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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H8: Miscellaneous Issues
/ / / H89: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Контрактация И Квазирынок Как Форма Взаимодействия Государства И Медиа В Российских Регионах
    by Довбыш О. С.

  • 2017 The effect of talent management on organizational performance: applied study in Jordanian banks
    by Najm A. & Manasrah, Alaa K.

  • 2017 The Breadth of Success and Failure Factors with PPPs Implementation
    by Ncedo Cameron Xhala & Juraj Nemec & Kahilu Kajimo-Shakantu

  • 2017 Logic Models: Strengths and Weaknesses in the Context of Programmes Funded by the European Union
    by Albena Vutsova & Daniel Nigohosyan

  • 2017 Multilingualism and the International Patent System: an Assessment of the Fairness of the Language Policy of WIPO
    by Michele Gazzola

  • 2016 Non-monotonic Selection Issues in Electoral Regression Discontinuity Designs
    by de Lazzer, Jakob

  • 2016 Voting and Popularity
    by Kirchgässner, Gebhard

  • 2016 The effect of news on the radicalization of public opinion towards immigration
    by Massimiliano Agovino & Maria Rosaria Carillo & Nicola Spagnolo

  • 2016 Mind what your voters read: Media exposure and international economic policy making
    by Facchini, Giovanni & Frattini, Tommaso & Signorotto, Cora

  • 2016 The Preservation of Historic Districts - Is it Worth it?
    by Sevrin Waights

  • 2016 Rational Skeptics: On the Strategic Communication of Scientific Data
    by Joungseok Park

  • 2016 Corruption Via Media Capture: The Effect of Competition
    by Samarth Vaidya & Rupayan Gupta

  • 2016 Prospects For The Development Of Prosumer Energy In Poland
    by Magdalena Zajaczkowska

  • 2016 Tax Stories from South Anatolia
    by Mesut Sert

  • 2016 Raw-material-intensive Economy and Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Kazakhstan
    by Nurlan Kurmanov & Berik Beisengaliyev & Amangeldy Dogalov & Dametken Turekulova & Nurzhamal Kurmankulova

  • 2016 Media Coverage, Public Perceptions, and Consumer Behavior: Insights from New Food Technologies
    by Jill J. McCluskey & Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes & Johan Swinnen

  • 2015 Prospects for the development of prosumer energy in Poland
    by Magdalena Zajaczkowska

  • 2015 Towards Putting a Price on the Risk of Bank Failure
    by Daniel Snethlage

  • 2015 Exposing politicians’ ties to criminal organizations: the effects of local government dissolutions on electoral outcomes in southern Italian municipalities
    by Gianmarco Daniele & Benny Geys

  • 2015 Analytical hierarchy as tool for decision making in public management
    by Félix César Mejías Garrido

  • 2015 A demand for encompassment: A Hayekian experimental parable about political psychology
    by Daniel B Klein & Xiaofei (Sophia) Pan & Daniel Houser & Gonzalo Schwarz

  • 2015 Empirical Investigation On The Corporate Financing For Sport Development In E.U
    by Sebastian Madalin MUNTEANU

  • 2015 Exposure to television and individual beliefs: Evidence from a natural experiment
    by Hennighausen, Tanja

  • 2015 Collective beliefs and horizontal interactions between groups: the case of political parties
    by Olivier Ouzilou

  • 2014 E-government: the youngest brother
    by Raquel Insa-Ciriza & Maria Pujol-Jover & Carme Riera-Prunera

  • 2014 Extending the 'voting with the feet' proposition: The impact of local economic development actions on immigration across Mexican municipalities

  • 2014 Quantitative Evaluation of Prevention Strategies in Public Health
    by Schinaia, Giuseppe & Parisi, Valentino

  • 2014 Greening Household Behaviour: Cross-domain Comparisons in Environmental Attitudes and Behaviours Using Spatial Effects
    by Zachary Brown

  • 2014 An Evaluation of the Transparency in the Inspection Practices of the Turkish Government Auditing Units over General Budget Institutions
    by Gök, Musa & Akar, Sevda

  • 2014 Boldog-boldogtalan - a közpolitika szerepe
    by Lelkes, Orsolya

  • 2014 Centralized institutions and cascades
    by Rubin, Jared

  • 2014 Preferences for government interventions in the economy: Does gender matter?
    by Migheli, Matteo

  • 2014 Unintended consequences of enforcement in illicit markets
    by Prieger, James E. & Kulick, Jonathan

  • 2013 Emergency Aid 2.0
    by Fuchs, Andreas & Klann, Nils-Hendrik

  • 2013 Barreiro – Modelo para a implementação de um Agência de Investimento Local
    by Rosa, Frederico

  • 2013 What should every Young Farmer know about Agro lending?
    by Kovachev, Goran

  • 2013 Exposure to Television and Individual Beliefs: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
    by Tanja Hennighausen

  • 2013 The Globalization Of The World Economy And Its Impact On The Development Of Accounting Reports In Ukraine
    by Mihail PRODANCIUK

  • 2013 Next Generation Spectrum Regulation:Price-Guided Radio Policy
    by Kenneth R. CARTER

  • 2012 Exposure to television and individual beliefs: Evidence from a natural experiment
    by Hennighausen, Tanja

  • 2012 Ruling Narrowly: Learning and Law Creation
    by Giri Parameswaran

  • 2012 Campaign Contributions over CEOs’ Careers
    by Adam R. Fremeth & Brian Kelleher Richter & Brandon Schaufele

  • 2012 Cultural and Political Determinants of Air Quality
    by Francisca Guedes de Oliveira & Alexandra Leitão

  • 2012 The Social Perception of Actors on the New Local Public Management and Its Reform. A Survey at Timisoara City Hall
    by Ariana Lavinia MOŞ & Nicolae BIBU

  • 2012 The 2008 Election Moment. Iasi, the First Uninominal Elections (English version)
    by Nicolae LUPASCU

  • 2012 Electoral Campaigns in the Process of Transition to Democracy in Romania after December 1989. Research Theme: Local Campaign for Mayor’s Office of Iasi, 2004 – The Construction of a Political Product (English version)
    by Nicolae LUPASCU

  • 2012 European Administrative Cooperation in the Field of Taxation
    by Florin TUDOR

  • 2012 Corruption and bureaucracy in public services
    by Luminiţa Ionescu & George Lăzăroiu & Gheorghe Iosif

  • 2011 The Washroom Game
    by Heufer, Jan

  • 2011 Saracco e i problemi finanziari del Regno d'Italia
    by Fraschini, Angela

  • 2011 Perceptions about the mass media among the students from Republic of Moldova
    by Stefanescu, Razvan & Dumitriu, Ramona & Nistor, Costel

  • 2011 Centralized institutions and cascades
    by Rubin, Jared

  • 2011 Experiment on the Demand for Encompassment
    by Klein, Daniel & Pan, Xiaofei & Houser, Daniel & Schwarz, Gonzalo

  • 2011 Experiment on the Demand for Encompassment
    by Daniel Klein & Xiaofei (Sophia) Pan & Daniel Houser & Gonzalo Schwartz

  • 2011 The consequences of Fiscal Episodes in OECD Countries for Aid Supply
    by Sena Kimm GNANGNON

  • 2011 The role of specific legislation in combating undeclared work and its socio-economic effects
    by Baciu Iacob

  • 2011 The Financial Crisis Of 2007 – 2008 A Review Of The Timeline And Of Its Causes

  • 2010 Don't tax me? Determinants of individual attitudes toward progressive taxation
    by Heinemann, Friedrich & Hennighausen, Tanja

  • 2010 Three-Candidate Competition When Candidates Have Valence: Stochastic Voting
    by Evrenk, Haldun & Kha, Dmitriy

  • 2010 Three-Candidate Spatial Competition When Candidates Have Valence: Asymmetric Voter Density and Plurality Maximization
    by Evrenk, Haldun

  • 2010 Theoretical And Practical Approach Regarding Density And Penetration Insurance On Accident & Health Premiums
    by Fekete Szilveszter & Sucala Lucia & Radulescu Gentiana & Oprean Delia

  • 2010 The Corruption Trend among Public Officials in Malaysia: An Overview
    by Noor Sulastry Yurni Ahmad

  • 2009 Political connectedness and firm performance: Evidence from Germany
    by Niessen, Alexandra & Ruenzi, Stefan

  • 2009 A Review of the Potential Impacts of the Métis Human Resources Development Agreements in Canada
    by Andrew Sharpe & Jean-François Arsenault

  • 2009 Compatibility of the Content of Bachelor Programs in Public Administration with the Needs of Good Governance - A Comparison: EU-US
    by Matei, Lucica & Matei, Ani

  • 2009 Policy Advice Derived From Simulation Models
    by Brenner, Thomas & Werker, Claudia

  • 2009 The Making of Policy: Institutionalized or Not?
    by Carlos Scartascini & Mariano Tommasi

  • 2009 Political Institutions and Street Protests in Latin America
    by Fabiana Machado & Carlos Scartascini & Mariano Tommasi

  • 2009 Political Institutions and Street Protests in Latin America
    by Carlos Scartascini & Mariano Tommasi & Fabiana Velasques de Paula Machado

  • 2009 The Making of Policy: Institutionalized or Not?
    by Carlos Scartascini & Mariano Tommasi

  • 2009 The Consumption Value of Higher Education
    by Annette Alstadsæter & Hans Henrik Sievertsen

  • 2009 Measuring the Consumption Value of Higher Education
    by Annette Alstadsæter

  • 2009 Values from the principal axiological theories: A priori and independent qualities of things and human acts
    by Cristina Seijo

  • 2009 The New Rural Paradigm And The Public Policies In France: Rural Excellence Poles
    by Natario, Maria Manuela & Neto, Paulo Alexandre

  • 2008 Three-Candidate Competition when Candidates Have Valence: The Base Case
    by Evrenk, Haldun

  • 2008 Højre, venstre eller midte? Et empirisk perspektiv på partirummet i dansk politik
    by Kurrild-Klitgaard, Peter & Klemmensen, Robert & Pedersen, Mogens N.

  • 2008 The Effect of Legal Families on the Development of Business Law in China: Who’s Really Writing the Rules of the Game?
    by Krug, B. & Betancourt, N.E.

  • 2008 L'État et ses épreuves : éléments d'une sociologie des agencements étatiques
    by Dominique Linhardt

  • 2008 Lo público en la globalización
    by Jorge Enrique Coronel López

  • 2008 Gobernanza e innovación social. El caso de las políticas públicas en materia de ciencia y tecnología en Euskadi
    by Mikel Zurbano Irizar

  • 2008 Financing Of Public Services Through Public Private Partnership Projects

  • 2007 Rationalité, relativisme, évolution sociale: une analyse critique du modèle cognitiviste de Boudon-Weber
    by Fusari, Angtelo

  • 2007 Do Households Benefit from Financial Deregulation and Innovation? The Case of the Mortgage Market
    by Kristopher Gerardi & Harvey S. Rosen & Paul Willen

  • 2007 Ruptura Colonial. En búsqueda del ethos económico
    by Mauricio Andrés Ramírez Gómez

  • 2006 Rural Digital Services
    by Mukerji, Anirban

  • 2006 Il mercato della musica e INTERNET: una analisi economica
    by M. Ziliotti

  • 2006 Mill on Slavery, Property Rights and Paternalism
    by Mauricio Pérez Salazar

  • 2005 A Measure of Media Bias
    by Jeffrey Milyo & Tim Groseclose

  • 2005 De la société salariale à la société entrepreneuriale (From the society of wage-earners to the entrepreneurship society)
    by Sophie Boutillier

  • 2005 The Impact of International Economic Sanctions on Trade Empirical Evidence over the Period 1960-2000
    by Raul CARUSO

  • 2005 La prueba de razonabilidad y la estabilidad de las reglas de juego
    by María Mercedes Cuéllar

  • 2004 An Enabling Mechanism for the Creation, Adjustment, and Dissolution of States and Governmental Units
    by Kjell Hausken & John F. Knutsen

  • 2004 The Y2K scare: causes, costs and cures
    by John Quiggin

  • 2004 Gerardo Molina y el Estado Providente
    by Gonzalo Cataño

  • 2003 La création de valeur par l'université:une perspective partenariale
    by Gérard Charreaux

  • 2002 A Framework for Teaching the Rational Voter Model in Public Choice Courses
    by Cebula, Richard & Lawson, Luther

  • 2002 Technical Efficiency of Vietnamese Industrial SOEs and Non-SOEs
    by Quoc Ngu Vu

  • 2001 Entry Restrictions, Corruption and Extortion in the Context of Transition
    by Inna Cabelkova

  • 2001 Entry Restrictions, Corruption and Extortion in the Context of Transition
    by Inna Cabelkova

  • 2001 Recursive Dynamic Cge Analysis – The Road To Economic Recovery In Asia
    by Zhi Wang & Dianqing Xu

  • 2001 Philippine – The 1997–1999 Philippine Economic Downturn: A Preventable One
    by Edita A. Tan

  • 2001 Indonesia – Indonesia'S Responses To The Recent Economic Crisis
    by Anwar Nasution

  • 2001 Malaysia – Financial Crisis In Malaysia
    by Mohamed Ariff & Michael Meow-Chung Yap

  • 2001 Thailand – 1997 Thai Financial Crisis
    by Chawin Leenabanchong

  • 2001 Taiwan – Financial Crisis In East Asia
    by Teh-Ming Huo

  • 2001 Hong Kong – Financial Crisis In The Case Of Hong Kong: Last In, Last Out?
    by Chyau Tuan & Linda F.Y. Ng

  • 2001 Singapore – Coping With The Asian Financial Crisis: The Singapore Experience
    by Kee-jin Ngiam

  • 2001 Korea – Korea Financial Crisis: The Crisis Of A Development Model?
    by Jaymin Lee

  • 2001 China – Financial Crisis And Chinese Economy
    by Dianqing Xu

  • 2001 Japan – Japan'S Bubble Economy And Asia
    by Hua Sing Lim

  • 2001 An Overview Of The Financial Crisis In East Asia
    by Tzong-shian Yu

  • 2000 Average Effective Tax Rates on Capital, Labour and Consumption
    by David Carey & Harry Tchilinguirian

  • 2000 Informational Lobbying And Political Contributions
    by Bennedsen, Morten & Feldmann, Sven E.

  • 2000 Lobbying Legislatures
    by Bennedsen, Morten & Feldmann, Sven E.

  • 1999 Discrete Public goods with incomplete information
    by Flavio Menezes & Paulo Klinger Monteiro & Akram Temimi

  • 1999 La genealogía del liberalismo: una lectura económica del “Segundo Tratado sobre el Gobierno Civil” de John Locke
    by Mauricio Pérez Salazar

  • 1998 A re-examination of an Irish government popularity function
    by Harrison, Michael & Marsh, Michael

  • 1998 Discrete Public Goods With Incomplete Information
    by Menezes, F.M. & Monteiro, P.K. & Temini, A.

  • 1997 The Way We Were (And Are): Changes in Public Finance and Its Textbooks
    by Harvey S. Rosen

  • 1996 The Social Costs of Rent Control Revisited
    by Edward L. Glaeser

  • 1994 The Role of Political Constraints in Transition Strategies
    by Roland, Gérard

  • 1994 On the Speed and Sequencing of Privatization and Restructuring
    by Roland, Gérard

  • 1994 The EC and World Protectionism: Dimensions of the Political Economy
    by Winters, L. Alan

  • 1993 The Design of Reform Packages Under Uncertainty
    by Dewatripont, Mathias & Roland, Gérard

  • 1990 A Brief Empirical Note on the Impact of Welfare Benefit Levels on Property Crime in the United States
    by Cebula, Richard

  • 1981 The Electoral College and Voter Participation Rates: Reply
    by Cebula, Richard & Murphy, Dennis

  • 1968 A Macro Model of the U.S. Labor Market (revised)
    by Stanley W. Black & Harry Kelejian

  • Public health prevention strategies. A mathematical model
    by Giuseppe Schinaia & Valentino Parisi

  • Tax Collector With A Horse: As A Method Of Tax Collection
    by Mesut Sert

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