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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O0: General
/ / O1: Economic Development
/ / O2: Development Planning and Policy
/ / O3: Innovation; Research and Development; Technological Change; Intellectual Property Rights
/ / O4: Economic Growth and Aggregate Productivity
/ / O5: Economywide Country Studies

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Downshifting in the Fast Lane: A Post-Keynesian Model of a Consumer-Led Transition
    by Eric Kemp-Benedict & Emily Ghosh

  • 2018 Human Capital, Social Capabilities and Economic Growth
    by Muhammad Ali & Abiodun Egbetokun & Manzoor Hussain Memon

  • 2017 The real exchange rate, innovation and productivity
    by Alfaro, Laura & Cunat, Alejandro & Fadinger, Harald & Yanping, Liu

  • 2017 The Real Exchange Rate, Innovation and Productivity
    by Laura Alfaro & Alejandro Cuñat & Harald Fadinger & Yanping Liu

  • 2017 Pupils’ cooperatives and the acquisition of competences for sustainable development
    by Nicole GÖLER von RAVENSBURG

  • 2017 How to Cope with Volatile Commodity Export Prices: Four Proposals
    by Jeffrey Frankel

  • 2017 Firm Performance in the Western Balkan States: the Impact of European Union Membership and Access to Finance
    by Peter Howard-Jones & Jens Hoelscher & Dragana Radicic

  • 2017 Innovation, structural change and demand evolution: does demand saturate?
    by Pier-Paolo Saviotti & Andreas Pyka

  • 2017 Strengthening relationships in clusters: How effective is an indirect policy measure carried out in a peripheral technology district?
    by Giuseppe Calignano & Rune Dahl Fitjar

  • 2017 Volunteerism after the Tsunami: The Effects of Democratization
    by Tiago Freire & J. Vernon Henderson & Ari Kuncoro

  • 2017 ‘People as businesses’: Airbnb and urban micro-entrepreneurialism in New York City
    by Filip Stabrowski

  • 2017 Sharing as a postwork style: digital work and the co-working office
    by Lizzie Richardson

  • 2017 Technological Revolutions and Political Economy
    by Hristo Prodanov

  • 2017 Private Property Rights and Capital Structure: Empirical Evidence from the 2004 Constitutional Amendment in China
    by Zhiyong An

  • 2017 What type of obstacles in innovation activities make firms access university knowledge? An empirical study of the use of university knowledge on innovation outcomes
    by Daisuke Kanama & Kohei Nishikawa

  • 2017 The Determinants of Investment Efficiency in West African Economic and Monetary Union (Waemu)
    by Issoufou Soumaila

  • 2017 Sets of Sustainable Development Indicators in Vietnam: Status and Solutions
    by Tri Ngo Dang & Chi Tran Thuy & Y. Tran Van & Tuan Nguyen Thanh

  • 2017 The Effects of Real Exchange Rates and Income on International Tourism Demand for the USA from Some European Union Countries
    by Serdar Ongan & Cem Işik & Dilek Özdemir

  • 2017 Determinants of Related and Unrelated Export Diversification
    by Muhammad Ali

  • 2017 The Consequences of Corruption on Inflation in Developing Countries: Evidence from Panel Cointegration and Causality Tests
    by Şerife Özşahin & Gülbahar Üçler

  • 2017 Do Technological Innovations Affect Unemployment? Some Empirical Evidence from European Countries
    by Kristina Matuzeviciute & Mindaugas Butkus & Akvile Karaliute

  • 2017 An Inverse Problem Study: Credit Risk Ratings as a Determinant of Corporate Governance and Capital Structure in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies
    by ManYing Kang & Marcel Ausloos

  • 2017 Analysis of Variance of the Effects of a Project’s Location on Key Issues and Challenges in Post-Disaster Reconstruction Projects
    by Dzulkarnaen Ismail & Taksiah A. Majid & Ruhizal Roosli

  • 2017 Effects of Cost Factors on National Manufacturing Based on Global Perspectives
    by Fangtao Liu & Yong Ding & Jia Gao & Pu Gong

  • 2017 Is There a Limit to Growth? Comparing the Environmental Cost of an Airport’s Operations with Its Economic Benefit
    by Cherie Lu

  • 2017 An Investigation of (Non-) Inclusive Growth in Nigeria’s Sub-Nationals: Evidence from Elasticity Approach
    by Enobong Udoh & Ndem Ayara

  • 2017 Analysis of Supply and Demand to Enhance Educational Tourism Experience in the Smart Park of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    by Ani Wijayanti & Janianton Damanik & Chafid Fandeli & Sudarmadji

  • 2017 Urban Climate Vulnerability in Cambodia: A Case Study in Koh Kong Province
    by Kimleng Sa

  • 2017 Analyzing the Tourism–Energy–Growth Nexus for the Top 10 Most-Visited Countries
    by Cem Işik & Eyüp Doğan & Serdar Ongan

  • 2017 Does Foreign Direct Investment Harm the Environment in Developing Countries? Dynamic Panel Analysis of Latin American Countries
    by Jungho Baek & Yoon Jung Choi

  • 2017 Stochastic Dominance and Omega Ratio: Measures to Examine Market Efficiency, Arbitrage Opportunity, and Anomaly
    by Xu Guo & Xuejun Jiang & Wing-Keung Wong

  • 2017 Fiscal Deficit and Its Impact on Economic Growth: Evidence from Bangladesh
    by Mohammed Ershad Hussain & Mahfuzul Haque

  • 2017 Labor Costs and Foreign Direct Investment: A Panel VAR Approach
    by Bahar Bayraktar-Sağlam & Selin Sayek Böke

  • 2017 The Effect of Access to Information and Communication Technology on Household Labor Income: Evidence from One Laptop Per Child in Uruguay
    by Joaquin Marandino & Phanindra V. Wunnava

  • 2017 A Firm-Level Investigation of Innovation in the Caribbean: A Comparison of Manufacturing and Service Firms
    by Antonio Alleyne & Troy Lorde & Quinn Weekes

  • 2017 The National Bank of Ukraine Communication Strategy Optimization within the Framework of Impact on Exchange Rate Expectations of Economic Agents
    by Roksolana Holub & Oleksandr Hlushchenko

  • 2017 The Nature of Spain’s International Cultural Tourism throughout the Economic Crisis (2008–2016): A Macroeconomic Analysis of Tourist Arrivals and Spending
    by Carmen Hidalgo & Olivier Maene

  • 2017 A Brief Overview of International Migration Motives and Impacts, with Specific Reference to FDI
    by Masood Gheasi & Peter Nijkamp

  • 2017 Accounting for Nonlinearity, Asymmetry, Heterogeneity, and Cross-Sectional Dependence in Energy Modeling: US State-Level Panel Analysis
    by Brantley Liddle

  • 2017 Does Foreign Direct Investment Successfully Lead to Sustainable Development in Singapore?
    by Abdul Rahim Ridzuan & Nor Asmat Ismail & Abdul Fatah Che Hamat

  • 2017 A Soft Systems Approach to Knowledge Worker Productivity—Analysis of the Problem Situation
    by Helga Guðrún Óskarsdóttir & Guðmundur Valur Oddsson

  • 2017 Regional Economic Convergence in Turkey: Does the Government Really Matter for?
    by Mustafa Gömleksiz & Ahmet Şahbaz & Birol Mercan

  • 2017 From Clusters to Smart Specialization: Tourism in Institution-Sensitive Regional Development Policies
    by Maximilian Benner

  • 2017 Nonlinear Effects of Remittances on Per Capita GDP Growth in Bangladesh
    by Gazi Mainul Hassan & Shamim Shakur

  • 2017 The Nonlinearity of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve: The Case of Tunisia
    by Imen Kobbi & Foued-Badr Gabsi

  • 2017 Regime-Switching Effect of Tourism Specialization on Economic Growth in Asia Pacific Countries
    by Geng-Nan Chiang & Wei-Ying Sung & Wen-Guu Lei

  • 2017 The Relevance of Political Stability on FDI: A VAR Analysis and ARDL Models for Selected Small, Developed, and Instability Threatened Economies
    by Petar Kurecic & Filip Kokotovic

  • 2017 Willingness to Pay for Tourist Tax in Destinations: Empirical Evidence from Istanbul
    by Gurel Cetin & Zaid Alrawadieh & Mithat Zeki Dincer & Fusun Istanbullu Dincer & Dimitri Ioannides

  • 2017 Does FDI Really Matter to Economic Growth in India?
    by Yoon Jung Choi & Jungho Baek

  • 2017 Management of Oil Revenues: Has That of Azerbaijan Been Prudent?
    by Sarvar Gurbanov & Jeffrey B. Nugent & Jeyhun Mikayilov

  • 2017 Economic Freedom and Income Inequality: Does Political Regime Matter?
    by Mahyudin Ahmad

  • 2017 Relationship between Institutional Factors and FDI Flows in Developing Countries: New Evidence from Dynamic Panel Estimation
    by Zühal Kurul & A. Yasemin Yalta

  • 2017 Remittances and Household Expenditure in Nepal: Evidence from Cross-Section Data
    by Sridhar Thapa & Sanjaya Acharya

  • 2017 Sources of Economic Growth in Zambia, 1970–2013: A Growth Accounting Approach
    by Kelvin Mulungu & John N. Ng’ombe

  • 2017 Fréchet Distribution Applied to Salary Incomes in Spain from 1999 to 2014. An Engineering Approach to Changes in Salaries’ Distribution
    by Santiago Pindado & Carlos Pindado & Javier Cubas

  • 2017 The Role of Oil Prices in Exchange Rate Movements: The CIS Oil Exporters
    by Fakhri Hasanov & Jeyhun Mikayilov & Cihan Bulut & Elchin Suleymanov & Fuzuli Aliyev

  • 2017 Household’s Perception of Water Quality and Willingness to Pay for Clean Water in Mexico City
    by Lilia Rodríguez-Tapia & Daniel A. Revollo-Fernández & Jorge A. Morales-Novelo

  • 2017 Natural Resources and Productivity: Can Banking Development Mitigate the Curse?
    by Ramez Abubakr Badeeb & Hooi Hooi Lean

  • 2017 (Un)supported Current Tourism Development in UNESCO Protected Site: The Case of Old City of Dubrovnik
    by Ivana Pavlić & Ana Portolan & Barbara Puh

  • 2017 The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on the Environment: Market Perspectives and Evidence from China
    by Jiajia Zheng & Pengfei Sheng

  • 2017 Financial Reforms, Financial Development, and Economic Growth in the Ivory Coast
    by Vassiki Sanogo & Richard K. Moussa

  • 2017 Examining the ‘’Natural Resource Curse’’ and the Impact of Various Forms of Capital in Small Tourism and Natural Resource-Dependent Economies
    by Petar Kurecic & Filip Kokotovic

  • 2017 The Impact of Terrorist Attacks on Foreign Exchange Rate: Case Study of Turkish Lira versus Pound Sterling
    by Mansoor Maitah & Jehar Mustofa & Gok Ugur

  • 2017 Financial Deepening and Economic Growth Nexus in Nigeria: Supply-Leading or Demand-Following?
    by Tari Moses Karimo & Oliver Ejike Ogbonna

  • 2017 Leaning against the Wind Policies on Vietnam’s Economy with DSGE Model
    by Phuc Huynh & Trang Nguyen & Thanh Duong & Duc Pham

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Economies in 2016
    by Economies Editorial Office

  • 2017 The Status and Evolution of Energy Supply and Use in Mexico Prior to the 2014 Energy Reform: An Input-Output Approach †
    by Zeus Guevara & Oscar Córdoba & Edith X. M. García & Rafael Bouchain

  • 2017 Financial Reforms and Determinants of FDI: Evidence from Landlocked Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Husam Rjoub & Mehmet Aga & Ahmad Abu Alrub & Murad Bein

  • 2017 Problems and Contradictions of the Financial System of the Agro-business Industry of Russia in Contemporary Conditions and Methodological Aspects of their Overcoming
    by Zoya Sh. Babaeva & Ramazan B. Shahbanov & Sabina R. Shahbanova & Burliyat N. Asekova & Marina V. Postnova

  • 2017 Urban economics for the developing World: An introduction
    by Glaeser, Edward & Henderson, J. Vernon

  • 2017 Investigation of Various Prediction Models of Demand on the Market of Innovations
    by Elena Anatol’evna Derunova & Irina Nikolayevna Filatova & Alexandr Sergeevich Semenov & Vladimir Alexandrovich Derunov

  • 2017 Lizenz- und Gestattungsproduktion westdeutscher Unternehmen in der ČSSR und der DDR
    by Szobi Pavel

  • 2017 Transforming Labour: From the Workers’ State to the Post-Socialist Re-Organization of Industry and Workplace Communities: Carl Zeiss Jena (East Germany) and Rába in Győr (Hungary)
    by Bartha Eszter

  • 2017 Ein glücksökonomisch modifizierter Human Development Index für Deutschland (1920-1960)
    by Jopp Tobias A.

  • 2016 The evaluation of tourism satisfaction in island destinations: The case of the Ionian Islands of Greece
    by Eleni Gaki & Stella Kostopoulou & Evangelia Parisi & Dimitris Lagos

  • 2016 The sustainability of yachting tourism: A case study on Greece
    by Jamie Chen & Chrysanthi Balomenou & Peter Nijkamp & Panoraia Poulaki & Dimitris Lagos

  • 2016 Costa Rica: Boosting productivity to sustain income convergence
    by Mauro Pisu

  • 2016 Getting Ready for Climate Finance: The Case of Rwanda
    by Emilie Bécault & Moritz Koenig & Axel Marx

  • 2016 MSMEs Financing in Burundi and its Welfare Effect
    by Janvier Nkurunziza

  • 2016 Compositions vs Gini: A new metric to evaluate the effects of land-income disparities
    by Mauricio Velasquez

  • 2016 Industrialization in China
    by Brandt, Loren & Ma, Debin & Rawski, Thomas

  • 2016 1930-1943: Agrarian Transformation and the Famine in Bengal
    by Paul, Saumik

  • 2016 Working Paper: Rents and Inefficiency in the Patent and Copyright System: Is There a Better Route?
    by Dean Baker

  • 2016 The Relationship Between Inward Foreign Direct Investments (Fdi) And National Competitiveness Of The Host Country
    by Milen Velushev

  • 2016 Smart economy- the potential of digital infrastructure for the circular economy
    by Mihaela Eleonora Constantinescu & Gheorghe Marinescu

  • 2016 Empirical Existence of Environmental Kuznets Curve
    by Faisal Aftab Ahmed & Furrukh Bashir

  • 2016 The Impact of Vocational Education on Economic Growth of Pakistan
    by Arooj Fatima & Ramesha Saleem

  • 2016 Textile Industry Crisis in Pakistan
    by Aramish Altaf Alvi & Uzma Shahid

  • 2016 Social Media Impact on Human Resources Management Strategies
    by Angela-Eliza Micu & Marius Geru

  • 2016 Gazdasági növekedés, válság és szabályozás. Összegzés a COEURE-projekt tanulmányaiból, II
    by Mátyás, László & Balázsi, László & Dömötör, Erika

  • 2016 Remittances, Development Level, and Long-Run Economic Growth
    by Kristina Matuzeviciute & Mindaugas Butkus

  • 2016 Does Financial Development Drive Private Investment in Ghana?
    by Daniel Sakyi & Micheal Kofi Boachie & Mustapha Immurana

  • 2016 The Impact of Financial Development on Economic Growth in Nigeria: An ARDL Analysis
    by Eugene Iheanacho

  • 2016 Stock Market and Sustainable Economic Growth in Nigeria
    by Erasmus L Owusu

  • 2016 Have Sanctions Modified Iran’s Trade Policy? An Evidence of Asianization and De-Europeanization through the Gravity Model
    by Liudmila Popova & Ehsan Rasoulinezhad

  • 2016 The Impact of Possible Migration Scenarios after ‘Brexit’ on the State Pension System
    by Angus Armstrong & Justin van de Ven

  • 2016 Technical Efficiency and Its Determinants of Rice Production in Cambodia
    by Sokvibol Kea & Hua Li & Linvolak Pich

  • 2016 Breaking up Is Hard to Do: Why the Eurozone Will Survive
    by Kevin Aslett & James Caporaso

  • 2016 The Effects of Oil Price Shocks on IIP and CPI in Emerging Countries
    by Yukino Sakashita & Yasunori Yoshizaki

  • 2016 Socio-Economic Implications of Drought in the Agricultural Sector and the State Economy
    by Jadwiga R. Ziolkowska

  • 2016 Going Forward from B to A? Proposals for the Eurozone Crisis
    by Massimo Amato & Luca Fantacci & Dimitri B. Papadimitriou & Gennaro Zezza

  • 2016 Why Migrate: For Study or for Work?
    by Elise S. Brezis

  • 2016 Convergence and Heterogeneity in Euro Based Economies: Stability and Dynamics
    by Philip Haynes & Jonathan Haynes

  • 2016 The Formation of Immigrant Networks in the Short and the Long Run
    by Gil S. Epstein & Odelia Heizler-Cohen

  • 2016 Influence Determination of Social Responsibility to the Productivity Enterprise Activity Level
    by Sergii Kavun & Ganna Zhosan

  • 2016 The Growth Path of Agricultural Labor Productivity in China: A Latent Growth Curve Model at the Prefectural Level
    by Peng Bin & Marco Vassallo

  • 2016 Real Effective Exchange Rate of Rouble and Competitiveness of Russian Agrarian Producers
    by Mansoor Maitah & Elena Kuzmenko & Lubos Smutka

  • 2016 Modelling Monetary and Fiscal Governance in the Wake of the Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe
    by Bodo Herzog

  • 2016 Germany versus the United States: Monetary Dominance in the Eurozone
    by Chee-Heong Quah

  • 2016 Foreign Direct Investment, Trade, and Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis of Bangladesh
    by Mohammed Ershad Hussain & Mahfuzul Haque

  • 2016 Nonlinear Monetary Policy Rules: An Essay in the Comparative Study on Egyptian and Tunisian Central Banks
    by Yosra Baaziz & Moez Labidi

  • 2016 Impact of Economic Freedom on the Growth Rate: A Panel Data Analysis
    by Mohammed Ershad Hussain & Mahfuzul Haque

  • 2016 Annual City Festivals as Tools for Sustainable Competitiveness: The World Port Days Rotterdam
    by Erwin van Tuijl & Leo van den Berg

  • 2016 Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Industries in Cameroon
    by Oyewole Simon Oginni & Adewale Daniel Omojowo

  • 2016 Does Trust Matter for Entrepreneurship: Evidence from a Cross-Section of Countries
    by Oasis Kodila-Tedika & Julius Agbor

  • 2016 Drivers of Growth in the Travel and Tourism Industry in Malaysia: A Geweke Causality Analysis
    by Tan Khee Giap & Sasidaran Gopalan & Ye Ye

  • 2016 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Economies in 2015
    by Economies Editorial Office

  • 2016 Falling Behind, Forging Ahead and Falling Behind Again: Thailand from 1870 to 2014
    by Anne Booth

  • 2016 Demonstration effect and dynamic efficiency
    by Thibault, Emmanuel

  • 2016 Could the U.S. Energy Sector Become New Engine For Growth?
    by Edward K. Zajicek & Nikolaos Karagiannis & Thomas Wilhoit

  • 2016 Education and Human Capital Effect on Malaysian Economic Growth
    by Rabiul Islam & Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani & Bobby Kusuma & Belinda Barbara Theseira

  • 2016 Modeling of Human Potential Parameters in the Context of Innovation and Technological Development of the Country: Case of Asia-pacific Countries
    by Natalia Victorovna Kuznetsova & Ekaterina Victorovna Kocheva & Nikolay Anatolievich Matev

  • 2016 Does Internet Usage Stimulate the Accumulation of Social Capital? A Panel Ýnvestigation for Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development Countries
    by Mohammad Salahuddin & Khorshed Alam & Lorelle Burton

  • 2016 The Mechanisms of Formation of Demand in the High-Tech Products Market
    by Elena Derunova & Alexandr Semenov & Olga Balash & Anna Firsova

  • 2016 Das Chaos beseitigen: Die internationale Standardisierung forst- und holzwirtschaftlicher Statistiken in den 1920er und 1930er Jahren und der Völkerbund
    by Bemmann Martin

  • 2016 Krisenviren und der drohende Infarkt des Finanzsystems: Metaphorische Rechtfertigungen von Krisenpolitik
    by Kuck Kristin

  • 2016 The Economic Effects of the Mega Sport Events on Tourism in the BRICS Countries Case
    by Iuliana Pop & Adrian Kanovici & Gratiela Ghic & Madalina Andrei

  • 2015 Regional convergence and economic development in the EU: the relation between national growth and regional disparities within the old and the new member states
    by Hans Kramar

  • 2015 The late turn-out of the Slovak star-up factories: locational and institutional factors
    by Oto Hudec & Marek Lavcak

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 12 Economics, Entropy and a Sustainable World
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 11 The Atmosphere, Oceans and Cryosphere
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 10 Renewable Resources
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 9 Non-renewable Resources
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 8 Resource Dynamics and the Economy
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 7 Labour and Unemployment
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 6 Money
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 5 Production and Consumption
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 4 Economic Stocks and Flows
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 3 Connecting to Economic Value
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 2 A Short History of Human Development
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 Entropy Man, Chapter 1 Setting the Entropy Scene
    by John Bryant

  • 2015 The institutions of Roman markets
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2015 Providing the right skills to all in China: From “made in China” to “created in China”
    by Margit Molnar & Vincent Koen

  • 2015 China's One Belt One Road Strategy: The New Financial Institutions and India's Options
    by Chhibber, Ajay

  • 2015 Niger’s 2005 Food Crisis and Child Malnutrition: the Role of Exogenous and Policy Factors
    by Giovanni Andrea Cornia & Laura Deotti

  • 2015 A Framework for Ex-Ante Economic Analysis of Tourism Investments: An Application to Haiti
    by Onil Banerjee & Martin Cicowiez & Sebastien Gachot

  • 2015 Crecimiento municipal en Colombia: El papel de las externalidades espaciales, el capital humano y el capital físico
    by Luis Armando Galvis-Aponte & Lucas Wilfried Hahn-De-Castro

  • 2015 Роль регионов в обеспечении продовольственной безопасности России. The regions role in Russian food security
    by Кириллов С. Л. & Вахневич Н. И. & Завальнюк А. В. & Вышегуров М. С.

  • 2015 Development Theory, Regional Politics and the Unfolding of the ‘Roadscape’ in Ladakh, North India
    by Jonathan Demenge

  • 2015 The impact of Implementing a New Rating System for the Framework Covenant on the Guarantee and Counter-Guarantee Coverage Level for SME Loans on the Access to Finance
    by Dumitru Nancu

  • 2015 Methodology on the Classification of Guarantees, the Establishment, Regulation and use of Risk Provisions for S.M.E. Loan Guarantees
    by Dumitru Nancu

  • 2015 The Effects Of Regional Policies In Romania
    by Oțil (Beţa) Maria - Daniela & Părean Mihai - Olimpiu & &

  • 2015 The Quality Of Human Resources In Romania Amid The Development Of The Knowledge Era
    by Miculescu (Ganciov) Andra & Părean Mihai - Olimpiu & &

  • 2015 Technological based growth in developed countries – a quantitative assessment
    by Simona Moagăr Poladian & George Cornel Dumitrescu & Andreea Drăgoi

  • 2015 The foreign direct investment flows and the national economic evolution
    by Simona Moagar Poladian & Cristinel Claudiu Cocosatu

  • 2015 Revisiting “Southern” Sprawl: Urban Growth, Socio-Spatial Structure and the Influence of Local Economic Contexts
    by Ilaria Tombolini & Ilaria Zambon & Achille Ippolito & Stathis Grigoriadis & Pere Serra & Luca Salvati

  • 2015 Financial Reform and Economic Development
    by Helmi Hamdi

  • 2015 Catastrophic Economic Consequences of Healthcare Payments: Effects on Poverty Estimates in Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine
    by Ahmed Shoukry Rashad & Mesbah Fathy Sharaf

  • 2015 The Redistribution of Trade Gains When Income Inequality Matters
    by Marco de Pinto

  • 2015 Effects of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education on Conflict Intensity in Africa
    by Julius A. Agbor

  • 2015 Economic Development and Government Spending: An Exploration of Wagner’s Hypothesis during Fifty Years of Growth in East Asia
    by Hassan Mohammadi & Rati Ram

  • 2015 Economies Inclusion in the Web of Science and Changes in Its Review Process
    by Ralf Fendel

  • 2015 Economic Development in Southeast Asia
    by David Dapice

  • 2015 Inflation and Inflation Uncertainty Revisited: Evidence from Egypt
    by Mesbah Fathy Sharaf

  • 2015 How Offshoring Can Affect the Industries’ Skill Composition
    by Daniel Horgos & Lucia Tajoli

  • 2015 Estimating Interest Rate Setting Behavior in Brazil: A LSTR Model Approach
    by Yosra Baaziz

  • 2015 Understanding Cultural Geography as a Pseudo-Diffusion Process: The Case of the Veneto Region
    by Guido Ferilli & Pier Luigi Sacco & Massimo Buscema & Giorgio Tavano Blessi

  • 2015 Competitiveness, Migration, and Mobility in the Global City: Insights from Sydney, Australia
    by Richard Hu

  • 2015 Does a Least-Preferred Candidate Win a Seat? A Comparison of Three Electoral Systems
    by Yoichi Hizen

  • 2015 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Economies in 2014
    by Economies Editorial Office

  • 2015 Genesi dello sviluppo sociale e territoriale in québec: un percorso tra continuità e cambiamento
    by Marco Alberio & Ousmane Mbaye

  • 2015 Musicians and the Creative Commons: A survey of artists on Jamendo
    by Bazen, Stephen & Bouvard, Laurence & Zimmermann, Jean-Benoît

  • 2015 Capitalism vs. socialism – an attempt to analyse the competitiveness of economic systems
    by Marian Zalesko

  • 2015 On capital flows and macroeconomic performance: Evidence before and after the financial crisis in Turkey
    by Magda Kandil & Mohamed Trabelsi

  • 2015 Education, Internal Remittances and Safety Nets in Africa: Some Evidence
    by Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong & Yaw Nyarko

  • 2014 The Atlas of Economic Complexity: Mapping Paths to Prosperity
    by Hausmann, Ricardo & Hidalgo, Cesar

  • 2014 In 100 Years
    by Palacios-Huerta, Ignacio

  • 2014 Being on the Losing Side of Global Urban Development ? The Limits to Managing Urban Decline
    by René Kreichauf

  • 2014 What types of firms tend to be more innovative: A study on Germany
    by Stephan Brunow & Valentina Nafts

  • 2014 Enhancing the innovativeness of local production systems - Polish experiences
    by Mariusz E. Sokolowicz & Aleksandra Nowakowska & Zbigniew Przygodzki

  • 2014 The Role of Science, Technology and Research in Economic Development
    by Ramon L. Clarete & Ernesto M. Pernia & Ammielou Gaduena & Adrian Mendoza

  • 2014 Aid and Economic Growth: A Robust Approach
    by Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong & Jeffrey S. Racine

  • 2014 Literature review and model development
    by Tim Jackson & Ben Drake & Peter Victor & Kurt Kratena & Mark Sommer

  • 2014 Cooperación internacional, descentralización y participación ciudadana La gestión de la asistencia oficial para el desarrollo desde los gobiernos autónomos descentralizados en el Ecuador
    by Monje, José Antonio

  • 2014 The External Effect of Urban Schooling Attainment on Workers’ Incomes in Ecuador
    by Theodore R. Breton & Juan Pablo Jaramillo

  • 2014 Development Accounting: Conceptually Flawed and Inconsistent with Empirical Evidence
    by Theodore R. Breton

  • 2014 El papel de las ideas en ciencia y tecnología en los primeros años de Colciencias
    by Hernán Jaramillo & Juanita Villaveces Niño & Natalia Cantor

  • 2014 Подход к оценке конкурентоспособности национальной фармацевтической отрасли. An approach to assessment of competitiveness of national pharmaceutical industry
    by Бекарев А. А. & Бекарева С. В.

  • 2014 Дополнительное профессиональное образование в контексте новой индустриальной революции. Additional professional education in the context of a new industrial revolution
    by Калугина З. И. & Фадеева О. П. & Арсентьева Н. М.

  • 2014 Road Infrastructure in Economically Underdeveloped North-east India
    by S.N. Nandy

  • 2014 Challenges Of The Land Reform In The Former Communist States Of Central And Eastern Europe
    by Andreea Dragoi & Cristina Balgar

  • 2014 The Future of EU Regional Policy

  • 2014 Strengthening the Regional Integration in Central and Eastern Europe through Cohesion Policy Instruments and Cooperation among Stock Exchanges

  • 2014 Major Determinants and Potential Impacts of FDI on Japan’s Economic Growth
    by Cristina Balgar & Andreea Dragoi

  • 2014 A Thematic Literature Review on the Concept of Informal Sector
    by Imlisunep Changkery

  • 2014 Cohesion Policy - an Essential Pillar for the Achievement of the Objectives of Europe 2020 Strategy
    by Andreea Dragoi

  • 2014 Quality Management As Essential Tool For Competitiveness Of Metal Mechanical Branch State Southeast Coahuila La Gestion De Calidad Como Herramienta Esencial Para La Competitividad De Las Empresas De La Rama Metal Mecanica Del Sureste Del Estado De Coahuila
    by Baltazar Rodriguez Villanueva & Rosalva D. Vasquez Mireles & Yolanda Mejia de Leon

  • 2014 Urban Economy
    by Peter Karl Kresl

  • 2014 Can Courts Make Federalism Work? A Game Theory Approach to Court-Induced Compliance and Defection in Federal Systems
    by Gemma Sala

  • 2014 Social Context and the Spread of HIV: An Evolutionary Game-Theoretic Investigation on the Impacts of Social Stigma on Epidemic Outcomes
    by William D. Ferguson & Trang Kieu Nguyen

  • 2014 Household Debt and Consumption Inequality: The Spanish Case
    by Gonzalo Paz Pardo & José Manuel Sánchez Santos

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