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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R1: General Regional Economics
/ / / R10: General
/ / / R11: Regional Economic Activity: Growth, Development, Environmental Issues, and Changes
/ / / R12: Size and Spatial Distributions of Regional Economic Activity; Interregional Trade (economic geography)
/ / / R13: General Equilibrium and Welfare Economic Analysis of Regional Economies
/ / / R14: Land Use Patterns
/ / / R15: Econometric and Input-Output Models; Other Methods
/ / / R19: Other

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Assessing Gender Inequality among Italian Regions: The Italian Gender Gap Index
    by Monica Bozzano
  • 2014 La apertura comercial y su efecto en la distribución regional de México
    by Garduño, Rafael.
  • 2014 Innovation Systems Research in the Italian Food Industry
    by Ornella Wanda Maietta
  • 2014 Cross-Hauling in Input-Output Tables: Comments on CHARM
    by Randall Jackson
  • 2014 Determinants of large city slum incidence in India: A cross-sectional study
    by Tripathi, Sabyasachi
  • 2014 Leviatán débil, un concepto para explicar el estado desde las regiones
    by Estrada, Fernando
  • 2014 The mountain regions in context of 2020 Strategy
    by Antonescu, Daniela
  • 2014 Spillover Effects of Homicides across Mexican Municipalities: A Spatial Regime Model Approach
    by Flores, Miguel & Rodriguez-Oreggia, Eduardo
  • 2014 Development of the information society and its impact on the education sector in the EU: Efficiency at the regional (NUTS 2) level
    by Aristovnik, Aleksander
  • 2014 Regionalization and historical–cultural dimension of Northwest Romania
    by Brie, Mircea & MÉSZÁROS, Edina Lilla
  • 2014 Performance measure of a port-valley system: Data availability and their limits in freight transport and logistics
    by Verny, Jérôme & Gbaguidi, David Sedo
  • 2014 Governing Knowledge for Development: Knowledge Clusters in Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia
    by Ariff, Syamimi & Hans-Dieter, Evers & Anthony Banyouko, Ngah & Farah, Purwaningrum
  • 2014 A sustainable architecture approach to the economic and social aspects of the bazaar of Tabriz
    by Kalan, Arezou & Oliveira, Eduardo
  • 2014 From Resilient Regions to Bioregions: An Exploration of Green Post-Keynesianism
    by Rhydian Fôn James & Molly Scott Cato
  • 2014 Intra-national Trade Costs: Measurement and Aggregation
    by Delina E. Agnosteva & James E. Anderson & Yoto V. Yotov
  • 2014 Welfare Measures to Assess Urban Quality of Life
    by Francesco Andreoli & Alessandra Michelangeli
  • 2014 Decomposition of Regional Income Inequality and Neighborhood Component: A Spatial Theil Index
    by Elena Lasarte & Miguel Angel Marquez Paniagua
  • 2014 The asymmetric spatial effects for eastern and western regions of Russia
    by Olga A. Demidova
  • 2014 Transportation Technology and Economic Change: The Impact of Colonial Railroads on City Growth in Africa
    by Remi Jedwab & Alexander Moradi
  • 2014 Ethnic Heterogeneity, Voting Partecipation and Local Economic Growth. The Case of Belgium
    by Alessandro Innocenti & Francesca Lorini & Chiara Rapallini
  • 2014 Ecological Barriers and Convergence: A Note on Geometry in Spatial Growth Models
    by Giorgio Fabbri
  • 2014 Agriculture, Transportation and the Timing of Urbanization: Global Analysis at the Grid Cell Level
    by Mesbah J. Motamed & Raymond J.G.M. Florax & William A. Masters
  • 2014 Ecological Barriers and Convergence: a Note on Geometry in Spatial Growth Models
    by Giorgio FABBRI
  • 2014 Sobre el efecto de las regalías en el bienestar: Una revisión del periodo 2001-2011
    by Javier Andrés ROJAS AGUILERA
  • 2014 Fueling the Gender Gap? Oil and Women's Labor and Marriage Market Outcomes
    by Stephan E. Maurer & Andrei V. Potlogea
  • 2014 Assessing Technology-based Spin-offs from University Support Units
    by Mircea Epure & Diego Prior & Christian Serarols
  • 2014 A tale of an unwanted outcome: transfers and local endowments of trust and cooperation
    by Antonio Accetturo & Guido de Blasio & Lorenzo Ricci
  • 2014 The effects of scale, space and time on the predictive accuracy of land use models
    by Jean-Sauveur Ay & Raja Chakir & Julie Le Gallo
  • 2014 The Quality of China’s GDP Statistics
    by Carsten A. Holz
  • 2014 Urbanization, Gender, and Business Creation in the Informal Sector in India
    by Ghani, Ejaz & Kanbur, Ravi & O'Connell, Stephen
  • 2014 What Makes Cities More Competitive? Lessons from India
    by Ghani, Ejaz & o'Connell, Stephen D. & Kerr, William R.
  • 2014 Las Spin-Off Universitarias en Andalucía: Caracterización económico-Financiera
    by Isabel Román Martínez & Mª Elena Gómez Miranda
  • 2014 Retos y oportunidades económicas de la adaptación al cambio climático: El caso de Cataluña
    by Jaume Freire-González & Ignasi Puig-Ventosa
  • 2014 Felicidad, desempleo y crisis económica en Andalucía. Algunas evidencias
    by Juan de Dios Jiménez Aguilera & José María Martín Martín & Roberto Montero Granados
  • 2014 Brechas regionales y provinciales de desarrollo educativo en Argentina: Disparidades crecientes en la última década (2000-2009)
    by Andrés Niembro
  • 2014 Los sindicatos más representativos en la concertación social en Andalucía, 1993-2012
    by Marcial Sánchez Mosquera
  • 2014 Calidad y eficiencia de las Universidades Públicas Españolas
    by Mª Luisa Martí Selva & Rosa Puertas Medina & Consuelo Calafat Marzal
  • 2014 Las transformaciones de los modelos territoriales de desarrollo en el contexto de la globalización. Aportaciones desde la perspectiva del desarrollo humano local
    by Mikel Zurbano & Eduardo Bidaurratzaga & Elena Martínez
  • 2014 Performance Assessment of PAK Policy in the Process of Housing Supply in Iran (Case Study: Isfahan province, 1992-2012)
    by Majid Sameti & Salman Gharakhani & Najme Esmaeel Darjani & Somayeh Shirzad Kenary
  • 2014 Bolgesel Enflasyon Yakinsamasi: Turkiye Ornegi
    by Filiz YESILYURT
  • 2014 Does road pricing affect port freight activity: Recent evidence from the port of New York and New Jersey
    by King, David A. & Gordon, Cameron E. & Peters, Jonathan R.
  • 2014 Historical trends of agglomeration to the capital region and new economic geography
    by Tabuchi, Takatoshi
  • 2014 Planning the innovation agenda for sustainable development in resource regions: A central Queensland case study
    by Kinnear, Susan & Ogden, Ian
  • 2014 The downs and ups of FHA lending: The government mortgage roller coaster ride
    by Courchane, Marsha J. & Darolia, Rajeev & Zorn, Peter M.
  • 2014 A tale of an unwanted outcome: Transfers and local endowments of trust and cooperation
    by Accetturo, Antonio & de Blasio, Guido & Ricci, Lorenzo
  • 2014 Modeling structural change in the European metropolitan areas during the process of economic integration
    by Longhi, Christian & Musolesi, Antonio & Baumont, Catherine
  • 2014 Spatial inequality and development — Is there an inverted-U relationship?
    by Lessmann, Christian
  • 2014 What about regions in regional science? A convergence exercise using different geographic scales of European Union
    by Guilherme Mendes Resende & Tulio A. Cravo
  • 2014 The magnitude and significance of macroeconomic variables in explaining regional housing fluctuations
    by Kuang-Liang Chang & Ming-Hui Yen
  • 2014 The French cluster policy put to the test with differences-in-differences estimates
    by Olivier Brossard & Inès Moussa
  • 2014 Regionale Innovationssysteme im Vergleich
    by Michael Arnold & Anselm Mattes & Philipp Sandner
  • 2014 Promoting and Financing Cultural Tourism in Europe through European Capitals of Culture: A Case Study of Košice, European Capital of Culture 2013
    by Miriam Šebová & Peter Džupka, Oto Hudec & Nataša Urbancíková
  • 2013 A la rencontre d'entrepreneurs innovants
    by Gérald Dulac & Michel Hollard & Mireille Matt & Jacques Voiron
  • 2013 Industry and Revolution: Social and Economic Change in the Orizaba Valley, Mexico
    by Gómez-Galvarriato, Aurora
  • 2013 The Spread of Mafia in Northern Italy: The Role of Public Infrastructure
    by Lavinia Piemontese
  • 2013 Economic Dominance of the Russian Capital: Causes and Consequences
    by A. Mishura.
  • 2013 К Вопросу О Системе Взаимодействий Акторов Международной Кластерной Сети
    by Mikhaylov, Andrey Sergeevich
  • 2013 Typological analysis of factors reducing rural mortality in Russian regions
    by Tatiana Blinova & Svetlana Bylina
  • 2013 Green cities? Urbanization, trade and the environment
    by Rainald Borck & Michael Pflüger
  • 2013 Personal Indebtedness, Community Characteristics And Theft Crime
    by Stuart McIntyre
  • 2013 Scientific Mobility and Knowledge Networks in High Emigration Countries: Evidence from the Pacific
    by John Gibson & David McKenzie
  • 2013 Personal indebtedness, community characteristics and theft crimes
    by McIntyre Stuart G
  • 2013 A Note on the Extent of US Regional Income Convergence
    by Mark J. Holmes & Jesús Otero & Theodore Panagiotidis
  • 2013 Regional development policy in context of Europe 2020 Strategy
    by Antonescu, Daniela
  • 2013 Exploring the relation between urbanization and residential CO2 emissions in China: a PTR approach
    by Hu, Zongyi & Tang, Liwei
  • 2013 Borders and Distance in Knowledge Spillovers: Dying Over Time or Dying with Age? - Evidence from Patent Citations
    by Li, Yao Amber
  • 2013 What blows in with the wind?
    by De Silva, Dakshina G. & McComb, Robert P. & Schiller, Anita R.
  • 2013 The Impact of Urban Sprawl on Disaster Relief Spending: An Exploratory Study
    by Lambert, Thomas & Catchen, James
  • 2013 The Quality of China's GDP Statistics
    by Holz, Carsten
  • 2013 A ligação ferroviária do Porto de Sines como elemento estruturante de desenvolvimento regional
    by Moreira, Paulo
  • 2013 China's energy statistics in a global context: A methodology to develop regional energy balances for East, Central and West China
    by Mischke, Peggy
  • 2013 Sustainable development of Romania through the structural funds
    by Irimie, Sabin Ioan & Munteanu, Rares
  • 2013 African Jobless Growth Morphology:Vulnerabilities and Policy Responses
  • 2013 Nueva Geografía Económica: I - Conceptos Básicos
    by Puente-Ajovin, Miguel
  • 2013 Socioeconomic Progress across the Major Indian states: Converging or Diverging
    by Goli, Srinivas & Perianayagam, Arokiasamy & Bhemeshawar, Reddy
  • 2013 The port of Sines:contribution for the emergence of a regional cluster
    by Moreira, Paulo Pires
  • 2013 Rwanda’s involvement in Eastern DRC: A criminal real options approach
    by Cassimon, Danny & Engelen, Peter-Jan & Reyntjens, Filip
  • 2013 Desarrollo rural y ciudadanía social: Territorios, instituciones y actores locales
    by Mora-Alfaro, Jorge
  • 2013 Research and Science Today No. 1(5)/2013
    by ADAM, Elena & TRIȘCAȘ, Floarea Elena & NICOARĂ, Raluca-Maria & IVAN, Ruben Ioan & DUȚĂ, Paul & PANAIT, Ion & MANOLACHE, Viorella & ANDRONACHE, Alin & TRANDAFIR, Andreea & TAROPA-IACOB, Anda & DUȚĂ, Andreea Emilia & IORDAN, Costel & ALEXA, Oana Alexandra & CIOREI, Mihaela Andreea & MARCAU, Flavius-Cristian & SIMA, Isabella Cristiana & MATEIU, Mihaela & NISIPEANU, Elena & CĂLIN, Alexandra & HARANGUS, Katalin & EDU, Filip Vladimir & MARIN, Aurelia Camelia & AŞER, Nica & BOGDAN, Laura & MOGA, Monika & VULPAȘU, Dana & COSTESCU, Elena-Alis & CIUNTUC, Cristina-Elena & NECHIFOR, Caleb Otniel Traian & CRISTESCU, Cosmina & PIPOŞ, Cristina
  • 2013 Chinese statistics: classification systems and data sources
    by Holz, Carsten A
  • 2013 Creating Conditions for Effective Public Investment: Sub-national Capacities in a Multi-level Governance Context
    by Lee Mizell & Dorothée Allain-Dupré
  • 2013 Local Economic Development, Agglomeration Economies, and the Big Push: 100 Years of Evidence from the Tennessee Valley Authority
    by Patrick M. Kline & Enrico Moretti
  • 2013 Railroads and American Economic Growth: A “Market Access” Approach
    by Dave Donaldson & Richard Hornbeck
  • 2013 "Unfinished Business": Ethnic Complementarities and the Political Contagion of Peace and Conflict in Gujarat
    by Saumitra Jha
  • 2013 Competitors, Complementors, Parents and Places: Explaining Regional Agglomeration in the U.S. Auto Industry
    by Luís Cabral & Zhu Wang & Daniel Yi Xu
  • 2013 The Geography of Trade and Technology Shocks in the United States
    by David H. Autor & David Dorn & Gordon H. Hanson
  • 2013 A note on the extent of US regional income convergence
    by Mark J. Holmes & Jesus Otero & Theodore Panagiotidis
  • 2013 Weather Sensitivity of Rice Yield: Evidence from India
    by Anubhab Pattanayak & K. S. Kavi Kumar
  • 2013 Ready, set, go! Why are some regions entrepreneurial jump-starters?
    by Michael Wyrwich
  • 2013 Balanced Skills and the City: An Analysis of the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Skill Balance, Thickness and Innovation
    by Elisabeth Bublitz & Michael Fritsch & Michael Wyrwich
  • 2013 Policy induced innovation networks: the case of the German "Leading-Edge Cluster competition"
    by Uwe Cantner & Holger Graf & Susanne Hinzmann
  • 2013 People, Places and Public Policy: Some Simple Welfare Economics of Local Economic Development Programs
    by Kline, Patrick & Moretti, Enrico
  • 2013 Primum vivere… Industrial Change, Job Destruction and the Geographical Distribution of Unemployment
    by Pastore, Francesco
  • 2013 LÄNDER-Modell 2013 - Grundlagen, Ansätze und erste Analysen zum aktuellen Modell
    by Philip Ulrich & Dr. Marc Ingo Wolter
  • 2013 Modeling the industrial dynamics of the European metropolitan areas during the process of economic integration: a semiparametric approach
    by Longhi, C. & Musolesi, A. & Baumont, C.
  • 2013 What Places Grow Faster? An Empirical Analysis of Employment Growth Factors at a Local Level for the Spanish Economy
    by Diana Gutiérrez Posada & Fernando Rubiera Morollón & Ana Viñuela Jimémez
  • 2013 Nuclear Accidents and Policy: Notes on Public Perception
    by Felix Richter & Malte Steenbeck & Markus Wilhelm
  • 2013 The Spatial Distribution of Creative Industries and Cultural Heritage in The Netherlands
    by Karima Kourtit & Jan M�hlmann & Peter Nijkamp & Jan Rouwendal
  • 2013 High Performance in Complex Spatial Systems: A Self-Organizing Mapping Approach with Reference to The Netherlands
    by Karima Kourtit & Daniel Arribas-Bel & Peter Nijkamp
  • 2013 Spatial Heterogeneity in Hedonic House Price Models: The Case of Austria
    by Marco Helbich & Wolfgang Brunauer & Eric Vaz & Peter Nijkamp
  • 2013 Space and Knowledge Spillovers in European Regions
    by Andrea Caragliu & Peter Nijkamp
  • 2013 Assessment of Local Key Sectors in a Triple-Layer Spatial System
    by Eveline van Leeuwen & Yoshifumi Ishikawa & Peter Nijkamp
  • 2013 Socio-cultural Diversity and Urban Buzz
    by Daniel Arribas-Bel & Karima Kourtit & Peter Nijkamp
  • 2013 Herding Behaviour, Bubbles and Log Periodic Power Laws in Illiquid Stock Markets. A Case Study on the Bucharest Stock Exchange
    by Daniel Traian Pele & Miruna Mazurencu-Marinescu & Peter Nijkamp
  • 2013 Culture-led City Brands as Economic Engines: Theory and Empirics
    by Beatriz Plaza & Pilar Gonzalez-Casimiro & Paz Moral-Zuazo & Courtney Waldron
  • 2013 Transportation Technology and Economic Change: The Impact of Colonial Railroads on City Growth in Africa
    by Remi Jedwab & Alexander Moradi
  • 2013 Scientific Mobility and Knowledge Networks in High Emigration Countries: Evidence from the Pacific
    by John Gibson & David McKenzie
  • 2013 People, Places and Public Policy: Some Simple Welfare Economics of Local Economic Development Programs
    by Kline, Patrick & Moretti, Enrico
  • 2013 Competitors, Complementors, Parents and Places: Explaining Regional Agglomeration in the U.S. Auto Industry
    by Cabral, Luís M B & Wang, Zhu & Xu, Yi (Daniel)
  • 2013 Agglomeration, City Size and Crime
    by Gaigné, Carl & Zenou, Yves
  • 2013 Geography and the Determinants of Firm Exports in Indonesia
    by Farole, Thomas & Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés & Tselios, Vassilis & Winkler, Deborah
  • 2013 Bucaramanga: capital humano y crecimiento económico
    by María Aguilera Díaz
  • 2013 Is sprawling residential behavior influenced by climate?
    by Cyrus Grout & Jean Cavailhès & Cécile Detang-Dessendre & Alban Thomas
  • 2013 From the tank to climate change: multiple environmental impacts of wastewater management
    by Sophie Legras
  • 2013 Entrepreneurship And Urban Growth:An Empirical Assessment With Historical Mines
    by Edward L. Glaeser & Sari Pekkala Kerr & William R. Kerr
  • 2013 Urbanização extensiva e o processo de interiorização do Estado de São Paulo: um enfoque contemporâneo
    by Admir Betarelli Junior & Roberto Monte-Mór & Rodrigo Simões
  • 2013 A nonparametric approach to the decomposition of labor productivity in regional manufacturing
    by Juan Carlos Chávez & Luis Fernando López Ornelas
  • 2013 Features of the Triple Helix Model in Cross-Border Clusters
    by Mikhaylov, S. Andrey
  • 2013 Reaching the Bottom 40 Percent: Do National Goals Translate Subnationally?
    by Onder, Harun
  • 2013 India’s Spatial Development
    by Desmet, Klaus & Ghani, Ejaz & O'Connell, Stephen
  • 2013 Subnational Debt, Insolvency, and Market Development
    by Canuto, Otaviano & Liu, Lili
  • 2013 Demand Of Regional Tourists Visiting Lao People'S Democratic Republic: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach
    by Sakkarin NONTHAPOT & Thanet WATTANAKUL
  • 2013 Políticas de promoción económica y de ordenación territorial de la economía del conocimiento en la aglomeración metropolitana de Sevilla
    by Inmaculada Caravaca Barroso & Gema González-Romero
  • 2013 Análisis multiescalar de la burbuja inmobiliaria y los desahucios: La Comunidad Autónoma de Euskadi en el contexto Estatal y Europeo
    by Aitziber Etxezarreta Etxarri & Gala Cano Fuentes & Joris Hoekstra & Kees Dol
  • 2013 Nota sobre José Alonso y lópez, diputado en las Cortes de Cádiz y del Trienio Liberal
    by Javier Lasarte Álvarez
  • 2013 Clasificación de los municipios gallegos según su grado de urbanización
    by Estefanía Villar Cheda & Mª Esther Calvo Ocampo & Mª Esther López Vizcaíno & Carlos L. Iglesias Patiño & Solmary Silveira Calviño & Mª Isolina Santiago Pérez
  • 2013 La organización del territorio submunicipal en Andalucía. Criterios administrativos para su delimitación
    by Luis Copano Ortiz & Jesús Ventura Fernández
  • 2013 Desigualdad social, rendimiento y logro educativos en España (1990-2012): Los desequilibrios regionales aumentan
    by Leopoldo José Cabrera Rodriguez
  • 2013 Asimetrías tecnológicas y desequilibrios económicos regionales: Una aproxiación teórica
    by Segundo Abraham Sanabria Gómez
  • 2013 Un análisis comparativo de la provisión del transporte público urbano: Especial referencia a la Ciudad de Málaga
    by Macarena Marchante Lara & Carlos G. Benavides Chicón
  • 2013 La Estrategia de Turismo Sostenible de Andalucía: elementos fundamentales en el marco de la planificación turística subregional andaluza
    by Rafael Merinero Rodríguez & José Manuel Betanzos Martín & Mª José Dorado Rubín
  • 2013 Análisis territorial del IRPF: Tratamiento fiscal de la familia en las Comunidades Autónomas de Régimen Común y Foral
    by Mónica Gómez de la Torre del Arco & Mª Teresa López López
  • 2013 Análisis "Cluster" de los flujos laborales andaluces
    by Pablo Álvarez de Toledo & Fernando Núñez Hernández & Carlos Usabiaga Ibáñez
  • 2013 Planes híbridos: ¿Reforma o reciclaje?
    by Pablo Elinbaum
  • 2013 Caracterización del comportamiento de las universidades españolas en relación con la divulgación de información sobre intangibles
    by Yolanda Ramírez Córcoles & Montserrat Manzaneque Lizano
  • 2013 Productividad y estructura sectorial: Elementos determinantes de las disparidades económicas regionales en España
    by Antonio Rafael Peña Sanchez & Mercedes Jiménez García
  • 2013 Desarrollo legislativo de protección por dependencia. Oportunidades del sector privado: Caso de Castilla y León
    by Mª Cristina Fernández Ramos & J. Iñaki De la Peña Esteban
  • 2013 Las campiñas del Guadalquivir: Claves para una interpretación geográfica
    by José Naranjo Ramirez
  • 2013 Procesos de conformación histórica y tendencias de futuro de los paisajes de las altiplanicies y el sureste árido andaluz
    by Carlos Parejo Delgado
  • 2013 Paisajes de Sierra Morena: Una cuestión de miradas y de escalas
    by Alfonso Mulero Mendigorri & Rocío Silva Pérez
  • 2013 Evolución de los paisajes forestales del Arco Prebético. El caso de las Sierras de Segura y Cazorla
    by Eduardo Araque Jiménez
  • 2013 Los paisajes agrarios de cortijos, haciendas y lagares: Paisajes icónicos de la vida rural en Andalucía
    by Águeda Villa Díaz
  • 2013 Los cítricos en la Hoya de Málaga y su piedemonte: Una identidad reciente y amenazada
    by Maria Luisa Gómez Moreno & Jesús Mª Vías Martínez
  • 2013 La mercantilización del paisaje litoral del mediterráneo andaluz: El caso paradigmático de la Costa del Sol y los campos de golf
    by Arsenio Villar Lama
  • 2013 Claves comprensivas de los Paisajes Andaluces
    by Juan Francisco Ojeda Rivera
  • 2013 La Vega de Granada: De un espacio agrario en crisis a un complejo paisaje cultural
    by Raúl Puente Asuero
  • 2013 Presentación
    by Marta Rubio Tenor & Manuel Rodríguez Álvarez & Juan Francisco Ojeda Rivera
  • 2013 Paisajes del Valle medio del Guadalquivir cordobés: Funcionalidad y cambios
    by Martín Torres Márquez
  • 2013 Information Sources For Regional Analysis: Necessity, Availability, Flaws And Recommendations
    by Natalia IACHIMOV
  • 2013 Public Perceptions Of Political And Economic Transformation In Croatia And Bih: A Pilot Study
    by Joel I. Deichmann & Shivam Senjalia
  • 2013 Agricultural Cooperatives for Urban-rural Interaction in China
    by Yuheng Li
  • 2013 Social conformity and suicide
    by Bussu, Anna & Detotto, Claudio & Sterzi, Valerio
  • 2013 Real option value over a housing market cycle
    by Clapp, John M. & Eichholtz, Piet & Lindenthal, Thies
  • 2013 Urbanization, agglomeration economies, and access to mortgage credit
    by Gabriel, Stuart A. & Rosenthal, Stuart S.
  • 2013 Supply constraints and housing market dynamics
    by Paciorek, Andrew
  • 2013 City size, network structure and traffic congestion
    by Tsekeris, Theodore & Geroliminis, Nikolas
  • 2013 Entrepreneurial land developers: Joint production, local externalities, and mixed housing developments
    by Konishi, Hideo
  • 2013 Agglomeration elasticities and firm heterogeneity
    by Maré, David C. & Graham, Daniel J.
  • 2013 Urban density, law and the duration of real estate leases
    by Titman, Sheridan & Twite, Garry
  • 2013 Option value and the price of teardown properties
    by McMillen, Daniel & O’Sullivan, Arthur
  • 2013 Do house prices impact business starts?
    by Balasubramanyan, Lakshmi & Coulson, Edward
  • 2013 Spatial correlation between homicide rates and inequality: Evidence from urban neighborhoods
    by Menezes, Tatiane & Silveira-Neto, Raul & Monteiro, Circe & Ratton, José Luiz
  • 2013 The dual policy in the dual economy—The political economy of urban bias in dictatorial regimes
    by Shifa, Abdulaziz B.
  • 2013 The recession and truck traffic on the Long Beach Freeway in Los Angeles
    by Chen Feng Ng & Elaine F. Frey
  • 2013 An Analysis of Okun's Law, the Natural Rate, and Voting Preferences for the 50 States
    by Ryan W Herzog
  • 2013 Socio-demographic determinants of the support for Turkey's Justice and Development Party
    by Cem Baslevent
  • 2013 Okun's law in the french regions: a cross-regional comparison
    by Binet Marie-estelle & Francois Facchini
  • 2013 Creation of cooperation conditions based on triple helix model: the case study of Białystok metropolis
    by Tadeusz Truskolaski
  • 2013 Aproximaciones microeconómicas en la Teoría de los Lugares Centrales de Christaller
    by Luis Guillermo Becerra Valbuena
  • 2013 Future development of European maritime regions
    by Panait Cornel & Stanca Costel & Buzu Georgiana
  • 2013 Assessment of structural instruments impact upon sustainable development
    by Ciobanu Carmen-Liliana
  • 2013 Income convergence among U.S. states: crosssectional and time series evidence
    by Jac C. Heckelman
  • 2013 Quality of life, firm productivity, and the value of amenities across Canadian cities
    by David Albouy & Fernando Leibovici & Casey Warman
  • 2012 Export upgrading and growth: the prerequisite of domestic embeddedness
  • 2012 The Roles of Tax Incentives and Other business Incentives in Local Economic Development
    by Timothy J. Bartik & Randal W. Eberts
  • 2012 The Roles of Workforce Development Systems in the Economic Development of Urban Areas
    by Kevin Hollenbeck
  • 2012 Price-dependent demand in spatial models
    by Gu, Yiquan & Wenzel, Tobias
  • 2012 Foreign Trade in the Austrian Regions
    by Roman Römisch
  • 2012 Foreign Trade and FDI in the Austrian Regions – A new methodology to estimate regional trade and an analysis of the crisis effects
    by Roman Römisch
  • 2012 Trade Sophistication in a Transition Economy: Poland 1980–2009
    by Mitchell Kellman & Mitchell Yochanan Shachmurove
  • 2012 This paper documents the production of a panel of price indices for housing services, other produced goods, and all produced goods for each metropolitan area in the United States and the non-metropolitan part of each state from 1982 through 2010 that can be used for estimating behavioral relationships, studying the workings of markets, and assessing differences in the economic circumstances of people living in different areas. The panel will be extended each year beyond 2010. Our general approach is to first produce cross-sectional price indices for a single year 2000 and then use BLS time-series price indices to create the panel. Our geographic housing price index for 2000 is based on a large data set with detailed information about the characteristics of dwelling units and their neighborhoods throughout the United States that enables us to overcome many shortcomings of existing interarea housing price indices. For most areas, our price index for all goods other than housing is calculated from the price indices for categories of non-housing goods produced each quarter by the Council for Community and Economic Research. In order to produce a non-housing price index for areas of the United States not covered by their index, we estimate a theoretically-based regression model explaining differences in the composite price index for non-housing goods for areas where it is available and use it to predict a price of other goods for the uncovered areas. The overall consumer price index for all areas is based on the preceding estimates of the price of housing and other goods. The paper discusses existing interarea price indices available to researchers, compares the new housing price index with housing price indices based on alternative methods using the same data and price indices based on alternative data sets, and illustrates the use of the price indices by estimating housing demand functions. Electronic versions of the price indices are available online
    by Edgar O. Olsen & Dirk W. Early & Paul E. Carrillo
  • 2012 The sclerosis of regional electricity intensities in Italy: an aggregate and sectoral analysis
    by Andrea Vaona
  • 2012 Personal Indebtedness, Spatial Effects and Crime
    by Stuart McIntyre & Donald Lacombe
  • 2012 Regional Science Reconsidered
    by Peter Schaeffer & Randall Jackson & James Bukenya
  • 2012 Quality of Life, Firm Productivity, and the Value of Amenities across Canadian Cities
    by David Albouy & Fernando Leibovici & Casey Warman
  • 2012 Identifying regional disparities in Romania: a convergence process perspective in relation to European Union's territorial structures
    by Antonescu, Daniela
  • 2012 The effects of national and international interaction on innovation: evidence from the Irish CIS: 2004-6
    by Doran, Justin & Jordan, Declan & O'Leary, Eoin
  • 2012 Inter-jurisdictional migration and the size of government
    by Giuranno, Michele G. & Rongili, Biswas
  • 2012 Regional cluster policy: The Asian model vs. the OECD approach
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