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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ G: Financial Economics
/ / G0: General
/ / / G02: Behavioral Finance: Underlying Principles
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Non-Cognitive Abilities and Financial Delinquency: The Role of Self-Efficacy in Avoiding Financial Distress
    by Camelia M. Kuhnen & Brian T. Melzer

  • 2017 Exchange rate forecasting and the performance of currency portfolios
    by Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus & Fortin, Ines & Hlouskova, Jaroslava

  • 2017 Narrative Economics
    by Robert J. Shiller

  • 2017 Exploring stock recommenders’ behavior and recommendation receivers’ sophistication
    by Chih-Hsiang Chang

  • 2017 Business strategy, overvalued equities, and stock price crash risk
    by Habib, Ahsan & Hasan, Mostafa Monzur

  • 2017 From banks' strategies to financial (in)stability
    by Berardi, Simone & Tedeschi, Gabriele

  • 2017 Diffusion of optimistic and pessimistic investor sentiment: An empirical study of an emerging market
    by Tsai, I-Chun

  • 2017 Corporate social responsibility and CEO confidence
    by McCarthy, Scott & Oliver, Barry & Song, Sizhe

  • 2016 Mental capabilities, trading styles, and asset market bubbles: theory and experiment
    by Andreas Hefti & Steve Heinke & Frédéric Schneider

  • 2016 Taring all investors with the same brush? Evidence for heterogeneity in individual preferences from a maximum likelihood approach
    by Hackethal, Andreas & Jakusch, Sven Thorsten & Meyer, Steffen

  • 2016 Taming models of prospect theory in the Wild? Estimation of Vlcek and Hens (2011)
    by Jakusch, Sven Thorsten & Meyer, Steffen & Hackethal, Andreas

  • 2016 Naïve advice in financial decision making: Hidden costs of a free offer
    by Sprenger, Julia

  • 2016 Financial literacy: A barrier to seek financial advice but not a shield against following it
    by Sprenger, Julia

  • 2016 Explanations or advice: The impact of financial literacy on information acquisition behavior
    by Sprenger, Julia

  • 2016 Market dynamics when participants rely on relative valuation
    by Lavelle, Sean

  • 2016 Hedging with regret
    by Korn, Olaf & Rieger, Marc Oliver

  • 2016 Black Monday, globalization and trading behavior of stock investors
    by Kurz-Kim, Jeong-Ryeol

  • 2016 Financial transaction taxes: Announcement effects, short-run effects, and long-run effects
    by Eichfelder, Sebastian & Lau, Mona

  • 2016 Is there any link between level of instruction and financial choices? A study on a Generation Y-based survey
    by Iuliana Bitca & Andrea Ellero & Paola Ferretti

  • 2016 Toward a General Model of Financial Markets
    by Nihad Aliyev & Xue-Zhong He

  • 2016 Social Norms and Strategic Default
    by Brown, Martin & Schmitz, Jan & Zehnder, Christian

  • 2016 Anticipating the financial crisis: Evidence from insider trading in banks
    by Ozlem Akin & José M. Marín & José-Luis Peydró

  • 2016 Single Stock Call Options as Lottery Tickets - Overpricing and Investor Sentiment
    by Luiz Félix & Roman Kräussl & Philip Stork

  • 2016 Stock-Market Expectations: Econometric Evidence that both REH and Behavioral Insights Matter
    by Roman Frydman & Joshua R. Stillwagon

  • 2016 Overconfidence of Students and Managers - Comparative Analysis
    by Elżbieta Wrońska-Bukalska

  • 2016 Information avoidance in financial decision making
    by Anna Blajer-Gołębiewska & Dagmara Wach & Maciej Kos

  • 2016 Are the New Rules of Segment Reporting, SFAS 131, Useful for Analysts?
    by Itzhak Venezia & Sasson Bar Yosef

  • 2016 Gamblers, scratchers and their financial education
    by Becchetti, Leonardo & Bellucci, Davide & Rossetti, Fiammetta

  • 2016 Cognitive Biases and Entrepreneurial Under-Diversification
    by Enrico Maria Cervellati & Pierpaolo Pattitoni & Marco Savioli

  • 2016 CEO Entrenchment and Performance: New Evidence Using Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis
    by Ammari, Aymen & Bouteska, Ahmed & Regaieg, Boutheina

  • 2016 The Impact of Self-Control on Investment Decisions
    by Lucks, Konstantin

  • 2016 Income Rounding and Loan Performance in the Peer-to-Peer Market
    by Eid, Nourhan & Maltby, Josephine & Talavera, Oleksandr

  • 2016 An economic theory of Islamic finance
    by Al-Jarhi, Mabid

  • 2016 On the optimal investment
    by Fajardo, José & Corcuera, José Manuel & Menouken Pamen, Olivier

  • 2016 Another Solution for Allais Paradox: Preference Imprecision, Dispersion and Pessimism
    by Bayrak, Oben

  • 2016 Cowboying Stock Market Herds with Robot Traders
    by Galimberti, Jaqueson & Suhadolnik, Nicolas & Da Silva, Sergio

  • 2016 Cutthroats or comrades: Information sharing among competing fund managers
    by Ganglmair, Bernhard & Holcomb, Alex & Myung, Noah

  • 2016 Investor Sentiment and Stock Returns: Evidence from the Athens Stock Exchange
    by Gizelis, Demetrios & Chowdhury, Shah

  • 2016 Social Media, News Media and the Stock Market
    by Peiran Jiao & Andre Veiga & Ansgar Walther

  • 2016 When is Market the Benchmark? Reinforcement Evidence from Repurchase Decisions
    by Peiran Jiao & Heinrich H. Nax

  • 2016 When is Market the Benchmark? Reinforcement Evidence from Repurchase Decisions
    by Peiran Jiao & Heinrich H. Nax

  • 2016 A Behavioral New Keynesian Model
    by Xavier Gabaix

  • 2016 Climate Risks and Market Efficiency
    by Harrison Hong & Frank Weikai Li & Jiangmin Xu

  • 2016 The Effect of Air Pollution on Investor Behavior: Evidence from the S&P 500
    by Anthony Heyes & Matthew Neidell & Soodeh Saberian

  • 2016 Minimum Payments and Debt Paydown in Consumer Credit Cards
    by Benjamin J. Keys & Jialan Wang

  • 2016 Credit Expansion and Neglected Crash Risk
    by Matthew Baron & Wei Xiong

  • 2016 Can Myopic Loss Aversion Explain the Equity Premium Puzzle? Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment with Professional Traders
    by Francis Larson & John A. List & Robert D. Metcalfe

  • 2016 Risk Preferences and The Macro Announcement Premium
    by Hengjie Ai & Ravi Bansal

  • 2016 Do Credit Card Companies Screen for Behavioral Biases?
    by Hong Ru & Antoinette Schoar

  • 2016 Diagnostic Expectations and Credit Cycles
    by Pedro Bordalo & Nicola Gennaioli & Andrei Shleifer

  • 2016 Coordinated Noise Trading: Evidence from Pension Fund Reallocations
    by Zhi Da & Borja Larrain & Clemens Sialm & José Tessada

  • 2016 Uninformative Feedback and Risk Taking: Evidence from Retail Forex Trading
    by Itzhak Ben-David & Justin Birru & Viktor Prokopenya

  • 2016 Crash Beliefs From Investor Surveys
    by William N. Goetzmann & Dasol Kim & Robert J. Shiller

  • 2016 Excess Volatility: Beyond Discount Rates
    by Stefano Giglio & Bryan Kelly

  • 2016 Bank Quality, Judicial Efficiency and Borrower Runs: Loan Repayment Delays in Italy
    by Fabio Schiantarelli & Massimiliano Stacchini & Philip E. Strahan

  • 2016 Decision-Making under the Gambler's Fallacy: Evidence from Asylum Judges, Loan Officers, and Baseball Umpires
    by Daniel Chen & Tobias J. Moskowitz & Kelly Shue

  • 2016 Overconfident Investors, Predictable Returns, and Excessive Trading
    by Kent Daniel & David Hirshleifer

  • 2016 Extrapolation and Bubbles
    by Nicholas Barberis & Robin Greenwood & Lawrence Jin & Andrei Shleifer

  • 2016 Behavioral Macroeconomics Via Sparse Dynamic Programming
    by Xavier Gabaix

  • 2016 Bringing the Customer Black to the Foreground: The End of Conduct Risk?
    by Bertrand K. Hassani

  • 2016 A test of the Behavioral versus the Rational model of Persuasion in Financial Advertising
    by Riccardo Ferretti & Francesca Pancotto & Enrico Rubaltelli

  • 2016 Social Media and Capital Markets – an Overview
    by Jaroslav Bukovina

  • 2016 On the relevance of psychological motives, values, and norms for socially responsible investments: An econometric analysis
    by Gunnar Gutsche & Anja Köbrich León & Andreas Ziegler

  • 2016 Are private investors willing to pay for sustainable investments? A stated choice experiment
    by Gunnar Gutsche & Andreas Ziegler

  • 2016 Unleashing Animal Spirits - Self-Control and Overpricing in Experimental Asset Markets
    by Kocher, Martin G. & Lucks, Konstantin E. & Schindler, David

  • 2016 Margin Trading: Hedonic Returns and Real Losses
    by Daniel Ladley & Guanqing Liu & James Rockey

  • 2016 The Role of Hormones in Financial Markets
    by Subir Bose & Daniel Ladley & Xin Li

  • 2016 Targeted Business Incentives and the Debt Behavior of Households
    by Di, Wenhua & Millimet, Daniel L.

  • 2016 Rankings and Risk-Taking in the Finance Industry
    by Michael Kirchler & Florian Lindner & Utz Weitzel

  • 2016 The Consumption-Investment Decision of a Prospect Theory Household
    by Fortin, Ines & Hlouskova, Jaroslava & Tsigaris, Panagiotis

  • 2016 Introdução à “Deep Web” [Introduction to "Deep Web"]
    by David Duarte & Tiago Mealha

  • 2016 Investor Sentiment and Sector Returns
    by Ahmed Salhin & Mo Sherif & Edward Jones

  • 2016 Economic Scarcity and Consumers’ Credit Choice
    by Bos, Marieke & Le Coq, Chloé & van Santen, Peter

  • 2016 What Makes a Good Trader? On the Role of Intuition and Reflection on Trader Performance
    by Brice Corgnet & Mark DeSantis & David Porter

  • 2016 Identity Theft As A Teachable Moment
    by Blascak, Nathan & Cheney, Julia S. & Hunt, Robert M. & Mikhed, Vyacheslav & Ritter, Dubravka & Vogan, Michael

  • 2016 Institutional Herding and Its Price Impact : Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market
    by Fang Cai & Song Han & Dan Li & Yi Li

  • 2016 Targeted business incentives and the debt behavior of households
    by Di, Wenhua & Millimet, Daniel

  • 2016 Clouded Judgment: The Role of Sentiment in Credit Origination
    by Cortes, Kristle Romero & Duchin, Ran & Sosyura, Denis

  • 2016 The credit card debt puzzle: the role of preferences, credit risk, and financial literacy
    by Gorbachev, Olga & Luengo-Prado, Maria Jose

  • 2016 Are there social spillovers in consumers’ security assessments of payment instruments?
    by Kahn, Charles M. & Liñares-Zegarra, José Manuel & Stavins, Joanna

  • 2016 Simulated ML Estimation of Financial Agent-Based Models
    by Jiri Kukacka & Jozef Barunik

  • 2016 A Behavioral New Keynesian Model
    by Gabaix, Xavier

  • 2016 The Perception of Dependence, Investment Decisions, and Stock Prices
    by Ungeheuer, Michael & Weber, Martin

  • 2016 The Booms and Busts of Beta Arbitrage
    by Huang, Shiyang & Lou, Dong & Polk, Christopher

  • 2016 The Choice of Valuation Techniques in Practice: Education versus Profession
    by Mukhlynina, Lilia & Nyborg, Kjell G

  • 2016 Anticipating the Financial Crisis: Evidence from Insider Trading in Banks
    by Akin, Ozlem & Marin, Jose & Peydró, José Luis

  • 2016 The Perception of Dependence and Investment Decisions
    by Ungeheuer, Michael & Weber, Martin

  • 2016 Trust, ambiguity, and financial decision-making
    by Jim Engle-Warnick & Diego Pulido & Marine de Montaignac

  • 2016 A Comparison of Survey and Incentivized-Based Risk Attitude Elicitation
    by Jim Engle-Warnick & Diego Pulido & Marine de Montaignac

  • 2016 What Makes a Good Trader? On the Role of Intuition and Reflection on Trader Performance
    by Brice Corgnet & Mark DeSantis & David Porter

  • 2016 A Model of Reference-Dependent Belief Updating
    by Johannes Maier & Clemens König

  • 2016 Unleashing Animal Spirits - Self-Control and Overpricing in Experimental Asset Markets
    by Martin G. Kocher & Konstantin E. Lucks & David Schindler

  • 2016 Do Better Informed Investors Always Do Better?
    by Glenn Boyle & Gerald Ward

  • 2016 Cognitive Biases and Entrepreneurial Under-Diversification
    by E. M. Cervellati & P. Pattitoni & M. Savioli

  • 2016 Dual Decision Processes and Noise Trading
    by Francesco Cerigioni

  • 2016 Anticipating the Financial Crisis: Evidence from Insider Trading in Banks
    by Ozlem Akin & José M. Marín & José-Luis Peydró

  • 2016 Fear, Anger and Credit. On Bank Robberies and Loan Conditions
    by Paola Morales Acevedo & Steven Ongena

  • 2016 Does Competition Aggravate Moral Hazard? A Multi-Principal-Agent Experiment
    by Olga A. Rud & Jean Paul Rabanal & John Horowitz

  • 2016 Conflict of Interest, Disclosure, and Vertical Relationships: An Experimental Analysis
    by Paul Chen & Martin Richardson

  • 2016 Mercury retrograde effect in capital markets: truth or illusion?
    by Aurora MURGEA

  • 2016 Identification of Factors Determining Market Value of the Most Valuable Football Players
    by Majewski Sebastian

  • 2016 Hat die Einführung der Abgeltungsteuer Aktienkurse beeinflusst?
    by Sebastian Eichfelder & Mona Lau

  • 2016 Impact of culture and patriotism on home bias in bond portfolios
    by Elina Pradkhan

  • 2016 Endogenous time-varying risk aversion and asset returns
    by Michele Berardi

  • 2016 Live fast, die young
    by Elyès Jouini & Clotilde Napp

  • 2016 How much should an investor trust the startup entrepreneur? A network model
    by Anna Klabunde

  • 2016 Does investor sentiment impact the returns and volatility of Islamic equities?
    by Daniel Perez-Liston & Daniel Huerta & Sanzid Haq

  • 2016 Business cycles and the expectations of short-term central bank rates in light of Construal Level Theory
    by Sagi Akron

  • 2016 Fluctuations of the real exchange rate, real interest rates, and the dynamics of the price of gold in a small open economy
    by Christian Pierdzioch & Marian Risse & Sebastian Rohloff

  • 2016 The Global Financial Crisis from the perspective of Behavioral Finance
    by Teodor Sedlarski & Gergana Dimitrova

  • 2016 Impact of Financial Literacy on the Behavioral Biases of Individual Stock Investors: Evidence from Borsa Istanbul
    by Ateş, Sinem & Coşkun, Ali & Şahin, M. Abdullah & Demircan, M. Levent

  • 2016 Logo Color, Earnings Management and Firm Value
    by Tao Chen

  • 2016 The Economic Paradigms Need to Be Updated
    by Jaroslav DAŇHEL & Eva Ducháčková & Jarmila Radová

  • 2016 Do investors suffer behavioral biases when deciding?
    by Jitka Veselá - Lucie Neubauerová

  • 2016 Economic Science Going Through a Painful Time Confronted with Societal Evolution
    by Jaroslav Daňhel & Eva Ducháčková & Jarmila Radová

  • 2016 Socio-demographic characteristics of investors in the Warsaw Stock Exchange – How they influence the investment decision
    by Agata Kliber & Blanka Let & Aleksandra Rutkowska

  • 2016 A befektetői túlreagálás empirikus vizsgálata a Budapesti Értéktőzsdén
    by Lakatos, Máté

  • 2016 Stock prices, dividends, earnings, and investor sentiment
    by Chung Baek

  • 2016 Motives for corporate cash holdings: the CEO optimism effect
    by Winifred Huang-Meier & Neophytos Lambertides & James M. Steeley

  • 2016 Diversification, gambling and market forces
    by Marie-Hélène Broihanne & Maxime Merli & Patrick Roger

  • 2016 Do religious beliefs affect borrowing behavior? Evidence from Chinese households
    by Zhong Chunping & Pan Li & Shu Lingwei

  • 2016 Complexity and biases
    by Kenan Kalaycı & Marta Serra-Garcia

  • 2016 The Asymmetric Momentum Effect in the Chinese Class A Share Market Amid Market Swings
    by Yuan Wu

  • 2016 A Comparison Of Credit Risk Management In Private And Public Banks In India
    by Isaiah Oino

  • 2016 The Impact of Investor Sentiment on the "Leverage Effect"
    by Semen Son-Turan

  • 2016 Shipping investor sentiment and international stock return predictability
    by Papapostolou, Nikos C. & Pouliasis, Panos K. & Nomikos, Nikos K. & Kyriakou, Ioannis

  • 2016 Think twice before running! Bank runs and cognitive abilities
    by Kiss, H.J. & Rodriguez-Lara, I. & Rosa-García, A.

  • 2016 The role of personal interaction in the assessment of risk attitudes
    by Roth, Benjamin & Trautmann, Stefan T. & Voskort, Andrea

  • 2016 What factors affect behavioral biases? Evidence from Turkish individual stock investors
    by Tekçe, Bülent & Yılmaz, Neslihan & Bildik, Recep

  • 2016 Trading behavior in S&P 500 index futures
    by Smales, Lee A.

  • 2016 Another explanation of the mutual fund fee puzzle
    by Hu, May & Chao, Chi-Chur & Lim, Jin Hao

  • 2016 Do global risk factors and macroeconomic conditions affect global Islamic index dynamics? A quantile regression approach
    by Naifar, Nader

  • 2016 (Country) Home bias in Italian occupational pension funds asset allocation choices
    by Lippi, Andrea

  • 2016 Sin stock returns and investor sentiment
    by Liston, Daniel Perez

  • 2016 A calendar effect: Weekend overreaction (and subsequent reversal) in spot FX rates
    by Dao, Thong M. & McGroarty, Frank & Urquhart, Andrew

  • 2016 Mortgage default risk: New evidence from internet search queries
    by Chauvet, Marcelle & Gabriel, Stuart & Lutz, Chandler

  • 2016 Googling gold and mining bad news
    by Baur, Dirk G. & Dimpfl, Thomas

  • 2016 Personality and wealth accumulation among older couples: Do dispositional characteristics pay dividends?
    by Mosca, Irene & McCrory, Cathal

  • 2016 Household finances and well-being in Australia: An empirical analysis of comparison effects
    by Brown, Sarah & Gray, Daniel

  • 2016 Failure to refinance
    by Keys, Benjamin J. & Pope, Devin G. & Pope, Jaren C.

  • 2016 Who neglects risk? Investor experience and the credit boom
    by Chernenko, Sergey & Hanson, Samuel G. & Sunderam, Adi

  • 2016 Anxiety in the face of risk
    by Eisenbach, Thomas M. & Schmalz, Martin C.

  • 2016 Clouded judgment: The role of sentiment in credit origination
    by Cortés, Kristle & Duchin, Ran & Sosyura, Denis

  • 2016 Does rating analyst subjectivity affect corporate debt pricing?
    by Fracassi, Cesare & Petry, Stefan & Tate, Geoffrey

  • 2016 The cost of friendship
    by Gompers, Paul A. & Mukharlyamov, Vladimir & Xuan, Yuhai

  • 2016 Nominal price illusion
    by Birru, Justin & Wang, Baolian

  • 2016 Can analysts pick stocks for the long-run?
    by Altınkılıç, Oya & Hansen, Robert S. & Ye, Liyu

  • 2016 Time inconsistent preferences and the annuitization decision
    by Schreiber, Philipp & Weber, Martin

  • 2016 Do we measure overconfidence? A closer look at the interval production task
    by Langnickel, Ferdinand & Zeisberger, Stefan

  • 2016 Local happiness and firm behavior: Do firms in happy places invest more?
    by Chuluun, Tuugi & Graham, Carol

  • 2016 Past returns and the perceived Sharpe ratio
    by Kaplanski, Guy & Levy, Haim & Veld, Chris & Veld-Merkoulova, Yulia

  • 2016 As easy as pie: How retirement savers use prescribed investment disclosures
    by Bateman, Hazel & Dobrescu, Loretti I. & Newell, Ben R. & Ortmann, Andreas & Thorp, Susan

  • 2016 Locus of control and savings
    by Cobb-Clark, Deborah A. & Kassenboehmer, Sonja C. & Sinning, Mathias G.

  • 2016 The perception-reality gap in financial literacy: Evidence from the most literate state in India
    by Kiliyanni, Abdul Latheef & Sivaraman, Sunitha

  • 2016 Dependence structure between sukuk (Islamic bonds) and stock market conditions: An empirical analysis with Archimedean copulas
    by Naifar, Nader & Hammoudeh, Shawkat & Al dohaiman, Mohamed S.

  • 2016 Lifetime ruin under ambiguous hazard rate
    by Young, Virginia R. & Zhang, Yuchong

  • 2016 Optimally investing to reach a bequest goal
    by Bayraktar, Erhan & Young, Virginia R.

  • 2016 Optimal management of DC pension plan under loss aversion and Value-at-Risk constraints
    by Guan, Guohui & Liang, Zongxia

  • 2016 Minimizing lifetime poverty with a penalty for bankruptcy
    by Cohen, Asaf & Young, Virginia R.

  • 2016 Career concerns and Bayesian overconfidence of managers
    by Citci, Sadettin Haluk & Inci, Eren

  • 2016 Extraversion, individualism and M&A activities
    by Chan, Alex W.H. & Cheung, Hoi Yan

  • 2016 Debt covenants and credit spread valuation: The special case of Chinese global bonds
    by Chang, Sean Tat & Ross, Donald

  • 2016 Limited cognition and clustered asset prices: Evidence from betting markets
    by Brown, Alasdair & Yang, Fuyu

  • 2016 Market microstructure during financial crisis: Dynamics of informed and heuristic-driven trading
    by Ormos, Mihály & Timotity, Dusán

  • 2016 Does community environment matter to corporate social responsibility?
    by Wu, Dejun & Lin, Chen & Liu, Sibo

  • 2016 A dynamic panel analysis of HKEx shorting ban’s impact on the relationship between disagreement and future returns
    by Zhang, Yan & Ikeda, Shin S.

  • 2016 Competing by conducting good deeds: The peer effect of corporate social responsibility
    by Liu, Sibo & Wu, Dejun

  • 2016 Openness endangers your wealth: Noise trading and the big fiveAuthor-Name: Kleine, Jens
    by Wagner, Niklas & Weller, Tim

  • 2016 Herd mentality in the stock market: On the role of idiosyncratic participants with heterogeneous information
    by Dang, Ha V. & Lin, Mi

  • 2016 Herd behavior and equity market liquidity: Evidence from major markets
    by Galariotis, Emilios C. & Krokida, Styliani-Iris & Spyrou, Spyros I.

  • 2016 Managerial sentiment, consumer confidence and sector returns
    by Salhin, Ahmed & Sherif, Mohamed & Jones, Edward

  • 2016 The effect of bidder conservatism on M&A decisions: Text-based evidence from US 10-K filings
    by Ahmed, Yousry & Elshandidy, Tamer

  • 2016 Disposition effect as a behavioral trading activity elicited by investors' different risk preferences
    by Shoji, Isao & Kanehiro, Sumei

  • 2016 Immigrant-native differences in stockholding – The role of cognitive and non-cognitive skills
    by Luik, Marc-André & Steinhardt, Max Friedrich

  • 2016 Air pollution and stock returns: Evidence from a natural experiment
    by Lepori, Gabriele M.

  • 2016 Impacts of implied volatility on stock price realized jumps
    by Huang, Alex YiHou

  • 2016 Unravelling the asymmetric volatility puzzle: A novel explanation of volatility through anchoring
    by Ormos, Mihály & Timotity, Dusan

  • 2016 Can irrational investors survive in the long run? The role of generational type transmission
    by Condie, Scott S. & Phillips, Kerk L.

  • 2016 Fractional integration in daily stock market indices at Jordan's Amman stock exchange
    by Al-Shboul, Mohammad & Anwar, Sajid

  • 2016 Does trust contribute to stock market development?
    by Ng, Adam & Ibrahim, Mansor H. & Mirakhor, Abbas

  • 2016 Optimal capital structure and investment decisions under time-inconsistent preferences
    by Tian, Yuan

  • 2016 Optimal monetary policy in a new Keynesian model with animal spirits and financial markets
    by Lengnick, Matthias & Wohltmann, Hans-Werner

  • 2016 Does local religiosity matter for bank risk-taking?
    by Adhikari, Binay Kumar & Agrawal, Anup

  • 2016 Does Gender Difference Impact Investment Decisions? Evidence from Oman
    by Syed Ahsan Jamil & Khaliquzzaman Khan

  • 2016 Single or Menu Contracting: A Game Theory Application of the Hersanyi Model to Mudaraba Financing
    by Adil EL Fakir & Mohamed Tkiouat

  • 2016 Impact of Financial Literacy and Investment Experience on Risk Tolerance and Investment Decisions: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
    by Mustabsar Awais & M. Fahad Laber & Nilofer Rasheed & Aisha Khursheed

  • 2016 Modeling dependence structure between stock market volatility and sukuk yields: A nonlinear study in the case of Saudi Arabia
    by Nader Naifar

  • 2016 Behavioural finance perspectives on Malaysian stock market efficiency
    by Jasman Tuyon & Zamri Ahmada

  • 2016 Investor education and trading activity on the stock market
    by Kristjan Liivamagi

  • 2016 Can Social Capital Be the New Dynamics of Economic Development?
    by Ilhan Eroğlu & Nalan Kangal

  • 2016 Investor Sentiment, Executive Compensation, and Investment – Some International Evidence: A Pitch
    by Dewan Mostafizur Rahman

  • 2016 Behavioral Economics: Past, Present, and Future
    by Richard H. Thaler

  • 2015 Predictability of Sustainable Investments and the Role of Uncertainty: Evidence from a Non-Parametric Causality-in-Quantiles Test
    by Nikolaos Antonakakis & Vassilios Babalos & Clement Kyei

  • 2015 Predicting Stock Returns and Volatility with Investor Sentiment Indices: A Reconsideration using a Nonparametric Causality-in-Quantiles Test
    by Mehmet Balcilar & Rangan Gupta & Clement Kyei

  • 2015 Können Manager lernen, erfolgreiche Geschäftsentscheidungen zu treffen?
    by Wüstermann, Ralf Peter

  • 2015 Über die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten des Zustands-Grenzpreismodells
    by Wüstermann, Ralf Peter & Scheiblich, Mathias

  • 2015 The hidden cost of accommodating crowdfunder privacy preferences: a randomized field experiment
    by Burtch, Gordon & Ghose, Anindya & Wattal, Sunil

  • 2015 Forecaster overconfidence and market survey performance
    by Deaves, Richard & Lei, Jin & Schröder, Michael

  • 2015 Default or reactance? Identity priming effects on overconfidence in Germany and Japan
    by Duttle, Kai & Shichijo, Tatsuhiro

  • 2015 Compensation schemes, liquidity provision, and asset prices: An experimental analysis
    by Baghestanian, Sascha & Gortner, Paul & Massenot, Baptiste

  • 2015 Immigrant-native differences in stockholding: The role of cognitive and non-cognitive skills
    by Luik, Marc-André & Steinhardt, Max Friedrich

  • 2015 Capitalization of capital gains taxes: (In)attention and turn-of-the-year returns
    by Eichfelder, Sebastian & Lau, Mona

  • 2015 Forecaster overconfidence and market survey performance
    by Deaves, Richard & Lei, Jin & Schröder, Michael

  • 2015 From banks' strategies to financial (in)stability
    by Berardi, Simone & Tedeschi, Gabriele

  • 2015 Forecaster overconfidence and market survey performance
    by Deaves, Richard & Lei, Jin & Schroeder, Michael

  • 2015 Underpricing, underperformance and overreaction in initial pubic offerings: Evidence from investor attention using online searches
    by Vakrman, Tomas & Kristoufek, Ladislav

  • 2015 The "tone effect" of news on investor beliefs: An experimental approach
    by Bosman, Ronald & Kräussl, Roman & Mirgorodskaya, Elizaveta

  • 2015 Capitalization of capital gains taxes: (In)attention and turn-of-the-year returns
    by Eichfelder, Sebastian & Lau, Mona

  • 2015 Do People Disinvest Optimally?
    by John D Hey & Konstantina Mari

  • 2015 Portfolio Choice Under Ambiguity
    by Enrica Carbone & Xueqi Dong & John Hey

  • 2015 Financial Competence, Overconfidence, and Trusting Investments: Results from an Experiment
    by Bryan C. McCannon & Colleen Tokar Asaad & Mark Wilson

  • 2015 Dispositional optimism and stock investments
    by Viola Angelini & Danilo Cavapozzi

  • 2015 Fee structure, return chasing and mutual fund choice: an experiment
    by Mikhail Anufriev & Te Bao & Angela Sutan & Jan Tuinstra

  • 2015 The banking crisis with interbank market freeze
    by Jin Cheng & Meixing Dai & Frédéric Dufourt

  • 2015 Behavioural, Financial, and Health & Medical Economics: A Connection
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer & Wing-Keung Wong

  • 2015 Be patient when measuring Hyperbolic Discounting: Stationarity, Time Consistency and Time Invariance in a Field Experiment
    by Wendy Janssens & Berber Kramer & Lisette Swart

  • 2015 Will Islamic Banking make the World less risky? An Empirical Analysis of Capital Structure, Risk Shifting and Financial Stability
    by Moazzam Farooq & Sweder van Wijnbergen & Sajjad Zaheer

  • 2015 Cheap but Flighty: How Global Imbalances create Financial Fragility
    by Enrico Perotti & Toni Ahnert

  • 2015 Personal finance management of young households in Lithuania
    by Tadas Gudaitis & Evelina ZigmantaviÄ iÅ«tÄ—

  • 2015 SURSE DE FINANȚARE SPECIFICE PAROHIILOR, CA UNITĂȚI LOCALE, PROVENITE DIN ACTIVITĂȚI FĂRĂ SCOP LUCRATIV (International Conference "Recent Advances in Economic and Social Research", 13-14 mai 2015, București)
    by Mircea-Florin Cricovean

  • 2015 The Recent Convergence of Financial Development in Asia
    by Dekle, Robert & Pundit, Madhavi

  • 2015 Anchoring and Adjustment Heuristic: A Unified Explanation for Equity Puzzles
    by Siddiqi, Hammad

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