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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ G: Financial Economics
/ / G0: General
/ / / G00: General
/ / / G01: Financial Crises
/ / / G02: Behavioral Finance: Underlying Principles

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The Economics of Continuous-Time Finance
    by Dumas, Bernard & Luciano, Elisa

  • 2017 International Currency Exposure

  • 2017 An experimental investigation of rating-market regulation
    by Keser, Claudia & Özgümüs, Asri & Peterlé, Emmanuel & Schmidt, Martin

  • 2017 Empirical Study on Conservative and Representative Heuristics of Hong Kong Small Investors Adopting Momentum and Contrarian Trading Strategies
    by Chow, Sheung-Chi & Hon, Tai-Yuen & Wong, Wing-Keung & Woo, Kai-Yin

  • 2017 A Dynamic Measure of Intentional Herd Behavior in Financial Markets
    by Park, Beum-Jo & Kim, Myung-Joong

  • 2017 An Instruments to Develop Cashless in Malaysia
    by Taasim, Shairil & Yusoff, Remali

  • 2017 Empirical Examination for Operational and Credit Risk Perspective – A Case of Commercial Banks of Pakistan
    by Mehmood, Mian Saqib & Sheraz, Iram & Mehmood, Asif & G. Mujtaba, Bahaudin

  • 2017 Is the US stock market getting riskier?
    by Suarez, Ronny

  • 2017 The Interplay between Ex-post Credit Risk and the Cycles: Evidence from the Italian banks
    by Anastasiou, Dimitrios

  • 2017 Real effects of bank capital regulations: Global evidence
    by Deli, Yota & Hasan, Iftekhar

  • 2017 Utopian Left-Wing Expectations and the Social Consequences of the 3rd Memorandum in Greece
    by Kotroyannos, Dimitrios & Tzagarakis, Stelios & Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil & Kamekis, Apostolos

  • 2017 Performance and Risk of Macroeconomics Factors: Empirical evidence from Silver Ridge Holdings
    by Lourdes, Joan Salome

  • 2017 To Examine the Relationship Between Risk Factors and Profitability of Apollo Food Holdings Berhad
    by Ravishankar, Sandranivashni

  • 2017 The Relationship between Profitability and the Risk Factors and other Macroeconomic Factors
    by Ramarow, Sirivige

  • 2017 The Impact Of Corporate Environmental Performance Of Market Risk On Tropicana Corporation Berhad
    by Zainal Abidin, Fazlini

  • 2017 Firm Risk and Performance: The Role of Corporate Governance of Wct Holding Berhad
    by Othaman, Ridhuan

  • 2017 Relationship Between Level of Firm Performances and Risk in Food and Beverages Industry: Empirical Analysis on Khee San Berhad
    by Erizal, Nurulhidayu

  • 2017 risk and performance of amtel holdings berhad
    by gamar, mohd nur arif

  • 2017 Firm Risk and Performance: The Role of Corporate Governance in Hwa Tai Sdn Bhd
    by Khalil, Nur Syafiqah

  • 2017 Risk Performance of Kawan Food Berhad
    by Kamaludin, Sabrina

  • 2017 Performance and Size of Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd (F&N)
    by Othaman, Ridhuan

  • 2017 Performance And Risk: Empirical Evidence From Rhb Bank
    by Hashim, Nur Athira

  • 2017 Gender Diversity In The Hermes Paris Boardroom And Risk Management
    by Ramlan, Siti Noreiza

  • 2017 Corporate Governance and Performance of United Malacca Berhad
    by Harun, Nur Ilyani

  • 2017 Risk and Performance: Empirical Evidence from Yinson Holdings Berhad
    by Khalid, Nuramalina

  • 2017 Performances And Risk Of Landmark Berhad
    by wan moh zaki, wan fadzillah anira

  • 2017 House Price Beliefs And Mortgage Leverage Choice
    by Michael Bailey & Eduardo Dávila & Theresa Kuchler & Johannes Stroebel

  • 2017 Environmental, Social, and Governance Criteria: Why Investors are Paying Attention
    by Ravi Jagannathan & Ashwin Ravikumar & Marco Sammon

  • 2017 Shadow Banking and the Four Pillars of Traditional Financial Intermediation
    by Emmanuel Farhi & Jean Tirole

  • 2017 Predicting Relative Returns
    by Valentin Haddad & Serhiy Kozak & Shrihari Santosh

  • 2017 East Asian Financial and Economic Development
    by Randall Morck & Bernard Yeung

  • 2017 When Inequality Matters for Macro and Macro Matters for Inequality
    by SeHyoun Ahn & Greg Kaplan & Benjamin Moll & Thomas Winberry & Christian Wolf

  • 2017 The effects of financialization on investment: evidence from firm-level data for the UK
    by Tori, Daniele & Onaran, Özlem

  • 2017 Taxes and the Fed : Theory and Evidence from Equities
    by Anthony M. Diercks & William Waller

  • 2017 An experimental investigation of rating-market regulation
    by Claudia Keser & Asri Özgümüs & Emmanuel Peterlé & Martin Schmidt

  • 2017 Ideas Production and International Knowledge Spillovers: Digging Deeper into Emerging Countries
    by Luintel, Kul B & Khan, Mosahid

  • 2017 Policy Rules for Capital Controls
    by Gurnain Kaur Pasricha

  • 2017 Policy Rules for Capital Controls
    by Gurnain Pasricha

  • 2017 A Counterfactual Valuation of the Stock Index as a Predictor of Crashes
    by Tom Roberts

  • 2017 Monetary Policy Implementation in a Negative Rate Environment
    by Michael Boutros & Jonathan Witmer

  • 2017 Corporate Debt Maturity in Developing Countries: Sources of Long- and Short-Termism
    by Juan J. Cortina & Tatiana Didier & Sergio L. Schmukler

  • 2017 Measurement and Assessment of Effectiveness of Auxiliary Processes of Production in Management of the Cement Industry Companies
    by Łegowik-Małolepsza Małgorzata

  • 2017 Best Practices For Validation For An Upgrade Or New Erp System
    by Mitch Kramer

  • 2017 The Effect Of Cultural Integration On Financial Performance Post-Merger
    by Rishma Vedd & David Liu

  • 2017 Asymmetric Return and Volatility Transmission in Conventional and Islamic Equities
    by Zaghum Umar & Tahir Suleman

  • 2017 Multivariate Functional Time Series Forecasting: Application to Age-Specific Mortality Rates
    by Yuan Gao & Han Lin Shang

  • 2017 The Shifting Shape of Risk: Endogenous Market Failure for Insurance
    by Thomas G. Koch

  • 2017 n -Dimensional Laplace Transforms of Occupation Times for Spectrally Negative Lévy Processes
    by Xuebing Kuang & Xiaowen Zhou

  • 2017 Change Point Estimation in Panel Data without Boundary Issue
    by Barbora Peštová & Michal Pešta

  • 2017 Optimal Investment and Liability Ratio Policies in a Multidimensional Regime Switching Model
    by Bin Zou & Abel Cadenillas

  • 2017 Minimum Protection in DC Funding Pension Plans and Margrabe Options
    by Pierre Devolder & Sébastien de Valeriola

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Risks in 2016
    by Risks Editorial Office

  • 2017 The Effects of Largest Claim and Excess of Loss Reinsurance on a Company’s Ruin Time and Valuation
    by Yuguang Fan & Philip S. Griffin & Ross Maller & Alexander Szimayer & Tiandong Wang

  • 2017 Optimal Time to Enter a Retirement Village
    by Jinhui Zhang & Sachi Purcal & Jiaqin Wei

  • 2017 On Comparison of Stochastic Reserving Methods with Bootstrapping
    by Liivika Tee & Meelis Käärik & Rauno Viin

  • 2017 Immunization and Hedging of Post Retirement Income Annuity Products
    by Changyu Liu & Michael Sherris

  • 2017 Context Moderates Priming Effects on Financial Risk Taking
    by Silvio Aldrovandi & Petko Kusev & Tetiana Hill & Ivo Vlaev

  • 2017 The Impact of Changes to the Unemployment Rate on Australian Disability Income Insurance Claim Incidence
    by Gaurav Khemka & Steven Roberts & Timothy Higgins

  • 2017 Evaluating Extensions to Coherent Mortality Forecasting Models
    by Syazreen Shair & Sachi Purcal & Nick Parr

  • 2017 Change Point Detection and Estimation of the Two-Sided Jumps of Asset Returns Using a Modified Kalman Filter
    by Ourania Theodosiadou & Sotiris Skaperas & George Tsaklidis

  • 2017 Ruin Probabilities in a Dependent Discrete-Time Risk Model With Gamma-Like Tailed Insurance Risks
    by Xing-Fang Huang & Ting Zhang & Yang Yang & Tao Jiang

  • 2017 Mathematical Analysis of Replication by Cash Flow Matching
    by Jan Natolski & Ralf Werner

  • 2017 A Discussion of a Risk-Sharing Pension Plan
    by Catherine Donnelly

  • 2017 Optimal Reinsurance Policies under the VaR Risk Measure When the Interests of Both the Cedent and the Reinsurer Are Taken into Account
    by Wenjun Jiang & Jiandong Ren & Ričardas Zitikis

  • 2017 Distinguishing Log-Concavity from Heavy Tails
    by Søren Asmussen & Jaakko Lehtomaa

  • 2017 A Model of Endogenous Cross-Holdings in Oligopoly
    by Cheng-Zhong Qin & Dandan Zhu & Shengping Zhang

  • 2017 Does sukuk market development spur economic growth?
    by Smaoui, Houcem & Nechi, Salem

  • 2017 The evolution and future of the BRICS: Unbundling politics from economics
    by Shahrokhi, Manuchehr & Cheng, Huifang & Dandapani, Krishnan & Figueiredo, Antonio & Parhizgari, Ali M. & Shachmurove, Yochanan

  • 2017 Does the removal of the IPO lockup matter in IPO pricing?
    by Gao, Shenghao & Liu, Jinzhao & Chan, Kam C.

  • 2017 The performance of long-serving fund managers
    by Clare, Andrew

  • 2017 The Determinants of Bond Market Development: Further Evidence from Emerging and Developed Countries
    by Smaoui, Houcem & Grandes, Martin & Akindele, Akintoye

  • 2017 Informativeness of trade size in foreign exchange markets
    by Gradojevic, Nikola & Erdemlioglu, Deniz & Gençay, Ramazan

  • 2017 Decomposing changes in the conditional variance of GDP over time
    by Amini, Shahram & Battisti, Michele & Parmeter, Christopher F.

  • 2017 The long and short of commodity tails and their relationship to Asian equity markets
    by Powell, Robert J. & Vo, Duc H. & Pham, Thach N. & Singh, Abhay K.

  • 2017 Human Capital Investment and Economic Growth in Saudi Arabia: Error Correction Model
    by Abla A. H. Bokhari

  • 2017 The Performance Ranking of Emerging Markets Islamic Indices Using Risk Adjusted Performance Measures
    by Selim baha Yildiz & Abdelbari El khamlichi

  • 2016 Somewhere Between Utopia and Dystopia: Choosing From Incomparable Prospects
    by Gordon Anderson & Thierry Post & Yoon-Jae Whang

  • 2016 Understanding the Predictability of Excess Returns
    by Daniel L. Thornton

  • 2016 Financial sector development, economic volatility and shocks in sub-Saharan Africa
    by Muazu Ibrahim & Paul Alagidede

  • 2016 Institutional Response to the Problem of Access to Finance: Evidence from the Tribal Economy of Kerala
    by Kumar, Dr.B.Pradeep

  • 2016 Uses and Misuses of Arbitrage in Financial Theory, and a Suggested Alternative
    by García Iborra, Rafael & Howden, David

  • 2016 Reassessing the Ethicality of Some Common Financial Practices
    by Bagus, Philipp & Gabriel, Amadeus & Howden, David

  • 2016 Capital depreciation and the underdetermination of rate of return: A unifying perspective
    by Magni, Carlo Alberto

  • 2016 Stock market volatility using GARCH models: Evidence from South Africa and China stock markets
    by Cheteni, Priviledge

  • 2016 Towards socially responsible (re)insurance underwriting practices: readily available ‘big data’ contributions to optimize catastrophe risk management
    by Zvezdov, Ivelin

  • 2016 The Effect of Debt Policy on Firms Performance: Empirical Evidence from Listed Manufacturing Companies on The Ghana Stock Exchange
    by Prempeh, Kwadwo Boateng & Nsiah Asare, Evelyn & sekyere, Allan McBright

  • 2016 A MS-Excel Module to Transform an Integrated Variable into Cumulative Partial Sums for Negative and Positive Components with and without Deterministic Trend Parts
    by Hatemi-J, Abdulnasser & Mustafa, Alan

  • 2016 Манифест Биткойна Или Крипто-Социализм Как Следующая Фаза Социально-Экономического Развития
    by Kosten, Dmitri

  • 2016 Миссия Биткоин – Децентрализация Финансовых И Законодательных Рычагов Управления Обществом
    by Kosten, Dmitri

  • 2016 Conventional and Islamic stock markets: what about financial performance?
    by Ben Rejeb, Aymen & Arfaoui, Mongi

  • 2016 Readiness to retirement planning of estate sector employees in Sri Lanka
    by Heenkenda, Shirantha

  • 2016 Risk-sharing the sole basis of Islamic finance? time for a serious rethink
    by Hasan, Zubair

  • 2016 Dodd-Frank: Washington, We Have a Problem
    by lopez, claude & Saeidinezhad, Elham

  • 2016 Another Solution for Allais Paradox: Preference Imprecision, Dispersion and Pessimism
    by Bayrak, Oben

  • 2016 Large-cap versus small-cap, a downside risk comparison
    by Suarez, Ronny

  • 2016 Is uncertainty over Brexit damaging the UK and European equities?
    by Bouoiyour, Jamal & Selmi, Refk

  • 2016 Brexit concerns, UK and European equities: A lose-lose scenario?
    by Bouoiyour, Jamal & Selmi, Refk

  • 2016 Effect of financial literacy on willingness to pay for micro-insurance by commercial market business operators in Ghana
    by Yeboah, Augustine Kwadwo & Obeng, Camara Kwasi

  • 2016 Financial Consumer Protection And Literacy: A Compative Study Between Bulgaria And Romania
    by Filipova-Rivers, Magdalena

  • 2016 The wrong impact of Fiscal Imbalance on economic growth and Monetary Policy consequences (A case of Pakistan)
    by Ahmed, Ovais & Mashkoor, Aasim

  • 2016 Credit control instruments in a dual banking system: leverage control rate (LCR) – a proposal
    by Hasan, Zubair

  • 2016 Climate Change and Growth Risks
    by Ravi Bansal & Marcelo Ochoa & Dana Kiku

  • 2016 Climate Risks and Market Efficiency
    by Harrison Hong & Frank Weikai Li & Jiangmin Xu

  • 2016 Applying Asset Pricing Theory to Calibrate the Price of Climate Risk
    by Kent D. Daniel & Robert B. Litterman & Gernot Wagner

  • 2016 Price of Long-Run Temperature Shifts in Capital Markets
    by Ravi Bansal & Dana Kiku & Marcelo Ochoa

  • 2016 Risk Preferences and The Macro Announcement Premium
    by Hengjie Ai & Ravi Bansal

  • 2016 What Do Measures of Real-time Corporate Sales Tell Us about Earnings Surprises and Post-Announcement Returns?
    by Kenneth Froot & Namho Kang & Gideon Ozik & Ronnie Sadka

  • 2016 Sovereign Risk and Bank Lending: Evidence from 1999 Turkish Earthquake
    by Yusuf Soner Baskaya & Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan

  • 2016 Volatility Managed Portfolios
    by Alan Moreira & Tyler Muir

  • 2016 What Makes US Government Bonds Safe Assets?
    by Zhiguo He & Arvind Krishnamurthy & Konstantin Milbradt

  • 2016 Dynamic Debt Maturity
    by Zhiguo He & Konstantin Milbradt

  • 2016 Bad credit, no problem? Credit and labor market consequences of bad credit reports
    by Dobbie, Will & Goldsmith-Pinkham, Paul & Mahoney, Neale & Song, Jae

  • 2016 Household Leverage and the Recession
    by Midrigan, Virgiliu & Philippon, Thomas

  • 2016 Financial Development, Structure and Growth: New Data, Method and Results
    by Luintel, Kul B & Khan, Mosahid & Leon-Gonzalez, Roberto & Li, GuangJie

  • 2016 Complexity and Crisis in the Financial System

  • 2016 The International Monetary Fund
    by Graham Bird & Dane Rowlands

  • 2016 Financial frictions in Latvia
    by Ginters Buss

  • 2016 The St. Petersburg paradox and capital asset pricing
    by Assaf Eisdorfer & Carmelo Giaccotto

  • 2016 Optimal Retention Level for Infinite Time Horizons under MADM
    by Başak Bulut Karageyik & Şule Şahin

  • 2016 Bayesian Option Pricing Framework with Stochastic Volatility for FX Data
    by Ying Wang & Sai Tsang Boris Choy & Hoi Ying Wong

  • 2016 Optimal Reinsurance Under General Law-Invariant Convex Risk Measure and TVaR Premium Principle
    by Mi Chen & Wenyuan Wang & Ruixing Ming

  • 2016 Compositions of Conditional Risk Measures and Solvency Capital
    by Pierre Devolder & Adrien Lebègue

  • 2016 How Does Reinsurance Create Value to an Insurer? A Cost-Benefit Analysis Incorporating Default Risk
    by Ambrose Lo

  • 2016 Macroprudential Insurance Regulation: A Swiss Case Study
    by Philippe Deprez & Mario V. Wüthrich

  • 2016 Deflation Risk and Implications for Life Insurers
    by Jean-François Bégin

  • 2016 Predicting Human Mortality: Quantitative Evaluation of Four Stochastic Models
    by Anastasia Novokreshchenova

  • 2016 Estimation of Star-Shaped Distributions
    by Eckhard Liebscher & Wolf-Dieter Richter

  • 2016 Parameter Estimation in Stable Law
    by Annika Krutto

  • 2016 Optimal Premium as a Function of the Deductible: Customer Analysis and Portfolio Characteristics
    by Julie Thøgersen

  • 2016 Incorporation of Stochastic Policyholder Behavior in Analytical Pricing of GMABs and GMDBs
    by Marcos Escobar & Mikhail Krayzler & Franz Ramsauer & David Saunders & Rudi Zagst

  • 2016 A Note on Upper Tail Behavior of Liouville Copulas
    by Lei Hua

  • 2016 Frailty and Risk Classification for Life Annuity Portfolios
    by Annamaria Olivieri & Ermanno Pitacco

  • 2016 A Note on Health Insurance under Ex Post Moral Hazard
    by Pierre Picard

  • 2016 A Note on Realistic Dividends in Actuarial Surplus Models
    by Benjamin Avanzi & Vincent Tu & Bernard Wong

  • 2016 Nested MC-Based Risk Measurement of Complex Portfolios: Acceleration and Energy Efficiency
    by Sascha Desmettre & Ralf Korn & Javier Alejandro Varela & Norbert Wehn

  • 2016 A Note on the Impact of Parameter Uncertainty on Barrier Derivatives
    by Marcos Escobar & Sven Panz

  • 2016 Sharp Convex Bounds on the Aggregate Sums–An Alternative Proof
    by Chuancun Yin & Dan Zhu

  • 2016 Multivariate TVaR-Based Risk Decomposition for Vector-Valued Portfolios
    by Mélina Mailhot & Mhamed Mesfioui

  • 2016 The Wasserstein Metric and Robustness in Risk Management
    by Rüdiger Kiesel & Robin Rühlicke & Gerhard Stahl & Jinsong Zheng

  • 2016 Choosing Markovian Credit Migration Matrices by Nonlinear Optimization
    by Maximilian Hughes & Ralf Werner

  • 2016 On the Capital Allocation Problem for a New Coherent Risk Measure in Collective Risk Theory
    by Hirbod Assa & Manuel Morales & Hassan Omidi Firouzi

  • 2016 Optimal Insurance with Heterogeneous Beliefs and Disagreement about Zero-Probability Events
    by Mario Ghossoub

  • 2016 Using Climate and Weather Data to Support Regional Vulnerability Screening Assessments of Transportation Infrastructure
    by Leah A. Dundon & Katherine S. Nelson & Janey Camp & Mark Abkowitz & Alan Jones

  • 2016 Lead–Lag Relationship Using a Stop-and-Reverse-MinMax Process
    by Stanislaus Maier-Paape & Andreas Platen

  • 2016 Optimal Reinsurance with Heterogeneous Reference Probabilities
    by Tim J. Boonen

  • 2016 Understanding Reporting Delay in General Insurance
    by Richard J. Verrall & Mario V. Wüthrich

  • 2016 Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction. By Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner
    by Daniel Buncic

  • 2016 Risk Minimization for Insurance Products via F-Doubly Stochastic Markov Chains
    by Francesca Biagini & Andreas Groll & Jan Widenmann

  • 2016 A Unified Pricing of Variable Annuity Guarantees under the Optimal Stochastic Control Framework
    by Pavel V. Shevchenko & Xiaolin Luo

  • 2016 The Myth of Methuselah and the Uncertainty of Death: The Mortality Fan Charts
    by Kevin Dowd & David Blake & Andrew J. G. Cairns

  • 2016 Survey on Log-Normally Distributed Market-Technical Trend Data
    by René Brenner & Stanislaus Maier-Paape

  • 2016 An Optimal Turkish Private Pension Plan with a Guarantee Feature
    by Ayşegül İşcanog̃lu-Çekiç

  • 2016 Consistent Re-Calibration of the Discrete-Time Multifactor Vasiček Model
    by Philipp Harms & David Stefanovits & Josef Teichmann & Mario V. Wüthrich

  • 2016 Inflation Protected Investment Strategies
    by Mirco Mahlstedt & Rudi Zagst

  • 2016 Ruin Probabilities with Dependence on the Number of Claims within a Fixed Time Window
    by Corina Constantinescu & Suhang Dai & Weihong Ni & Zbigniew Palmowski

  • 2016 Spouses’ Dependence across Generations and Pricing Impact on Reversionary Annuities
    by Elisa Luciano & Jaap Spreeuw & Elena Vigna

  • 2016 Improving Convergence of Binomial Schemes and the Edgeworth Expansion
    by Alona Bock & Ralf Korn

  • 2016 Estimating Quantile Families of Loss Distributions for Non-Life Insurance Modelling via L-Moments
    by Gareth W. Peters & Wilson Ye Chen & Richard H. Gerlach

  • 2016 Community Analysis of Global Financial Markets
    by Irena Vodenska & Alexander P. Becker & Di Zhou & Dror Y. Kenett & H. Eugene Stanley & Shlomo Havlin

  • 2016 Macro vs. Micro Methods in Non-Life Claims Reserving (an Econometric Perspective)
    by Arthur Charpentier & Mathieu Pigeon

  • 2016 Participating Life Insurance Products with Alternative Guarantees: Reconciling Policyholders’ and Insurers’ Interests
    by Andreas Reuß & Jochen Ruß & Jochen Wieland

  • 2016 Telematics and Gender Discrimination: Some Usage-Based Evidence on Whether Men’s Risk of Accidents Differs from Women’s
    by Mercedes Ayuso & Montserrat Guillen & Ana María Pérez-Marín

  • 2016 Optimal Insurance for a Minimal Expected Retention: The Case of an Ambiguity-Seeking Insurer
    by Massimiliano Amarante & Mario Ghossoub

  • 2016 Nonlinear Time Series and Neural-Network Models of Exchange Rates between the US Dollar and Major Currencies
    by David E. Allen & Michael McAleer & Shelton Peiris & Abhay K. Singh

  • 2016 Analysis of Insurance Claim Settlement Process with Markovian Arrival Processes
    by Jiandong Ren

  • 2016 High-Frequency Financial Econometrics
    by Harley Thompson

  • 2016 Multivariate Frequency-Severity Regression Models in Insurance
    by Edward W. Frees & Gee Lee & Lu Yang

  • 2016 Premiums for Long-Term Care Insurance Packages: Sensitivity with Respect to Biometric Assumptions
    by Ermanno Pitacco

  • 2016 Ruin Analysis of a Discrete-Time Dependent Sparre Andersen Model with External Financial Activities and Randomized Dividends
    by Sung Soo Kim & Steve Drekic

  • 2016 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Risks in 2015
    by Risks Editorial Office

  • 2016 Assessing the direct effect of financial development on poverty reduction in a panel of low- and middle-income countries
    by Boukhatem, Jamel

  • 2016 Multi-asset class mutual funds: Can they time the market? Evidence from the US, UK and Canada
    by Clare, Andrew & Sherman, Meadhbh Brid & Thomas, Steve

  • 2016 The expected returns and valuations of private and public firms
    by Cooper, Ilan & Priestley, Richard

  • 2016 Not so disconnected: Exchange rates and the capital stock
    by Hassan, Tarek A. & Mertens, Thomas M. & Zhang, Tony

  • 2016 Bubble thy neighbour: Portfolio effects and externalities from capital controls
    by Forbes, Kristin & Fratzscher, Marcel & Kostka, Thomas & Straub, Roland

  • 2016 Financial liberalisation and Capital structuring decisions of corporate firms: Evidence from India
    by Jadiyappa, Nemiraja & Vanga, Nagi Reddy & Krishnankutty, Raveesh

  • 2016 Islamic banking: Good for growth?
    by Imam, Patrick & Kpodar, Kangni

  • 2016 Greek debt negotiations and VIX currency indices: A HYGARCH approach
    by Dimitrios Dimitriou

  • 2016 Stock market reactions to FIFA World Cup announcements: An event study
    by Amélie Charles & Olivier Darné

  • 2016 Dynamic conditional correlation and causality relationship among foreign exchange, stock and commodity markets: Evidence from 2014 Russian financial crisis
    by Mirzosaid Sultonov

  • 2016 Failure of the first-order approach in an insurance problem with no commitment and hidden savings
    by Wataru Nozawa

  • 2016 Did the global financial crisis alter equilibrium adjustment dynamics between the US federal fund fund rates and stock price volatility in the SSA region?
    by Andrew Phiri

  • 2016 Revisiting the efficient market hypothesis in transition countries using quantile unit root test
    by Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee & Tsangyao Chang & Tsung-hsien Chen & Han-wen Tzeng

  • 2016 Financial Development and Income Inequality: The Linear versus the Nonlinear Hypothesis
    by Kaidi Nasreddine & Sami Mensi

  • 2016 Why household debt held by Korean seniors is problematic: An international comparison
    by Jiseob Kim

  • 2016 The dynamics of Stock price adjustment to fundamentals: an empirical essay via STAR models in the Tunisian stock market
    by Ramzi Boussaidi & Abaoub Ezzeddine

  • 2016 Finance-augmented business cycles: A robustness check
    by Octavio Fernández-Amador & Martin Gächter & Friedrich Sindermann

  • 2016 On the determinants of stock market dynamics in emerging countries: the role of economic policy uncertainty in China and India
    by Mohamed Arouri & David Roubaud

  • 2016 The role of the marginal rate of substitution of wealth for a loss averse investor
    by Jaroslava Hlouskova & Panagiotis Tsigaris

  • 2016 Development Trends Of Public Finances In Moldova
    by Ion, MOROZNIUC & Tatiana IATISIN

  • 2015 Size Matters: Tail Risk, Momentum and Trend Following in International Equity Portfolios
    by Andrew Clare & James Seaton & Peter N. Smith & Stephen Thomas

  • 2015 Was the Crisis Due to a Shift from Stakeholder to Shareholder Finance? Surveying the Debate
    by Giovanni Ferri & Angelo Leogrande

  • 2015 Rethinking Deposit Insurance on Brokered Deposits
    by Howden, David

  • 2015 Oil and water do not mix, or: aliud est credere, aliud deponere
    by Bagus, Philipp & Howden, David & Gabriel, Amadeus

  • 2015 El desempeño financiero de los municipios de Quintana Roo
    by Ken, Crucita Aurora & Dacak Cámara, José Antonio

  • 2015 Time Varying Volatility Modeling of Pakistani and leading foreign stock markets
    by Ghouse, Ghulam & Khan, Saud Ahmed & Arshad, Muhammad

  • 2015 Gold and Islamic Stocks: A Hedge and Safe Haven Comparison in Time - Grequency domain for BRICS
    by Raza, Naveed & Ibrahimy, Ahmad & Ali, Azwadi

  • 2015 Crisis Determination and Financial Contagion: An Analysis of the Hong Kong and Tokyo Stock Markets using an MSBVAR Approach
    by Troug, Haytem Ahmed & Murray, Matt

  • 2015 Quantum money
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 Determinants of e-banking adoption: A non-users perspective in Pakistan
    by Ali, Muhammad & Chin-Hong, Puah & Arif, Imtiaz

  • 2015 Wave function method to forecast foreign currencies exchange rates at ultra high frequency electronic trading in foreign currencies exchange markets
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 Evidences of efficient investment portfolio in Indian capital markets-An analysis based on BSE and NSE indices
    by Mehta, Deepshikha

  • 2015 The Way Out: Global Turmoil and Policy Recommendations
    by Turhan, Ibrahim M.

  • 2015 Indonesia embraces the Data Science
    by Situngkir, Hokky

  • 2015 أثر أزمة منطقة اليورو على الإيرادات النفطية للجزائر للفترة 2005 - 2012
    by ABDELLAOUI, Okba & Zergoune, Mohamed

  • 2015 The Greek referendum: an alternative approach
    by Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil & Tzagarakis, Stelios

  • 2015 Сохранение Денежных Средств В Период Финансового Кризиса 2014-2015 Года
    by Egorova, Yana

  • 2015 The Effect of Board Directors from Countries with Different Genetic Diversity Levels on Corporate Performance
    by Delis, Manthos & Gaganis, Chrysovalantis & Hasan, Iftekhar & Pasiouras, Fotios

  • 2015 The relationship between Financial liberalization, Financial Stability and Capital Control: Evidence from a multivariate framework for developing countries
    by BOUKEF JLASSI, NABILA & Hamdi, Helmi

  • 2015 The role of Islamic Microfinance in Poverty Alleviation: Lessons from Bangladesh Experience
    by Dhaoui, Elwardi

  • 2015 Strategies for Managing Banks’ Legacy Assets: part 1 (of 2) context, setting the scene, Spain 2012
    by Jenk, Justin

  • 2015 A Comparative Study On Financial Performance Of Public Sector Banks In India: An Analysis On Camel Model
    by Kishore Meghani, Kishore Meghani & Hari Krishna Karri, Hari Krishna Karri & Bharti Meghani Mishra, Bharti Meghani Mishra

  • 2015 Rental Yields and HPA: The Returns to Single Family Rentals
    by Andrea Eisfeldt & Andrew Demers

  • 2015 Not so Disconnected: Exchange Rates and the Capital Stock
    by Tarek Alexander Hassan & Thomas Mertens & Tony Zhang

  • 2015 The Dynamic Properties of Financial-Market Equilibrium with Trading Fees
    by Adrian Buss & Bernard Dumas

  • 2015 Poor Little Rich Kids? The Determinants of the Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth
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