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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H8: Miscellaneous Issues
/ / / H80: General
/ / / H81: Governmental Loans; Loan Guarantees; Credits; Grants; Bailouts
/ / / H82: Governmental Property
/ / / H83: Public Administration
/ / / H84: Disaster Aid
/ / / H87: International Fiscal Issues; International Public Goods
/ / / H89: Other

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Why Adopt a Federal Constitution? And why Decentralize? – Determinants Based on a New Dataset
    by Gutmann, Jerg & Voigt, Stefan

  • 2017 Is Economics Useful for Public Policy?
    by James Alm

  • 2017 Programas de Financiamiento Productivo a pymes, acceso al crédito y desempeño de las firmas: Evidencia de Argentina
    by Butler, Ines & Giuliodori, David & Guiñazu, Sebastian & Martinez Correa, Julian & Rodríguez, Alejandro

  • 2017 Does New Public Management Practices Lead to Effective Public Welfare Responses in Pakistan
    by Asif, Rehman & Dawood, Mamoon

  • 2017 Neocolonialism or Balanced Partnership? Reframing Agricultural Relations Between the EU and Africa
    by Lungu, Ioana

  • 2017 A Model of a Liberally Conservative Approach to Negotiation in Public Administration
    by Dagmar Svobodová

  • 2017 Bringing together international trade and investment perspectives on state enterprises
    by Przemyslaw Kowalski & Daniel Rabaioli

  • 2017 Can a common currency foster a shared social identity across different nations? The case of the Euro
    by Franz Buscha & Daniel Muller & Lionel Page

  • 2017 Sovereign default risk and debt limits: Case of Slovakia
    by Zuzana Mucka & Ludovit Odor

  • 2017 A Comparative Study Of Abet Accredited Associate Degree Programs, Evidence From Saudi Arabia
    by Mubarak Almutairi

  • 2017 Gender biases in student evaluations of teaching
    by Boring, Anne

  • 2017 The political economy of the impossible trinity
    by Beckmann, Joscha & Ademmer, Esther & Belke, Ansgar & Schweickert, Rainer

  • 2017 Aging, social security design, and capital accumulation
    by Dedry, Antoine & Onder, Harun & Pestieau, Pierre

  • 2017 Can a common currency foster a shared social identity across different nations? The case of the euro
    by Buscha, Franz & Muller, Daniel & Page, Lionel

  • 2017 An analysis of the efficiency of the National Programme for the Fight against HIV/AIDs in Cameroon
    by Nguenda anya Saturnin bertrand

  • 2017 Biased media in an unbiased market
    by Graham Beattie

  • 2017 Is Access to Medical Marijuana a Disamenity?
    by Michele Baggio & Jinsub Choi

  • 2017 Can Education Targets be Met Without Increasing Public Spending? An Analysis for Brazilian Municipalities
    by Fabiana Rocha & Plinio Portela de Oliveira & Janete Duarte & Sérgio Ricardo de Brito Gadelha & Luis Felipe Vital Nunes Pereira

  • 2017 Tribalism and Government Effectiveness
    by Simplice Asongu & Oasis Kodila-tedika

  • 2017 Bits, Bytes, and Taxes: VAT and the Digital Economy in Canada
    by Rosalie Wyonch

  • 2017 Market and Welfare Effects of Big Box Retail Entry in a Linear City Model with Oligopolistic Competition
    by Rasha Ahmed & Mark Stater & Michael S. Visser

  • 2016 Can a Common Currency Foster a Shared Social Identity across Different Nations? The Case of the Euro
    by Franz Buscha & Daniel Muller & Lionel Page

  • 2016 An evaluation of relationship between public debt and economic growth: A study of Afghanistan
    by Wani, Nassir Ul Haq & Kabir, Habib

  • 2016 Are constitutional states able to drive the global technological change?
    by Waśniewski, Krzysztof

  • 2016 Exploring Online and Offline Informal Work : Findings from the Enterprising and Informal Work Activities (EIWA) Survey
    by Barbara J. Robles & Marysol McGee

  • 2016 How Green are Economists?
    by Stefano Carattini & Alessandro Tavoni

  • 2016 What should we include in the Fiscal Space Review?
    by Ludovit Odor

  • 2016 Budget reform in China: Progress and prospects in the Xi Jinping era
    by Christine Wong

  • 2016 Culture or Institutions? A Quasi-Experiment on the Origins of Political Trust among Russian Immigrants in Europe
    by Anna E. Shaleva

  • 2016 The website of the public institution- a tool for presentation, communication and defining institutional identity
    by Elena FARCAȘ

  • 2016 Compliance and the power of authority
    by Karakostas, Alexandros & Zizzo, Daniel John

  • 2016 Gradualism in aid and reforms
    by Bag, Parimal Kanti & Roy Chowdhury, Prabal

  • 2016 How green are green economists?
    by Stefano Carattini & Alessandro Tavoni

  • 2015 Bribery, Corruption and Bureaucratic Hassle: Evidence from Myanmar
    by Aaron Soans & Masato Abe

  • 2015 Development of the Cross-cultural Readiness Exposure Scale (CRES)
    by Francois, Emmanuel Jean

  • 2015 International Trade and Investment by State Enterprises
    by Przemyslaw Kowalski & Kateryna Perepechay

  • 2015 Communication and conflict management
    by Gerald Eisenkopf

  • 2015 Mind the Gap: Crowd-Funding and the Role of Seed Money
    by Deutsch, Joseph & Epstein, Gil S. & Nir, Alon

  • 2015 Mind the Gap: Crowd-funding and the Role of Seed Money
    by Joseph Deutsch & Gil S. Epstein & Alon Nir

  • 2015 Public Finances Today: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead
    by Salvador Barrios & Serena Fatica & Diego Martinez & Gilles Mourre & Ferhan Salman & Elva Bova & Christina Kolerus & Jules S. Tapsoba & Gilles Mourre & Nikola Altiparmakov & Lukas Reiss & Mariano Bosch & Angel Melguizo Esteso & Carmen Pages-Serra & Renee Philip & Boris Cournède & Antoine Goujard & Álvaro Pina & Wolfgang Merz & Martin Larch & Kristin Magnusson Bernard & Balint Tatar & Nicola Giammarioli & Cristina Checherita-Westphal & Alexander Klemm & Paul Viefers & Pedro Hinojo & Giovanni Ricco & Giovanni Callegari & Jacopo Cimadomo & Enrico D’Elia & Filippo Pericoli & Reda Cherif & Fuad Hasanov & Ernesto Rezk & Diego Martínez López & Anna Kalbhenn & Livio Stracca & Luiz de Mello & George Hondroyiannis & Dimitrios Papaoikonomou & Jan Babecký & Richard Morris & Pietro Rizza & Vladimir Borgy & Kirstine Eibye Brandt & Manuel Coutinho Pereira & Anna Jablecka & Javier J. Pérez & Lukas Reiss & Morten Rasmussen & Karim Triki & Lara Wemens & David Heald & Ludovít Ódor & Tomasz Jedrzejowicz & Marcin Kitala & Xavier Debrun & Tidiane Kinda & Geert Langenus & Fabrizio Balassone & Sandro Momigliano & Marzia Romanelli & Pietro Tommasino & Teresa Ter-Minassian & Marco Buti & Daniele Franco & Karsten Wendorff

  • 2015 Determinants of Savings Behavior in Pakistan: Long Term- Short Term Association and Causality
    by Fawad AHMAD

  • 2015 The HIH claims support scheme
    by Claudio Damiani & Naomi Bourne & Martin Foo

  • 2015 Portfolio Selection Under Uncertainty Of Power Generation, Seleccion Bajo Incertidumbre De Portafolios De Generacion Electrica
    by Roberto Jose Taboada Gonzalez & Gerardo Gabriel Alfaro Calderon & Federico Gonzalez Santoyo

  • 2015 Use Of Depreciation As A Tax Policy Device To Control Inflation
    by Nisha Singh & R.D. Sharma

  • 2015 NGO mission design
    by Heyes, Anthony & Martin, Steve

  • 2015 The impact of the media on voters’ attitude toward Junichiro Koizumi and his policy
    by Yamamura, Eiji & Sabatini, Fabio

  • 2015 Media bias under direct and indirect government control: when is the bias smaller?
    by Abhra Roy

  • 2015 Probabilistic Production of a Public Good
    by Brock V Stoddard

  • 2015 Benford's law for audit of public works: an analysis of overpricing in Maracanã soccer arena's renovation
    by Flavia C. Rodrigues da Cunha & Mauricio S. Bugarin

  • 2014 Ethnic stereotypes and preferences on poverty assistance
    by Horváth, Ágnes & Janky, Béla

  • 2014 Measuring Tax Complexity
    by David Ulph

  • 2014 The social rate of discount, climate change and real options
    by Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo

  • 2014 Special agricultural lending Institutions - the Case of Macedonia
    by Kovachev, Goran

  • 2014 Risk Aversion and the Desirability of Attenuated Legal Change
    by Steven Shavell

  • 2014 Gender-responsive Budgeting as Fiscal Innovation: Evidence from India on 'Processes'
    by Lekha S. Chakraborty

  • 2014 The Gender Pay Gap Across Countries: A Human Capital Approach
    by Polachek, Solomon & Xiang, Jun

  • 2014 The Miracle Drugs: Hormone Replacement Therapy and Labor Market Behavior of Middle-Aged Women
    by Daysal, N. Meltem & Orsini, Chiara

  • 2014 Design Errors in Public Pension Systems: The Case of Hungary
    by András Simonovits

  • 2014 Estado, planejamento, gestão e desenvolvimento. Balanço da experiência brasileira e desafios no século XXI
    by Cardoso Jr., José Celso

  • 2014 Cooperación internacional, descentralización y participación ciudadana La gestión de la asistencia oficial para el desarrollo desde los gobiernos autónomos descentralizados en el Ecuador
    by Monje, José Antonio

  • 2014 Aging, social security design and capital accumulation
    by DEDRY, Antoine & ONDER, Arun & PESTIEAU, Pierre

  • 2014 US Supreme Court Unanimously Chooses Substance over Form in Foreign Tax Credit
    by Charles E McLure & Jack Mintz & George R. Zodrow

  • 2014 Political selection in the skilled city
    by Antonio Accetturo

  • 2014 Immigrant influx and social cohesion erosion
    by Florence Neymotin

  • 2014 The Role Of Local Government In The Process Of Entrepreneurship Development
    by Tomasz Skica & Agnieszka Bem & Karolina ¯ygad³o

  • 2014 Transaction Costs in International Armaments Cooperation
    by Vladan Holcner & Marek Sedlačik & Jaroslav Michálek & Jakub Odehnal

  • 2014 Una aproximación a los determinantes del Capital Social individual en España
    by Jose Manuel Lasierra Esteban

  • 2014 Policy transfer of public transport funding schemes – The case of Norway
    by Olsen, Silvia & Fearnley, Nils

  • 2014 The stained China miracle: Corruption, regulation, and firm performance
    by Jiang, Ting & Nie, Huihua

  • 2014 Probabilistic Production of a Public Good
    by Brock V Stoddard

  • 2014 Economic Sustainability Of An Alternative Form Of Incentivizing Pharmaceutical Innovation: Thomas Pogge‘S Proposal
    by Alberto Cassone & Franco Amisano

  • 2013 Financing Agribusiness by State Development Banks - the Case of Macedonia
    by Kovachev, Goran

  • 2013 Indonesian Innovations on Information Technology 2013: Between Syntactic and Semantic Textual Network
    by Situngkir, Hokky

  • 2013 An Economic Investigation of Corruption and Electricity Theft
    by Faisal Jamil & Eatzaz Ahmad

  • 2013 Female Transition to Retirement
    by Agnieszka Chlon-Dominczak

  • 2013 Food price volatility and domestic stabilization policies in developing countries
    by Christophe Gouel

  • 2013 Estimating the holdout problem in land assembly
    by Cunningham, Chris

  • 2013 Estimating Crowding Costs in Public Transport
    by Luke Haywood & Martin Koning

  • 2013 Social security and economic integration
    by ARTIGE, Lionel & DEDRY, Antoine & PESTIEAU, Pierre

  • 2013 Do Modern-Time Wars Make States? Panel Data Evidence
    by Mauricio Cárdenas & Marcela Eslava & Santiago Ramírez

  • 2013 Symposium - Terrorism and the Invisible Hook
    by S. Brock Blomberg & Ricardo Fernholz & John-Clark Levin

  • 2013 The Clusters of Economic Similarities between EU Countries: A View Under Recent Financial and Debt Crisis
    by Konstantinos Liapis & Antonios Rovolis & Christos Galanos & Eleftherios Thalassinos

  • 2013 The influence of government intervention on the trajectory of bank performance during the global financial crisis: A comparative study among Asian economies
    by Ding, Cherng G. & Wu, Chiu-Hui & Chang, Pao-Long

  • 2013 The poverty-assistance paradox
    by Janky, Béla & Varga, Dániel

  • 2013 Fighting corruption: To precommit or not?
    by Ngendakuriyo, Fabien & Zaccour, Georges

  • 2013 Is parity good? Externalities in professional sports
    by Biner, Burhan

  • 2013 The Impact of Re-election Concerns on Truth-telling in a Cheap-Talk Model of a Bureaucrat's Advice
    by Atsuo Tomori

  • 2012 Fiscal Harmonization: Credible Goal or Trojan Horse?
    by Enrico Colombatto

  • 2012 The Miracle Drug : Hormone Replacement Therapy and Labor Market Behavior of Middle-Aged Women
    by Meltem Daysal, N. & Orsini, C.

  • 2012 Dynamics of income in Bihar: evidence from village studies
    by Singh, K.M. & Kumar, Abhay & Singh, R.K.P. & Meena, M.S. & Kumar, Anjani

  • 2012 Dimensions of Rural Poverty in Bihar: A Village Level Study
    by Singh, K.M. & Singh, R.K.P. & Kumar, Abhay & Meena, M.S. & Jha, A.K. & Kumar, Anjani

  • 2012 Comparative fiscal illusion: A fiscal illusion index for the European Union
    by Dell'Anno, Roberto & Dollery, Brian

  • 2012 The significance of socioeconomic factors on personal loan decision a study of consumer banking local private banks in Pakistan
    by Azam, Rehan & Muhammad, Danish & Syed Akbar, Suleman

  • 2012 Europe's New Fiscal Rules
    by Sebastian Barnes & David Davidsson & Łukasz Rawdanowicz

  • 2012 Accounting Information System Infrastructure as a Service
    by Mihalache D. Arsenie-Samoil

  • 2012 Virtualisation the Accounting Information System Infrastructure
    by Mihalache D. Arsenie-Samoil

  • 2012 Comparing Active Auditors viewpoints in Public and Private Sector over Determining Basic Materiality Levels in Auditing
    by Ali Asghar Farajzadeh & Tahereh Azizzadeh

  • 2012 The internet as an indicator of corruption awareness
    by Goel, Rajeev K. & Nelson, Michael A. & Naretta, Michael A.

  • 2012 The political economy of exchange rate regimes in developed and developing countries
    by Berdiev, Aziz N. & Kim, Yoonbai & Chang, Chun Ping

  • 2012 Curbing corruption for higher growth: The importance of persistence
    by Swaleheen, Mushfiq

  • 2012 Peace Dividends in a Trade-theoretic Model of Conflict
    by Sajal Lahiri & Valerica Vlad

  • 2012 Associations between Socioeconomic Factors and Social Capital amongst Child Caregivers in Eastern Uganda
    by Solome Kiribakka Bakeera & George Pariyo & Max Petzold & Sandro Galea & Wamala SP

  • 2011 Management Practices: Are Not For Profits Different?
    by Josse Delfgaauw & Robert Dur & Carol Propper & Sarah Smith

  • 2011 Interactions between Agricultural and Resource Policy: Taking into account Downside Risk Aversion
    by Guillermo Donoso Harris & Richard E. Just

  • 2011 Местное Самоуправление И Социальная Работа: Методические Указания К Семинарским Занятиям И Срс
    by Kuznetsova, Elena

  • 2011 The Role of Transfer Payments in Mitigating Shocks: Evidence From the Impact of Hurricanes
    by Deryugina, Tatyana

  • 2011 The paths of coffee: A brief economic history of coffee in Colombia
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2011 Risk Analysis of Accounting Information System Infrastructure
    by MIHALACHE, Arsenie-Samoil

  • 2011 Parental Divorce and Generalized Trust
    by Viitanen, Tarja

  • 2011 Parental Divorce and Generalized Trust
    by Viitanen, Tarja

  • 2011 Putting Different Price Tags on the Same Health Condition: Re-evaluating the Well-Being Valuation Approach
    by Powdthavee, Nattavudh & van den Berg, Bernard

  • 2011 Putting Different Price Tags on the Same Health Condition: Re-evaluating the Well-Being Valuation Approach
    by Powdthavee, Nattavudh & van den Berg, Bernard

  • 2011 Just the Facts Ma'am: A Case Study of the Reversal of Corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department
    by R. Mark R. Isaac & Douglas A. Norton

  • 2011 Who trusts Berlusconi? An econometric analysis of the role of television in the political arena
    by Fabio Sabatini

  • 2011 Management practices: Are not for profits different?
    by Delfgaauw, Josse & Dur, Robert & Propper, Carol & Smith, Sarah L.

  • 2011 On Selection into Public Civil Service
    by Tobias Boehm & Nadine Riedel

  • 2011 Management practices: Are not-for-profits different?
    by Josse Delfgaauw & Robert Dur & Carol Propper & Sarah Smith

  • 2011 Rethinking the Role of Regulation in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis: The Case of the UK
    by David Slattery & Joseph G. Nellis

  • 2011 Evaluation Without Bias: A Methodological Perspective On Performance Measures For Business Incubators
    by Shaoming CHENG & Peter V. SCHAEFFER

  • 2011 Model of CR Systems in the EU Countries
    by Gabriela Dubcová & Vilém Kunz

  • 2011 Outsourcing Company Accounting
    by Mihalache D. Arsenie-Samoil

  • 2011 Cloud Accounting
    by Mihalache D. Arsenie-Samoil

  • 2011 Putting different price tags on the same health condition: Re-evaluating the well-being valuation approach
    by Powdthavee, Nattavudh & van den Berg, Bernard

  • 2011 Equilibrium conditions in corporate tax competition and Foreign Direct Investment flows
    by Hristu-Varsakelis, Dimitrios & Karagianni, Stella & Saraidaris, Anastasios

  • 2011 Tactical transfers in a federal institutional setting
    by Gabriele Guggiola

  • 2011 Interjurisdictional tax competition for domestic and foreign capital
    by Li-Chen Hsu

  • 2011 The Influence of the Economic Crisis on EU Financial Regulations Changes
    by Dana Mihaela MURGESCU

  • 2011 Holding Canada's Cities to Account: an Assessment of Municipal Fiscal Management
    by Benjamin Dachis & William B.P. Robson

  • 2010 When Winning is the Only Thing: Pure Strategy Nash Equilibria in a Three-Candidate Spatial Voting Model
    by Richard Chisik & Robert J. Lemke

  • 2010 Особенности Социальной Защиты Населения В Омском Регионе: Методические Указания К Семинарским Занятиям И Срс
    by Kuznetsova, Elena & Filatov, Vasiliy

  • 2010 Особенности Социальной Защиты Населения В Омском Регионе
    by Kuznetsova, Elena & Filatov, Vasiliy

  • 2010 Местное Самоуправление И Социальная Работа
    by Kuznetsova, Elena

  • 2010 Incorporating Employee Heterogeneity into Default Rules for Retirement Plan Selection
    by Gopi Shah Goda & Colleen Flaherty Manchester

  • 2010 Inequality of Opportunity in the Credit Market
    by Giuseppe Coco & Giuseppe Pignataro

  • 2009 Free Riders and Cooperators in Public Goods Experiments: Can Evolutionary Dynamics Explain their Coexistence?
    by Angelo Antoci & Paolo Russu & Luca Zarri

  • 2009 Технология Социальной Работы: Методические Указания К Выполнению Самостоятельных Работ
    by Kuznetsova, Elena & Filatov, Vasiliy & Stankova, Marina & Shchitova, Tatiana

  • 2009 Теория Социальной Работы: Методические Указания К Семинарским Занятиям
    by Kuznetsova, Elena & Filatov, Vasiliy

  • 2009 Теория Социальной Работы: Методические Указания К Самостоятельной Работе Студентов
    by Kuznetsova, Elena & Filatov, Vasiliy

  • 2009 Динамика Региональной Системы Социальной Защиты Населения
    by Kuznetsova, Elena

  • 2009 Reverse Charging Purchases to Intra-transportation Means in the Context of New Tax Regulations
    by Ecobici, Nicolae & Busan, Gabriela

  • 2009 Taxation and regulation of smoking, drinking and gambling in the European Union
    by Sijbren Cnossen & D. Forrest & S. Smith

  • 2009 Desarrollo económico: retos y políticas públicas
    by Raquel Bernal & Adriana Camacho & Carmen Elisa Flórez & Alejandro Gaviria

  • 2009 Tomás Cabreira: um economista político num país de finanças avariadas
    by Ana Bela Nunes

  • 2009 Do Economists Believe American Democracy Is Working?
    by William L. Davis & Bob G. Figgins

  • 2009 Individual attitudes toward anti-corruption policies in Sub-Saharan Africa: Microeconometric evidence
    by Gbewopo Attila

  • 2009 Health insurance coverage and the role of income uncertainty
    by Swarnankur Chatterjee

  • 2009 Partial vaccination programs and the eradication of infectious diseases
    by Wataru Kureishi

  • 2008 Технология Социальной Работы: Учебное Пособие
    by Kuznetsova, Elena & Filatov, Vasiliy & Stankova, Marina & Shchitiva, Tatiana

  • 2008 Criticism, Communication and Debate in Public Environment
    by Ortigueira, Luis C.

  • 2008 Integration, decentralization, taxation, and revenue sharing : good governance, sustainable fiscal policy and poverty reduction as peace-keeping strategies
    by Hans-Georg Petersen

  • 2008 Federalism and Decentralization – A Critical Survey of Frequently Used Indicators
    by Lorenz Blume & Stefan Voigt

  • 2008 Can We Test for Bias in Scientific Peer-Review?
    by Oswald, Andrew J.

  • 2008 Can We Test for Bias in Scientific Peer-Review?
    by Oswald, Andrew J.

  • 2008 Il sistema dei permessi negoziabili per la gestione dell’acqua: un’analisi dei principali casi di studio
    by Simone Borghesi

  • 2008 Parallelimporte patentgeschützter Güter: Eine Option für die Schweiz?
    by Gebhard Kirchgässner

  • 2008 Kontrolní potenciál státu nad zprivatizovanými podniky
    by Jan Hanousek & Evžen Kočenda

  • 2008 Acquisition From Financial and Acconuting Aspect
    by Katarina Bandalovic & Jozo Krajina

  • 2008 Financing and Importance of Banking in Investment Operations of HEP Plc
    by Velimir Lovric

  • 2008 Do Drinkers Pay Their Way in the European Union?
    by Sijbren Cnossen

  • 2008 Economic Determinants of Driver's Behavior in Minas Gerais
    by Claudio Djissey Shikida & Guilherme de Castro & Ari Francisco de Araujo Jr.

  • 2008 Why some countries adopt ecolabeling schemes in their regulatory arsenal and others do not?
    by Gilles Grolleau & Sana El Harbi

  • 2007 An Analysis of PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes), Windham, Connecticut
    by Patrick Flaherty

  • 2007 Tax Dodging in the Recycling Wastage Collecting Area
    by Ciumag, Marin

  • 2007 Political Parties and Rent-seeking through Networks
    by Topi Miettinen & Panu Poutvaara

  • 2007 Türkiye’de Büyükşehir Belediyelerine Küre-Yerelleşme (Glocalization) ve Yerellik (Subsidiarity) Kavramları Çerçevesinde Bir Bakış
    by Hürriyet OLGUN

  • 2007 Implications of Return-Free Tax Systems for the Structure of the Individual Income Tax
    by Janet Holtzblatt

  • 2007 Un modelo eficiente para la financiación pública de la universidad española

  • 2007 A New Prescription: Can the BC-Alberta TILMA Resuscitate Internal Trade in Canada?
    by Kathleen E. Macmillan & Patrick Grady

  • 2006 The economic effects of direct democracy: A cross-country assessment
    by Voigt, Stefan

  • 2006 Foreign direct investment in the enlarged EU: do taxes matter and to what extent?
    by Wolff, Guntram B.

  • 2006 The Effects of Transfer into Fiscality Prices
    by Ciumag, Marin

  • 2006 Sudden Deaths: Taking Stock of Political Connections
    by Faccio, Mara & Parsley, David

  • 2006 Alcohol taxation and regulation in the European Union
    by Sijbren Cnossen

  • 2006 Tobacco taxation in the European Union
    by Sijbren Cnossen

  • 2006 Panel Data Analysis of the Time-Varying Determinants of Corruption
    by Guillaume R. Fréchette

  • 2006 Türkiye’de Büyükşehir Belediyeleri ve Küreselleşme Sürecine Eklemlenmeleri
    by Hürriyet Olgun

  • 2006 Tobacco Taxation in the European Union
    by Sijbren Cnossen

  • 2005 Failed States and Failed Economies: Nationalism and Economic Behavior, 1955-1995
    by Carl Mosk

  • 2005 Campaign Finance Laws and Political Efficacy: Evidence From the States
    by Jeffrey Milyo & David M. Primo

  • 2005 Market Design with Correlated Valuations
    by Yongmin Chen & Ruqu Wang

  • 2005 Derivatives, Fiscal Policy and Financial Stability
    by Oldani, Chiara & Savona, Paolo

  • 2005 When Does decentralization deliver? The Dilemma of Design
    by Sharma, Chanchal Kumar

  • 2005 Search Profiling with Partial Knowledge of Deterrence
    by Charles F. Manski

  • 2005 Lucky Stores, Gambling, and Addiction: Empirical Evidence from State Lottery Sales
    by Jonathan Guryan & Melissa S. Kearney

  • 2005 Educación y Mercado de Trabajo
    by Martín Tetaz

  • 2004 Managing Pesticide Risks for Non-Target Ecosystems with Pesticide Risk Indicators: a Multicriteria Approach
    by Chiara Maria Travisi & Peter Nijkamp & Marco Vighi & Paolo Giacomelli

  • 2004 Theoretical framework of public policies for welfare maximization
    by Isik, A.Kadir

  • 2004 Decentralization Dilemma: Measuring the Degree and Evaluating the Outcomes
    by Sharma, Chanchal Kumar

  • 2004 Why Decentralization ? The Puzzle of causation
    by Sharma, Chanchal Kumar

  • 2004 Principii Contabile si Reguli Fiscale
    by Ciumag, Marin

  • 2004 The German Public Pension System: How it Was, How it Will Be
    by Axel Boersch-Supan & Christina B. Wilke

  • 2004 Psychology and the Market
    by Edward L. Glaeser

  • 2003 Paying paper by paper
    by Thorolfur Matthiasson

  • 2003 The Federal Approach to FiscalDecentralisation: Conceptual Contours for Policy Makers
    by Sharma, Chanchal Kumar

  • 2002 Multiple-task common agency with one fully-informed principal: implications for public policy
    by Laurent Franckx & Alessio d'Amato

  • 2002 Terrorism From Within: An Economic Model of Terrorism
    by S. Brock Blomberg & Gregory D. Hess & Akila Weerapana

  • 2002 Why pay child benefits to Mothers?
    by Frances Woolley

  • 2001 Fiscal Instruments, Political Business Cycles and the Emu, Some Stylized Facts
    by Andrikopoulos, A.A. & Loizides, J.C. & Prodromidis, K.P.

  • 2001 Political Business Cycles and National Tax Policies in the EU Countries
    by Andrikopoulos, A.A. & Loizides, J.C. & Prodromidis, K.P.

  • 2001 Fiscal Instruments, Political Business Cycles and the Emu, Some Stylized Facts
    by Andrikopoulos, A.A. & Loizides, J.C. & Prodromidis, K.P.

  • 2001 Political Business Cycles and National Tax Policies in the EU Countries
    by Andrikopoulos, A.A. & Loizides, J.C. & Prodromidis, K.P.

  • 2001 Das Principal-Agent-Verhältnis zwischen Bevölkerung und Politik als zentrales Problem der Alterssicherung in Deutschland
    by Fasshauer, Stephan

  • 2001 The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Social Safety Nets: What Can the Caribbean Expect?
    by Karl Theodore & Althea Dianne La Foucade

  • 2001 Modeling the Costs and Environmental Benefits of Disposal Options for End-of-Life Electronic Equipment: The Case of Used Computer Monitors
    by Palmer, Karen & Macauley, Molly & Shih, Jhih-Shyang & Cline, Sarah & Holsinger, Heather

  • 2001 Selection and Oversight in the Public Sector, With the Los Angeles Police Department as an Example
    by Canice Prendergast

  • 2001 Differential mortality in the UK
    by Orazio Attanasio & Carl Emmerson

  • 2001 The Conference ""Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Public Finance"" 2001
    by David Trytko

  • 2000 Economic Effects of the 1999 Turkish Earthquakes: An Interim Report
    by Alexandra Bibbee & Rauf Gönenç & Scott Jacobs & Josef Konvitz & Robert W. R. Price

  • 2000 Teaching versus research: a model of state university competition
    by DEL REY, Elena

  • 2000 Bribes for Faster Delivery
    by Amal Sanyal

  • 2000 Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Public Finance
    by David Trytko

  • 1999 The Impact of Voter Initiatives on Economic Activity
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