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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O2: Development Planning and Policy
/ / / O21: Planning Models; Planning Policy
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)
  2. Economic Growth

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Planning and opportunism
    by V. Tambovtsev.

  • 2017 Financial mechanism to invest in knowledge from natural resource revenues: Experiences from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Peru
    by Iizuka, Michiko & Vargas, Fernando & Baumann, Jakob

  • 2017 On the Growth of Korean Technoparks
    by Albert, Link & U Yeong, Yang

  • 2017 The Roles of Knowledge Management for the Development of Organizations
    by Mohajan, Haradhan

  • 2017 The Contribution of Passenger Movement to Economic Growth in Malaysia
    by Taasim, Shairil & yusoff, remali

  • 2017 Взаимодействие Университетских Коллективов России И Китая При Разработке Проектов Модернизации Аграрной Экономики: Методология, Направления Исследований, Сравнение Потенциалов, Социально-Культурные Измерения Сельских Территорий
    by Stukach, Victor & Feng, Wei

  • 2017 Local Authorities’ contribution on Gastronomy Tourism Development: the case of Ontario, Canada
    by Karagiannis, Dimitris & Metaxas, Theodore

  • 2017 On development paths minimizing the structural change costs in the three-sector framework and an application to structural policy
    by Stijepic, Denis

  • 2017 The Conceptualization of an Innovative Business Model – the Case of a Technology Enterprise
    by Ewa Badzinska

  • 2017 The Diversity Of Socioeconomic Development Of Rural AreasIn The Western Borderland And The Problem Of Post-State Farm Localities
    by Natalia Bartkowiak-Bakun

  • 2017 Strengthening the results chain: Synthesis of case studies of results-based management by providers
    by Rosie Zwart

  • 2017 Data for Development: DAC member priorities and challenges
    by Valentina Sanna & Ida McDonnell

  • 2017 Even the Representative Agent Must Die: Using Demographics to Inform Long-Term Social Discount Rates
    by Eli P. Fenichel & Matthew J. Kotchen & Ethan T. Addicott

  • 2017 The Hedonic Approach to Vineyard Site Selection: Adaptation to Climate Change and Grape Growing in Emerging Markets
    by Ashenfelter, Orley

  • 2017 Roadmaps as a Tool for Modeling Complex Systems
    by Lyubov Y. Matich

  • 2017 Chained to Sustainable Development Goals? The Changing Role of Entities for Enhanced Resilience along Agriculture Food Value Chains in Thailand
    by John K.M. Kuwornu

  • 2017 Forming State through Land Reform Policy: The Dynamics of Baldío Allocation in Peripheral Colombia
    by Laura Montenegro Helfer

  • 2017 Airports, Market Access and Local Economic Performance: Evidence from China
    by Stephen Gibbons & Wenjie Wu

  • 2017 Airports and economic performance in China
    by Stephen Gibbons & Wenjie Wu

  • 2017 Boom & Bust. Local strategy for big events. A community survival guide to turbulent times
    by Van Assche, Kristof & Deacon, Leith & Gruezmacher, Monica & Summers, Robert & Lavoie, Stephane & Jones, Kevin & Granzow, Michael & Hallstrom, Lars & Parkins, John

  • 2017 Steering the Metropolis: Metropolitan Governance for Sustainable Urban Development
    by Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) & United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) & Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)

  • 2017 An Immune System Inspired Theory for Crime and Violence in Cities
    by Soumya Banerjee

  • 2017 Towards sustainable historic cities: mitigation climate change risks
    by Alessandra Gandini & Leire Garmendia & Rosa San Mateos

  • 2017 Organisational change and success in a government enterprise: Malaysia’s Federal Land Development Agency
    by Michael O’Donnell & Norma Binit Mansor & Kunaraguru Yogeesvaran & Azlan Rashid

  • 2017 Restructuring Companies Under Crisis A Real Case Study
    by SHAYB, Hezi Aviram

  • 2017 Evaluation of the Cohesion Policy Operational Program 2007-2013. The case of Extremadura
    by López-Bazo, Enrique & Moreno, Rosina & Royuela, Vicente & Suriñach, Jordi

  • 2017 The diversity of socioeconomic development of rural areas in Poland in The Western Borderland and the problem of post-state farm localities
    by Natalia Bartkowiak-Bakun

  • 2017 On the Effects of Enforcement on Illegal Markets: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment in Colombia
    by Daniel Mejía & Pascual Restrepo & Sandra V. Rozo

  • 2017 Providing Policy Makers with Timely Advice: The Timeliness-Rigor Trade-off
    by Clive Bell & Lyn Squire

  • 2017 African urbanization: an analytic policy guide
    by Paul Collier

  • 2017 Prerequisites For The Implementation Of The Frame Model In Marketing Planning
    by Pogorilyak B.I.

  • 2017 Short Term versus Long Term Economic Planning in Pakistan: The Dilemma
    by Dawood MAMOON & Muhammad Rabbi AHSAN

  • 2017 Targeted innovation policy and practice intelligence (TIP2E): concepts and implications for theory, policy and practice
    by Elias G. Carayannis & Dirk Meissner & Anastasia Edelkina

  • 2017 Strategic Management Tools and Techniques: A Comparative Analysis of Empirical Studies
    by Albana Berisha Qehaja & Enver Kutllovci & Justina Shiroka Pula

  • 2017 Strategic Management Tools and Techniques: A Comparative Analysis of Empirical Studies
    by Albana Berisha Qehaja & Enver Kutllovci & Justina Shiroka Pula

  • 2017 Challenges Of A Sustained And Sustainable Development: A Study-Case
    by Zen?lia ALMEIDA & Inguelore SCHEUNEMAN & Teresa SEQUEIRA & Francisco DINIZ

  • 2017 Knowledge Triangle Configurations at Three Swedish Universities
    by Eugenia Perez Vico & Sylvia Schwaag Serger & Emily Wise & Mats Benner

  • 2017 Higher Education Institutions in the Knowledge Triangle
    by Mario Cervantes

  • 2017 The Knowledge Triangle between Research, Education and Innovation – A Conceptual Discussion
    by Maximilian Unger & Wolfgang Polt

  • 2017 Corporate Foresight in Multinational Business Strategies
    by Alexey Bereznoy

  • 2017 The Development of an Intelligent Leadership Model for State Universities
    by Aleme Keikha & Reza Hoveida & Nour Mohammad Yaghoubi

  • 2017 Scientific Cooperation in a German-Polish Border Region in the Light of EU Enlargement
    by Jutta Gunther & Gresa Latifi & Judyta Lubacha-Sember & Daniel Tobelmann

  • 2017 Industrialization and Neoliberalism: failed development policies in the Mexico-South, the case of The Papaloapan River Basin
    by Carlos Alberto Jiménez Bandala

  • 2017 Antoine de Montchrétien and development economics
    by Claudia Sunna

  • 2017 No difference in effect of high-speed rail on regional economic growth based on match effect perspective?
    by Jia, Shanming & Zhou, Chunyu & Qin, Chenglin

  • 2017 The impact of attitudes and perceptions on travel mode choice and car ownership in a Chinese megacity: The case of Guangzhou
    by He, Sylvia Y. & Thøgersen, John

  • 2017 An improved global wind resource estimate for integrated assessment models
    by Eurek, Kelly & Sullivan, Patrick & Gleason, Michael & Hettinger, Dylan & Heimiller, Donna & Lopez, Anthony

  • 2017 Coordination and uncertainty in strategic network investment: Case on the North Seas Grid
    by Konstantelos, Ioannis & Moreno, Rodrigo & Strbac, Goran

  • 2017 Enhancement of Academic Research Activity in Higher Education Institutions with the Usage of Foresight Methodology
    by Anna Nikolaevna Schmeleva & Maria Gennadyevna Umnova

  • 2017 A Review of the Literature on Smart Development: Lessons for Small Municipalities
    by Viktorija Šipilova & Inta Ostrovska & Ludmila Aleksejeva & Elita Jermolajeva & Dmitrijs Olehnovics

  • 2017 Assessing the concept of innovative business model with regard to IT enterprise
    by Ewa Badzinska

  • 2017 Káldor versus Varga – The Hungarian Three-Year Economic Reconstruction Plan of 1947
    by André Mommen

  • 2016 Program-target planning: Yesterday, today… Tomorrow?
    by V. Tambovtsev & I. Rozhdestvenskaya.

  • 2016 Social Costs of the Inefficient Management of the EU Funds for Bulgaria
    by Nozharov, Shteryo

  • 2016 Infrastructure, incentives and institutions
    by Nava Ashraf & Edward L. Glaeser & Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto

  • 2016 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Did they change social reality?
    by Moldalieva, Janyl & Muttaqien, Arip & Muzyamba, Choolwe & Osei, Davina & Stoykova, Eli & Le, Nga T.Q.

  • 2016 On the optimum timing of the global carbon-transition under conditions of extreme weather-related damages: further green paradoxical results
    by Zon, Adriaan van

  • 2016 Национальный Форсайт - Проект Сельского Хозяйства Казахстана: Научно-Техническая Стратегия, Ресурсы, Приоритеты Развития, Конкурентоспособность
    by Stukach, Victor & Shevchenco, Yelena

  • 2016 A Global Voice for Survival: An Ecosystemic Approach for the Environment and the Quality of Life
    by Pilon, André Francisco

  • 2016 A Global Voice for Survival: An Ecosystemic Approach for the Environment and the Quality of Life
    by Pilon, André Francisco

  • 2016 Model Perancangan Sistem Informasi Dalam Mendukung Ketahanan Pangan
    by Rosadi, Dadi & Sidharta, Iwan

  • 2016 Институты Догоняющего Развития
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2016 Gambling Tourism and Economic Development: Some lessons from Macao
    by Metaxas, Theodore & Folinas, Sotiris

  • 2016 Trevor Swan and Indian planning: The lessons of 1958/59
    by Selwyn Cornish & Raghbendra Jha

  • 2016 Development in Southeast Asia's lagging regions
    by Budy P Resosudarmo & Acram Latiph & Saran Sarntisart & Isra Sarntisart

  • 2016 El potencial dinamizador de los grandes equipamientos comerciales en espacios metropolitanos. Un análisis comparado en tres realidades españolas
    by Fernando Alfonso Ríos

  • 2016 Infrastructure, Incentives and Institutions
    by Nava Ashraf & Edward L. Glaeser & Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto

  • 2016 How the New International Goal for Child Mortality is Unfair to Sub-Saharan Africa (Again)
    by Simon Lange & Stephan Klasen

  • 2016 How Narrowly Should Anti-poverty Programs Be Targeted? Simulation Evidence from Bolivia and Indonesia
    by Stephan Klasen & Simon Lange

  • 2016 China: la reconstrucción de una potencia
    by Alcides Gómes Jiménez

  • 2016 Desarrollo económico y espacial desigual: panorama teórico y aproximaciones al caso colombiano
    by Rojas Rivera, Angela Milena & Rengifo López, Juan Camilo

  • 2016 The Mixed Bentham-Rawls Intertemporal Choice Criterion and Rawls’ Just Savings Principle
    by Charles Figuieres & Ngo Van Long & Mabel Tidball

  • 2016 Trends and Patterns of Growth, Development, Achievements of China and India: A Comparative Analysis
    by Biswa Nath Bhattacharyay & Madhurima Bhattacharyay

  • 2016 Infrastructure, Incentives and Institutions
    by Nava Ashraf & Edward L. Glaeser & Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto

  • 2016 Infrastructure, Incentives and Institutions
    by Nava Ashraf & Edward L. Glaeser & Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto

  • 2016 Alternative Methods for Business Process Planning
    by Stefan Veronica & Radu Valentin

  • 2016 Some Aspects of Local Real Estate Taxes as an Instrument of Land Use Management
    by Źróbek Sabina & Manzhynski Siarhei & Zysk Elżbieta & Rassokha Yauheni

  • 2016 Evolutionary targeting for inclusive development
    by Chan-Yuan Wong

  • 2016 Sylos Labini, la programmazione economica e la riforma urbanistica (1962-1967) (Sylos Labini, economic planning and urban reform, 1962-1967)
    by Sandro Amorosino

  • 2016 Stakeholder-Based Evaluation of Tourism Policy Priorities: The Case of the South Bohemian Region
    by Martin Luštický & Martin Musil

  • 2016 Spatial Interaction Regional Model for the Mexican Economy (SIRMME): A Special Case for Mexico City Metropolitan Area
    by Miguel Ángel Mendoza-González & Marcos Valdivia-López & Luis Quintana-Romero

  • 2016 Donatella Strangio & Giuseppe Sancetta (Eds.), Italy in a European Context: Research in Business, Economics, and the Environment
    by Michele POSTIGLIOLA

  • 2016 Determining the context of an international development project
    by Nina Ginsberg

  • 2016 Development Of A Methodology For Determining The Potential Of Rural Tourism In Baja California Sur Oasis Of Mexico, Desarrollo De Una Metodología Para Determinar El Potencial Del Turísmo Rural En Oasis Sudcalifornianos De México
    by Francisco Isaías Ruiz Ceseña

  • 2016 Evaluation Of Rural Tourism Potential, As A Line Of Action For Regional Sustainable Development At San Isidro And La Purísima Oasis, Baja California Sur, Mexico, Evaluacion Del Potencial Turistico Rural Como Linea De Accion Para El Desarrollo Regional Sustentable En Los Oasis De San Isidro Y La Purisima, Baja California Sur Mexico
    by Javier Alberto Arce Meza & Francisco Isaias Ruiz Cesena

  • 2016 Catalog Of Cooperatives Units Its Formation In Quintana Roo, Mexico, Creacion Del Padron De Entidades Cooperativas Del Estado De Quintana Roo, Mexico
    by Rosiluz Ceballos Povedano & Miguel Angel Olivares Urbina & Abelardo Castillo Galeana

  • 2016 Robotics: Breakthrough Technologies, Innovation, Intellectual Property
    by Andrew Keisner & Julio Raffo & Sacha Wunsch-Vincent

  • 2016 Public Sector Supply Chain Management: A Triple Helix Approach to Aligning Innovative Environmental Initiatives
    by Azley Abd Razak & Martyn Rowling & Gareth White & Rachel Mason-Jones

  • 2016 Quadruple Innovation Helix and Smart Specialization: Knowledge Production and National Competitiveness
    by Elias Carayannis & Evangelos Grigoroudis

  • 2016 Internationalization of Product-Service Systems: Global, Regional or National Strategy?
    by Glenn Parry & Oscar Bustinza & Ferran Vendrell-Herrero & Nicholas O’Regan

  • 2016 A Strategic Place Marketing Model for the Development of Local Territorial Systems (ltss)
    by Giovanni Pino & Gianluigi Guido

  • 2016 Patrones de co-localización espacial de la industria aeroespacial en México
    by Amado Villarreal González & Saidi Magaly Flores Sánchez & Miguel A. Flores Segovia

  • 2016 Assessing the potential of bus rapid transit-led network restructuring for enhancing affordable access to employment – The case of Johannesburg's Corridors of Freedom
    by Venter, Christoffel

  • 2016 Economic analysis of flat-plate solar collectors (FPSCs): A solution to the unemployment problem in the city of Eskisehir
    by Acaroğlu, Hakan & Baykul, M. Celalettin

  • 2016 Optimal tax mix with income tax non-compliance
    by Huang, Jason & Rios, Juan

  • 2016 A model for effective planning of SME support services
    by Rakićević, Zoran & Omerbegović-Bijelović, Jasmina & Lečić-Cvetković, Danica

  • 2016 Emissions reduction scenarios in the Argentinean Energy Sector
    by Di Sbroiavacca, Nicolás & Nadal, Gustavo & Lallana, Francisco & Falzon, James & Calvin, Katherine

  • 2016 The Impact of Privatization on Economic Growth: The Case of Uzbekistan
    by Sobir Shukurov & Mansoor Maitah & Lubos Smutka

  • 2016 Technology Platforms as an Efficient Tool to Modernize Russia’s Economy
    by Farida F. Galimulina & Alexey I. Shinkevich & Irina P. Komissarova & Albina N. Mayorova & Irina A. Astafyeva & Natalia V. Klimova & Karina R. Nabiullina & Irina V. Zhukovskaya

  • 2016 Zwischen Gebäude und Gesamtstadt: das Quartier als Handlungsraum in der lokalen Wärmewende
    by Robert Riechel

  • 2016 El capital social y la planificación adaptativa en una comunidad industrial innovadora del Perú
    by José Antonio Ávalo Ortega & José Luis Yagüe Blanco & Guillermo Cangahuala

  • 2016 Restructuring Companies Under Crisis
    by Hezi Aviram SHAYB

  • 2016 Place Branding – Geographical Approach. Case Study: Waterloo
    by Marius-Cristian Neacsu & Silviu Negut & Gheorghe Vlasceanu

  • 2016 The Criticality of Connecting People to Financial Results ? an ROI Calculation Model for Romanian FSOs
    by Daniela Niculescu

  • 2016 The Criticality of Connecting People to Financial Results ? an ROI Calculation Model for Romanian FSOs
    by Daniela Niculescu

  • 2015 Re-industrialization of the Russian Economy and the Development of Military-industrial Complex
    by A. Balashov & Ya. Martianova.

  • 2015 Donor’s double talk undermines African agency : Comparative study of civic agency in Burkina Faso and Togo
    by Kohnert, Dirk

  • 2015 A Study On The Use Of Construction Standard Information In The Planning Stage Of The National Road Constructio
    by Seong-Yun Jeong

  • 2015 Managing the Cost Overrun Risks of Hydroelectric Dams: An Application of Reference Class Forecasting Techniques
    by Omotola Awojobi & Glenn P. Jenkins

  • 2015 Участието На България В Политиката На Ес За Развитие
    by Marinov, Eduard

  • 2015 Towards active community participation in implementing Climate Change Adaptation Policy (CCAP) in Cambodia
    by Nop, Sothun

  • 2015 A strategic agenda for the Sino-South America relationship under China’s “new normal”
    by Reis, Marcos & Bustelo, Santiago

  • 2015 Inverted-U relationship between innovation and survival: Evidence from firm-level UK data
    by Ugur, Mehmet & Trushin, Eshref & Solomon, Edna

  • 2015 UK and EU subsidies and private R&D investment: Is there input additionality?
    by Ugur, Mehmet & Trushin, Eshref & Solomon, Edna

  • 2015 Multiple criteria analysis of policy alternatives to improve energy efficiency in industry in Russia
    by Bratanova, Alexandra & Robinson, Jacqueline & Wagner, Liam & Kolegov, Vitaly & Nikitchenko, Aleksey & Nikitchenko, Anna

  • 2015 A Search for Backward Blocks in Burdwan District, West Bengal: An Application of Composite Development Index
    by Dinda, Soumyananda & Ghosh, Dibyendu

  • 2015 Donor’s double talk undermines African agency: Comparative study of civic agency in Burkina Faso and Togo
    by Kohnert, Dirk

  • 2015 Subjective inclusive development in developing countries: An analysis of contributing factors
    by Miley, Jose

  • 2015 Economic Implications of Historically Evolved Self-Efficacy: Agent-Based Modeling and Empirical Evidence from Rural Ghana
    by Wuepper, David & Drosten, Barbara

  • 2015 О Формировании Системы Национального Планирования В России
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2015 Tackling Myanmar's Corruption Challenge
    by Saw, Khaing Sape

  • 2015 Using Scientific Publications to Evaluate Government R&D Spending: The Case of Energy
    by David Popp

  • 2015 Development theory and poverty. A review
    by Francesco Farina

  • 2015 Targeting Performance and Poverty Effects of Proxy Means-Tested Transfers: Trade-offs and Challenges
    by Stephan Klasen & Simon Lange

  • 2015 Accuracy and Poverty Impacts of Proxy Means-Tested Transfers: An Empirical Assessment for Bolivia
    by Stephan Klasen & Simon Lange

  • 2015 Will talent attraction and retention improve metropolitan labor markets?
    by Andreason, Stuart

  • 2015 Leading, lagging, and left behind: identifying metropolitan leaders and labor market outcomes
    by Andreason, Stuart

  • 2015 Linguistic Distances and their Use in Economics
    by Ginsburgh, Victor & Weber, Shlomo

  • 2015 Ciencia y tecnología en el plan nacional de desarrollo 2014-2018: “Todos por un nuevo país”
    by Álvaro Zerda Sarmiento

  • 2015 Geography, Cultural Remoteness and Economic Development: A Regional Analysis of the Economic Consequences of Insularity
    by M. Del Gatto & C. Mastinu

  • 2015 How the New International Goal for Child Mortality Is Unfair to Africa (Again) - Working Paper 407
    by Simon Lange and Stephan Klasen

  • 2015 Reducing Poverty in Timor-Leste through Stimulating Growth and Structural Change
    by Rajah Rasiah & Zhang Miao

  • 2015 Development Theory, Regional Politics and the Unfolding of the ‘Roadscape’ in Ladakh, North India
    by Jonathan Demenge

  • 2015 Good Democratic Governance Based on a New Model
    by Armenia ANDRONICEANU

  • 2015 Impact of Dynamic Capabilities on Firm Performance: Moderating Role of Organizational Competencies
    by Rehman, Khaliq Ur & Saeed, Zafar

  • 2015 Role of investments in industrialization process for sustained economic growth: A comparative analysis of MENA region with world economies
    by Chiemeke , Charles C. & Bhuyan , Rafiq

  • 2015 Multi Actor-Based Approach To Planning Decisions For Cultural Industries In New Economy
    by Onur MENGI & Deniz DENIZ & Ahmet Can OZCAN & Cigdem TARHAN

  • 2015 Support For Renewable Energy In Germany As An Example Of Effective Public Policy
    by Bernadeta Baran

  • 2015 The Development And Diversification Of Services In The Cultural-Religious Domain By Types Of Education
    by Sparchez Nicoleta & & &

  • 2015 O planejamento local é mais eficiente? Uma análise de 14 municípios sergipanos de pequeno porte [Is local planning more efficient? An analysis of 14 small municipalities from Sergipe]
    by Antonio Pereira da Silva Marinho & Marco Antonio Jorge

  • 2015 The Cluster Policy Organizational Structures
    by Markov, L. & Petukhova, M. & Ivanova, K.

  • 2015 On the Formation of National Planning System in Russia
    by Polterovich, V.

  • 2015 Green economy planning in tourism destinations: An integrated, multi-method decision support aid
    by G. Michael McGrath* & Alexandra Law & Terry DeLacy

  • 2015 Is China’s economic growth sustainable? A general equilibrium analysis
    by James Xiaohe Zhang

  • 2015 Forecasting model for vehicular demand: an alternative methodology in the context of developing countries
    by Khaled Hamad & Ardeshir Faghri & Mingxin Li

  • 2015 Incentivos económicos en la decisión de individuos y empresas para operar en el sector formal o informal: seguro popular y eficiencia recaudatoria
    by Neme-Castillo, Omar. & Flores-Márquez, Héctor.

  • 2015 Proposal Of A Connection Model For A University Based On The Triple Helix, Propuesta De Un Modelo De Vinculacion Para Una Universidad Basada En La Triple Helice
    by Alan Paul Beltran Ibarra & Ernesto Alonso Lagarda Leyva

  • 2015 Public Policies And Business Incubators In Mexico: Longitudinal Study 1994-2013 Politicas Publicas E Incubadoras De Empresas En Mexico: Estudio Longitudinal 1994-2013
    by Norma Leticia Vizcarra Vizcarra & Virginia Guadalupe Lopez Torres & Imelda Yanez Ruiz

  • 2015 Aspects Regarding The Romanian Rural Area Development After The Accession To The European Union
    by Vergina CHIRIŢESCU

  • 2015 The Epistemological Foundations of Music Piracy in the Digital Marketplace
    by Clayton Davies & Glenn Parry & Janet Carruthers & Marcus Kepple-Palmer

  • 2015 Priorities Setting with Foresight in South Africa
    by Anastassios Pouris & Portia Raphasha

  • 2015 Foresight for Science and Technology Priority Setting in Korea
    by Moonjung Choi & Han-Lim Choi

  • 2015 From Research Project to Research Portfolio: Meeting Scale and Complexity
    by Jonathan Linton & Nicholas Vonortas

  • 2015 MGNREGA policies and deterrence of development in rural India: An analytical approach
    by Dube, Partha Pratim & Gangopadhyay, Partha

  • 2015 Comparing energy scenarios by means of ternary diagrams
    by Chiara Bustreo & Guido Meneghini & Carlo Petrocvich & Irene Vignotto & Giuseppe Zollino

  • 2015 Identification of Key Productive Sectors in the Mexican Economy

  • 2015 Türkiye’de Planlý Kalkýnma Döneminde Ýktisadi Büyüme ile Nüfus Artýþý Ýliþkisinin Ekonometrik Analizi
    by Hakan BEKTAÞ & Emir KAYACAN & Ömür URAS

  • 2015 El ciclo de dependencia centro- periferia en Argentina: revisión del producto bruto geográfico, el empleo formal y las políticas fiscales entre 1990 y 2010
    by Luciano Rezzoagli & Guillermina Gamberg

  • 2015 Cuba: cambios institucionales para la actualización de su modelo económico
    by Valencia, German & Cuartas, Alexander & Rios, Yohan S.

  • 2015 Quality-related regional differences in entrepreneurship based on the GEDI methodology: The case of Hungary
    by Éva Komlósi & László Szerb & Zoltán J. Ács & Raquel Ortega-Argilés

  • 2015 Capital formation and economic growth under central planning and transition: A theoretical and empirical analysis, ca. 1920–2008
    by Péter Földvári & Bas van Leeuwen & Dmitry Didenko

  • 2014 The Second Start of Transformation in Ukraine?
    by L. Grigoryev & E. Buryak & A. Golyashev.

  • 2014 Energy Planning in the Big Data Era: A Theme Study of the Residential Sector
    by Estiri, Hossein

  • 2014 Intra-urban disparities in the quality of life in the city of Porto: a spatial analysis contribution
    by Luis Delfim Santos & Isabel Martins

  • 2014 Development of interregional tools for predictive modeling of spatial proportions of economy
    by Boris Viktorovich Melent'ev

  • 2014 Promised Lands :inner colonisation in 20th century Mediterranean history: Scientific report
    by Axel Fisher

  • 2014 The Resource Curse Hypothesis: Evidence from Ecuador
    by Andrea Cori & Salvatore Monni

  • 2014 Unintended Consequences of China´s One-Child Policy
    by Howden, David & Zhou, Yang

  • 2014 Об Управлении Экономическим Ростом И Развитием
    by Daskovskiy, Vadim & Kiselyov, Vladimir

  • 2014 The Big Push: Early Development Economics (1945-1975)
    by Kartika, Dwintha Maya

  • 2014 Techno-Economic Factors Affecting Genetic Investment in Dairy Cattle in Egypt
    by Soliman, Ibrahim & Mashhour, Ahmed

  • 2014 Croissance agricole et options d’investissement pour la réduction de la pauvreté en R.D.CONGO : une analyse en équilibre général calculable
    by Wabenga Yango, James & Nlemfu Mukoko, J.Blaise

  • 2014 Quantifying the changes in landscape configuration using open source GIS. Case study: Bistrita subcarpathian valley
    by Chelaru, Dan-Adrian & Oiste, Ana-Maria & Mihai, Florin-Constantin

  • 2014 Кохезионната Политика На Ес И Регионалните Различия В България
    by Hadjinikolov, Dimitar

  • 2014 Foreign aid and its impact on governance in Nepal
    by Thapa, Narayan

  • 2014 Croisssance Agricole et Options d'Investissement en R.D.Congo : une Analyse en Equilibre Général Calculable
    by Nlemfu Mukoko, J.Blaise & Wabenga Yango, James

  • 2014 Specifics of International Business Competitiveness in Visegrad Countries – Qualitative Analysis of Selected Case Studies
    by Bartha, Zoltán & S. Gubik, Andrea

  • 2014 Optimization issues of sectoral outputs in economic output
    by Yondonjamts, Batsukh & Nyamdash, Batsaikhan

  • 2014 Intra-urban disparities in the quality of life in the city of Porto: a spatial analysis contribution
    by Luis Delfim Santos & Isabel Martins

  • 2014 Wsparcie energetyki odnawialnej w Niemczech jako przyklad skutecznej polityki panstwa
    by Bernadeta Baran

  • 2014 ASEAN Economic community and climate change
    by Ditya A Nurdianto & Budy P Resosudarmo

  • 2014 Agricultural Development and Structural Change
    by Karol Pogorzelski

  • 2014 A Dynamical Systems Approach To Modeling Human Development
    by Ranganathan, Shyam & Bali Swain, Ranjula & Sumpter, David

  • 2014 Growth in public finances as tool for control: Norwegian development 1850-1950
    by Grytten, Ola

  • 2014 Contracting for Structural Funds - How the EU's Rules of the Game Shape the Behaviour of Member State Governments
    by Karoly Mike & Gabor Balas

  • 2014 Is There a Southeast Asian Development Model?
    by Hal Hill

  • 2014 The Possibility Of Using Method Of Multi-Criteria Optimization In Financial Allocation In The Defense System
    by Radovan Damnjanović,Milan Mihajlović

  • 2014 Atualidade do pensamento de Celso Furtado na avaliação do desenvolvimento social da América Latina
    by Lins, Luiza Cristina de Oliveira & Marin, Solange Regina

  • 2014 Perspectiva histórica do planejamento regional no Brasil
    by Oliveira, Fábio Lucas Pimentel de & Werner, Deborah

  • 2014 Infraestructura regional y pobreza rural
    by Leonardo Villar & Juan Mauricio Ramírez

  • 2014 Scotland, Nuclear Energy Policy and Independance
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  • 2014 This study presents the first assessment of how an approach based on meeting fundamental human needs can assist regional planning. It uses the Human-scale Development methodology, based on fundamental human needs as a theoretical and methodological framework for scenario building. It offers a structured approach on how non-monetary values and practices (i.e. satisfiers or ways to satisfy needs) can help to open up the planning process, highlighting a regional conflict. The study presents three dimensions of needs to address planning challenges. The data is taken from a case study of a deliberative process for regional planning in Western Europe. The relevance lies in the ways we can learn from individual values and practices, that when shared with others, (1) help to diagnose behaviours and trends toward environmentalism; (2) foster listening and understanding of people's sameness and differences that reduce conflict; and (3) provide a structured tool which predicts society dynamics and develops integrated solutions that facilitate sustainable regional development
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  • 2013 Money for nothing: how firms have financed R&D-projects since the industrial revolution
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