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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H0: General
/ / H1: Structure and Scope of Government
/ / H2: Taxation, Subsidies, and Revenue
/ / H3: Fiscal Policies and Behavior of Economic Agents
/ / H4: Publicly Provided Goods
/ / H5: National Government Expenditures and Related Policies
/ / H6: National Budget, Deficit, and Debt
/ / H7: State and Local Government; Intergovernmental Relations
/ / H8: Miscellaneous Issues

This JEL code is mentioned in the follow RePEc Biblio entries:
  1. > Political Economy

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Trump's Bait and Switch: Job Creation in the Midst of Welfare State Sabotage
    by Pavlina R. Tcherneva

  • 2017 Competition or Coordination: Strategic Environmental Policymaking Across OECD Countries
    by Xu (Susan) Tang

  • 2017 Post-neonatal Mortality Impacts Following Grants from the Gavi Vaccine Alliance: An Econometric Analysis from 2000 to 2014
    by Robert John KOLESAR & Martine AUDIBERT

  • 2017 Direct democracy and government size: evidence from Spain
    by Carlos Sanz

  • 2017 The degree of compliance based on excise duties in Romania between 2002 and 2015
    by Todor Silvia Paula & Ghiur Rodica & Brezeanu Petre & Dumiter Florin & Boiță Marius

  • 2017 Preferences for antiviral therapy of chronic hepatitis C: a discrete choice experiment
    by Axel C. Mühlbacher & John F. P. Bridges & Susanne Bethge & Ch.-Markos Dintsios & Anja Schwalm & Andreas Gerber-Grote & Matthias Nübling

  • 2017 Volunteerism after the Tsunami: The Effects of Democratization
    by Tiago Freire & J. Vernon Henderson & Ari Kuncoro

  • 2017 Tax evasion in a Cournot oligopoly with endogenous entry
    by Laszlo Goerke

  • 2017 Financial Instruments of the Socially Responsible Economy
    by I.P. Denisova & S.N. Rukina & K.N. Samoylova & A.S. Takmazyan

  • 2017 The environmental impacts of green technologies in TX
    by Spiller, Elisheba & Sopher, Peter & Martin, Nicholas & Mirzatuny, Marita & Zhang, Xinxing

  • 2017 An empirical analysis of the nexus between investment, fiscal balances and current account balances in Greece, Portugal and Spain
    by Litsios, Ioannis & Pilbeam, Keith

  • 2017 Eine Behörde als simuliertes Unternehmen: Die Treuhandanstalt in der Unschärferelation zwischen Transformationspolitik, Wirtschaftsumbau und Umbruchsgesellschaft
    by Böick Marcus

  • 2017 Wieviel kapitalistisches Unternehmen steckte in den Betrieben des real existierenden Sozialismus?: Konzeptionelle Überlegungen und ein Fallbeispiel
    by Schulz Ulrike & Welskopp Thomas

  • 2017 Unternehmen im Transformationsprozess: Ostdeutsche und osteuropäische Perspektiven: Eine Einführung
    by Schulz Ulrike & Steinberg Swen

  • 2017 Sectoral Subsidies in West German Industrial Policy: Programmatic Objectives and Pragmatic Applications from the 1960s to the 1980s
    by Ahrens Ralf

  • 2017 West German Borderland Aid and European State Aid Control
    by Eckert Astrid M.

  • 2016 Intersectoral mobility and knowledge transfer. Preliminary evidence of the impact of intersectoral mobility policy instruments
    by Hristo Hristov & Milena Slavcheva & Koen Jonkers & Katarzyna Szkuta

  • 2016 Tax Evasion in a Cournot Oligopoly with Endogenous Entry
    by Laszlo Goerke

  • 2016 Alcune riflessioni sulle recenti decisioni della commissione in materia di rulings fiscali
    by Marco Boccaccio

  • 2016 Dal controllo ex ante al controllo ex post: la rivoluzione della modernizzazione degli aiuti di Stato
    by Marco Boccaccio

  • 2016 Brazil’s Enormous Interest Rate Tax: Can Brazilians Afford It?
    by Mark Weisbrot & Jake Johnston & Julia Villarruel Carrillo

  • 2016 No Big Deal: The Impact of New York City’s Paid Sick Days Law on Employers
    by Eileen Appelbaum & Ruth Mikman

  • 2016 The Price We Pay: Economic Costs of Barriers to Employment for Former Prisoners and People Convicted of Felonies
    by Cherrie Bucknor & Alan Barber

  • 2016 Still Working Hard: An Update on the Share of Older Workers in Physically Demanding Jobs
    by Cherrie Bucknor & Dean Baker

  • 2016 Low Visibility: The Fate of Air Traffic Control Privatization
    by Max B. Sawicky

  • 2016 Public Management in a Real Estate Area – Some Empirical Evidence from Polish Municipalities
    by Marona Bartłomiej

  • 2016 EMU after the Crisis: Key Challenges

  • 2016 The Role of the Institute of Fiscal Constitution in the System of Public Budgets in the Czech Republic

  • 2016 Policies for rural development in China – objectives and achieved results
    by Andreea-Emanuela Dragoi

  • 2016 The political economy of renewable energy policies in Germany and the EU
    by Strunz, Sebastian & Gawel, Erik & Lehmann, Paul

  • 2016 Selecting source of finance for infractructural investment at municipal level in malopolskie voivodship
    by Iwona Kik & Adam Nalepka

  • 2016 Krisenviren und der drohende Infarkt des Finanzsystems: Metaphorische Rechtfertigungen von Krisenpolitik
    by Kuck Kristin

  • 2016 Tax optimization and the firm's value: Evidence from the Tunisian context
    by Soufiene Assidi & Khaoula Aliani & Mohamed Ali Omri

  • 2015 China's One Belt One Road Strategy: The New Financial Institutions and India's Options
    by Chhibber, Ajay

  • 2015 Impact of Water and Sanitation on Selected Water Borne Diseases in India
    by Brijesh C. Purohit

  • 2015 Public Preferences for Carbon Tax Attributes
    by Z. Eylem Gevrek & Ayse Uyduranoglu

  • 2015 Pension Funding and the Economy: Would “Proper” Funding Cost Jobs?
    by Dean Baker & Nick Buffie

  • 2015 The Social Security Benefits of Sitting Senators in 2015
    by Alan Barber & Dean Baker

  • 2015 Who Would Pay More if the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap Were Raised or Scrapped?
    by Nicole Woo & Cherrie Bucknor & John Schmitt

  • 2015 Funding Liquidity, Market Liquidity and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns
    by Jean-Sébastien Fontaine & René Garcia & Sermin Gungor

  • 2015 Public Private Partnership Offers No Magic Solutions, But A Method For Resolving Community Needs
    by Pana Elena Cristina & Nisulescu Ileana & &

  • 2015 Policy challenges for the next 50 years
    by Henrik Braconier & Giuseppe Nicoletti & Ben Westmore

  • 2015 Local Budget Decisions
    by Cristinel ICHIM

  • 2015 Determinants of Loan Repayment: Experience from Indian Microcredit Programme
    by Ramu Maurya

  • 2015 Saving money when safeguarding species and habitats: Conventional vs. advance land acquisition for transportation mitigation
    by Sciara, Gian-Claudia & Stryjewski, Elizabeth

  • 2015 The architecture of federations: Constitutions, bargaining, and moral hazard
    by Luelfesmann, Christoph & Kessler, Anke & Myers, Gordon M.

  • 2015 Student satisfaction, league tables and university applications: Evidence from Britain
    by Gibbons, Stephen & Neumayer, Eric & Perkins, Richard

  • 2015 Macroeconomic and Financial Stability: Stress Testing of the Impacts of Macroeconomic Shocks on Credit/Asset Quality of Banking System in Kuwait based on Macro Econometric Model of Kuwait
    by Asraul HOQUE

  • 2015(XXV) The statistical significance of hippotherapy for children with psychomotor disabilities
    by Anca Nicoleta BILBA

  • 2014 Policy Challenges for the Next 50 Years
    by Henrik Braconier & Giuseppe Nicoletti & Ben Westmore

  • 2014 Can Trade be good for the environment?
    by Lapan, Harvey E. & Sikdar, Shiva

  • 2014 Policy implications of resource constraints on the European economy
    by Kurt Kratena & Mark Sommer

  • 2014 The Big Tax Increase Nobody Noticed
    by Dean Baker

  • 2014 The Affordable Care Act: A Family-Friendly Policy
    by Helene Jorgensen & Dean Baker

  • 2014 Business As Usual: New Jersey Employers’ Experiences with Family Leave Insurance
    by Sharon Lerner & Eileen Appelbaum

  • 2014 Documenting the Need for a National Paid Family and Medical Leave Program: Evidence from the 2012 FMLA Survey
    by Helene Jorgensen & Eileen Appelbaum

  • 2014 Scrapping the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap: Who Would Pay More?
    by Nicole Woo & Janelle Jones & John Schmitt

  • 2014 Expanding Family and Medical Leave to Small Firms
    by Helene Jorgensen & Eileen Appelbaum

  • 2014 Expanding Federal Family and Medical Leave Coverage: Who Benefits from Changes in Eligibility Requirements?
    by Helene Jorgensen & Eileen Appelbaum

  • 2014 A relação entre Estado e sociedade no século XXI. A perspectiva paraeconômica como estratégia neodesenvolvimentista
    by Dias, Taisa & Cario, Silvio

  • 2014 Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia: acerca de las transformaciones del Estado y la gestión del desarrollo
    by Villarroel Castro, Patricia

  • 2014 La décentralisation dans les pays en développement : une revue de la littérature - Decentralization in developing countries: A literature review
    by Grégoire ROTA-GRAZIOSI & Emilie CALDEIRA

  • 2014 Муниципальная статистика и проблемы сбора информации местной властью. The prospects of municipal statistics and local self-government data collection problems
    by Моляренко О.А.

  • 2014 The Financialization of Water
    by Kate Bayliss

  • 2014 Indicators for Measuring the Evolution of Local Budget Expenditure at the National Level, within the 2006-2012
    by Vezure Oana Sabina & Lupulescu-Cãruntu Roxana-Corina

  • 2014 The Role And Place Of Local Budget Within Local Public Finances
    by Cristinel ICHIM

  • 2014 Biofuel subsidies versus the gas tax: The carrot or the stick?
    by Mazumder, Diya B.

  • 2014 The effects of oil shocks on government expenditures and government revenues nexus (with an application to Iran's sanctions)
    by Dizaji, Sajjad Faraji

  • 2014 School feeding programs, intrahousehold allocation and the nutrition of siblings: Evidence from a randomized trial in rural Burkina Faso
    by Kazianga, Harounan & de Walque, Damien & Alderman, Harold

  • 2014 Not so modest: Pension benefits for full-career state government employees
    by Andrew G. Biggs

  • 2013 Critical Issues in Taxation and Development

  • 2013 Competition policy and poverty reduction: A holistic approach
    by Anderson, Robert D. & Müller, Anna Caroline

  • 2013 Policy Implementation in Italy: Legislation, Public Administration and the Rule of Law
    by Paul O'Brien

  • 2013 Bringing Back Subprime? The Hazards of Restructuring the GSEs
    by Dean Baker & Nicole Woo

  • 2013 The Affordable Care Act: A Hidden Jobs Killer?
    by Helene Jorgensen & Dean Baker

  • 2013 State Savings with an Efficient Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
    by Nicole Woo & Dean Baker

  • 2013 Reducing Waste With an Efficient Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
    by Dean Baker

  • 2013 Raising the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap: How Many Workers Would Pay More?
    by Nicole Woo & John Schmitt & Janelle Jones

  • 2013 The Real Problems of Mergers and Acquisitions
    by Cherbelea?ã Iuliana & Gogoncea Ramona

  • 2013 Corruption, with Emphasis on Health System
    by Panã Cristina Elena & Niºulescu-Ashrafzadeh Ileana

  • 2013 Some Considerations on the Fiscal Fraud Resulted from the Assignment of Social Shares
    by Dumitrescu Serju & Avram Marioara

  • 2013 Some Considerations Regarding The Manifestation Of Fiscal Fraud In Romania
    by Dumitrescu Serju & Avram Marioara & &

  • 2013 Sweden And Turkey: Two Models Of Welfare State In Europe
    by Simona Moagar Poladian & Andreea-Emanuela Dragoi

  • 2013 The Analysis of Fiscal Policy Shocks’ Transmission in Morocco
    by Hicham BADDI & Kamal LAHLOU

  • 2013 The Future of the European Union is Closely Related to a Stronger Economic Cooperation between Member States
    by Andreea Dragoi

  • 2013 L'evoluzione del sistema pensionistico italiano e i rapporti intergenerazionali
    by Felice Roberto Pizzuti

  • 2013 Generalizing the core design principles for the efficacy of groups
    by Wilson, David Sloan & Ostrom, Elinor & Cox, Michael E.

  • 2013 An economic evaluation of public programs for internationalization: The case of the Diagnostic program in Spain
    by Cansino, José M. & Lopez-Melendo, Jaime & Pablo-Romero, María del P. & Sánchez-Braza, Antonio

  • 2013 Power TAC: A competitive economic simulation of the smart grid
    by Ketter, Wolfgang & Collins, John & Reddy, Prashant

  • 2013 Taxation and the cash flow sensitivity of dividends
    by Jacob, Marcus & Jacob, Martin

  • 2013 The tax treatment of the family
    by Sita Nataraj Slavov & Aspen Gorry

  • 2013 Israeli corporate tax policy: A pro-growth system at risk
    by Alex Brill

  • 2013 Capital income taxation: Reframing the debate
    by Alan D. Viard

  • 2013 The multiplying risks of public employee pensions to state and local government budgets
    by Andrew G. Biggs

  • 2012 The Clash of Generations: Saving Ourselves, Our Kids, and Our Economy
    by Kotlikoff, Laurence J. & Burns, Scott

  • 2012 Social Spending, Taxes and Income Redistribution in Uruguay
    by Marisa Bucheli & Nora Lustig & Maximo Rossi & Florencia Amabile

  • 2012 Military spending: A perspective on the restructuring dynamics of the defense sector
    by Eleonora Gentilucci

  • 2012 Un’analisi critica dei lavori recenti del mainstream sugli effetti economici delle spese militari
    by Eleonora Gentilucci & Rémy Herrera

  • 2012 Military Spending and Economic Growth: The Case of Iran
    by Mohammad Reza Farzanegan

  • 2012 Window-Dressing and Lobbying in Performance-Budgeting: a Model for the Public Sector
    by Ivo Bischoff & Frédéric Blaeschke

  • 2012 The Chained CPI: A Painful Cut in Social Security Benefits and a Stealth Tax Hike
    by Alan Barber & Nicole Woo

  • 2012 Married … without Means: Poverty and Economic Hardship Among Married Americans
    by Shawn Fremstad

  • 2012 Attacking the Treasury View, Again
    by Dean Baker

  • 2012 Who's (Still) Above the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap?
    by Nicole Woo & Janelle Jones & John Schmitt

  • 2012 First Time Underwater: The Impact of the First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit
    by Dean Baker

  • 2012 The Impact on Inequality of Raising the Social Security Retirement Age
    by Dean Baker & David Rosnick

  • 2012 The Relationship Between Financial Transactions Costs and Economic Growth
    by Dean Baker & Helene Jorgensen

  • 2012 The Necessity of a Lower Dollar and the Route There
    by Dean Baker

  • 2012 A simple measure of the distributional burden of debt accumulation
    by Matt Jensen & Aspen Gorry

  • 2012 The City Management And Competitiveness: Elements Of The Urban Development Of Bucharest City
    by Ana-Claudia ?APARDEL & Florin-Alexandru ALEXE

  • 2012 Taxation on Incomes in Italian Agriculture
    by Antonio Di Majo

  • 2012 Mergers, Acquisitions and the Financial Crisis
    by Cherbeleaþã Iuliana

  • 2012 Financing Local Communities by Special Governmental Funds
    by Bunescu Liliana & ?ãran - Moro?an Adrian

  • 2012 Sustainable Development Aspects In Romania-Republic Of Serbia Ipa Cross-Border Cooperation Programme
    by Popescu (Stingaciu) Ana-Maria & Munteanu Nicolae-Eugen

  • 2012 Understanding Business Improvement District formation: An analysis of neighborhoods and boundaries
    by Meltzer, Rachel

  • 2012 Grain inflation: Identifying agent discretion in response to a conditional school nutrition program
    by Linden, Leigh L. & Shastry, Gauri Kartini

  • 2012 Regional Inequality in Contemporary China
    by Qinghua Zhang & Heng-fu Zou

  • 2012 Financing entitlements and promoting work: Does policy encourage early retirement?
    by Sita Nataraj Slavov & Aspen Gorry

  • 2011 Assessing the value of future accessions to the WTO Agreement on Gouvenement Procurement (GPA): Some new data sources, provisional estimates, and an evaluative framework for individual WTO members considering accession
    by Anderson, Robert D. & Pelletier, Philippe & Osei-Lah, Kodjo & Müller, Anna Caroline

  • 2011 Escalating Food Prices: The threat to poor households and policies to safeguard a Recovery for All
    by Isabel Ortiz & Jingqing Chai & Matthew Cummins

  • 2011 Politics Matter: Changes in Unionization Rates in Rich Countries, 1960-2010
    by John Schmitt & Alexandra Mitukiewicz

  • 2011 Maintaining and Improving Social Security for Poorly Compensated Workers
    by Shawn Fremstad

  • 2011 The Impact of Cutting Social Security Cost of Living Adjustments on the Living Standards of the Elderly
    by Dean Baker & David Rosnick

  • 2011 Who's Above the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap?
    by Nicole Woo & Janelle Jones & John Schmitt

  • 2011 Do Tax Cuts Boost the Economy?
    by David Rosnick & Dean Baker

  • 2011 When Numbers Don't Add Up: The Statistical Discrepancy in GDP Accounts
    by Dean Baker

  • 2011 Work Sharing: The Quick Route Back to Full Employment
    by Dean Baker

  • 2011 7 Things You Need to Know About the National Debt, Deficits, and the Dollar
    by Dean Baker & David Rosnick

  • 2011 Representative Ryan’s $30 Trillion Medicare Waste Tax
    by David Rosnick & Dean Baker

  • 2011 The Ryan Medicare Plan: Winners and Losers
    by Dean Baker & David Rosnick

  • 2011 The Potential Savings to Social Security from Means Testing
    by Dean Baker & Hye Jin Rho

  • 2011 The Origins and Severity of the Public Pension Crisis
    by Dean Baker

  • 2011 A Voluntary Default Savings Plan: An Effective Supplement to Social Security
    by Dean Baker

  • 2011 The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive
    by Dean Baker

  • 2011 Social Security
    by Andrew G. Biggs

  • 2011 The Real Tax Burden
    by Alan D. Viard & Alex Brill

  • 2011 Difficulties In Recognizing Into Accounting And Financial Reporting The Information On Stocks Into The Public Sector Entities In Romania

  • 2011 Considerations Regarding The Expenditures For Objectives And Economic Activities In Romania During Financial Crisis

  • 2011 Identifikace a kvantifikace daňových úlev v ČR v roce 2008
    by Květa Kubátová & Martin Jareš

  • 2011 The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Public Debt of Romania
    by Ispas Roxana & Simion Dalia & Patrutescu Monica

  • 2011 Current Economic And Medical Reforms In The Romanian Health Care System
    by Dragoi Mihaela Cristina

  • 2011 Trade union membership and dismissals
    by Goerke, Laszlo & Pannenberg, Markus

  • 2011 International debt shifting and multinational firms in developing economies
    by Fuest, Clemens & Hebous, Shafik & Riedel, Nadine

  • 2011 Interferences And Limits Of The Accounting Policies Specific To Fixed Tangible Assets Into The Public Sector Entities In Romania
    by Eugeniu Turlea & Aurelia Stefanescu & Florina Nicolae

  • 2011 Accrual Accounting, Foundation For The Financial Reporting Into The Public Sector Entities
    by Aurelia Stefanescu & Eugeniu Turlea

  • 2011 Cohesion Funding Member States Of The European Union Through Structural Instruments. Analysis Of The Degree Of Absorption Of Funds In The Operational Programmes In Romania
    by Mircea Simion

  • 2010 Ukraine, the European Union and the International Community: Current Challenges and the Agenda for Overcoming the Stalemate
    by Vasily Astrov & Igor Burakovsky & Grzegorz Gromadzki & Peter Havlik & Vasyl Yurchyshyn

  • 2010 The effects of privatisation and FDI on economic growth in Argentina
    by Rania Ihab Naguib

  • 2010 The effects of privatisation and FDI on economic growth in Argentina
    by Rania Ihab Naguib

  • 2010 Can Social Audits Count?
    by Shylashri Shankar

  • 2010 Policy Options for Reducing Poverty and Raising Employment Rates in Israel
    by Philip Hemmings

  • 2010 Tax reform in Europe over the next decades
    by Dr. Christin Lutz & Dr. Ulrike Lehr

  • 2010 Der Wachstumsbeitrag einer Senkung des Mehrwertsteuersatzes auf Hotelübernachtungen - Eine Simulationsrechnung
    by Anke Mönnig & Dr. Marc-Ingo Wolter

  • 2010 Working Paper 07-10 - The Belgian long-term care system
    by Peter Willemé

  • 2010 The High Budgetary Cost of Incarceration
    by John Schmitt & Kris Warner

  • 2010 Action on Social Security: The Urgent Need for Delay
    by Dean Baker

  • 2010 The Impact of Income Distribution on the Length of Retirement
    by Dean Baker & David Rosnick

  • 2010 The Myth of Expansionary Fiscal Austerity
    by Dean Baker

  • 2010 Feel No Pain: Why a Deficit in Times of High Unemployment is Not a Burden
    by Dean Baker

  • 2010 Hard Work? Patterns of Physically Demand Labor Among Older Workers
    by Hye Jin Rho

  • 2010 The Urgent Need for Job Creation
    by John Schmitt & Tessa Conroy

  • 2010 The Impact of Social Security Cuts on Retiree Income
    by Dean Baker & David Rosnick

  • 2010 The High Budgetary Cost of Incarceration
    by John Schmitt & Kris Warner & Sarika Gupta

  • 2010 Social Security and the Age of Retirement
    by David Rosnick

  • 2010 The Budget Deficit Scare Story and the Great Recession
    by Dean Baker

  • 2010 A Guide for Deficit Reduction in the United States Based on Historical Consolidations That Worked
    by Kevin A. Hassett & Andrew G. Biggs & Matt Jensen

  • 2010 The Impact of Fiscal Competition about International Double Taxation in a Nash Equilibrium Point of View
    by Trandafir Adina

  • 2010 Ingenious Methos to Reduce Taxes and Contributions Owed to the Romanian State
    by Negoescu Gheorghe & Popovici Veronica

  • 2010 Innovation - The Cornerstone Of Economic Succes At European Level
    by Anca Maria Hristea

  • 2010 Software Development Business Moving Towards A Unified Collaborative System In It. Saas May Be The New Orientation
    by Costin Aurelian-Razvan & Tolea Eniko Elisabeta

  • 2010 The Diagnosis Analysis Of Regional Innovation-Approaches And Opinion
    by Anca Maria Hristea

  • 2010 Desarrollo Turístico Y Empresarial En El Centro Historico De La Ciudad De Cartagena

  • 2010 The Interrelations Between The Central And Local Budgets In Romania - Problems And Possible Solutions
    by Florin Oprea

  • 2009 School Feeding Programs and th e Nutrition of Siblings: Evidence from a Randomized Trial in Rural Burkina Faso
    by Harounan Kazianga & Damien de Walque & Harold Alderman

  • 2009 Economic Growth and the Role of Taxation - Aggregate Data
    by Gareth D. Myles

  • 2009 On the optimal design of disaster insurance in a federation
    by Timothy J. Goodspeed & Andrew F. Haughwout

  • 2009 Political Economy of Property Tax Reform: Hawaii’s Experiment with Split Rate Property Taxation
    by Sally Kwak & James Mak

  • 2009 Imperfections in the Economics of Public Policy, Imperfections in Markets, and Climate Change
    by Nicholas Stern

  • 2009 Free Ride: The Senate Health Bill’s Approach to “Employer Responsibility” Means Some Large Employers Get to Take It Easy
    by Shawn Fremstad

  • 2009 Taming the Deficit: Saving Our Children from Themselves
    by Dean Baker & David Rosnick

  • 2009 The $1 Trillion Wage Deficit
    by Dean Baker & John Schmitt

  • 2009 Inequality as Policy: The United States Since 1979
    by John Schmitt

  • 2009 Job Sharing: Tax Credits to Prevent Layoffs and Stimulate Employment
    by Dean Baker

  • 2009 The Value of the “Too Big to Fail” Big Bank Subsidy
    by Dean Baker & Travis McArthur

  • 2009 Reimbursement Roulette: The Baucus Bill’s Too Playful Approach to “Play-or-Pay” in Health Care Reform
    by Shawn Fremstad

  • 2009 More Budget Belt-Tightening Means More Job Losses for States
    by Matt Sherman

  • 2009 Employer Responsibility in Health Care Reform: Potential Effects on Low- and Moderate-Income Workers
    by Shawn Fremstad

  • 2009 Cut Loose: State and Local Layoffs of Public Employees in the Current Recession
    by Matt Sherman & Nathan Lane

  • 2009 CBO Projects More Severe Downturn
    by Dean Baker

  • 2009 The Alphabet Soup Explained: An Analysis of the Special Lending Facilities at the Federal Reserve
    by Matthew Sherman

  • 2009 Paid Sick Days Don’t Cause Unemployment
    by John Schmitt & Hye Jin Rho & Alison Earle & Jody Heymann

  • 2009 Contagion Nation: A Comparison of Paid Sick Day Policies in 22 Countries
    by Jody Heymann & Hye Jin Rho & John Schmitt & Alison Earle

  • 2009 The State and Local Drag on the Stimulus
    by Dean Baker & Rivka Deutsch

  • 2009 Pay for Play? Tax Credits for Paid Time Off
    by Dean Baker

  • 2009 The Housing Crash Recession and the Case for a Third Stimulus
    by Dean Baker

  • 2009 Investment Bank Welfare? The Implicit Bank Subsidies in the Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF) and the Term Securities Lending Facility (TSLF) Created by the Federal Reserve Board
    by Dean Baker & Matthew Sherman

  • 2009 Bringing Home the Green Recovery: A User's Guide to the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
    by Shawn Fremstad & Radhika Fox & Jason Walsh

  • 2009 The Tax Provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
    by Shawn Fremstad

  • 2009 Summary of Individual, Corporate and Renewable-Energy Tax Provisions in the Senate and House Versions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
    by Shawn Fremstad

  • 2009 Leave No Child Behind: A Quick Take on How Congress Should Restructure the Child Tax Credit to More Fairly Value Families and Reduce Inequality
    by Shawn Fremstad

  • 2009 Spending Versus Tax Cuts: Who Pays the Cost of Political Compromise?
    by Dean Baker

  • 2009 Paid Parental Leave: Support for Parents with Newborn Children
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2009 Performance Benchmarking of Australian and New Zealand Business Regulation - Food Safety
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2009 Annual Review of Regulatory Burdens on Business: Social and Economic Infrastructure Services
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2009 Tax Policy Lessons from the 2000s
    by Alan D. Viard

  • 2009 The Importance of Direct Democracy Tools for the Quality of Political Competition at the National and Local Levels
    by Petr Chmelík

  • 2009 Taxes In Front Of The Economic Decline
    by Morar Ioan Dan

  • 2009 Public Budget And Taxes
    by Morar Ioan Dan

  • 2009 Guerra Fiscal: Uma Análise Quantitativa para Estados Participantes e Não Participantes
    by Sidnei Pereira do Nascimento

  • 2009 Decentralization And Local Autonomy - Local Public Management Defining Principles
    by Petronela Zaharia & Irina Bilouseac

  • 2008 The Impact of Retirement Benefits on Consumption and Saving in South Africa
    by Vasco C Nhabinde & Niek J Schoeman

  • 2008 The Impact of Banking Development on the Size of the Shadow Economy
    by Niloy Bose & Salvatore Capasso & Martin Wurm

  • 2008 The Impact of Retirement Benefits on Consumption and Saving in South Africa
    by V. C. Nhabinde & N J Schoeman

  • 2008 Trends in Aged Care Services: some implications
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2008 Asymmetrische Besteuerung unter Ausschüttungsbeschränkungen
    by Harald Jansen

  • 2008 Will Workers Survive State Budget Belt-Tightening?
    by Matthew Sherman

  • 2008 Argentina: The Crisis that Isn't
    by Mark Weisbrot

  • 2008 The Need for an Economic Stimulus Package
    by Heather Boushey

  • 2008 Дългосрочен Ефект На Застаряването Върху Публичните Финанси В България 2010-2050
    by Dimitar Vasilev & Tsvetan Hadzhiyski

  • 2008 Public goods’ attractiveness and migrations
    by Jean J., GABSZEWICZ & Salome, GVETADZE & Didier, LAUSSEL & Patrice, PIERETTI

  • 2008 Public goods’ attractiveness and migrations
    by GABSZEWICZ , Jean & Gvetadze, Salome & Laussel, Didier & Pieretti, Patrice

  • 2008 Policies to Improve the Resiliency of Long-Term Social Security Financing
    by Andrew G. Biggs

  • 2008 Review of Australia's Consumer Policy Framework
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2008 Performance Benchmarking of Australian Business Regulation: Cost of Business Registrations
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2008 Performance Benchmarking of Australian Business Regulation: Quantity and Quality
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2008 Responsibility, Determinant For The Efficiency Of Governance
    by Florina Popa

  • 2008 Wealth accumulation motives: evidence from the probate records of Ontario, 1892 and 1902
    by Livio Di Matteo

  • 2007 Explaining differences in environmental governance patterns between Canada, Italy and the United States
    by Breton, Albert & Scott, Anthony & Fraschini, Angela

  • 2007 Financial Performance of Government Trading Enterprises 2004-05 to 2005-06
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2007 Public Investment, Distributive Politics and Economic Growth
    by Francisca Guedes de Oliveira

  • 2007 Predicting Tax Reform
    by Kevin A. Hassett & Aparna Mathur

  • 2007 Revenue-Maximizing Corporate Income Taxes
    by Kevin A. Hassett & Alex Brill

  • 2007 The Taxation of Corporate Gains on Sales of Depreciable Property (Technical Version)
    by Kevin A. Hassett & Alan D. Viard

  • 2007 The Dormant Commerce Clause and the Balkanization of the Municipal Bond Market (with Technical Appendix)
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