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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ K: Law and Economics
/ / K2: Regulation and Business Law
/ / / K22: Business and Securities Law
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 RegTech is the New Black - The Growth of RegTech Demand and Investment
    by Larsen, Kari & Gilani, Shariq

  • 2017 Disentangling Crowdfunding from Fraudfunding
    by Karami, Moein & Cumming, Douglas & Hornuf, Lars & Schweizer, Denis

  • 2017 Remarks on the German Regulation of Crowdfunding
    by Tröger, Tobias H.

  • 2017 Why MREL won't help much: Minimum requirements for bail-in capital as insufficient remedy for defunct private sector involvement under the European bank resolution framework
    by Tröger, Tobias H.

  • 2017 Too complex to work: A critical assessment of the bail-in tool under the European bank recovery and resolution regime
    by Tröger, Tobias H.

  • 2017 Why MREL won't help much
    by Tröger, Tobias

  • 2017 Too complex to work: A critical assessment of the bail-in tool under the European bank recovery and resolution regime
    by Tröger, Tobias

  • 2017 Legal possibilities concerning restructuring of companies in business difficulties
    by Čuveljak, Jelena & Rašić, Mario

  • 2017 The effect of horizontal mergers, when firms compete in prices and investments
    by Massimo Motta & Emanuele Tarantino

  • 2017 The Inner Working of the Board : Evidence from the Emerging Markets
    by de Haas, Ralph & Ferreira, Daniel & Kirchmaier, Tom

  • 2017 Corporate Voting
    by Miller, Alan

  • 2017 The Ephemeral Concept of Parasitic Commercial Practices in the EU
    by Radka MacGregor Pelikánová

  • 2017 Changes in Corporate Governance and Top Executive Turnover: The Evidence from Japan
    by Hideaki Miyajima & Ryo Ogawa & Takuji Saito

  • 2017 Regulation of Charlatans in High-Skill Professions
    by Jonathan B. Berk & Jules H. van Binsbergen

  • 2017 Governance and Stakeholders
    by Vikas Mehrotra & Randall Morck

  • 2017 Corporate Culture: Evidence from the Field
    by John R. Graham & Campbell R. Harvey & Jillian Popadak & Shivaram Rajgopal

  • 2017 Coordination Frictions in Venture Capital Syndicates
    by Ramana Nanda & Matthew Rhodes-Kropf

  • 2017 Prospect theory and the effects of bankruptcy laws on entrepreneurial aspirations
    by Saul Estrin & Tomasz Mickiewicz & Anna Rebmann

  • 2017 The Inner Workings of the Board: Evidence from Emerging Markets
    by de Haas, Ralph & Ferreira, Daniel & Kirchmaier, Tom

  • 2017 Companies Should Maximize Shareholder Welfare Not Market Value
    by Hart, Oliver & Zingales, Luigi

  • 2017 Choices in Equity Finance A Global Perspective
    by Groen-Xu, Moqi & Massa, Massimo & Mataigne, Virginie & Vermaelen, Theo

  • 2017 Contingent Judicial Deference: theory and application to usury laws
    by Bernardo Guimaraes & Bruno Meyerhof Salama

  • 2017 Creditor Rights, Technology Adoption, and Productivity: Plant-Level Evidence
    by Nuri Ersahin

  • 2017 Tony Lawson's Theory of the Corporation: Towards a Social Ontology of Law
    by Simon Deakin

  • 2017 Votes at Work in Britain: Shareholder Monopolisation and the 'Single Channel'
    by Ewan McGaughey

  • 2017 Scope of Re-hypothecation Regulation (Report of Workshops (3))
    by Kazutoshi Sugimura & Masaru Itatani & Masaki Bessho

  • 2017 Scope of Maximum Interest Rate Regulations (Report of Workshops (1))
    by Kazutoshi Sugimura & Masaru Itatani & Masaki Bessho

  • 2017 The Effect of Horizontal Mergers, when Firms Compete in Prices and Investments
    by Massimo Motta & Emanuele Tarantino

  • 2017 Debtor-in-possession financing and credit priority: the effects of the preferential status granted by law in a composition with creditors
    by Elisa Brodi & Luca Casolaro

  • 2017 Contemporary Challenges in the Business Law

  • 2017 Praxiserfahrungen mit den Befreiungsvorschriften des Kleinanlegerschutzgesetzes
    by Christa Hainz & Lars Hornuf & Lars Klöhn & Björn Brauer & Felix Ehrenfried & Gerrit Engelmann

  • 2017 Legal Regulation of Entrepreneur’s Conduct in Slovakia
    by Holub Dušan & Magurová Hana

  • 2017 El régimen societario de las sociedades laborales en la nueva Ley 44/2015, de 14 de octubre, de sociedades laborales y participadas
    by Encarnación García Ruiz

  • 2017 Niedrigzinsen bei Bausparkassen — ein Urteil des Bundesgerichtshofs
    by Thomas Wein

  • 2017 Determinants of Corporate Voting – Evidence from a Large Survey of German Retail Investors
    by André Schmidt

  • 2017 The oversight role of regulators: evidence from SEC comment letters in the IPO process
    by Bing Li & Zhenbin Liu

  • 2017 Go before the whistle blows: an empirical analysis of director turnover and financial fraud
    by Yanmin Gao & Jeong-Bon Kim & Desmond Tsang & Haibin Wu

  • 2017 A drop in an empty pond: Canadian public policy towards venture capital
    by Douglas Cumming & Sofia Johan & Jeffrey G. MacIntosh

  • 2017 Banking Without Interest
    by Ilieva, Jana & Ristovska, Natasha & Kozuharov, Saso

  • 2017 A New Perspective On Insolvency –The Procedure Applicable To The Debtor Who Is A Natural Person (I)
    by Rodica Diana APAN

  • 2017 Efficient Bankruptcy and Reorganisation in Domestic Practice
    by Éva Pálinkó & Tamás Tóth

  • 2017 Bankruptcy In Slovakia: International Comparison Of The Creditor´S Position
    by Jana Kliestikova & Maria Misankova & Tomas Kliestik

  • 2017 European Myriad Of Approaches To Parasitic Commercial Practices
    by Radka MacGregor Pelikanova

  • 2017 Impact of the Market in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) on the Italian financial market: Evidence from bank bonds
    by Alfonso Giudice

  • 2017 Bribes and Firm Value
    by Stefan Zeume

  • 2017 Preserving the corporate superego in a time of stress: an essay on ethics and economics
    by John C. Coffee Jr

  • 2017 Corporate power is corporate purpose I: evidence from my hometown
    by Leo E. Strine Jr

  • 2017 A Theory of Shareholder Approval and Proposal Rights
    by John G. Matsusaka & Oguzhan Ozbas

  • 2017 The Emergence of the Corporate Form
    by Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci & Oscar Gelderblom & Joost Jonker & Enrico C. Perotti

  • 2017 Features of the New Regulatory Framework for Preventing the Manipulation of Financial Markets in the European Union
    by Emil Asenov

  • 2017 A Contractual Approach to Disciplining Self-dealing by Controlling Shareholders
    by Gutiérrez, María & Sáez, María Isabel

  • 2017 Provision of Management Incentives in Bankrupt Firms
    by Goyal, Vidhan K. & Wang, Wei

  • 2017 Prospect theory and the effects of bankruptcy laws on entrepreneurial aspirations
    by Saul Estrin & Tomasz Mickiewicz & Anna Rebmann

  • 2017 Internal audit function quality and financial reporting: results of a survey on German listed companies
    by Marius Gros & Sebastian Koch & Christoph Wallek

  • 2017 The relationship between corporate governance characteristics and credit risk exposure in banks: implications for financial regulation
    by Caspar Rose

  • 2017 Inside or outside control of banks? Evidence from the composition of supervisory boards
    by Kathrin Johansen & Saskia Laser & Doris Neuberger & Ettore Andreani

  • 2017 Crowdfunding - Croatian legal perspective and comparison to other sources of financing
    by Katarina Durdenic

  • 2017 IFRS Adoption and Audit Fees-Evidence from New Zealand
    by Muhammad Nurul Houqe

  • 2017 Behavioral Intention to Use E-Tax Service System: An Application of Technology Acceptance Model
    by Jullie Jeanette Sondakh

  • 2017 Determinants of capital structure in emerging markets: Evidence from Vietnam
    by Vo, Xuan Vinh

  • 2017 How does managerial opportunism affect the cost of debt financing?
    by Ghouma, Hatem

  • 2017 Inside directors, risk aversion, and firm performance
    by Upadhyay, Arun D. & Bhargava, Rahul & Faircloth, Sheri & Zeng, Hongchao

  • 2017 The cost of debt for Yankee and domestic bonds
    by Cai, Kelly

  • 2017 Reexamining staggered boards and shareholder value
    by Cohen, Alma & Wang, Charles C.Y.

  • 2017 Board reforms and firm value: Worldwide evidence
    by Fauver, Larry & Hung, Mingyi & Li, Xi & Taboada, Alvaro G.

  • 2017 Do takeover laws matter? Evidence from five decades of hostile takeovers
    by Cain, Matthew D. & McKeon, Stephen B. & Solomon, Steven Davidoff

  • 2017 Do staggered boards harm shareholders?
    by Amihud, Yakov & Stoyanov, Stoyan

  • 2017 Do Delaware CEOs get fired?
    by Jagannathan, Murali & Pritchard, A.C.

  • 2017 Earnings management and annual report readability
    by Lo, Kin & Ramos, Felipe & Rogo, Rafael

  • 2017 Shareholder rights in mergers and acquisitions: Are appraisal rights being abused?
    by Kalodimos, Jonathan & Lundberg, Clark

  • 2017 Determinants of asymmetric loss recognition timeliness in public and private firms in Brazil
    by Coelho, Antonio Carlos & Galdi, Fernando Caio & Lopes, Alexsandro Broedel

  • 2017 When secured and unsecured creditors recover the same: The emblematic case of the Tunisian corporate bankruptcies
    by Blazy, Régis & Letaief, Aziza

  • 2017 The effect of corporate governance on firm value and profitability: Time-series evidence from Turkey
    by Ararat, Melsa & Black, Bernard S. & Yurtoglu, B. Burcin

  • 2017 The real effect of the initial enforcement of insider trading laws
    by Chen, Zhihong & Huang, Yuan & Kusnadi, Yuanto & John Wei, K.C.

  • 2017 Takeover law to protect shareholders: Increasing efficiency or merely redistributing gains?
    by Wang, Ying & Lahr, Henry

  • 2017 Die Befreiungsvorschriften des Kleinanlegerschutzgesetzes
    by Christa Hainz & Lars Hornuf & Lars Klöhn & Björn Brauer & Felix Ehrenfried & Gerrit Engelmann

  • 2017 Opportunities for Better Systemic Risk Management in Canada
    by Nicholas Le Pan

  • 2017 Why Agents Need Discretion: The Business Judgment Rule as Optimal Standard of Care
    by Engert Andreas & Goldlücke Susanne

  • 2017 Information Acquisition in the Era of Fair Disclosure: An Application of Asymmetric Awareness
    by Liu Zhen

  • 2017 A Skeptical View of Financialized Corporate Governance
    by Anat R. Admati

  • 2017 Investment Banks as Corporate Monitors in the Early Twentieth Century United States
    by Carola Frydman & Eric Hilt

  • 2016 Fehlerhafte Produkte - Haftung im Europäischen Binnenmarkt
    by Mussmann, Andreas & Lembach, Kai Tobias

  • 2016 Das Haftungsregime im Innenverhältnis der Aktiengesellschaft (AG)
    by Martin, Dieter

  • 2016 Gesellschaftsverfassung der Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)
    by Martin, Dieter

  • 2016 The Volcker Rule as structural law: implications for cost-benefit analysis and administrative law
    by Coates, John

  • 2016 The Dodd-Frank act five years later: are we more stable?
    by Zywicki, Todd

  • 2016 Bedingte Aktiengeschäfte
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2016 Freedom of contract and financial stability through the lens of the Legal Theory of Finance (LTF): LTF approaches to ABS, Pari Passu-Clauses, CCPs, and Basel III
    by Haar, Brigitte

  • 2016 Does say on pay matter? Evidence from the German natural experiment
    by Troeger, Tobias H. & Walz, Uwe

  • 2016 Common law and the origin of shareholder protection
    by Acheson, Graeme G. & Campbell, Gareth & Turner, John D.

  • 2016 Die gesetzliche Einschränkung von Bargeldzahlungen und die Abschaffung von Bargeld auf dem rechtlichen Prüfstand
    by Hirdina, Ralph

  • 2016 Common law and the origin of shareholder protection
    by Acheson, Graeme G. & Campbell, Gareth & Turner, John D.

  • 2016 A European Nevada? Bad Enforcement As an Edge in State Competition for Incorporations
    by Andrea Zorzi

  • 2016 How Rome enabled impersonal markets
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2016 The Mismeasure of Mammon: Uses and Abuses of Executive Pay Data
    by Matt Hopkins & William Lazonick

  • 2016 The Impact of Control Systems on Board?s Forecast Accuracy:
    by Tor Brunzell & Emmanouel Parasiris

  • 2016 Bill Of Exchange - A Modern And Efficient Instrument Of Payment Within The Commercial Relations
    by Mihai, Gabriel

  • 2016 Causes of domination of individual enterprises in relation to other legal forms of business organizations in the Republic of Kosovo
    by Krasniqi, Armand

  • 2016 Debt Recovery in Firm Liquidations: Do Liquidation Trustees Matter?
    by Jaka Cepec & Peter Grajzl & Katarina Zajc

  • 2016 Executive Lawyers: Gatekeepers or Strategic Officers?
    by Adair Morse & Wei Wang & Serena Wu

  • 2016 How Rigged Are Stock Markets?: Evidence From Microsecond Timestamps
    by Robert P. Bartlett, III & Justin McCrary

  • 2016 On the (Political) Origin of "Corporate Governance" Species
    by Massimiliano Vatiero

  • 2016 Self-fulfilling Distortion and Ownership Structure: Market Discipline and Owner fs Dominance at the Dawn of the Japanese Capitalism
    by NAKABAYASHI, Masaki

  • 2016 Information Production, Misconduct Effort, and the Duration of Corporate Fraud
    by Pinheiro, Roberto & Black, Jonathan & Nilsson, Mattias & da Silva, Maximiliano

  • 2016 The Doing Business project: how it started: correspondence
    by Simeon Djankov

  • 2016 Ties that bind: how business connections affect mutual fund activism
    by Dragana Cvijanović & Amil Dasgupta & Konstantinos Zachariadis

  • 2016 Corporate opportunities law and the non-executive director
    by Simon Witney

  • 2016 The Emergence of the Corporate Form
    by Dari-Mattiacci, Giuseppe & Gelderblom, Oscar & Jonker, Joost & Perotti, Enrico C

  • 2016 The Rise and Fall of the German Stock Market, 1870-1938
    by David Chambers

  • 2016 The Rise and Fall of the German Stock Market, 1870-1938
    by David Chambers & Carsten Burhop & Brian Cheffins

  • 2016 The Impact of Mandated Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from India's Companies Act of 2013
    by Dhammika Dharmapala & Vikramaditya Khanna

  • 2016 Estimating the Compliance Costs of Securities Regulation: A Bunching Analysis of Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404(b)
    by Dhammika Dharmapala

  • 2016 Debt Recovery in Firm Liquidations: Do Liquidation Trustees Matter?
    by Jaka Cepec & Peter Grajzl & Katarina Zajc

  • 2016 Creditor Rights and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Fraudulent Transfer Law
    by Nuri Ersahin & Rustom M. Irani & Katherine Waldock

  • 2016 Takeover Rules: In Support of the Longer Minimum Bid Period
    by Sharon Geraghty

  • 2016 Takeover Law to Protect Shareholders: Increasing Efficiency or Merely Redistributing Gains?
    by Ying Wang & Henry Lahr

  • 2016 Law, Trust & Institutional Change in China: Evidence from Qualitative Fieldwork
    by Ding Chen & Simon Deakin & Mathias Siems & Boya Wang

  • 2016 Banks as corporate monitors: Evidence from CEO turnovers in China
    by He, Qing & Huang, Jiyuan & Li, Dongxu & Lu, Liping

  • 2016 How Rome Enabled Impersonal Markets
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2016 Collateral in Italy: a legal and economic analysis of privileges, pledges and mortgages
    by Elisa Brodi

  • 2016 The management of non-performing loans: a survey among the main Italian banks
    by Luisa Carpinelli & Giuseppe Cascarino & Silvia Giacomelli & Valerio Vacca

  • 2016 Las reformas de la Ley Concursal durante la Gran Recesión
    by Miguel García-Posada & Raquel Vegas

  • 2016 Political Connections and Insider Trading
    by Thomas Bourveau & Renaud Coulomb & Marc Sangnier

  • 2016 Warum es keine Ergänzungsbilanz des KGaA-Komplementärs gibt und vor einer Reform der KGaA-Besteuerung ausdrücklich zu warnen ist
    by Kollruss, Thomas StB

  • 2016 Are managers strategic in reporting non-earnings news? Evidence on timing and news bundling
    by Benjamin Segal & Dan Segal

  • 2016 Aspects Regarding The Enforceability Against Third Parties Of Choice Of Court Agreements In International Disputes
    by Alina Oprea

  • 2016 The Protection Of Creditors In Case Of The Fusion Of Companies-Aspects Of Comparative Law
    by Viorel Banulescu

  • 2016 The Company Contract In The New Romanian Civil Code, Reporting To The Special Provisions Of Law No. 31/1990
    by Victor Birca

  • 2016 Business Law Module – How To Improve My Teaching Style? Undergraduate And Graduate Student’S Tests Evaluation
    by Silvia Lucia Cristea

  • 2016 The Insurance Contract - A Support In The Business Sphere
    by Catalin Cristian Selisteanu

  • 2016 Tenant'S Insolvency In Lease Agreements
    by Simona Chirica

  • 2016 The Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union
    by Vlad Mihai Dorel

  • 2016 Bank Secrecy - Pillar for Performance of Tax Havens
    by Marius Eugen Radu

  • 2016 Brief comments on the recovery of unused EU structural funds
    by Vlad Mihai Dorel

  • 2016 Elements of comparative law on excise duty
    by Marius Eugen Radu

  • 2016 Financial constraints and dividend policy
    by Shams Pathan & Robert Faff & Carlos Fernández Méndez & Nicholas Masters

  • 2016 Situation Of Regulations For Holding Companies In Romania
    by BRAGA, Viorica-Filofteia & Naftanaila, Cristina Alina & Avram, Laurentia Georgeta

  • 2016 Economists’ hubris – the case of business ethics in financial services
    by Shojai, Shahin

  • 2016 An Analysis Of The Legal, Economic And Technical Aspects Of Carpooling Systems
    by Zdzislaw POLKOWSKI & Jakub DYSARZ

  • 2016 Case Law And Theoretical Perspectives Regarding The Payment And Credit Instruments; The Bill Of Exchange, The Promissory Note And The Cheque
    by Angela MIFF & Rodica Diana APAN

  • 2016 Outlooks On The Judicial Remedies For The Fraudulent Assignment Of Company Shares In The Limited Liability Company;Legal And Case-Law Landmarks
    by Rodica Diana APAN & Angela MIFF

  • 2016 The Metamorphosis Of The Associate'S Limited Liability For The Obligations Of The Company Undergoing Dissolution
    by Rodica APAN

  • 2016 Does Mandatory Shareholder Voting Prevent Bad Acquisitions?
    by Marco Becht & Andrea Polo & Stefano Rossi

  • 2016 Capital-Market Effects of Securities Regulation: Prior Conditions, Implementation, and Enforcement
    by Hans B. Christensen & Luzi Hail & Christian Leuz

  • 2016 The Effect of Governance Reforms on Financial Reporting Fraud
    by Donelson, Dain C. & McInnis, John & Mergenthaler, Richard D.

  • 2016 The Costs and Benefits of Mandatory Securities Regulation: Evidence from Market Reactions to the JOBS Act of 2012
    by Dharmapala, Dhammika & Khanna, Vikramaditya

  • 2016 Regulatory Competition in Global Financial Markets — The Case for a Special Resolution Regime
    by Ringe, Wolf-Georg

  • 2016 Venture Capital 2.0: From Venturing to Partnering
    by McCahery, Joseph A. & Vermeulen, Erik P. M.

  • 2016 The Wolf at the Door: The Impact of Hedge Fund Activism on Corporate Governance
    by Coffee, Jr., John C. & Palia, Darius

  • 2016 The European Court Of Justice Jurisprudence In Árpád Kásler Vs. Otp Case And Its Interpretation In The Jurisprudence Of National Courts
    by Mircea GROZAVU

  • 2016 A theory of underwriters’ risk management in a firm-commitment initial public offering
    by Edmund H. Mantell

  • 2016 Regulatory Sanctions on Independent Directors and Their Consequences to the Director Labor Market: Evidence from China
    by Michael Firth & Sonia Wong & Qingquan Xin & Ho Yin Yick

  • 2016 The Effectiveness of Public Enforcement: Evidence from the Resolution of Tunneling in China
    by Lars Helge Haß & Sofia Johan & Maximilian André Müller

  • 2016 Regulation of interlocking directorates in the financial sector: a comparative case study
    by Alberto Baccini & Leonardo Marroni

  • 2016 Independence and focus of Luxembourg UCITS fund boards
    by Jan Jaap Hazenberg

  • 2016 How Does Corporate Governance Structure Affect Risk-Taking Activities In Japanese Firms?

  • 2016 Data Breach Notification Laws
    by Sullivan, Richard J. & Maniff, Jesse Leigh

  • 2016 Alcune considerazioni economiche e di governance sulla recente riforma delle BCC
    by Marco Mazzoli

  • 2016 Socially responsible firms
    by Ferrell, Allen & Liang, Hao & Renneboog, Luc

  • 2016 Playing it safe? Managerial preferences, risk, and agency conflicts
    by Gormley, Todd A. & Matsa, David A.

  • 2016 The commitment problem of secured lending
    by Fabbri, Daniela & Menichini, Anna Maria C.

  • 2016 Bankruptcy law and bank financing
    by Rodano, Giacomo & Serrano-Velarde, Nicolas & Tarantino, Emanuele

  • 2016 Spare tire? Stock markets, banking crises, and economic recoveries
    by Levine, Ross & Lin, Chen & Xie, Wensi

  • 2016 No free shop: Why target companies sometimes choose not to buy ‘go-shop’ options
    by Antoniades, Adonis & Calomiris, Charles W. & Hitscherich, Donna M.

  • 2016 Wage-setting institutions and corporate governance
    by Dimick, Matthew & Rao, Neel

  • 2016 Corporate governance following mass privatization
    by Brada, Josef C.

  • 2016 Qualified residential mortgages and default risk
    by Floros, Ioannis & White, Joshua T.

  • 2016 Tax claims, government priority, absolute priority and the resolution of financial distress
    by Fisher, Timothy C.G. & Martel, Jocelyn & Gavious, Ilanit

  • 2016 Securities fraud and corporate board turnover: New evidence from lawsuit outcomes
    by Baum, Christopher F. & Bohn, James G. & Chakraborty, Atreya

  • 2016 The role of governments in hostile takeovers – Evidence from regulation, anti-takeover provisions and government interventions
    by Rowoldt, Maximilian & Starke, Dennis

  • 2016 Reforming private securities litigation in China: The stock market has already cast its vote
    by Xu, Wenming

  • 2016 Finance methodology of Free Cash Flow
    by Yaari, Uzi & Nikiforov, Andrei & Kahya, Emel & Shachmurove, Yochanan

  • 2016 How Rome enabled impersonal markets
    by Arruñada, Benito

  • 2016 Informed short selling, fails-to-deliver, and abnormal returns
    by Stratmann, Thomas & Welborn, John W.

  • 2016 Private equity exits in emerging markets
    by Johan, Sofia & Zhang, Minjie

  • 2016 Trust and the regulation of corporate self-dealing
    by Cline, Brandon N. & Williamson, Claudia R.

  • 2016 Severance agreements and the cost of debt
    by Mansi, Sattar A. & Wald, John K. & Zhang, Andrew (Jianzhong)

  • 2016 Corporate governance and the profitability of insider trading
    by Dai, Lili & Fu, Renhui & Kang, Jun-Koo & Lee, Inmoo

  • 2016 Offshore operations and bank loan contracting: Evidence from firms that set up subsidiaries in offshore financial centers
    by Ge, Wenxia & Kim, Jeong-Bon & Li, Tiemei & Li, Yutao

  • 2016 Efficacité des lois contraignantes et des lois souples pour promouvoir la diversité de genre dans les conseils d'administration:une comparaison France/Canada - Legislative versus Regulatory Board Diversity effectiveness:A Comparison between France and Canada
    by Isabelle Allemand & Jean Bédard & Bénédicte Brullebaut

  • 2016 Los mercados alternativos bursátiles: una perspectiva regulatoria
    by Manuel María-José Palacín-Sánchez & Carmen Pérez-López

  • 2016 Securities Crowdfunding and Investor Protection
    by Joan MacLeod Heminway

  • 2016 Some Considerations On The Work Of The Authorized Natural Person
    by Isabela, STANCEA

  • 2016 Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Formation of Corporate Control System in Ukraine
    by Mykhailo Kuzheliev & Igor Britchenko

  • 2016 International standardization of arbitration as an alternate dispute resolution forum and its acceptance in India
    by Harsh Pathak

  • 2016 Juridical perspectives on the increase of share capital of companies regulated by Law no. 31 of 1990; the entries registered within the trade registry regarding the increase of foreign participation in the share capital
    by Rodica Diana Apan & Miranda Petronella Vlad

  • 2016 The issue of the liquidation process of social enterprises during privatization process in Kosovo
    by Armand Krasniqi

  • 2016 From great expectations to an even greater failure - the case of Montenegrin regulatory framework on shareholder derivative suits as an incentive for rethinking the concept itself
    by Vladimir Savkovic

  • 2016 The distribution contracts: an Iberian approach
    by Sónia de Carvalho

  • 2016 The balance between the parties in Law N° 2015/018 of December 21, 2015 governing the commercial activity in Cameroon
    by Joseph Emmanuel Yayi Lipem

  • 2016 Business and human rights: from soft law to hard law?
    by Ramona Elisabeta Cirlig

  • 2016 Corporate governance in state-owned companies in Hungary
    by Tekla Papp & Ádám Auer

  • 2016 Good faith in corporate law – an independent fiduciary duty or an element of the duty of loyalty?
    by Adina Ponta

  • 2016 The fiduciary guarantee in the Romanian and European legal context
    by Cornelia Lefter & Günay Duagi

  • 2016 La notion de bail professionnel en droit OHADA et ses implications sur la théorie générale du fonds de commerce
    by André Desmonds Eyango Djombi

  • 2016 Aspects concerning the lengths of the excluded shareholder’s liability towards third parties in the case of limited liability companies in Romania
    by Andreea Stoican

  • 2016 Credit Default Swaps: Past, Present, and Future
    by Patrick Augustin & Marti G. Subrahmanyam & Dragon Y. Tang & Sarah Q. Wang

  • 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility and Regulatory Initiatives in Turkey: Good Implementation Examples
    by Gonenc Demir & Melissa N. Cagle & A. Fatih Dalkilic

  • 2016 CSR in Poland: Institutional Context, Legal Framework and Voluntary Initiatives
    by Joanna Dyczkowska & Joanna Krasodomska & Jan Michalak

  • 2016 Insider Trading Law and Illegal Insider Trading in South Africa's Equity Market: Lessons from Corporate Takeovers
    by Justin Mitchell & Odongo Kodongo

  • 2016 The Doing Business Project: How It Started: Correspondence
    by Simeon Djankov

  • 2015 Les paradis fiscaux dans la concurrence fiscale internationale
    by Molé, Antoine

  • 2015 Zur Vereinbarkeit des OMT-Programms mit dem Unionsrecht – Vorlagebeschluss des BVerfG und Vorabentscheidung des EuGH in der Rechtssache C-62/14 (Gauweiler u.a.)
    by Hesel, Gerd

  • 2015 Produkthaftung in Europa - Gleiche Rechte für alle Hersteller von Produkten in der Europäischen Union?
    by Mußmann, Andreas

  • 2015 Funding Dynamics in Crowdinvesting
    by Hornuf, Lars & Schwienbacher, Armin

  • 2015 The Effect of Regulatory Harmonization on Cross-border Labor Migration: Evidence from the Accounting Profession
    by Brüggemann, Ulf & Bloomfield, Matthew J. & Christensen, Hans B. & Leuz, Christian

  • 2015 Better winding up: A proposal for improved winding up of executory contracts
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2015 Banking Union and the governance of credit institutions: A legal perspective
    by Binder, Jens-Hinrich

  • 2015 Regulatory influence on market conditions in the banking union: The cases of macro-prudential instruments and the bail-in tool
    by Tröger, Tobias H.

  • 2015 Deutsche Crowdinvesting-Portale: Neue Geschäftsmodelle für KMU
    by Braun, Susanne

  • 2015 Regulatory influence on market conditions in the banking union: The cases of macro-prudential instruments and the bail-in tool
    by Tröger, Tobias H.

  • 2015 What Role Can an International Financial Centre’s Law Play in the Development of a Sunrise Industry? The Case of Hong Kong and Solar Powered Investments
    by Michael, Bryane & Zhao,Simon & Wojcik, Dariusz

  • 2015 Last of the Tai-Pans: Improving the Sustainability of Long-Term Financial Flows by Improving Hong Kong’s Corporate Governance
    by Michael, Bryane & Goo, Say

  • 2015 The tradeoff between ex ante and ex post transaction costs: Evidence from legal opinions
    by Benito Arruñada & Carlos A. Manzanares

  • 2015 The institutions of Roman markets
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2015 Funding Dynamics in Crowdinvesting
    by Lars Hornuf & Armin Schwienbacher

  • 2015 Recognition and legal Forms of Social Enterprises in Europe: A Critical Analysis from a Comparative Law Perspective
    by Antonio Fici

  • 2015 Trust and trustworthiness in experimental organizations
    by Giuseppe Danese & Luigi Mittone

  • 2015 The Interest Rate Brake on Maturity Transformation
    by Howden, David & Gabriel, Amadeus

  • 2015 Oil and water do not mix, or: aliud est credere, aliud deponere
    by Bagus, Philipp & Howden, David & Gabriel, Amadeus

  • 2015 Environmental human rights issues on international investment arbitration and economic development: perspectives and legal approach
    by Amaya Muñoz, Wilson Enrique & Barón Ortegón, Brayan Alexander & Páramo Herrera, Isis Catalina & Martínez Castellanos, Antonio José

  • 2015 Development and Land Acquisition in the View of Law and Economics
    by Dinda, Soumyananda

  • 2015 Med-arb and arb-med procedures in conflicts among professionals in agriculture
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