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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ D: Microeconomics
/ / D4: Market Structure, Pricing, and Design
/ / / D47: Market Design
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Un enfoque de diseño de mercados para la selección de personal del Instituto Nacional Electoral en México
    by David Cantala & Jaume Sempere

  • 2015 Gaming the Boston School Choice Mechanism in Beijing
    by He, Yinghua

  • 2015 Re-use of collateral in the repo market
    by Lucas Marc Fuhrer & Basil Guggenheim & Silvio Schumacher

  • 2015 Real firms, transaction costs and firm development: a suggested formalisation
    by Michael Dietrich & Jackie Krafft & Jolian Peter McHardy

  • 2015 From Wisdom to Business: A Case Study of an Application of Singburi Pottery Design for OTOP Label and Packaging in Thailand
    by Suwaree Yordchim & Rosjana Chandhasa

  • 2015 Unbundling Truthful Revelation when Auctioning Bundled Goods
    by Pascal Courty & Daniel Rondeau & Maurice Doyon

  • 2015 Mechanisms for Combinatorial Auctions with Budget Constraints
    by Le, Phuong

  • 2015 Quality Uncertainty and the Market for Renewable Energy: Evidence from German Consumers
    by Rommel, Jens & Sagebiel, Julian & Müller, Jakob R.

  • 2015 Bertrand-Edgeworth games under triopoly: the payoffs
    by De Francesco, Massimo A. & Salvadori, Neri

  • 2015 Spatial incidence of large-scale power plant curtailment costs
    by J. Micha Steinhäuser & Klaus Eisenack

  • 2015 Was the Forex Fixing Fixed?
    by Takatoshi Ito & Masahiro Yamada

  • 2015 Peer-to-Peer Markets
    by Liran Einav & Chiara Farronato & Jonathan Levin

  • 2015 Solving Shortage in a Priceless Market: Insights from Blood Donation
    by Tianshu Sun & Susan Feng Lu & Ginger Zhe Jin

  • 2015 The Welfare Effects of Coordinated Assignment: Evidence from the NYC HS Match
    by Atila Abdulkadiroğlu & Nikhil Agarwal & Parag A. Pathak

  • 2015 Is Sniping A Problem For Online Auction Markets?
    by Matthew Backus & Tom Blake & Dimitriy V. Masterov & Steven Tadelis

  • 2015 Sacred Values? The Effect of Information on Attitudes toward Payments for Human Organs
    by Julio J. Elias & Nicola Lacetera & Mario Macis

  • 2015 The Limits of Reputation in Platform Markets: An Empirical Analysis and Field Experiment
    by Chris Nosko & Steven Tadelis

  • 2015 Competing Mechanisms with Dominant Strategy Implementable Punishment in Directed Search Markets
    by Seungjin Han

  • 2015 Responsive Affirmative Action in School Choice
    by Battal Dogan

  • 2015 Improving Efficiency Using Reserve Prices: An Equilibrium Analysis of Core-Selecting Auctions
    by Ryuji Sano

  • 2015 Social Responsibility in Market Interaction
    by Irlenbusch, Bernd & Saxler, David

  • 2015 The Performance of School Assignment Mechanisms in Practice
    by de Haan, Monique & Gautier, Pieter A. & Oosterbeek, Hessel & van der Klaauw, Bas

  • 2015 Market Design and Moral Behavior
    by Kirchler, Michael & Huber, Jürgen & Stefan, Matthias & Sutter, Matthias

  • 2015 On the Uniqueness of Dynamic Groves Mechanisms
    by Kiho Yoon

  • 2015 On Budget Balance of the Dynamic Pivot Mechanism
    by Kiho Yoon

  • 2015 Analysing the sensitivity of electricity system operational costs to deviations in supply and demand
    by Joan Batalla-Bejerano & Elisa Trujillo-Baute

  • 2015 Impacts of intermittent renewable generation on electricity system costs
    by Joan Batalla-Bejerano & Elisa Trujillo-Baute

  • 2015 Unexpected consequences of liberalisation: metering, losses, load profiles and cost settlement in Spain’s electricity system
    by Joan Batalla-Bejerano & Maria Teresa Costa-Campi & Elisa Trujillo-Baute

  • 2015 Real Firms, Transaction Costs and Firm Development: A Suggested Formalisation
    by Michael Dietrich & Jackie Krafft & Jolian McHardy

  • 2015 Time Horizons, Lattice Structures, and Welfare in Multi-period Matching Markets
    by Kadam, Sangram V. & Kotowski, Maciej H.

  • 2015 Multi-period Matching
    by Kadam, Sangram V. & Kotowski, Maciej H.

  • 2015 Designing Fair Tiebreak Mechanisms: The Case of FIFA Penalty Shootouts
    by Nejat Anbarci & Ching-Jen Sun & M. Utku Unver

  • 2015 A Coordinated Strategic Reserve to Safeguard the European Energy Transition
    by Karsten Neuhoff & Jochen Diekmann & Friedrich Kunz & Sophia Rüster & Wolf-Peter Schill & Sebastian Schwenen

  • 2015 Renewable Energy Support in Germany: Surcharge Development and the Impact of a Decentralized Capacity Mechanism
    by Thure Traber & Claudia Kemfert

  • 2015 The performance of school assignment mechanisms in practice
    by de Haan, Monique & Gautier, Pieter A. & Oosterbeek, Hessel & van der Klaauw, Bas

  • 2015 Veinte años de funcionamiento del Mercado Eléctrico Mayorista en Colombia: algunas reflexiones
    by John J. García & Gustavo López Álvarez & Fredy Marín & Jhonny Moncada

  • 2015 Impacto de la regulación en la eficiencia asignativa del mercado spot eléctrico colombiano
    by John J. García & Santiago Arango Tamayo & Andrés F. Ortiz Rico

  • 2015 Efectos del cargo por confiabilidad sobre el precio spot de la energía eléctrica en Colombia
    by Juan Pablo Botero & John J. García & Ermilson Velásquez

  • 2015 Compulsory Social Service Matching Market for Physicians in Colombia
    by Sebastian Montaño Correa

  • 2015 Social responsibility in market interaction
    by Bernd Irlenbusch & David J. Saxler

  • 2015 Constraints on Matching Markets Based on Moral Concerns
    by Katharina Huesmann & Achim Wambach

  • 2015 Does Anti-Diversification Pay? A One-Sided Matching Model of Microcredit
    by Thilo Klein

  • 2015 Designing Fair Tiebreak Mechanisms: The Case of FIFA Penalty Shootouts
    by Nejat Anbarci & Ching-Jen Sun & M. Utku Ünver

  • 2015 Enhancing the Efficiency of and Equity in Transplant Organ Allocation via Incentivized Exchange
    by Tayfun Sönmez & M. Utku Ünver

  • 2015 Algorithmic Mechanism Design
    by Nisan, Noam

  • 2015 Strategy-proofness and efficiency with non-quasi-linear preferences: a characterization of minimum price Walrasian rule
    by Serizawa, Shigehiro & Morimoto, Shuhei

  • 2015 The Internationalization of Mexican Fisheries Companies and the Rise of Theire Exports to the Italian Market
    by Jose G. VARGAS-HERNANDEZ & Teresa Irina S. E. MASCI

  • 2015 Mit veszítünk a piaci súrlódásokkal?. A pénzügyi piacok mikrostruktúrája
    by Havran, Dániel & Erb, Tamás

  • 2015 Orientation to Value in Substantiation of Price Strategy - A New Approach of the Modern Enterprise
    by Cristian - Marian Barbu

  • 2015 Energy reform in Mexico: Imperfect unbundling in the electricity sector
    by Ibarra-Yunez, Alejandro

  • 2015 Revenue management by sequential screening
    by Akan, Mustafa & Ata, Barış & Dana, James D.

  • 2015 Contracts versus salaries in matching: A general result
    by Schlegel, Jan Christoph

  • 2015 Strategy-proof assignment of multiple resources
    by Erlanson, Albin & Flores-Szwagrzak, Karol

  • 2015 Information and strategic behavior
    by Rostek, Marzena & Weretka, Marek

  • 2015 Efficient assignment with interdependent values
    by Che, Yeon-Koo & Kim, Jinwoo & Kojima, Fuhito

  • 2015 An axiomatic characterization of wagering mechanisms
    by Lambert, Nicolas S. & Langford, John & Wortman Vaughan, Jennifer & Chen, Yiling & Reeves, Daniel M. & Shoham, Yoav & Pennock, David M.

  • 2015 Multilateral matching
    by Hatfield, John William & Kominers, Scott Duke

  • 2015 Mechanism choice and the buy-it-now auction: A structural model of competing buyers and sellers
    by Bauner, Christoph

  • 2015 Design and analysis of multi-hospital kidney exchange mechanisms using random graphs
    by Toulis, Panos & Parkes, David C.

  • 2015 Mix and match: A strategyproof mechanism for multi-hospital kidney exchange
    by Ashlagi, Itai & Fischer, Felix & Kash, Ian A. & Procaccia, Ariel D.

  • 2015 Incentive mechanisms to promote energy efficiency programs in power distribution companies
    by Osorio, Karim & Sauma, Enzo

  • 2015 Competitiveness assessment of Iran's restructured electricity market
    by Nazemi, Ali & Mashayekhi, Mehdi

  • 2015 Electricity market-clearing prices and investment incentives: The role of pricing rules
    by Herrero, Ignacio & Rodilla, Pablo & Batlle, Carlos

  • 2015 A short proof for the characterization of the core in housing markets
    by Anno, Hidekazu

  • 2015 On relationships between substitutes conditions
    by Afacan, Mustafa Oǧuz & Turhan, Bertan

  • 2015 Pricing and Efficiency in the Market for IP Addresses
    by Benjamin Edelman & Michael Schwarz

  • 2015 How to Control Controlled School Choice
    by Federico Echenique & M. Bumin Yenmez

  • 2014 Elements of emission market design: an experimental analysis of California's market for greenhouse gas allowances
    by William M. Shobe & Charles A. Holt & Thaddeus Huetteman

  • 2014 Il Public Procurement come stimolo alle PMI: il caso del mercato elettronico della Pubblica Amministrazione italiana
    by Gian Luigi Albano & Federico Antellini Russo & Roberto Zampino

  • 2014 Targeted vs. collective information sharing in networks
    by Alexey Kushnir & Alexandru Nichifor

  • 2014 College admissions with entrance exams: Centralized versus decentralized
    by Hafalir, Isa E. & Hakimov, Rustamdjan & Kübler, Dorothea & Kurino, Morimitsu

  • 2014 Second-best incentive compatible allocation rules for multiple-type indivisible objects
    by Anno, Hidekazu & Kurino, Morimitsu

  • 2014 Die Bedeutung des Wettbewerbs in Wissenschaft und Hochschule
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2014 Informational asymmetries in laboratory asset markets with state-dependent fundamentals
    by Keser, Claudia & Markstädter, Andreas

  • 2014 How to Efficiently Allocate Houses under Price Controls?
    by Tommy Andersson & Zaifu Yang & Dongmo Zhang

  • 2014 College Choice Allocation Mechanisms: Structural Estimates and Counterfactuals
    by Carvalho, José-Raimundo & Magnac, Thierry & Xiong, Qizhou

  • 2014 Priority-augmented House Allocation
    by Xiang Han

  • 2014 Truncation in the Matching Markets and Market Ineffciency
    by Janine Balter & Michela Rancan & Olena Senyuta

  • 2014 Cross-Border Effects of Capacity Mechanisms in Electricity Markets
    by Elberg, Christina

  • 2014 Capacity Mechanisms and Effects on Market Structure
    by Elberg, Christina & Kranz, Sebastian

  • 2014 Modified VCG Mechanisms in Combinatorial Auctions with Budget Constraints
    by Le, Phuong

  • 2014 Increasing the Opportunity of Live Kidney Donation by Matching for Two and Three Way Exchanges
    by Saidman, Susan L. & Roth, Alvin E. & Sonmez, Tayfun & Unver, M. Utku & Delmonico, Francis L.

  • 2014 Utilizing List Exchange and Non-directed Donation through “Chain” Paired Kidney Donations
    by Roth, Alvin E. & Sonmez, Tayfun & Unver, Utku & Delmonico, Francis & Saidman, Susan L.

  • 2014 Investment, security of supply and sustainability in the aftermath of three decades of power sector reform
    by Erdogdu, Erkan

  • 2014 One-Sided Matching with Limited Complementarities
    by Thanh Nguyen & Ahmad Peivandi & Rakesh Vohra

  • 2014 Near Feasible Stable Matchings with Complementarities
    by Thanh Nguyen & Rakesh Vohra

  • 2014 An Analysis of Inefficiency of Big Urban Water Utilities in LatinAmerica
    by José Luis Bonifaz & Reyk Itakura

  • 2014 Demand Analysis using Strategic Reports: An application to a school choice mechanism
    by Nikhil Agarwal & Paulo Somaini

  • 2014 An Empirical Model of the Medical Match
    by Nikhil Agarwal

  • 2014 Benchmarks in Search Markets
    by Darrell Duffie & Piotr Dworczak & Haoxiang Zhu

  • 2014 Are Dynamic Vickrey Auctions Practical?: Properties of the Combinatorial Clock Auction
    by Jonathan Levin & Andrzej Skrzypacz

  • 2014 The Efficiency of Real-World Bargaining: Evidence from Wholesale Used-Auto Auctions
    by Bradley Larsen

  • 2014 Consumer Price Search and Platform Design in Internet Commerce
    by Michael Dinerstein & Liran Einav & Jonathan Levin & Neel Sundaresan

  • 2014 Don't Take 'No' For An Answer: An Experiment With Actual Organ Donor Registrations
    by Judd B. Kessler & Alvin E. Roth

  • 2014 Grading on a Curve, and other Effects of Group Size on All-Pay Auctions
    by James Andreoni & Andy Brownback

  • 2014 On the Role of Group Size in Tournaments: Theory and Evidence from Lab and Field Experiments
    by John List & Daan Van Soest & Jan Stoop & Haiwen Zhou

  • 2014 Relaxing Occupational Licensing Requirements: Analyzing Wages and Prices for a Medical Service
    by Morris M. Kleiner & Allison Marier & Kyoung Won Park & Coady Wing

  • 2014 Market Transparency, Adverse Selection, and Moral Hazard
    by Klein, Tobias J. & Lambertz, Christian & Stahl, Konrad

  • 2014 College Choice Allocation Mechanisms: Structural Estimates and Counterfactuals
    by Carvalho, José-Raimundo & Magnac, Thierry & Xiong, Qizhou

  • 2014 Retail price effects of feed-in tariff regulation
    by Maria Teresa Costa & Elisa Trujillo-Baute

  • 2014 Differential pricing and private provider performance
    by Homrighausen, Pia

  • 2014 Strategy-proof package assignment
    by Erlanson, Albin & Szwagrzak, Karol

  • 2014 Strategy-proof market clearing mechanisms
    by Szwagrzak, Karol

  • 2014 How to Efficiently Allocate Houses under Price Controls?
    by Andersson , Tommy & Yang , Zaifu & Zhang , Dongmo

  • 2014 The Renewables Influence on Market Splitting: the Iberian Spot Electricity Market
    by Nuno Carvalho Figueiredo & Patrícia Pereira da Silva & Pedro Cerqueira

  • 2014 Compravendita o Donazione di Parti del Corpo Umano? Il Contributo di Alvin Roth e Dintorni
    by Nicolò Bellanca

  • 2014 Reform of Spain's profesional services market: Implementation of the EU Services Directive
    by Ciarreta Antuñano, Aitor & Espinosa Alejos, María Paz & Zurimendi Isla, Aitor

  • 2014 Benchmarks in Search Markets
    by Duffie, Darrell & Dworczak, Piotr & Zhu, Haoxiang

  • 2014 FTR Allocations to Ease Transition to Nodal Pricing: An Application to the German Power System
    by Friedrich Kunz & Karsten Neuhoff & Juan Rosellón

  • 2014 Capacity Mechanisms on Central European Electricity Markets: Effects on Consumers, Producers and Technologies until 2033
    by Thure Traber

  • 2014 Minimal consistent enlargements of the immediate acceptance rule and the top trading cycles rule in school choice
    by Paula Jaramillo

  • 2014 Informational Asymmetries in Laboratory Asset Markets with State-Dependent Fundamentals
    by Claudia Keser & Andreas Markstädter

  • 2014 Matching with Slot-Specific Priorities: Theory
    by Scott Duke Kominers & Tayfun Sönmez

  • 2014 The Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange Improves Its Matching Process
    by Vincent W. Slaugh & Mustafa Akan & Onur Kesten & M. Utku Ünver

  • 2014 Consequences of trading hours deregulation. A spatio-temporal object-oriented data model for Madrid region
    by Juan Luis Santos & Federico Pablo-Martí

  • 2014 Free riding and participation in large scale, multi-hospital kidney exchange
    by Roth, Alvin E. & Ashlagi, Itai

  • 2014 Targeting Teaching: Having More Fun with Organized Kissin
    by Matthew Wiser & Gloria Yeomans-Maldonado & Sudipta Sarangi

  • 2014 Marketisation and the dual welfare state: Neoliberalism and inequality in Australia
    by Ben Spies-Butcher

  • 2014 Recent Developments in Fisheries Economics Research
    by Kronbak, Lone Gr�nb�k & Squires, Dale & Vestergaard, Niels

  • 2014 Progress with Energy Markets in Europe
    by Steve Thomas

  • 2014 Theory versus implementation in congestion-priced parking: An evaluation of SFpark, 2011–2012
    by Chatman, Daniel G. & Manville, Michael

  • 2014 Multidimensional mechanism design in single peaked type spaces
    by Mishra, Debasis & Pramanik, Anup & Roy, Souvik

  • 2014 On the analysis of asymmetric first price auctions
    by Mares, Vlad & Swinkels, Jeroen M.

  • 2014 Elements of emission market design: An experimental analysis of California's market for greenhouse gas allowances
    by Shobe, William & Holt, Charles & Huetteman, Thaddeus

  • 2014 Franking credits and market reactions: Evidence from the Australian convertible security market
    by Fenech, Jean-Pierre & Skully, Michael & Xuguang, Han

  • 2014 Secret reserve prices in first-price auctions
    by Rosar, Frank

  • 2014 Optimal truncation in matching markets
    by Coles, Peter & Shorrer, Ran

  • 2014 An experimental study on the incentives of the probabilistic serial mechanism
    by Hugh-Jones, David & Kurino, Morimitsu & Vanberg, Christoph

  • 2014 Designing incentives for online question-and-answer forums
    by Jain, Shaili & Chen, Yiling & Parkes, David C.

  • 2014 Optimality versus practicality in market design: A comparison of two double auctions
    by Satterthwaite, Mark A. & Williams, Steven R. & Zachariadis, Konstantinos E.

  • 2014 Cumulative offer process is order-independent
    by Hirata, Daisuke & Kasuya, Yusuke

  • 2014 Gross substitutes and complements: A simple generalization
    by Teytelboym, Alexander

  • 2014 Relaxing the substitutes condition in matching markets with contracts
    by Flanagan, Francis X.

  • 2014 A nearly optimal auction for an uninformed seller
    by Lazzati, Natalia & Van Essen, Matt

  • 2014 Wildlife corridor market design: An experimental analysis of the impact of project selection criteria and bidding flexibility
    by Iftekhar, M.S. & Tisdell, J.G.

  • 2014 Koordinierte Strategische Reserve kann Stromversorgungssicherheit in Europa erhöhen
    by Karsten Neuhoff & Friedrich Kunz & Sophia Rüster & Sebastian Schwenen

  • 2014 The Market for Blood
    by Robert Slonim & Carmen Wang & Ellen Garbarino

  • 2014 Sequential Kidney Exchange
    by Lawrence M. Ausubel & Thayer Morrill

  • 2014 Market Design and the Evolution of the Combinatorial Clock Auction
    by Lawrence M. Ausubel & Oleg V. Baranov

  • 2014 Getting More Organs for Transplantation
    by Judd B. Kessler & Alvin E. Roth

  • 2014 Implementation Details for Frequent Batch Auctions: Slowing Down Markets to the Blink of an Eye
    by Eric Budish & Peter Cramton & John Shim

  • 2013 Two-Sided Markets: Theory and Applications
    by E. Zhelesova & S. Izmalkov & K. Sonin & I. Khovanskaya.

  • 2013 Versorgungssicherheit im Strommarkt - Kapazitätsmechanismen
    by Adrian Amelung & Achim Wambach

  • 2013 Braucht Deutschland einen Kapazitätsmarkt für eine sichere Stromversorgung?
    by Justus Haucap

  • 2013 Braucht Deutschland einen Kapazitätsmarkt für eine sichere Stromversorgung?
    by Christoph Maurer

  • 2013 Do pay-as-bid auctions favor collusion? Evidence from Germany's market for reserve power
    by Heim, Sven & Götz, Georg

  • 2013 Den Strommarkt wettbewerblich weiterentwickeln
    by Bardt, Hubertus & Chrischilles, Esther

  • 2013 Banking and price containment in the California greenhouse gas emissions market: an experimental analysis of market design
    by Charles A. Holt & William M. Shobe

  • 2013 Market Transparency, Adverse Selection, and Moral Hazard
    by Klein, Tobias J. & Lambertz, Christian & Stahl, Konrad O.

  • 2013 Implementation with Securities
    by Rahul Deb & Debasis Mishra

  • 2013 Competing with Asking Prices
    by Benjamin Lester & Ludo Visschers & Ronald Wolthoff

  • 2013 Investment Coordination in Network Industries: The Case of Electricity Grid and Electricity
    by Höffler, Felix & Wambach, Achim

  • 2013 Competitive Equilibrium in the Random Assignment Problem
    by Le, Phuong

  • 2013 Procurement Auctions with Renegotiation and Wealth Constraints
    by Chang, Wei-Shiun & Salmon, Timothy C. & Saral, Krista Jabs

  • 2013 Measuring the Effects of Advertising: The Digital Frontier
    by Randall Lewis & Justin M. Rao & David H. Reiley

  • 2013 The Effects of Mandatory Transparency in Financial Market Design: Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market
    by Paul Asquith & Thom Covert & Parag Pathak

  • 2013 Optimal Primaries
    by Patrick Hummel & Richard Holden

  • 2013 Some Simple Economics of Crowdfunding
    by Ajay K. Agrawal & Christian Catalini & Avi Goldfarb

  • 2013 Sales Mechanisms in Online Markets: What Happened to Internet Auctions?
    by Liran Einav & Chiara Farronato & Jonathan D. Levin & Neel Sundaresan

  • 2013 The Promise of Transferable Fishing Concessions on EU Fisheries
    by Zafer Kanik & Serkan Kucuksenel

  • 2013 Implementation of the Maximum Sustainable Yield under an Age-Structured Model
    by Zafer Kanik & Serkan Kucuksenel

  • 2013 Do pay-as-bid auctions favor collusion? - Evidence from Germany’s market for reserve power
    by Sven Heim & Georg Götz

  • 2013 Competing with Asking Prices
    by Lester, Benjamin R. & Visschers, Ludo & Wolthoff, Ronald P.

  • 2013 Implementation in multidimensional domains with ordinal restrictions
    by Debasis Mishra & Anup Pramanik & Souvik Roy

  • 2013 Implementation with securities
    by Rahul Deb & Debasis Mishra

  • 2013 Strategy-Proof Package Assignment
    by Erlanson, Albin & Szwagrzak, Karol

  • 2013 Time for Fishing: Bargaining Power in the Baltic Swedish Cod Fishery
    by Blomquist, Johan & Hammarlund, Cecilia & Waldo, Staffan

  • 2013 Central bank liquidity auction mechanism design and the interbank market
    by Ollikka, Kimmo & Tukiainen , Janne

  • 2013 L’importance des institutions d’échange : une mise en perspective par les expériences de marché
    by Stéphane Robin & Carine Staropoli

  • 2013 Threshold of Preference for Collusion and Interconnection Fees in Different Market Structures : the Tunisian Mobile Market Case
    by Sami Debbichi & Walid Hichri

  • 2013 Optimal Truncation in Matching Markets
    by Peter Coles & Ran Shorrer

  • 2013 Simultaneous Allocation of Bundled Goods Through Auctions: Assessing the Case for Joint Bidding
    by Daniel Rondeau & Pascal Courty & Maurice Doyon

  • 2013 Market Transparency, Adverse Selection, and Moral Hazard
    by Tobias J. Klein & Christian Lambertz & Konrad O. Stahl

  • 2013 Assignment Games with Externalities And Matching-Based Competition
    by Bo Chen

  • 2013 Sequential Pseudomarkets: Welfare Economics in Random Assignment Economies
    by Antonio Miralles

  • 2013 Decision Making in Energy Market with Producers with Different Profiles
    by Nikolaos Chr. Kakogiannis

  • 2013 Good Prospects For Green Energy In Romania
    by Mariana Papatulica & Petre Prisecaru

  • 2013 Russian Interbank Systemic Risks Assessment from the Network Topology Point of View
    by Leonidov, A. & Rumyantsev, E.

  • 2013 Romanian Energy Market Evolution: Towards A Common European Market
    by Delia Vasilica Rotaru

  • 2013 Water quality trading with asymmetric information, uncertainty and transaction costs: A stochastic agent-based simulation
    by Nguyen, N.P. & Shortle, J.S. & Reed, P.M. & Nguyen, T.T.

  • 2013 A folk theorem for competing mechanisms
    by Peters, Michael & Troncoso-Valverde, Cristián

  • 2013 Auctions with a profit sharing contract
    by Abhishek, Vineet & Hajek, Bruce & Williams, Steven R.

  • 2013 Paying for the smart grid
    by De Castro, Luciano & Dutra, Joisa

  • 2013 On the economics of renewable energy sources
    by Edenhofer, Ottmar & Hirth, Lion & Knopf, Brigitte & Pahle, Michael & Schlömer, Steffen & Schmid, Eva & Ueckerdt, Falko

  • 2013 Verteilungseffekte von Kapazitätsmechanismen: auf den Typ kommt es an
    by Claudia Kemfert & Thure Traber

  • 2013 Strategische Reserve zur Absicherung des Strommarkts
    by Karsten Neuhoff & Jochen Diekmann & Wolf-Peter Schill & Sebastian Schwenen

  • 2013 Herausforderungen bei der Allokation von Strom aus fluktuierenden erneuerbaren Energien: Probleme und mögliche Lösungskonzepte
    by Eva Hauser & Alexander Zipp

  • 2013 Hypermarket's adapting at the financial crisis conditions
    by Ion Gr. IONESCU

  • 2013 Hypermarket's adapting at the financial crisis conditions
    by Ion Gr. IONESCU

  • 2012 The College Choice Problem with Priorities
    by Alexandra Litsa & Jean-François Maguet

  • 2012 How solar subsidies can distort the power market: the case of Italy
    by Stagnaro, Carlo

  • 2012 Keeping Some Skin in the Game: How to Start a Capital Market in Longevity Risk Transfers
    by Blake, David & Biffs, Enrico

  • 2012 Do Online Marketplaces Become More Efficient Over Time?
    by Andrey Fradkin

  • 2012 Advertising versus Brokerage Model for Online Trading Platforms
    by Jianqing Chen & Ming Fan & Mingzhi Li

  • 2012 Buy-it-now or Take-a-chance: Price Discrimination through Randomized Auctions
    by L. Elisa Celis & Gregory Lewis & Markus M. Mobius & Hamid Nazerzadeh

  • 2012 Carbon Markets in Dynamic Perspective: The Optimal Duration Problem
    by Jorge Fernandez & Sebastian Miller

  • 2012 l’Italia hub euromediterraneo del gas naturale: politiche, infrastrutture, collaborazioni europee e internazionali
    by Sergio Garribba

  • 2012 Möglichkeiten eines gemeinsam definierten Universaldienst Post und Telekommunikation aus ökonomischer und juristischer Sicht
    by Urs Trinkner & Bernd Holznagel & Christian Jaag & Helmut Dietl & Haller Andreas

  • 2011 Reti di trasporto nazionale e concorrenza nei mercati del gas: il caso Eni-Snam Rete Gas
    by Testa, Federico & Stagnaro, Carlo

  • 2011 Pricing and Efficiency in the Market for IP Addresses
    by Benjamin Edelman & Michael Schwarz

  • 2008 Emotional Balances in Experimental Consumer Choice
    by Mengov, George & Egbert, Henrik & Pulov, Stefan & Georgiev, Kalin

  • 1999 Factor Adjustment, Quality Change, and Productivity Growth for U.S. Manufacturing
    by Jeffrey I. Bernstein & Theofanis P. Mamuneas & Panos Pashardes

  • 1981 The Curious Case of the Journal Manuscript Market: Ethics Versus Efficiency in Academe
    by Koch, James & Cebula, Richard

  • Forthcoming Gross substitutes and endowed assignment valuations
    by Ostrovsky, Michael & Paes Leme, Renato

  • Forthcoming Matching with slot-specific priorities: theory
    by Kominers, Scott Duke & Sonmez, Tayfun

  • Forthcoming Optimally constraining a bidder using a simple budget
    by Burkett, Justin

  • Matching with Waiting Times: The German Entry-Level Labour Market for Lawyers
    by Philipp D. Dimakopoulos & Christian-Philipp Heller

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