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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C0: General
/ / / C00: General
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Sequential Probability Ration Tests : Conservative and Robust
    by Kleijnen, J.P.C. & Shi, Wen

  • 2017 Causal analysis in marketing: a customer satisfaction problem
    by Gloria Gheno

  • 2017 Sub-economic impulse and consciousness with quantum chromodynamic modeling
    by Yang, Yingrui

  • 2017 On the diversification benefit of reinsurance portfolios
    by Limani, Jeta & Bettinger, Régis & Dacorogna, Michel M

  • 2017 Financial Inclusion and Economic Growth in WAEMU: A Multiscale Heterogeneity Panel Causality Approach
    by Gourène, Grakolet Arnold Zamereith & Mendy, Pierre

  • 2017 Example of a Rising NPV Profile for a Mining Project
    by Bell, Peter

  • 2017 Introducing the Net Present Value Profile
    by Bell, Peter

  • 2017 Effectiveness and Challenges of Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) in the Indian Hotel Sector
    by Nadda, Vipin & Rafiq, Zaman & Tyagi, Pankaj

  • 2017 Comparing redistributive efficiency of tax-benefit systems in Europe
    by Daniela Mantovani

  • 2017 Comparing redistributive efficiency of tax-benefit systems in Europe
    by Daniela Mantovani

  • 2017 A plausible Decision Heuristics Model: Fallibility of human judgment as an endogenous problem
    by Carlos Sáenz-Royo

  • 2017 Realized volatility of CO2 futures
    by Thijs Benschop & Brenda López Cabrera &

  • 2017 The systemic risk of central SIFIs
    by Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen & Sergey Nasekin &

  • 2017 Pricing Green Financial Products
    by Awdesch Melzer & Wolfgang K. Härdle & Brenda López Cabrera &

  • 2017 Adaptive weights clustering of research papers
    by Larisa Adamyan & Kirill Efimov & Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen

  • 2017 On the product of a singular Wishart matrix and a singular Gaussian vector in high dimensions
    by Bodnar, Taras & Mazur, Stepan & Muhinyuza, Stanislas & Parolya, Nestor

  • 2017 Central limit theorems for functionals of large sample covariance matrix and mean vector in matrix-variate location mixture of normal distributions
    by Bodnar, Taras & Mazur, Stepan & Parolya, Nestor

  • 2017 Creaming - and the depletion of resources: A Bayesian data analysis
    by Lillestøl, Jostein & Sinding-Larsen, Richard

  • 2017 Tre grupper skatteytere i søkelyset: Har de ulike kjennetegn?
    by Andersson, Jonas & Lillestøl, Jostein

  • 2017 Simple Statistical Screens to Detect Bid Rigging
    by Imhof, David

  • 2017 Econometric tests to detect bid-rigging cartels: does it work?
    by Imhof, David

  • 2017 Screening for Bid-rigging – Does it Work?
    by David Imhof & YAVUZ KARAGÖK & SAMUEL RUTZ

  • 2017 When Inequality Matters for Macro and Macro Matters for Inequality
    by SeHyoun Ahn & Greg Kaplan & Benjamin Moll & Thomas Winberry & Christian Wolf

  • 2017 Income Inequality in Israel: A Distinctive Evolution
    by Momi Dahan

  • 2017 Contemporary Issues in Economy. Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Economics: Quantitative Methods

  • 2017 Contemporary Issues in Economy. Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Economics: Proceedings in Polish

  • 2017 9th International Conference on Applied Economics Contemporary Issues in Economy, Torun, Poland, 22-23 June 2017

  • 2017 Confirmatory Factor Analysis on Tax Compliance Intentions, General Fairness, Procedural Fairness and Social Norms
    by Bayram, Nuran & Aydemir, Mine & Yıldırım, Zuhal & Leba Tansöker, Reyhan

  • 2017 Data Quality Dimensions to Ensure Optimal Data Quality
    by Svetlana Jesiļevska

  • 2017 I, Roboticus Oeconomicus The philosophy of mind in economics, and why it matters
    by Brendan Markey-Towler

  • 2017 Say it again Sam: the information content of corporate conference calls
    by James Cicon

  • 2017 The gender income gap and the role of family formation revisited : A replication of Bobbitt-Zeher (2007)
    by Ochsenfeld, Fabian

  • 2017 A Fast Algorithm for the Computation of HAC Covariance Matrix Estimators
    by Jochen Heberle & Cristina Sattarhoff

  • 2017 Endogeneity, Time-Varying Coefficients, and Incorrect vs. Correct Ways of Specifying the Error Terms of Econometric Models
    by P.A.V.B. Swamy & Jatinder S. Mehta & I-Lok Chang

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Econometrics in 2016
    by Econometrics Editorial Office

  • 2017 Between Institutions and Global Forces: Norwegian Wage Formation Since Industrialisation
    by Ragnar Nymoen

  • 2017 Fractional Unit Root Tests Allowing for a Structural Change in Trend under Both the Null and Alternative Hypotheses
    by Seong Yeon Chang & Pierre Perron

  • 2017 Consistency of Trend Break Point Estimator with Underspecified Break Number
    by Jingjing Yang

  • 2017 Regime Switching Vine Copula Models for Global Equity and Volatility Indices
    by Holger Fink & Yulia Klimova & Claudia Czado & Jakob Stöber

  • 2017 A Simple Test for Causality in Volatility
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer

  • 2017 Accuracy and Efficiency of Various GMM Inference Techniques in Dynamic Micro Panel Data Models
    by Jan Kiviet & Milan Pleus & Rutger Poldermans

  • 2017 Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Copulas of Multivariate Time Series
    by Bruno Rémillard

  • 2017 Testing for a Structural Break in a Spatial Panel Model
    by Aparna Sengupta

  • 2017 Structural Breaks, Inflation and Interest Rates: Evidence from the G7 Countries
    by Jesús Clemente & María Dolores Gadea & Antonio Montañés & Marcelo Reyes

  • 2017 A Note on Identification of Bivariate Copulas for Discrete Count Data
    by Pravin Trivedi & David Zimmer

  • 2017 Business Cycle Estimation with High-Pass and Band-Pass Local Polynomial Regression
    by Luis J. Álvarez

  • 2017 Case Studies of Energy Storage with Fuel Cells and Batteries for Stationary and Mobile Applications
    by Nadia Belmonte & Carlo Luetto & Stefano Staulo & Paola Rizzi & Marcello Baricco

  • 2017 Hydrides as High Capacity Anodes in Lithium Cells: An Italian “Futuro in Ricerca di Base FIRB-2010” Project
    by Sergio Brutti & Stefania Panero & Annalisa Paolone & Sara Gatto & Daniele Meggiolaro & Francesco M. Vitucci & Jessica Manzi & David Munaò & Laura Silvestri & Luca Farina & Priscilla Reale

  • 2017 A Study of the Conformers of the (Nonafluorobutanesulfonyl)imide Ion by Means of Infrared Spectroscopy and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Calculations
    by Oriele Palumbo & Francesco Trequattrini & Giovanni Battista Appetecchi & Annalisa Paolone

  • 2017 Tie-Up Cycles in Long-Term Mating. Part II: Fictional Narratives and the Social Cognition of Mating
    by Lorenza Lucchi Basili & Pier Luigi Sacco

  • 2017 Ionic Mobility and Phase Transitions in Perovskite Oxides for Energy Application
    by Francesco Cordero & Floriana Craciun & Francesco Trequattrini

  • 2017 New Studies of the Physical Properties of Metallic Amorphous Membranes for Hydrogen Purification
    by Oriele Palumbo & Francesco Trequattrini & Suchismita Sarker & Madhura Hulyakar & Narendra Pal & Dhanesh Chandra & Michael Dolan & Annalisa Paolone

  • 2017 Ice XVII as a Novel Material for Hydrogen Storage
    by Leonardo del Rosso & Milva Celli & Lorenzo Ulivi

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Challenges in 2016
    by Editorial Office

  • 2017 About the Purification Route of Ionic Liquid Precursors
    by Massimo De Francesco & Elisabetta Simonetti & Gianremo Gorgi & Giovanni Battista Appetecchi

  • 2017 Electrochemical Sensor for Explosives Precursors’ Detection in Water
    by Cloé Desmet & Agnes Degiuli & Carlotta Ferrari & Francesco Saverio Romolo & Loïc Blum & Christophe Marquette

  • 2017 Expert System for Bomb Factory Detection by Networks of Advance Sensors
    by Carlotta Ferrari & Alessandro Ulrici & Francesco Saverio Romolo

  • 2017 Quantitative wave model of macro-finance
    by Olkhov, Victor

  • 2017 Crude oil price behaviour before and after military conflicts and geopolitical events
    by Monge, Manuel & Gil-Alana, Luis A. & Pérez de Gracia, Fernando

  • 2017 Dependency between Risks and the Insurer’s Economic Capital: A Copula-based GARCH Model
    by Shim Jeungbo & Lee Seung-Hwan

  • 2017 Fantasy Pitching
    by Robert Faff & Searat Ali & Muhammad Atif & Matt Brenner & Hasibul Chowdhury & Leelyn Crudas & Alison Joubet & Ihtisham Malik & Lin Mi & Vinu Nagar & Tim Pullen & Manuel Siegrist & Steve Smythe & Jeff Stephenson & Beile Zhang & Kun Zhang

  • 2016 A pro-cyclical stock market under a countercyclical monetary policy in a model of endogenous business cycles
    by Yanovski, Boyan

  • 2016 Parametric Recoverability of Preferences
    by Halevy, Yoram & Persitz, Dotan & Zrill, Lanny

  • 2016 Generalization of Binomial Coefficients to Numbers on the Nodes of Graphs
    by Khmelnitskaya, A. & van der Laan, G. & Talman, Dolf

  • 2016 Generalization of Binomial Coefficients to Numbers on the Nodes of Graphs
    by Anna Khmelnitskaya & Gerard van der Laan & Dolf Talman

  • 2016 Les propriétés dynamiques et de long terme du modèle ThreeMe: un cahier de variantes
    by Gaël Callonnec & Gissela Landa & Paul Malliet & Frédéric Reynès & Aurélien Saussay

  • 2016 Die relative Steuerbelastung mittelständischer Kapitalgesellschaften: Evidenz von handelsbilanziellen Mikrodaten
    by Heinz Gebhardt & Lars-H. R. Siemers

  • 2016 A Fuzzy-Neural Performance Evaluation Approach of Selecting Outsource International Logistic Company
    by Chun Wei R. Lin & Yun-Jiuan Melody Parng & Hong-Yi Chen

  • 2016 AHP-Based Approach to evaluate solar power plant location alternatives
    by ZEKI AYAG

  • 2016 Determining the Suitability of Alternative Locations for Syrian Refugee Camps in Turkey using Extended VIKOR
    by Tufan Demirel & Serhat Tüzün

  • 2016 Comparative analysis of fuzzy multi-criteria decision making for location selection of Textile plant in Turkey
    by Nihan Çetin Demirel & Muhammet Deveci & Gizem Eser

  • 2016 The bet on a bald
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 Postulating the theory of experience and chance as a theory of co~events (co~beings)
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 First Stochastic Dominance and Risk Measurement
    by Niu, Cuizhen & Wong, Wing-Keung & Zhu, Lixing

  • 2016 On the Third Order Stochastic Dominance for Risk-Averse and Risk-Seeking Investors with Analysis of their Traditional and Internet Stocks
    by Chan, Raymond H. & Clark, Ephraim & Wong, Wing-Keung

  • 2016 Azar, Determinismo e Indecidibilidad en la Teoría del Ciclo Económico
    by Escañuela Romana, Ignacio

  • 2016 Nexus between U.S Energy Sources and Economic Activity: Time-Frequency and Bootstrap Rolling Window Causality Analysis
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Hussain Shahzad, Syed Jawad & Jammazi, Rania

  • 2016 Wygladzenie falkowe jako kluczowy instrument w predykcji krotkookresowej
    by Monika Hadas-Dyduch

  • 2016 Wage Decompositions Using Panel Data Sample Selection Correction
    by Oaxaca, Ronald L. & Choe, Chung

  • 2016 Leveraged ETF options implied volatility paradox: a statistical study
    by Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Sergey Nasekin & Zhiwu Hong &

  • 2016 Causal Mechanisms in Organization and Innovation Studies
    by Hedström, Peter & Wennberg, Karl

  • 2016 Channel Coordination in a Multi-period Newsvendor Model with Dynamic, Price-dependent Stochastic Demand
    by Azad Gholami, Reza & Sandal, Leif K. & Ubøe, Jan

  • 2016 Log-normal creaming and the likelihood of discovering additional giant petroleum fields
    by Lillestøl, Jostein & Sinding-Larsen, Richard

  • 2016 Weibull Wind Worth: Wait and Watch?
    by Lillestøl, Jostein

  • 2016 The Method of Leader’s Overthrow in Networks
    by Belik, Ivan & Jörnsten, Kurt

  • 2016 On statistical methods for labor market evaluation under interference between units
    by Karlsson, Maria & Lundin, Mathias

  • 2016 A general semiparametric approach to inference with marker-dependent hazard rate models
    by van den Berg, Gerard J. & Janys, Lena & Mammen, Enno & Nielsen, Jens P.

  • 2016 Screening for bid-rigging - does it work?
    by Imhof, David & Karagök, Yavuz & Rutz, Samuel

  • 2016 Non-Stationary Dynamic Factor Models for Large Datasets
    by Barigozzi, Matteo & Lippi, Marco & Luciani, Matteo

  • 2016 Constant Market Share Analysis: A Note
    by Graziella Bonanno

  • 2016 Blanchard and Kahn's (1980) Solution for a Linear Rational Expectations Model with One State Variable and One Control Variable: the Correct Formula
    by Robert Kollmann & Stefan Zeugner

  • 2016 Crash course em matemática para economistas
    by André Braz Golgher & Luccas Assis Attílio & Helder Lara Ferreira Filho

  • 2016 Remembering the Workshop in the Summer Palace
    by Hong Liu & Shouyi Zhang

  • 2016 A Review of the 30 Years of the Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics
    by Tongsan Wang

  • 2016 The Course of Establishing and Development of the Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics
    by Shouyi Zhang

  • 2016 Selected Edit of Speeches at the 30th Anniversary Commemoration of the Founding of the Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics
    by Zhong Han

  • 2016 A Summary of the Minutes Commemorating 30 Years since the Establishment of the Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics
    by Yulun Lin

  • 2016 The Memorabilia of Enterprise Committee (1985–1997)
    by Chunhe Hao

  • 2016 The Memorabilia of the Input–Output Committee
    by Qiyun Liu

  • 2016 The Brief History of the Development of the Professional Committee of Game Theory
    by Guocheng Wang

  • 2016 Record of Major Events in the 30-Year History of the Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics (1979–2009)
    by Zhan Peng

  • 2016 One-Way Effect Causal Relationship of GDP and Energy Consumption in Taiwan
    by Yanwu Chen & Feng Yao & Chengye Wu

  • 2016 A Review of 10 Years of Economic Forecasting in China
    by Tongsan Wang & Lisheng Shen

  • 2016 A Review on the Development of Economic Prediction in China
    by Jiapei Wu & Youcai Liang

  • 2016 Three Developmental Stages and Tasks of China's Econometrics
    by Zinai Li

  • 2016 Application and Development of Input–Output Analysis in China
    by Qiyun Liu & Ming Xia

  • 2016 Game Theory and Quantitative Economics
    by Guocheng Wang

  • 2016 An Empirical Study on the Mutual Independent Relationship between China's Economic Growth and Energy Consumption
    by Xinquan Ge & Jinwen Zhang

  • 2016 Several Major Theoretical Issues in Quantitative Economics
    by Jinhua Li

  • 2016 Three Issues in Quantitative Economics
    by Shouyi Zhang

  • 2016 Several Issues to Consider in Quantitative Economics
    by Jiapei Wu

  • 2016 Quantitative Economics in China:A Thirty-Year Review

  • 2016 The Measurement of Human Capital Methods
    by Miciuła Ireneusz

  • 2016 The Profitability of the Strategy Linking Fundamental, Portfolio and Technical Analysis on the Polish Capital Market
    by Flotyński Marcin

  • 2016 Inequality among the poor in poverty measure case of Tunisia (2005–2010)
    by Belhadj Besma

  • 2016 Law of the jungle: firm survival and price dynamics in evolutionary markets
    by Brendan Markey-Towler

  • 2016 Analiza koncentracji sekcji Polskiej Klasyfikacji Dzialalnosci w wybranych regionach Polski
    by Paulina Piorkowska

  • 2016 Como o Banco Central tem reagido aos choques (bolhas) nos preços das habitações brasileiras? Uma análise por meio por meio do Modelo Dinâmico Estocástico de Equilíbrio Geral (DSGE) [How has the Central Bank reacted to shocks (bubbles) in the Brazilian housing prices? An analysis using a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) model]
    by Cássio Nóbrega Besarria & Nelson Leitão Paes & Marcelo Eduardo Alves da Silva

  • 2016 Measuring short and rare activities – Time diaries in criminology
    by Sjoerd Van Halem & Evelien M. Hoeben & Wim Bernasco & Tom F. M. Ter Bogt

  • 2016 The Ranking of Researchers by Publications and Citations: Using RePEc Data
    by Kjell HAUSKEN

  • 2016 Nonlinear Trend and Purchasing Power Parity
    by Yinghao LUO

  • 2016 The Relationship Between Consumption and Income
    by Tai-Yuen HON

  • 2016 Consumer Credit, Oil Prices, and the U.S. Economy
    by Vipin ARORA

  • 2016 Fixed- b Inference for Testing Structural Change in a Time Series Regression
    by Cheol-Keun Cho & Timothy J. Vogelsang

  • 2016 The Status of Bridge Principles in Applied Econometrics
    by Bernt P. Stigum

  • 2016 Testing for the Equality of Integration Orders of Multiple Series
    by Man Wang & Ngai Hang Chan

  • 2016 Higher Order Bias Correcting Moment Equation for M-Estimation and Its Higher Order Efficiency
    by Kyoo il Kim

  • 2016 Subset-Continuous-Updating GMM Estimators for Dynamic Panel Data Models
    by Richard A. Ashley & Xiaojin Sun

  • 2016 Generalized Information Matrix Tests for Detecting Model Misspecification
    by Richard M. Golden & Steven S. Henley & Halbert White & T. Michael Kashner

  • 2016 Panel Cointegration Testing in the Presence of Linear Time Trends
    by Uwe Hassler & Mehdi Hosseinkouchack

  • 2016 Testing Cross-Sectional Correlation in Large Panel Data Models with Serial Correlation
    by Badi H. Baltagi & Chihwa Kao & Bin Peng

  • 2016 Pair-Copula Constructions for Financial Applications: A Review
    by Kjersti Aas

  • 2016 Social Networks and Choice Set Formation in Discrete Choice Models
    by Bruno Wichmann & Minjie Chen & Wiktor Adamowicz

  • 2016 Oil Price and Economic Growth: A Long Story?
    by María Dolores Gadea & Ana Gómez-Loscos & Antonio Montañés

  • 2016 Editorial Announcement
    by Kerry Patterson

  • 2016 Estimation of Dynamic Panel Data Models with Stochastic Volatility Using Particle Filters
    by Wen Xu

  • 2016 Econometric Information Recovery in Behavioral Networks
    by George Judge

  • 2016 Generalized Fractional Processes with Long Memory and Time Dependent Volatility Revisited
    by M. Shelton Peiris & Manabu Asai

  • 2016 Nonparametric Regression with Common Shocks
    by Eduardo A. Souza-Rodrigues

  • 2016 Special Issues of Econometrics: Celebrated Econometricians
    by Econometrics Editorial Office

  • 2016 Jump Variation Estimation with Noisy High Frequency Financial Data via Wavelets
    by Xin Zhang & Donggyu Kim & Yazhen Wang

  • 2016 Econometrics Best Paper Award 2016
    by Kerry Patterson

  • 2016 Measuring the Distance between Sets of ARMA Models
    by Umberto Triacca

  • 2016 Market Microstructure Effects on Firm Default Risk Evaluation
    by Flavia Barsotti & Simona Sanfelici

  • 2016 Estimation of Gini Index within Pre-Specified Error Bound
    by Bhargab Chattopadhyay & Shyamal Krishna De

  • 2016 Evaluating Eigenvector Spatial Filter Corrections for Omitted Georeferenced Variables
    by Daniel A. Griffith & Yongwan Chun

  • 2016 Testing Symmetry of Unknown Densities via Smoothing with the Generalized Gamma Kernels
    by Masayuki Hirukawa & Mari Sakudo

  • 2016 Continuous and Jump Betas: Implications for Portfolio Diversification
    by Vitali Alexeev & Mardi Dungey & Wenying Yao

  • 2016 Removing Specification Errors from the Usual Formulation of Binary Choice Models
    by P.A.V.B. Swamy & I-Lok Chang & Jatinder S. Mehta & William H. Greene & Stephen G. Hall & George S. Tavlas

  • 2016 Stable-GARCH Models for Financial Returns: Fast Estimation and Tests for Stability
    by Marc S. Paolella

  • 2016 Bayesian Bandwidth Selection for a Nonparametric Regression Model with Mixed Types of Regressors
    by Xibin Zhang & Maxwell L. King & Han Lin Shang

  • 2016 Building a Structural Model: Parameterization and Structurality
    by Michel Mouchart & Renzo Orsi

  • 2016 Distribution of Budget Shares for Food: An Application of Quantile Regression to Food Security 1
    by Charles B. Moss & James F. Oehmke & Alexandre Lyambabaje & Andrew Schmitz

  • 2016 Unit Root Tests: The Role of the Univariate Models Implied by Multivariate Time Series
    by Nunzio Cappuccio & Diego Lubian

  • 2016 Recovering the Most Entropic Copulas from Preliminary Knowledge of Dependence
    by Ba Chu & Stephen Satchell

  • 2016 A Method for Measuring Treatment Effects on the Treated without Randomization
    by P.A.V.B. Swamy & Stephen G. Hall & George S. Tavlas & I-Lok Chang & Heather D. Gibson & William H. Greene & Jatinder S. Mehta

  • 2016 Computational Complexity and Parallelization in Bayesian Econometric Analysis
    by Nalan Baştürk & Roberto Casarin & Francesco Ravazzolo & Herman K. van Dijk

  • 2016 Volatility Forecasting: Downside Risk, Jumps and Leverage Effect
    by Francesco Audrino & Yujia Hu

  • 2016 Multiple Discrete Endogenous Variables in Weakly-Separable Triangular Models
    by Sung Jae Jun & Joris Pinkse & Haiqing Xu & Neşe Yıldız

  • 2016 Functional-Coefficient Spatial Durbin Models with Nonparametric Spatial Weights: An Application to Economic Growth
    by Mustafa Koroglu & Yiguo Sun

  • 2016 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Econometrics in 2015
    by Econometrics Editorial Office

  • 2016 A Conditional Approach to Panel Data Models with Common Shocks
    by Giovanni Forchini & Bin Peng

  • 2016 Forecasting Value-at-Risk under Different Distributional Assumptions
    by Manuela Braione & Nicolas K. Scholtes

  • 2016 Spatial Econometrics: A Rapidly Evolving Discipline
    by Giuseppe Arbia

  • 2016 Bayesian Calibration of Generalized Pools of Predictive Distributions
    by Roberto Casarin & Giulia Mantoan & Francesco Ravazzolo

  • 2016 The Evolving Transmission of Uncertainty Shocks in the United Kingdom
    by Haroon Mumtaz

  • 2016 Timing Foreign Exchange Markets
    by Samuel W. Malone & Robert B. Gramacy & Enrique ter Horst

  • 2016 Return and Risk of Pairs Trading Using a Simulation-Based Bayesian Procedure for Predicting Stable Ratios of Stock Prices
    by David Ardia & Lukasz T. Gatarek & Lennart Hoogerheide & Herman K. van Dijk

  • 2016 Bayesian Nonparametric Measurement of Factor Betas and Clustering with Application to Hedge Fund Returns
    by Urbi Garay & Enrique ter Horst & German Molina & Abel Rodriguez

  • 2016 Evolutionary Sequential Monte Carlo Samplers for Change-Point Models
    by Arnaud Dufays

  • 2016 Parallelization Experience with Four Canonical Econometric Models Using ParMitISEM
    by Nalan Baştürk & Stefano Grassi & Lennart Hoogerheide & Herman K. van Dijk

  • 2016 Sequentially Adaptive Bayesian Learning for a Nonlinear Model of the Secular and Cyclical Behavior of US Real GDP
    by John Geweke

  • 2016 Early Warning of Biological Threats via Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: A Case Study of Bacillus Spores
    by Antonia Lai & Salvatore Almaviva & Valeria Spizzichino & Domenico Luciani

  • 2016 Stand-Off Device for Plastic Debris Recognition in Post-Blast Scenarios
    by Valeria Spizzichino & Luisa Caneve & Francesco Colao

  • 2016 Innovations in Detection of Deliberate or Accidental Contamination with Biological Agents in Environment and Foods
    by Palmiro Poltronieri

  • 2016 A Linear Bayesian Updating Model for Probabilistic Spatial Classification
    by Xiang Huang & Zhizhong Wang

  • 2016 Technical Problem Identification for the Failures of the Liberty Ships
    by Wei Zhang

  • 2016 Challenges in Specialty Coffee Processing and Quality Assurance
    by Palmiro Poltronieri & Franca Rossi

  • 2016 Optimization of Plating Conditions for the Determination of Polonium Using Copper Foils
    by Bolaji Benard Babatunde

  • 2016 Field Prototype of the ENEA Neutron Active Interrogation Device for the Detection of Dirty Bombs
    by Nadia Cherubini & Alessandro Dodaro & Giada Gandolfo & Luigi Lepore & Giuseppe A. Marzo & Ermanno Piccinelli & Romolo Remetti

  • 2016 Soft Energy Paths Revisited: Politics and Practice in Energy Technology Transitions
    by Chelsea Schelly & Aparajita Banerjee

  • 2016 Putting Soil Security on the Policy Agenda: Need for a Familiar Framework
    by David Oscar Yawson & Michael Osei Adu & Benjamin Ason & Frederick Ato Armah & Genesis Tambang Yengoh

  • 2016 Validation of a Miniaturized Spectrometer for Trace Detection of Explosives by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
    by Salvatore Almaviva & Antonio Palucci & Sabina Botti & Adriana Puiu & Alessandro Rufoloni

  • 2016 Modeling Autonomous Decision-Making on Energy and Environmental Management Using Petri-Net: The Case Study of a Community in Bandung, Indonesia
    by Niken Prilandita & Benjamin McLellan & Tetsuo Tezuka

  • 2016 Policies Supporting Renewable Energies Uses: The Next Big Challenge
    by Ferdinando Boero

  • 2016 Fossil Fuels, Let’s Leave Them under Earth. Four Reasons to Vote “Yes” at the Italian Referendum on Drilling
    by ASPO Italy Association for the Study of PeakOil And Gas

  • 2016 On Energy Resources, Climate Change, Fossil Fuels, and Drilling. Challenges in Tackling Problems by Governments in Europe and USA
    by Palmiro Poltronieri

  • 2016 Bridging the Gap between Eco-Design and the Human Thinking System
    by Mona Komeijani & Erinn G. Ryen & Callie W. Babbitt

  • 2016 Use of Bacteriocinogenic Cultures without Inhibiting Cheese Associated Nonstarter Lactic Acid Bacteria; A Trial with Lactobacillus plantarum
    by Franca Rossi & Gianluca Veneri

  • 2016 Practical Eco-Design and Eco-Innovation of Consumer Electronics—the Case of Mobile Phones
    by Anders S. G. Andrae & Mengjun Xia & Jianli Zhang & Xiaoming Tang

  • 2016 Challenges in Creating Evidence in Environmental Health Risk Assessments: The Example of Second-Hand Smoke
    by Florian Fischer

  • 2016 Potential for Reuse of E-Plastics through Processing by Compression Molding
    by William Mills & Robert A. Tatara

  • 2016 Tie-Up Cycles in Long-Term Mating. Part I: Theory
    by Lorenza Lucchi Basili & Pier Luigi Sacco

  • 2016 Alternative Energies and Fossil Fuels in the Bioeconomy Era: What is Needed in the Next Five Years for Real Change
    by Palmiro Poltronieri

  • 2016 Flaws and Drawbacks in Present Regulation and the Need to Take Action and Support the Renewable Energies Policies in Italy
    by Valeria Mezzolla

  • 2016 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Challenges in 2015
    by Challenges Editorial Office

  • 2016 A rationalist explanation of Russian risk-taking
    by Frank Lehrbass & Valentin Weinhold

  • 2016 Constant Market Share Analysis: A Note
    by Graziella Bonanno

  • 2016 An order of asymmetry in copulas, and implications for risk management
    by Siburg, Karl Friedrich & Stehling, Katharina & Stoimenov, Pavel A. & Weiß, Gregor N.F.

  • 2016 Almost stochastic dominance for risk averters and risk seeker
    by Guo, Xu & Wong, Wing-Keung & Zhu, Lixing

  • 2016 Long term oil prices
    by Haugom, Erik & Mydland, Ørjan & Pichler, Alois

  • 2016 Gold price and stock markets nexus under mixed-copulas
    by Nguyen, Cuong & Bhatti, M. Ishaq & Komorníková, Magda & Komorník, Jozef

  • 2016 Reflections and Comments on Randomness
    by Levent Özbek

  • 2016 Did The Danube Delta Pensions Managed To Overcome The Economic Crisis?
    by CRETU Raluca Florentina & STEFAN Petrica & CRETU Romeo Catalin

  • 2016 The Impact Of The Valuation Of Assets On The Company'S Profitability
    by SIMINICA Marian & CIRCIUMARU Daniel & CARSTINA Silviu-Valentin

  • 2016 Pension Capital Investment in the Context of a Private Pension Fund
    by Artur Mitsel & Olga Rekundal

  • 2016 A Potential Contradiction Between Economic Theory and Applied Finance
    by Shlomo Yitzhaki

  • 2015 T-Rationality [T-Raţionalitatea]
    by Dinga Emil

  • 2015 Q-Rationality [Q-Raţionalitatea]
    by Dinga Emil

  • 2015 Selecting the Intention: A Darwinist Approach [Selectarea intenţiei: o abordare darwinistă]
    by Dinga Emil

  • 2015 Rationality and Irrationality [Raţionalitate şi iraţionalitate]
    by Dinga Emil

  • 2015 An evaluation of energy-environment-economic efficiency for EU, APEC and ASEAN countries
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