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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O2: Development Planning and Policy
/ / / O20: General
/ / / O21: Planning Models; Planning Policy
/ / / O22: Project Analysis
/ / / O23: Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Development
/ / / O24: Trade Policy; Factor Movement; Foreign Exchange Policy
/ / / O25: Industrial Policy
/ / / O29: Other

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Economic Growth
  2. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 From planning to policy: Half a century of the CDP
    by Daniel Gay

  • 2017 Productive Capacity and Economic Growth in Ethiopia
    by Admasu Shiferaw

  • 2017 The Economic and Financial Crisis in Puerto Rico:A Packet of Background Documents. Volume I
    by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). & J. Tomas Hexner & Arthur MacEwan

  • 2017 Making Puerto Rico A State: A Win-Win Opportunity
    by J. Tomas Hexner & Arthur MacEwan

  • 2017 Should The U.S. Government Do More? Why Puerto Rico’s Economic Conditions Matters To the United States
    by J. Tomas Hexner & Arthur MacEwan

  • 2017 Puerto Rico’s Economic Debacle: Correctly Blame Washington
    by J. Tomas Hexner & Arthur MacEwan

  • 2017 Puerto Rico: Continuing Socio-Economic Deterioration and the Need for Change
    by J. Tomas Hexner & Arthur MacEwan

  • 2017 The Roles of Knowledge Management for the Development of Organizations
    by Mohajan, Haradhan

  • 2017 Inequality and Growth in Tunisia: Empirical evidence on the role of macroeconomic factors
    by Mbazia, Nadia

  • 2017 The Contribution of Passenger Movement to Economic Growth in Malaysia
    by Taasim, Shairil & yusoff, remali

  • 2017 Efeitos da desoneração tributária sobre a difusão da banda larga no Brasil: Enfoque na incidência do FISTEL sobre o terminal de acesso individual por satélite
    by Charlita de Freitas, Luciano & Euler de Morais, Leonardo & Cervieri Guterres, Egon

  • 2017 Trade and Poverty Issues: A Country Case Study of the Philippines
    by Sta. Romana, Leonardo L.

  • 2017 Short Term versus Long Term Economic Planning in Pakistan: The Dilemma
    by Rabbi, Ashan & Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2017 Achieving New Zealand’s productivity potential
    by Paul Conway

  • 2017 Strengthening the results chain: Synthesis of case studies of results-based management by providers
    by Rosie Zwart

  • 2017 Dispelling the myths of triangular co-operation: Evidence from the 2015 OECD survey on triangular co-operation
    by OECD

  • 2017 Data for Development: DAC member priorities and challenges
    by Valentina Sanna & Ida McDonnell

  • 2017 Emerging providers’ international co-operation for development
    by Julia Benn & Willem Luijkx

  • 2017 The Rise and Fall of Local Elections in China: Theory and Empirical Evidence on the Autocrat's Trade-off
    by Monica Martinez-Bravo & Gerard Padró I Miquel & Nancy Qian & Yang Yao

  • 2017 Individuals and Organizations as Sources of State Effectiveness, and Consequences for Policy
    by Michael Carlos Best & Jonas Hjort & David Szakonyi

  • 2017 Reconciliation Once and for All: Economic Impact Evaluation and Social Cost Benefit Analysis
    by Onil Banerjee & Martin Cicowiez & Adela Moreda

  • 2017 The Rise and Fall of Local Elections in China: Theory and Empirical Evidence on the Autocrat's Trade-off
    by Martinez-Bravo, Monica & Padró i Miquel, Gerard & Qian, Nancy & Yao, Yan

  • 2017 Individuals and Organizations as Sources of State Effectiveness, and Consequences for Policy Design
    by Best, Michael & Hjort, Jonas & Szakonyi, David

  • 2017 E-governance, Accountability, and Leakage in Public Programs: Experimental Evidence from a Financial Management Reform in India
    by Banerjee, Abhijit & Duflo, Esther & Imbert, Clément & Mathew, Santhosh & Pande, Rohini

  • 2017 The Quarrel of Development Experts: Lauchlin Currie and Albert O. Hirschman in Colombia
    by Andrés Álvarez & Andrés M. Guiot-Isaac & Jimena Hurtado

  • 2017 Industrial Policies vs Public Goods under Asymmetric Information
    by Constantino Hevia & Norman Loayza & Claudia Meza-Cuadra

  • 2017 Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in South Asia: Key Policy Priorities and Implementation Challenges

  • 2017 Methodology for Assessing the Quality of Agribusiness Activity Based on the Environmentally Responsible Approach
    by Anna Anfinogentova & Mikhail Dudin & Nikolai Lyasnikov & Oleg Protsenko

  • 2017 A Modern Approach to the Elaboration and Selection of Strategic Alternatives for Resource Regions
    by Valeriy Kryukov & Anastasiya Sevastyanova & Anatoliy Tokarev & Vladimir Shmat

  • 2017 Evaluating The Effect Of Exchange Rate On Foreign Direct Investment (Fdi) In Nigeria

  • 2017 Mauritius: The Drivers of Growth – Can the Past Be Extended?
    by Katsiaryna Svirydzenka & Martin Petri

  • 2017 How (not) to Estimate GDP at the Sub-State Level: The Usefulness of the Economic Census
    by José G Caraballo-Cueto

  • 2017 “Green Economy”: Practical Vector of Sustainable Development of Russia
    by Dudin, Mikhail & Kalendzhyan, Sergey & Lyasnikov, Nikolaj

  • 2017 EU Contribution to Strengthening Regional Development and Cooperation in the Black Sea Basin
    by Voicu-Dorobanțu Roxana & Ploae Cătălin

  • 2017 On the Origins and Development of Pakistan's Soccer-Ball Cluster
    by David Atkin & Azam Chaudhry & Shamyla Chaudry & Amit K. Khandelwal & Tariq Raza & Eric Verhoogen

  • 2017 Desarrollo y Libertad: Aplicación al proyecto de desarrollo de liderazgo de mujeres Aymaras en Puno (Perú)/Development as Freedom: Application to a Leadership Development Project of Aymara Women in Puno (Peru)

  • 2017 Emerging Security Challenges to Africa: The Case of Haphazard Disposal of Pharmaceuticals in Ghana
    by Ken Emmanuel Ahorsu & Yvonne Esseku

  • 2017 Women Refugees: An Imbalance of Protecting and Being Protected
    by Sylvia Yazid & Agatha Lydia Natania

  • 2017 Local Actor Strategies for Achieving Human Security Functionings
    by Nikolai Holm

  • 2017 Threats to Security Posed by ISIS in Syria: A Human Security Approach
    by Lee-Ann Louw & Hendrik Johannes Lubbe

  • 2017 Editorial Volume 13
    by Sabina Lautensach

  • 2017 Identifying Misalignments between Public Participation Process and Context in Urban Development
    by Matthew Cohen & Arnim Wiek

  • 2017 An Economic Simulation of the Path to Sustainable Energy: A Dynamic Analysis
    by Charles F. Mason & Rémi Morin Chassé

  • 2017 Alternative Perspectives on Sustainability: Indigenous Knowledge and Methodologies
    by Meg Parsons & Johanna Nalau & Karen Fisher

  • 2017 Fostering the Next Generation of Sustainability Professionals – Assessing Field-based Courses in a Sustainability Science Graduate Program
    by Ricardo Omar San Carlos Arce & Yuki Yoshida & Shogo Kudo

  • 2017 You Can't Eat Biodiversity: Agency and Irrational Norms in European Aquatic Environmental Law
    by Tim G. O'Higgins

  • 2017 Methodological Challenges in Sustainability Science: A Call for Method Plurality, Procedural Rigor and Longitudinal Research
    by Henrik von Wehrden & Christopher Luederitz & Julia Leventon & Sally Russell

  • 2017 Sustainability Science in the Light of Urban Planning
    by François Mancebo

  • 2017 Making Research Matter More—Working with Action Research and Film in Sustainability Science
    by Elina Andersson & Ann Ã…kerman

  • 2017 Pluralism in Search of Sustainability: Ethics, Knowledge and Methdology in Sustainability Science
    by Ellinor Isgren & Anne Jerneck & David O'Byrne

  • 2017 Enabling Transformative Research: Lessons from the Eastern and Southern Africa Partnership Programme (1999-2015)
    by Cordula Ott

  • 2017 The Taskforce on Conceptual Foundations of Earth System Governance: Sustainability Science
    by Barry Ness & Ruben Zondervan

  • 2017 Msmes and Employment Generation in Nigeria
    by Oluseye Samuel Ajuwon & Sylvanus Ikhide & Joseph Oscar Akotey

  • 2017 Is conflict additional structural obstacle for Least Developed Countries?
    by Kim, Namsuk & Sauter, Melanie

  • 2017 Next train to the polycentric city: The effect of railroads on subcenter formation
    by Garcia-López, Miquel-Àngel & Hémet, Camille & Viladecans-Marsal, Elisabet

  • 2017 Risk management of energy system for identifying optimal power mix with financial-cost minimization and environmental-impact mitigation under uncertainty
    by Nie, S. & Li, Y.P. & Liu, J. & Huang, Charley Z.

  • 2017 Currency risk and microcredit interest rates
    by Al-Azzam, Moh'd & Mimouni, Karim

  • 2017 Market facilitation by local government and firm efficiency: Evidence from China
    by Cull, Robert & Xu, Lixin Colin & Yang, Xi & Zhou, Li-An & Zhu, Tian

  • 2017 How much slack was there in the Chinese economy prior to its economic reform of 1978?
    by Lau, Lawrence J. & Zheng, Huanhuan

  • 2017 Dysfunctions of Public Administration System: Analysis of Institutional Reforms
    by Vladimir S. Osipov & Tatiana V. Skryl & Ekaterina A. Blinova & Michael E. Kosov

  • 2017 A Study of Energy Efficiency and Mitigation of Carbon Emission: Implication of Decomposing Energy Intensity of Manufacturing Sector in Taiwan
    by Yu-Kai Huang & Jyh-Yih Hsu & Lih-Chyun Sun

  • 2017 Economic Development Policies In West Africa: Making The Case For Free Enterprise
    by Walter Block & Sosthene Codjia

  • 2017 New Strategic Orientation of Firms Based on Value Innovation
    by Corina M. RÃDULESCU

  • 2017 Welfare Analysis in an Extended Harris-Todaro Model: An Application of the Atkinson Theorem
    by Kingi Hautahi

  • 2017 Green Industrial Policy in Emerging Markets
    by Ann Harrison & Leslie A. Martin & Shanthi Nataraj

  • 2016 The paradigm changing of regional innovation policy in Russia: From equalization to smart specialization
    by S. Zemtsov & V. Barinova.

  • 2016 Economic strategy: Extrapolation or regularity?
    by L. Evstigneeva & R. Evstigneev.

  • 2016 Next train to the polycentric city: The effect of railroads on subcenter formation
    by Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López & Camille Hémet & Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal

  • 2016 Comparison of smart specialization in coastal regions in Poland
    by Jacek Soltys & Dorota Kamrowska-Zaluska

  • 2016 Productive capacity and trade in the Solomon Islands
    by Daniel Gay

  • 2016 Neighborhood Effects in Integrated Social Policies
    by Bobba, Matteo & Gignoux, Jérémie

    by Glenn P. Jenkins

    by Glenn P. Jenkins

  • 2016 PUERTO RICO: INSIGHTS INTO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT POLICY, Volume III: Tax Reform and Financial Regulation
    by Glenn P. Jenkins

  • 2016 INSIGHTS INTO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT POLICY Volume II: Section 936, Banking Oversight, and Infrastructure
    by Glenn P. Jenkins

  • 2016 PUERTO RICO: INSIGHTS INTO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT POLICY Volume I (The Imperative to Settle the Status Question)
    by Glenn P. Jenkins

  • 2016 Threats to Inclusive Growth in India: Unemployment and Informal Sector
    by Gupta, Avnesh Kumar

  • 2016 A Road Map To Cashless Economy In India
    by Varma, Vijaya Krushna Varma

  • 2016 The Tenuous Relationship between Make in India and FDI Inflows
    by K, S Chalapati Rao & Dhar, Biswajit

  • 2016 Re-imaging Capitalism through Social Entrepreneurship
    by Chatterjee, Susmita & Datta Gupta, Sangita

  • 2016 Redundancy, Unilateralism and Bias beyond GDP – results of a Global Index Benchmark
    by Dill, Alexander & Gebhart, Nicolas

  • 2016 Democracy and social capital in Greece
    by Daskalopoulou, Irene

  • 2016 Crescimento Econômico Brasileiro e seus Obstáculos – 1930-2015: uma análise histórico-estrutural
    by Strachman, Eduardo

  • 2016 Food Security and the Developing World-Emerging Issues
    by Chawarika, Admire

  • 2016 Towards the massification of broadband internet access in Brazil: an application of alternative dispute resolution settlement of administrative proceedings
    by Charlita de Freitas, Luciano & Fagundes Ferreira, Flávio & Bernardes da Silva Júnior, Osmar & Azevedo Marques Mello da Silva, João Marcelo & Vilas Boas de Freitas, Igor

  • 2016 How business governance challenges affect the common wealth
    by Jermy, Amanda

  • 2016 Can A School Operational Assistance Fund Program (BOS) Reduce School Drop-Outs During The Post-Rising Fuel Prices In Indonesia? Evidence From Indonesia
    by Kharisma, Bayu

  • 2016 The wrong impact of Fiscal Imbalance on economic growth and Monetary Policy consequences (A case of Pakistan)
    by Ahmed, Ovais & Mashkoor, Aasim

  • 2016 Cashing in on Mining: The Political Economy of Mining Regulations and Fiscal Policy Practices in India
    by Chakraborty, Lekha & Garg, Shatakshi & Singh, Gurpreet

  • 2016 E-governance, Accountability, and Leakage in Public Programs: Experimental Evidence from a Financial Management Reform in India
    by Abhijit Banerjee & Esther Duflo & Clement Imbert & Santhosh Mathew & Rohini Pande

  • 2016 National Policy for Regional Development: Evidence from Appalachian Highways
    by Taylor Jaworski & Carl T. Kitchens

  • 2016 Getting Ready for Climate Finance: The Case of Rwanda
    by Emilie Bécault & Moritz Koenig & Axel Marx

  • 2016 Do methodical traps lead to wrong development strategies for welfare? A multilevel approach considering heterogeneity across industrialized and developing countries
    by Sibylle Puntscher & Janette Walde & Gottfried Tappeiner

  • 2016 Next train to the polycentric city: The effect of railroads on subcenter formation
    by Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López & Camille Hémet & Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal

  • 2016 Asistencias técnicas y competitividad de las MiPyMEs: Evidencia para Argentina
    by Victoria Castillo & Lucas Figal Garone & Alessandro Maffioli & Moira Ohaco

  • 2016 Financial Reforms in Myanmar and Japan's Engagement
    by Tomoo Kikuchi & Takehiro Masumoto

  • 2016 Strategies for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in South Asia: Lessons from Policy Simulations
    by Nagesh Kumar & Matthew Hammill & Selim Raihan & Swayamsiddha Panda

  • 2016 Insurance Against Local Productivity Shocks: Evidence from Commuters in Mexico
    by Pérez-Cervantes Fernando

  • 2016 Sustainable Economic Development Through Sustainable Economic Policy: Is Bulgaria Ready For A Reindustrialization Policy?
    by Stefan Petranov & Ivelina Hristova

  • 2016 A Critical Analysis of the Malaysian Risk-Based Capital Framework: A Comparison between General Insurance and Takaful
    by Aida Yuzi Yusof & Wee-Yeap Lau & Ahmad Farid Osman

  • 2016 The Management of Crisis
    by Mariem Kchaich Ep Chedli

  • 2016 The Recovery of Companies
    by Mariem Kchaich Ep Chedli

  • 2016 Project Risk Assessment in Enterprises with the Use of TOPSIS Method in the 2014–2020 Perspective(Zarzadzanie ryzykiem projektu w przedsiebiorstwie w ramach perspektywy 2014–2020 z wykorzystaniem metody TOPSIS)
    by Ludmila Walaszczyk

  • 2016 Innovation and growth: The Australian Productivity Commission’s policy void?
    by Robert Dalitz

  • 2016 Review of On-Scene Management of Mass-Casualty Attacks
    by Annelie Holgersson

  • 2016 Rio De Janeiro’s Olympic Legacy: Public Security for Whom?
    by Lea Rekow

  • 2016 On Unstable Ground: Issues Involved in Greening Space in the Rocinha Favela of Rio De Janeiro
    by Lea Rekow

  • 2016 Pacification & Mega-events in Rio de Janeiro: Urbanization, Public Security & Accumulation by Dispossession
    by Lea Rekow

  • 2016 A Piece of Land or Peace on the Land: How Much Is a Peasant's Life Worth in Brazil?
    by Artur Zimerman

  • 2016 A Review of 'Law's Impunity: Responsibility and the Modern Private Military Company'
    by Marcos Alan S. V. Ferreira

  • 2016 A Review of 'New Explorations into International Relations: Democracy, Foreign Investment Terrorism and Conflict'
    by John Michael Quinn V

  • 2016 Human Security: China’s Discourses and Experience
    by Xiao Ren

  • 2016 Editorial Volume 12
    by Sabina Lautensach

  • 2016 A Review of 'Energy and Transport in Green Transition: Perspectives on Ecomodernity'
    by David Harnesk

  • 2016 Identifying the “Usual Suspects†—Assessing Patterns of Representation in Local Environmental Initiatives
    by Paul Fenton & Henner Busch

  • 2016 Reflexions on Urban Gardening in Germany
    by Evelyn Gustedt

  • 2016 Agricultural Land and the New Urban Paradigm: Coexistence, Integration, or Conflict?
    by Ilenia Pierantoni & Massimo Sargolini

  • 2016 Siting Urban Agriculture as a Green Infrastructure Strategy for Land Use Planning in Austin, TX
    by Charles M. Rogers & Colleen C. Hiner

  • 2016 Building Urban Agricultural Commons: A Utopia or a Reality?
    by Pierre Donadieu

  • 2016 Cultivating the Glocal Garden
    by Matthijs Hisschemoller

  • 2016 Action Research: An Essential Approach for Constructing the Development of Sustainable Urban Agricultural Systems
    by Antonia Djmela Bousbaine & Christopher Robin Bryant

  • 2016 Urban Agriculture, Commons and Urban Policies: Scaling up Local Innovation
    by François Mancebo

  • 2016 Urban Agriculture: Fostering the Urban-Rural Continuum
    by Francois Mancebo & Sylvie Salles

  • 2016 University technology transfer in China: a literature review and taxonomy
    by Aihua Chen & Donald Patton & Martin Kenney

  • 2016 Unequal inequalities: Do progressive taxes reduce income inequality?
    by Denvil Duncan & Klara Sabirianova Peter

  • 2016 Comparative Advantage Defying Development Strategy and Cross Country Poverty Incidence
    by Abu Bakkar Siddique

  • 2016 Determinants of small-scale business owners’ participation in formal microcredit markets in Sudan
    by Abbas Magboul & Rashid Hassan

  • 2016 The ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’ effects of FDI technology spillovers: Some evidence
    by Xiaowen Tian & Vai Io Lo & Moxi Song

    by Luis Enrique Valdez Juarez & Roberto Limon Ulloa & Elva Alicia Ramos Escobar

  • 2016 The Analysis Of The Algerian Territorial Reconfiguration Perceptions And Methods; Case Of The Municipalities Of The Province Of Tizi-Ouzou
    by Arezki CHENANE & Lamara HADJOU

  • 2016 Incentivizing Exports in Academic Planning: The Rise of South Korea and Lessons for Underdeveloped Nations
    by Daniel Schwekendiek

  • 2016 On the concept of 'competitiveness' and its usefulness for policy
    by Mulatu, Abay

  • 2016 Heterogeneity in Bolsa Família outcomes
    by Barrientos, Armando & Debowicz, Darío & Woolard, Ingrid

  • 2016 Gradualism in aid and reforms
    by Bag, Parimal Kanti & Roy Chowdhury, Prabal

  • 2016 Financial sector development and dollarization in emerging economies
    by Marcelin, Isaac & Mathur, Ike

  • 2016 A method to estimate the costs and benefits of undergrounding electricity transmission and distribution lines
    by Larsen, Peter H.

  • 2016 The price of freedom: A Fama–French freedom factor
    by Stocker, Marshall L.

  • 2016 Distributive fairness in paying for clean energy infrastructure
    by Granqvist, Harry & Grover, David

  • 2016 An Empirical Analysis of the ASEAN-4’s Causality between Exports and Output Growth
    by Tri-Dung Lam

  • 2016 Foreign Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union: State and Perspectives
    by Nazigul Nurlanovna Zhanakova

  • 2016 Incidencia del tipo de cambio sobre la enfermedad holandesa de las ganancias de los bienes transables y no transables
    by Eduardo Sarmiento G. & Martha López

  • 2016 Dutch Disease Exchange Rate Incidence over Profits of Traded and Nontraded Goods
    by Eduardo Sarmiento G. & Martha López

  • 2015 Learning and adaptation in multi-level governance frameworks: the case of the earthquake in the Emilia-Romagna Region in Italy
    by Sandrine Labory & Patrizio Bianchi

  • 2015 Impact of Incubation on Innovative Firms
    by José Ignacio Rivero

  • 2015 Transfer of Know-how for SMEs in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. White Paper: Moldova
    by Magdolna Sass & Oliver Kovacs & Lidis Garbovan & Renata Anna Jaksa

  • 2015 Female Engagement in Commercial Agriculture, Interventions and Welfare in Malawi: What Works for the Poorest?
    by Ralitza Dimova & Ira N. Gang

  • 2015 Is women's ownership of land a panacea in developing countries? Evidence from land-owning farm households in Malawi
    by Sumon Kumar Bhaumik & Ralitza Dimova & Ira N. Gang

  • 2015 Good and Efficient? Women’s Voice in Agriculture
    by Ralitza Dimova & Ira N. Gang

  • 2015 Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP): A Country Case Study of the Philippines
    by Sta. Romana, Leonardo L,

  • 2015 Governance of Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organizations - Within- and Between- Organization Analyses: An Introduction
    by Aldashev, Gani & Marini, Marco A. & Verdier, Thierry

  • 2015 Social Preference and Governance: A Case Study in India
    by Dinda, Soumyananda

  • 2015 La disyuntiva que enfrentan los jóvenes y el empleo en Quintana Roo: Una oportunidad para diversificar las actividades productivas
    by Ken, Crucita Aurora & Góngora, Cindy María

  • 2015 Theory of Economic Development (Pyramids of Development)
    by Ahmed, Ovais & Mashkoor, Aasim

  • 2015 Multivector strategy vs quantum strategy by Apple Inc
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 A strategic agenda for the Sino-South America relationship under China’s “new normal”
    by Reis, Marcos & Bustelo, Santiago

  • 2015 Business failure research
    by Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph & Zhang, Hongxu

  • 2015 Social Exclusion from Development Programmes: A study on different castes of West Bengal
    by Sen, Sugata

  • 2015 The Political Economy of Mining regulations 2015: Spatial Inequality and Resource Curse in Two New States, India
    by Chakraborty, Lekha S & Garg, Shatakshi

  • 2015 Les déterminants de la croissance économique en zone cemac: Une approche en données de panel
    by Nzingoula, Gildas crépin

  • 2015 Subjective inclusive development in developing countries: An analysis of contributing factors
    by Miley, Jose

  • 2015 A Survey on Adaptation to Climate Change
    by Dinda, Soumyananda

  • 2015 Networks in Manuel Castells’ theory of the network society
    by Anttiroiko, Ari-Veikko

  • 2015 Australia’s renewable energy policy: the case for intervention
    by Byrnes, Liam & Brown, Colin

  • 2015 Issues and barriers in economic development (Last stage of economic development)
    by Mashkoor, Aasim & Ahmed, Ovais

  • 2015 Tackling Myanmar's Corruption Challenge
    by Saw, Khaing Sape

  • 2015 Theory of Economic Development (Secondary Stage)
    by Mashkoor, Aasim & Ahmed, Ovais

  • 2015 Macroeconomic Change, and Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: The Indian Experience, 1991-2010
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Institutional Laws, and Mergers and Acquisitions in India: A Review/Recommendation
    by Reddy, K. Srinivasa

  • 2015 Il monitoraggio civico delle politiche di coesione e lo sviluppo di comunità civiche
    by Buttiglione, Paola Liliana & Reggi, Luigi

  • 2015 Financing for Development in Support of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
    by Anna Drutschinin & Stephanie Ockenden

  • 2015 The Economy of People’s Republic of China from 1953
    by Anton Cheremukhin & Mikhail Golosov & Sergei Guriev & Aleh Tsyvinski

  • 2015 Chinese Outwards Mercantilism – the Art and Practice of Bundling
    by Joshua Aizenman & Yothin Jinjarak & Huanhuan Zheng

  • 2015 Mobilizing Private Resources for Development. Agendas, actors and instruments
    by Sarah Vaes & Huib Huyse

  • 2015 Financing the Capital Development of the Economy: A Keynes-Schumpeter-Minsky Synthesis
    by Mariana Mazzucato & L. Randall Wray

  • 2015 Training Funds and the Incidence of Training: The Case of Mauritius
    by Kuku, Oluyemisi & Orazem, Peter F. & Rojid, Sawkut & Vodopivec, Milan

  • 2015 Training Funds and the Incidence of Training: The Case of Mauritius
    by Kuku, Yemisi & Orazem, Peter & Sawkut Rojid & Vodopivec, Milan

  • 2015 Evolution of trade patterns and economic performance:the case of France and Switzerland during the nineteenth century
    by Léo CHARLES

  • 2015 Working Paper 03-15 - 2030 Climate and Energy Framework for Belgium - Impact assessment of a selection of policy scenarios up to 2050
    by Danielle Devogelaer & Dominique Gusbin

  • 2015 Creativity and economic growth: theory, measures, and potentials for morocco
    by Nakamura, Leonard I.

  • 2015 The Making of an Economic Superpower―Unlocking China’s Secret of Rapid Industrialization
    by Wen, Yi

  • 2015 Fragmentation in workforce development and efforts to coordinate regional workforce development systems
    by Andreason, Stuart & Carpenter, Ann

  • 2015 Política industrial: única vía para salir del subdesarrollo
    by José Romero

  • 2015 Firming up inequality
    by Song, Jae & Price, David J. & Guvenen, Fatih & Bloom, Nick

  • 2015 A big-picture socioeconomic perspective of Israel: the story of two nations in one
    by Ben-David, Dan

  • 2015 Long-Term Direct and Spillover Effects of Job Training: Experimental Evidence from Colombia
    by Herrera Prada, Luis Omar & Kugler, Adriana D. & Kugler, Maurice & Saavedra, Juan Esteban

  • 2015 The Economy of People’s Republic of China from 1953
    by Cheremukhin, Anton & Golosov, Mikhail & Guriev, Sergei & Tsyvinski, Aleh

  • 2015 Related variety in Chinese cities: local and Foreign Direct Investment related variety and impacts on urban growth
    by Junsong Wang & Martha Prevezer

  • 2015 Firming Up Inequality
    by Nick Bloom & Fatih Guvenen & David J. Price & Jae Song

  • 2015 Considering Power System Planning in Fragile and Conflict States
    by Morgan Bazilian & Debabrata Chattopadhyay

  • 2015 From economic general equilibrium to ecological system services for nature conservation and management: a methodological analysis and an empirical study based on 30 Italian industries
    by F. Zagonari

  • 2015 Nuclear bombs and economic sanctions
    by Kaz Miyagiwa & Yuka Ohno

  • 2015 Анализ влияния ресурсных и нересурсных факторов на рост экономики Томской области с применением когнитивного подхода. Analysis of resource and non-resource factors’ influence on economic growth of Tomsk region using cognitive approach
    by Белан А. К. & Шмат В. В.

  • 2015 Limits and Barriers of Neodevelopmentalism
    by Mariano Féliz

  • 2015 Housing Shortages in Urban India and Socio-economic Facets
    by Arjun Kumar

  • 2015 Conflicts of the SCM Agreement with LDCs Interests over Renewable Energy Incentives
    by Zaker Ahmad

  • 2015 Study On The Evolution Of Seasonality In Agri-Tourism, By Regions Of Romania
    by Florentina Daniela Matei

  • 2015 Dynamics of Mandatory Private Pension Funds from Romania in May 2008 - March 2015 and from the Perspective of Contributions and Assets
    by Colomeischi Tudor & Iancu Eugenia

  • 2015 Calculation And Analysis In The Efficiency Of Applying The Quality Management Systems Within Industrial Organizations

  • 2015 European Union: Innovation Activity and Competitiveness. Realities and Perspectives

  • 2015 China fs Fiscal Position and Policy: Current Status of Local Government Debt Problems and Challenges
    by Jiro Naito

  • 2015 Achieving inclusive economic growth and development in Nigeria through MSMEs
    by Ezekiel Oseni & Elizabeth Funmi Osen

  • 2015 Sustainable Health for All? The Tension Between Human Security and the Right to Health Care
    by Alexander K. Lautensach

  • 2015 Redefining Human Security for Vulnerable Migrants in East Asia
    by Jiyoung Song

  • 2015 Educational Pathways to Remote Employment in Isolated Communities
    by David Denkenberger & Julia Way & Joshua M. Pearce

  • 2015 Notes from the Field: The Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine
    by John M Quinn

  • 2015 A Review of 'Humanitarian Intervention and Legitimacy Wars: Seeking Peace and Justice in the 21st Century'
    by Leah Merchant

  • 2015 Human Security Workers Deployed in Austere Environments: A Brief Guide to Self-Care, Sustainment, and Productivity
    by Thomas F. Ditzler & Abigail D. Hoeh & Patricia R. Hastings

  • 2015 Editorial for Journal of Human Security Volume 11
    by Sabina Lautensach

  • 2015 A Review of "The Politics of Sustainability: Philosophical Perspectives"
    by José Goldemberg

  • 2015 Time for Decarbonization of Conservation and Development Projects? The Political Ecology of Carbon Projects
    by Pierre L. Ibisch

  • 2015 Sustainability of Fiscal Policy in Democracies and Autocracies
    by Stefan Wurster

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  • 2011 Global Inequality: Beyond the Bottom Billion – A Rapid Review of Income Distribution in 141 Countries
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