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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q2: Renewable Resources and Conservation
/ / / Q24: Land
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Conjunctive Implementation of Land Sparing and Land Sharing for Environmental Preservation
    by Legras, Sophie & Martin, Elsa & Piguet, Virginie

  • 2017 Indirect land use change (iLUC) revisited: An evaluation of current policy proposals
    by Delzeit, Ruth & Klepper, Gernot & Söder, Mareike

  • 2017 Roads & SDGs, tradeoffs and synergies: Learning from Brazil's Amazon in distinguishing frontiers
    by Pfaff, Alexander S. P. & Robalino, Juan D. & Reis, Eustáquio José & Walker, Robert T. & Perz, Stephen George L. & Laurance, William F. & Bohrer, Claudio & Aldrich, Steven & Arima, E. Y. & Caldas, Marcellus Marques & Kirby, Katherine

  • 2017 Food security, food safety and pesticides: China and the EU compared
    by Maria Bruna Zolin & Matilde Cassin & Ilda Mannino

  • 2017 How Valuable are National Parks? Evidence from a Proposed National Park Expansion in Alaska
    by Michael Spanbauer & Lindsay Johnson & Patrick Button

  • 2017 Cost-effectiveness of buying land for conservation versus paying land-users for conservation measures – the case of preserving an oligotrophic lake in a Natura 2000 area in North Germany
    by Schöttker, Oliver & Wätzold, Frank

  • 2017 Fiscal Instruments for Sustainable Development: The Case of Land Taxes
    by Kalkuhl, Matthias & Fernandez Milan, Blanca & Schwerhoff, Gregor & Jakob, Michael & Hahnen, Maren & Creutzig, Felix

  • 2017 Indicators on Terrestrial and Marine Protected Areas: Methodology and Results for OECD and G20 countries
    by Alexander Mackie & Sarah Sentier & Ivan Haščič & Myriam Linster

  • 2017 Global economic growth and agricultural land conversion under uncertain productivity improvements in agriculture
    by Bruno Lanz & Simon Dietz & Tim Swanson

  • 2017 The Impact of Earthquake/Tsunami Threat on Land Prices in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia
    by Budi Eko Soetjipto

  • 2017 A bio-economic analysis for land-uses and biodiversity in metropolitan France
    by Lauriane MOUYSSET & Claire RAIS ASSA & Jean-Sauveur AY & Frédéric JIGUET & Romain LORRILIERE & Luc DOYEN

  • 2017 Land-Use Regulations, Property Values, and Rents: Decomposing the Effects of the California Coastal Act
    by Severen, Christopher & Plantinga, Andrew

  • 2017 Export Tariffs Combined with Public Investments as a Forest Conservation Policy Instrument
    by Gregor Schwerhoff & Johanna Wehkamp

  • 2017 Logging concessions, certification and protected areas in the Peruvian Amazon: forest impacts from development rights and land-use restrictions
    by Jimena Rico & Stephanie Panlasigui & Colby J. Loucks & Jennifer Swenson & Alexander Pfaff

  • 2017 Optimal rice land protection in a command economy
    by Long Chu & Hoa-Thi-Minh Nguyen & Tom Kompas & Khoi Dang & Trinh Bui

  • 2017 Fondo de Tierras del Acuerdo Agrario de la Habana: Estimaciones y propuestas alternativas
    by Julián Arteaga & Carolina Castro Osorio & Diana Cuéllar & Ana María Ibáñez & Rocío Londoño Botero & Manuel Murcia & Javier Neva & Dora Inés Rey

  • 2017 Analysing Adoption of Soil Conservation Measures by Farmers in Darjeeling District, India
    by Chandan Singha

  • 2017 How Does Urbanization Affect Water Withdrawals? Insights from an Econometric-Based Landscape Simulation
    by Daniel P. Bigelow & Andrew J. Plantinga & David J. Lewis & Christian Langpap

  • 2017 Specification of Spatial-Dynamic Externalities and Implications for Strategic Behavior in Disease Control
    by Shady S. Atallah & Miguel I. Gómez & Jon M. Conrad

  • 2017 The causal relationship between land urbanization quality and economic growth: evidence from capital cities in China
    by Danning Du

  • 2017 Regulation versus subsidies in conservation with a self-interested policy maker
    by Tapio Palokangas

  • 2017 A fixed effects logit model of rural land conversion and zoning
    by Carmen Carrión-Flores & Elena G. Irwin

  • 2017 La desecación de las Tablas de Daimiel (1750-1987): cambios agrarios e impactos medioambientales a partir de la interpretación del registro sedimentario
    by Alberto Celis & Rosa Mediavilla & Juan I. Santiesteban & Silvino Castaño & Almudena de la Losa

  • 2017 Additionality and Forest Conservation Regulation for Residential Development
    by David A. Newburn & Jeffrey S. Ferris

  • 2017 Efficiency-Equity Tradeoffs in Targeting Payments for Ecosystem Services
    by JunJie Wu & Jialing Yu

  • 2017 The Value of Heterogeneous Property Rights and the Costs of Water Volatility
    by Daniel A. Brent

  • 2017 The Effect of Information on Discriminatory-Price and Uniform-Price Reverse Auction Efficiency: An Experimental Economics Study of the Purchase of Ecosystem Services
    by Duke, Joshua M. & Messer, Kent D. & Lynch, Lori & Li, Tongzhe

  • 2017 Economics in Systematic Conservation Planning for Lower-income Countries: A Literature Review and Assessment
    by Albers, H. J. & Maloney, M. & Robinson, E. J. Z.

  • 2017 High Nature Value Farmland In Romania
    by Camelia GAVRILESCU

  • 2017 Forest Cover Changes in Lao Tropical Forests: Physical and Socio-Economic Factors are the Most Important Drivers
    by Chittana Phompila & Megan Lewis & Bertram Ostendorf & Kenneth Clarke

  • 2017 Do Community-Managed Forests Work? A Biodiversity Perspective
    by John Terborgh & Carlos A. Peres

  • 2017 Urban Growth Dynamics in Perth, Western Australia: Using Applied Remote Sensing for Sustainable Future Planning
    by Andrew MacLachlan & Eloise Biggs & Gareth Roberts & Bryan Boruff

  • 2017 Habitat Loss on Rondon’s Marmoset Potential Distribution
    by Jose Manuel Ochoa-Quintero & Charlotte H. Chang & Toby A. Gardner & Mariluce Rezende Messias & William J. Sutherland & Fernanda A. C. Delben

  • 2017 The Politics of Land Use in the Korup National Park
    by Siewe Siewe & Jacqueline M. Vadjunec & Beth Caniglia

  • 2017 Will Biodiversity Be Conserved in Locally-Managed Forests?
    by Jeffrey Sayer & Chris Margules & Agni Klintuni Boedhihartono

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Land in 2016
    by Land Editorial Office

  • 2017 Analysis of Vegetation Phytosociological Characteristics and Soil Physico-Chemical Conditions in Harishin Rangelands of Eastern Ethiopia
    by Haftay Hailu

  • 2017 Hydrological Response to ~30 years of Agricultural Surface Water Management
    by Giulia Sofia & Paolo Tarolli

  • 2017 Can Community Forests Be Compatible With Biodiversity Conservation in Indonesia?
    by Agni Klintuni Boedhihartono

  • 2017 Understanding Land Use and Land Cover Dynamics from 1976 to 2014 in Yellow River Delta
    by Baolei Zhang & Qiaoyun Zhang & Chaoyang Feng & Qingyu Feng & Shumin Zhang

  • 2017 Conservation Benefits of Tropical Multifunctional Land-Uses in and Around a Forest Protected Area of Bangladesh
    by Sharif A. Mukul & Narayan Saha

  • 2017 Characterizing Spatial Neighborhoods of Refugia Following Large Fires in Northern New Mexico USA
    by Sandra L. Haire & Jonathan D. Coop & Carol Miller

  • 2017 Multi-Criteria Assessment of Land Cover Dynamic Changes in Halgurd Sakran National Park (HSNP), Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Using Remote Sensing and GIS
    by Rahel Hamad & Heiko Balzter & Kamal Kolo

  • 2017 Identifying Employment Subcenters: The Method of Exponentially Declining Cutoffs
    by Jifei Ban & Richard Arnott & Jacob L. Macdonald

  • 2017 Resistance and Contingent Contestations to Large-Scale Land Concessions in Southern Laos and Northeastern Cambodia
    by Ian G. Baird

  • 2017 Anthropogenic Landscapes, Human Action and the Process of Co-Construction with other Species: Making Anthromes in the Anthropocene
    by Agustín Fuentes & Marcus Baynes-Rock

  • 2017 Characterizing Islandscapes: Conceptual and Methodological Challenges Exemplified in the Mediterranean
    by Ioannis N. Vogiatzakis & Maria Zomeni & A. M. Mannion

  • 2017 Toward a Global Classification of Coastal Anthromes
    by Eli D. Lazarus

  • 2017 Estate Crops More Attractive than Community Forests in West Kalimantan, Indonesia
    by James D. Langston & Rebecca A. Riggs & Yazid Sururi & Terry Sunderland & Muhammad Munawir

  • 2017 Late Neolithic Agriculture in Temperate Europe—A Long-Term Experimental Approach
    by Manfred Rösch & Harald Biester & Arno Bogenrieder & Eileen Eckmeier & Otto Ehrmann & Renate Gerlach & Mathias Hall & Christoph Hartkopf-Fröder & Ludger Herrmann & Birgit Kury & Jutta Lechterbeck & Wolfram Schier & Erhard Schulz

  • 2017 Fire and the Distribution and Uncertainty of Carbon Sequestered as Aboveground Tree Biomass in Yosemite and Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
    by James A. Lutz & John R. Matchett & Leland W. Tarnay & Douglas F. Smith & Kendall M. L. Becker & Tucker J. Furniss & Matthew L. Brooks

  • 2017 Identifying the impacts of critical habitat designation on land cover change
    by Nelson, Erik J. & Withey, John C. & Pennington, Derric & Lawler, Joshua J.

  • 2017 Forestry auctions with interdependent values: Evidence from timber auctions
    by Tatoutchoup, Francis Didier

  • 2017 Technological innovation and dispersion: Environmental benefits and the adoption of improved biomass cookstoves in Tigrai, northern Ethiopia
    by Gebreegziabher, Zenebe & van Kooten, G. Cornelis & van Soest, Daan P.

  • 2017 Where to drill? The petroleum industry's response to an endangered species listing
    by Melstrom, Richard T.

  • 2017 Gain and loss of money in a choice experiment. The impact of financial loss aversion and risk preferences on willingness to pay to avoid renewable energy externalities
    by Bartczak, Anna & Chilton, Susan & Czajkowski, Mikołaj & Meyerhoff, Jürgen

  • 2017 Private eradication of mobile public bads
    by Costello, Christopher & Quérou, Nicolas & Tomini, Agnes

  • 2017 Respondent Uncertainty and Ordering Effect on Willingness to Pay for Salt Marsh Conservation in the Brest Roadstead (France)
    by Voltaire, Louinord & Donfouet, Hermann Pythagore Pierre & Pirrone, Claudio & Larzillière, Agathe

  • 2017 When Does Public Information Undermine the Efficiency of Reverse Auctions for the Purchase of Ecosystem Services?
    by Messer, Kent D. & Duke, Joshua M. & Lynch, Lori & Li, Tongzhe

  • 2017 Estimating the economic benefits of a wetland restoration programme in New Zealand: A contingent valuation approach
    by Ndebele, Tom & Forgie, Vicky

  • 2017 Untitled Land, Occupational Choice, and Agricultural Productivity
    by Chaoran Chen

  • 2016 Land frontier expansion in settler economies (1830- 1950): Was it a Ricardian process?
    by Henry Willebald & Javier Juambeltz

  • 2016 The effect of the US biofuels mandate on poverty in India
    by Ujjayant Chakravorty & Marie-Hélène Hubert & Beyza Ural Marchand

  • 2016 The Market for Wastewater Sludge (Biosolids)
    by Villy Søgaard

  • 2016 Do Natural Disasters Change Savings and Employment Choices? Evidence from Bangladesh and Pakistan
    by Eskander, Shaikh M.S.U. & Fankhauser, Samuel & Jha, Shikha

  • 2016 Soil resource, at the core of competitiveness and sustainability issues in agriculture: an economic approach
    by Alice Issanchou

  • 2016 L’insostenibile consumo di terreno agricolo
    by De Pin, Antonio

  • 2016 Land consumption and farming concentration in mature economies: the Veneto region
    by De Pin, Antonio

  • 2016 Economic Valuation of Rural Wetlands and Household Food Security: A Case Study from the North-West Bangladesh
    by Wadood, Syed Naimul & Ali, Ayub

  • 2016 Religious Heritage Tourism and Creative Economy in Cirebon: The Diversity of Religious, Cultures and Culinary
    by Jaelani, Aan & Setyawan, Edy & Hasyim, Nursyamsudin

  • 2016 Environmental Zoning and Urban Development: Natural Regional Parks in France
    by Julien Salanié & Thomas Coisnon

  • 2016 Do Housing Values Respond to Underground Storage Tank Releases? Evidence from High-Profile Cases across the United States
    by Dennis Guignet & Robin R. Jenkins & Matthew Ranson & Patrick J. Walsh

  • 2016 Global population growth, technology and Malthusian constraints: A quantitative growth theoretic perspective
    by Bruno Lanz & Simon Dietz & Tim Swanson

  • 2016 Wild boars and farming in Sweden - an assessment of the costs
    by Andersson, Hans & Gren, Ing-Marie & Pettersson, Torgny

  • 2016 Jordleie og bruksstruktur i tre norske kommuner
    by Holden, Stein T. & Berge, Erling & Sjaastad, Espen O. & Strand, Geir H. & Steinsholt, Håvard

  • 2016 Landbrukseiendommer og jordleie i Rissa kommune
    by Holden , Stein T.

  • 2016 The economic value of dispatchable solar electricity: a Post-Paris evaluation
    by Karl W. Steininger & Wolf D. Grossmann & Iris Grossmann

  • 2016 Global Population Growth, Technology and Malthusian Constraints: A Quantitative Growth Theoretic Perspective
    by Bruno Lanz & Simon Dietz & Tim Swanson

  • 2016 Economic growth and agricultural land conversion under uncertain productivity improvements in agriculture
    by Bruno Lanz & Simon Dietz & Timothy Swanson

  • 2016 Economic growth and agricultural land conversion under uncertain productivity improvements in agriculture
    by Bruno Lanz & Simon Dietz & Tim Swanson

  • 2016 Using household types for improving livelihood strategies of smallholders: coffee and cocoa producers in the Northern Amazon of Ecuador
    by Oswaldo Viteri Salazar & Jesus Ramos-Martin & Pedro L. Lomas

  • 2016 Deforestation Rate in the Long-run: the Case of Brazil
    by Luca Di Corato & Michele Moretto & Sergio Vergalli

  • 2016 Tenure insecurity and investment in soil conservation. Evidence from Malawi
    by Lovo, Stefania

  • 2016 La Propiedad Colectiva Mejora las Inversiones de los Hogares: Lecciones de la Titulación de Tierras a las Comunidades Afrocolombianas
    by Ximena Peña & María Alejandra Vélez & Juan Camilo Cárdenas & Natalia Perdomo

  • 2016 Collective Property Leads to Household Investments: Lessons from Land Titling in Afro-Colombian Communities
    by Ximena Peña & María Alejandra Vélez & Juan Camilo Cárdenas & Natalia Perdomo

  • 2016 Forest Land Value and Rotation with an Alternative Land Use
    by Skander Ben Abdallah & Pierre Lasserre

  • 2016 The economic analysis of the forest transition
    by Edward Barbier & Philippe Delacote & Julien Wolfersberger

  • 2016 Emisiones Netas de Carbono Provenientes de la Deforestación en Bolivia durante 1990-2000 y 2000-2010: Resultados de un modelo de “Contabilidad de Carbono”
    by Lykke E. Andersen & Anna Sophia Doyle & Susana del Granado & Juan Carlos Ledezma & Agnes Medinaceli & Montserrat Valdivia & Diana Weinhold

  • 2016 FHB Agricultural Land Price Index
    by Gyula Nagy

  • 2016 Q - Quemas y chaqueo
    by Lykke E. Andersen & Anna Sophia Doyle & Marta Kornacka

  • 2016 Assessing Cost-effectiveness of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and Interactions between the CRP and Crop Insurance
    by Ruiqing Miao & Hongli Feng & David A. Hennessy & Xiaodong Du

  • 2016 Global Food Demand and Carbon-Preserving Cropland Expansion under Varying Levels of Intensification
    by Justin Andrew Johnson & Carlisle Ford Runge & Benjamin Senauer & Stephen Polasky

  • 2016 Determinants of Forest Degradation under Private and Common Property Regimes: The Case of Ethiopia
    by Ryo Takahashi & Keijiro Otsuka

  • 2016 The Effect of Downzoning for Managing Residential Development and Density
    by David A. Newburn & Jeffrey S. Ferris

  • 2016 Multiple-Knapsack Optimization in Land Conservation: Results from the First Cost-effective Conservation Program in the United States
    by Kent D. Messer & Maik Kecinski & Xing Tang & Robert H. Hirsch IV

  • 2016 Land degradation, economic growth and structural change: evidences from Italy
    by Piero Esposito & Fabrzio Patriarca & Luigi Perini & Luca Salvati

  • 2016 Scattered or polycentric? Untangling urban growth in three southern European metropolitan regions through exploratory spatial data analysis
    by Luca Salvati & Giuseppe Venanzoni & Pere Serra & Margherita Carlucci

  • 2016 Understanding Land Reform in Ghana
    by Franklin Obeng-Odoom

  • 2016 How Does Urbanization Affect the Economy and the Environment? Policy Challenges and Research Needs
    by Wu, JunJie & Oueslati, Walid

  • 2016 Religious Heritage Tourism and Creative Economy in Cirebon: The Diversity of Religious, Cultures and Culinary
    by Aan JAELANI

  • 2016 Agricultural productivity growth in India: An analysis accounting for different land types
    by Varun Kumar Das

  • 2016 Agricultural Sector Sustainability In The Danube Region
    by Marioara RUSU

  • 2016 Plausible Evolutions Of The Commercial Agricultural Holdings In Romania
    by Ioan-Sebastian BRUMĂ & Valentin Mihai BOHATEREŢ

  • 2016 Unexpected Interactions between Agricultural and Forest Sectors through International Trade: Wood Pallets and Agricultural Exports in Costa Rica
    by Isaline Jadin & Patrick Meyfroidt & Juan Carlos Zamora Pereira & Eric F. Lambin

  • 2016 Greenhouse Gas Implications of Peri-Urban Land Use Change in a Developed City under Four Future Climate Scenarios
    by Alison Rothwell & Brad Ridoutt & William Bellotti

  • 2016 Large-Scale Mapping of Tree-Community Composition as a Surrogate of Forest Degradation in Bornean Tropical Rain Forests
    by Shogoro Fujiki & Ryota Aoyagi & Atsushi Tanaka & Nobuo Imai & Arif Data Kusma & Yuyun Kurniawan & Ying Fah Lee & John Baptist Sugau & Joan T. Pereira & Hiromitsu Samejima & Kanehiro Kitayama

  • 2016 Prediction of Land Use Change in Long Island Sound Watersheds Using Nighttime Light Data
    by Ruiting Zhai & Chuanrong Zhang & Weidong Li & Mark A. Boyer & Dean Hanink

  • 2016 Integration of ALOS PALSAR and Landsat Data for Land Cover and Forest Mapping in Northern Tanzania
    by Dorothea Deus

  • 2016 Historical and Current Niche Construction in an Anthropogenic Biome: Old Cultural Landscapes in Southern Scandinavia
    by Ove Eriksson

  • 2016 Land Use and Land Cover Change in the Bale Mountain Eco-Region of Ethiopia during 1985 to 2015
    by Sisay Nune Hailemariam & Teshome Soromessa & Demel Teketay

  • 2016 Accounting for the Drivers that Degrade and Restore Landscape Functions in Australia
    by Richard Thackway & David Freudenberger

  • 2016 Short-Term Projects versus Adaptive Governance: Conflicting Demands in the Management of Ecological Restoration
    by Ian Hodge & William M. Adams

  • 2016 Evidence for Biodiversity Conservation in Protected Landscapes
    by Nigel Dudley & Adrian Phillips & Thora Amend & Jessica Brown & Sue Stolton

  • 2016 The Community-Conservation Conundrum: Is Citizen Science the Answer?
    by Mel Galbraith & Barbara Bollard-Breen & David R. Towns

  • 2016 The Effect of Landscape Composition on the Abundance of Laodelphax striatellus Fallén in Fragmented Agricultural Landscapes
    by Zhanyu Liu & Jiquan Chen & Jiaguo Qi & Ranjeet John & Jiaan Cheng & Zengrong Zhu

  • 2016 Terrestrial Species in Protected Areas and Community-Managed Lands in Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast India
    by Nandini Velho & Rachakonda Sreekar & William F. Laurance

  • 2016 Introduction: The Continued Importance of Smallholders Today
    by Jacqueline M. Vadjunec & Claudia Radel & B. L. Turner II

  • 2016 Addressing the Externalities from Genetically Modified Pollen Drift on a Heterogeneous Landscape
    by Mattia C. Mancini & Kent Kovacs & Eric Wailes & Jennie Popp

  • 2016 Drivers of Households’ Land-Use Decisions: A Critical Review of Micro-Level Studies in Tropical Regions
    by Elisabeth Hettig & Jann Lay & Kacana Sipangule

  • 2016 Mapping Tropical Forest Biomass by Combining ALOS-2, Landsat 8, and Field Plots Data
    by Luong Viet Nguyen & Ryutaro Tateishi & Akihiko Kondoh & Ram C. Sharma & Hoan Thanh Nguyen & Tu Trong To & Dinh Ho Tong Minh

  • 2016 Patterns and Predictors of Recent Forest Conversion in New England
    by Alexandra M. Thorn & Jonathan R. Thompson & Joshua S. Plisinski

  • 2016 How Are Feedbacks Represented in Land Models?
    by Yang Chen & Martha M. Bakker & Arend Ligtenberg & Arnold K. Bregt

  • 2016 Urban Agriculture Oriented towards Self-Supply, Social and Commercial Purpose: A Typology
    by Thomas Krikser & Annette Piorr & Regine Berges & Ina Opitz

  • 2016 The Influence of Forest Management Regimes on Deforestation in a Central Indian Dry Deciduous Forest Landscape
    by Shivani Agarwal & Harini Nagendra & Rucha Ghate

  • 2016 Enhancement of Linear Agricultural Areas to Provide Invertebrates as Potential Food for Breeding Birds
    by Tracy R. Evans & Meredith J. Mahoney & Everett D. Cashatt & Geert de Snoo & C.J.M. Musters

  • 2016 Analysis and Prediction of Land Use Changes Related to Invasive Species and Major Driving Forces in the State of Connecticut
    by Wenjie Wang & Chuanrong Zhang & Jenica M. Allen & Weidong Li & Mark A. Boyer & Kathleen Segerson & John A. Silander

  • 2016 Smallholders, Agrarian Reform, and Globalization in the Brazilian Amazon: Cattle versus the Environment
    by Ritaumaria Pereira & Cynthia S. Simmons & Robert Walker

  • 2016 Nitrogen Pollution and the Meltdown of Urban Ecosystems
    by Brenton Ladd

  • 2016 Landscape-Scale Disturbance: Insights into the Complexity of Catchment Hydrology in the Mountaintop Removal Mining Region of the Eastern United States
    by Andrew J. Miller & Nicolas Zégre

  • 2016 Agriculture on the Brink: Climate Change, Labor and Smallholder Farming in Botswana
    by William G. Moseley

  • 2016 Poverty and Environmental Degradation in Southern Burkina Faso: An Assessment Based on Participatory Methods
    by Daniel Etongo & Ida Nadia S. Djenontin & Markku Kanninen

  • 2016 The Quiet Rise of Medium-Scale Farms in Malawi
    by Ward Anseeuw & Thomas Jayne & Richard Kachule & John Kotsopoulos

  • 2016 Agro(Eco)System Services—Supply and Demand from Fields to Society
    by Benjamin Burkhard & Stefan Hotes & Hubert Wiggering

  • 2016 Land Sector Reforms in Ghana, Kenya and Vietnam: A Comparative Analysis of Their Effectiveness
    by Peter Narh & Cosmas Kombat Lambini & Matthew Sabbi & Van Dien Pham & Trung Thanh Nguyen

  • 2016 Property Arrangements and Soy Governance in the Brazilian State of Mato Grosso: Implications for Deforestation-Free Production
    by Lisa L. Rausch & Holly K. Gibbs

  • 2016 Typologies and Spatialization of Agricultural Production Systems in Rondônia, Brazil: Linking Land Use, Socioeconomics and Territorial Configuration
    by Cláudio Almeida & Moisés Mourão & Nadine Dessay & Anne-Elisabeth Lacques & Antônio Monteiro & Laurent Durieux & Adriano Venturieri & Frédérique Seyler

  • 2016 Regional Patterns of Ecosystem Services in Cultural Landscapes
    by Andrea Früh-Müller & Stefan Hotes & Lutz Breuer & Volkmar Wolters & Thomas Koellner

  • 2016 Fluid Waters and Rigid Livelihoods in the Okavango Delta of Botswana
    by Brian King & Jamie E. Shinn & Kelley A. Crews & Kenneth R. Young

  • 2016 Ecosystem Service Changes and Livelihood Impacts in the Maguri-Motapung Wetlands of Assam, India
    by Laxmi D. Bhatta & Sunita Chaudhary & Anju Pandit & Himlal Baral & Partha J. Das & Nigel E. Stork

  • 2016 Sustainability of Land Groups in Papua New Guinea
    by Lepani Karigawa & Jacob Adejare Babarinde & Suman Steven Holis

  • 2016 Comparative Approaches for Innovation in Agent-Based Modelling of Landscape Change
    by James D. A. Millington & John Wainwright

  • 2016 Using Remote Sensing and Random Forest to Assess the Conservation Status of Critical Cerrado Habitats in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
    by Jason Reynolds & Kathryn Wesson & Arnaud L. J. Desbiez & Jose M. Ochoa-Quintero & Peter Leimgruber

  • 2016 Historical Changes of Land Tenure and Land Use Rights in a Local Community: A Case Study in Lao PDR
    by Saykham Boutthavong & Kimihiko Hyakumura & Makoto Ehara & Takahiro Fujiwara

  • 2016 Toward the Integrated Framework Analysis of Linkages among Agrobiodiversity, Livelihood Diversification, Ecological Systems, and Sustainability amid Global Change
    by Karl S. Zimmerer & Steven J. Vanek

  • 2016 Do Smallholder, Mixed Crop-Livestock Livelihoods Encourage Sustainable Agricultural Practices? A Meta-Analysis
    by Thomas K. Rudel & Oh-Jung Kwon & Birthe K. Paul & Maryline Boval & Idupulapati M. Rao & Diana Burbano & Megan McGroddy & Amy M. Lerner & Douglas White & Mario Cuchillo & Manuel Luna & Michael Peters

  • 2016 Simulating Littoral Trade: Modeling the Trade of Wine in the Bronze to Iron Age Transition in Southern France
    by Stefani A. Crabtree

  • 2016 Evaluating the Potential of the Original Texas Land Survey for Mapping Historical Land and Vegetation Cover
    by Indumathi Srinath & Andrew C. Millington

  • 2016 Anthropogenic Influences in Land Use/Land Cover Changes in Mediterranean Forest Landscapes in Sicily
    by Donato S. La Mela Veca & Sebastiano Cullotta & Sebastiano Sferlazza & Federico G. Maetzke

  • 2016 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Land in 2015
    by Land Editorial Office

  • 2016 Assessing and Governing Ecosystem Services Trade-Offs in Agrarian Landscapes: The Case of Biogas
    by Christian Albert & Johannes Hermes & Felix Neuendorf & Christina von Haaren & Michael Rode

  • 2016 Controllare l’impossibile. Urbanistica e consumo di suolo nella sfida per la città futura
    by Annamaria Colavitti & Sergio Serra

  • 2016 Optimal rate of paper recycling
    by Tatoutchoup, Francis Didier

  • 2016 Could the Faustmann model have an interior minimum solution?
    by Gong, Peichen & Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf

  • 2016 How well do degree days over the growing season capture the effect of climate on farmland values?
    by Massetti, Emanuele & Mendelsohn, Robert & Chonabayashi, Shun

  • 2016 Land requirements, feedstock haul distance, and expected profit response to land use restrictions for switchgrass production
    by Gouzaye, Amadou & Epplin, Francis M.

  • 2016 El papel de la infraestructura rural en el desarrollo agrícola en Colombia
    by Ignacio Lozano-Espitia & Juan Camilo Restrepo Salazar

  • 2016 Conservación de la naturaleza en propiedad privada: las Reservas Naturales de la Sociedad Civil en el Valle del Cauca
    by Melissa Quintero López & Fabio Alberto Arias Arbeláez

  • 2016 Social And Ethical Challenges Of Using Biomass - A Renewable Energy Source
    by Mihaela BOBOC & Roxana-Ionela ACHIRICESEI & Laura BOURIAUD & Raluca NICHIFOREL

  • 2016 Economics of Coastal Erosion and Adaptation to Sea Level Rise
    by Sathya Gopalakrishnan & Craig E. Landry & Martin D. Smith & John C. Whitehead

  • 2015 Policies with Varying Costs and Benefits: A Land Conservation Classroom Game
    by Sarah Jacobson & Sahan Dissanayake

  • 2015 Food for Fuel: The Effect of the U.S. Biofuel Mandate on Poverty in India
    by Ujjayant Chakravorty & Marie-Helene Hubert & Beyza Ural Marchand,

  • 2015 Food for Fuel: The Effect of the U.S. Biofuel Mandate on Poverty in India
    by Ujjayant Chakravorty & Marie-Helene Hubert & Beyza Ural Marchand

  • 2015 The Long Run Impact of Biofuels on Food Prices
    by Ujjayant Chakravorty & Marie-Helene Hubert & Michel Moreaux & Linda Nostbakken

  • 2015 CREP - Cattle Receiving Enhanced Pastures? Investigating Landowner Response to Federal Incentives
    by James Manley & Jason Mathias

  • 2015 A Century of Environmental Legislation
    by Louis P. Cain & Brooks A. Kaiser

  • 2015 The Effects of a Federal Tax Reform on the US Timber Sector
    by Sedjo, Roger A. & Sohngen, Brent

  • 2015 Identifying the Impacts of Critical Habitat Designation on Land Cover Change
    by Nelson, Erik J. & Withey, John C. & Pennington, Derric & Lawler, Joshua J.

  • 2015 Development and Land Acquisition in the View of Law and Economics
    by Dinda, Soumyananda

  • 2015 Monitoring and recovery of the soil biota in conditions of the degradation processes intensification in the Republic of Moldova
    by Senicovscaia, Irina

  • 2015 The performances of Romanian agriculture, given the resources allotted in the socialist agricultural system, compared to the market economy
    by Miron, Liliana & Lup, Aurel

  • 2015 Romanian agrarian structure after 25 years
    by Bold, Ion & Dragomir, Vili & Lacatusu, Gheorghe

  • 2015 A study on market inclusion through enhanced eco-management in Bulgarian farms
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2015 Economic Development and Land Issues in Liechtenstein: Historical Dynamics, Current Challenges and Suggested Fiscal Remedies
    by Andreas Brunhart & Zbigniew Dumienski

  • 2015 Gender Discrimination and Common Property Resources
    by Casari, Marco & Lisciandra, Maurizio

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