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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R4: Transportation Economics
/ / / R42: Government and Private Investment Analysis; Road Maintenance; Transportation Planning
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Meta Review Of Critical Risk Factors In Ppp Projects Of Emerging Nations In South Asia
    by Bilal Anwar & Zhongdong Xiao & Hafiz Waqar Abbas & Zulfiqar Ali

  • 2017 Application of the Network Weight Matrix to Predict Traffic Flow
    by Alireza Ermagun & David Levinson

  • 2017 Faster, Smarter, Greener: The Future of the Car and Urban Mobility
    by Sumantran, Venkat & Fine, Charles & Gonsalvez, David

  • 2017 Travel mode and tour complexity: The roles of fuel price and built environment
    by Simora, Michael & Vance, Colin

  • 2017 The political economy of transportation investment
    by Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto & Edward L. Glaeser

  • 2017 Private Road Networks with Uncertain Demand
    by Xinying Fu & Vincent A.C. van den Berg & Erik T. Verhoef

  • 2017 Private Road Supply in Networks with Heterogeneous Users
    by Xinying Fu & Vincent A.C. van den Berg & Erik T. Verhoef

  • 2017 The impact of urban public transportation evidence from the Paris region
    by Thierry Mayer & Corentin Trevien

  • 2017 Infrastructure and Urbanization in the People’s Republic of China
    by Li, Zhigang

  • 2017 Defining PPP Opportunities in the Road Sector of Ukraine
    by Cherevykov, Yevhen

  • 2017 The transport in our time-budget
    by Fleischer, Tamás & Tir, Melinda

  • 2017 Smeed fs Law and the Role of Hospitals in Modeling Fatalities and Traffic Accidents
    by Yueh-Tzu Lu & Mototsugu Fukushige

  • 2017 The Healthiest vs. Greenest Path: Comparing the Effects of Internal and External Costs of Motor Vehicle Pollution on Route Choice
    by Mengying Cui & David Levinson

  • 2017 The Political Economy of Transportation Investment
    by Edward L. Glaeser & Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto

  • 2017 Political Power, Resistance to Technological Change and Economic Development: Evidence from the 19th century Sweden
    by Tyrefors Hinnerich, Bjorn & Lindgren, Erik & Pettersson-Lidbom, Per

  • 2017 Attityder till infrastrukturfinansiering
    by Andersson, Matts & Brundell-Freij, Karin & Jonsson, Lina & Vuorenmaa Berdica, Katja

  • 2017 Finansiering av stora infrastrukturinvesteringar
    by Andersson, Matts & Berell, Håkan & Ericson, Johan & Ernald Borges, Klas & Hansson, Åsa & Sjöstrand, Malin

  • 2017 Finansieringsmetoder för transportinfrastruktur
    by Andersson, Matts & Brundell-Freij, Karin & Ericson, Johan & Jonsson, Lina & Jörgensen, Peter & Almström, Peter & Vuorenmaa Berdica, Katja & Bengtsson, Ingemar & Ernald Borges, Klas & Hansson, Åsa & Kopsch, Fredrik & Sjöstrand, Malin

  • 2017 Political Power, Resistance to Technological Change and Economic Development: Evidence from the 19th century Sweden
    by Tyrefors Hinnerich, Björn & Lindgren, Erik & Pettersson-Lidbom, Per

  • 2017 The role of economic analysis for investment priorities in Sweden’s transport sector
    by Andersson , Henrik & Hultkrantz , Lars & Lindberg , Gunnar & Nilsson , Jan-Eric

  • 2017 The Swedish congestion charges: ten years on: - and effects of increasing charging levels
    by Börjesson , Maria & Kristoffersson, Ida

  • 2017 Modelling the attraction of shopping centres
    by Kristoffersson, Ida & Daly, Andrew & Algers, Staffan

  • 2017 The Political Economy of Transportation Investment
    by Glaeser, Edward L & Ponzetto, Giacomo AM

  • 2017 An intermediary’s optimal geographical expansion choice under uncertainty
    by LEFEVRE Mélanie & THARAKAN Joe

  • 2017 Domestic transport costs, Canada, and the Panama Canal
    by Camilo Umana Dajud

  • 2017 Institutional Architecture for Financing Pan-Asian Infrastructure Connectivity
    by Biswa Nath Bhattacharyay & Madhurima Bhattacharyay

  • 2017 Reassessing Railroads and Growth: Accounting for Transport Network Endogeneity
    by Swisher IV, S. N.

  • 2017 Can Public Transportation Reduce Accidents? Evidence From The Introduction Of Late-Night Buses In Israeli Cities
    by Shirlee Lichtman-Sadot

  • 2017 Asia's Geographic Development
    by Klaus Desmet & Dávid Krisztián Nagy & Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

  • 2017 The Impact of Fuel Price on Road Transportation Demand: Time-Varying Parameter and Kalman-Filter Approach
    by Feshari, Majid & Ghafouri Barjin , Hanieh

  • 2017 Impact of Investments in Public Infrastructures on Economic Performance and Private Investment in Developing Countries: A Case Study for Tunisia
    by Samir Saidi & Sami Hammami

  • 2017 Discovering the space–time dimensions of schedule padding and delay from GTFS and real-time transit data
    by Nate Wessel & Michael J. Widener

  • 2017 Railroad Infrastructure Investments and Economic Development in the Antebellum United States
    by Rui Manuel Pereira, Alfredo Marvao Pereira and William J. Hausman

  • 2017 Public Private Partnerships In Mexico: Financing And Social Benefits In Road Infrastructure Projects, Las Asociaciones Publico Privadas En Mexico: Financiacion Y Beneficios Sociales En Proyectos De Infraestructura Carretera
    by Eva Lozano Montero & Roberto Godínez Lopez & Saúl Manuel Albor Guzman

  • 2017 Financial Indicators Affecting Stock Performance The Case Of Capital Product Partners
    by Antonis PANTAZIS & Theodoros PELAGIDIS

  • 2017 Unbundling political and economic rationality: A non-parametric approach tested on transport infrastructure in Spain
    by Bertoméu-Sánchez, Salvador & Estache, Antonio

  • 2017 Scalable space-time trajectory cube for path-finding: A study using big taxi trajectory data
    by Yang, Lin & Kwan, Mei-Po & Pan, Xiaofang & Wan, Bo & Zhou, Shunping

  • 2017 Validation of aggregate reference forecasts for passenger transport
    by Andersson, Matts & Brundell-Freij, Karin & Eliasson, Jonas

  • 2017 Are users better-off with new transit lines?
    by Kilani, Moez & de Palma, André & Proost, Stef

  • 2017 The determinants of garage prices and their interaction with curbside regulation
    by Albalate, Daniel & Gragera, Albert

  • 2017 The Fehmarn Belt duopoly – Can the ferry compete with a tunnel?
    by Aigner, Rafael & Weber, Katharina

  • 2017 Do Fixed Links Affect Settlement Patterns: A Synthetic Control Approach
    by Tveter, Eivind & Welde, Morten & Odeck, James

  • 2017 The effect of airports on regional development: Evidence from the construction of regional airports in Norway
    by Tveter, Eivind

  • 2017 Beyond cost-benefit analysis: the search for a comprehensive evaluation of transport investment
    by Vickerman, Roger

  • 2017 Much ado about nothing? – A meta-analysis of the relationship between infrastructure and economic growth
    by Holmgren, Johan & Merkel, Axel

  • 2017 Domestic transport effects on regional export trade in Greece
    by Tsekeris, Theodore

  • 2017 Is road infrastructure investment in China excessive? Evidence from productivity of firms
    by Li, Zhigang & Wu, Mingqin & Chen, Bin R.

  • 2017 Is road infrastructure investment in China excessive? Evidence from productivity of firms
    by Li, Zhigang & Wu, Mingqin & Chen, Bin R.

  • 2017 The impact of urban public transportation evidence from the Paris region
    by Mayer, Thierry & Trevien, Corentin

  • 2017 Airport consolidation and the provision of air services
    by Sheard, Nicholas

  • 2017 Sukuk Negara as Financing Strategy for Renewable Energy Infrastructure: Case Study of Muara Laboh Geothermal Power Project
    by Dian Handayani & Eko Nur Surachman

  • 2017 Инструменти За Насърчаването На Публично-Частните Партньорства За Реализиране На Инфраструктурни Проекти В Транспортния Отрасъл
    by Христина НИКОЛОВА

  • 2017 Instruments For Encouraging Public-Private Partnerships In Transport Infrastructure Projects
    by Hristina NIKOLOVA

  • 2017 Carreteras y red eléctrica en Colombia, 1945 - 1990
    by Marta Juanita Villaveces Niño & Ramón Eduardo Hernández Ortega

  • 2017 El ferrocarril colombiano: 4 temas recurrentes en la literatura
    by Luis Márquez

  • 2017 Opportunities for Encouraging the Railway Infrastructure Investments through Application of Public-Private Partnerships
    by Hristina Nikolova

  • 2017 Are State Governments Roadblocks to Federal Stimulus? Evidence on the Flypaper Effect of Highway Grants in the 2009 Recovery Act
    by Sylvain Leduc & Daniel Wilson

  • 2016 Ready for Take-off? - The Economic Effects of Regional Airport Expansion
    by Breidenbach, Philipp

  • 2016 Illuminating the world cup effect: Night lights evidence from South Africa
    by Pfeifer, Gregor & Wahl, Fabian & Marczak, Martyna

  • 2016 Economic impacts of road investments under different financing alternatives
    by Tales Rozenfeld & Eduardo A. Haddad

  • 2016 Road Transport, Economic Growth and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the BRIICS: Conditions For a Low Carbon Economic Development
    by Barakatou Atte-Oudeyi & Bruno Kestemont & Jean Luc De Meulemeester

  • 2016 A New Role for Cost-Benefit Analysis in Canadian Transportation Infrastructure Investment
    by David Lewis & Ian Currie

  • 2016 Clustered into control: Causal impacts of water infrastructure failure
    by LaRiviere, Jacob & Wichman, Casey & Cunningham, Brandon

  • 2016 Subcontracting Requirements and the Cost of Government Procurement
    by Rosa, Benjamin

  • 2016 Reforming and Restructuring Ukrzaliznytsia: A Crucial Task for Ukrainian Reformers
    by Pittman, Russell

  • 2016 Project Management in the Port Development Project in Latvia
    by Pulmanis, Emils

  • 2016 Emergence of a urban traffic macroscopic fundamental diagram
    by Ranjan, Abhishek & Fosgerau, Mogens & Jenelius, Erik

  • 2016 The Role Weight of Key Factors Determining the (Infrastructure and Traffic) Intensity of Aviation for the Countries of the World
    by Erdősi, Ferenc

  • 2016 Resident Bid Preference, Affiliation, and Procurement Competition: Evidence from New Mexico
    by Rosa, Benjamin

  • 2016 Does poor road condition increase crashes?
    by Toshihiro Yokoo & Mihai Marasteanu & David Levinson

  • 2016 A model of two-destination choice in trip chains with GPS data
    by Arthur (Yan) Huang & David Levinson

  • 2016 Accessibility and the Evaluation of Investments on the Beijing Subway
    by Haibing Jiang & David Levinson

  • 2016 Can Tax Increment Financing Support Transportation Infrastructure Investment?
    by Murtaza Haider and Liam Donaldson

  • 2016 Interactions between Regional Public and Private Investment: Evidence from Japanese Prefectures
    by Tomomi Miyazaki

  • 2016 How Do Users Value a Network Expansion? Evidence from the Public Transit System in Singapore
    by Fesselmeyer, Eric & Liu, Haoming

  • 2016 Estimating “Gamma” for Tail-hedge Discount Rates When Project Returns Are Co-integrated with GDP
    by Hultkrantz, Lars & Mantalos, Panagiotis

  • 2016 Understanding attitudes towards congestion pricing: a latent variable investigation with data from four cities
    by Hess, Stephane & Börjesson, Maria

  • 2016 The Gothenburg congestion charges: CBA and equity
    by West, Jens & Börjesson, Maria

  • 2016 Validation of reference forecasts for passenger transport
    by Andersson, Matts & Brundell-Freij, Karin & Eliasson, Jonas

  • 2016 Explaining “peak car” with economic variables
    by Bastian, Anne & Börjesson, Maria & Eliasson, Jonas

  • 2016 Forecasting effects of congestion charges
    by West , Jens & Börjesson , Maria & Engelson , Leonid

  • 2016 Does uncertainty make cost-benefit analyses pointless?
    by Thureson, Disa & Eliasson, Jonas

  • 2016 Förbättrade metoder för samhällsekonomisk analys av kollektivtrafikinvesteringar
    by Eliasson, Jonas

  • 2016 Management by good intentions and best wishes: on sustainability, tourism and transport investment planning in Sweden
    by Nerhagen, Lena

  • 2016 The impact of accessibility on labor earnings
    by Isacsson, Gunnar & Börjesson, Maria & Andersson, Matts & Anderstig, Christer

  • 2016 Liberals, Socialists, and pork-barrel politics in Greece
    by Andrés Rodríguez-Pose & Yannis Psycharis & Vassilis Tselios

  • 2016 Accounting for Central Neighborhood Change, 1980-2010
    by Baum-Snow, Nathaniel & Hartley, Daniel

  • 2016 A New Evaluation and Decision Making Framework Investigating the Elimination-by-Aspects Model in the Context of Transportation Projects’ Investment Choices
    by Nathalie Picard & R. Khraibania & A. de Palma & I. Kaysi

  • 2016 Liberals, Socialists, and pork-barrel politics in Greece
    by Andrés Rodríguez-Pose & Yannis Psycharis & Vassilis Tselios

  • 2016 Electrification of a City Bus Network: An Optimization Model for Cost-Effective Placing of Charging Infrastructure and Battery Sizing of Fast Charging Electric Bus Systems
    by Alexander Kunith & Roman Mendelevitch & Dietmar Goehlich

  • 2016 The Fehmarn Belt Duopoly - Can the Ferry Compete with a Tunnel?
    by Rafael Aigner

  • 2016 Railroad Infrastructure Investments and Economic Development in the Antebellum United States
    by Rui M. Pereira & William J. Hausman & Alfredo Marvão Pereira

  • 2016 Liberals, Socialists, and pork-barrel politics in Greece
    by Psycharis, Yannis & Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés & Tselios, Vassilis

  • 2016 Competitividad en el transporte aéreo en Colombia
    by Astrid Martínez Ortiz & Helena García

  • 2016 A Pseudo-Panel Approach to Estimating Dynamic Effects of Road Infrastructure Provision on Firm Performance in a Developing Country Context
    by Samira Barzin & Sabine D'Costa & Daniel Graham

  • 2016 On Ya Bike? A Review of the Christchurch Cycleway Network Business Case
    by Glenn Boyle & James Hill

  • 2016 Approaches to Making Federal Highway Spending More Productive
    by Congressional Budget Office

  • 2016 V - Vías camineras
    by Osvaldo Nina & Mario Arduz

  • 2016 Market Consequences of ICT Innovations
    by Constantin Mang

  • 2016 Regional analysis of domestic integration in Egypt: an interregional CGE approach
    by Eduardo Amaral Haddad & Michael L. Lahr & Dina N. Elshahawany & Moisés Vassallo

  • 2016 The effects of Seoul’s suburban beltway on accessibility, residential development, and housing rents: a transport–land use simulation approach
    by Myung-Jin Jun & Hee-Jae Kim

  • 2016 Measuring Post-Merger and Acquisition Performance of Corporations in the Maritime Transport Sector
    by Dionysios Polemis & Thanasis Karlis

  • 2016 Effects of Infrastructure Development on Foreign Direct Investment in Kenya
    by Carol Teresa Wekesa & Nelson H. Wawire & George Kosimbei

  • 2016 Are the Indian National Highway PPPs More Efficient than Non-PPPs? An Empirical Analysis through Data Envelopment Analysis
    by Nagesha Gopalkrishna & Gayithri Karnam

  • 2016 Impact of Privatization of Ports on Relative Efficiency of Major Ports of India
    by Mrinal Kumar Dasgupta & Deepankar Sinha

  • 2016 Polycentricity functional analysis of the Romanian counties
    by Antonio TACHE & Monica Tache & Sorin Daniel MANOLE

  • 2016 Empirical Research on Urban Public Transportation in the Context of Population Growth and the Demographic Development
    by Alexandru Mihai BUGHEANU & Sofia Elena COLESCA

  • 2016 Un análisis regional de la eficiencia técnica de las empresas de transporte urbano colectivo en España
    by Balboa La Chica, Pedro M. & Mesa Mendoza, Margarita & Suárez Falcón, Heriberto & del Pino Pérez Castellano, María

  • 2016 Safety perception in transport demand modeling for the bike-metro integration in Bogota, Colombia
    by Luis Márquez

  • 2016 The Costs of the Construction of Motorways and Drilling Tunnels
    by Andrzej Więckowski

  • 2016 Transport link scanner: simulating geographic transport network expansion through individual investments
    by C. Jacobs-Crisioni & C. C. Koopmans

  • 2016 Проблемы Автомобильных Грузовых Перевозок Между Россией И Польшей
    by Ponomareva Ekaterina & Sudakov Sergey

  • 2016 Road Freight Traffic Between Russia And Poland
    by Ponomareva Ekaterina & Sudakov Sergey

  • 2016 Un indicatore di qualità percepita per il trasporto pubblico urbano: analisi delle macro-aree italiane
    by Claudia Burlando & Enrico Ivaldi & Alfonso Camporeale

  • 2016 A new evaluation and decision making framework investigating the elimination-by-aspects model in the context of transportation projects' investment choices
    by Khraibani, R. & de Palma, A. & Picard, N. & Kaysi, I.

  • 2016 Accuracy of the Gothenburg congestion charges forecast
    by West, Jens & Börjesson, Maria & Engelson, Leonid

  • 2016 Does uncertainty make cost-benefit analyses pointless?
    by Asplund, Disa & Eliasson, Jonas

  • 2016 Recognising the complementary contributions of cost benefit analysis and economic impact analysis to an understanding of the worth of public transport investment: A case study of bus rapid transit in Sydney, Australia
    by Weisbrod, Glen & Mulley, Corinne & Hensher, David

  • 2016 Social capital and local public transportation in Japan
    by Utsunomiya, Kiyohito

  • 2016 Accessibility and equity: An approach for wider transport project assessment in Chile
    by Niehaus, Markus & Galilea, Patricia & Hurtubia, Ricardo

  • 2016 Workshop 8 report: The wider economic, social and environmental impacts of public transport investment
    by Mulley, Corinne & Weisbrod, Glen

  • 2016 Effects of diversification strategies on investment in railway business: The case of private railway companies in Japan
    by Song, Yeon-Jung & Shoji, Kenichi

  • 2016 A theoretical analysis of business models for urban public transport systems, with comparative reference to a Community Franchise involving Individual Line Ownership
    by Emerson, David & Mulley, Corinne & Bliemer, Michiel C.J.

  • 2016 A case for negotiated performance-based contracting rather than competitive tendering in government public transport (bus) service procurement
    by Kavanagh, Peter

  • 2016 Workshop 5 report: Harnessing big data
    by Sánchez-Martínez, Gabriel E. & Munizaga, Marcela

  • 2016 Mega events and the transformation of Rio de Janeiro into a mass-transit city
    by Lindau, Luis Antonio & Petzhold, Guillermo & Tavares, Virginia Bergamaschi & Facchini, Daniela

  • 2016 Evaluating the role of land use and transport policies in reducing the transport energy dependence of a city
    by Ignaccolo, Matteo & Inturri, Giuseppe & Le Pira, Michela & Caprì, Salvatore & Mancuso, Valentina

  • 2016 Sustainability versus stakeholder preferences: Searching for synergies in urban and regional mobility measures
    by Bulckaen, Jeroen & Keseru, Imre & Macharis, Cathy

  • 2016 Sustainable urban mobility plans: Bridging climate change and equity targets?
    by Arsenio, Elisabete & Martens, Karel & Di Ciommo, Floridea

  • 2016 COPE-SMARTER – A decision support system for analysing the challenges, opportunities and policy initiatives: A case study of electric commercial vehicles market diffusion in Denmark
    by Barfod, Michael B. & Kaplan, Sigal & Frenzel, Ina & Klauenberg, Jens

  • 2016 Transit development, consumer amenities and home values: Evidence from Beijing's subway neighborhoods
    by Zheng, Siqi & Xu, Yangfei & Zhang, Xiaonan & Wang, Rui

  • 2016 El transporte modal de carga fluvial: Un estudio de la reactivación del río Magdalena
    by Gustavo Alberto Zambrano

  • 2016 Optimal City Street Network Design Under Uncertainty
    by John Andrew Howe

  • 2016 Can Electronic Procurement Improve Infrastructure Provision? Evidence from Public Works in India and Indonesia
    by Sean Lewis-Faupel & Yusuf Neggers & Benjamin A. Olken & Rohini Pande

  • 2016 Detecting Bidders Groups in Collusive Auctions
    by Timothy G. Conley & Francesco Decarolis

  • 2015 Baserunning - analyzing the sensitivity and economies of scale of the Swedish national freight model system using stochastic production-consumption-matrices
    by Westin, Jonas & de Jong, Gerard & Vierth, Inge & Krüger, Niclas & Karlsson, Rune & Johansson, Magnus

  • 2015 Ready for Take-off? The Economic Effects of Regional Airport Expansion
    by Breidenbach, Philipp

  • 2015 The relationship between public and private bicycle use: the case of Seville
    by José I. Castillo-Manzano & Mercedes Castro-Nuño & Lourdes Lopez-Valpuesta

  • 2015 Evaluation tool for wider economic effects of railway investments ? making CGE results accessible
    by Jouko Kinnunen & Heikki Metsäranta & Hannu Törmä & Seppo Laakso & Urszula Zimoch

  • 2015 Regional Analysis of Domestic Integration in Egypt
    by Eduardo Haddad & Michael Lahr & Dina Elshahawany & Moisés Vassallo

  • 2015 Expansions of Regional Airports and their Effect on the Local Economy
    by Philipp Breidenbach

  • 2015 Complementary Alliances with Endogenous Fleets and Load Factors
    by Achim I. Czerny & Vincent A.C. van den Berg & Erik T. Verhoef

  • 2015 Car Ownership and Residential Parking Subsidies: Evidence from Amsterdam
    by Jesper de Groote & Jos N. van Ommeren & Hans R.A. Koster

  • 2015 Private Road Networks with Uncertain Demand
    by Xinying Fu & Vincent van den Berg & Erik T. Verhoef

  • 2015 Miles, Speed and Technology: Traffic Safety under Oligopolistic Insurance
    by Maria Dementyeva & Erik T. Verhoef

  • 2015 The Potential Economic Impacts of the Proposed Development Corridor in Egypt: An Interregional CGE Approach
    by Diana N. Elshahawany & Eduardo A. Haddd, Michael L. Lahr

  • 2015 The Effects of the Bus Rapid Transit Infrastructure on the Property Values in Colombia
    by Perdomo Calvo, Jorge Andrés

  • 2015 Do freight transport time savings translate to benefit for transport consuming companies?
    by Sambracos, Evangelos & Ramfou, Irene

  • 2015 Revenue Risk Mitigation Options for Toll Roads
    by M. Rouhani, Omid

  • 2015 The Role of Seaports for Portuguese Economic Recovery: The Port of Sines
    by Moreira, Paulo Pires

  • 2015 Impact of Value of Time (VOT) on toll roads
    by M. Rouhani, Omid

  • 2015 Accessibility Analysis of Risk Severity
    by Mengying Cui & David Levinson

  • 2015 Accessibility and the Ring of Unreliability
    by Mengying Cui & David Levinson

  • 2015 "Transit Makes you Short": On Health Impact Assessment of Transportation and the Built Environment
    by Alireza Ermagun & David Levinson

  • 2015 Circuity in Urban Transit Networks
    by Jie Huang & David Levinson

  • 2015 Developing a Comprehensive US Transit Accessibility Database
    by Andrew Owen & David Levinson

  • 2015 Road network structure and speeding using GPS data
    by Toshihiro Yokoo & David Levinson

  • 2015 Evaluating the "Safety In Numbers" Effect With Estimated Pedestrian Activity
    by Brendan Murphy & David Levinson & Andrew Owen

  • 2015 Physical Activity in School Travel: A Cross-Nested Logit Approach
    by Alireza Ermagun & David Levinson

  • 2015 Accessibility and Centrality Based Estimation of Urban Pedestrian Activity
    by Brendan Murphy & David Levinson & Andrew Owen

  • 2015 Analyzing Multiday Route Choice Behavior using GPS Data
    by Wenyun Tang & Lin Cheng

  • 2015 Climbing Mount Next: The Effects of Autonomous Vehicles on Society
    by David Levinson

  • 2015 Intra-household Bargaining for School Trip Accompaniment of Children: A Group Decision Approach with Altruism
    by Alireza Ermagun & David Levinson

  • 2015 The cost of equity: Assessing transit accessibility and social disparity using total travel cost
    by Ahmed El-Geneidy & David Levinson & Ehab Diab & Genevieve Boisjoly & David Verbich & Charis Loong

  • 2015 Cohort Effects and Their Influence on Car Ownership
    by Michael Iacono & David Levinson

  • 2015 Is Bicycling Contagious? Effects of Bike Share Stations and Activity on System Membership and General Population Cycling
    by Jessica Schoner & Greg Lindsey & David Levinson

  • 2015 Axis of travel: Modeling non-work destination choice with GPS data
    by Arthur (Yan) Huang & David Levinson

  • 2015 Accessibility and Transit Performance
    by Alireza Ermagun & David Levinson

  • 2015 Bike Usage in Public Bike-Sharing: An Analysis of the “BikeMi” System in Milan
    by Giorgio SAIBENE & Giancarlo MANZI

  • 2015 Local public transport: less resources for higher efficiency
    by Mauro Massaro & Leonardo Piccini & Patrizia Lattarulo

  • 2015 Visions on high-speed trains: a methodological analysis
    by Susana Martins Moretto & António Brandão Moniz & Douglas Robinson

  • 2015 How does transportation shape Intrametropolitan growth? An answer from the regional express rail
    by Miquel-Ángel Garcia-López & Camille Hémet & Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal

  • 2015 Optimization of Regional Public Transport System: The Case of Perm Krai
    by Elena Koncheva & Nikolay Zalesskiy & Pavel Zuzin

  • 2015 The allocation of transport infrastructure in Swedish municipalities: welfare maximization, political economy or both?
    by Jussila Hammes , Johanna & Nilsson, Jan-Eric

  • 2015 Land Transport Systems under Climate Change: A Macroeconomic Assessment of Adaptation Measures for the Case of Austria
    by Gabriel Bachner

  • 2015 The value of democracy: evidence from road building in Kenya
    by Burgess, Robin & Jedwab, Remi & Miguel, Edward & Morjaria, Ameet & Padró i Miquel, Gerard

  • 2015 The Impacts of Urban Public Transportation: Evidence from the Paris Region
    by Mayer, Thierry & Trevien, Corentin

  • 2015 Estimación del consumo de combustibles en el transporte terrestre en Ecuador
    by Jaime Cevallos

  • 2015 Macroeconomía de las concesiones de cuarta generación
    by Juan Mauricio Ramírez & Leonardo Villar

  • 2015 Aceleración de la urbanización global y movilidad sostenible
    by Jorge Rafael Figueroa Elenes & Pablo Martín Urbano & Juan Ignacio Sánchez Gutiérrez

  • 2015 Trade and The Spatial Distribution of Transport Infrastructure
    by Gabriel J. Felbermayr & Alexander Tarasov

  • 2015 Trade and the Spatial Distribution of Transport Infrastructure
    by Gabriel Felbermayr & Alexander Tarasov

  • 2015 Tackling Traffic: The Economic Cost of Congestion in Metro Vancouver
    by Benjamin Dachis

  • 2015 Public Spending on Transportation and Water Infrastructure, 1956 to 2014
    by Congressional Budget Office

  • 2015 Airport Improvements and Urban Growth
    by Nicholas Sheard

  • 2015 Services Ferroviaires Eurasiatiques Et Stratégies Économiques Et Géopolitiques De La Chine
    by Yann ALIX & Brigitte DAUDET

  • 2015 Ekonomiczne uwarunkowania funkcjonowania pasażerskiego transportu regionalnego w Polsce
    by Michał Zajfert

  • 2015 Проект реконструкции Транссиба как объект оценки общественной эффективности. Project of the Trans-Siberian Railway reconstruction as an object of social efficiency evaluation
    by Кибалов Е. Б. & Глущенко К.П. & Горяченко В.И

  • 2015 Economics of State-owned Passenger Transport in Kolkata
    by Aparajita Chakrabartty & Sudakshina Gupta

  • 2015 Development Theory, Regional Politics and the Unfolding of the ‘Roadscape’ in Ladakh, North India
    by Jonathan Demenge

  • 2015 Dynamic Processes of an Airport's System. Applying Value Network Analysis (VNA) to the Air Traveller Experience
    by Vaz, Margarida & Baltazar, Maria Emília & Silva, Jorge

  • 2015 The Scheme of the Regulation and Financing of Transport Infrastructure Projects of the Regions of Ukraine
    by Sotnichenko L.L.

  • 2015 Do Mobiles Take our Lives Away? An Empirical Analysis of Global Data
    by Bilal Mehmood & Saddam Ilyas

  • 2015 Ways to Maximize Public Revenues from Travel Industry
    by Tetyana Tomnyuk

  • 2015 La valutazione di un intervento nel campo dei trasporti: gli effetti dell’incentivo Ecobonus
    by Marica D'Elia & Guido Pellegrini & Agostina Zanoli

  • 2015 The Coastal Shipping Network in Greek Insular Space: Reorganising it Towards a “Hub and Spoke” System Using Matrices of Flows and Connectivity Matrices
    by Athanasios Papadaskalopoulos & Manolis Christofakis & Peter Nijkamp

  • 2015 When supply travels far beyond demand: Causes of oversupply in Spain's transport infrastructure
    by Albalate, Daniel & Bel, Germà & Fageda, Xavier

  • 2015 How infrastructure can promote cycling in cities: Lessons from Seville
    by Marqués, R. & Hernández-Herrador, V. & Calvo-Salazar, M. & García-Cebrián, J.A.

  • 2015 Reflections on citizen-technical dialogue as part of cycling-inclusive planning in Santiago, Chile
    by Sagaris, Lake & Ortuzar, Juan de Dios

  • 2015 Heterogeneity in the relationship between the built environment and driving: Focus on neighborhood type and travel purpose
    by Salon, Deborah

  • 2015 Public transit investment and sustainable transportation: A review of studies of transit's impact on traffic congestion and air quality
    by Beaudoin, Justin & Farzin, Y. Hossein & Lin Lawell, C.-Y. Cynthia

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