulice & Aurelia ?tefanescu

  • 2017 Dishonesty and Selection into Public Service: Evidence from India
    by Rema Hanna & Shing-Yi Wang

  • 2017 Do College Graduates Serving as Village Officials Help Rural China?
    by Guojun He & Shaoda Wang

  • 2017-06-13 A first approach to a pay-as-you-go model for a social benefit in Spain
    by Peña Miguel, Noemí & De la Peña Esteban, Joseba Iñaki

  • 2016 "Most MPs are not all that sharp"" Political employees and representative democracy
    by Svallfors, Stefan

  • 2016 Knowing the game: motivation and skills among policy professionals
    by Svallfors, Stefan

  • 2016 State-owned enterprises in the Russian market: Ownership structure and their role in the economy
    by A. Abramov & A. Radygin & M. Chernova.

  • 2016 The German statutory pension scheme: Balance sheet, cross-sectional internal rates of return and implicit tax rates
    by Metzger, Christoph

  • 2016 Accounting of pay-as-you-go pension schemes using accrued-to-date liabilities: An example for Switzerland
    by Metzger, Christoph

  • 2016 Accounting for accounting history: An exploratory study through topic modeling approach
    by Paolo Ferri & Maria Lusiani & Luca Pareschi

  • 2016 Local public finances in Brazil: are mayoral characteristics important?
    by Fabiana Rocha & Veronica Orellano, Karina Bugarin

  • 2016 A Short “Second Best” Narrative of the Ukrainian Economy/ Una Breve “Segunda Mejor Opción” de Narrativa de la Economía Ucraniana
    by Soldatos, Gerasimos T.

  • 2016 Cuentas económicas de Galicia: Tercer trimestre de 2016
    by González-Laxe, Fernando & Armesto-Pina, José Francisco & Lago-Peñas, Santiago & Sanchez-Fernandez, Patricio

  • 2016 Performance of mixed oligopoly model in the context of Indian telecom industry
    by Chatterjee, Susmita & Datta, Debabrata & Banerjee, Ranjan

  • 2016 Credit allocation based on journal impact factor and coauthorship contribution
    by Javier E., Contreras-Reyes

  • 2016 Efficiency assessment of Portuguese municipalities using a conditional nonparametric approach
    by Cordero, José Manuel & Pedraja-Chaparro, Francisco & Pisaflores, Elsa C. & Polo, Cristina

  • 2016 The Aid Policy Network in Pakistan: An Actor-Network Analysis
    by Faheem Jehangir Khan

  • 2016 Rekapitulace jednoduchého účetnictví rok 2016
    by Iris Šimíková

  • 2016 Elections, Ideology, and Turnover in the U.S. Federal Government
    by Alexander Bolton & John M. de Figueiredo & David E. Lewis

  • 2016 Do Government Audits Reduce Corruption? Estimating the Impacts of Exposing Corrupt Politicians
    by Eric Avis & Claudio Ferraz & Frederico Finan

  • 2016 You Are In Charge – Experimentally Testing the Motivating Power of Holding a Judicial Office
    by Christoph Engel & Lilia Zhurakhovska

  • 2016 Good Governance at the Local Level: Meaning and Measurement
    by Zack Taylor

  • 2016 Corrupt Bureaucrats: The Response of Non-Elected Officials to Electoral Accountability
    by Valsecchi, Michele

  • 2016 Equipping Public Servants with Accrual Accounting for Transparency, Accountability and Efficiency – Evidence from Nigeria and Ghana
    by Shakirat Adepeju Babatunde

  • 2016 Décloisonner l’analyse des données pour appuyer la modernisation des douanes : une illustration à partir du Gabon
    by Joël CARIOLLE & Cyril CHALENDARD & Anne-Marie GEOURJON & Bertrand LAPORTE

  • 2016 Corruption, trade costs, and gains from tariff liberalization: evidence from Southern Africa
    by Sequeira, Sandra

  • 2016 Mirror trade statistics between China and Latin America
    by Benita, Francisco & Urzúa, Carlos M.

  • 2016 Reconciling China’s official statistics on state ownership and control
    by Paul Hubbard

  • 2016 Reconciling China’s official statistics on state ownership and control
    by Paul Hubbard

  • 2016 Reconciling China’s official statistics on state ownership and control
    by Paul Hubbard

  • 2016 La relation entre les coûts et la qualité des soins : une alliance profitable pour les établissements de santé ? The relationship between costs and quality of care : a profitable alliance for hospitals ?
    by Lucile Veran

  • 2016 Why Governments Won't Invest
    by Sir Vince Cable

  • 2016 Décloisonner l’analyse des données pour appuyer la modernisation des douanes : une illustration à partir du Gabon
    by Joel CARIOLLE & Cyril CHALENDARD & Anne-Marie GEOURJON & Bertrand LAPORTE

  • 2016 Accounting in central banks
    by Bholat, David & Darbyshire, Robin

  • 2016 Audit Risk and Rent Extraction: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Brazil
    by Yves Zamboni & Stephan Litschig

  • 2016 Internal controls in the Public Administration: current problems and future challenges
    by Anna Peta

  • 2016 E-Government in Italy: current issues and future perspectives
    by Carlo Maria Arpaia & Pasquale Ferro & Walter Giuzio & Giorgio Ivaldi & Daniela Monacelli

  • 2016 Housing Bubble and Government Regulation: Evidence from China
    by Jerry Cao & Bihong Huang & Rose Neng Lai

  • 2016 Estudio Delphi sobre la cooperativización de los servicios sociales En el territorio histórico de Gipuzkoa
    by Enekoitz Etxezarreta Etxarri & Eusebio Lasa Altuna

  • 2016 Social capital at the outburst of the economic crisis in Greece, 2008-2010
    by Irene Daskalopoulou

  • 2016 Research assessment using early citation information
    by Stephan B. Bruns & David I. Stern

  • 2016 Strategy implementation through hierarchical couplings in a management control package: an explorative case study
    by Berend Van der Kolk & Tom Schokker

  • 2016 Internal newsletter as an instrument for supporting an implementation human resources management strategy. Case study of Statistical Office in Kielce (Newsletter wewnetrzny jako instrument wspomagajacy realizacje strategii zarzadzania zasobami ludzkimi. Przyklad Urzedu Statystycznego w Kielcach)
    by Marcin Torzewski

  • 2016 Bargaining over Australian public service cuts: Do forcing strategies work?
    by Sue Williamson & Michael O’Donnell & Cameron Roles

  • 2016 Deprivileging the public sector workforce: Austerity, fragmentation and service withdrawal in Britain
    by Stephen Bach

  • 2016 Modernisation of Public Sector Financial Reporting Systems in Europe - Challenges and Milestones
    by Michal Svoboda

  • 2016 The rate of implementation of accrual based accounting in the EU public sector
    by Martin Dvořák

  • 2016 EPSAS: Investment Into the Future. European Public Sector Accounting: Present and Future
    by Gergely Harsányi & László István Lukács & Mihály Ormos & Krisztina Sisa & Krisztina Szedlák & Attila Veres

  • 2016 Market Role of the State and Possibilities to Control this Role at Public Enterprises
    by Ákos Milicz

  • 2016 Institutional Efficiency Of Local Government In Issuing Administrative Decisions, Exemplified By The Performance Of The Local Government Appeal Board In Olsztyn
    by Wieslawa Lizinska & Renata Marks-Bielska & Karolina Babuchowska & Magdalena Wojarska

  • 2016 Making Promises Good: The Anti-Money Laundering Regime as a Multi-Purpose Tool for Governance
    by Stavros Katsios

  • 2016 The International Macro-Environment of an Organization
    by Ileana (Badulescu) Anastase & Cornel Grigorut

  • 2016 Ten years of PPP: An initial assessment
    by Francois Bergere

  • 2016 Principles for independent fiscal institutions and case studies
    by Lisa von Trapp & Ian Lienert & Joachim Wehner

  • 2016 Budget institutions in low-income countries
    by Sanjeev Gupta & Sami Ylaoutinen & Brian Olden & Holger van Eden & Teresa Curristine & Tom Josephs & Eliko Pedastsaar & Johann Seiwald

  • 2016 Budgeting in Italy
    by Jón R. Blöndal & Lisa von Trapp & Erik Hammer

  • 2016 Accrual practices and reform experiences in OECD countries Results of the 2016 OECD Accruals Survey
    by Delphine Moretti

  • 2016 Renewal Investment in Water Infrastructure and Sustainability of Municipal Water Service Utility
    by Junichi Nagamine

  • 2016 Administrative – Territorial Decentralization. Comparative Presentation Of Romania - France – Republic Of Moldova
    by Irina BILOUSEAC

  • 2016 Decentralized Public Service Of The Local Police
    by Irina BILOUSEAC

  • 2016 Marks Regarding Local Public Administration And The Role Of Its Management
    by Petronela SCUTARIU

  • 2016 Electricity Consumption Patterns: Comparative Evidence from Pakistan’s Public and Private Sectors
    by Karim Khan & Anwar Shah & Jaffar Khan

  • 2016 Factors Which Influenced the Success of the Implementation of the Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 59 of 2007 in North Sumatera Provincial Government
    by Amar Rinanda Lubis & Erlina & Zainul Bahri Torong

  • 2016 Political Process Drivers Of Corruption In Eastern Europe
    by Ada-Iuliana POPESCU

  • 2016 Tax penalties in SME tax compliance
    by Artur Swistak

  • 2016 Cost Accounting as a Possible Solution for Financial Sustainability of Croatian Public Hospitals
    by Ivana Drazic Lutilsky & Berislav Zmuk & Martina Dragija

  • 2016 Due Process of the International Accounting Standard Board
    by Oleh Pasko

  • 2016 Postulates as the Basis of the Philosophy of State Audit
    by Yuliya Slobodyanyk

  • 2016 Criminalità e scelte degli amministratori locali in tema di procedure di acquisto
    by Giuseppe Albanese & Federico Antellini Russo & Roberto Zampino

  • 2016 The public sector efficiency in Italy: The case of Lombardy municipalities in the provision of the essential public services
    by Tommaso Agasisti & Antonio Dal Bianco & Massimo Griffini

  • 2016 Explanatory factors for the use of the financial report in decision-making: Evidence from Local Government in Portugal
    by Nogueira, Sónia Paula S. & Jorge, Susana Margarida F.

  • 2016 Accounting basis adjustments and deficit reliability: Evidence from southern European countries
    by Jesus, Maria Antónia & Jorge, Susana

  • 2016 A comparison of the wage structure between the public and private sectors in Japan
    by Morikawa, Masayuki

  • 2016 Creative accounting and electoral motives: Evidence from OECD countries
    by Reischmann, Markus

  • 2016 Pro-social motivation, effort and the call to public service
    by Banuri, Sheheryar & Keefer, Philip

  • 2016 104 Корупционни Практики В Областта На Обществените Поръчки В Българските Общини
    by Гергана Костова

  • 2016 Research On The Romanian Public Sector Entities’ Accounting System
    by or Aurelia STEFĂNESCUkplace-Name: & Eugeniu TURLEA & Ileana Cosmina PITULICE & Ionela- Cătălina TUDORACHE (ZAMFIR)

  • 2016 Remuneraciones del sector público: ¿mayores que en el sector privado?
    by Rodrigo Cerda

  • 2016 Prestação de contas no setor público: qual é o alcance da difusão dos resultados da organização?
    by Flávia De Araújo E Silva & Poueri Do Carmo Mário

  • 2016 The Need Of Youth Empowerment Through Civic Education
    by Oana-Ramona, LOBONT & Sorana, VATAVU & Milena-Jana, SCHANK

  • 2016 Social Media And Online Communication In Public Sector Administration In Romania
    by TODERICIU Ramona & STANIT Alexandra & BACILA Marinela-Lidia

  • 2016 Ipsas Implementation And Perspectives For Epsas Implementation At The European Union Local Government Levels

  • 2016 Accounting policies and practices applicable for the impairment of assets that generate income other than cash flows
    by Marinela Daniela MANEA

  • 2016 The development of a corporate governance assessment model for the Romanian public sector
    by Aurelia STEFANESCU & Gabriela Lidia TANASE

  • 2016 Internal Management Control Approach By Implementation Of Stages Of The Internal Control Management System In Public Entities
    by Marin POPESCU & Silvia-Mihaela POPESCU & Gabriela MANGU

  • 2016 Internal Management Control Approach By Implementation Of Stages Of The Internal Control Management System In Public Entities
    by Marin POPESCU & Silvia-Mihaela POPESCU & Gabriela MANGU

  • 2016 Performance Management and Monitoring of Internal Audit for the Public Sector in Romania
    by Elena Doina Dascalu & Nicu Marcu & Ioan Hurjui

  • 2016 Monitoring Corruptible Politicians
    by Gustavo J. Bobonis & Luis R. Cámara Fuertes & Rainer Schwabe

  • 2016 Corruption, Trade Costs, and Gains from Tariff Liberalization: Evidence from Southern Africa
    by Sandra Sequeira

  • 2015 Use of Internal Information, External Information Acquisition and Customs Underreporting
    by Cyril CHALENDARD

  • 2015 Public Procurement, Open Data and Free Access to Public Information. The Case of Romania [Achiziţii publice, date deschise şi liberul acces la informaţii de interes public. Cazul României]
    by Doroftei Irina Mădălina

  • 2015 Transparency, Accountability, and Trust in Society
    by O. Volkova.

  • 2015 Measuring Institutions in?Russian Regions: Methodology, Sources of Data, Analysis
    by A. Baranov & E. Malkov & L. Polishchuk & M. Rochlitz & G. Syunyaev.

  • 2015 Reforming the public administration: The role of crisis and the power of bureaucracy
    by Asatryan, Zareh & Heinemann, Friedrich & Pitlik, Hans

  • 2015 Voting for Inefficiency
    by Nieswand, Maria & Baake, Pio & Wagner, Lilo

  • 2015 Gendered economic policy making: The case of public expenditures on family allowances
    by Ozdamar, Oznur

  • 2015 Does tax enforcement counteract the negative effects of terrorism? A case study of the Basque country
    by Luca Salvadori

  • 2015 A Method to Measure Standard Costs of Juvenile Justice Systems: the example of Italy
    by Silvio Ciappi & Elena Dalla Chiara & Federico Perali & Barbara Santagata

  • 2015 The Impact of Centralization, Corruption and Institutional Quality on Procurement Prices: An Application to Pharmaceutical Purchasing in Italy
    by Simona Baldi & Davide Vannoni

  • 2015 An Assessment of the Performance of the Italian Tax Debt Collection System
    by Margherita Ebraico & Savino Rua

  • 2015 From near-default to debt-restructuring: the inventive methods of the duke of Brabant and its council around 1290-1320 for the salvation of the public finances
    by Pierre-David Kusman & Jean Luc De Meulemeester

  • 2015 Nozharov Sht.,”Efficiency of human resources management in the field of cultural heritage protection”, Conference Proceedings-XIII International Scientific conference “Management and Engineering ‘15”, TU-Sofia, Volume I, 2015, pp.404-413;
    by Nozharov, Shteryo

  • 2015 Introduction of soft budget constraint to analyze public administration reforms. Some evidence from the Hungarian public administration reform
    by Rosta, Miklós

  • 2015 Conducting Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS) in Difficult Environments: Evidence from Afghanistan
    by Dost, Ahmad Najim

  • 2015 Improving public sector efficiency for more inclusive growth in Latvia
    by Caroline Klein & Robert W. R. Price

  • 2015 Russia: Progress in Structural Reform and Framework Conditions 2011-13
    by Yana Vaziakova

  • 2015 L'informatizzazione delle procedure per la ricostruzione: prime evidenze dai contributi concessi per le abitazioni
    by Marco Ranuzzini & Francesco Pagliacci & Margherita Russo

  • 2015 L'informatizzazione delle procedure per la ricostruzione: prime evidenze dai contributi concessi per le abitazioni
    by Marco Ranuzzini & Francesco Pagliacci & Margherita Russo

  • 2015 Renewable resource harvesting, market, and the no-deficit rule: The case of the French public timber supply
    by Philippe Delacote & Alexandre Sauquet

  • 2015 Dishonesty and Selection into Public Service in Denmark: Who Runs the World’s Least Corrupt Public Sector?
    by Sebastian Barfort & Nikolaj Harmon & Frederik Hjorth & Asmus Leth Olsen

  • 2015 Reforming Public Service Provision: What have we learned?
    by Peter Birch Sørensen

  • 2015 Disentangling the Role of Contract Types and Sector Disparities for Public Service Motivation
    by Grund, Christian & Thommes, Kirsten

  • 2015 I fabbisogni standard dei comuni e delle province: un nuovo patrimonio informativo che potrebbe stimolare efficienza e responsabilità nei governi locali
    by Giampietro Brunello & Francesco Porcelli & Marco Stradiotto

  • 2015 Innovation capabilities in the private sector: evaluating subsidies for hiring s&t workers in Spain
    by Catalina Martínez & Laura Cruz-Castro & Luis Sanz-Menéndez

  • 2015 Does tax enforcement counteract the negative effects of terrorism? A case study of the Basque Country
    by Luca Salvadori

  • 2015 Empirical evidence on tax cooperation between sub-central administrations
    by José María Durán-Cabré & Alejandro Esteller-Moré & Luca Salvadori

  • 2015 Petty corruption and citizen feedback
    by Charles Angelucci & Antonio Russo

  • 2015 Audyt (nie)przejrzystosci finansow publicznych w Polsce
    by Jakub Sawulski

  • 2015 The Complex Roots of Deprofessionalization: A Case Study of New Public Management
    by Wennström, Johan

  • 2015 FOMC Responses to Calls for Transparency
    by Acosta, Miguel

  • 2015 From urban core to wealthy towns: nonschool fiscal disparities across Connecticut municipalities
    by Zhao, Bo

  • 2015 Technical note on applying the WHO standard/reference to historical data
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