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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ G: Financial Economics
/ / G0: General
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Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Informal intellectual collaboration with central colleagues
    by Georg, Co-Pierre & Opolot, Daniel C. & Rose, Michael E.

  • 2017 Moving towards "Cashlessness" in an emerging economy: A case study of latest policy steps in India
    by Dasgupta, Manjira

  • 2017 The Matching Degree between Financial Structure and Technical Level and Economic Development
    by Ye, Dezhu & Deng, Jie & Zeng, Fanqing

  • 2017 SMEs access to formal finance in post-communist economies: Do institutional structure and political connectedness matter?
    by Kobil Ruziev & Don Webber

  • 2017 Factor Investing: The Rocky Road from Long-Only to Long-Short
    by Marie Briere & Ariane Szafarz

  • 2017 Financial Vulnerability among Tribes in Rural Areas: Certain Observations from a Study
    by Kumar, Dr.B.Pradeep

  • 2017 Is there a Link between Profit Share Rate of Participation Banks and Interest Rate?[:] The Case of Turkey
    by Korkut, Cem & Özgür, Önder

  • 2017 An Instruments to Develop Cashless in Malaysia
    by Taasim, Shairil & Yusoff, Remali

  • 2017 New alternative measuring financial stability
    by Ghassan, Hassan B.

  • 2017 Monitoring Performance of Maybank Berhad in the Presence of Risk
    by Shahardin, Nur'Izzate Iwana

  • 2017 Genting plantation berhad performance and risk
    by Arshad, Nur Shahwani

  • 2017 Risk Performance of Kawan Food Berhad
    by Kamaludin, Sabrina

  • 2017 Performance and Size of Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd (F&N)
    by Othaman, Ridhuan

  • 2017 Firm Risk & Performance: The Role of Corporate Governance Of Bumi Amada Bhd
    by Muhamad Fitri, Ayu Darwina

  • 2017 Risk and performance: empirical evidence from bank of tokyo-mitsubishi ufj
    by Aziz, Nur Azra Farzana

  • 2017 Инвестирование Денежных Средств В Условиях Экономического Кризиса В 2017 Году
    by Egorova, Yana

  • 2017 A Risk-centric Model of Demand Recessions and Macroprudential Policy
    by Ricardo J. Caballero & Alp Simsek

  • 2017 Are Mutual Fund Managers Paid For Investment Skill?
    by Markus Ibert & Ron Kaniel & Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh & Roine Vestman

  • 2017 Stock-flow Consistent Macroeconomic Models: A Survey
    by Michalis Nikiforos & Gennaro Zezza

  • 2017 Strategic Technology Switching under Risk Aversion and Uncertainty
    by Sendstad, Lars Hegnes & Chronopoulos, Michail

  • 2017 The contributions of warfare with revolutionary and Napoleonic France to the consolidation and progress of the British industrial revolution: revised version of working paper 150
    by O'Brien, Patrick

  • 2017 Monetary easing and financial instability
    by Acharya, Viral & Plantin, Guillaume

  • 2017 Identification of Global and National Shocks in International Financial Markets via General Dynamic Factor Models
    by Matteo Barigozzi & Marc Hallin & Stefano Soccorsi

  • 2017 Risk Management and Regulation
    by Adrian, Tobias

  • 2017 Liquidity Policies and Systemic Risk
    by Adrian, Tobias & Boyarchenko, Nina

  • 2017 Are Mutual Fund Managers Paid For Investment Skill?
    by Ibert, Marcus & Kaniel, Ron & van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn & Vestman, Roine

  • 2017 Are Mutual Fund Managers Paid For Investment Skill?
    by Ibert, Marcus & Kaniel, Ron & van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn & Vestman, Roine

  • 2017 Much Ado About Nothing: Is the Market Affected by Political Bias?
    by Luo, Mancy & Manconi, Alberto & Massa, Massimo

  • 2017 Do institutional blockholders influence corporate investment? Evidence from emerging markets
    by Roberto Alvarez & Mauricio Jara & Carlos Pombo

  • 2017 A critical review of the statistics on the size and riskiness of the securitization market: evidence from Italy and other euro-area countries
    by Giorgio Nuzzo

  • 2017 Non-performing loans and the supply of bank credit: evidence from Italy
    by Matteo Accornero & Piergiorgio Alessandri & Luisa Carpinelli & Alberto Maria Sorrentino

  • 2017 Shadow banking out of the shadows: non-bank intermediation and the Italian regulatory framework
    by Carlo Gola & Marco Burroni & Francesco Columba & Antonio Ilari & Giorgio Nuzzo & Onofrio Panzarino

  • 2017 Contemporary Issues in Economy. Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Economics: Finance

  • 2017 Contemporary Issues in Economy. Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Economics: Proceedings in Polish

  • 2017 9th International Conference on Applied Economics Contemporary Issues in Economy, Torun, Poland, 22-23 June 2017

  • 2017 Modeling Conditional Volatility of Indian Banking Sector’s Stock Market Returns
    by Singh Amanjot

  • 2017 The Effect of Credit Risk and Capital Adequacy on the Profitability of Rural Banks in the Philippines
    by Mendoza Rufo & Rivera John Paolo R.

  • 2017 Do ownership structures really matter? A study of companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange
    by Nila Firdausi Nuzula & Chitra Sriyani De Silva Lokuwaduge

  • 2017 Can Russia Survive Economic Sanctions?
    by Seth G. Benzell & Guillermo Lagarda

  • 2017 Aging and Property Prices: A Theory of Very-Long-Run Portfolio Choice and Its Predictions on Japanese Municipalities in the 2040s
    by Yoshihiro Tamai & Chihiro Shimizu & Kiyohiko G. Nishimura

  • 2017 Interest Liberalization and the Estimation of Implicit Interest Rates in China's Banking Sector
    by Yan Shen & Wenlong Bian

  • 2017 The Global Value Chain and the Competitiveness of Asian Countries
    by Kozo Kiyota & Keita Oikawa & Katsuhiro Yoshioka

  • 2017 Competition Effects and Industrial Productivity: Lessons from Japanese Industry
    by Masahito Ambashi

  • 2017 R&D Performance in High-Tech Firms in China
    by Zhao Chen & Sang-Ho Lee & Wei Xu

  • 2017 Vertical and Horizontal Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Malaysian Manufacturing
    by Ergun Dogan & Koi Nyen Wong & Michael M. C. Yap

  • 2017 The Rise and Fall of Thailand's Export-Oriented Industries
    by Bhanupong Nidhiprabha

  • 2017 The Global Productivity Slump: Common and Country-Specific Factors
    by Barry Eichengreen & Donghyun Park & Kwanho Shin

  • 2017 Financial Conditions Indexes and Monetary Policy in Asia
    by Margarita Debuque-Gonzales & Maria Socorro Gochoco-Bautista

  • 2017 The Role of Domestic Institutions and FDI on Innovation—Evidence from Chinese Firms
    by Yi Qu & Yingqi Wei

  • 2017 Globalization and School–Work Choices in an Emerging Economy: Vietnam
    by Ian Coxhead & Rashesh Shrestha

  • 2017 Asset-based Reserve Requirements in a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model
    by Tae Soo Kang & Hyunduk Suh

  • 2017 Impact of Extensive and Intensive Margins of Foreign Direct Investment on Domestic Corporate Performance: Evidence from Japanese Automobile Parts Suppliers
    by Toshiyuki Matsuura

  • 2017 Earnings Premium in State Jobs Across Urban China
    by Yuanyuan Ma & Patrick Paul Walsh & Liming Wang

  • 2017 Price Regulation and Tacit Collusion in the Interbank Electronic Bulk and Retail Credit Transfer Services: Thailand's Experience
    by Deunden Nikomborirak

  • 2017 Cross-border Vertical Integration and Intra-firm Trade: New Evidence from Korean and Japanese Firm-level Data
    by Hyunbae Chun & Jung Hur & Young Gak Kim & Hyeog Ug Kwon

  • 2017 Markets Matter: The Potential of Intra-Regional Trade in ASEAN and Its Implications for Asian Regionalism
    by Lurong Chen & Philippe De Lombaerde & Ludo Cuyvers

  • 2017 China's Growth Slowdown and Prospects for Becoming a High-Income Developed Economy
    by Ding Lu

  • 2017 The Size and Costs of Bribes in Malaysia: An Analysis Based on Convicted Bribe Givers
    by Christine Siew-Pyng Chong & Suresh Narayanan

  • 2017 RMBI or RMBR? Is the Renminbi Destined to Become a Global or Regional Currency?
    by Barry Eichengreen & Domenico Lombardi

  • 2017 Government Support and R&D Investment Effectiveness in Chinese SMEs: A Complex Relationship
    by Claudio Petti & Lauretta Rubini & Silvia Podetti

  • 2017 Managing Economic Stability under Volatile Capital Flows: East Asia Perspectives
    by Chalongphob Sussangkarn

  • 2017 Internationalization of Indian Enterprises: Patterns, Determinants, and Policy Issues
    by Prema-chandra Athukorala & C. Veeramani

  • 2017 Trade Liberalization and the Aggregate Matching Function in India
    by Woong Lee

  • 2017 Deepening and Widening of Production Networks in ASEAN
    by Ayako Obashi & Fukunari Kimura

  • 2017 Asymmetric reaction is rational behavior
    by Philip A. Horvath & Amit K. Sinha

  • 2017 IPO valuation and profitability expectations: evidence from the Italian exchange
    by Matteo Bonaventura & Giancarlo Giudici

  • 2017 Investigation of institutional changes in the UK housing market using structural break tests and time-varying parameter models
    by Hanxiong Zhang & Robert Hudson & Hugh Metcalf & Viktor Manahov

  • 2017 Assessing Countries’ Financial Inclusion Standing– A New Composite Index
    by André Mialou & Goran Amidzic & Alexander Massara

  • 2017 Financialisation and labour in the Australian commercial construction industry
    by Dick Bryan & Michael Rafferty & Phillip Toner & Sally Wright

  • 2017 Romanian Credit Unions - self-organising for financial education and inclusion
    by Vamesu, Ancuta & Barna, Cristina

  • 2017 Digital Economy a Link to Competitiveness of Romania from Regional to Global
    by Lucreþia Mariana CONSTANTINESCU

  • 2017 On Origins of Bubbles
    by Zura Kakushadze

  • 2017 Downside risk protection of Retirement Assets: A new approach
    by Saha, Atanu & Rinaudo, Alex

  • 2017 Actively managed versus passive mutual funds: A race of two portfolios
    by Saha, Atanu & Rinaudo, Alex

  • 2017 Risk-Sharing Securities: Accelerating Finance for SMEs

  • 2017 Do Acceptance and Publication Times Differ Across Finance Journals?
    by Craig W. Holden

  • 2017 Obesity and Household Financial Distress
    by Guthrie, Katherine & Sokolowsky, Jan

  • 2017 Financial-Economic Profile of Firms in the European Publishing Industry/Perfil económico-financiero de las empresas de la industria editorial europea

  • 2017 Corporate Financial Leverage, Asset Utilization and Nonperforming Loans in Pakistan
    by Ijaz Hussain

  • 2017 Does the requirement of an engagement partner signature improve financial analysts’ information environment in the United Kingdom?
    by Shirley Liu

  • 2017 Characteristics And Challenges In Financial Administration: Evidence From The Municipality Of Ecatepec De Morelos, Mexico Caracteristicas Y Retos En La Administracion Financiera En Mipyme Industriales: Evidencia Del Municipio De Ecatepec De Morelos, Mexico
    by Sara Lilia Garcia Perez & Carlos Saul Juarez Lugo

  • 2017 Currency Risk And Its Effect On Performance And Permanence Of Companies In Mexicali, Baja California, El Riesgo Cambiario Y Su Efecto En El Desempeño Y Permanencia De Las Empresas En Mexicali, Baja California
    by Sósima Carrillo & Loreto María Bravo Zanoguera & Plácido Valenciana Moreno & Ana Cecilia Bustamante Valenzuela & Jessica Lizbeth Cisneros Martínez

  • 2017 Reconfiguration of Financial System Elements to Restore Economic Growth: The System Simplicity and Transformation towards State-Based and Corporate-Based Types
    by Sergey Vladimirovitch Anureev

  • 2017 Experience of Greece on Recapitalization of Banks, Marketing Management and Personnel Retraining in Conditions of Economic Recession
    by L.Yu. Andreeva & O.Yu. Sviridov

  • 2017 Instruments of Marketing and Credit Support of the Large Industrial Enterprises Development: International Experience
    by A.A. Alukhanyan & A.V. Andreeva & L.Yu. Andreeva

  • 2017 Government interventions and equity liquidity in the sub-prime crisis period: Evidence from the ETF market
    by Chiu, Junmao & Tsai, Kunchi

  • 2017 The effectiveness of pre-purchase homeownership counseling: Evidence from a randomized study
    by Smith, Marvin M. & Hochberg, Daniel & Greene, William H.

  • 2017 Reporting errors in the I/B/E/S earnings forecast database: J. Doe vs. J. Doe
    by Roger, Tristan

  • 2017 Effect of rollover risk on default risk: Evidence from bank financing
    by Wang, Chih-Wei & Chiu, Wan-Chien & Peña, Juan Ignacio

  • 2017 Financialization: Towards a new research agenda
    by Lagoarde-Segot, Thomas

  • 2017 Quantitative wave model of macro-finance
    by Olkhov, Victor

  • 2017 Hedging local volume risk using forward markets: Nordic case
    by Ernstsen, Rune Ramsdal & Boomsma, Trine Krogh & Tegnér, Martin & Skajaa, Anders

  • 2017 Credit expansion and financial stability in Malaysia
    by Koong, Seow Shin & Law, Siong Hook & Ibrahim, Mansor H.

  • 2017 The trouble with approximating industry concentration from Compustat
    by Keil, Jan

  • 2017 Financial Literacy and Risk Tolerance towards Saving and Investment: A Case Study in Malaysia
    by Zukarnain Zakaria & Siti Maisarah Mohamad Nor & Mohd Roslan Ismail

  • 2017 Using Financial Analysis Methods in the Hotel Sector for the Purposes of Planning and Monitoring Case Study Al Zaitonia Hotel
    by Omar A. A. Jawabreh & Rami Muneer Mahmoud & Ehab Alshatnawi & Emran Al Momani

  • 2017 Access to Funds: How Could CMU Support SME Financing?
    by Helmut Kraemer-Eis & Frank Lang

  • 2017 Operating Performance Evaluation Based on Z-score Model and Profitability between Cross-Straits Credit Cooperatives
    by Kuei-Chiu Lee & Wun-Hong Su & Chien-Yen Liu

  • 2017 Crude Oil Price Volatility Spillovers and Agricultural Commodities: A Study in Time and Frequency Domains
    by Bahram Adrangi & Arjun Chatrath & Joseph Macri & Kambiz Raffiee

  • 2017 Impact of Index Options on Emerging Market Volatility: The Case of the Malaysian Equity Market
    by Md. Mohibul Islam & Anisul M. Islam

  • 2017 Fantasy Pitching
    by Robert Faff & Searat Ali & Muhammad Atif & Matt Brenner & Hasibul Chowdhury & Leelyn Crudas & Alison Joubet & Ihtisham Malik & Lin Mi & Vinu Nagar & Tim Pullen & Manuel Siegrist & Steve Smythe & Jeff Stephenson & Beile Zhang & Kun Zhang

  • 2017 Romania on the threshold of EU accession, from the perspective of a decade of Europeanism
    by Octavian Mihai PERPELEA & Dumitru BELDIMAN

  • 2017 Romania’s regional development strategy between 2014-2020
    by Marin OPRIÈšESCU & Dumitru BELDIMAN

  • 2017 Access to Financial Services Via Rural and Community Banks and Poverty Reduction in Rural Households in Ghana
    by Michael Danquah & Peter Quartey & Abdul Malik Iddrisu

  • 2016 A pro-cyclical stock market under a countercyclical monetary policy in a model of endogenous business cycles
    by Yanovski, Boyan

  • 2016 Management science, economics and finance: A connection
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer & Wing-Keung Wong

  • 2016 Management Science, Economics and Finance: A Connection
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer & Wing-Keung Wong

  • 2016 Impact of Natural Disasters on Financial Development
    by Subhani Keerthiratnee & Richard S.J. Tol

  • 2016 Bitcoin Literature: A Co-word Analysis
    by John Liu

  • 2016 Asset Allocation Brewed Accross African Stock Markets
    by Lord Mensah

  • 2016 Stylized Facts And Weak-Form Efficiency In Turkish Stock Market
    by Hasan A?an Karaduman

  • 2016 Does gender diversity in the boardroom influence Tobin?s Q of Croatian listed firms?
    by Tomislava Pavic Kramaric & Toni Milun & Ivan Pavic

  • 2016 Are the New Rules of Segment Reporting, SFAS 131, Useful for Analysts?
    by Itzhak Venezia & Sasson Bar Yosef

  • 2016 Granger Causality between Stock Prices and Trading Volume: Evidence from Turkey
    by Elif Akben-Selcuk

  • 2016 Stabilité financière : définitions, fondements théoriques et politique macroprudentielle
    by ROUIESSI, Imane

  • 2016 Institutional Response to the Problem of Access to Finance: Evidence from the Tribal Economy of Kerala
    by Kumar, Dr.B.Pradeep

  • 2016 Современный Финансовый И Управленческий Бухучёт Как Предпосылка Продвижения Корпоративного Управления
    by Bukvić, Rajko & Pavlović, Radica

  • 2016 Prospectiva estratégica aplicada a la hacienda pública: Un ejercicio para la gestión de sus activos y pasivos al año 2030
    by Jiménez Sotelo, Renzo

  • 2016 PERSEPSI MAHASISWA AKUNTANSI MENGENAI FAKTOR-FAKTOR PEMILIHAN PROFESI (Studi PERSEPSI MAHASISWA AKUNTANSI MENGENAI FAKTOR-FAKTOR PEMILIHAN PROFESI (Studi Emperis pada Mahasiswa Akuntansi di Perguruan Tinggi di Medan-Sumatera Utara) pada Mahasiswa Akuntansi di Perguruan Tinggi di Medan-Sumatera Utara)
    by Hutapea, Herti Diana

  • 2016 The Effect of Debt Policy on Firms Performance: Empirical Evidence from Listed Manufacturing Companies on The Ghana Stock Exchange
    by Prempeh, Kwadwo Boateng & Nsiah Asare, Evelyn & sekyere, Allan McBright

  • 2016 A MS-Excel Module to Transform an Integrated Variable into Cumulative Partial Sums for Negative and Positive Components with and without Deterministic Trend Parts
    by Hatemi-J, Abdulnasser & Mustafa, Alan

  • 2016 Measuring the inadequacy of IRR in PFI schemes using profitability index and AIRR
    by Cuthbert, James R. & Magni, Carlo Alberto

  • 2016 Regulation, Outreach and Sustainability of MFIs in SSA: A Multilevel Analysis
    by Nyanzu, Frederick & Atta Peprah, James

  • 2016 Thatchers Erbe und die Sozialdemokratie
    by Kotroyannos, Dimitrios

  • 2016 A stochastic-dominance approach to determining the optimal home-size purchase: The case of Hong Kong
    by Tsang, Chun-Kei & Wong, Wing-Keung & Horowitz, Ira

  • 2016 The business cycle in the contemporary capitalist economy
    by Magdalena Drapala

  • 2016 Wygladzenie falkowe jako kluczowy instrument w predykcji krotkookresowej
    by Monika Hadas-Dyduch

  • 2016 Crash Beliefs From Investor Surveys
    by William N. Goetzmann & Dasol Kim & Robert J. Shiller

  • 2016 Financial Development and Economic Growth: Long Run Equilibrium and Transitional Dynamics
    by Alberto BUCCI & Simone MARSIGLIO

  • 2016 Financial Development, Macroeconomic Stability and Growth
    by Marie Silvere MBOME

  • 2016 Credit Rating Score Analysis
    by Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Phoon Kok Fai & David Lee Kuo Chuen

  • 2016 Sequential Investment in Emerging Technologies under Policy Uncertainty
    by Sendstad, Lars Hegnes & Chronopoulos, Michail

  • 2016 Insider trading with non-fiduciary market makers
    by Aase, Knut K. & Gjesdal, Frøystein

  • 2016 Merger options and risk arbitrage
    by Van Tassel, Peter

  • 2016 Interest Rates or Haircuts? Prices Versus Quantities in the Market for Collateralized Risky Loans
    by Barsky, Robert & Bogusz, Theodore & Easton, Matthew

  • 2016 Measuring the Informativeness of Market Statistics
    by Kyungmin Kim

  • 2016 Management Science, Economics and Finance: A Connection
    by Chang, C-L. & McAleer, M.J. & Wong, W-K.

  • 2016 The Excess Returns of 'Quality' Stocks: A Behavioral Anomaly
    by Thesmar , David & Bouchaud , Jean-Philippe & Stefano , Ciliberti & Landier , Augustin & Simon , Guillaume

  • 2016 Anomalous Trading Prior to Lehman Brothers' Failure
    by Gehrig, Thomas & Haas, Marlene

  • 2016 Do institutional investors unbind firm financial constraints? Evidence from emerging markets
    by Roberto Álvarez & Mauricio Jara-Bertín & Carlos Pombo

  • 2016 Invariance of buy-sell switching points
    by Kyoung-hun Bae & Albert S. Kyle & Eun Jung Lee & Anna Obizhaeva

  • 2016 Rumors and Runs in Opaque Markets: Evidence from the Panic of 1907
    by Caroline Fohlin & Thomas Gehrig & Marlene Haas

  • 2016 Efecto y distorsiones de los impuestos en los incentivos a la inversión y en los precios: Comparación Argentina - Estados Unidos
    by José P. Dapena & Gabriel Sosa

  • 2016 Los centros especiales de empleo en Castilla y León, 2007-2013: efectos de la crisis en función de la personalidad jurídica que adoptan
    by María Isabel Manzano Martín & María Nieves Redondo Martín & María Paz Robles Paramio

  • 2016 Financial development, poverty and rural-urban income inequality: evidence from South Asian countries
    by Madhu Sehrawat & A. K. Giri

  • 2016 The use of crowdfunding in the financing of economic activity (Wykorzystanie crowdfundingu w finansowaniu dzialalnosci gospodarczej)
    by Angelika Kedzierska-Szczepaniak

  • 2016 Efektywność finansowa specjalnych stref ekonomicznych w Polsce
    by Wojciech Lichota

  • 2016 Consumer Credit as an Aspect of Everyday Life of Workers in Developing Countries
    by Elif Karacimen

  • 2016 EU Membership, Financial Services and Stability
    by Angus Armstrong

  • 2016 Statistical Industry Classification
    by Zura Kakushadze & Willie Yu

  • 2016 What Mitigates Economic Growth Volatility in Morocco? : Remittances or FDI
    by Selmi, Refk & Bouoiyour, Jamal & Miftah, Amal

  • 2016 International Evidence on the Financial Kuznets Curve
    by Moosa, Imad

  • 2016 The Romanian Healthcare Institutions – Managing Budget Limitations and Liquidity Issues
    by Cristina Duhnea & Silvia Ghi?ã-Mitrescu

  • 2016 Analysis of Financial Intermediation in Romania
    by Iulia Iuga

  • 2016 Public Finance, Financial System and Financial Law
    by Valery Dimitrov

  • 2016 Beneficiários do Programa Bolsa Família: relações com as finanças e impacto na satisfação global de vida [Beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família program: relations with finance and impact on global life satisfaction]
    by Jéssica Pulino Campara & Kelmara Mendes Vieira

  • 2016 Does the Asset Manager¡¯s Nationality Influence the Occupational Pension Fund Performance?
    by Andrea Lippi

  • 2016 The Role Of Debt Financing And Loans For Agricultural Enterprises In Ukraine
    by O. Oliynyk & P. Zufan & V. Adamenko

  • 2016 International Balkan and Near Eastern Social Sciences Conference Series Plovdiv
    by Nuri BALTACI

  • 2016 Dealers and changing obligations: the case of stub quoting
    by Jared F. Egginton & Bonnie F. Ness & Robert A. Ness

  • 2016 CAR associated with SEO share lockups: Real or illusionary?
    by Beng Soon Chong & Zhenbin Liu

  • 2016 Further examination of the demographic and social factors affecting risk aversion
    by Tchai Tavor & Sharon Garyn-Tal

  • 2016 Design Of A Investment Portfolio Using Non-Linear Programming: Case Of Colombia 2013-2014, Diseno De Un Portafolio De Inversion A Partir De Un Modelo De Programacion No Lineal: Caso Colombia 2013-2014
    by John Dairo Ramirez Aristizabal & Eduardo Alexander Duque Grisales

  • 2016 Credit Risk Factors During The Asian And Global Financial Crises
    by Hsiu-Yun Chang

  • 2016 The Influence Of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect On The Mainland China And Hong Kong Stock Markets
    by Yang-Chao Wang & Jui-Jung Tsai & Yi Lin

  • 2016 Could the Icelandic banking collapse of 2008 have been prevented? The role of economists prior to the crisis
    by John S.L. McCombie & Marta R.M. Spreafico

  • 2016 An empirical application of the EVA® framework to business cycles
    by Cachanosky, Nicolás & Lewin, Peter

  • 2016 Trading behavior in S&P 500 index futures
    by Smales, Lee A.

  • 2016 Financial structure, firm size and industry growth
    by Kim, Dong-Hyeon & Lin, Shu-Chin & Chen, Ting-Cih

  • 2016 Sin stock returns and investor sentiment
    by Liston, Daniel Perez

  • 2016 Tail risk spillovers and corporate cash holdings
    by Chiu, Wan-Chien & Wang, Chih-Wei & Peña, Juan Ignacio

  • 2016 An analysis of euro area sovereign CDS and their relation with government bonds
    by Fontana, Alessandro & Scheicher, Martin

  • 2016 Financial crisis, liquidity and dynamic linkages between large and small stocks: Evidence from the Athens Stock Exchange
    by Koulakiotis, Athanasios & Babalos, Vassilios & Papasyriopoulos, Nicholas

  • 2016 Directors’ duties of care and the value of auditing
    by Banerjee, Suman & Humphery-Jenner, Mark

  • 2016 Coauthorship and subauthorship patterns in financial economics
    by Andrikopoulos, Andreas & Economou, Labriana

  • 2016 Variance risk premia in CO2 markets: A political perspective
    by Reckling, Dennis

  • 2016 Banking competition and firm-level financial constraints in Latin America
    by Álvarez, Roberto & Bertin, Mauricio Jara

  • 2016 Does financial development reduce income inequality and poverty? Evidence from emerging countries
    by Seven, Unal & Coskun, Yener

  • 2016 Four decades of the Journal of Econometrics: Coauthorship patterns and networks
    by Andrikopoulos, Andreas & Samitas, Aristeidis & Kostaris, Konstantinos

  • 2016 Application of Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroschedasticity Model on Inflation and Share Price Movement in Nigeria
    by Charles O. Manasseh & Ambrose N. Omeje

  • 2016 Modelling the Determinants of Malaysian Household Debt
    by Hafizah Hammad Ahmad Khan & Hussin Abdullah & Shamzaeffa Samsudin

  • 2016 Einseitig alternativ? Zur Frage des Alternativen im Geld- und Finanzsystem
    by Georg Hechenberger

  • 2016 Risk Pressure and Inventories Levels. Influence of Risk Sensitivity on Working Capital Level

  • 2016 Debts, Deficits and Multiple Equilibria: A New Role for ECB Monetary Policy?
    by Mats Persson

  • 2016 Capital in Latvia: Notes on a Hungry Tiger
    by Karlis Bukovskis

  • 2016 Does Central Bank Quality Determine Sovereign Ratings and Credit Default Swap Spreads: Evidence from the World?
    by Indranarain Ramlall

  • 2016 Fonds de pension au Chili : un système en pleine évolution après un tiers de siècle de vie
    by Carlos Pardo & Jaime Pardo

  • 2016 Brazilian Review of Finance 2015 Editorial Report
    by Marcio Poletti Laurini

  • 2016 Does Financial Development Volatility Affect Growth Volatility of Industries In Pakistan?
    by Syed Faizan Iftikhar & Waseem Abbas

  • 2016 The Impact Of The Valuation Of Assets On The Company'S Profitability
    by SIMINICA Marian & CIRCIUMARU Daniel & CARSTINA Silviu-Valentin

  • 2016 La destination finale des placements financiers des ménages avant et pendant la crise

  • 2016 Pension Capital Investment in the Context of a Private Pension Fund
    by Artur Mitsel & Olga Rekundal

  • 2016 A Reversed Engineered Pitch Based On Rietveld (2016), “Creating Value through the Freemium Business Model: A Consumer Perspective”
    by Bogdan Alexandru Ratiu

  • 2015 Können Manager lernen, erfolgreiche Geschäftsentscheidungen zu treffen?
    by Wüstermann, Ralf Peter

  • 2015 Über die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten des Zustands-Grenzpreismodells
    by Wüstermann, Ralf Peter & Scheiblich, Mathias

  • 2015 The 'Common Sense' of Austerity in Europe's Historic Bloc: A Gramscian Analysis
    by Ben Luongo

  • 2015 Analiza svojstava konveksnosti obveznica bez primjene diferencijalnog računa
    by Vedran Kojić

  • 2015 The announcement impact of hosting the FIFA World Cup on host country stock markets
    by Bijen Ramdas & Reinette van Gaalen & Jordy Bolton

  • 2015 Analysing bank real estate portfolio management by using impulse response function, Mahalanobis distance and financial turbulence
    by Ognjen Vukovic

  • 2015 Margin adequacy and extreme value analysis in JSE financial futures
    by Chris Motengwe

  • 2015 Contagion, bailouts and welfare impacts of Systemic Risk
    by Christoph Siebenbrunner

  • 2015 The Financing of Investment in European SMEs: Does economic integration matter?
    by Mary Arrieta

  • 2015 Profitability Analysis Of Banks By Using Clustering Method: An Application On Turkish Banking Sector

  • 2015 A New Risk Appetite Index and CDS spreads: Evidence from an Emerging Market
    by Fatih Kiraz & Ozgur Uysal & Yakup Ergincan

  • 2015 Acquire and fire? Evidence from European mergers
    by Furlan, Benjamin

  • 2015 The Impact of Financial Factors on the Output Gap and Estimates of Potential Output Growth
    by Felipe, Jesus & Sotocinal, Noli & Bayudan-Dacuycuy, Connie

  • 2015 Public news flow in intraday component models for trading activity and volatility
    by Adam Clements & Joanne Fuller & Vasilios Papalexiou

  • 2015 Extent and Nature of Banking Exclusion among the Marginalized: A Study of Non-Primitive Tribes in Wayanad District, Kerala, India
    by Kumar, Dr.B.Pradeep

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  • 2010 Financial Development : A Broader Perspective
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  • 2010 Universalizing Complete Access to Finance : Key Conceptual Issues
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