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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ G: Financial Economics
/ / G0: General
/ / / G00: General
/ / / G01: Financial Crises
/ / / G02: Behavioral Finance: Underlying Principles

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 An experimental investigation of rating-market regulation
    by Keser, Claudia & Özgümüs, Asri & Peterlé, Emmanuel & Schmidt, Martin

  • 2017 An Instruments to Develop Cashless in Malaysia
    by Taasim, Shairil & Yusoff, Remali

  • 2017 Empirical Examination for Operational and Credit Risk Perspective – A Case of Commercial Banks of Pakistan
    by Mehmood, Mian Saqib & Sheraz, Iram & Mehmood, Asif & G. Mujtaba, Bahaudin

  • 2017 Is the US stock market getting riskier?
    by Suarez, Ronny

  • 2017 The Interplay between Ex-post Credit Risk and the Cycles: Evidence from the Italian banks
    by Anastasiou, Dimitrios

  • 2017 Real effects of bank capital regulations: Global evidence
    by Deli, Yota & Hasan, Iftekhar

  • 2017 Utopian Left-Wing Expectations and the Social Consequences of the 3rd Memorandum in Greece
    by Kotroyannos, Dimitrios & Tzagarakis, Stelios & Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil & Kamekis, Apostolos

  • 2017 Performance and Risk of Macroeconomics Factors: Empirical evidence from Silver Ridge Holdings
    by Lourdes, Joan Salome

  • 2017 To Examine the Relationship Between Risk Factors and Profitability of Apollo Food Holdings Berhad
    by Ravishankar, Sandranivashni

  • 2017 The Relationship between Profitability and the Risk Factors and other Macroeconomic Factors
    by Ramarow, Sirivige

  • 2017 The Impact Of Corporate Environmental Performance Of Market Risk On Tropicana Corporation Berhad
    by Zainal Abidin, Fazlini

  • 2017 Firm Risk and Performance: The Role of Corporate Governance of Wct Holding Berhad
    by Othaman, Ridhuan

  • 2017 Relationship Between Level of Firm Performances and Risk in Food and Beverages Industry: Empirical Analysis on Khee San Berhad
    by Erizal, Nurulhidayu

  • 2017 risk and performance of amtel holdings berhad
    by gamar, mohd nur arif

  • 2017 Firm Risk and Performance: The Role of Corporate Governance in Hwa Tai Sdn Bhd
    by Khalil, Nur Syafiqah

  • 2017 Risk Performance of Kawan Food Berhad
    by Kamaludin, Sabrina

  • 2017 Performance and Size of Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd (F&N)
    by Othaman, Ridhuan

  • 2017 Performance And Risk: Empirical Evidence From Rhb Bank
    by Hashim, Nur Athira

  • 2017 Gender Diversity In The Hermes Paris Boardroom And Risk Management
    by Ramlan, Siti Noreiza

  • 2017 Corporate Governance and Performance of United Malacca Berhad
    by Harun, Nur Ilyani

  • 2017 Risk and Performance: Empirical Evidence from Yinson Holdings Berhad
    by Khalid, Nuramalina

  • 2017 Performances And Risk Of Landmark Berhad
    by wan moh zaki, wan fadzillah anira

  • 2017 When Inequality Matters for Macro and Macro Matters for Inequality
    by SeHyoun Ahn & Greg Kaplan & Benjamin Moll & Thomas Winberry & Christian Wolf

  • 2017 An experimental investigation of rating-market regulation
    by Claudia Keser & Asri Özgümüs & Emmanuel Peterlé & Martin Schmidt

  • 2017 Ideas Production and International Knowledge Spillovers: Digging Deeper into Emerging Countries
    by Luintel, Kul B & Khan, Mosahid

  • 2017 Monetary Policy Implementation in a Negative Rate Environment
    by Michael Boutros & Jonathan Witmer

  • 2017 Asymmetric Return and Volatility Transmission in Conventional and Islamic Equities
    by Zaghum Umar & Tahir Suleman

  • 2017 Multivariate Functional Time Series Forecasting: Application to Age-Specific Mortality Rates
    by Yuan Gao & Han Lin Shang

  • 2017 The Shifting Shape of Risk: Endogenous Market Failure for Insurance
    by Thomas G. Koch

  • 2017 n -Dimensional Laplace Transforms of Occupation Times for Spectrally Negative Lévy Processes
    by Xuebing Kuang & Xiaowen Zhou

  • 2017 Change Point Estimation in Panel Data without Boundary Issue
    by Barbora Peštová & Michal Pešta

  • 2017 Optimal Investment and Liability Ratio Policies in a Multidimensional Regime Switching Model
    by Bin Zou & Abel Cadenillas

  • 2017 Minimum Protection in DC Funding Pension Plans and Margrabe Options
    by Pierre Devolder & Sébastien de Valeriola

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Risks in 2016
    by Risks Editorial Office

  • 2017 The Effects of Largest Claim and Excess of Loss Reinsurance on a Company’s Ruin Time and Valuation
    by Yuguang Fan & Philip S. Griffin & Ross Maller & Alexander Szimayer & Tiandong Wang

  • 2017 Optimal Time to Enter a Retirement Village
    by Jinhui Zhang & Sachi Purcal & Jiaqin Wei

  • 2017 On Comparison of Stochastic Reserving Methods with Bootstrapping
    by Liivika Tee & Meelis Käärik & Rauno Viin

  • 2017 Immunization and Hedging of Post Retirement Income Annuity Products
    by Changyu Liu & Michael Sherris

  • 2017 Context Moderates Priming Effects on Financial Risk Taking
    by Silvio Aldrovandi & Petko Kusev & Tetiana Hill & Ivo Vlaev

  • 2017 The Impact of Changes to the Unemployment Rate on Australian Disability Income Insurance Claim Incidence
    by Gaurav Khemka & Steven Roberts & Timothy Higgins

  • 2017 Evaluating Extensions to Coherent Mortality Forecasting Models
    by Syazreen Shair & Sachi Purcal & Nick Parr

  • 2017 Change Point Detection and Estimation of the Two-Sided Jumps of Asset Returns Using a Modified Kalman Filter
    by Ourania Theodosiadou & Sotiris Skaperas & George Tsaklidis

  • 2017 Ruin Probabilities in a Dependent Discrete-Time Risk Model With Gamma-Like Tailed Insurance Risks
    by Xing-Fang Huang & Ting Zhang & Yang Yang & Tao Jiang

  • 2017 Mathematical Analysis of Replication by Cash Flow Matching
    by Jan Natolski & Ralf Werner

  • 2017 A Discussion of a Risk-Sharing Pension Plan
    by Catherine Donnelly

  • 2017 Optimal Reinsurance Policies under the VaR Risk Measure When the Interests of Both the Cedent and the Reinsurer Are Taken into Account
    by Wenjun Jiang & Jiandong Ren & Ričardas Zitikis

  • 2017 Distinguishing Log-Concavity from Heavy Tails
    by Søren Asmussen & Jaakko Lehtomaa

  • 2017 Does sukuk market development spur economic growth?
    by Smaoui, Houcem & Nechi, Salem

  • 2017 The evolution and future of the BRICS: Unbundling politics from economics
    by Shahrokhi, Manuchehr & Cheng, Huifang & Dandapani, Krishnan & Figueiredo, Antonio & Parhizgari, Ali M. & Shachmurove, Yochanan

  • 2017 The performance of long-serving fund managers
    by Clare, Andrew

  • 2017 Informativeness of trade size in foreign exchange markets
    by Gradojevic, Nikola & Erdemlioglu, Deniz & Gençay, Ramazan

  • 2017 Decomposing changes in the conditional variance of GDP over time
    by Amini, Shahram & Battisti, Michele & Parmeter, Christopher F.

  • 2017 The Performance Ranking of Emerging Markets Islamic Indices Using Risk Adjusted Performance Measures
    by Selim baha Yildiz & Abdelbari El khamlichi

  • 2016 Somewhere Between Utopia and Dystopia: Choosing From Incomparable Prospects
    by Gordon Anderson & Thierry Post & Yoon-Jae Whang

  • 2016 Understanding the Predictability of Excess Returns
    by Daniel L. Thornton

  • 2016 Financial sector development, economic volatility and shocks in sub-Saharan Africa
    by Muazu Ibrahim & Paul Alagidede

  • 2016 Uses and Misuses of Arbitrage in Financial Theory, and a Suggested Alternative
    by García Iborra, Rafael & Howden, David

  • 2016 Reassessing the Ethicality of Some Common Financial Practices
    by Bagus, Philipp & Gabriel, Amadeus & Howden, David

  • 2016 Capital depreciation and the underdetermination of rate of return: A unifying perspective
    by Magni, Carlo Alberto

  • 2016 Stock market volatility using GARCH models: Evidence from South Africa and China stock markets
    by Cheteni, Priviledge

  • 2016 Towards socially responsible (re)insurance underwriting practices: readily available ‘big data’ contributions to optimize catastrophe risk management
    by Zvezdov, Ivelin

  • 2016 The Effect of Debt Policy on Firms Performance: Empirical Evidence from Listed Manufacturing Companies on The Ghana Stock Exchange
    by Prempeh, Kwadwo Boateng & Nsiah Asare, Evelyn & sekyere, Allan McBright

  • 2016 A MS-Excel Module to Transform an Integrated Variable into Cumulative Partial Sums for Negative and Positive Components with and without Deterministic Trend Parts
    by Hatemi-J, Abdulnasser & Mustafa, Alan

  • 2016 Манифест Биткойна Или Крипто-Социализм Как Следующая Фаза Социально-Экономического Развития
    by Kosten, Dmitri

  • 2016 Миссия Биткоин – Децентрализация Финансовых И Законодательных Рычагов Управления Обществом
    by Kosten, Dmitri

  • 2016 Conventional and Islamic stock markets: what about financial performance?
    by Ben Rejeb, Aymen & Arfaoui, Mongi

  • 2016 Readiness to retirement planning of estate sector employees in Sri Lanka
    by Heenkenda, Shirantha

  • 2016 Risk-sharing the sole basis of Islamic finance? time for a serious rethink
    by Hasan, Zubair

  • 2016 Dodd-Frank: Washington, We Have a Problem
    by lopez, claude & Saeidinezhad, Elham

  • 2016 Another Solution for Allais Paradox: Preference Imprecision, Dispersion and Pessimism
    by Bayrak, Oben

  • 2016 Large-cap versus small-cap, a downside risk comparison
    by Suarez, Ronny

  • 2016 Is uncertainty over Brexit damaging the UK and European equities?
    by Bouoiyour, Jamal & Selmi, Refk

  • 2016 Brexit concerns, UK and European equities: A lose-lose scenario?
    by Bouoiyour, Jamal & Selmi, Refk

  • 2016 Effect of financial literacy on willingness to pay for micro-insurance by commercial market business operators in Ghana
    by Yeboah, Augustine Kwadwo & Obeng, Camara Kwasi

  • 2016 Financial Consumer Protection And Literacy: A Compative Study Between Bulgaria And Romania
    by Filipova-Rivers, Magdalena

  • 2016 The wrong impact of Fiscal Imbalance on economic growth and Monetary Policy consequences (A case of Pakistan)
    by Ahmed, Ovais & Mashkoor, Aasim

  • 2016 Credit control instruments in a dual banking system: leverage control rate (LCR) – a proposal
    by Hasan, Zubair

  • 2016 Crisis Financieras en la Historia Las crisis financieras no son un fenómeno nuevo en la historia. Desde la crisis de los tulipanes en 1634 hasta la crisis financiera de Estados Unidos en 2008 y la europea de 2010 son eventos que se han sucedido sin que se encuentre la forma de evitarlos. A lo largo de la historia, las crisis financieras asociadas a burbujas especulativas y excesiva acumulación de deudas son eventos recurrentes que comparten un patrón similar, matizado con las características de cada país y momento histórico. Los avances tecnológicos juegan un rol en la aceleración de las mismas. A pesar de ello no tienen una definición única ni tampoco un esquema de resolución aceptado. Las crisis generan consecuencias el elevado costo social que generan en niveles de actividad y empleo. Una revisión de las principales crisis financieras de la historia muestra una serie de elementos comunes y deja lecciones que deben tomarse en cuenta para, al menos, minimizar su ocurrencia
    by Carlos Parodi Trece

  • 2016 Climate Change and Growth Risks
    by Ravi Bansal & Marcelo Ochoa & Dana Kiku

  • 2016 Climate Risks and Market Efficiency
    by Harrison Hong & Frank Weikai Li & Jiangmin Xu

  • 2016 Applying Asset Pricing Theory to Calibrate the Price of Climate Risk
    by Kent D. Daniel & Robert B. Litterman & Gernot Wagner

  • 2016 Price of Long-Run Temperature Shifts in Capital Markets
    by Ravi Bansal & Dana Kiku & Marcelo Ochoa

  • 2016 Risk Preferences and The Macro Announcement Premium
    by Hengjie Ai & Ravi Bansal

  • 2016 What Do Measures of Real-time Corporate Sales Tell Us about Earnings Surprises and Post-Announcement Returns?
    by Kenneth Froot & Namho Kang & Gideon Ozik & Ronnie Sadka

  • 2016 Sovereign Risk and Bank Lending: Evidence from 1999 Turkish Earthquake
    by Yusuf Soner Baskaya & Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan

  • 2016 Volatility Managed Portfolios
    by Alan Moreira & Tyler Muir

  • 2016 What Makes US Government Bonds Safe Assets?
    by Zhiguo He & Arvind Krishnamurthy & Konstantin Milbradt

  • 2016 Dynamic Debt Maturity
    by Zhiguo He & Konstantin Milbradt

  • 2016 Bad credit, no problem? Credit and labor market consequences of bad credit reports
    by Dobbie, Will & Goldsmith-Pinkham, Paul & Mahoney, Neale & Song, Jae

  • 2016 Household Leverage and the Recession
    by Midrigan, Virgiliu & Philippon, Thomas

  • 2016 Financial Development, Structure and Growth: New Data, Method and Results
    by Luintel, Kul B & Khan, Mosahid & Leon-Gonzalez, Roberto & Li, GuangJie

  • 2016 Complexity and Crisis in the Financial System

  • 2016 The International Monetary Fund
    by Graham Bird & Dane Rowlands

  • 2016 Financial frictions in Latvia
    by Ginters Buss

  • 2016 The St. Petersburg paradox and capital asset pricing
    by Assaf Eisdorfer & Carmelo Giaccotto

  • 2016 Optimal Retention Level for Infinite Time Horizons under MADM
    by Başak Bulut Karageyik & Şule Şahin

  • 2016 Bayesian Option Pricing Framework with Stochastic Volatility for FX Data
    by Ying Wang & Sai Tsang Boris Choy & Hoi Ying Wong

  • 2016 Optimal Reinsurance Under General Law-Invariant Convex Risk Measure and TVaR Premium Principle
    by Mi Chen & Wenyuan Wang & Ruixing Ming

  • 2016 Compositions of Conditional Risk Measures and Solvency Capital
    by Pierre Devolder & Adrien Lebègue

  • 2016 How Does Reinsurance Create Value to an Insurer? A Cost-Benefit Analysis Incorporating Default Risk
    by Ambrose Lo

  • 2016 Macroprudential Insurance Regulation: A Swiss Case Study
    by Philippe Deprez & Mario V. Wüthrich

  • 2016 Deflation Risk and Implications for Life Insurers
    by Jean-François Bégin

  • 2016 Predicting Human Mortality: Quantitative Evaluation of Four Stochastic Models
    by Anastasia Novokreshchenova

  • 2016 Estimation of Star-Shaped Distributions
    by Eckhard Liebscher & Wolf-Dieter Richter

  • 2016 Parameter Estimation in Stable Law
    by Annika Krutto

  • 2016 Optimal Premium as a Function of the Deductible: Customer Analysis and Portfolio Characteristics
    by Julie Thøgersen

  • 2016 Incorporation of Stochastic Policyholder Behavior in Analytical Pricing of GMABs and GMDBs
    by Marcos Escobar & Mikhail Krayzler & Franz Ramsauer & David Saunders & Rudi Zagst

  • 2016 A Note on Upper Tail Behavior of Liouville Copulas
    by Lei Hua

  • 2016 Frailty and Risk Classification for Life Annuity Portfolios
    by Annamaria Olivieri & Ermanno Pitacco

  • 2016 A Note on Health Insurance under Ex Post Moral Hazard
    by Pierre Picard

  • 2016 A Note on Realistic Dividends in Actuarial Surplus Models
    by Benjamin Avanzi & Vincent Tu & Bernard Wong

  • 2016 Nested MC-Based Risk Measurement of Complex Portfolios: Acceleration and Energy Efficiency
    by Sascha Desmettre & Ralf Korn & Javier Alejandro Varela & Norbert Wehn

  • 2016 A Note on the Impact of Parameter Uncertainty on Barrier Derivatives
    by Marcos Escobar & Sven Panz

  • 2016 Sharp Convex Bounds on the Aggregate Sums–An Alternative Proof
    by Chuancun Yin & Dan Zhu

  • 2016 Multivariate TVaR-Based Risk Decomposition for Vector-Valued Portfolios
    by Mélina Mailhot & Mhamed Mesfioui

  • 2016 The Wasserstein Metric and Robustness in Risk Management
    by Rüdiger Kiesel & Robin Rühlicke & Gerhard Stahl & Jinsong Zheng

  • 2016 Choosing Markovian Credit Migration Matrices by Nonlinear Optimization
    by Maximilian Hughes & Ralf Werner

  • 2016 On the Capital Allocation Problem for a New Coherent Risk Measure in Collective Risk Theory
    by Hirbod Assa & Manuel Morales & Hassan Omidi Firouzi

  • 2016 Optimal Insurance with Heterogeneous Beliefs and Disagreement about Zero-Probability Events
    by Mario Ghossoub

  • 2016 Using Climate and Weather Data to Support Regional Vulnerability Screening Assessments of Transportation Infrastructure
    by Leah A. Dundon & Katherine S. Nelson & Janey Camp & Mark Abkowitz & Alan Jones

  • 2016 Lead–Lag Relationship Using a Stop-and-Reverse-MinMax Process
    by Stanislaus Maier-Paape & Andreas Platen

  • 2016 Optimal Reinsurance with Heterogeneous Reference Probabilities
    by Tim J. Boonen

  • 2016 Understanding Reporting Delay in General Insurance
    by Richard J. Verrall & Mario V. Wüthrich

  • 2016 Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction. By Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner
    by Daniel Buncic

  • 2016 Risk Minimization for Insurance Products via F-Doubly Stochastic Markov Chains
    by Francesca Biagini & Andreas Groll & Jan Widenmann

  • 2016 A Unified Pricing of Variable Annuity Guarantees under the Optimal Stochastic Control Framework
    by Pavel V. Shevchenko & Xiaolin Luo

  • 2016 The Myth of Methuselah and the Uncertainty of Death: The Mortality Fan Charts
    by Kevin Dowd & David Blake & Andrew J. G. Cairns

  • 2016 Survey on Log-Normally Distributed Market-Technical Trend Data
    by René Brenner & Stanislaus Maier-Paape

  • 2016 An Optimal Turkish Private Pension Plan with a Guarantee Feature
    by Ayşegül İşcanog̃lu-Çekiç

  • 2016 Consistent Re-Calibration of the Discrete-Time Multifactor Vasiček Model
    by Philipp Harms & David Stefanovits & Josef Teichmann & Mario V. Wüthrich

  • 2016 Inflation Protected Investment Strategies
    by Mirco Mahlstedt & Rudi Zagst

  • 2016 Ruin Probabilities with Dependence on the Number of Claims within a Fixed Time Window
    by Corina Constantinescu & Suhang Dai & Weihong Ni & Zbigniew Palmowski

  • 2016 Spouses’ Dependence across Generations and Pricing Impact on Reversionary Annuities
    by Elisa Luciano & Jaap Spreeuw & Elena Vigna

  • 2016 Improving Convergence of Binomial Schemes and the Edgeworth Expansion
    by Alona Bock & Ralf Korn

  • 2016 Estimating Quantile Families of Loss Distributions for Non-Life Insurance Modelling via L-Moments
    by Gareth W. Peters & Wilson Ye Chen & Richard H. Gerlach

  • 2016 Community Analysis of Global Financial Markets
    by Irena Vodenska & Alexander P. Becker & Di Zhou & Dror Y. Kenett & H. Eugene Stanley & Shlomo Havlin

  • 2016 Macro vs. Micro Methods in Non-Life Claims Reserving (an Econometric Perspective)
    by Arthur Charpentier & Mathieu Pigeon

  • 2016 Participating Life Insurance Products with Alternative Guarantees: Reconciling Policyholders’ and Insurers’ Interests
    by Andreas Reuß & Jochen Ruß & Jochen Wieland

  • 2016 Telematics and Gender Discrimination: Some Usage-Based Evidence on Whether Men’s Risk of Accidents Differs from Women’s
    by Mercedes Ayuso & Montserrat Guillen & Ana María Pérez-Marín

  • 2016 Optimal Insurance for a Minimal Expected Retention: The Case of an Ambiguity-Seeking Insurer
    by Massimiliano Amarante & Mario Ghossoub

  • 2016 Nonlinear Time Series and Neural-Network Models of Exchange Rates between the US Dollar and Major Currencies
    by David E. Allen & Michael McAleer & Shelton Peiris & Abhay K. Singh

  • 2016 Analysis of Insurance Claim Settlement Process with Markovian Arrival Processes
    by Jiandong Ren

  • 2016 High-Frequency Financial Econometrics
    by Harley Thompson

  • 2016 Multivariate Frequency-Severity Regression Models in Insurance
    by Edward W. Frees & Gee Lee & Lu Yang

  • 2016 Premiums for Long-Term Care Insurance Packages: Sensitivity with Respect to Biometric Assumptions
    by Ermanno Pitacco

  • 2016 Ruin Analysis of a Discrete-Time Dependent Sparre Andersen Model with External Financial Activities and Randomized Dividends
    by Sung Soo Kim & Steve Drekic

  • 2016 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Risks in 2015
    by Risks Editorial Office

  • 2016 Assessing the direct effect of financial development on poverty reduction in a panel of low- and middle-income countries
    by Boukhatem, Jamel

  • 2016 Multi-asset class mutual funds: Can they time the market? Evidence from the US, UK and Canada
    by Clare, Andrew & Sherman, Meadhbh Brid & Thomas, Steve

  • 2016 The expected returns and valuations of private and public firms
    by Cooper, Ilan & Priestley, Richard

  • 2016 Not so disconnected: Exchange rates and the capital stock
    by Hassan, Tarek A. & Mertens, Thomas M. & Zhang, Tony

  • 2016 Bubble thy neighbour: Portfolio effects and externalities from capital controls
    by Forbes, Kristin & Fratzscher, Marcel & Kostka, Thomas & Straub, Roland

  • 2016 Financial liberalisation and Capital structuring decisions of corporate firms: Evidence from India
    by Jadiyappa, Nemiraja & Vanga, Nagi Reddy & Krishnankutty, Raveesh

  • 2016 Islamic banking: Good for growth?
    by Imam, Patrick & Kpodar, Kangni

  • 2016 Greek debt negotiations and VIX currency indices: A HYGARCH approach
    by Dimitrios Dimitriou

  • 2016 Stock market reactions to FIFA World Cup announcements: An event study
    by Amélie Charles & Olivier Darné

  • 2016 Dynamic conditional correlation and causality relationship among foreign exchange, stock and commodity markets: Evidence from 2014 Russian financial crisis
    by Mirzosaid Sultonov

  • 2016 Failure of the first-order approach in an insurance problem with no commitment and hidden savings
    by Wataru Nozawa

  • 2016 Did the global financial crisis alter equilibrium adjustment dynamics between the US federal fund fund rates and stock price volatility in the SSA region?
    by Andrew Phiri

  • 2016 Revisiting the efficient market hypothesis in transition countries using quantile unit root test
    by Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee & Tsangyao Chang & Tsung-hsien Chen & Han-wen Tzeng

  • 2016 Financial Development and Income Inequality: The Linear versus the Nonlinear Hypothesis
    by Kaidi Nasreddine & Sami Mensi

  • 2016 Why household debt held by Korean seniors is problematic: An international comparison
    by Jiseob Kim

  • 2016 The dynamics of Stock price adjustment to fundamentals: an empirical essay via STAR models in the Tunisian stock market
    by Ramzi Boussaidi & Abaoub Ezzeddine

  • 2016 Finance-augmented business cycles: A robustness check
    by Octavio Fernández-Amador & Martin Gächter & Friedrich Sindermann

  • 2016 On the determinants of stock market dynamics in emerging countries: the role of economic policy uncertainty in China and India
    by Mohamed Arouri & David Roubaud

  • 2016 The role of the marginal rate of substitution of wealth for a loss averse investor
    by Jaroslava Hlouskova & Panagiotis Tsigaris

  • 2016 Development Trends Of Public Finances In Moldova
    by Ion, MOROZNIUC & Tatiana IATISIN

  • 2015 Size Matters: Tail Risk, Momentum and Trend Following in International Equity Portfolios
    by Andrew Clare & James Seaton & Peter N. Smith & Stephen Thomas

  • 2015 Was the Crisis Due to a Shift from Stakeholder to Shareholder Finance? Surveying the Debate
    by Giovanni Ferri & Angelo Leogrande

  • 2015 Rethinking Deposit Insurance on Brokered Deposits
    by Howden, David

  • 2015 Oil and water do not mix, or: aliud est credere, aliud deponere
    by Bagus, Philipp & Howden, David & Gabriel, Amadeus

  • 2015 El desempeño financiero de los municipios de Quintana Roo
    by Ken, Crucita Aurora & Dacak Cámara, José Antonio

  • 2015 Time Varying Volatility Modeling of Pakistani and leading foreign stock markets
    by Ghouse, Ghulam & Khan, Saud Ahmed & Arshad, Muhammad

  • 2015 Gold and Islamic Stocks: A Hedge and Safe Haven Comparison in Time - Grequency domain for BRICS
    by Raza, Naveed & Ibrahimy, Ahmad & Ali, Azwadi

  • 2015 Crisis Determination and Financial Contagion: An Analysis of the Hong Kong and Tokyo Stock Markets using an MSBVAR Approach
    by Troug, Haytem Ahmed & Murray, Matt

  • 2015 Quantum money
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 Determinants of e-banking adoption: A non-users perspective in Pakistan
    by Ali, Muhammad & Chin-Hong, Puah & Arif, Imtiaz

  • 2015 Wave function method to forecast foreign currencies exchange rates at ultra high frequency electronic trading in foreign currencies exchange markets
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 Evidences of efficient investment portfolio in Indian capital markets-An analysis based on BSE and NSE indices
    by Mehta, Deepshikha

  • 2015 The Way Out: Global Turmoil and Policy Recommendations
    by Turhan, Ibrahim M.

  • 2015 Indonesia embraces the Data Science
    by Situngkir, Hokky

  • 2015 أثر أزمة منطقة اليورو على الإيرادات النفطية للجزائر للفترة 2005 - 2012
    by ABDELLAOUI, Okba & Zergoune, Mohamed

  • 2015 The Greek referendum: an alternative approach
    by Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil & Tzagarakis, Stelios

  • 2015 Сохранение Денежных Средств В Период Финансового Кризиса 2014-2015 Года
    by Egorova, Yana

  • 2015 The Effect of Board Directors from Countries with Different Genetic Diversity Levels on Corporate Performance
    by Delis, Manthos & Gaganis, Chrysovalantis & Hasan, Iftekhar & Pasiouras, Fotios

  • 2015 The relationship between Financial liberalization, Financial Stability and Capital Control: Evidence from a multivariate framework for developing countries
    by BOUKEF JLASSI, NABILA & Hamdi, Helmi

  • 2015 The role of Islamic Microfinance in Poverty Alleviation: Lessons from Bangladesh Experience
    by Dhaoui, Elwardi

  • 2015 Strategies for Managing Banks’ Legacy Assets: part 1 (of 2) context, setting the scene, Spain 2012
    by Jenk, Justin

  • 2015 A Comparative Study On Financial Performance Of Public Sector Banks In India: An Analysis On Camel Model
    by Kishore Meghani, Kishore Meghani & Hari Krishna Karri, Hari Krishna Karri & Bharti Meghani Mishra, Bharti Meghani Mishra

  • 2015 Rental Yields and HPA: The Returns to Single Family Rentals
    by Andrea Eisfeldt & Andrew Demers

  • 2015 Not so Disconnected: Exchange Rates and the Capital Stock
    by Tarek Alexander Hassan & Thomas Mertens & Tony Zhang

  • 2015 The Dynamic Properties of Financial-Market Equilibrium with Trading Fees
    by Adrian Buss & Bernard Dumas

  • 2015 Poor Little Rich Kids? The Determinants of the Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth
    by Sandra E. Black & Paul J. Devereux & Petter Lundborg & Kaveh Majlesi

  • 2015 Banks' Risk Exposures
    by Juliane Begenau & Monika Piazzesi & Martin Schneider

  • 2015 A New Look at the U.S. Foreclosure Crisis: Panel Data Evidence of Prime and Subprime Borrowers from 1997 to 2012
    by Fernando Ferreira & Joseph Gyourko

  • 2015 Crime, Punishment and the Halo Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility
    by Harrison Hong & Inessa Liskovich

  • 2015 Hoard Behavior and Commodity Bubbles
    by Harrison Hong & Áureo de Paula & Vishal Singh

  • 2015 Capital Flow Management Measures: What Are They Good For?
    by Kristin Forbes & Marcel Fratzscher & Roland Straub

  • 2015 Loan Originations and Defaults in the Mortgage Crisis: The Role of the Middle Class
    by Manuel Adelino & Antoinette Schoar & Felipe Severino

  • 2015 Contagion in the world's stock exchanges seen as a set of coupled oscillators
    by Lucia Bellenzier & Jørgen Vitting Andersen & Giulia Rotundo

  • 2015 Dynamics of Socio-Economic systems: attractors, rationality and meaning
    by Andrzej Nowak & Jørgen Vitting Andersen & Wojciech Borkowski

  • 2015 A Socio-Finance Model: Inference and empirical application
    by Jørgen Vitting Andersen & Ioannis D. Vrontos & Petros Dellaportas & Serge Galam

  • 2015 Search-and-Matching Frictions and Labour Market Dynamics in Latvia
    by Ginters Buss

  • 2015 The cyclicality of (bilateral) capital inflows and outflows
    by Davis, J. Scott

  • 2015 Is Islamic Banking Good for Growth?
    by Patrick IMAM & Roland Kangni KPODAR

  • 2015 Is Islamic Banking Good for Growth?
    by Patrick IMAM & Roland Kangni KPODAR

  • 2015 Behavioural, Financial, and Health & Medical Economics: A Connection
    by Chang, C-L. & McAleer, M.J. & Wong, W-K.

  • 2015 The persistence of a banking crisis
    by Kilian Huber

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