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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ K: Law and Economics
/ / K0: General
/ / K1: Basic Areas of Law
/ / K2: Regulation and Business Law
/ / K3: Other Substantive Areas of Law
/ / K4: Legal Procedure, the Legal System, and Illegal Behavior

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The Islamic Concept of Caliphate: Basic Principles and a Contemporary Interpretation
    by Leonid R. Sykiainen

  • 2017 Religion, Sexual Minorities and the Rule of Law in Russia: Mutual Challenges
    by Mikhail Antonov

  • 2017 El Consumo de drogas en Colombia: Una reflexión desde el derecho internacional de los derechos humanos
    by Paola Marcela Iregui-Parra & María Teresa Palacios-Sanabria & María Lucía Torres-Villarrea & Sara Sofía Moreno & Bryan Triana-Ancinez

  • 2017 Exercising the Exception of Contract Non-Performance in the Extrajudicial Area
    by Calafus Sorin

  • 2017 Rules for the Enforcement of the Exception of Non-Performance in Civil Proceedings
    by Calafus Sorin

  • 2017 Criminal Sanctions For Cartel Conduct: The Leniency Conundrum
    by Caron Beaton-Wells

  • 2017 ‘People as businesses’: Airbnb and urban micro-entrepreneurialism in New York City
    by Filip Stabrowski

  • 2017 Private Property Rights and Capital Structure: Empirical Evidence from the 2004 Constitutional Amendment in China
    by Zhiyong An

  • 2017 Posner versus Kelsen: the challenges for scientific analysis of law
    by Magdalena Małecka

  • 2017 Optimal completeness of property rights on renewable resources in the presence of market power
    by Croutzet, Alexandre & Lasserre, Pierre

  • 2017 „Ära Voss“: Zur Karriere des Wirtschaftsprüfers Dr. Wilhelm Voss (1896-1974) in der Konsolidierungsphase des NS-Regimes 1933/1934
    by Pothmann Ute

  • 2017 A European Structural Crisis Cartel as Solution to a Sectoral Depression?: The Western European Fibre Industry in the 1970s and 1980s
    by Marx Christian

  • 2016 Optimal Completeness of Property Rights on Renewable Resources in Presence of Market Power
    by Alexandre CROUTZET & Pierre LASSERRE

  • 2016 The evolution of immigration and asylum policy in Luxembourg: insights from IMPALA
    by Michel Beine & Bénédicte Souy

  • 2016 Alcune riflessioni sulle recenti decisioni della commissione in materia di rulings fiscali
    by Marco Boccaccio

  • 2016 Working Paper: Rents and Inefficiency in the Patent and Copyright System: Is There a Better Route?
    by Dean Baker

  • 2016 The Price We Pay: Economic Costs of Barriers to Employment for Former Prisoners and People Convicted of Felonies
    by Cherrie Bucknor & Alan Barber

  • 2016 Optimal Completeness of Property Rights on Renewable Resources in Presence of Market Power
    by Alexandre Croutzet & Pierre Lasserre

  • 2016 The New Regulation of Consumer Bankruptcy as an Instrument for the Protection of Consumers’ Economic Rights (Nowa regulacja upadlosci konsumenckiej jako instrument ochrony praw ekonomicznych konsumenta)
    by Przemys³aw Czernicki

  • 2016 The Legality of Vertical Restraints by the Rule of Reason and the Character of the Specific Investments
    by Agamirova, Maria Å. & Dzagurova, Nataliya B.

  • 2016 Le Controle De Conventionalite:L'Ultime Frontiere
    by Mircea CRISTE

  • 2016 Nonprofit Organizations In The Italian Health System: Emerging Needs And Value Of Human Capital
    by Emanuela MACRI & Michele TRIMARCHI

  • 2016 The Exception of Non-performance and its Role in Debt Assignments
    by Maria Căzănel

  • 2016 Asymmetric Influences of the EU Macro- Regional Development Policies on the EU Eastern Neighbourhood Policies
    by Ana Rodica Staiculescu & Anamaria Lucretia Molcutescu

  • 2016 The Effects of Debt Assignments
    by Maria Căzănel

  • 2016 How Pass-On Theory Should Be Applied In Korean Antitrust Litigation
    by Se-In Lee

  • 2016 Determinants of judicial efficiency: a survey
    by Stefan Voigt

  • 2016 Considerations on the economic effect of the new Turkish commercial code provisions regarding single member companies
    by Aslı E. Gürbüz Usluel

  • 2016 Decriminalizing the issuance of bad checks in Turkey: an analysis of the effects of changes in penalties
    by Basak Babaoglu & Alexander J. Wulf

  • 2016 TISA Impact on Legal Services Sector
    by Andreea-Emanuela Dragoi

  • 2016 Impact of the Implementation of the SEPA Project on SMEs
    by Otakar Schlossberger

  • 2016 The political economy of renewable energy policies in Germany and the EU
    by Strunz, Sebastian & Gawel, Erik & Lehmann, Paul

  • 2016 The Priest-Klein hypotheses: Proofs and generality
    by Lee, Yoon-Ho Alex & Klerman, Daniel

  • 2015 Law Firms and Export Insurance Companies
    by Fabian Sosa

  • 2015 Tax and Non-Tax Revenue of the Budget: What’S the Difference?
    by Dmitry L. Komyagin

  • 2015 Legislation on Intellectual Property in the Russian Federation: Novels Introduced in 2014
    by Gavrilov Eduard P.

  • 2015 Staffing a Low-Performing School: Behavioral Responses to Selective Teacher Transfer Incentives
    by Ali Protik & Steven Glazerman & Julie Bruch & Bing-ru Teh

  • 2015 Does Teacher Evaluation Improve School Performance? Experimental Evidence from Chicago's Excellence in Teaching Project
    by Matthew P. Steinberg & Lauren Sartain

  • 2015 Teacher Preparation Programs and Teacher Quality: Are There Real Differences Across Programs?
    by Cory Koedel & Eric Parsons & Michael Podgursky & Mark Ehlert

  • 2015 Teacher Layoffs, Teacher Quality, and Student Achievement: Evidence from a Discretionary Layoff Policy
    by Matthew A. Kraft

  • 2015 Innovations in Electronic Payments: Development Trends (Innowacje w platnosciach elektronicznych – tendencje rozwojowe)
    by Wlodzimierz Szpringer & Mariusz Szpringer

  • 2015 Civil Liability For Medical Errors In The Field Of Facial Surgery In Greece
    by Spyridon VLACHOPOULOS

  • 2015 The Procedure Of The Joint Stock Company’s Capital Increase By Converting The Debts
    by Gabriel Mihai

  • 2015 The Structure, Characters and Effects of Legal Rights Potestative
    by Maria Cãzãnel

  • 2015 Legal Distinction between the Exception of a Non-performance Contract and the Lien
    by Cãzãnel Maria

  • 2015 Comparative Analysis between the Exception of a Non-performance of the Contract and the Lien – Similarities
    by Cãzãnel Maria

  • 2015 Ovidius University of Constanta Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences
    by Pandele Adina Laura

  • 2015 Replacing The Culpable Insolvency Practitioner According To Law No. 85/2014 (Romanian Code Of Insolvency)
    by Maria DUMITRU-NICA & Camelia IGNATESCU

  • 2015 The Right To Work And Its Corollaries - Fundamental Human Rights In The Light Of The International Regulations
    by Natalia CHIRTOACÃ & Alina-Paula LARION

  • 2015 Specific Elements Of Administrative Decentralization
    by Irina Adriana BILOUSEAC

  • 2015 The Issue Of Force Use In International Security System
    by Dumitriþa FLOREA & Narcisa GALEª

  • 2014 The Economics of Collusion: Cartels and Bidding Rings
    by Marhsall, Robert C. & Marx, Leslie M.

  • 2014 Diachronic and Comparative Reflections in the Matter of the concept of the Arrha: a Roman Law Notion lost in the Modern Scottish System and the Renowned (but probably not totally Demonstrated) ÒBindingÓ Nature of the Missives
    by Pierre de Gioia-Carabellese

  • 2014 The Right To Life In Light Of The Integration Between The Norms Of International Humanitarian And Human Rights Law
    by Vera Rusinova

  • 2014 Should Paris Hilton Receive a Lighter Prison Sentence Because She’s Rich? An Experimental Study
    by Josef Montag & Tomas Sobek

  • 2014 On The Volatility As A Determinant Of The Financial Crisis
    by Elettra PALAZZESI & Andrea COVELLI & Giovanni CASCIELLO

  • 2014 Comparative Analysis between the Exception of the Non-performance of the Contract and Its Retroactive Termination
    by Cãzãnel Maria

  • 2014 The Transport of Goods and People. Aspects of Civil Liability Insurance
    by Pandele Adina Laura

  • 2014 The Financial Relationships and the Financial System in Romania
    by Popa George Dorel

  • 2014 The Functions of the Exception for the Non-performance of the Civil Contract
    by Cãzãnel Maria

  • 2014 The Maritime Law System in Romania
    by Popa George Dorel

  • 2014 The Economic Activities Carried out by Sole Proprietors in the Light of the European Regulations Included in the National Legislation
    by Pandele Adina Laura

  • 2014 Restraints On Quality Competition
    by Roger D. Blair & Christine Piette Durrance

  • 2014 Personal Financial Decisions: A Study of Changes in Homestead Exemption Levels and Consumer Bankruptcy Choices
    by Benjamin B Boozer & S. Keith Lowe & Robert J. Landry III

  • 2014 Ownership and control in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Gugler, Klaus & Ivanova, Natalia & Zechner, Josef

  • 2014 Scafom International BV v. Lorraine Tubes S.A.S.: a case review of changing circumstances under the United Nations Convention on International Sale of Goods (CISG) of 1980
    by Amalina Ahmad Tajudin

  • 2013 Subjective Public Rights in the Legal Philosophies of Russian Liberalism in the Early 20th Century
    by Anastasiya Tumanova

  • 2013 Policy Implementation in Italy: Legislation, Public Administration and the Rule of Law
    by Paul O'Brien

  • 2013 Can Institutions Cure Clientelism? Assessing the Impact of the Australian Ballot in Brazil
    by Daniel Gingerich

  • 2013 Can Institutions Cure Clientelism?: Assessing the Impact of the Australian Ballot in Brazil
    by Daniel Gingerich

  • 2013 Do 'Broken Windows' Matter? Identifying Dynamic Spillovers in Criminal Behavior
    by Gregorio Caetano & Vikram Maheshri

  • 2013 Organizational form as a source of systemic risk
    by Bholat, David & Gray, Joanna

  • 2013 Legal Regime of Shale Gas Extraction
    by Ovidiu – Horia Maican

  • 2013 Rethinking Dispute Resolution in Public–Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development in India
    by Harisankar K.S. & Sreeparvathy G.

  • 2013 Necessity For The Development Of An Information Society
    by Ileana STEFAN

  • 2013 Local Police in Romania
    by Popa George Dorel

  • 2013 Figures of Speech in Legal Rhetoric
    by Popa George Dorel

  • 2013 Tax Fraud in RomaniaAbstract:In a permanent effort to reduce the annual taxes paid to the state, the taxpayer use different methods. Some of these are legal methods and are permitted by law. Others are illegal methods punishable by Romanian criminal law. Among the most common methods to avoid paying taxes is found fraud. Tax fraud is the omission of highlighting in the books or in other legal documents, commercial operations or revenues incurred. Tax fraud can occur as highlighting, accounting documents and other legal documents. Other method is to hide the commercial transactions or other operations issuing fictitious evidence. Finally, it is tax fraud the altering, destroying or concealing accounting documents, electronic memoires or electronic cash registers or other means of technical data storage
    by Popa George Dorel

  • 2013 Taxation and Tax Code in RomaniaAbstract:Romania adopted Tax Code establishing the legal framework for taxes and social security contributions. These are revenues to the state budget, local budgets, social security, and social insurance fund budget for health and unemployment insurance fund to pay salaries. This specifies VAT taxpayers are required to pay these taxes and social contributions, the calculation and payment thereof. This legislation includes the modification of these taxes and social contributions. Tax Code allows the Ministry of Finance to develop detailed rules, instructions and orders to implement this code and how to avoid double taxation
    by Popa George Dorel

  • 2013 The Exception for the Non-Performance of Contracts and the Exception for the Compensation of Claims and Related Liabilities
    by Cãzãnel Maria

  • 2013 The Common Historical Basis of the Exception for the Non-Performance and Termination of Contracts
    by Cãzãnel Maria

  • 2013 The Future Of Common Agricultural Policy And The Challenges Of Europe 2020 Strategy
    by Andreea Dragoi & Cristina Balgar

  • 2013 Implications of International Economic and Financial Crisis on State Aid Granted in The EU Member States
    by Andreea Dragoi

  • 2013 Implications of International Economic and Financial Crisis on State Aid Granted in The EU Member States
    by Andreea Dragoi

  • 2013 State Aid Policy Contribution to the Financial and Banking Sector Stability in The European Union Member States
    by Andreea Dragoi & Cristina Balgar

  • 2013 State Aid Policy Contribution to the Financial and Banking Sector Stability in The European Union Member States
    by Andreea Dragoi & Cristina Balgar

  • 2012 Small-Dollar Lending: Is There A Responsible Path Forward?
    by Jim Campen

  • 2012 Civil Servants Career Development in the Romanian Central Public Administration
    by Armenia Androniceanu

  • 2012 Data Security
    by Ileana STEFAN

  • 2012 L’Inefficacité Des Clauses Vexatoires Dans Le Nouveau Code Civil Roumain
    by Juanita GOICOVICI

  • 2012 The Combined Transport of Goods. The European and International Legal Framework
    by Pandele Adina Laura

  • 2012 Considerations on the Probative Force of the Transport Document. The Implementation of the EU Legislation into the National Law
    by Pandele Adina Laura

  • 2012 The Intention of the Legislator and the Intention of the Parties in Contractual Matters
    by Marin Marilena

  • 2012 The Principle of Contradiction in Civil Trials - Communication, Persuasion, Manipulation
    by Marin Marilena

  • 2012 Role of Romanian Public Administration in Policy Development of Social Integration of Foreigners
    by Cocoºatu Mãdãlina

  • 2012 Economic and Financial Crimes in Romania
    by Popa George Dorel & Neagu Mariana Carmen

  • 2012 The Financial Action Task Force and Combating Financing of the Terrorism in Romania
    by Popa George Dorel

  • 2012 Considerations on the Legal Status of the Forwarding of Goods. Regulations in the New Civil Code
    by Adina Laura Pandele

  • 2012 The Status of Road Transport Companies. Aspects of the Direct Application of Community Rules
    by Adina Laura Pandele

  • 2012 Authorizing the Activities With Significant Environmental Impact
    by Brasoveanu Florica

  • 2012 The Freedom of Movement in the European Space
    by Brasoveanu Florica

  • 2012 Tax Havens and the Financial Law
    by Popa George Dorel & Dica Alexandru Manuel

  • 2012 IMF Role in the Context of the Romanian Financial Law
    by Popa George Dorel

  • 2012 EUROPE 2020 Strategy and the new approach of rural development in the framework of reformed Common Agricultural Policy
    by Andreea Dragoi

  • 2012 €Œeurope 2020†Strategy And The New Approach Of The Common Agricultural Policy On Rural Development
    by Andreea Dragoi

  • 2012 Il punto sui servizi pubblici locali dopo gli interventi legislativi del 2011 e 2012
    by Adriana Vigneri

  • 2012 Self-report to self-control? A note
    by Baumann, Florian & Friehe, Tim

  • 2012 El impuesto a las herencias como una institución de justicia
    by Francisco, Saffie

  • 2011 Tracking the Historical Evolution of States' Compliance with their Economics and Social Rights Obligations of Result: Insights from the Historical SERF Index
    by Susan Randolph & Patrick Guyer

  • 2011 Constitutionalsm - Reform On Data Protection Law And Human Rights
    by Rezana BALLA

  • 2011 Legislative Reform Of The European Union Introduced By The Treaty Of Lisbon
    by Judit FAZEKAS

  • 2011 The Development of Cultures in Accordance with the Ecological Demands of the European Union
    by Braºoveanu Florica & Brezeanu Lisievici Alexandru Petru

  • 2011 The National Strategy and the National Action Plan on Climatic Change
    by Braºoveanu Florica

  • 2011 The Concept of Citizenship in the Public International Law
    by Florea (Ionescu) Dumitrita & Ungureanu Ciprian & Larion Alina

  • 2011 Maritime Insurance. On Damage and Means of Coverage
    by Pandele Adina Laura

  • 2011 Some Considerations on the Liberalization of Maritime Cabotage within the Context of EU Integration
    by Pandele Adina Laura

  • 2011 The Role of Local Government in Waste Management
    by Lisievici Brezeanu & Alexandru Petru & Braºoveanu Florica

  • 2011 International Regulation of the Right to Life
    by Lazãr Patrick

  • 2010 Monitoring to Reduce Agency Costs: Examining the Behavior of Independent and Non-Independent Boards
    by Frank Milne & Lynnette Purda & Anita Anand

  • 2010 The High Budgetary Cost of Incarceration
    by John Schmitt & Kris Warner

  • 2010 The High Budgetary Cost of Incarceration
    by John Schmitt & Kris Warner & Sarika Gupta

  • 2010 Criminal Liability For Certain Economic Activities-Tax Evasioan
    by Alexandrina Fodor

  • 2010 Contract law and economics: cycles and equilibrium in the cannon of north american legal thought
    by Pablo Márquez-Escobar

  • 2009 Plaider coupable, une procédure potentiellement éthique
    by Gisèle Umbhauer

  • 2009 Whitefish: An Economic Primer
    by Arthur J. Hosios & Lawrence B. Smith

  • 2009 Doping, the Inspection Game, and Bayesian Monitoring
    by Roland Kirstein

  • 2009 An Analysis of Dismissal Legislation: Determinants of Severance Pay in West Germany
    by Laszlo Goerke & Markus Pannenberg

  • 2009 Dropping the Ax: Illegal Firings During Union Election Campaigns, 1951-2007
    by John Schmitt & Ben Zipperer

  • 2009 Paid Parental Leave: Support for Parents with Newborn Children
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2009 Annual Review of Regulatory Burdens on Business: Social and Economic Infrastructure Services
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2009 Preparing A Draft Strategy For The Development Of The Prison System In Romania

  • 2009 Financial Services for the Poor: Lack of Personal Identification Documents Impedes Access
    by Nicola Jentzsch

  • 2009 Finanzdienstleistungen für Arme: Zugang scheitert an fehlenden Ausweisen
    by Nicola Jentzsch

  • 2008 Review of Australia's Consumer Policy Framework
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2008 Annual Review of Regulatory Burdens on Business: Manufacturing and Distributive Trades
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2008 The Implication of the Telecommunication Operators’ Management on the Accounting System
    by Alina Carmen Almasan & Camelia Hategan

  • 2008 Enforcing Tax Compliance: To Punish or Persuade?
    by Murphy, Kristina

  • 2007 Rules for border-crossing factor movements
    by Siebert, Horst

  • 2007 Preface
    by Polinsky, A. Mitchell & Shavell, Steven

  • 2007 The Political Economy of Law
    by McNollgast

  • 2007 Experimental Study of Law
    by Camerer, Colin & Talley, Eric

  • 2007 Norms and the Law
    by McAdams, Richard H. & Rasmusen, Eric B.

  • 2007 Intellectual Property Law
    by Menell, Peter S. & Scotchmer, Suzanne

  • 2007 Antidiscrimination Law
    by Donohue, John J.

  • 2007 Employment Law
    by Jolls, Christine

  • 2007 Regulation of Natural Monopoly
    by Joskow, Paul L.

  • 2007 Antitrust
    by Kaplow, Louis & Shapiro, Carl

  • 2007 Bankruptcy Law
    by White, Michelle J.

  • 2007 Empirical Studies of Corporate Law
    by Bhagat, Sanjai & Romano, Roberta

  • 2007 Corporate Law and Governance
    by Becht, Marco & Bolton, Patrick & Röell, Ailsa

  • 2007 Preface
    by A.M. Polinsky & S. Shavell

  • 2007 International Law
    by Sykes, Alan O.

  • 2007 Taxation
    by Kaplow, Louis

  • 2007 Regulation of Health, Safety, and Environmental Risks
    by Viscusi, W. Kip

  • 2007 Environmental Law
    by Revesz, Richard L. & Stavins, Robert N.

  • 2007 Empirical Study of Criminal Punishment
    by Levitt, Steven D. & Miles, Thomas J.

  • 2007 The Theory of Public Enforcement of Law
    by Polinsky, A. Mitchell & Shavell, Steven

  • 2007 Empirical Study of the Civil Justice System
    by Kessler, Daniel P. & Rubinfeld, Daniel L.

  • 2007 Litigation
    by Spier, Kathryn E.

  • 2007 Property Law
    by Lueck, Dean & Miceli, Thomas J.

  • 2007 Liability for Accidents
    by Shavell, Steven

  • 2007 Contract Law
    by Hermalin, Benjamin E. & Katz, Avery W. & Craswell, Richard

  • 2007 Handbook of Law and Economics

  • 2007 Handbook of Law and Economics

  • 2006 Old Europe's social model: A reason of low growth? The case of Germany
    by Siebert, Horst

  • 2006 China: Understanding a new global economic player
    by Siebert, Horst

  • 2006 Buy, Lobby or Sue: Interest Groups' Participation in Policy Making - A Selective Survey
    by Pablo T. Spiller & Sanny Liao

  • 2006 Open Source Software: The New Intellectual Property Paradigm
    by Stephen M. Maurer & Suzanne Scotchmer

  • 2006 Competition Policy with Optimally Differentiated Rules Instead of "Per se Rules vs. Rule of Reason"
    by Arndt Christiansen and Wolfgang Kerber & Wolfgang Kerber

  • 2006 Der „more economic approach“ in der Missbrauchsaufsicht: Einige kritische Anmerkungen zu den Vorschlägen der Generaldirektion Wettbewerb
    by André Schmidt & Stefan Voigt

  • 2006 Multiple Interfaces of Big Pharma and the Change of Global Health Governance in the Face of HIV/AIDS
    by Jan Peter Wogart

  • 2006 De la planeación normativa a la participativa en Colombia: una aproximación al caso del manejo de los recursos ambientales
    by Luis Eudoro Vallejo Zamudio, Héctor Javier Fuentes López & Héctor Javier Fuentes López

  • 2005 Reform of Building Regulation
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2005 Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992)(Second Edition)
    by Ludwig van den Hauwe

  • 2005 New Anti-Merger Theories: A Critique
    by Edward J. Lopez

  • 2005 The Case for Managed Judges: Learning from Japan after the Political Upheaval of 1993
    by J. Mark Ramseyer

  • 2005 Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992)
    by Ludwig van den Hauwe

  • 2005 Delayed Privatization in Kosovo: Causes, Consequences, and Implications in the Ongoing Process
    by Isa Mulaj

  • 2005 The Judge as a Fly on the Wall: Interpretive Lessons from Positive Theories of Communication and Legislation
    by Cheryl Boudreau & Arthur Lupia & Mathew D. McCubbins & Daniel B. Rodriguez

  • 2005 Of Regulatory Law
    by Andy Carloff

  • 2005 Relationship between Income and Emergence of Democracy Reexamined, 1820-2000: A non-parametric approach
    by Branko Milanovic

  • 2005 Report of the Georgia Governor’s Wokers’ Compensation Review Commission
    by Thomas A. Eaton & David B. Mustard

  • 2005 Culture Affects our Beliefs about Firearms, But Data are Also Important
    by David B. Mustard

  • 2005 Business Profitability and Social Profitability: Evaluating Industries with Externalities, The Case Casinos
    by Earl L. Grinols & David B. Mustard

  • 2005 LE NEW DEAL AFRICAIN , Etude et Perspective
    by Christophe AUBIN-NURY de MALICORNE

  • 2005 Bidding Markets
    by Paul Klemperer

  • 2005 Public Choice, Constitutional Political Economy and Law and Economics
    by Ludwig van den Hauwe

  • 2005 La Privatisation; Concept De Gouvernance
    by Christophe AUBIN-NURY de MALICORNE

  • 2005 PRIMA LE DONNE E I BAMBINI:chi rappresenta i minorenni? La prospettiva di LUIGI CAMPIGLIO
    by Tommaso Reggiani

  • 2005 Analyse des mesures stratégiques des acteurs du développement économique, dans le cadre de l’AGOA
    by Christophe AUBIN-NURY de MALICORNE

  • 2005 Violación A Los Derechos De Propiedad Intelectual: La Incidencia Del Ingreso, La Cultura, La Educación, Las Organizaciones, Las Instituciones Y La Innovación En La Piratería De Software
    by Pablo Marquez

  • 2005 Anotaciones sobre Analisis Economico del Derecho
    by Marquez Carlos Pablo

  • 2005 Book Review---Privatising Power Cuts? Ownership and Reform of State Electricity Boards in India
    by Deepak Kumar & P Nair

  • 2005 Book Review --India Port Report: 10 Years of Reforms and Challenges Ahead
    by Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 Analysis of Power Sector in India: A Structural Perspective
    by Deepak Kumar & J P Singh & Niranjan Swain

  • 2005 The Indo-US Summit Partnership in Building India’s Infrastructure—A Summary of Events
    by P Nair & Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 The Indo-US Summit Partnership in Building India’s Infrastructure—A Summary of Events
    by P Nair & Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 Electricity Bill Act'2003
    by P Nair & Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 Seventeen Famous Economists Weigh In On Copyright: The Role Of Theory, Empirics, And Network Effects
    by Stan J. Liebowitz & Stephen E. Margolis

  • 2005 Economists’ Topsy-Turvy View of Piracy
    by Stan Liebowitz

  • 2005 Agency Problems in Law Enforcement: Theory and Application to the U.S. Coast Guard
    by kishore gawande & alok k. bohara

  • 2005 Determinants of the Crime Rate in Argentina during the 90's
    by Ana María Cerro & Osvaldo Meloni

  • 2005 How to Improve Forensic Science
    by Roger Koppl

  • 2005 Towards a cyberinfrastructure for enhanced scientific
    by Paul A. David

  • 2005 Global Diseases, Global Patents and Differential Treatment in WTO Law
    by Tapen Sinha & Bradly J Condon

  • 2005 Towards a cyberinfrastructure for enhanced scientific
    by Paul A. David

  • 2005 Women Status in Pakistan under Customs and Values & The Controversial Hudood Ordinance 1979
    by Rana Riaz Saeed

  • 2005 Punitive Damages and the Processing of Tort Claims
    by Thomas A. Eaton & David B. Mustard & Susette M. Talarico

  • 2005 Casinos, Crime, and Community Costs
    by Earl L. Grinols & David B. Mustard

  • 2005 How Independent are Independent Directors? The Case of Italy
    by Paolo Santella & Giulia Paone & Carlo Drago

  • 2005 The Governance of Occupational Pension Funds and the Politico- Economic Implications: The Case of Austria
    by Stefan W. Schmitz

  • 2005 The Empire Effect: Country Risk in the First Age of Globalization, 1880-1913
    by Niall Ferguson & Moritz Schularick

  • 2005 Uruguay Capital Market: Law-in-the-books or Law-in-action?
    by Eduardo Siandra

  • 2005 The Law and Economics of Antidiscrimination Law
    by John J. Donohue III

  • 2005 Explaining de facto Judicial Independence
    by Bernd Hayo and Stefan Voigt

  • 2004 Environmental agreements as an alternative environmental policy mechanism
    by Pablo Márquez-Escobar

  • 2004 The Soft Engine for Economic Growth in a Long-Time:The Economic Development Power, Conversion and Conservation for economic Energy
    by Feng Dai

  • 2004 Do international human rights treaties improve respect for human rights?
    by Eric Neumayer

  • 2004 Caribbean Court Of Justice (Ccj): Caribbean Integration Or Disintegration?
    by Peter W Jones

  • 2004 Scambio di Informazioni tra Imprese, Ricerche di Mercato e Tutela della Concorrenza: un’Analisi della Letteratura Economica
    by Valentino Lenza

  • 2004 Business Method Patents in Europe and their Strategic Use – Evidence from Franking Device Manufacturers
    by Stefan Wagner

  • 2004 Review of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2004 Informal Credit in Village Economies: Contract Duration with Personal and Community Enforcement
    by Loren Brandt & Arthur Hosios

  • 2004 A law & economics approach to the study of integrated management regimes of estuaries
    by Wim van de Griendt

  • 2004 After the Crash: Compensation and Economic Loss Following Aviation Accidents
    by James P. Smith & Elizabeth King

  • 2004 The Relationship Between Software Protection And Piracy: Evidence From Europe

  • 2004 Modelo para valorar la atribución de Sustentabilidad
    by Luis Vildosola

  • 2004 The Economic Growth Effects of NAFTA in the Northern Border of Mexico
    by Alejandro Diaz-Bautista

  • 2004 EU Competition Policy, Vertical Restraints, and Innovation: An Analysis from an Evolutionary Perspective
    by Wolfgang Kerber & Simonetta Vezzoso

  • 2003 The Welfare Cost of Violence (New Version: Corrected Calculations)
    by Rodrigo R. Soares

  • 2003 Is Inequality really a Major Cause of Violent Crime? Evidence From a Cross-National Panel of Robbery and Violent Theft Rates
    by Eric Neumayer

  • 2003 Liability Rules and Evolutionay Dynamics
    by Mingli Zheng

  • 2003 Report on a Right of Use for Collateral Takers and Custodians
    by Thomas Keijser & ed.

  • 2003 Revolutionary Ideas for Radio Regulation
    by Douglas A. Galbi

  • 2003 Judicial Selection: Politics, Biases, and Constituency Demands
    by Thomas Stratmann & Gared Garner

  • 2002 Papieren wetgeving is geen panacee
    by Ralph de Haas

  • 2002 Toeholds, takeovers and football
    by Author One David Harbord & Author Two Ken Binmore

  • 2002 Monitoring Costs and the Mode of International Investment
    by Chu-Chia S. Lin & Ivan P.L. Png

  • 2001 A Study of the Interrelated Bilateral Transactions in Credit Card Networks
    by Sujit Chakravorti & Alpa Shah

  • 2001 Competition Policy for Software Markets
    by John Hogan

  • 2000 Why Every Economist Should Learn Some Auction Theory
    by Paul Klemperer

  • 2000 Exploring the Social and Economic Costs of Abuse in Later lIfe
    by Charmaine Spencer

  • 2000 “... or should have known ...”: On Foreseeability and Paradox in Law and Economics
    by Steven Sullivan

  • 1997 Legal Practice and Economic Adaptation
    by Mark White

  • 1996 Network Competition with Reciprocal Proportional Access Charge Rules
    by Toker Doganoglu & Yair Tauman

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