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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O2: Development Planning and Policy
/ / / O29: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)
  2. Economic Growth

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The need to customise innovation indicators in developing countries
    by Iizuka, Michiko & Hollanders, Hugo

  • 2017 Participatory Approach In Project Management And Developement In Developing Countries
    by Awa Julius Awa

  • 2017 Are There Common Structural Determinants of Potential Output Growth in Europe?: An empirical exercise for 11 EMU countries
    by De Santis, Roberta & Esposito, Piero & Masi, Elena

  • 2017 Разработка стратегий социально-экономического развития: наука vs идеология
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2017 Are there common structural determinants of potential output growth in Europe? An empirical exercise for 11 EMU countries
    by Roberta De Santis & Piero Esposito & Elena Masi

  • 2017 The Use Of International Rankings For Business Development Policy Evaluation In The Republic Of Moldova
    by Elena ACULAI & Lidia MAIER & Alexandra NOVAC

  • 2017 Designing the Strategies for Socio-Economic Development: Science vs. Ideology
    by Polterovich, V.

  • 2017 Public Policy As A Tool For Floriculture Development In The Municipality Of Tepetlixpa Mexico State, Politica Publica Como Herramienta De Desarrollo Para La Floricultura Del Municipio De Tepetlixpa Estado De Mexico
    by Omar Ernesto Teran Varela & Sandra Saldivar Esteba & Enrique Espinosa Ayala & Yadira Rocha Gonzalez

  • 2017 Current Trends in Business Management-Working on Projects: Challenges and Issues
    by Gabriela OPREA

  • 2017 National tourism policy - a key factor for economic growth in tourism
    by Nadezhda Kraycheva

  • 2017 Adaptation to Climate Change
    by Sam Fankhauser

  • 2016 Increasing Support and Job Satisfaction for Program Administrators at the Postgraduate Medical Education Off
    by Colla J. MacDonald & Derek Puddester & Lorne Wiesenfeld & Alan Chaput & Heather Summers

  • 2016 The Pillars of Potential Growth and the Role of Policy: A Panel Data Approach
    by Lanzafame, Matteo & Felipe, Jesus & Sotocinal, Noli & Bayudan-Dacuycuy, Connie

  • 2016 Communicating progress in national and global adaptation to climate change
    by Takayoshi Kato & Jane Ellis

  • 2016 Transformation without Paternalism
    by Davis, John B. & Wells, Tom

  • 2016 Arborización y crimen urbano en Bogotá
    by Fernando Carriazo & Jorge Tovar

  • 2016 The Impact Evaluation of Cluster Development Programs: Methods and Practices
    by Franco Boneu & David Alfaro Serrano & Alessandro Maffioli & Carlo Pietrobelli & Rodolfo Stucchi & Gabriel Casaburi & Victoria Castillo & Lucas Figal Garone & Elisa Giuliani & David Giuliodori & Andrés Matta & Lucía Pittaluga & Alejandro Rodríguez & Sofía Rojo

  • 2016 Processes of Change in Polish Metropolitan Areas – Spatial Aspects
    by Piotr Bartkowiak & Maciej Koszel

  • 2016 Typology of diaspora entrepreneurship: Case studies in Uzbekistan
    by Maria Elo

  • 2016 Horizontal Objectives Of Eu Programmes And The Socio-Cultural Context For Eap Members
    by Irina Teodora MANOLESCU & Adriana PRODAN & Carmen Claudia ARUSTEI

  • 2016 Broken windows and crime in development challenged urban areas: Evidence from Jackson, Mississippi USA
    by Gregory N. Price

  • 2016 Tourism Industry Development In The Emerging Economies Of Central And Eastern Europe (Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania)
    by Alina-Petronela HALLER

  • 2015 Network (Mis)Alignment, Technology Policy and Innovation: The Tale of Two Brazilian Cities
    by Janaina Pamplona da Costa

  • 2015 Crisis? What crisis? The World Bank and Housing Finance for the Poor
    by Elisa Van Waeyenberge

  • 2015 Reconnection Strategies of Physical Landscape: A Case Study in the Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture
    by Shahida Mohd Sharif & Izyan Ayuni Mohamad Selamat & Siti Nurulhidayah Zakaria

  • 2015 An Integration of Sustainable Design Strategies and Environmental Stewardship to Landscape Development Plan for the Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture
    by Izyan Ayuni Mohamad Selamat & Shahida Mohd Sharif

  • 2015 Issues of Sociolinguistics: the principles of language policy in Kazakhstan
    by Elmira Orazaliyeva & Fauziya Orazbayeva

  • 2015 Sustainable Tourism Development Planning in Klong-Blab village, Surat Thani Province Thailand

  • 2015 Does Indonesian National Health Insurance serve a potential for improving health equity in favour of workers in informal economy?
    by Kartika, Dwintha Maya

  • 2015 Public Governance and Political Corruption: A Framework for Anticorruption Policy
    by Glória Texeira & Ary Ferreira da Cunha

  • 2015 Does Access to Better Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Improve Child Outcomes? Evidence from Latin America and the Caribbean
    by Norbert Schady

  • 2015 Financialisation of the built environment in Stockholm and Copenhagen
    by Anders Lund Hansen & Henrik Gutzon Larsen & Adam Grydehoj & Eric Clark

  • 2015 Financialisation of built environments:A literature review
    by Eric Clark & Henrik Gutzon Larsen & Anders Lund Hansen

  • 2015 Does financial development promotes innovation in developing economies? An Empirical Analysis
    by Maria Aristizabal?Ramirez & Maria Botero?Franco & Gustavo Canavire?Bacarreza

  • 2015 A review of the Mexican national innovation system
    by Samantha Rullán & Lourdes Casanova

  • 2015 Application of New Instruments to Increase Effectiveness of Implementation of Social Policies on Labour Market in Bulgaria
    by Venelin Terziev & Ekaterina Arabska

  • 2015 Sustainable Tourism Development Planning in Klong-Blab village, Surat Thani Province Thailand

  • 2015 Elements of Performance Management and Audit in Public Organizations
    by Gheorghe MINCULETE & Polixenia OLAR

  • 2015 The Effects Of Regional Policies In Romania
    by Oțil (Beţa) Maria - Daniela & Părean Mihai - Olimpiu & &

  • 2015 Banda larga, cultura e desenvolvimento [Broadband, culture and development]
    by César Ricardo Siqueira Bolaño & Diego Araujo Reis

  • 2015 Agenda Change in Western Development Organizations: From Hard Production to Soft, Timeless, Placeless Policy
    by Robert H. Wade

  • 2015 Development of a Multidimensional Sustainable Livelihoods Model for Rural Bangladesh
    by Tamgid Ahmed Chowdhury

  • 2015 Governos Geisel e Dilma: o poder das finanças
    by Angelita Matos Souza

  • 2015 Circular Economy In Romania Within European Context
    by Marcela-Cornelia Danu & Valentin Nedeff

  • 2014 The relationship between services trade and government procurement commitments: Insights from relevant WTO agreements and recent RTAs
    by Anderson, Robert D. & Locatelli, Claudia & Müller, Anna Caroline & Pelletier, Philippe

  • 2014 The influence of European regulations on the Constitution and of certain infraconstitutional regulations regarding localpublic administration٭
    by Apostolache, Mihai

  • 2014 The spillover effects of the ICT cluster support in Córdoba
    by Boneu, Franco & Giuliodori, David & Maffioli, Alessandro & Rodríguez, Alejandro & Stucchi, Rodolfo

  • 2014 Social Network Analysis Methodologies for the Evaluation of Cluster Development Programs
    by Giuliani, Elisa & Pietrobelli, Carlo

  • 2014 Evaluating the Impact of Cluster Development Programs
    by Giuliani, Elisa & Maffioli, Alessandro & Pacheco, Manuel & Pietrobelli, Carlo & Stucchi, Rodolfo

  • 2014 Telecommunication Sector and Foreign Direct Investment: An Indian Perspective
    by Dr. Dinesh Mahajan

  • 2014 A Study on Stress Management Among the Employees of Nationalised Banks
    by Anuj Goel Akshita Kamboj Research Scholar, Shri Venkateshwara University, Gajraula, Amroha, U.P. & Akshita Kamboj

  • 2014 Household Access to Nongovernmental Microfinance, Formal Credit and Informal Credit in Rural China
    by Hao Luan & Xiangping Jia & Jikun Huang

  • 2013 What Is the Future of the Market Economy?
    by O. Antipina.

  • 2013 Measuring Pattern, Amplitude and Timing Differences between Monetary and Non-Monetary Seasonal Factors of Tourism - the Case of Aruba
    by Jorge Ridderstaat & Peter Nijkamp

  • 2013 Mining Rehabilitation Planning, Mining Heritage Tourism, Benefits and Contingent Valuation
    by Isabel Mendes

  • 2013 Strategy in Crisis Management
    by Koushafard, Shirin

  • 2013 Kreatywne starzenie się. Przykłady zagranicznych i polskich zaleceń i praktyk
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej

  • 2013 The Design and Implementation of Ethics-Related Administrative Law in Eastern Europe
    by Michael, Bryane & Bowser, Donald

  • 2013 Contribution of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Country’S H-Index

  • 2013 Geography, Writing System and History of Ancient Civilizations
    by Mo, Pak-Hung

  • 2013 Financing Rural Development in Romania – Challenges and Opportunities
    by Andreea Dragoi & Cristina Balgar

  • 2013 The Evolution of Regional Accommodation Capacity – Case Study West Development Region
    by Cipriana Sava

  • 2013 The Concentration of Knowledge Activities in Italy: An Analysis at Local Level
    by Lucio Morettini & Giulio Perani & Giorgio Sirilli

  • 2013 Using discrete choice experiments to assess the preferences of new mining workforce to commute or relocate to the Surat Basin in Australia
    by Windle, Jill & Rolfe, John

  • 2012 Determinants of the prevalence of diarrhoea in adolescents attending school: A case study of an Indian village school
    by Ramani, Shyama V. & Frühauf, Timothée & Dutta, Arijita & Meijers, Huub

  • 2012 Instruments of Place Branding and Regional Dynamics: Guimarães as European Capital of Culture
    by Oliveira, Eduardo

  • 2012 Shock Therapy II Revisited
    by LIM Chong Yah

  • 2012 Does Singapore Need Economic Restructuring II or Another ‘Wage Revolution’?
    by LIM Chong Yah

  • 2012 Measuring Vulnerability to Poverty Using Long-Term Panel Data
    by Katja Landau & Stephan Klasen & Walter Zucchini

  • 2012 HIV prevalence and sexual behaviour at older ages in ruralMalawi
    by Freeman, Emily & Anglewicz, Philip

  • 2012 Measuring Vulnerability to Poverty Using Long-Term Panel Data
    by Katja Landau & Stephan Klasen & Walter Zucchini

  • 2012 Les politiques de développement financier en Afrique subsaharienne : définition - enjeux - réalités et propositions
    by Mvogo, Jean-Paul

  • 2012 Income Inequality in Some Major European Union Economies a Discriminant Analysis
    by Jyotirmayee Kar

  • 2012 The state and public support for small enterprise (SME) in Russia
    by Sidorchuk, Roman

  • 2012 Target loading, functional role of small business in the conditions of modernization and globalization of economic processes
    by Filobokova, Lyudmila

  • 2012 Assessment of multidimensional poverty and effectiveness of microfinance-driven government and NGO projects in the rural Bangladesh
    by Chowdhury, Tamgid Ahmed & Mukhopadhaya, Pundarik

  • 2012 Le financement des infrastructures
    by Alain Quinet

  • 2012 Limitations Of Microcredit For Promoting Microenterprises In Bangladesh
    by Mahmudul Alam & Rafiqul Islam Molla

  • 2011 The elusive quest for the golden standard: Concepts, policies and practices of accountability in development cooperation
    by Speijcken, Renée & Bakker, Wieger

  • 2011 Strengthening the roles of political parties in Public Accountability - A case study of a new approach in political party assistance
    by Speijcken, Renée

  • 2011 Behavioural Factors as Emerging Main Determinants of Child Mortality in Middle-Income Countries: A Case Study of Jordan
    by Cornelia Kaldewei & Ingo Pitterle

  • 2011 The Role of Multi-Level Regulation in the Transition towards Cleaner Production and a Circular Economy in China: The Case of Bao'an District, Shenzhen Under the 11th Five Year Plan
    by Adrian Ely & Li Ping & Fruzsina Kemenes & Wang Pusheng

  • 2011 Contents and Aims of Management Plans for World Heritage Sites: Managerial Analysis with a Special Focus on the Italian Scenario
    by Badia, Francesco

  • 2011 An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship between Food Insecurity, Landlessness, and Violent Conflict in Pakistan
    by Sadia Mariam Malik

  • 2011 Harmonising Climate Risk Management: Adaptation Screening and Assessment Tools for Development Co-operation
    by Anne Hammill & Thomas Tanner

  • 2011 Capacity Development for Environmental Management and Governance in the Energy Sector in Developing Countries
    by George Matheson & Laurie Giroux

  • 2011 Predation, Labor Share and Development
    by Carlos Bethencourt & Fernando Perera-Tallo

  • 2011 The Gender impact in Earnings Inequality: Evidence from Sri Lanka
    by Thankom Arun & Vani K. Borooah

  • 2011 Regional Development - Past, Present and Future in Romania
    by Simona Biriescu & Antoaneta Butuza

  • 2011 Knowledge Based Economy Strategies and Policies in Romania
    by Tocan Madalina Cristina

  • 2011 Strategies for Tourism Development in Coastal Spas, Nationally and Internationally
    by Ionita Roxana & Pîndiche Elena

  • 2011 Conceptual issues of state support of private enterprise in crisis
    by Kurpayanidi, Konstantin

  • 2011 Problems of marketing in small innovative enterprises
    by Sidorchuk, Roman

  • 2011 Relationship marketing and life-cycle of small enterprise (SME)
    by Sidorchuk, Roman

  • 2011 Propaganda si manipulare, seductie sau convingere? - Propaganda and Manipulation, Seduction or Conviction? (Romanian version)
    by Ph.D. Candidate Nicolae LUPASCU

  • 2011 Territorio y Desarrollo: Bases Conceptuales Para la Gobernanza Local
    by Luis Nelson Beltrán Mora & Luis Fernando Ramírez Hernández & Jaime Alberto Rendón Acevedo & Nestor Juan Sanabria Landazábal

  • 2011 Specific Elements Of Some Components Of The Management System On The Level Of The Team
    by Prof. Daniela Popescu PhD. & Assoc. Prof. Adriana SCRIOTEANU PhD.

  • 2011 The Potential Of E-Commerce In Developing Countries; Study Case: Romania
    by Assist. Adina Constantinescu Ph. D Student

  • 2010 Planning, managing and implementing place/city marketing effectively: review and discussion of the last 25 years
    by Metaxas, Theodore

  • 2010 EU Rural Development Policy. Some Reflections Prompted by the Italian Debate
    by Franco Sotte

  • 2010 The Analysis of the Main Factors of the Macro-medium Influencing the Dynamics of Public Services in Romania
    by Bicajanu Vasile & Ioncica Maria

  • 2010 Nanotechnology Foresight: How Can We Explore Employment and Skills Implications?
    by Ian Miles

  • 2010 A Prospective Approach On Product Responsibility
    by Prof. DANIELA POPESCU PhD. & Assoc. Prof. Adriana SCRIOŞTEANU PhD.

  • 2009 Greening Development Planning: A Review of Country Case Studies for Making the Economic Case for Improved Management of Environment and Natural Resources
    by Olof Drakenberg & Sandra Paulsen & Jessica Andersson & Emelie Dahlberg & Kristoffer Darin Mattsson & Elisabeth Wikstrom

  • 2009 Channels of transmission of inequality to growth: A survey of the theory and evidence from a Portuguese perspective
    by Adelaide Duarte & Marta Simões

  • 2009 The Italian Network for Rural Development: Challenges and Weaknesses
    by Catia Zumpano

  • 2009 Kultur ve Kalkinma: Vergi Kulturu Ornegi
    by Abdulkadir Isik

  • 2009 A Prospective Approach On Product Responsibility
    by Prof. PhD. Daniela Popescu & Prof. PhD. Adriana Scrioteanu

  • 2008 Embedding Research in Society: Development Assistance Options for Supporting Agricultural Innovation in a Global Knowledge Economy
    by Hall, Andy

  • 2008 Environmental Policy, Fuel Prices, and the Switch to Natural Gas in Santiago, Chile
    by Coria, Jessica

  • 2008 Sulla dinamica della produttività totale dei fattori in Italia. Un’analisi settoriale
    by Francesco Aiello & Valeria Pupo & Fernanda Ricotta

  • 2008 The Rise and Decline of Catching Up Development. An Experience of Russia and Latin America with Implications for Asian 'Tigers'
    by Krasilshchikov, Victor

  • 2008 Il processo della scelta economica. Variazioni su un tema di Albert Hirschman
    by Nicolò Bellanca

  • 2008 Technology Roadmaps: Tools for Development
    by Anthony Clayton

  • 2008 Labor Market for Elderly People 2035
    by Annette Scoppetta

  • 2008 Foresight in the EU Forestry Sector
    by Valentin Strakhov

  • 2008 Framework of the Future: Notes to Practical Guidelines for the Design of Social Realities
    by Andrey Vaganov

  • 2008 El Desarrollo como Derecho Humano
    by Angulo Sánchez, Nicolás

  • 2008 Dimensions Of The Social Risk In The Contemporary Economy
    by Danu Marcela-Cornelia

  • 2008 An analysis of explanatory factors of logistics performance of a country
    by Basarab Gogoneata

  • 2007 Harnessing the Private Sector for Rural Development, Poverty Alleviation and HIV/AIDS Prevention
    by Steven Lim & Michael P. Cameron & Krailert Taweekul & John Askwith

  • 2007 Harnessing the Private Sector for Rural Development, Poverty Alleviation and HIV/AIDS Prevention
    by Steven Lim & Michael P. Cameron & Krailert Taweekul & John Askwith

  • 2007 L'esigenza di elementi manageriali nei piani di gestione UNESCO. I risultati di uno studio condotto su due siti patrimonio mondiale dell'umanita' in Italia e Spagna
    by Francesco Badia

  • 2007 Estimates of the steady state growth rates for selected Asian countries with an endogenous growth framework
    by Rao, B. Bhaskara

  • 2007 Aid Effectiveness: Politics Matters
    by Matteo Bobba & Andrew Powell

    by Nicolò Bellanca

  • 2007 The Rise and Decline of Catching Up Development. An Experience of Russia and Latin America with Implications for Asian 'Tigers'
    by Krasilshchikov, Victor

  • 2007 From Fortune-telling to Identification of Prospects: How to Define Future Needs in Qualified Personnel
    by Svetlana Tvorogova

  • 2006 Debt Relief and Changing Governance Structures in Developing Countries
    by Andreas Freytag & Gernot Pehnelt

  • 2006 International perspectives on Gender, science and Development
    by Rao K, Surekha & Jaireth, Sushma & K K, Seethamma

  • 2006 A Sociedade da Informação e do Conhecimento: Análise de Enquadramento no Algarve
    by Pinto, Hugo & Santos, Tiago

  • 2006 Evaluating Recipes for Development Success
    by Avinash Dixit

  • 2005 Structural Changes in NICs: Some Evidences on Attractor Points
    by Hossein Abbasi-Nejad & Shapour Mohammadi

  • 2005 Structural Changes in NICs: Some Evidences on Attractor Points
    by Hossein Abbasi-Nejad & Shapour Mohammadi

  • 2005 Global production networks and linkages: a new development perspective
    by Shamsavari, Ali

  • 2005 Investire per un turismo di élite o di massa: un modello dinamico
    by Guido CANDELA & Roberto CELLINI

  • 2005 Fifty Years of Italian Emigration in Germany: Labour Market and Migration Policies
    by Enrico Pugliese

  • 2004 Boomerang Effect of FDI
    by Kiyoshi Matsubara

  • 2003 The relevance of foresight for accession countries and possibilities for co-operation
    by Havas, Attila

  • 2003 Wzajemne zależności uczelni wyższych i przedsiębiorstw w gospodarce opartej na wiedzy
    by Salwa, Dominika & Gawlik, Remigiusz

  • 2003 En torno a la economía política de la exclusión social en Colombia
    by Luis Jorge Garay S.

  • 2003 Entre émergence et rationalité, deux cas de pratiques de planification en PME technologiques
    by Hervé Goy

  • 2002 Unravelling the Pacific Paradox
    by Teuea Toatu

  • 2002 Is it Possible to Avoid a Lemon? Reflections on Choosing a Poverty Mapping Method
    by Benjamin Davis

  • 2000 Using Market Valuation to Assess the Importance and Efficiency of Public School Spending
    by Lisa Barrow & Cecilia Rouse

  • 2000-2001 Indigenous Work-for-the-Dole and Mutual Obligation: Prospects for Employment Generation in Remote Australia
    by Jon Altman

  • 1998 Рациональная Функция Протестантизма
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 1995 Industrialisation with Specification and Modernisation: Static and Dynamic Considerations
    by Gans, J.S.

  • 1989 "Wir Beniner sind keine Deutschen" - Zur soziokulturellen Problematik der Zusammenarbeit mit Partnerfachkräften in Benin
    by Kohnert, Dirk & Preuß, Hans-Joachim A.

  • Considerations About Public Housing Policy
    by Cristina ALPOPI & Cristian Silviu BANACU & Sofia COLESCA

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