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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O2: Development Planning and Policy
/ / / O22: Project Analysis
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)
  2. Economic Growth

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Principle-Agent Analysis of Technology Project (LINCOS) in Costa Rica
    by Mamoon, Dawood & Hernandez, SIlvia

  • 2017 Impact of ISO 9001 Standard on the Quality Costs of Construction Projects in the Philippines
    by Neyestani, Behnam & Juanzon, Joseph Berlin P.

  • 2017 Effects of ISO 9001 Standard on Critical Factors of Project Management in Construction Industry
    by Neyestani, Behnam & Juanzon, Joseph Berlin P.

  • 2017 Does Experience Exert Impact on a PPP Performance?
    by Joanna Wegrzyn

  • 2017 Insights from national adaptation monitoring and evaluation systems
    by Lola Vallejo

  • 2017 The grant element method of measuring the concessionality of loans and debt relief
    by Simon Scott

  • 2017 Data for Development: DAC member priorities and challenges
    by Valentina Sanna & Ida McDonnell

  • 2017 Impact evaluation of EU subsidies for economic development on the Hungarian SME sector
    by Ádám Banai & Péter Lang & Gábor Nagy & Martin Stancsics

  • 2017 Child Schooling and Child Work in the Presence of a Partial Education Subsidy
    by de Hoop, Jacobus & Friedman, Jed & Kandpal, Eeshani & Rosati, Furio C.

  • 2017 Smarter through Social Protection? Evaluating the Impact of Ethiopia's Safety-Net on Child Cognitive Abilities
    by Favara, Marta & Porter, Catherine & Woldehanna, Tassew

  • 2017 Temporary Work Visas as US-Haiti Development Cooperation: A Preliminary Impact Evaluation
    by Clemens, Michael A. & Postel, Hannah M.

  • 2017 Women's Economic Capacity and Children's Human Capital Accumulation
    by de Hoop, Jacobus & Premand, Patrick & Rosati, Furio C. & Vakis, Renos

  • 2017 Organizational Efficency or Bureaucratic Quagmire: Do Quality at Entry Assessments Improve Project Performance?
    by Leonardo Corral & Nancy McCarthy

  • 2017 Chained to Sustainable Development Goals? The Changing Role of Entities for Enhanced Resilience along Agriculture Food Value Chains in Thailand
    by John K.M. Kuwornu

  • 2017 Cash-Plus: Cash Transfer Extensions and Recipient Agency
    by Richard Sedlmayr & Anuj Shah & Munshi Sulaiman

  • 2017 Aid Effectiveness: Revisiting the Trade-off Between Needs and Governance
    by Bourguignon, François & Platteau, Jean-Philippe

  • 2017 Innovación social y microcrédito: ¿estamos financiando el statu quo de la pobreza?
    by Santiago Espinosa Moyano & Nicolás Eduardo Fajardo Acosta & Daniela Gantiva Parada

  • 2017 Tackling projects on sustainability: a Lithuanian case study
    by Nomeda DobrovolskienÄ— & Manuela TvaronaviÄ ienÄ— & Rima TamoÅ¡iÅ«nienÄ—

  • 2017 Land Grabbing: Last Ditch Effort of Colonialism? A Survey of a Few Contributions and a Couple of Suggestions
    by Gianpaolo Rossini

  • 2017 Providing Policy Makers with Timely Advice: The Timeliness-Rigor Trade-off
    by Clive Bell & Lyn Squire

  • 2017 Does Child Sponsorship Pay off in Adulthood? An International Study of Impacts on Income and Wealth
    by Bruce Wydick & Paul Glewwe & Laine Rutledge

  • 2017 Application of Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods on Six Sigma Projects Selection
    by Engin ÇAKIR

  • 2017 A gazdaságfejlesztési célú EU-támogatások hatásvizsgálata a magyar kkv-szektorra
    by Banai, Ádám & Lang, Péter & Nagy, Gábor & Stancsics, Martin

  • 2017 Improving service quality to local communities via a citizen satisfaction measurement in Greece: The 'MUSA' approach
    by Theodore Metaxas & Elisavet Makaratzi & Konstantinos Terzidis

  • 2017 Impact of Globalization on Innovation project Risks Estimation
    by Liudmila Vasilevna Nikolova & Dmitriy Grigorievich Rodionov & Natalya Vladimirovna Afanasyeva

  • 2017 Much ado about nothing? – A meta-analysis of the relationship between infrastructure and economic growth
    by Holmgren, Johan & Merkel, Axel

  • 2017 Current Trends in Business Management-Working on Projects: Challenges and Issues
    by Gabriela OPREA

  • 2016 Koordination, Lernen und Innovation zur Entwicklung peripherer ländlicher Regionen: Phase II der Begleitforschung zum Modellvorhaben LandZukunft
    by Kundolf, Stefan & Küpper, Patrick & Margarian, Anne & Wandinger, Christian

  • 2016 What Influences World Bank Project Evaluations?
    by Christopher Kilby & Katharina Michaelowa

  • 2016 Mesurer L’Economie Circulaire A L’Echelle Territoriale :Une Analyse Systemique De La Gestion Des Matieres Organiques A Bruxelles
    by Stephan Kampelmann

  • 2016 Making Money Work: Unconditional cash transfers allow women to save and re-invest in rural Zambia
    by Luisa Natali & Sudhanshu Handa & Amber Peterman & David Seidenfeld & Gelson Tembo & UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti

  • 2016 Productive Complex of Defense and Security in Brazil: dimension, sectoral and technological impacts
    by Joaquim José Martins Guilhoto & Paulo César Morceiro, Milene Simone Tessarin

  • 2016 Effectiveness of Quality Management System (QMS) on Construction Projects
    by Neyestani, Behnam

  • 2016 Impact of ISO 9001 Certification on the Projects' Success of Large-Scale (AAA) Construction Firms in the Philippines
    by Neyestani, Behnam

  • 2016 Форсайт: Инструмент Исследования, Основа Формирования Государ-Ственной Стратегии
    by Шевченко, Елена & Стукач, Виктор

  • 2016 Project Management in the Port Development Project in Latvia
    by Pulmanis, Emils

  • 2016 Implementation of the eHealth Project in Latvia: Project audit perspective
    by Pulmanis, Emils

  • 2016 Improving service quality to local communities via satisfaction measurament in Greece: The MUSA approach
    by Makaratzi, Elisavet & Metaxas, Theodore & Terzidis, Konstantinos

  • 2016 Understanding and Misunderstanding Randomized Controlled Trials
    by Angus Deaton & Nancy Cartwright

  • 2016 External and Internal Validity of a Geographic Quasi-Experiment Embedded in Cluster-Randomized Experiment
    by Sebastian Galiani & Patrick J. McEwan & Brian Quistorff

  • 2016 Junior Farmer Field Schools, Agricultural Knowledge and Spillover Effects: Quasiexperimental Evidence from Northern Uganda
    by Jacopo, Bonan & Laura, Pagani &

  • 2016 DVD-based distance-learning program for university entrance exams -- RCT experiments in rural Bangladesh
    by Kono, Hisaki & Sawada, Yasuyuki & Shonchoy, Abu S.

  • 2016 Impact of electrification on children's nutritional status in rural Bangladesh
    by Fujii, Tomoki & Shonchoy, Abu S. & XU, Sijia

  • 2016 The Power of Social Pensions
    by Huang, Wei & Zhang, Chuanchuan

  • 2016 Increasing Rural Health Clinic Utilization with SMS Updates: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Uganda
    by Chicoine, Luke & Guzman, Juan Carlos

  • 2016 Social and economic impact analysis of Vadinar refinery of Essar oil: The Case of a mega refinery
    by Sumana Chaudhuri & Shovan Ray

  • 2016 Junior Farmer Field Schools, Agricultural Knowledge and Spillover Effects: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Northern Uganda
    by Jacopo Bonan & Laura Pagani

  • 2016 Searching for the Devil in the Details: Learning about Development Program Design
    by Nadel, Sara & Pritchett, Lant

  • 2016 Motivated by our experience in designing a particular social program, skill set signaling for new entrants to the labor market in Peru, we articulate the need for, and explore the empirical consequences of, alternative learning approaches to the design of development projects
    by Sara Nadel and Lant Pritchett

  • 2016 Sistematización de los procesos de programación y asignación de recursos a la población beneficiada por el proyecto Haku Wiñay: ¿puede FONCODES convertirse en un programa nacional de desarrollo de las poblaciones rurales más pobres?
    by María Isabel Remy

  • 2016 Una mirada a los procesos locales
    by José Alfonso Heredia

  • 2016 Impactos del proyecto desde una aproximación cuantitativa
    by Javier Escobal & Carmen Ponce & Cynthia Paz

  • 2016 The Impact Evaluation of Cluster Development Programs: Methods and Practices
    by Franco Boneu & David Alfaro Serrano & Alessandro Maffioli & Carlo Pietrobelli & Rodolfo Stucchi & Gabriel Casaburi & Victoria Castillo & Lucas Figal Garone & Elisa Giuliani & David Giuliodori & Andrés Matta & Lucía Pittaluga & Alejandro Rodríguez & Sofía Rojo

  • 2016 Alternative Methods for Business Process Planning
    by Stefan Veronica & Radu Valentin

  • 2016 Return on Investment – Indicator for Measuring the Profitability of Invested Capital
    by Zamfir Mariana & Manea Marinela Daniela & Ionescu Luiza

  • 2016 Оценка общественной эффективности инвестиций в промышленно-логистический парк Новосибирской области. The Estimation of Economic Efficiency of Investments in the Industrial Park of the Novosibirsk Region
    by Коган А. Б.

  • 2016 The Difficulty in Following Project Schedule as a Key Project Management Challenge: Family Firm Perspective
    by Joanna SADKOWSKA

  • 2016 Application of Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods on Six Sigma Projects Selection
    by Çakır, Engin & Özdemir, Muhsin

  • 2016 Dynamics of a facilitator’s role: Insights from the Danish construction industry
    by Freytag, Per V. & Storvang, Pia

  • 2016 Route-Based Tourism Product Development as a Tool for Social Innovation: History Valley in the Cserehát Region
    by István Piskóti & Katalin Nagy

  • 2016 Route-Based Tourism Product Development as a Tool for Social Innovation: History Valley in the Cserehát Region
    by István Piskóti & Katalin Nagy

  • 2016 Methods of Choosing an Optimal Portfolio of Projects
    by Anatoliy Yakovlev & Maksym Chernenko

  • 2016 Horizontal Objectives Of Eu Programmes And The Socio-Cultural Context For Eap Members
    by Irina Teodora MANOLESCU & Adriana PRODAN & Carmen Claudia ARUSTEI

  • 2016 Project Management As A Positive Force For Change In Underserved Communities
    by Andrew Manikas & Michael Godfrey

  • 2016 The Role of Project Management Information Systems towards the Project Performance: The Case of Construction Projects in United Arab Emirates
    by Mohammad Abdul Qadir Obeidat & Saeed Hameed Aldulaimi

  • 2016 Бенефициентите – Ключов Компонент В Процеса На Европейското Финансиране В Р България
    by Галя Георгиева

  • 2016 A Business Intelligence Instrument for Detection and Mitigation of Risks Related to Projects Financed from Structural Funds
    by Marcel Ioan BOLOS & Diana Claudia SABĂU-POPA & Emil SCARLAT & Ioana-Alexandra BRADEA & Camelia DELCEA,

  • 2016 Impact Of Grant Projects Implementation In Romanian Higher Education Institutions
    by Vlad S. PETCU & Ioan LALA POPA

  • 2016 Present Times Sport Management
    by Silvia GRĂDINARU

  • 2016 Operational Highlights In The Educational Project Management
    by MIHAESCU Diana & FRATICIU Lucia

  • 2016 Rusnano i Skolkovo – czołowe rosyjskie przedsięwzięcia na drodze do innowacji / Rusnano and Skolkovo – leading Russian initiative on the road to innovation
    by Janusz Wdzięczak

  • 2016 Using Activity Based Costing For Investment Decisions
    by Teodor Hada & Radu Matei Todoran & Teodora Maria Avram

  • 2016 Can Electronic Procurement Improve Infrastructure Provision? Evidence from Public Works in India and Indonesia
    by Sean Lewis-Faupel & Yusuf Neggers & Benjamin A. Olken & Rohini Pande

  • 2015 Human capital in economic development: from labour productiviey to macroeconomic impact
    by Kristinn Hermannsson & Patrizio Lecca

  • 2015 Hofstede Vectors: A Visualization Approach to Cultural Factors in the Knowledge Transfer - International Business Team Optimization Model
    by Arthur Pantelides

  • 2015 Particularities of Sport Organizations Management
    by Gradinaru Silvia & Bibu Nicolae

  • 2015 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators in Wind turbines and its impact on the Wind Energy
    by Rashmi Ramesh & Ramanujan Vetrivel & Purushotham M

  • 2015 The “Highway Effect” on Public Finance: Case of the STAR Highway in the Philippines
    by Yoshino, Naoyuki & Pontines, Victor

  • 2015 Micro-Economical Aspects of Public Projects: Impact Factors for Project Efficiency and Sustainability
    by Pulmanis, Emils

  • 2015 Modeling and Applied Research in Sustainable Development
    by Zeng, Xiangyu & Zeng, Zhezhao

  • 2015 Management of projects risk with Business Intelligence
    by Jiri Kriz & Lenka Smolikova & Vladena Stepankova

  • 2015 Nonlinear Pricing in Village Economies
    by Orazio Attanasio & Elena Pastorino

  • 2015 Initial Conditions Matter: Social Capital and Participatory Development
    by Cameron, Lisa A. & Olivia, Susan & Shah, Manisha

  • 2015 Cost-Benefit Estimation of the Smart Grid Development for the Russian Unified Power System
    by Veselov Fedor & Fedosova Alina

  • 2015 The value of democracy: evidence from road building in Kenya
    by Burgess, Robin & Jedwab, Remi & Miguel, Edward & Morjaria, Ameet & Padró i Miquel, Gerard

  • 2015 Supervision and Project Performance: A Principal-Agent Approach
    by Lisa Chauvet & Paul Collier & Andreas Fuster

  • 2015 Impact des plateformes multifonctionnelles sur l’activité économique des femmes et l’éducation des enfants au Mali
    by Catherine ARAUJO BONJEAN & Moussa KEITA & Martine AUDIBERT

  • 2015 Adapting the Supply of Education to the Needs of Girls: Evidence from a Policy Experiment in Rural India
    by Marian Meller & Stephan Litschig

  • 2015 Too much and too fast? Public investment scaling-up and abssoptive capacity
    by Andrea Filippo Presbitero

  • 2015 Применение методов современной оценки активов для анализа экономической эффективности проектов в российском нефтегазовом секторе. Applications of modern asset pricing methods to project valuation in oil and gas industry
    by Нечаева М. Д. & Ремизов О. В.

  • 2015 Проект реконструкции Транссиба как объект оценки общественной эффективности. Project of the Trans-Siberian Railway reconstruction as an object of social efficiency evaluation
    by Кибалов Е. Б. & Глущенко К.П. & Горяченко В.И

  • 2015 Contester par projets. Le cas des monnaies locales associatives
    by Blanc, Jérôme

  • 2015 Partnership Principle – A Theoretical Approach within Cohesion Policy
    by Caranica Cristina-Nicoleta

  • 2015 Main Factors Influencing Project Success
    by Ioana Beleiu & Emil Crisan & Razvan Nistor

  • 2015 Integrated Project Plan As Basis For Multi-Project Systems Management
    by Damir Butkovic

  • 2015 A Qualitative Evaluation On Sop Hrd 2007-2013 In Romania - Focus-Group Study
    by Bud Angelica Mariana & Nistor Razvan Liviu & &

  • 2015 The Role of Project Office for Project Portfolio Management
    by Matilda Alexandrova & Liliana Stankova & Angel Gelemenov

  • 2015 Real-time Impact Evaluation of a Capacity-Building Health Project in Lao PDR
    by Kyewoo Lee & Taejong Kim

  • 2015 Identifying similarities at cultural level adapted to Romanian specificity, from the project management perspective
    by George Cornel Dumitrescu & Taranu Mariana Camelia

  • 2015 Project management approach in USA, Japan and Germany – a comparative analysis
    by George Cornel Dumitrescu & Taranu Mariana Camelia

  • 2015 Overseas oil investment projects under uncertainty: How to make informed decisions?
    by Zhu, Lei & Zhang, ZhongXiang & Fan, Ying

  • 2015 Real option valuation of power transmission investments by stochastic simulation
    by Pringles, Rolando & Olsina, Fernando & Garcés, Francisco

  • 2015 Protecting child nutritional status in the aftermath of a financial crisis: Evidence from Indonesia
    by Giles, John & Satriawan, Elan

  • 2015 Determining the Underlying Reasons of License Termination and Cancellation Associated with Local Power Production in Turkey
    by Mehmet Toptas

  • 2015 Innovation and entrepreneurship in aging societies: theorical reflection and a case study from kamikatsu, Japan
    by Kazue Haga

  • 2015 Pipeline Power: A Case Study of Strategic Network Investments
    by Hubert Franz & Cobanli Onur

  • 2015 Total factor productivity, domestic knowledge accumulation, and international knowledge spillovers in the second half of the twentieth century
    by Teresa Sanchis & Juan A. Sanchis-Llopis & Vicente Esteve & Antonio Cubel

  • 2015 A New Entrepreneurial Decision-Making Support Framework for Assessing Business Line Correlations
    by Mircea Fulea & Gabriela ?andru & Stelian Brad & Mihaela Maftei

  • 2015 An Application of Qualitative Risk Analysis as a Tool Adopted by Public Organizations for Evaluating “Green Projects”
    by Maurizio Lanfranchi & Carlo Giannetto & Angelina De Pascale & Remus Ion Hornoiu

  • 2015 The Value of Democracy: Evidence from Road Building in Kenya
    by Robin Burgess & Remi Jedwab & Edward Miguel & Ameet Morjaria & Gerard Padró i Miquel

  • 2014 Tehnike kompetitivne analize
    by Robert Kopal & Darija Korkut

  • 2014 Politiche per la montagna in Emilia-Romagna: valutazione di 13 progetti di sviluppo dell’Appennino Bolognese
    by Gilberto Antonelli & Dorel Nicolae Manitiu & Giulio Pedrini

  • 2014 Von Staaten, Märkten und Subventionen: Paradigmenwechsel in der Armutsbekämpfung?
    by Peters, Jörg

  • 2014 Neue Beteiligungs- und Steuerungsprozesse in der ländlichen Entwicklung: Phase I der Begleitforschung zum Modellvorhaben
    by Küpper, Patrick & Kundolf, Stefan & Margarian, Anne

  • 2014 Coherence of the EU cohesion policy and national regional policy: the case of the Czech Republic
    by Jiøí Novosák

  • 2014 Intra and extra regional openness: The role of ?trust? builders as Open Innovation Intermediaries
    by Igone Porto & Jose Ramón Otegi

  • 2014 Toolkit to estimate the organizational structure of Arctic industrial complexes
    by Olga Tarasova

  • 2014 What risks do agricultural interventions entail for nutrition?
    by Dury, S. & Alpha, A. & Bichard, A.

  • 2014 Identifier et limiter les risques des interventions agricoles sur la nutrition
    by Dury, S. & Alpha, A. & Bichard, A.

  • 2014 Abandonment of Capital Investments and Survival of Small and Medium Enterprises: Evidence from Nigeria
    by Sehilat Bolarinwa & Babatunde Yusuf & Khadijah Idowu & Jamiu Tijani

  • 2014 Furthering the use and scope of the Project Implementation Profile (PIP): Critical success factors for small scale livestock production foreign aid projects
    by Daniel Pelletier & Chantal Mukiampele

  • 2014 On the Economic Impact of University Proof of Concept Centers
    by Hayter, Christopher S. & Link, Albert N.

  • 2014 Connecting South Asia to Southeast Asia: Cross-Border Infrastructure Investments
    by Gautrin, Jean-Francois

  • 2014 Techno-Economic Factors Affecting Genetic Investment in Dairy Cattle in Egypt
    by Soliman, Ibrahim & Mashhour, Ahmed

  • 2014 Index Insurance and Cash Transfers: A Comparative Analysis from Northern Kenya
    by Jensen, Nathaniel & Barrett, Christopher B. & Mude, Andrew

  • 2014 Designing Experiments to Measure Spillover Effects
    by Sarah Baird & Aislinn Bohren & Craig McIntosh & Berk Ozler

  • 2014 Designing Experiments to Measure Spillover Effects
    by Sarah Baird & J. Aislinn Bohren & Craig McIntosh & Berk Ozler

  • 2014 Does the heterogeneity of project implementers affect the program participation of beneficiaries? : Evidence from rural Cambodia
    by Ayako Wakano & Hiroyuki Yamada & Daichi Shimamoto

  • 2014 Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation: Methodological Approaches
    by Ayesha Dinshaw & Susannah Fisher & Heather McGray & Neha Rai & Johan Schaar

  • 2014 Appraisal of Research Infrastructures: Approaches, methods and practical implications
    by Chiara PANCOTTI & Julie PELLEGRIN & Silvia VIGNETTI

  • 2014 Protecting Child Nutritional Status in the Aftermath of a Financial Crisis: Evidence from Indonesia
    by Giles, John T. & Satriawan, Elan

  • 2014 User right as a mezzanine capital investment: Innovations in infrastructure debt financing
    by Manish K. Singh & S. Ramann

  • 2014 The Impact of Agricultural Extension for Improved Management Practices: An Evaluation of the Uruguayan Livestock Program
    by Conner Mullally & Alessandro Maffioli

  • 2014 Towards FET Concept: Pathway To Evaluation Of Foresight Effectiveness, Efficiency And Validity
    by Maxim A. Afanasyev & Mario Cervantes & Dirk Meissner

  • 2014 Social Network Analysis Methodologies for the Evaluation of Cluster Development Programs
    by Giuliani, Elisa & Pietrobelli, Carlo

  • 2014 Evaluating the Impact of Cluster Development Programs
    by Giuliani, Elisa & Maffioli, Alessandro & Pacheco, Manuel & Pietrobelli, Carlo & Stucchi, Rodolfo

  • 2014 Designing Experiments to Measure Spillover Effects
    by Sarah Baird & Aislinn Bohren & Berk Ozler & Craig McIntosh

  • 2014 Connecting South Asia to Southeast Asia : Cross-Border Infrastructure Investments
    by Jean-Francois Gautrin

  • 2014 Development of a Methodology of Evaluation of Financial Stability of Commercial Banks
    by Willem Karel M. Brauers & Romualdas Ginevičius & Askoldas Podviezko

  • 2014 Main problems in the project management and the method of six thinking hats as possible solution
    by KRCHOVA, Eva

  • 2014 The Need of Project Capabilities in Project Based Organizations
    by GRIMM, Nina

  • 2014 The contribution of Action Research to policy learning: The case of Gipuzkoa Sarean
    by Karlsen, James & Larrea, Miren

  • 2014 Prostorová koherence národní a evropské regionální politiky: poznatky z České republiky a Slovenska
    by Oldřich Hájek & Lenka Smékalová & Jiří Novosák & Petr Zahradník

  • 2014 Web Technologies Development Supporting Contemporary Project Management Needs
    by Kresimir Jurina & Igor Vrecko & Zlatko Barilovic

  • 2014 Reducing Delivery Times Of Products Using Dmaic Methodology
    by Robert Obraz & Zlatko Resetar & Nikolina Pavicic

  • 2014 Restoration And Sustainable Valorization Of Cultural Heritage And Regional Policy In North-West Region Of Romania. Case Study Of Revitalization Of The Oradea Fortress
    by Anca Dodescu

  • 2014 Projects to Increase Physical Security at Commercial Banks
    by Petya Biolcheva

  • 2014 A Method for Choosing a Project's Planned Value Curve by Integrating Earned Value and Risk Management
    by Svetlana Boyadzhieva-Georgieva

  • 2014 Local and Global Measures for Success and Reconstructive Determination of the Optimal Number of Partners in European Educational Projects
    by Matilda Alexandrova & Daniela Staneva & George Petkov

  • 2014 Analytics-Based Management Of Information Systems
    by Peter Géczy & Noriaki Izumi & Kôiti Hasida

  • 2014 Self-Managing Teams in Agile Project Management – Pain or gain
    by MULLER, Eva-Maria

  • 2014 Projecting Future Insured Coastal Flooding Damages with Climate Change
    by David C. Major & Daniel Bader & Robin Leichenko & Katie Johnson & Megan Linkin

  • 2014 Multicriteria Evaluation of Urban Regeneration Plans for Social Housing Neighbourhoods
    by Lidia Diappi & Camilla Mele

  • 2014 The impact of Oportunidades on human capital and income distribution in Mexico: A top-down/bottom-up approach
    by Debowicz, Darío & Golan, Jennifer

  • 2014 A real options model to evaluate the effect of environmental policies on the oil sands rate of expansion
    by Kobari, L. & Jaimungal, S. & Lawryshyn, Y.

  • 2014 Is fiscal policy stationary in China? A regional study by local government
    by Liu, Tie-Ying & Su, Chi-Wei & Jiang, Xu-Zhao

  • 2014 Qualitative Assessment of Energy Initiative: Case Study from Liberia
    by Ejaz Gul & Imran Sharif Chaudhry

  • 2014 Priorización de proyectos inviables financieramente en zonas no interconectadas mediante la evaluación económica y social
    by Carlos Alberto Restrepo Carvajal & Diana Marcela Castaño Vélez

  • 2014 Aproximación a la cooperación en innovación en empresas del programa de asociatividad y desarrollo empresarial sectorial –PADES– en Antioquia (Colombia)
    by Alejandro Coronado Medina & Andrea Echeverri & José Enrique Arias Pérez

  • 2014 An Analysis of the Impact of Cohesion Policy in the Transport Sector
    by Lenka Smékalová

  • 2014 Energy efficiency in university buildings: Real case study. Ferrandiz building. UPV-Alcoy. Spain
    by Gabriel SEMPERE RIPOLL

  • 2014 The Economic Impact of the SAPARD Programme on the Tourism Supply in Suceava County
    by Cristian-Valentin Hapenciuc & Pavel Stanciu & Andrei-Alexandru Morosan & Gabriela Arionesei (Gaube)

  • 2013 Operationalizing Experience: Donor Approaches to Service Delivery in Fragile States
    by DiCaprio, Alisa

  • 2013 Playing with the Social Network: Social Cohesion in Resettled and Non-Resettled Communities in Cambodia
    by Gobien, Simone & Vollan, Björn

  • 2013 Impacts of a Micro-Enterprise Clustering Program on Firm Performance in Ghana
    by Peters, Jörg & Sievert, Maximiliane & Strupat, Christoph

  • 2013 Evaluating The Eu Territorial Co-Operation Policy And Programmes In The Mediterranean Basin
    by Yiannis Saratsis & Angelos Kotios

  • 2013 Water Resources Planning under Climate Change: A “Real Options” Application to Investment Planning in the Blue Nile
    by Jeuland, Marc & Whittington, Dale

  • 2013 Romanian-Hungarian cross-border cooperation at various territorial levels, with a particular study of the Debrecen-Oradea Eurometropolis (European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation-EGTC)
    by Toca, Constantin-Vasile

  • 2013 Подходы К Повышению Конкурентоспособности Предпринимательской Деятельности В Сфере Строительства
    by Karpov, Valery & Cement, Petr

  • 2013 Using Critical Path Analysis (CPA) in Place Marketing process
    by Metaxas, Theodore & Deffner, Alex

  • 2013 Economic Evaluation of Project Site Using Cardinal Numbers Approach
    by Gul, Ejaz

  • 2013 Urban Climate Adaptation and Leadership: From Conceptual Understanding to Practical Action
    by JoAnn Carmin & David Dodman & Eric Chu

  • 2013 Playing with the social network: Social cohesion in resettled and non-resettled communities in Cambodia
    by Simone Gobien & Bj�rn Vollan

  • 2013 The integrated approach for Foresight evaluation: the Russian case
    by Anna Sokolova

  • 2013 Hacia un desarrollo integral de la ciudad de Buenaventura y su área de influencia
    by Astrid Martínez Ortiz & Helena García Romero & Clara Ramírez & Danny Ramírez & Jorge Restrepo & Pablo Ortega & Juan David González & Luz Adriana Rocha

  • 2013 The New Transparency in Development Economics: Lessons from the Millennium Villages Controversy
    by Michael Clemens, Gabriel Demombynes

  • 2013 Approaches to the Interpretation and Classification of Opportunities in Management
    by Radko Radev

  • 2013 Doradztwo strategiczne – od koncepcji do wdrozenia. Aplikacja nowatorskiej metody MOST opartejna zastosowaniu teorii zbiorow rozmytych w zarzadzaniu. (Strategy consulting – from concept to implementation. Application of the MOST, innovative method based on the fuzzy sets theory in management.)
    by Aleksander Chrostowski & Waldemar Czachorowski

  • 2013 India–Sri Lanka Connectivity through a Ferry Service between Colombo and Tuticorin: An Assessment of Operational Viability, Risks and Prospective Strategies
    by T. Lalithasiri Gunaruwan & S.K. Imashi Dineka

  • 2013 Some Accounting Issues and Statistics about Romania and EU Funds - Absorption through Projects and Eligible Expenses
    by Gheorghe SAVOIU & Mariana BANUTA & Mihaela GADOIU

  • 2013 Why is the Risk Analysis Essential in the Project Management Process?
    by RUBIN, Mylene

  • 2013 The Supply Of Project Information To External Stakeholders
    by WAGENER, Gina

  • 2013 Dienstleistungsorientierte Projektifizierung und tarifpolitische Fragmentierung: Zwei Fallstudien aus dem Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (Service–based Projectification and Fagmented Collective Bargaining: Two Case Studies from the Metal Engineering Industry)
    by Helfen, Markus & Nicklich, Manuel

  • 2013 Cause and Effect in Promoting a Project
    by Severian-Vlăduț Iacob

  • 2013 Methods Indicators Equivalence for Economic Research of the Long-Term Capital Investment Project
    by Sorin-Iuliu Mangu & Ilie Răscolean

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    by Dãneci-Pãtrãu Daniel & Neacºu Gabriela

  • 2013 The Relation between Local Development Strategies and Projects Implemented under ROP 2007-2013 – Axis 5. A Case Study of the Centre RegionAbstract:Tourism is an industry that gained much attention in the past years, both from the media as well as from the business environment, policy makers and civil society. In this context, tourism has been subject to various strategies, plans and policies, at national, regional and local level. But to what degree have these documents been implemented? This paper aims at determining the effectiveness with which tourism development priorities set by regional and local development strategies in the Centre Region have been achieved through projects financed under the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, one of the seven operational programmes financed from structural funds in Romania. The analysis offers an insight into the degree to which tourism development and promotion strategies are taken into consideration when writing and submitting applications for EU-funded projects. Thus, the paper poses significant implications both for policy makers and for beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries of projects financed through ROP
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