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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ K: Law and Economics
/ / K2: Regulation and Business Law
/ / / K23: Regulated Industries and Administrative Law
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 RegTech is the New Black - The Growth of RegTech Demand and Investment
    by Larsen, Kari & Gilani, Shariq

  • 2017 Patterns of entry and exit in the deregulated German interurban bus industry
    by Dürr, Niklas S. & Hüschelrath, Kai

  • 2017 Power Politics: Electoral Cycles in German Electricity Prices
    by Englmaier, Florian & Roider, Andreas & Stowasser, Till & Hinreiner, Lisa

  • 2017 Does State Aid For Broadband Deployment In Rural Areas Close The Digital And Economic Divide?
    by Briglauer, Wolfgang

  • 2017 Remarks on the German Regulation of Crowdfunding
    by Tröger, Tobias H.

  • 2017 Why MREL won't help much: Minimum requirements for bail-in capital as insufficient remedy for defunct private sector involvement under the European bank resolution framework
    by Tröger, Tobias H.

  • 2017 Too complex to work: A critical assessment of the bail-in tool under the European bank recovery and resolution regime
    by Tröger, Tobias H.

  • 2017 Evaluation der Mietpreisbremse
    by Deschermeier, Philipp & Seipelt, Björn & Voigtländer, Michael

  • 2017 More than Words: A global analysis of the socio-economic impact of Rich Interaction Applications (RIAs)
    by Arnold, René & Hildebrandt, Christian & Tas, Serpil & Kroon, Peter

  • 2017 Why MREL won't help much
    by Tröger, Tobias

  • 2017 Too complex to work: A critical assessment of the bail-in tool under the European bank recovery and resolution regime
    by Tröger, Tobias

  • 2017 Funders-of-Last-Resort: Legal Issues Involved in Using Central Bank Balance Sheets to Bolster Economic Growth
    by Michael, Bryane & Dalko, Viktoria

  • 2017 Knowledge spillovers and absorptive capacity - institutional evidence from the 'German Mittelstand'
    by Proeger, Till

  • 2017 An Overview of Sports Betting Regulation in the United States
    by Brad R. Humphreys

  • 2017 Electricity (De)Regulation and Innovation
    by Marianna Marino & Pierpaolo Parrotta & Giacomo Vallettaz

  • 2017 Gli incentivi all’efficienza energetica nelle Gare per il Servizio di Distribuzione Gas: riflessi di Finanza Pubblica Locale
    by Roberto Fazioli & Donato Lenza

  • 2017 Patent Validity Challenges and The America Invents Act
    by Talia Bar & Brendan Costello

  • 2017 Algorithmes de prix, intelligence artificielle, et équilibre collusifs
    by Frédéric Marty

  • 2017 Trade Agreements, Regulatory Sovereignty and Democratic Legitimacy
    by Bernard Hoekman & Charles Sabel

  • 2017 The Opportunities and Challenges Overview: Implementing Performance Based Standards Regulation for High Capacity Passenger Vehicle in Malaysia
    by Osmin, Muhamad Shaharudin & Md. Diah, Jezan & Mohd. Sharif, Sariwati

  • 2017 Private Equity Fund Structures in Czech Republic within the Framework of the New Institutional Economics
    by Martina Skalicka, & Marek Zinecker & Tomas Meluzin

  • 2017 Private Equity Fund Structures in Czech Republic within the Framework of the New Institutional Economics
    by Martina Skalická & Marek Zinecker & Tomáš Meluzin

  • 2017 Adjudicator Compensation Systems and Investor-State Dispute Settlement
    by David Gaukrodger

  • 2017 Addressing the balance of interests in investment treaties: The limitation of fair and equitable treatment provisions to the minimum standard of treatment under customary international law
    by David Gaukrodger

  • 2017 The balance between investor protection and the right to regulate in investment treaties: A scoping paper
    by David Gaukrodger

  • 2017 Optimal Regulation with Exemptions
    by Louis Kaplow

  • 2017 Regulation of Charlatans in High-Skill Professions
    by Jonathan B. Berk & Jules H. van Binsbergen

  • 2017 How Far Is Too Far? New Evidence on Abortion Clinic Closures, Access, and Abortions
    by Scott Cunningham & Jason M. Lindo & Caitlin Myers & Andrea Schlosser

  • 2017 Sharing R&D Risk in Healthcare via FDA Hedges
    by Adam Jørring & Andrew W. Lo & Tomas J. Philipson & Manita Singh & Richard T. Thakor

  • 2017 Human Smuggling and Intentions to Migrate: Global Evidence from a Supply Shock along Africa-to-Europe Migration Routes
    by Guido, Friebel & Miriam, Manchin & Mariapia, Mendola & Giovanni, Prarolo &

  • 2017 Consolidations in the German interurban bus industry: Effects on prices and quantities
    by Samuel de Haas & Jan Thomas Schaefer

  • 2017 Do Agricultural Marketing Laws Matter for Rural Growth? Evidence from the Indian States
    by Purnima Purohit & Katsushi S. Imai & Kunal Sen

  • 2017 International Environmental Agreement and the Timing of Domestic Lobbying
    by Etienne Farvaque & Norimichi Matsueda

  • 2017 Crime and the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana
    by Dragone, Davide & Prarolo, Giovanni & Vanin, Paolo & Zanella, Giulio

  • 2017 Banking Crises and the Japanese Legal Framework
    by Ignacio Tirado

  • 2017 Occupational Licensing Reduces Racial and Gender Wage Gaps: Evidence from the Survey of Income and Program Participation
    by Peter Blair & Bobby Chung

  • 2017 Development and Shari’ah issues of the Takaful industry in Malaysia – Effects of the Regulatory Framework on the Implementation and Growth
    by Muhamad Badri Othman

  • 2017 Settling Inconsistencies Associated with The Genesis of The Financial Services Authority Act
    by Theresia Anita Christiani

  • 2017 Le prix des services juridiques : entre défaillance de la réglementation et défaillance de marché ?
    by Frédéric Marty

  • 2017 Un modèle d'accident unilatéral: incertitude non-radicale et estimations différenciées
    by Gérard Mondello

  • 2017 Algorithmes de prix, intelligence artificielle et equilibre collusifs
    by Frédérique Marty

  • 2017 L'Economie des plateformes : dissipation ou concentration de la rente ?
    by Frédérique Marty

  • 2017 Neoliberalism and Regulatory Capitalism: Understanding the "Freer Markets More Rules" Puzzle
    by Vlad Tarko

  • 2017 The Diffusion of New Institutions: Evidence from Renaissance Venice's Patent System
    by Comino, Stefano & Galasso, Alberto & Graziano, Clara

  • 2017 The Diffusion of New Institutions: Evidence from Renaissance Venice's Patent System
    by Stefano Comino & Alberto Galasso & Clara Graziano

  • 2017 Scope of Re-hypothecation Regulation (Report of Workshops (3))
    by Kazutoshi Sugimura & Masaru Itatani & Masaki Bessho

  • 2017 Banking Business and Fund Transfer Transactions: Scope of Bank Regulation (Report of Workshops (2))
    by Kazutoshi Sugimura & Masaru Itatani & Masaki Bessho

  • 2017 Scope of Maximum Interest Rate Regulations (Report of Workshops (1))
    by Kazutoshi Sugimura & Masaru Itatani & Masaki Bessho

  • 2017 The principle of subsidiarity and centripetal forces: 14 years of application of the 2001 Italian constitutional reform
    by Cristina Giorgiantonio

  • 2017 Contemporary Challenges in the Business Law

  • 2017 Liability for Damage Caused at the Pursuit of Financial Advisory
    by Slezáková Andrea

  • 2017 Which Institutions Are Important for Firms Performance? Evidence from Bayesian Model Averaging Analysis
    by Jarko Fidrmuc & Svatopluk Kapounek & Martin Siddiqui

  • 2017 El régimen societario de las sociedades laborales en la nueva Ley 44/2015, de 14 de octubre, de sociedades laborales y participadas
    by Encarnación García Ruiz

  • 2017 Wettbewerbsveränderungen im Kontext der Smart-Meter-Einführung in Deutschland
    by Torsten J. Gerpott

  • 2017 Was bringt die Anreizregulierung „2.1“?
    by Wolfgang Elsenbast & Jens Perner & Aria Rodgarkia-Dara

  • 2017 Asymmetric information as a barrier to knowledge spillovers in expert markets
    by Daniel Feser & Till Proeger

  • 2017 The market power requirement in antitrust enforcement and its usefulness
    by V. Bageri & Y. Katsoulacos

  • 2017 The European system of financial supervision– regulatory impact assessment
    by Mariusz Szpringer & W³odzimierz Szpringer

  • 2017 Regtech as a new legal challenge
    by Weber, Rolf H.

  • 2017 Own Funds Under Solvency Regime
    by Pavel Wünsch

  • 2017 Commercial Arbitration In Public Procurement. Experiences Of The International Commercial Arbitration Court Attached To The Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Of Romania
    by Daniel-Mihail SANDRU

  • 2017 The Subjects Of The Public Procurement Contract - About Discrimination And Its Consequences In The Public-Private Relation
    by Raul-Felix HODOS & Daniela MICU

  • 2017 The Reform Of The European Legislation In The Field Of Public Procurement And Its Recent Transposition In The Romanian Law
    by Irina Alexe

  • 2017 Considerations Regarding The Application And Interpretation Of Article 9, Paragraph 2, Letter F) Of The Law No. 393/2004 On The Status Of Local Elected Representatives
    by Eugenia IOVANAS

  • 2017 Insolvency Of Administrative Territorial Units - Are The Principles Of Public Law Fully Compatible With The Requirements Of An Effective Management?
    by Radu CARP

  • 2017 Forming Of Local Budgets: Between Fiscal Decentralization And Social Solidarity
    by Brîndusa GOREA & Oana Voica NAGY & Ioana Raluca TONCEAN-LUIERAN

  • 2017 Bringing in Liquidity and Transparency when the Power Sector is Consolidated: The Duty to Trade on the Power Exchange
    by Mariusz Swora & Jacek Kamiński

  • 2017 How do US state firearms laws affect firearms manufacturing location? An empirical investigation, 1986–2010
    by Jurgen Brauer & Daniel Montolio & Elisa Trujillo-Baute

  • 2017 The Strange Career Of Independent Voting Trusts In U.S. Rail Mergers
    by Russell Pittman

  • 2017 (Mis)perceptions of Law in Consumer Markets
    by Oren Bar-Gill & Kevin E. Davis

  • 2017 Law Enforcement with a Democratic Government
    by Éric Langlais & Marie Obidzinski

  • 2017 Vertical Restraints, the Sylvania Case, and China’s Antitrust Enforcement
    by Zhiyong Liu & Yue Qiao

  • 2017 The Digital Divide and Other Economic Considerations for Network Neutrality
    by Michelle Connolly & Clement Lee & Renhao Tan

  • 2017 The Post-Internet Order Broadband Sector: Lessons from the Pre-Open Internet Order Experience
    by Timothy Brennan

  • 2017 Hayek’s Constitution of Liberty—a guarded retrospective
    by Richard Epstein

  • 2017 Regulating away competition: the effect of regulation on entrepreneurship and employment
    by James B. Bailey & Diana W. Thomas

  • 2017 The relationship between corporate governance characteristics and credit risk exposure in banks: implications for financial regulation
    by Caspar Rose

  • 2017 I controlli interni gestionali nella PA: criticità e correttivi di un sistema in continua evoluzione
    by Anna Peta

  • 2017 Patterns of entry and exit in the deregulated German interurban bus industry
    by Dürr, Niklas S. & Hüschelrath, Kai

  • 2017 “No shut-off” policies and natural gas consumption
    by Clark, David E. & Dybicz, Catherine & Hanson, Andrew & Nourzad, Farrokh

  • 2017 Regulatory protective measures and risky behavior: Evidence from ice hockey
    by Chong, Alberto & Restrepo, Pascual

  • 2017 Safety regulation in professional football: Empirical evidence of intended and unintended consequences
    by Hanson, Andrew & Jolly, Nicholas A. & Peterson, Jeremy

  • 2017 Damage caps and defensive medicine, revisited
    by Paik, Myungho & Black, Bernard & Hyman, David A.

  • 2017 The effect of payday lending restrictions on liquor sales
    by Cuffe, Harold E. & Gibbs, Christopher G.

  • 2017 An economic analysis of debarment
    by Auriol, Emmanuelle & Søreide, Tina

  • 2017 Regulatory decision errors, Legal Uncertainty and welfare: A general treatment
    by Katsoulacos, Yannis & Ulph, David

  • 2017 Equity justifications for universal service obligations
    by Poudou, Jean-Christophe & Roland, Michel

  • 2017 The effect of taxation and regulation on cigarette smoking: Fresh evidence from Turkey
    by Cetin, Tamer

  • 2017 Business model for cross-border interconnections in the Mediterranean basin
    by Poudineh, Rahmatallah & Rubino, Alessandro

  • 2017 Propuestas para la regulación del tribunal de contratación pública. Organización, competencia y procedimiento
    by Alejandro Vergara Blanco & Daniel Bartlett Burguera

  • 2017 Public-private partnership as an alternative source of financing of public tasks
    by Marta Lakomy-Zinowik

  • 2017 Optimal Patent Protection: A Macroeconomic Perspective
    by Meng Samuel

  • 2017 Les enjeux de régulation et de supervision liés aux fintechs et à la rupture digitale

  • 2017 Manipulation of Procurement Contracts: Evidence from the Introduction of Discretionary Thresholds
    by Ján Palguta & Filip Pertold

  • 2016 Mandatory disclosure: Theory and evidence from industry-physician relationships
    by Chen, Daniel L. & Levonyan, Vardges & Reinhart, S.Eric & Taksler, Glen

  • 2016 Mandatory disclosure: Theory and evidence from industry-physician relationships
    by Chen, Daniel L. & Levonyan, Vardges & Reinhart, S.Eric & Taksler, Glen

  • 2016 Fehlerhafte Produkte - Haftung im Europäischen Binnenmarkt
    by Mussmann, Andreas & Lembach, Kai Tobias

  • 2016 Basel III: In quest for criteria and scenarios of the banking regulation reform advancement
    by E. Dzhagityan.

  • 2016 Analysis Of The Legal Nature Of The Administrative Appeal In Romania
    by Liana-Teodora PASCARIU

  • 2016 Does state aid for broadband deployment in rural areas close the digital and economic divide?
    by Briglauer, Wolfgang & Dürr, Niklas S. & Falck, Oliver & Hüschelrath, Kai

  • 2016 Zwischen Sozialromantik und Neoliberalismus: Zur Ökonomie der Sharing-Economy
    by Peitz, Martin & Schwalbe, Ulrich

  • 2016 Ökonomische Wirkungen der Handwerksnovelle 2004: Ergebnisse aus einem quasinatürlichen Experiment
    by Koch, Andreas & Nielen, Sebastian

  • 2016 Search costs in concentrated markets: An experimental analysis
    by Möllers, Claudia & Stühmeier, Torben & Wenzel, Tobias

  • 2016 Tariff-mediated network effects with incompletely informed consumers
    by Muck, Johannes

  • 2016 Strip Clubs, “Secondary Effects,†and Residential Property Prices
    by Taggert J. Brooks & Brad R. Humphreys & Adam Nowak

  • 2016 Legal improvement on Public-Private Partnership for sustainable development of basic infrastructures in CLMV countries
    by Bajrawan NUCHPRAYOOL

  • 2016 Budgetary Institutions in the Context of Budget Reform in Russia
    by Kudryashova, Ekaterina

  • 2016 The Strange Career of Independent Voting Trusts in U.S. Rail Mergers
    by Pittman, Russell

  • 2016 Towards the massification of broadband internet access in Brazil: an application of alternative dispute resolution settlement of administrative proceedings
    by Charlita de Freitas, Luciano & Fagundes Ferreira, Flávio & Bernardes da Silva Júnior, Osmar & Azevedo Marques Mello da Silva, João Marcelo & Vilas Boas de Freitas, Igor

  • 2016 Trade-Related International Regulatory Co-operation: A Theoretical Framework
    by Martin von Lampe & Koen Deconinck & Véronique Bastien

  • 2016 Returns to ICT Skills
    by Oliver Falck & Alexandra Heimisch & Simon Wiederhold

  • 2016 Structural reforms to boost inclusive growth in Greece
    by Christian Daude

  • 2016 State-to-State dispute settlement and the interpretation of investment treaties
    by David Gaukrodger

  • 2016 The legal framework applicable to joint interpretive agreements of investment treaties
    by David Gaukrodger

  • 2016 On a World Climate Assembly and the Social Cost of Carbon
    by Martin Weitzman

  • 2016 Statehood Experience, Legal Traditions and Climate Change Policies
    by James B. ANG & Per G. Fredriksson

  • 2016 Cost Structure and Efficiency in Community Hospitals in the NHS in England
    by John Buckell & Andrew Smith & Claire Hulme & John Young

  • 2016 Returns to ICT skills
    by Oliver Falck & Alexandra Heimisch & Simon Wiederhold

  • 2016 Ökonomische Wirkungen der Handwerksnovelle 2004: Ergebnisse aus einem quasinatürlichen Experiment
    by Andreas Koch & Sebastían Nielen

  • 2016 Reverse payments and generic entry competition
    by WAN, Jiangyun(Yunyun)

  • 2016 Pharmaceutical Patents and Generic Entry Competition: A New View on the Hatch-Waxman Act
    by MIYAGIWA, Kaz & WAN, Jiangyun(Yunyun)

  • 2016 Large Scope Business Sector Reforms: Has the Swedish Business Sector Become More Entrepreneurial than the U.S. Business Sector?
    by Andersson, Fredrik & Heyman, Fredrik & Norbäck, Pehr-Johan & Persson, Lars

  • 2016 The Negligence Rule Specificity under Radical Uncertainty
    by Gérard Mondello

  • 2016 Professions réglementées du droit et aiguillon concurrentiel: réflexions sur la loi du 6 août 2015 pour la croissance, l'activité et l'égalité des chances économiques
    by Frédéric Marty

  • 2016 Towards Responsive Regulatory Management Systems: Country Report for Viet Nam
    by Vo Tri Thanh & Cuong Van Nguyen

  • 2016 Towards a Requisite Regulatory Management System: Philippines
    by Gilberto M. Llanto

  • 2016 Market Break or Simply Fake? Empirics on the Causal Effects of Rent Controls in Germany
    by Konstantin A. Kholodilin & Andreas Mense & Claus Michelsen

  • 2016 Inclusion of Consumption into Emissions Trading Systems: Legal Design and Practical Administration
    by Roland Ismer & Manuel Haussner & Karsten Neuhoff & William Acworth

  • 2016 Why Entrepreneurs Choose Risky R&D Projects - but still not risky enough
    by Erika Färnstrand Damsgaard & Per Hjertstrand & Pehr-Johan Norbäck & Lars Persson & Helder Vasconcelos

  • 2016 Returns to ICT Skills
    by Oliver Falck & Alexandra Heimisch & Simon Wiederhold

  • 2016 Recreational cannabis reduces rapes and thefts: Evidence from a quasi-experiment
    by D. Dragone & G. Prarolo & P. Vanin & G. Zanella

  • 2016 Internal controls in the Public Administration: current problems and future challenges
    by Anna Peta

  • 2016 Aspects Of Updating The European Package Travel Directive And Their Impact On Tourism Complaints
    by Desislava Stefanova Hineva

  • 2016 Das Bestellerprinzip — Entlastung für den Mieter oder Augenwischerei?
    by Jochen Michaelis & Georg Wangenheim

  • 2016 The Missed Opportunity and Challenge of Capital Regulation
    by Anat R. Admati

  • 2016 La riforma della società per azioni nel pensiero di Sylos Labini e dei suoi contemporanei (Corporate law reform in Sylos Labini’s thought)
    by Mario Stella Richter Jr.

  • 2016 The Administrative Transparency Throught The Institute For Access To Documents, For The Civic Access And Foia: The Evolution Of The Normative System From The Law 241/90 To The Lgs D.97/16
    by Rossella GRAZIANI

  • 2016 Performance Evaluation Systems In The Public Sector
    by Andy LEOVEANU

  • 2016 Discusions Concernant L’Élection Du Président Du Conseil Départemental En Roumanie
    by Rodica Narcisa PETRESCU & Olivia PETRESCU

  • 2016 Some Aspects Concerning the Concept of Rent in the Romanian Law
    by Marilena Marin

    by J. Gregory Sidak

  • 2016 The Uncertain Welfare Effects Of Railroad Competition And Railroad Regulation, 1870-1900
    by George L. Priest

  • 2016 Pricing Strategies And Litigation Risks: An Economic Analysis Of The Downstream Petroleum Industry
    by Michael D. Noel

  • 2016 The diversity of agents and evolution of overlapping patents on electric vehicles
    by Ricardo Artemio Chávez Meza & Arturo Ángel Lara Rivero

  • 2016 Bank resolution as a new MNB function – resolution of MKB BankAdministrative law aspects of the macroprudential regulation and supervision of the financial intermediary system – normativity, organisation, toolkit
    by János Kálmán

  • 2016 Some Ideas For A Comparative Analysis Of The Administrative Contracts
    by Liana-Teodora PASCARIU

  • 2016 The Opportunity Of A European Administrative Contract Law
    by Liana-Teodora PASCARIU

  • 2016 The Regulatory Determinants of Railroad Safety
    by Jerry Ellig & Patrick A. McLaughlin

  • 2016 Freight Rail Costing and Regulation: The Uniform Rail Costing System
    by Wesley W. Wilson & Frank A. Wolak

  • 2016 “Effective regulatory stringency” and firms’ profitability: the effects of effluent limits and government monitoring
    by Dietrich Earnhart & Dylan G. Rassier

  • 2016 Regulating networks in decline
    by Christopher Decker

  • 2016 Competition and Environmental Policy in the EU: Old Foes, New Friends?
    by Jesper Fredborg Hurić-Larsen & Angela Münch

  • 2016 Innovative regulations, incomplete contracts and ownership structure in the water utilities
    by Michel Nakhla

  • 2016 Independence and accountability of independent regulatory agencies: the case of Turkey
    by Tamer Çetin & M. Zahid Sobacı & Mehmet Nargeleçekenler

  • 2016 Legal uncertainty, competition law enforcement procedures and optimal penalties
    by Yannis Katsoulacos & David Ulph

  • 2016 The Radio Spectrum Ladder of Investment to Promote Innovation and Competition in Mobile Markets
    by Laurent BENZONI & Pascal DUTRU

  • 2016 Public Service Media and the European Internal Market: Friends or Allies?
    by Karen DONDERS

  • 2016 The European Audiovisual Industry and the Digital Single Market: Trends, Issues and Policies
    by Alain BUSSON & Thomas PARIS & Jean-Paul SIMON

  • 2016 Key Person Insurance Essential In The Family Business, Seguro Del Hombre Clave Indispensable En La Empresa Familiar
    by Rosa Hilda Hernandez Sandoval & Sandra Patricia de la Garza Cienfuegos & Laura Leticia Gaona Tamez & Yolanda Saldana Contreras & Fernando M. Ruiz Diaz & Rosa Margarita Torres Hernandez

  • 2016 Telecommunications Regulatory Design in Brazil: Networking around State Capacity Deficits
    by Marcio Iorio Aranha

  • 2016 L’Unione bancaria e il suo impatto sul rapporto tra intermediari e consumatori
    by Pietro Sirena

  • 2016 Constitutional Issues of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM)
    by Lorenzo Cuocolo

  • 2016 Transaction and transition costs during the deregulation of the Swedish Railway market
    by Andersson, Matts & Hultén, Staffan

  • 2016 The impact of alternative governance forms of regional public rail transport on transaction costs. Case evidence from Germany and Switzerland
    by Wegelin, Philipp & von Arx, Widar

  • 2016 Motivations for market restructuring: Evidence from U.S. electricity deregulation
    by Craig, J. Dean

  • 2016 Decision-making during the credit crisis: Did the Treasury let commercial banks fail?
    by Croci, Ettore & Hertig, Gerard & Nowak, Eric

  • 2016 Analysis of Income Elasticities of Brazil’s Energy Matrix
    by Marcos Gonçalves Perroni & Sérgio Eduardo Gouvêa da Costa & Sérgio Eduardo Gouvêa da Costa & Wesley Vieira da Silva & Edson Pinheiro de Lima & Edson Pinheiro de Lima & Claudimar Pereira da Veiga & Claudimar Pereira da Veiga

  • 2016 Reconstructing Renewable Energy: Making Wind and Solar Power Dispatchable, Reliable and Efficient
    by Eric L. Prentis

  • 2016 Alle Verbraucherinnen und Verbraucher können von einer Open-Access-Politik auf dem Breitbandmarkt profitieren: Fünf Fragen an Mattia Nardotto
    by Corporate author

  • 2016 Open Access im Breitbandmarkt hat keine Auswirkung auf die Verbreitung, fördert jedoch die Internetqualität: das Beispiel Großbritannien
    by Mattia Nardotto

  • 2016 All Consumers Can Benefit from an Open Access Policy in the Broadband Market: Five Questions to Mattia Nardotto
    by Corporate author

  • 2016 Local Loop Unbundling in the UK Does Not Affect Broadband Penetration - but It Does Lead to Better Service
    by Mattia Nardotto

  • 2016 Uticaj Interesnih Grupa U Procesu Regulacije: Delovanje I Posledice (The Influence Of Interest Groups On Theregulation Process: Activity And Consequences)
    by Nenad Tešić

  • 2016 The issue of the liquidation process of social enterprises during privatization process in Kosovo
    by Armand Krasniqi

  • 2016 Considerations on the public services in the XXI century
    by Catalin-Silviu Sararu

  • 2016 Some considerations on the legal qualification of the contracting authority
    by Ioana Panagoret & Ivan Vasile Ivanoff

  • 2016 Competence determined strictly by the law and the discretionary power of public administration
    by Catalin-Silviu Sararu

  • 2016 FIDIC contracts: analysis of the impact of general and particular conditions on the financial risk management in Romanian infrastructure projects
    by Constanta-Nicoleta Bodea & Augustin Purnus

  • 2016 Premises for the establishing of the European Administrative Space
    by Catalin-Silviu Sararu

  • 2016 The consequences of not applying mutátis mutándis a decision of the Romanian Constitutional Court
    by Camelia Daciana Stoian

  • 2016 Informal Institutions in the Corporate Governance System in Russia
    by Piotr Wajszczyk

  • 2016 Informal Institutions in the Corporate Governance System in Russia
    by Monika Fiedorczuk

  • 2016 Patent Quality and Examination in Europe
    by Dietmar Harhoff

  • 2015 Produkthaftung in Europa - Gleiche Rechte für alle Hersteller von Produkten in der Europäischen Union?
    by Mußmann, Andreas

  • 2015 Competition in the German interurban bus industry: A snapshot two years after liberalization
    by Dürr, Niklas S. & Hüschelrath, Kai

  • 2015 Deregulation, competition, and consolidation: The case of the German interurban bus industry
    by Dürr, Niklas S. & Heim, Sven & Hüschelrath, Kai

  • 2015 Institutions and Creative Destruction in CEECs: Determinants of Inefficient Use of Assets
    by Fidrmuc, Jarko & Siddiqui, Martin

  • 2015 Returns to ICT Skills
    by Wiederhold, Simon & Falck, Oliver & Heimisch, Alexandra

  • 2015 Is Amazon the next Google?
    by Budzinski, Oliver & Köhler, Karoline Henrike

  • 2015 Banking Union and the governance of credit institutions: A legal perspective
    by Binder, Jens-Hinrich

  • 2015 Regulatory influence on market conditions in the banking union: The cases of macro-prudential instruments and the bail-in tool
    by Tröger, Tobias H.

  • 2015 Regulatory influence on market conditions in the banking union: The cases of macro-prudential instruments and the bail-in tool
    by Tröger, Tobias H.

  • 2015 Does Objectives-Based Financial Regulation Imply A Rethink of Legislatively Mandated Economic Regulation? The Case of Hong Kong and Twin Peaks Financial Sector Regulation
    by Michael, Bryane

  • 2015 Asymmetric information as a barrier to knowledge spillovers in expert markets
    by Feser, Daniel & Proeger, Till

  • 2015 The tradeoff between ex ante and ex post transaction costs: Evidence from legal opinions
    by Benito Arruñada & Carlos A. Manzanares

  • 2015 Replacing the Polluter Pays Principle by the Cheapest Cost Avoider Principle: On the Efficient Treatment of External Costs
    by Dieter Schmidtchen & Jenny Helstroffer & Christian Koboldt

  • 2015 An Economic Analysis of Debarment
    by Auriol, Emmanuelle & Soreide, Tina

  • 2015 A Theory of How and Why Central-Bank Culture Supports Predatory Risk-Taking at Megabanks
    by Edward J. Kane

  • 2015 Aides d'état aux aéroports régionaux : une analyse biface
    by Estelle Malavolti & Frédéric Marty

  • 2015 Faut-il autoriser des aides d'exploitation pérennes versées par les aéroports régionaux aux compagnies à bas coûts ? une analyse économique en termes de marché biface
    by Estelle Malavolti & Frédéric Marty

  • 2015 A Comparative Legal Analysis on Public-Private Partnerships regarding ASEAN community
    by Bajrawan NUCHPRAYOOL

  • 2015 Towards smarter regulation of innovation?
    by Serge Gijrath

  • 2015 For the Love of the Game: The Length of Athletic Careers in Ivy League Sports and the Title IX Controversy
    by Douglas Coate & James Vanderhoff

  • 2015 Functional or structural separation to deal with vertical foreclosure effects in the electronic communications industry, pending the Second British Telecoms Review (2015)
    by Congedo, Pierluigi

  • 2015 Система Гарантий Муниципальных Служащих
    by Muravchenko, Viktor

  • 2015 Российское Законодательство Об Установлении Гарантий Муниципальным Служащим
    by Muravchenko, Viktor

  • 2015 Процедура Оценки Муниципальных Служащих
    by Muravchenko, Viktor

  • 2015 Единые Требования К Муниципальным Должностям Муниципальной Службы
    by Muravchenko, Viktor

  • 2015 Административная Ответственность Муниципальных Служащих
    by Muravchenko, Viktor

  • 2015 Гражданско-Правовая Ответственность Муниципальных Служащих
    by Muravchenko, Viktor

  • 2015 Уголовная Ответственность Муниципальных Служащих
    by Muravchenko, Viktor

  • 2015 Материальная Ответственность Муниципальных Служащих
    by Muravchenko, Viktor

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