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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O4: Economic Growth and Aggregate Productivity
/ / / O44: Environment and Growth
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)
  2. Economic Growth

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2016 Shifting Paradigm in Economic Development – Romanian Progress in the Exploitation of RES in the Context of EU 2020 Strategy [Mişcarea paradigmelor în dezvoltarea economică – progresele României în contextul Strategiei UE 2020]
    by Sanda Dragoş Constantin

  • 2016 Substitutability and the social cost of carbon in a solvable growth model with irreversible climate change
    by Quaas, Martin F. & Bröcker, Johannes

  • 2016 The value of commitment and delegation for the control of greenhouse gas emissions
    by Paul Pichler & Gerhard Sorger

  • 2016 On the optimum timing of the global carbon-transition under conditions of extreme weather-related damages: further green paradoxical results
    by Zon, Adriaan van

  • 2016 Australia: a Land of Missed Opportunities?
    by David Greasley & Nick Hanley & Eoin McLaughlin & Les Oxley

  • 2016 Fossil energy in economic growth: A study of the energy direction of technical change, 1950-2012
    by Gregor Semieniuk

  • 2016 The Origins and Long-Run Consequences of the Division of Labor
    by Emilio Depetris-Chauvin & Ömer Özak

  • 2016 Geographical Origins and Economic Consequences of Language Structures
    by Oded Galor & Ömer Özak & Assaf Sarid

  • 2016 Population Diversity, Division of Labor and Comparative Development
    by Emilio Depetris-Chauvin & Ömer Özak

  • 2016 Technological Progress, Time Perception and Environmental Sustainability
    by Evangelos V. Dioikitopoulos & Sugata Ghosh & Eugenia Vella

  • 2016 Boom goes the price: Giant resource discoveries and real exchange rate appreciation
    by Torfinn Harding & Radoslaw Stefanski & Gerhard Toews

  • 2016 Boom goes the price: Giant resource discoveries and real exchange rate appreciation
    by Torfinn Harding & Radoslaw Stefanski & Gerhard Toews

  • 2016 Climate, Technological Change and Economic Growth
    by George Adu and Paul Alagidede

  • 2016 Effect of Economic Growth, Trade Openness, Urbanization, and Technology on Environment of Selected Asian Countries
    by Ameer, Ayesha & Munir, Kashif

  • 2016 A Model of Sustainable Growth with Renewables( Wind, CS, Algae) in Africa Europe Relation
    by Paunić, Alida

  • 2016 How business governance challenges affect the common wealth
    by Jermy, Amanda

  • 2016 Population Diversity, Division of Labor and Comparative Development
    by Depetris-Chauvin, Emilio & Özak, Ömer

  • 2016 Does economic growth matter? Technology-push, demand-pull and endogenous drivers of innovation in the renewable energy industry
    by Sam, Aflaki & Syed Abul, Basher & Andrea, Masini

  • 2016 Innovation, cooperation network and economic growth, a Tunisian study
    by zerzeri, feriel

  • 2016 Environmentally Adjusted Multifactor Productivity: Methodology and Empirical results for OECD and G20 countries
    by Miguel Cárdenas Rodríguez & Ivan Haščič & Martin Souchier

  • 2016 Implications of water scarcity for economic growth
    by Thomas W. Hertel & Jing Liu

  • 2016 Approaches and issues in valuing the costs of inaction of air pollution on human health
    by Anna Alberini & Andrea Bigano & Jessica Post & Elisa Lanzi

  • 2016 Long-Term Productivity Growth and the Environment
    by Alex Bowen

  • 2016 Assessing and Evaluating the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA)
    by Chhibber, Ajay

  • 2016 Statehood Experience, Legal Traditions and Climate Change Policies
    by James B. ANG & Per G. Fredriksson

  • 2016 Directed Technical Change and Economic Growth Effects of Environmental Policy
    by Peter K. Kruse-Andersen

  • 2016 Endogenous Growth, Green Innovation and GDP Deceleration in a World with Polluting Production Inputs
    by Kerstin Burghaus & Peter Funk

  • 2016 The Impact of Coastal Infrastructure Improvements on Economic Growth: Evidence from Barbados
    by Leonardo Corral & Maja Schling & Cassandra Rogers & Janice Cumberbatch & Fabian Hinds & Naijun Zhou & Michele H. Lemay

  • 2016 Temperature and Growth: A Panel Analysis of the United States
    by Riccardo Colacito & Bridget Hoffmann & Toan Phan

  • 2016 A Review of the Circular Economy and its Implementation
    by Heshmati, Almas

  • 2016 You Reap What You Know: Darwin beats Malthus: Medicalization, Evolutionary Anthropology and the Demographic Transition
    by Katharina Mühlhoff

  • 2016 Inversión y crecimiento sustentable en Bolivia. Investment and Sustainable Growth for Bolivia
    by Roger Alejandro Banegas-Rivero & Jorge Salas Vargas

  • 2016 Biophysical limits of current debates on degrowth and the knowledge economy
    by Jesus Ramos-Martin

  • 2016 Policies for a more Dematerialized EU Economy. Theoretical Underpinnings, Political Context and Expected Feasibility
    by Andrea Bigano & Aleksander Sniegocki & Jacopo Zotti

  • 2016 Economic Implications of EU Mitigation Policies: Domestic and International Effects
    by Francesco Bosello & Marinella Davide & Isabella Alloisio

  • 2016 China’s Pursuit of Environmentally Sustainable Development: Harnessing the New Engine of Technological Innovation
    by Wei Jin & ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2016 Adapting to Climate Change: an Analysis under Uncertainty
    by David García-León

  • 2016 The strong Porter Hypothesis in an endogenous growth model with satisficing managers
    by Dominique Bianco & Evens Salies

  • 2016 A simple degrowth model
    by Marc Germain

  • 2016 Preferences and pollution cycles
    by Stefano Bosi & David Desmarchelier & Lionel Ragot

  • 2016 Dirty history versus clean expectations: Can energy policies provide momentum for growth?
    by Lucas Bretschger & Andreas Schaefer

  • 2016 Preservation of Agricultural Soils with Endogenous Stochastic Degradation
    by Lucas Bretschger & Alexandra Vinogradova

  • 2016 Are China's climate commitments in a post-Paris agreement sufficiently ambitious?
    by ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2016 Intermediate input linkage and carbon leakage
    by Zengkai Zhang & ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2016 Economic growth and global particulate pollution concentrations
    by David I. Stern & Jeremy van Dijk

  • 2016 Economic growth and particulate pollution concentrations in China
    by David I. Stern & Donglan Zha

  • 2016 China's pursuit of environmentally sustainable development: Harnessing the new engine of technological innovation
    by Wei Jin & ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2016 A New Carbon Tax in Portugal: A Missed Opportunity to Achieve the Triple Dividend?
    by Alfredo Marvão Pereira & Rui M. Pereira & Pedro G. Rodriguesa

  • 2016 Un modèle de décroissance optimale
    by Marc Germain

  • 2016 Resolving Intergenerational Conflict over the Environment under the Pareto Criterion
    by Torben M. Andersen & Joydeep Bhattacharya & Pan Liu

  • 2016 Knowing the Damages is not Enough: The General Equilibrium Impacts of Climate Change
    by Matthias Kalkuhl & Ottmar Edenhofer

  • 2016 Climate Feedbacks in DICE-2013R - Modeling and Empirical Results
    by Heiko Wirths & Joachim Rathmann & Peter Michaelis

  • 2016 "The Falling Sperm Counts Story": A Limit to Growth?
    by Johanna Etner & Natacha Raffin & Thomas Seegmuller

  • 2016 Portfolio Equilibrium between Land, Gold, and Capital in a Growth Model with Agricultural, Industrial and Environmental Sectors
    by Wei-Bin Zhang

  • 2016 The Effect of Exports on Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Policy Implications
    by Bosupeng Mpho

  • 2016 Economic growth and particulate pollution concentrations in China
    by David I. Stern & Donglan Zha

  • 2016 Exploring the effect of including the environment in the neoclassical growth model
    by George Halkos & Iacovos Psarianos

  • 2016 Determinants of CO2 Emissions in Developing Countries using Bayesian Econometric Approach
    by Tamizi , Alireza

  • 2016 Income, Carbon Emission and Energy Consumption: The Analysis of Linear and Non-Linear Causality Relationship for Turkey
    by Doğan, İbrahim & Topallı, Nurgün

  • 2016 The Importance of Renewable Energy in Economic Growth: Evidence from a Panel of Emerging Countries
    by Manel Kamoun Zribi & Mohamed Ben Amar

  • 2016 Vztah genderové mezery, konkurenceschopnosti a udržitelnosti ekonomiky - postavení České republiky v mezinárodním srovnání
    by Zuzana Křečková Kroupová & Hana Řezanková

  • 2016 The Role Of The State In Creating Green Economy
    by Paulina Szyja

  • 2016 Fiscal Policy and Economic Performance: A Review
    by George E. Halkos & Epameinondas A. Paizanos

  • 2016 Innovation, Cooperation Network and Economic Growth, a Tunisian Case
    by Zerzeri FERIEL

  • 2016 Do graduated university incubator firms benefit from their relationship with university incubators?
    by Vernet Lasrado & Stephen Sivo & Cameron Ford & Thomas O’Neal & Ivan Garibay

  • 2016 Bilateral Trade under Environmental Pressure: Balanced Growth
    by Feng Dai & Songtao Wu & Ling Liang & Zifu Qin

  • 2016 Climate Change, Industrial Transformation, and “Environmental Growth Traps”
    by Alexander Golub & Michael Toman

  • 2016 ICT and the Demand for Energy: Evidence from OECD Countries
    by Patrick Schulte & Heinz Welsch & Sascha Rexhäuser

  • 2016 Economic Growth, Tourism Arrivals and Climate Change
    by Nuno Carlos Leitão & Muhammad Shahbaz

  • 2016 Relationship between Corruption, Income Inequality and Environmental Degradation in Pakistan: An Econometric Analysis
    by Samia Nasreen & Mahmood-ul-Hassan & Muhammad Faraz Riaz

  • 2016 Divergences In Competitiveness In Tourist Destinations In Baja California Sur , Divergencias De Competitividad En Destinos Turísticos De Baja California Su
    by Plácido R. Cruz Chávez & Gustavo R. Cruz Chávez & Judith Juárez Mancilla & José I. Urciaga García

  • 2016 Structural and climatic change
    by Engström, Gustav

  • 2016 Is green growth relevant for poor economies?
    by Barbier, Edward B.

  • 2016 Optimal timing of carbon capture policies under learning-by-doing
    by Amigues, Jean-Pierre & Lafforgue, Gilles & Moreaux, Michel

  • 2016 A new carbon tax in Portugal: A missed opportunity to achieve the triple dividend?
    by Pereira, Alfredo M. & Pereira, Rui M. & Rodrigues, Pedro G.

  • 2016 Environmental impacts of coal subsidies in Turkey: A general equilibrium analysis
    by Acar, Sevil & Yeldan, A. Erinc

  • 2016 Understanding energy systems change in Canada: 1. Decomposition of total energy intensity
    by Torrie, Ralph D. & Stone, Christopher & Layzell, David B.

  • 2016 A multiplicative environmental DEA approach to measure efficiency changes in the world's major polluters
    by Valadkhani, Abbas & Roshdi, Israfil & Smyth, Russell

  • 2016 Taxing fossil fuels under speculative storage
    by Tumen, Semih & Unalmis, Deren & Unalmis, Ibrahim & Unsal, D. Filiz

  • 2016 Comprehensive versus inclusive wealth accounting and the assessment of sustainable development: An empirical comparison
    by Engelbrecht, Hans-Jürgen

  • 2016 Climate change and economic growth: An intertemporal general equilibrium analysis for Egypt
    by Elshennawy, Abeer & Robinson, Sherman & Willenbockel, Dirk

  • 2016 Trade Openness and Environmental Pollution in Emerging Market Economies
    by Yilmaz BAYAR & Ömer Faruk OZTURK

  • 2016 Stagnation séculaire ?
    by Richard N. Cooper

  • 2016 On The Role Of Eco-Innovation For A Green Economic Growth
    by Simona FRONE

  • 2016 Strong Sustainability, Rent and Value-Added Sharing
    by Jean-François Fagnart & Marc Germain & Alphonse Magnus

  • 2015 Green attitude and economic growth
    by Soretz, Susanne & Ott, Ingrid

  • 2015 The role of SMEs in sustainable regional development and local business integration: The case of Lublin region (Poland)
    by Anna Arent & Matylda Bojar & Nelson Duarte & Francisco Diniz

  • 2015 Going Green : Framing Effects in a Dynamic Coordination Game
    by Gerlagh, Reyer & van der Heijden, Eline

  • 2015 Taxing Fossil Fuels under Speculative Storage
    by Semih Tumen & Deren Unalmis & Ibrahim Unalmis & D. Filiz Unsal

  • 2015 A Green Lewis Development Model
    by Guilherme de Oliveira & Gilberto Tadeu Lima

  • 2015 Designing an Optimal 'Tech Fix' Path to Global Climate Stability: Directed R&D and Embodied Technical Change in a Multi-phase Framework
    by Paul David & Adriaan van Zon

  • 2015 Innovations: a Key Driver for Sustainable Development in Bulgaria
    by Julia Dobreva

  • 2015 Achieving Environmental Sustainability in Myanmar
    by Raitzer, David A. & Samson, Jindra Nuella G. & Nam, Kee-Yung

  • 2015 Instituciones, Recursos Naturales Y Sus Efectos En El Crecimiento Economico: Un Sistema De Ecuaciones Simultáneas En Panel De Datos
    by Nolazco Cama, Jose Luis & Bravo-Ortega, Claudio

  • 2015 Accessibility of waste collection services in Romania: a multi-scale analysis in EU context using thematic cartography
    by Mihai, Florin-Constantin

  • 2015 O Custo da Incerteza: Uma Análise do Pensamento Novo Institucional de Douglass North
    by Daniel Mendonça, Araújo

  • 2015 The effect of including the environment in the neoclassical growth model
    by Halkos, George & Psarianos, Iacovos

  • 2015 Fiscal policy and economic performance: A review of the theoretical and empirical literature
    by Halkos, George & Paizanos, Epameinondas

  • 2015 Energy Consumption, CO2 Emissions, and Economic Growth: A Moral Dilemma
    by Antonakakis, Nikolaos & Chatziantoniou, Ioannis & Filis, George

  • 2015 Beauty as a factor of economic and social development
    by Baggio, Rodolfo & Moretti, Vincenzo

  • 2015 Environmental awareness of nations: the interplay with institutional transformation
    by Smirnova, Janna

  • 2015 Environmental Vulnerability and Economic Growth: Small States vs Large States

  • 2015 Evaluation of the DICE climate-economy integrated assessment
    by Greaves, Gerry

  • 2015 The Role Of The State In Creating A Green Economy
    by Paulina Szyja

  • 2015 Modeling pollution and economic growth: the effect of a lethal threshold
    by Asuka Oura & Yasukatsu Moridera & Koichi Futagami

  • 2015 Encouraging Increased Climate Action by Non-Party Stakeholders
    by Yoko Nobuoka & Jane Ellis & Sarah Pyndt Andersen

  • 2015 Overview of INDCs Submitted by 31 August 2015
    by Christina Hood & Liwayway Adkins & Ellina Levina

  • 2015 Assessing Options to Increase Climate Support
    by Jane Ellis & Sara Moarif & Yoko Nobuoka & Marta Pellegrino & Jennifer Helgeson

  • 2015 The Economic Feedbacks of Loss of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services
    by Anil Markandya

  • 2015 When do Firms Go Green? Comparing Price Incentives with Command and Control Regulations in India
    by Ann Harrison & Benjamin Hyman & Leslie Martin & Shanthi Nataraj

  • 2015 Modeling Uncertainty in Climate Change: A Multi-Model Comparison
    by Kenneth Gillingham & William D. Nordhaus & David Anthoff & Geoffrey Blanford & Valentina Bosetti & Peter Christensen & Haewon McJeon & John Reilly & Paul Sztorc

  • 2015 A multicomponent DEA approach to measure the economic and energy efficiencies of OECD countries
    by Abbas Valadkhani & Israfil Roshdi & Russell Smyth

  • 2015 Probabilistic Stabilization Targets
    by Luke G. Fitzpatrick & David L. Kelly

  • 2015 Path dependence and induced innovation
    by Karsten Wasiluk

  • 2015 Is There An Environmental Kuznets Curve For Natural Hazards In The Thai Agricultural Sector?
    by Pukkanut Peuaksakon & Penporn Janekarnkij Author-Email :

  • 2015 The emission reduction effect and economic impact of an energy tax vs. a carbon tax in China : a dynamic CGE model analysis
    by Zou, Lele & Xue, Jinjun & Fox, Alan & Meng, Bo & Shibata, Tsubasa

  • 2015 Variable selection in the analysis of energy consumption-growth nexus
    by Mariam Camarero & Anabel Forte & Gonzalo García-Donato & Yurena Mendoza & Javier Ordóñez

  • 2015 A Review of the Circular Economy and its Implementation
    by Heshmati, Almas

  • 2015 Severe Air Pollution and Labor Productivity
    by Li, Teng & Liu, Haoming & Salvo, Alberto

  • 2015 Renewable Energy Policy, Economic Growth and Employment in EU Countries: Gain without Pain?
    by Jaraite, Jurate & Karimu, Amin & Kažukauskas, Andrius & Kažukauskas, Paulius

  • 2015 Competitiveness and Clusters: Implications for a New European Growth Strategy
    by Christian Ketels

  • 2015 Eco-Clusters as Driving Force for Greening Regional Economic Policy
    by Alina Pohl

  • 2015 Assessing SDGs: A New Methodology to Measure Sustainability
    by Lorenza Campagnolo & Carlo Carraro & Fabio Eboli & Luca Farnia

  • 2015 Transboundary Capital and Pollution Flows and the Emergence of Regional Inequalities
    by Simon Levin & A. Xepapadeas

  • 2015 On the Mechanism of International Technology Diffusion for Energy Technological Progress
    by Wei Jin & ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2015 Capital-embodied Technologies in CGE Models
    by James Lennox & Ramiro Parrado

  • 2015 Is Green Growth Relevant for Poor Economies?
    by Edward B. BARBIER

  • 2015 Is Green Growth Relevant for Poor Economies?
    by Edward B. BARBIER

  • 2015 Preventing environmental disasters : market based vs command and control policies
    by Francesco Lamperti & Mauro Napoletano & Andrea Roventini

  • 2015 Limit cycles under a negative effect of pollution on consumption demand: the role of an environmental Kuznets curve
    by Stefano Bosi & David Desmarchelier

  • 2015 Limit Cycles under a Negative Effect of Pollution on Consumption Demand: The Role of an Environmental Kuznets Curve
    by Stefano Bosi & David Desmarchelier

  • 2015 Romanian Companies Adaptation to the Challenges of the "Green Economy"
    by Madalina Cristina TOCAN & Oana CHINDRIS-VASIOIU

  • 2015 Knowledge Diffusion, Endogenous Growth, and the Costs of Global Climate Policy
    by Lucas Bretschger & Filippo Lechthaler & Sebastian Rausch & Lin Zhang

  • 2015 Analysis Of Sustainable Competitiveness Of European Countries In 2013
    by Milorad Filipovic, Danijela Despotovi

  • 2015 Carbon dioxide emissions in the short run: The rate and sources of economic growth matter
    by Paul J. Burke & Md Shahiduzzaman & David I. Stern

  • 2015 Preferences and pollution cycles
    by Stefano Bosi & David Desmarchelier & Lionel Ragot

  • 2015 Achieving the Triple Dividend in Portugal: A Dynamic General-Equilibrium Evaluation of a Carbon Tax Indexed to Emissions Trading
    by Alfredo Marvão Pereira & Rui M. Pereira

  • 2015 Reducing Carbon Emissions in Portugal: The Relative Roles of Fossil-Fuel Prices, Energy Efficiency, and Carbon Taxation
    by Alfredo Marvão Pereira & Rui M. Pereira

  • 2015 Going Green: Framing Effects in a Dynamic Coordination Game
    by Reyer Gerlagh & Eline van der Heijden

  • 2015 The Local Impact of Typhoons on Economic Activity in China: A View from Outer Space
    by Robert J R Elliott & Eric Strobl & Puyang Sun

  • 2015 Transboundary Capital and Pollution Flows and the Emergence of Regional Inequalities
    by Simon Levin & Anastasios Xepapadeas

  • 2015 Environmental Policy and Inequality: A Matter of Life and Death
    by Karine Constant

  • 2015 A productivity analysis considering environmental pollution and diseases in China
    by Huijuan Cao & Hidemichi Fujii & Shunsuke Managi

  • 2015 The Dynamics of Wealth, Environment and Land Value in a Three-Sector Growth Model
    by Wei-Bin Zhang

  • 2015 An Evaluation of the Economic Theoretical Potential of the Rural Environment Mismanged During 1956-2010
    by Florentin Gabriel Niculescu

  • 2015 Competitiveness of the Czech Republic - Sustainability and the Social Aspect of Competitiveness
    by Eliška Kačírková

  • 2015 Support For Renewable Energy In Germany As An Example Of Effective Public Policy
    by Bernadeta Baran

  • 2015 Aspects Regarding The Link Between Sustainable Development, Environmental Pollution And Poverty
    by Perțicaș Diana Claudia & Florea Adrian Gheorghe & &

  • 2015 Mit is kell fenntartani?. Fenntarthatóság a képességszemlélet perspektívájából
    by Gébert, Judit

  • 2015 A növekedésen túl - egy új irányzat hozzájárulása a fenntarthatósági vitához
    by Málovics, György & Dombi, Judit

  • 2015 Sustainable Housing Communities in the Cohousing Formula
    by Małgorzata Zięba

  • 2015 Effects Of Public Capital On Economic Growth And Productivity In Spain During The Period 1980-2007

  • 2015 Evaluation Of Visitors To The Magical Town Loreto, Evaluation Of Visitors To The Magical Town Loreto
    by Placido R. Cruz Chavez & Judith Juarez Mancilla & Gustavo R. Cruz Chavez & Jose I. Urciaga Garcia

  • 2015 Economic Potential Of Birding In Los Cabos Potencial Economico Del Aviturismo En Los Cabos
    by Jose Emer Garcia de la Puente Orozco & Placido Roberto Cruz Chavez

  • 2015 Aspects Regarding The Romanian Rural Area Development After The Accession To The European Union
    by Vergina CHIRIŢESCU

  • 2015 The Role Of Smes In Sustainable Regional Development And Local Business Integration: The Case Of Lublin Region (Poland)
    by Anna ARENT & Matylda BOJAR & Francisco DINIZ & Nelson DUARTE

  • 2015 Sviluppo locale e resilienza territoriale. Un’introduzione
    by Elena Battaglini & Nicoletta Masiero

  • 2015 The local impact of typhoons on economic activity in China: A view from outer space
    by Elliott, Robert J.R. & Strobl, Eric & Sun, Puyang

  • 2015 A cultural model of private provision and the environment
    by Bezin, Emeline

  • 2015 Variable selection in the analysis of energy consumption–growth nexus
    by Camarero, Mariam & Forte, Anabel & Garcia-Donato, Gonzalo & Mendoza, Yurena & Ordoñez, Javier

  • 2015 Assessing environmental performance trends in the transport industry: Eco-innovation or catching-up?
    by Beltrán-Esteve, Mercedes & Picazo-Tadeo, Andrés J.

  • 2015 Directional shadow price estimation of CO2, SO2 and NOx in the United States coal power industry 1990–2010
    by Lee, Chia-Yen & Zhou, Peng

  • 2015 Metafroniter energy efficiency with CO2 emissions and its convergence analysis for China
    by Li, Ke & Lin, Boqiang

  • 2015 Corporate governance, environmental regulations, and technological change
    by Sen, Suphi

  • 2015 Energy, growth, and evolution: Towards a naturalistic ontology of economics
    by Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten

  • 2015 Modelling the impact of energy policies on the Philippine economy: Carbon tax, energy efficiency, and changes in the energy mix
    by Cabalu, Helen & Koshy, Paul & Corong, Erwin & Rodriguez, U-Primo E. & Endriga, Benjamin A.

  • 2015 Abatement, R&D and growth with a pollution ceiling
    by Kollenbach, Gilbert

  • 2015 Economic growth and the environment in China: Empirical evidence using prefecture level data
    by Lee, Sanghoon & Oh, Dae-Won

  • 2015 Environmental pollution emissions, regional productivity growth and ecological economic development in China
    by Chen, Shiyi

  • 2015 Environmental growth convergence among Chinese regions
    by Boussemart, Jean Philippe & Leleu, Hervé & Shen, Zhiyang

  • 2015 Coupling and Decoupling Relationships between Energy Consumption and Air Pollution from the Transport Sector and the Economic Activity
    by George N. Botzoris & Athanasios T. Galanis & Vassilios A. Profillidis & Nikolaos E. Eliou

  • 2015 Modeling Energy Efficiency and Economic Growth: Evidences from India
    by Avik Sinha

  • 2015 Creative And Innovative Cities – A New Perspective For Sustainable Development
    by Cristina Andreea FLOREA

  • 2015 Objectiver le débat sur le financement de la transition énergétique : quelles leçons tirer du cas français ?
    by Ian Cochran & Benoît Leguet & Romain Morel

  • 2015 The Local Economic Impacts of Natural Resource Extraction
    by James Cust & Steven Poelhekke

  • 2015 The Macroeconomic Framework of Support Analysis for Sustainable Businesses Development
    by Constantin Mitrut & Cristina Balaceanu & Mihaela Gruiescu & Daniela Serban

  • 2015 Envirodevonomics: A Research Agenda for an Emerging Field
    by Michael Greenstone & B. Kelsey Jack

  • 2014 Costs and Benefits of the Transition to Low carbon Economy in Russia: Perspectives up to 2050
    by I. Bashmakov & A. Myshak.

  • 2014 Elasticity of Substitution between Clean and Dirty Energy Inputs - A Macroeconomic Perspective
    by Saam, Marianne & Papageorgiou, Chris & Schulte, Patrick

  • 2014 The Implications of Energy Input Flexibility for a Resource Dependent Economy
    by Pittel, Karen & Röpke, Luise

  • 2014 Climatic Fluctuations and the Diffusion of Agriculture
    by Quamrul Ashraf & Stelios Michalopoulos

  • 2014 Technology & environment : some possible damaging effects of technological change in advanced and opulent societies
    by Coccia M.

  • 2014 The Drivers of Long-run CO2 Emissions: A Global Perspective since 1800
    by Sofia Teives HENRIQUES & Karol Jan BOROWIECKI

  • 2014 A dynamic CGE modelling approach for analyzing trade-offs in climate change policy options: the case of Green Climate Fund
    by Antimiani Alessandro & Valeria Costantini & Anil Markandya & Chiara Martini & Alessandro Palma & Maria Cristina Tommasino

  • 2014 Research or Carbon Capture and Storage – How to limit climate change?
    by Gilbert Kollenbach

  • 2014 Renewable Energy Sources and their Reflection on Regional Economic Growth in the Czech republic
    by Vukica Janković & Helena Mitwallyova

  • 2014 Reflections on the prospects for pro-poor low-carbon growth
    by Willenbockel, Dirk

  • 2014 Study on growth / conservation economic efficiency of production plant growth arrangements regarding environmental performance
    by Ursu, Ana

  • 2014 Economic efficiency analysis of vegetable production systems during 2011-2014
    by Ursu, Ana

  • 2014 Soil biota as a natural resource for the restoration of degraded chernozems
    by Senicovscaia, Irina

  • 2014 Resource Scarcity and Environmental Adaptation in Poorer Societies
    by Namasaka, Martin

  • 2014 Revisiting carbon Kuznets curves with endogenous breaks modeling: Evidence of decoupling and saturation (but few inverted-Us) for individual OECD countries
    by Liddle, Brantley & Messinis, George

  • 2014 Revisiting sulfur Kuznets curves with endogenous breaks modeling: Substantial evidence of inverted-Us/Vs for individual OECD countries
    by Liddle, Brantley & Messinis, George

  • 2014 Endogenous Growth and Demographic Transition in a model of Cultural Transmission
    by Zakharenko, Roman

  • 2014 Decomposition of productivity considering multi-environmental pollutants in Chinese industrial sector
    by Fujii, Hidemichi & Cao, Jing & Managi, Shunsuke

  • 2014 The Dynamic Linkage between CO2 emissions, Economic Growth, Renewable Energy Consumption, Number of Tourist Arrivals and Trade
    by Ben Jebli, Mehdi & Ben Youssef, Slim & Apergis, Nicholas

  • 2014 The environmental Kuznets curve in a public spending model of economic growth
    by Diallo, Ibrahima Amadou

  • 2014 Unionised labour market, environment and endogenous growth
    by Bhattacharyya, Chandril & Gupta, Manash Ranjan

  • 2014 基于非径向bml-Dea模型的中国地区工业环境绩效测度
    by Tang, Liwei & Hu, Zongyi & Zhang, Yongjun

  • 2014 المسؤولية الاجتماعية للقطاع الخاص ودورها في التنمية المستدامة للمملكة العربية السعودية
    by Elasrag, Hussein

  • 2014 Global Environmental Emissions Estimate: Application of Multiple Imputation
    by Miyama, Eriko & Managi, Shunsuke

  • 2014 Environment and Growth
    by Horii, Ryo & Ikefuji, Masako

  • 2014 Wsparcie energetyki odnawialnej w Niemczech jako przyklad skutecznej polityki panstwa
    by Bernadeta Baran

  • 2014 The Role of the 2015 Agreement in Mobilising Climate Finance
    by Takayoshi Kato & Jane Ellis & Christa Clapp

  • 2014 Planting the Foundations of a Post-2020 Land Sector Reporting and Accounting Framework
    by Gregory Briner & Susanne Konrad

  • 2014 Built to Last: Designing a Flexible and Durable 2015 Climate Change Agreement
    by Gregory Briner & Takayoshi Kato & Takashi Hattori

  • 2014 Public Financial Institutions and the Low-carbon Transition: Five Case Studies on Low-Carbon Infrastructure and Project Investment
    by Ian Cochran & Romain Hubert & Virginie Marchal & Robert Youngman

  • 2014 Empirical Evidence on the Effects of Environmental Policy Stringency on Productivity Growth
    by Silvia Albrizio & Tomasz Koźluk & Vera Zipperer

  • 2014 Consequences of Climate Change Damages for Economic Growth: A Dynamic Quantitative Assessment
    by Rob Dellink & Elisa Lanzi & Jean Château & Francesco Bosello & Ramiro Parrado & Kelly de Bruin

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