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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ D: Microeconomics
/ / D0: General
/ / D1: Household Behavior
/ / D2: Production and Organizations
/ / D3: Distribution
/ / D4: Market Structure, Pricing, and Design
/ / D5: General Equilibrium and Disequilibrium
/ / D6: Welfare Economics
/ / D7: Analysis of Collective Decision-Making
/ / D8: Information, Knowledge, and Uncertainty
/ / D9: Micro-Based Behavioral Economics

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Wine and Food Route as a collective mark for wine tourism product: a sequential game
    by Sebastiano Patti

  • 2017 Households Debt Restructuring: The Re-default Effect of a Debt Suspension
    by Fraisse, Henri

  • 2017 Firm Performance in the Western Balkan States: the Impact of European Union Membership and Access to Finance
    by Peter Howard-Jones & Jens Hoelscher & Dragana Radicic

  • 2017 Alternative Types of Ambiguity and their Effects on the Probabilistic Properties and Tail Risks of Environmental-Policy Variables
    by Phoebe Koundouri & Nikitas Pittis & Panagiotis Samartzis & Nikolaos Englezos & Andreas Papandreou

  • 2017 Tracking patent transfers in different European countries: methods and a first application to medical technologies
    by Laurie Ciaramella & Catalina Martínez & Yann Ménière

  • 2017 A New Sufficient Condition for a Berge Equilibrium to be a Berge–Vaisman Equilibrium
    by Bertrand Crettez

  • 2017 On Sugden’s “mutually beneficial practice” and Berge equilibrium
    by Bertrand Crettez

  • 2017 Indirect Taxes in Oligopoly in Presence of Licensing Opportunities
    by Neelanjan Sen & Rajit Biswas

  • 2017 Tax evasion in a Cournot oligopoly with endogenous entry
    by Laszlo Goerke

  • 2017 The fundamental theorem of mutual insurance
    by Albrecht, Peter & Huggenberger, Markus

  • 2017 Estimating the potential for electricity savings in households
    by Boogen, Nina

  • 2016 Tax Evasion in a Cournot Oligopoly with Endogenous Entry
    by Laszlo Goerke

  • 2016 Low Visibility: The Fate of Air Traffic Control Privatization
    by Max B. Sawicky

  • 2016 Does Online Search Predict Sales? Evidence from Big Data for Car Markets in Germany and the UK
    by Georg von Graevenitz & Christian Helmers & Valentine Millot & Oliver Turnbull

  • 2016 Entrepreneurial orientation of contemporary Polish corporations (Przedsiebiorcza orientacja wspolczesnych polskich korporacji )
    by Teresa Piecuch

  • 2016 Entrepreneurship implications on marketing function
    by Isachi Silvia Elena

  • 2016 Migrants’ Influence on Firm-level Exports
    by Andreas Hatzigeorgiou & Magnus Lodefalk

  • 2016 The skewness risk premium in equilibrium and stock return predictability
    by Hiroshi Sasaki

  • 2016 Savings And Financial Control In Students Of Economic Area And Administrative Region South High Jalisco, Mexico, El Ahorro Y Control Financiero En Estudiantes Del Area Economicoadministrativa De La Region Altos Sur De Jalisco, Mexico
    by Nadia Natasha Reus Gonzalez & Tania Reus Gonzalez

  • 2016 The regional impact of a CO2 tax on gasoline demand: A spatial econometric approach
    by Filippini, Massimo & Heimsch, Fabian

  • 2016 The political economy of renewable energy policies in Germany and the EU
    by Strunz, Sebastian & Gawel, Erik & Lehmann, Paul

  • 2016 Entropy, desegregation, and proportional rationing
    by Moulin, Hervé

  • 2016 Demonstration effect and dynamic efficiency
    by Thibault, Emmanuel

  • 2016 Resilienz: Unternehmenshistorische Dimensionen der Krisenrobustheit am Beispiel deutscher Brauereien in den 1970er Jahren
    by Köhler Ingo & Schulze Benjamin W.

  • 2016 „Ist nämlich der ganze Spekulationsverkehr erst einmal in einen krankhaft erregten Zustand hineingerathen…“: Pathologien der Börse im späten 19. Jahrhundert
    by Engel Alexander

  • 2016 Wirtschaftskrisen und Krisendiskurse: Vorwort der Herausgeber
    by Rossfeld Roman & Köhler Ingo

  • 2016 Pseudoproduction, Pseudocost and Profit Functions in Monopoly from the Dual Perspective
    by Vrankić Ilko & Krpan Mira

  • 2015 Asset index, child nutritional status and pro-poor growth analysis in Malawi
    by Anderson Sawira Gondwe

  • 2015 Underlying Energy Efficiency in the US
    by Massimo Filippini & Lester C Hunt

  • 2015 A Framework for Ex-Ante Economic Analysis of Tourism Investments: An Application to Haiti
    by Onil Banerjee & Martin Cicowiez & Sebastien Gachot

  • 2015 Transient and Persistent Energy Efficiency in the US Residential Sector: Evidence from Household-level Data
    by Anna Alberini & Massimo Filippini

  • 2015 Measurement of Energy Efficiency Based on Economic Foundations
    by Massimo Filippini & Lester Hunt

  • 2015 Dynamic Model of Markets of Homogenous Non-Durables
    by Kaldasch, Joachim

  • 2015 Systemic Risk Management. Cognitive Perspective (Zarzadzanie ryzykiem systemu finansowego. Perspektywa poznawcza)
    by Jan K. Solarz

  • 2015 Analysis of the Strategies Specific to Knowledge based Management
    by Dorinela Nancu

  • 2015 Study Regarding Consumer Protection and Satisfaction on Tourism Services Market. Case Study: Romania Versus France
    by Anca Madar & Nicoleta Andreea Neacºu

  • 2015 The Knowledge Assessment Methodology of Countries
    by Dorinela Nancu

  • 2015 Technical Efficiency Levels of Rural Banks (BPRs) in West Java: A Stochastic Frontier Approach
    by Putu Geniki Lavinia Natih

  • 2015 The Prospect of remittances in Albania
    by Albana GJONI (KARAMETA) & Holta KORA (BAKO)

  • 2015 Childhood roots of financial literacy
    by Grohmann, Antonia & Kouwenberg, Roy & Menkhoff, Lukas

  • 2015 Examining the relationship between creativity and innovation: A meta-analysis of organizational, cultural, and environmental factors
    by Sarooghi, Hessamoddin & Libaers, Dirk & Burkemper, Andrew

  • 2015 Strategic investment in merchant transmission: The impact of capacity utilization rules
    by Boffa, Federico & Pingali, Viswanath & Sala, Francesca

  • 2015 Measurement of energy efficiency based on economic foundations
    by Filippini, Massimo & Hunt, Lester C.

  • 2015 Dynamic demand for residential electricity in Taiwan under seasonality and increasing-block pricing
    by Hung, Ming-Feng & Huang, Tai-Hsin

  • 2015 Prices and investment with collateral and default
    by Magill, Michael & Quinzii, Martine

  • 2014 Exports, agglomeration and workforce diversity: An empirical assessment of German establishments
    by Stephan Brunow & Luise Grünwald

  • 2014 The Latin American Middle Class: Fragile After All?
    by Francesca Castellani & Gwenn Parent & Jannet Zenteno

  • 2014 Literature review and model development
    by Tim Jackson & Ben Drake & Peter Victor & Kurt Kratena & Mark Sommer

  • 2014 Going beyond tradition: Estimating residential electricity demand using an appliance index and energy services
    by Nina Boogen & Souvik Datta & Massimo Filippini

  • 2014 The Wealth of Households: An Analysis of the 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances
    by David Rosnick & Dean Baker

  • 2014 The State of REDD+ Finance - Working Paper 378
    by Marigold Norman and Smita Nakhooda

  • 2014 Metody jakosciowe w badaniu przedsiebiorczosci (Qualitative Methods in the Research on Entrepreneurship)
    by Bartlomiej J. Gabrys

  • 2014 Psychologiczne podejscie do rozumienia postaw konsumenckich (Psychological approach to consumers’ attitudes)
    by Dominika Maison & Katarzyna Stasiuk

  • 2014 Saving in Foreign Currency
    by Niþu Oana & Niþu Claudiu Valentin & Tileagã Cosmin

  • 2014 The Analysis of the Organizational Learning Processes in Local Organizations
    by Lazãr Cristina & Nancu Dorinela

  • 2014 Bidding Price Foundation And Update
    by Vãduva Cecilia Elena

  • 2014 The Greek Maritime Cluster as a Driving Force for the Economy's Restarting
    by Theodoropoulos Sotirios & Tassopoulos Eugenios

  • 2014 The irresistible charm of the micro-foundations dogma or the overwhelming force of the discipline's hard core?
    by Thanos Skouras & Yiannis Kitromilides

  • 2014 Aggregate sentiment dynamics: A canonical modelling approach and its pleasant nonlinearities
    by Franke, Reiner

  • 2014 Zur empirischen Prüfbarkeit des homo oeconomicus anhand der Messung der Motive ehrenamtlichen Engagements in Sportvereinen
    by Jens Flatau & Eike Emrich & Christian Pierdzioch

  • 2014 Quality Dimensions, Value, Service Cost and Recommendation Behaviour: Evidence from the Nigerian Cellular Industry
    by Abolaji Joachim Abiodun & Kenneth Sola Adeyemi & Adewale Omotayo Osibanjo

  • 2013 R and D Spillovers Across the Supply Chain: Evidence from the Indian Automobile Industry
    by Madhuri Saripalle

  • 2013 (De)Regulation and Market Thickness
    by Jean Guillaume Forand & Vikram Maheshri

  • 2013 Measurement of the “Underlying energy efficiency” in Chinese provinces
    by Massimo Filippini & Lin Zhang

  • 2013 'Underlying Energy Efficiency' in the US
    by Massimo Filippini & Lester C. Hunt

  • 2013 Why Does the Minimum Wage Have No Discernible Effect on Employment?
    by John Schmitt

  • 2013 Wykorzystanie uslug doradczych jako czynnik rozwoju zarzadzania organizacjami. (Consulting as a factor in the development of organizational management .)
    by Kinga Korniejenko & Katarzyna Lichwa

  • 2013 Invisible Hand Processes and the Theory of Money
    by Hillel Steiner

  • 2013 Implementing Cloud Computing Based Information Systems
    by Robu Maximilian Iosif

  • 2013 Relevant Performance Indicators in the Analysis of Corporate Governance
    by Georgescu Cristina Elena

  • 2013 Aspects Regarding the Influence of the Governance Structure on the Company’s Performace
    by Georgescu Cristina Elena

  • 2013 Analysis of the Impacts of Foreign Currency SavingsAbstract:Studying the ways of training, of the influence factors and of the ways to place people's savings by making such research, offers the possibility of scientific development and reasoning of the appropriate model of population on saving in the difficult conditions in which it is now Romania. Household savings trends are reflected in the standards of living and welfare. Savings, as an influencing factor of the standard of living and welfare depends on the level of inflation, the interest rate liabilities and the income, which suggests that, before drawing any conclusion about saving, changes of the size of people savings should be considered. In Romania, in the current period, occures a series of studies and analyzes, in which, statistically, they are assessed and defined multiple concepts of living. These studies were signed by researchers from the National Institute of Statistics, the National Bank and the Deposit Guarantee Fund in the Banking System
    by Nicodim Liliana & Tileagã Cosmin

  • 2013 A Microeconomic Approach of a Company’s in a Competitive Environment
    by Alexandru Trifu

  • 2013 Relative consumption, working time, and trade unions
    by Goerke, Laszlo & Hillesheim, Inga

  • 2013 Motivation and affective processing biases in risky decision making: A counter-regulation account
    by Schwager, Susanne & Rothermund, Klaus

  • 2013 Generalizing the core design principles for the efficacy of groups
    by Wilson, David Sloan & Ostrom, Elinor & Cox, Michael E.

  • 2013 Regional impact of changes in disposable income on Spanish electricity demand: A spatial econometric analysis
    by Blázquez Gomez, Leticia M. & Filippini, Massimo & Heimsch, Fabian

  • 2013 Power TAC: A competitive economic simulation of the smart grid
    by Ketter, Wolfgang & Collins, John & Reddy, Prashant

  • 2013 Residential electricity demand in Spain: New empirical evidence using aggregate data
    by Blázquez, Leticia & Boogen, Nina & Filippini, Massimo

  • 2013 Profit sharing and relative consumption
    by Goerke, Laszlo

  • 2013 KSU (national service system) services as basis of regional entrepreneurship
    by Elzbieta Skapska

  • 2013 Communication Abilities Of Dambovita’S Managers

  • 2012 Stable Matching with Incomplete Information, Second Version
    by Qingmin Liu & George J. Mailath & Andrew Postlewaite & Larry Samuelson

  • 2012 Matching with Incomplete Information
    by Qingmin Liu & George J. Mailath & Andrew Postlewaite & Larry Samuelson

  • 2012 Modeling Artisanal Fisheries and Hydroelectricity in Relation to the Itezhi-tezhi Dam on the Kafue River, Zambia
    by Richard Jensen

  • 2012 Economic Policy for Invasive Species
    by Richard Jensen

  • 2012 Un’analisi critica dei lavori recenti del mainstream sugli effetti economici delle spese militari
    by Eleonora Gentilucci & Rémy Herrera

  • 2012 Window-Dressing and Lobbying in Performance-Budgeting: a Model for the Public Sector
    by Ivo Bischoff & Frédéric Blaeschke

  • 2012 Barro-Becker with Credit Frictions
    by Cordoba, Juan Carlos & Ripoll, Marla

  • 2012 Barro-Becker with Credit Frictions
    by Cordoba, Juan Carlos & Ripoll, Marla

  • 2012 Life, Death and World Inequality
    by Cordoba, Juan Carlos & Ripoll, Marla

  • 2012 Small-Dollar Lending: Is There A Responsible Path Forward?
    by Jim Campen

  • 2012 Missing the Story: The OECD's Analysis of Inequality
    by David Rosnick & Dean Baker

  • 2012 The Impact on Inequality of Raising the Social Security Retirement Age
    by Dean Baker & David Rosnick

  • 2012 Analysing the Impact of ENERGY STAR Rebate Policies in the US
    by Souvik Datta & Massimo Filippini

  • 2012 Residential electricity demand for Spain: new empirical evidence using aggregated data
    by Blazquez Leticia & Nina Boogen & Massimo Filippini

  • 2012 Saving in Foreign Currency and Its Effects: An Empirical Analysis
    by Oana Nitu & Claudiu Valentin Nitu & Cosmin Tileaga

  • 2012 Recession of Economy and the New Aspects of Consumer Behaviour: the Case of Romania
    by Anghelina Andrei,

  • 2012 Consideration Regarding the Approach of Sme’s Development Modalities, in Context of Knowledge-Based Economy, from the Perspective of Firm Theories
    by Popescu Manoela & Crenicean Cecilia Luminita

  • 2012 The Influence of Conflicts of Interest on Firm Value
    by Georgescu Cristina Elena

  • 2012 The Modalities to Resolve Conflicts of Interest between Stakeholders
    by Georgescu Cristina Elena

  • 2012 Information and Communication Technologies- Vector of Development of the Knowledge Based Economy
    by Cuºu Dorinela & Chiriac Marius & Teliceanu Viorel

  • 2012 A New Social Class-The Knowledge Workers
    by Cuºu Dorinela & Brailoiu Liviu & Bujduveanu Aurica

  • 2012 Imkb’de Islem Goren Cimento Sektorundeki Sirketlerin Finansal Performanslarinin VIKOR Yontemi Ile Siralanmasi
    by Unal H. Ozden & Ozlem Deniz Basar & Seda Bagdatli Kalkan

  • 2012 Old is not sexy. How media do (not) report about older people, and how older Swiss journalists started their own newspapers online
    by Stephan RUSS-MOHL & Karen TORBEN-NIELSEN

  • 2012 Out of control? How online papers are both shaping and being shaped by user generated content
    by Michael KARLSSON & Mart OTS

  • 2012 Médias et marché alternatif : une nouvelle lecture de l’espace public pendant la Roumanie de Ceausescu
    by Alexandra BARDAN

  • 2012 Determinants of a throwaway society – A sustainable consumption issue
    by McCollough, John

  • 2012 The effect of question wording on consumers’ reported inflation expectations
    by Bruine de Bruin, Wändi & van der Klaauw, Wilbert & Topa, Giorgio & Downs, Julie S. & Fischhoff, Baruch & Armantier, Olivier

  • 2012 Investment risk – The perspective of individual investors
    by Sachse, Katharina & Jungermann, Helmut & Belting, Julia M.

  • 2012 Housing submarkets and the impacts of foreclosures on property prices
    by Biswas, Arnab

  • 2012 Does the public sector over-provide club goods? A general result
    by al-Nowaihi, Ali & Fraser, Clive D.

  • 2012 The co-evolution of reciprocity-based wage offers and effort choices
    by Schliffke, Philipp

  • 2011 How to Move Product Market Regulation in New Zealand Back Towards the Frontier
    by Paul Conway

  • 2011 A Stochastic Life Cycle Model of Academic Research and Patent Licensing
    by Richard Jensen

  • 2011 L’accès à des services énergétiques réduit-il la malnutrition des enfants au Sénégal ? Evaluation du programme des plateformes multifonctionnelles
    by Marie-Charlotte BUISSON

  • 2011 The Normative Bias In Entrepreneurial Theory

  • 2011 How Should A Public Good Be Provided? A Transaction Cost Approach

  • 2011 Can Destructive Network Activities Push An Economy To A Lower Level Of Specialization? A Theoretical Illustration

  • 2011 Knowledge Based Company– a Theoretical Approach
    by Cuºu Dorinela

  • 2011 The Knowledge Based Society and Economy. Literature Review
    by Cuºu Dorinela

  • 2010 Fleet Restructuring, Rent Generation and the Design of Individual Transferable Fishing Quota Programs: Empirical Evidence from the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery
    by "Lian, Carl"

  • 2010 US Residential Energy Demand and Energy Efficiency: A Stochastic Demand Frontier Approach
    by Massimo Filippini & Lester C Hunt

  • 2010 Energy demand and energy efficiency in the OECD countries: a stochastic demand frontier approach
    by Massimo Filippini & Lester C Hunt

  • 2010 Monitoring to Reduce Agency Costs: Examining the Behavior of Independent and Non-Independent Boards
    by Frank Milne & Lynnette Purda & Anita Anand

  • 2010 Agent-Based Modeling: The Right Mathematics for the Social Sciences?
    by Borrill, Paul L. & Tesfatsion, Leigh

  • 2010 Utilità intertemporale ed equità fra generazioni
    by Vinicio Guidi

  • 2010 Inflation Expectations and Stability in an Overlapping Generations Experiment with Money Creation
    by Peter Heemeijer & Cars Hommes & Joep Sonnemans & Jan Tuinstra

  • 2010 Residential Consumption of Gas and Electricity in the U.S.: The Role of Prices and Income
    by Anna Alberini & Gans Will & Daniel Lopez-Velez

  • 2010 Short and long-run time-of-use price elasticities in Swiss residential electricity demand
    by Massimo Filippini

  • 2010 Response of Residential Electricity Demand to Price: The Effect of Measurement Error
    by Massimo Filippini & Anna Alberini

  • 2010 Valeurs du contact et valeurs en contact dans les pratiques du SMS chez les adolescents
    by Raluca MOISE

  • 2010 Media as cultural billboard. A students’ perspective
    by Valentina ROMAN & Alexandra ZBUCHEA

  • 2010 La importancia de la microeconomía schumpeteriana: un análisis de panel para Colombia
    by Jan Ter Wengel & Gilma Beatriz Ferreira & Lorena Salgado & Luis Miguel Suárez

  • 2010 Good manners and etiquette- components of businessman’s image
    by Ovidiu Leonard Turcu & Andreea Feraru

  • 2010 Highlights of Marketing Research in Romania
    by Laura Catalina Timiras & Bogdan Nichifor & Luminita Zait

  • 2009 Whitefish: An Economic Primer
    by Arthur J. Hosios & Lawrence B. Smith

  • 2009 Doping, the Inspection Game, and Bayesian Monitoring
    by Roland Kirstein

  • 2009 Free Ride: The Senate Health Bill’s Approach to “Employer Responsibility” Means Some Large Employers Get to Take It Easy
    by Shawn Fremstad

  • 2009 Inequality as Policy: The United States Since 1979
    by John Schmitt

  • 2009 Reimbursement Roulette: The Baucus Bill’s Too Playful Approach to “Play-or-Pay” in Health Care Reform
    by Shawn Fremstad

  • 2009 Employer Responsibility in Health Care Reform: Potential Effects on Low- and Moderate-Income Workers
    by Shawn Fremstad

  • 2009 Rates of Return and Alternative Measures of Capital Input: 14 Countries and 10 Branches, 1971-2005
    by Nicholas Oulton & Ana Rincon-Aznar

  • 2009 Energy demand and energy efficiency in the OECD countries: a stochastic demand frontier approach
    by Massimo Filippini & Lester Hunt

  • 2009 Neo-additive capacities and updating
    by Eichberger, Jürgen & Grant, Simon & Lefort, Jean-Philippe

  • 2009 Performance Benchmarking of Australian and New Zealand Business Regulation - Food Safety
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2008 Agent-Based Computational Economics: Modeling Economies As Complex Adaptive Systems
    by Tesfatsion, Leigh S.

  • 2008 Modeling Macroeconomies As Open-Ended Dynamic Systems of Interacting Agents
    by LeBaron, Blake & Tesfatsion, Leigh S.

  • 2008 Generic finiteness of equilibrium payoffs for bimatrix games
    by Andreu Mas-Colell

  • 2008 Productivity in the Mining Industry: Measurement and Interpretation
    by Vernon Topp & Leo Soames & Dean Parham & Harry Bloch

  • 2008 Trends in Aged Care Services: some implications
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2008 The Right of Withdrawal in the Treaty of Lisbon: A game theoretic reflection on different decision processes in the EU
    by Susanne Lechner & Renate Ohr

  • 2008 Measuring Poverty and Economic Inclusion: The Current Poverty Measure, the NAS Alternative, and the Case for a Truly New Approach
    by Shawn Fremstad

  • 2008 Performance Benchmarking of Australian Business Regulation: Cost of Business Registrations
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2008 Performance Benchmarking of Australian Business Regulation: Quantity and Quality
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2008 Stochastic Demand, Specialization, And Increasing Returns
    by YONG J. YOON

  • 2008 Economic Performance Through Time: A General Equilibrium Model

  • 2008 China: Regional Disparities In Poverty Distribution

  • 2008 Means of Knowledge Acquisition of Entrepreneurs and Their Success
    by Barbara Hvalic Erzetic

  • 2008 Inflacija kao rezultat neurecenosti privrednog sistema i ekonomske politike
    by Sofija Adžic

  • 2007 Agents Come to Bits: Towards a Constructive Comprehensive Taxonomy of Economic Entities
    by Tesfatsion, Leigh S.

  • 2007 Can Australia Match US Productivity Performance?
    by Ben Dolman & Dean Parham & Simon Zheng

  • 2007 Financial Performance of Government Trading Enterprises 2004-05 to 2005-06
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2007 Performance Benchmarking of Australian Business Regulation
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2007 Transaction And Transfer Efficiencies And The Size Of Fdi

  • 2007 Measuring Transaction Costs: Diverging Approaches, Contending Practices
    by NING WANG

  • 2007 Stability, Specialization And Social Recognition

  • 2007 Editorial

  • 2007 The Special Economic Allocations Law and its role in the oil fiscal income distribution (1998-2006)
    by Gladys Cáceres F. & Helena Hernández V.

  • 2007 Factores estratégicos de éxito de las empresas de inserción
    by José Luis Retolaza Ávalos & Maite Ruiz Roqueñi & Andrés Araujo de la Mata

  • 2007 Données individuelles et implications macroéconomiques
    by .

  • 2006 Handbook of Computational Economics, Vol. 2: Agent-Based Computational Economics
    by Tesfatsion, Leigh & Judd, Kenneth L.

  • 2006 Financial Performance of Government Trading Enterprises 2000-01 to 2004-05
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2006 Principle of Uncertain Future
    by Alexander Harin

  • 2006 A Rational Irrational Man?
    by Alexander Harin

  • 2006 Operational identification of the complete class of superlative index numbers: an application of Galois theory
    by William Barnett & Ki-Hong Choi

  • 2006 A Guide for Newcomers to Agent-Based Modeling in the Social Sciences
    by Axelrod, Robert & Tesfatsion, Leigh

  • 2006 Agent-Based Computational Modeling And Macroeconomics
    by Tesfatsion, Leigh

  • 2006 Diversity Of Specialization Patterns, Schur Convexity And Transference: A Note On The Measurement Of The Division Of Labor

  • 2006 The Role Of Expectations In A Specialization-Driven Growth Model With Endogenous Technology Choice

  • 2006 Domestic And Global Sourcing

  • 2006 Output Set, Convexity, Specialization And Trade In The Absence Of Comparative Advantages

  • 2006 Theoretical Difficulties With Transaction Cost Measurement

  • 2006 Recollections Of Xiaokai

  • 2006 Xiaokai Yang At Monash
    by IAN WILLS

  • 2006 Reflections Of Xiaokai Yang
    by MEI WEN

  • 2006 Xiaokai Yang: Some Recollections

  • 2006 Xiaokai Yang: An Economist Defined By One Big Idea

  • 2006 Xiaokai Yang'S Contribution

  • 2006 My Friend Xiaokai Yang, The Mozart Of Economic Theory

  • 2006 My Acquaintance With Xiaokai

  • 2006 Reminiscence Of Xiaokai Yang
    by KE LI

  • 2006 Reflection On Xiaokai Yang

  • 2006 In Memory Of Xiaokai

  • 2006 Love Of Variety And Scale Implications: An Empirical Evaluation

  • 2006 Division Of Labour, Specialization, And Theft Behavior — A General Equilibrium Analysis Of "Hobbes' Jungle"
    by KE LI

  • 2006 A Three-Good Overlapping-Generations General Equilibrium Efficient Business Cycle Model
    by JULAN DU

  • 2006 Endogenous Specialization, Endogenous Transaction Costs, And The Theory Of The Firm

  • 2006 Introduction

  • 2006 Impact of Price-Deregulation on Market Outcomes - The Case of Chimney Sweep Services in Slovenia
    by Egon Žižmond

  • 2006 Antecedentes y posibles ventajas y desventajas del Tratado de Libre Comercio - TLC para un país como Colombia
    by Francisco Giraldo Izasa

  • 2006 La nueva Macroeconomía Clásica y el Equilibrio General: una visión crítica
    by Bernard Guerrien

  • 2005 Fair Behavior and Inflation Persistence
    by Seidel, Gerald

  • 2005 Reform of Building Regulation
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2005 Scientific Revolution. A Farewell to EconWPA
    by Alexander Harin

  • 2005 Stochastic Market Sharing, Partial Communication and Collusion
    by Heiko Gerlach

  • 2005 Gains and losses. The same or different choices?
    by Alexander Harin

  • 2005 A new approach to solve old problems
    by Alexander Harin

  • 2005 The Governance of Occupational Pension Funds and the Politico- Economic Implications: The Case of Austria
    by Stefan W. Schmitz

  • 2005 Raison d'être et spécificités de la firme bancaire : pourquoi la banque n'est-elle pas une entreprise comme les autres ?
    by dhafer saidane

  • 2005 Optimal Taxation of Gambling and Lotto
    by Walther Herbert

  • 2005 Financial Performance of Government Trading Enterprises 1999-00 to 2003-04
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2005 Trends in Australian Agriculture
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2005 U.S. Inequality: Debt Constraints or Incomplete Markets?
    by Juan Carlos Cordoba

  • 2005 Explaining de facto Judicial Independence
    by Bernd Hayo and Stefan Voigt

  • 2005 Common Shocks and Relative Compensation Schemes
    by Martine Quinzii & Michael Magill

  • 2005 Walrasian Sequential Equilibrium, Bounded Rationality, And Social Experiments

  • 2005 Natural Equality, Increasing Returns, And Economic Progress: A Reinterpretation Of Adam Smith'S System

  • 2005 Why Has Inequality Increased In China? Toward A Theory Of International Matching
    by E. MASKIN

  • 2005 New Classical Economics: Towards A New Paradigm For Economics?

  • 2005 Division Of Labour And Transaction Costs: Toward A Research Agenda

  • 2005 Division Of Labour And Transaction Costs: An Introduction

  • 2004 Explaining Sunday shop policies
    by Elbert Dijkgraaf & Raymond Gradus

  • 2004 Trends in Australian Manufacturing
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2004 Road Pricing, Traffic Congestion and Economic Welfare: A Note
    by Ingo_Böbel & Casimir_de_Rham

  • 2004 The level of satisfaction with life: evidence gathered among women from Greater Montevideo
    by Maximo Rossi & Marisa Bucheli

  • 2004 Evaluation of the Mutual Recognition Schemes
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2004 Asymmetric Information and the Demand for Health Care - the Case of Double Moral Hazard
    by Udo Schneider

  • 2004 The Estonian ICT Manufacturing and Software Industry: Current State and Future Outlook
    by Tarmo Kalvet

  • 2004 Bureaucratic corruption and macroeconomic performance
    by Ingrid Ott

  • 2004 Fashion Statement
    by Ted Temzelides

  • 2004 When Promotions Induce Good Managers to Be Lazy
    by Antoine Renucci & Frédéric Loss

  • 2004 Constitutional Rules
    by Francesco Giovannoni & Toke S. Aidt

  • 2004 Overconfidence in Economic Contests
    by Munetomo Ando

  • 2003 The Impact of Insurance Fraud Detection Systems
    by Jörg Schiller

  • 2003 The Impact of Insurance Fraud Detection Systems
    by Joerg Schiller

  • 2003 Radiocommunications
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2003 University Resourcing: Australia in an International Context
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2003 Growth in the “New Economy”: U.S. Bandwidth Use and Pricing Across the 1990s
    by Douglas A. Galbi

  • 2003 Productivity Commission Submission to the Review of Pricing Arrangements in Residential Aged Care
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2003 International benchmarking of container stevedoring
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2003 A minőség figyelembevételének szükségessége az egyensúlyi állapot meghatározásában
    by Vörös, József

  • 2003 Business ethics, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance: a review and summary critique
    by John Donaldson & Irene Fafaliou

  • 2002 Agent-Based Computational Economics: Growing Economies from the Bottom Up
    by Tesfatsion, Leigh S.

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