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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H8: Miscellaneous Issues
/ / / H80: General
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Portugal: a Paradox in Productivity
    by Ricardo Pinheiro Alves

  • 2017 The Origins of Common Identity: Division, Homogenization Policies and Identity Formation in Alsace-Lorraine
    by Sirus Dehdari & Kai Gehring

  • 2017 Spiritual Intelligence And Compassion In Public Administration
    by Aurel Mircea NITA

  • 2017 Forecasting Initial Public Offering Pricing Using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Algorithm and Support Vector Machine (SVM) In Iran
    by Shaho Heidari Gandoman & Navab Kiamehr & Mahmood Hemetfar

  • 2017 Governance and economic growth in Asia
    by Huang, Chiung-Ju & Ho, Yuan-Hong

  • 2017 Développement financier et fragilité financière : les deux faces d'une même médaille ?
    by Svetlana Andrianova & Panicos O. Demetriades

  • 2016 An Economic Theory of 'Destabilization War' '- Compromise for Peace versus Conventional, Guerilla, or Terrorist Warfare
    by Gries, Thomas & Haake, Claus-Jochen

  • 2016 Aging, Social Security Design, and Capital Accumulation
    by Antoine Dedry & Harun Onder & Pierre Pestieau

  • 2016 Wealth and Politics: Studies on Inter Vivos Transfers and Partisan Effects
    by Christoph Schinke

  • 2016 Defaults, Mandates, and Taxes: Policy Design with Active and Passive Decision-Makers
    by Jacob Goldin & Nicholas Lawson

  • 2016 Are Constitutional States Able to Drive the Global Technological Change?
    by Krzysztof WASNIEWSKI

  • 2016 Economic and political determinants of exchange rate regimes: The case of Latin America
    by Rodriguez, Cesar M.

  • 2016 Economic and political determinants of exchange rate regimes: The case of Latin America
    by Cesar M. Rodriguez

  • 2015 Evaluation der Förderung für das Ernährungshandwerk am Beispiel selbstschlachtender Metzger
    by Efken, Josef & Krug, Oliver & Peter, Günter

  • 2015 Cultural Transmission of Civic Attitudes
    by Daniel Miles-Touya & Máximo Rossi

  • 2015 Role of Instant Messenger in Turkish People Life
    by Bağkur, Mehmet

  • 2015 Sacred Values? The Effect of Information on Attitudes toward Payments for Human Organs
    by Julio J. Elias & Nicola Lacetera & Mario Macis

  • 2015 Aging, Social Security Design, and Capital Accumulation
    by Antoine Dedry & Harun Onder & Pierre Pestieau

  • 2015 Institutional distance and foreign direct investment
    by R. Cezar & O. R. Escobar

  • 2015 Índice de Competitividad Municipal 2013: Metodología para su construcción basada en Análisis Factorial y su aplicación en municipios urbanos en México || Municipal Competitiveness Index 2013: Methodology of definition based on Factorial Analysis and application to Mexican urban municipalities
    by Guillermo Peón, Sylvia Beatriz & García Pérez, Israel Gerardo

  • 2015 Importance Of Applying Data Envelopment Analysis In Case Of Higher Educational Institutions
    by Labas Istvan & & &

  • 2015 Performance budgeting in Korea: Overview and assessment
    by Nowook Park & Joung-Jin Jang

  • 2015 Economic Crisis and the New Paradigm of Public Support of the Patronized Goods
    by Rubinstein, A.

  • 2015 Lokale Kriminalitätsberichterstattung: Abbild oder Zerrspiegel von Kriminalität?
    by Eric van Um & Michael Huch & Mathias Bug

  • 2015 Regionale Kriminalitätsbelastung und Kriminalitätsfurcht: Befunde der WISIND-Studie
    by Mathias Bug & Martin Kroh & Kristina Meier

  • 2015 Gefährliche Nachbarschaft? Welches Bild von Kriminalität die deutsche lokale und regionale Tagespresse zeichnet: Ergebnisse einer standardisierten Inhaltsanalyse
    by Holger Ihle & Uli Bernhard & Marco Dohle

  • 2015 Regional Crime Rates and Fear of Crime: WISIND Findings
    by Mathias Bug & Martin Kroh & Kristina Meier

  • 2015 Budgetary Dilemmas Related to Climate Change
    by Gábor Kutasi

  • 2014 Estado, planejamento, gestão e desenvolvimento. Balanço da experiência brasileira e desafios no século XXI
    by Cardoso Jr., José Celso

  • 2014 US Supreme Court Unanimously Chooses Substance over Form in Foreign Tax Credit Case: Implications of the PPL Decisions for the Creditability of Cash-Flow Taxes
    by McLure, Charles E. & Mintz, Jack & Zodrow, George R.

  • 2014 Expropriation risk, investment decisions and economic sectors
    by Vaz Antunes Pereira Correia, José Ricardo & Peña Sánchez de Rivera, Juan Ignacio & Restrepo Ochoa, Diana Constanza & Población, Javier

  • 2014 Government Ideology, Globalization, and Top Income Shares in OECD Countries
    by Christoph Schinke

  • 2014 Book Review Essay: Public–Private Partnering in Natural Resource Extraction
    by Michael Stevenson

  • 2014 An Evaluation of the Transparency in the Inspection Practices of the Turkish Government Auditing Units over General Budget Institutions
    by Gök, Musa & Akar, Sevda

  • 2014 Development Of E-Governance Instruments In Public Administration Local Institutions In Bihor County
    by Saveanu Tomina Gabriela & Abrudan Maria-Madela & Saveanu Sorana Mihaela

  • 2014 Analysis Of The Financial Management Of The University Of Debrecen
    by Labas Istvan

  • 2014 Evaluating the capability of the UK Treasury, 1990-2013
    by Richard Allen

  • 2014 The Impact of Longevity on Health Care Systems
    by Jan Mertl

  • 2014 Political connections and operational performance of non-financial firms: New evidence from Poland
    by Jackowicz, Krzysztof & Kozłowski, Łukasz & Mielcarz, Paweł

  • 2013 Beliefs in Foreign Policy Goals and American Citizens' Support for Foreign Aid
    by Dukhong Kim

  • 2013 African Development,Partnership and Rationality Challenge:An Exposition

  • 2013 Socioeconomic Status of Scheduled Tribes
    by Rao, D. Pulla

  • 2013 Surveillance and Control of Fiscal Consolidation on a Supranational Level
    by Bas van Aarle

  • 2013 Identification for Development:The Biometrics Revolution
    by Alan Gelb and Julia Clark

  • 2013 Consumers' Complaints, the Nature of Corruption, and Social Welfare
    by J. Atsu Amegashie

  • 2013 The effects of Financial & Institutional Systems on International Trade, Specialization and Foreign Direct Investment
    by Cezar, Rafael

  • 2013 Corruption and Income Inequality in Asian Countries: Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Test
    by Chiung-Ju Huang

  • 2013 La Domanda Di Sport Professionistico Nelle Leghe Minori: Analisi Comparata Lega Pro - Football League
    by Francesco Addesa

  • 2013 Empirische Forschung zum Personalmanagement in Kulturbetrieben: Ein Literaturueberblick (Empirical Research on Human Resource Management in Arts Organizations: a Review)
    by Hausmann, Andrea

  • 2013 Military communication – form of human communication
    by Constantin AFRIM & Mircea COSMA

  • 2012 Party Nomination Procedures and Quality of Government
    by Fernando Aragon

  • 2012 Economic Ideas of Rifa`ah al-Tahtawi
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2012 Heterogeneity of taxation in EA Member countries and some implications for EA fiscal governance
    by Bernardi, L.

  • 2012 Funding higher education and wage uncertainty: Income contingent loan versus mortgage loan
    by Migali, Giuseppe

  • 2011 Mapping Out Economics of Non Profit Sector in Turkish Context
    by Taptuk Emre Erkoc

  • 2011 The paths of coffee: A brief economic history of coffee in Colombia
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2011 Institutional Change And Inter-Institutional Cooperation – Challenge And Opportunity For Economic Growth And Innovation
    by DUMITRU, Cornelia & GROBBE, Frans

  • 2011 Riqueza, pobreza e impuestos como factores de desarrollo

  • 2011 The Social Component Of The Community Justice Reform
    by Emilian M. Dobrescu & Tiberiu-Viorel Popescu

  • 2010 An Examination of the Relation between State Fiscal Health and Amnesty Enactment
    by Hari Luitel & Mehmet Serkan Tosun

  • 2010 Inequality of opportunity in the credit market
    by Coco, Giuseppe & Pignataro, Giuseppe

  • 2010 Мировой Экономический Кризис И Маркетинговая Деятельность В России
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 2010 China's Financial Sector Reforms
    by Richard Herd & Samuel Hill & Charles Pigott

  • 2010 The Sociological School of Italian Science of Finance: A Retrospective View
    by Antonio Di Majo

  • 2010 Romanian Public Marketing in Terms of Necessity,Collaboration and Mix
    by Adriana Grigorescu, & Alina Elena Blalia,


  • 2010 The Corruption Trend among Public Officials in Malaysia: An Overview
    by Noor Sulastry Yurni Ahmad

  • 2009 Nodokļu ieņēmumu modelēšana, izmantojot sistēmdinamikas metodi
    by Skribans, Valerijs

  • 2009 Crime, Corruption and Institutions
    by Ishita Chatterjee & Ranjan Ray

  • 2009 Values from the principal axiological theories: A priori and independent qualities of things and human acts
    by Cristina Seijo

  • 2009 Evaluation Of Municipal Services In Selected Wards Of Dhaka City Corporation: Citizen’S Perspective
    by Mohammad Shakil AKTHER & Ishrat ISLAM & Md Musleh Uddin HASAN

  • 2009 A Spatial Analysis On The Provision Of Urban Public Services And Their Deficiencies: A Study Of Some Selected Blocks In Khulna City, Bangladesh
    by Khan Rubayet RAHAMAN & Md. SALAUDDIN

  • 2009 Political Economy and Social Welfare with Voting Procedure
    by Jamal Nazrul Islam & Haradhan Kumar Mohajan & Pahlaj Moolio

  • 2009 A atuação das elites políticas regionais e sua repercussão no desenvolvimento do planalto médio gaùcho no brasil, 1930-1945
    by Maria Eloisa Cavalheiro

  • 2009 The Investment Activity And The Financing Problems During The Crisis In Romania
    by Ana POPA, PhD Prof., & Anca BĂNDOI, PhD Assoc. prof., & Laura LAURA GIURCĂ VASILESCU, PhD Assoc. prof.,

  • 2008 ICT Governance: Towards Federalized Structure and Solution
    by Connelly, John

  • 2008 Strengths And Weaknesses Of The New Public Management (NPM)- Cross-Sectional And Longitudinal Analysis
    by Oehler-Sincai, Iulia Monica

  • 2008 Social Quality and Precarity: Approaching New Patterns of Societal (Dis)Integration
    by Herrmann, Peter & van der Maesen, Laurent J.G.

  • 2008 Cyclical Fiscal Policy, Output Volatility, and Economic Growth
    by Harald Badinger

  • 2008 Il prestito della pace. Un progetto vaticano elaborato durante la grande guerra / ‘The loan of peace’: a Vatican project devised during World War I
    by Varnier, Giovanni Battista

  • 2008 Why is the Military Draft Common? Conscription and Increasing Returns
    by Yew-Kwang Ng

  • 2008 Lo público en la globalización
    by Jorge Enrique Coronel López

  • 2007 Conflict and Conflict Managment with Asymmetric Stakes (The Bad-Cop and the Good Cop part II)
    by Caruso, Raul

  • 2007 Determinants of Direct Democracy
    by Nadia Fiorino & Roberto Ricciuti

  • 2007 The Economic Effects of Direct Democracy – A First Global Assessment
    by Lawrence Blume & Jens Müller & Stefan Voigt

  • 2007 Corrupcion Y Concentracion Del Ingreso: Su Impacto En Las Empresas Latinoamericanas

  • 2006 Funding Higher Education and Wage Uncertainty : Income Contingent Loan versus Mortgage Loan
    by Migali, Giuseppe

  • 2006 Can we teach civic attitudes?
    by Daniel Miles Touya

  • 2006 Kharaj and land proprietary right in the sixteenth century: An example of law and economics
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2006 Some Propositions on Intergenerational Risk Sharing, Social Security and Self-Insurance
    by Aoki, Takaaki

  • 2006 Origins and Consequences of Child Labor Restrictions: A Macroeconomic Perspective
    by Matthias Doepke & Dirk Krueger

  • 2006 Bribery: Who Pays, Who Refuses, What Are The Payoffs?
    by Jennifer Hunt & Sonia Laszlo

  • 2006 La Dirección General
    by Manuel Alfonso Garzón Castrillón

  • 2005 Turkiye 1. Profesyonel Football Ligi Rekabet Duzeyi: 1958-1998 ( Degree of Football Competition in the Turkish First Division: 1958-1998) (In TURKISH)
    by Ferda HALICIOGLU

  • 2005 The Degree Of Competition In The European Football Leagues: A Statistical Approach
    by Ferda HALICIOGLU

  • 2005 Orientación de prácticas empresariales estudiantiles con base en técnicas administrativas

  • 2004 Análisis de la Eficiencia en el Sector de las Artes Escénicas: El Caso del ‘Circuït Teatral Valencià’ (1995-1999)
    by Francisco Marco-Serrano

  • 2004 Why don’t we do what we want? Non-consumers and the public dilemma in cultural promotion
    by Pau Rausell-Köster & Francisco Marco- Serrano

  • 2004 Teaching in Public Choice Courses How Direct Democracy Can Influence Voting Behavior
    by Cebula, Richard & Lawson, Luther

  • 2004 Good governance in microcredit strategy for poverty reduction: focus on western Mindanao, Philippines
    by Moreno, Frede

  • 2004 Theoretical framework of public policies for welfare maximization
    by Isik, A.Kadir

  • 2004 Estado ¿versus? Mercado/State ¿Versus? Market
    by BEL, GERMÀ

  • 2002 The New International Architecture
    by Rudi Dornbusch

  • 2002 Government Deficits, Political Inefficiency, and Fiscal Reconstruction in Japan
    by Takero Doi & Toshihiro Ihori & Hiroki Kondo

  • 2001 The determinants of vote intentions in Portugal
    by Francisco José Veiga & Linda Gonçalves Veiga

  • 2001 Municipal finance and governance in Poland, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, and Hungary
    by Chang Woon Nam & Rüdiger Parsche & Bettina Reichl

  • 2000 Globalization and Redistribution: Feasible Egalitarianism in a Competitive World
    by Bowles, S.

  • 2000 Stuck in the Tunnel: Is Globalization Muddling the Middle Class?
    by Birdsall, N. & Graham, C. & Pettinato, S.

  • 2000 The Impact of School Choice on Student Outcomes: An Analysis of the Chicago Public Schools
    by Julie Berry Cullen & Brian Jacob & Steven Levitt

  • 1999 The Economics of Vouchers
    by David F. Bradford & Daniel N. Shaviro

  • 1998 Constrained Egalitarianism in a Simple Resistributive Model
    by Jaffray, J.Y. & Mongin, P.

  • 1998 Agricultural Credit Under Economic Liberalization and Islamization in Sudan
    by Elhiraika, A.B. & Ahmed, S.A.

  • 1998 Is Nominal Public but de Facto Private Land Ownership Appropriate? A Comparative Study among Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam; Japan; Taiwan Provice of China; South Korea; China; Myanmar; and North Korea
    by Zhou, J.M.

  • 1996 Intergenerational Redistribution with Short-Lived Governements
    by Grossman,G.M. & Helpman,E.

  • 1996 The Challenges of Globalisation: Lessons from Australian Experience
    by Walsh, C.

  • 1996 Subsidy-Allocation Rules for Infant Industries
    by Dessy, S.E.

  • 1994 La Fiscalía General de la Nación
    by Jaime Giraldo Angel

  • 1991 Tendencias organizativas en la ciudad de Medellín
    by Gloria Naranjo G.

  • 1967 Labor Quality in a General Equilibrium System: Some Initial Notes
    by George E. Johnson

  • Экономический Кризис И Новая Парадигма Общественной Поддержки Опекаемых Благ
    by Рубинштейн Александр Яковлевич

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