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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M0: General
/ / / M00: General
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Women on the board and executive duration: Evidence for European listed firms
    by Buchwald, Achim & Hottenrott, Hanna

  • 2015 Risikoorientierte Kundenbewertung: Eine Fallstudie
    by Hock, Thorsten

  • 2015 Women on the board and executive duration: Evidence for European listed firms
    by Buchwald, Achim & Hottenrott, Hanna

  • 2015 Competition, outside directors and executive turnover: Implications for corporate governance in the EU
    by Buchwald, Achim

  • 2015 The system of analytical triggers in anti-crisis management
    by Vladimir Chaya

  • 2015 The Creation Of Spa Association As A Way Of Spa-Resort Tourism Development In The Republic Of Armenia
    by Gayane Tovmasyan

  • 2015 Factors affecting the electronic exchange of data through viral marketing (Case Study: E-Commerce Users in Rasht City-Northern of Iran)
    by Mohammad Taleghani

  • 2015 The Role Of Social Media On Establishing Brand Value: A Content Analysis On Banks In Turkey
    by Zeynep Birce Ergor & Elif Akagun Ergin

  • 2015 Effectiveness of humor advertising on advertising success
    by S, venkatesh & N, senthilkumar

  • 2015 Defining the links between retail price strategies and price tactics
    by Lagin, MAdelen & Gebert-Persson, Sabine

  • 2015 The Emergence of Law and Behavioural Science: A European Perspective
    by Alemanno , Alberto & Sibony , Anne-Lise

  • 2015 Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Applied Economics Contemporary Issues in Economy under the title Market or Government? 18-19 June 2015, Management Sciences

  • 2015 8 miedzynarodowa konferencja z cyklu Wspolczesne zjawiska w gospodarce „Rzad czy rynek?” 18-19 czerwca 2015, Torun

  • 2015 Does Online Availability Increase Citations? Theory and Evidence from a Panel of Economics and Business Journals
    by Mark J. McCabe & Christopher M. Snyder

  • 2015 Location Proximity and Productivity Spillovers: The Case of Korean Manufacturing Plants
    by Backhoon Song

  • 2015 Using the SERVQUAL model to evaluate the quality of services for a farm school store
    by Michael C. Handrinos & Dimitrios Folinas & Konstantinos Rotsios

  • 2015 Does a global young consumer exist? A comparative study of South Korea and Poland
    by Agnieszka Kacprzak & Katarzyna Dziewanowska

  • 2015 The Effects of Korean Country-of-Origin on Mongolian Consumer Product Evaluation and Purchase Intention
    by Sharmuud Haliun & Seong-Do Cho

  • 2015 Gender differences in mall shopping:a study of shopping behaviour of an emerging nation
    by M. Sadiq Sohail

  • 2015 The determinants of Polish movies’ box office performance in Poland
    by Natalia Gmerek

  • 2015 Qualification and quality in the third sector: Experiences in two Portuguese regions
    by Ana Rodrigues & Patrícia António & Ana Cantante & Alberto Baptista

  • 2015 Marketing to multicultural audiences - Ethnic marketing for Turks in the German automotive and telecommunications industries
    by Patrick Szillat & Alexander Betov

  • 2015 Some Aspects And Features Of Tourism Management In Macedonia
    by Petkovski, Konstantin & Milenkovski, Ace & Gjorgievski, Mijalce

  • 2015 Main Factors Influencing Project Success
    by Ioana Beleiu & Emil Crisan & Razvan Nistor

  • 2015 The effects of social capital on team performance: A study of RD departments in Uzbekistan
    by Akmal Hudaykulov & Xu Hongyi

  • 2015 Inclusion of disabled people in microfinance institutions: Where does Bangladesh stand?
    by Debashis Sarker

  • 2015 Factors influencing e-commerce development: Implications for the developing countries
    by Christian Mbayo Kabango & Asa Romeo Asa

  • 2015 Contribution Analysis of ICT (New Generation Network) Investment for Agriculture In UzbekistanÂ
    by Tursun Shodiev & QiJu Zhu

  • 2015 What determines the allowance of bank loans for investment – an overview of Kosovo SMEs
    by Florin Peci

  • 2015 Market orientation and innovation: A review of literatureÂ
    by Alshahry Abdullah saeed A & Wang Aimin

  • 2015 Evaluation of Public Accountability and Tax Culture among Tax Payers in Nigeria
    by Emmanuel Igbo Igbeng & Sunny Biobele Beredugo & Vincent Adaka Adu

  • 2015 Corporate Governance and Risk Management: An Indian Perspective
    by Sharukh Tara & Sorab Sadri

  • 2015 An Analysis of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Issues Concerning Some Elements of Accounting in Oil and Gas Industries in Nigeria
    by Uwaoma Ironkwe & Ordu Promise A.

  • 2015 Women in Marketing: Their Characteristics, Motivations, Challenges and Policy Implications
    by Ibok Nkanikpo Ibok & Etuk Samuel George

  • 2015 Impact of Capital Inflows on Economic Growth of Developing Countries
    by Chigbu Ezeji E. & Ubah Chijindu Promise & Chigbu Uzoamaka S.

  • 2015 IT Process Practices in Kenya
    by Stanley Mwangi Chegei

  • 2015 Impact of Selected Economic Indicators on Foreign Investment Inflow in Nigeria and South Africa: Optimal Indicators Search
    by Onuorah Anastasia & Nzotta Samuel Mbadike & Ozurumba Benedict Anayachukwu & Chigbu Emmanuel Ezeji

  • 2015 Management Practices and Performance of Public hospitals in Uganda
    by John Bosco Kakooza & Immaculate Tusiime & Hojops Odoch & Vincent Bagire

  • 2015 An Assessment of Energy Consumption and Price Responsiveness: Evidence from Dominican Republic
    by Jose Antonio Hernandez & Camilo Koch

  • 2015 The Inclusion of Academicians into the Industry Sector in Bangladesh: A Model of Industry Engagement and Effective Innovation Performance
    by Mostak Ahamed Galib & Kamrun Nahar Munny

  • 2015 Impact of Goal Orientation Theory on Social Capital: The Implications for Effective Team Cooperation in Uzbekistan Textile Industry
    by Akmal Hudaykulov & Xu Hongyi & Mostak Ahamed Galib

  • 2015 Leadership Traits and Business Sustainability in Ugandan SMEs: A Qualitative Analysis
    by Samuel Sejjaaka & Rachel Mindra & Isa Nsereko

  • 2015 Human Capital Management: Taking Human Resources Management to the Next Level in Anglophone, West Africa
    by Enyonam Canice Kudonoo & Victoria Tsedzah

  • 2015 Variance Decomposition of Emissions, FDI, Growth and Imports in GCC countries: A Macroeconomic Analysis
    by Ahmed Saddam

  • 2015 Market Orientation Impact on Radical and Incremental Marketing Innovation: A Study of Saudi Arabia Hospital Marketing Efforts
    by Alshahry Abdullah saeed A & Wang Aimin

  • 2015 Strategies and Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Attraction
    by Abdoulaye Oury Bah & Xie Kefan & Oji-Okoro Izuchukwu

  • 2015 Regional Approach to Luxury Market Segmentation: The Case Of Western Balkans
    by Melika Husic-Mehmedovic & Emir Agic

  • 2015 Effectiveness of Digital Marketing in the Challenging Age: An Empirical Study
    by Afrina Yasmin & Sadia Tasneem & Kaniz Fatema

  • 2015 Innovation Activities in Companies in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    by Benina Veledar & Adnan Veledar

  • 2015 Â Latin America Development under Chinese Investment Hegemony
    by Argelia Munoz Pahuamba & Ye Jianmu & Abdoulaye Oury Bah

  • 2015 Economic Reforms and Growth Experiences: A Comparative Study of China and Sri Lanka
    by P.M. Bandula Jayathilake

  • 2015 Attitude and Behavioral Intention towards Reducing Carbon Footprints in the Environment: an Empirical Study of Fiji
    by Navneel Shalendra Prasad & Asa Romeo Asa & Xu Hongyi

  • 2015 The Impact of Social Networks on Maximizing the Competitive Value of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises
    by Khaldoun Al-Mommani & Ahmed Al-Afifi & Mohammad Abdullah Mahfuz

  • 2015 Does a Long Reference List Guarantee More Citations? Analysis of Malaysian Highly Cited and Review Papers
    by Nader Ale Ebrahim & H. Ebrahimian & Maryam Mousavi & Farzad Tahriri

  • 2015 Measuring Job Satisfaction Patterns in Saudi Arabia’s Southern Regions Hospitals: Implications for Hospital Staff Retention
    by Alshahrani Bander Sayaf

  • 2015 Eco-Innovation Determination based on Structural Equation Modeling: Identifying the Mediation and Moderation Effect
    by Ma Ding & Ye Jianmu

  • 2015 Building a framework for market orientation impact on radical and incremental marketing innovation research
    by Alshahry Abdullah & Wang Aimin

  • 2015 Utilization of the country of origin effect in product-harm crisis management: an overview of literature and a conceptual model proposition
    by Dmitry V. Zhukov & Miraj Ahmed Bhuiyan & Asad Ullah

  • 2015 The value of knowledge sharing: impact of tacit and explicit knowledge sharing on team performance of scientists
    by Bojan Obrenovic & Slobodan Obrenovic & Akmal Hudaykulov

  • 2015 Sustainable supply chain management through enterprise resource planning (ERP): a model of sustainable computing
    by Broto Rauth Bhardwaj

  • 2015 Enhancing Government’s Public Institution Capacity and Competitiveness by Governance in Partnership
    by Imre Stefan

  • 2015 Relationship between quality certification and financial & non-financial performance of organizations
    by Md. Mazharul Islam & M.A. Karim & Essam Mohammed Habes

  • 2015 Efficacy of the theory of planned behavior in the context of hiring Malaysians with disabilities
    by Magdalene C.H. Ang & T. Ramayah & Hanudin Amin

  • 2015 Retail Developments in Poland, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine: A Comparative Analysis
    by Lalita A. Manrai & Ajay K. Manrai & Dana-Nicoleta Lascu & David Dickerson

  • 2015 Utilization Of Value Stream Analysis To Implement Redefined Value: A Social Business Perspective
    by Varqa Shamsi Bahar & Khan Muhammad Saqiful Alam & Iftekhar Mahfuz & Towhid Khan

  • 2015 Emotional Intelligence Understanding Among Real Estate Professionals
    by Andree Swanson & Paula Zobisch

  • 2015 The coordinates of quality and satisfying the consumers’ needs
    by BUDACIA, Andreea & PERJU-MITRAN, Alexandra

  • 2015 La valutazione della ricerca tramite indici bibliometrici: riflessioni da una prospettiva economico-aziendale
    by Marco Giuliani & Stefano Marasca

  • 2015 Evolución organizacional: inducción socio-biológica para el entendimiento de la metáfora
    by Juan Sebastián Lara Rodríguez & Camilo Andrés Rojas Contreras & Jenyfeer Andrea Martínez Buitrago

  • 2015 Leader Vs Manager. Influences And Contributions To Team Development
    by Madlena NEN

  • 2015 Big Data And The Internet Of Things
    by Aurelian TITIRISCA

  • 2014 Fondements épistémologiques de la recherche
    by Allard-Poesi, Florence & Perret, Véronique

  • 2014 Construire un modèle
    by Mbengue, Ababacar & Vandangeon-Derumez, Isabelle & Garreau, Lionel

  • 2014 Analyses longitudinales
    by Vandangeon-Derumez, Isabelle & Garreau, Lionel

  • 2014 Méthodes de recherche en management
    by Thiétart, Raymond-Alain

  • 2014 The forgotten contributions of the French schools of anthropology to the foundations of anthropological perspectives in the Anglophone universe: a comment on Morey and Luthans
    by Chanlat, Jean-François

  • 2014 Telekomünikasyon Sektöründe Müşterilerin Ürün Grupları ve Tarifeler Arası Geçiş Analizi
    by Melike Meterelliyoz KUYZU & Erhan TUFAN

  • 2014 Essential themes in Personnel economics
    by Josheski, Dushko

  • 2014 Linking Value Co-creation and Organizational Absorptive Capacity: Theoretical study and Conceptual model
    by Monika Maciuliene

  • 2014 Balanced Scorecard Application on Tourism Business
    by Fatma Kubra Celiloglu & Mehmet Sagir

  • 2014 Strategic Planning and Contribution of SWOT Analysis in Lodging Enterprises: A Conceptual Approach
    by Mehmet Sagir & Ilker Turkeri

  • 2014 The Thai coup and small business confidence in Bangkok
    by Jitnisa Roenjun & Mark Speece

  • 2014 The Effects Of Relational Marketing On The Business Performance: A Practical Study On The Authorized Auto Sales Agencies

  • 2014 Glass Ceiling Syndrome In Career Management And Women Managers Dimension

  • 2014 Internet Challenges For Contemporary Cultural Management
    by Nemanja Backovi & Vesna Mili & Adam Sofronijevi

  • 2014 Good Board Governance and Perceived Business Continuity in Tunisian Corporate Groups
    by Ben Rejeb, Wajdi

  • 2014 The Paradox of Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa: Case of French Multinational Corporations
    by Ollong, Kingsly Awang

  • 2014 The Political Economy of Hindu Nationalism: From V.D. Savarkar to Narendra Modi
    by Iwanek, Krzysztof

  • 2014 Pepero Day: Creation and Evolution of a "Holiday"
    by Walcutt, Brandon

  • 2014 Case Study: Does Korea Telecom’s (KT) Sustainability Achievements Follow the Ten Steps Approach?
    by Lee, Young-eun & Cave, Adam

  • 2014 Особенности Инвестирования В Человеческий Капитал
    by Belenkov, Alexey

  • 2014 National Regulations on Local Public Administration
    by Apostolache, Mihai

  • 2014 Students' dependence on smart phone and its effect on purchase behavior
    by Arif, Imtiaz & Aslam, Wajeeha

  • 2014 The Moderating Effect of Environmental Turbulence in the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Management and Firm Performance
    by Pratono, Aluisius Hery & Mahmood, Rosli

  • 2014 A Behavioural Approach to Health Promotion: Informing the Global NCD Agenda with Behavioural
    by Alemanno , Alberto

  • 2014 Theoretical And Methodological Approaches On The Evaluation Of Business Incubators
    by DOGA-MÎRZAC, Mariana & NAVAL, Elvira

  • 2014 Developing Business Models in Times of Technological Change – A Competence-based Perspective
    by Proff, Heike & Fojcik, Thomas Martin & Jung, Benjamin & Sommer, Karl Christoph

  • 2014 Virtual Communication - Modern Business Communication
    by Grigorescu Adriana & Lupu Maria-Magdalena

  • 2014 Levels & Barriers to Supply Chain Integration: A conceptual model of Supply Chain Performance
    by RajaIrfan Sabir & Muhammad Irfan

  • 2014 Analysis on the Factors that Determine Sustainable Growth of Small Firms in Namibia
    by Asa Romeo Asa & Navneel Shalendra Prasad

  • 2014 Building a better national innovation system through effective knowledge sharing: A case of Croatia
    by Bojan Obrenovic & Shuhrat Jalilov

  • 2014 FDI Trade and Its Effects on Agricultural Development in Nigeria: Evidence From Time Series Analysis Patterns in Neighboring Areas
    by Oji-Okoro Izuchukwu & Abba Shehu Abubakar & Edun Adetunji Olufemi

  • 2014 Characteristics of Small and Medium Enterprise Innovativeness: Cases of Uzbekistan and China
    by Ahunjonov Umidjon & Hu Shuhua & Bandula Jayathilake & Mu Renyan

  • 2014 Evaluation of relationship marketing in Islamic banks in the UAE: Empirical evidence based on sensitivity analysis algorithm
    by Chris I. Enyinda

  • 2014 Determinants of International Competiveness
    by Hojjat Mehdi

  • 2014 Enhancing Government’s Public Institution Capacity and Competitiveness by Governance in Partnership
    by Imre Stefan

  • 2014 Creating Organizational Sustainability In Social Enterprises: The Use Of Evidencebased Positioning And Market Orientation
    by Nadia Shuayto & Paul A. Miklovich

  • 2014 Controlling of Expenses in Crisis Financial Management
    by Dmytro Savchuk

  • 2014 Evaluation Experts Training Arrangements
    by Viktor Zayats & Roman Zayats

  • 2014 Service Quality and Customers’ Patronage Decision of Healthcare Insurance Products: ?In-Depth Interview Approach
    by Muhammad Sabbir Rahman & Fadi AbdelMuniem AbdelFattah & Osman Bin Mohamad

  • 2014 A Multinational Company Problem: Infiltrating Into the Clusters to Gain Competitive Edge in the Traditional Markets
    by Murat Koç & Fatih Koç

  • 2014 Entrepreneurial Behaviors: Are the People Restricted by Knowledge Inertia?
    by Mustafa Fedai CAVUS & Murat KOC & Alptug AKSOY

  • 2014 «L’objet social étendu»:une voie pour réaligner le droit et la théorie des parties prenantes
    by Blanche Segrestin & Kevin Levillain & Armand Hatchuel & Stéphane Vernac

  • 2014 The Materiality Concept: Implications for Managers and Investors
    by Ahmad Hussein Juma’h

  • 2014 Acercamiento dialógico a la epistemología de las Ciencias Administrativas
    by José Vargas

  • 2014 Depredación organizacional: las consecuencias del uso del poder en la organización
    by Guido Angello Castro Ríos & Ángela Lucía Noguera Hidalgo

  • 2014 Importancia de la gerencia del conocimiento: contrastes entre la teoría y la evidencia empírica
    by César Augusto Bernal Torres & José Salomón Frost González & Hernán Darío Sierra Arango

  • 2014 Theoretical Approach On The Role Of Innovation In Development And Increasing Competitiveness Of Enterprises
    by Valentina Ofelia ROBESCU & Sorin PAUN & Iulian UDROIU

  • 2014 Theoretical Approach On The Role Of Managerial Communication In Public Institutions
    by Sorin PAUN & Iulian UDROIU & Valentina Ofelia ROBESCU

    by Otilia-Maria Bordeianu

  • 2014 Intercultural Partnership For Sustainable Development In Enterprises From Romania
    by Teodora V. FĂRCAȘ & Adriana TIRON-TUDOR

  • 2014 Total Quality Management as a Paradigm of Business Success
    by Radoica Luburić

  • 2014 Greek Small & Medium Sized Dairy &Cheese Enterprises: A Strategic Assessment Under The Economic Crisis

  • 2013 Institutionnalisation, réseaux d'acteurs et discours managériaux
    by Berland, Nicolas

  • 2013 Il faudra bien débattre
    by Pezet, Anne

  • 2013 Scholars' physical appearance, research performance and feelings of happiness
    by Dilger, Alexander & Lütkenhöner, Laura & Müller, Harry

  • 2013 Soll man das Handelsblatt-Ranking BWL boykottieren?
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2013 Der Einfluss des Forschungsschwerpunkts auf den Zitationserfolg: Eine empirische Untersuchung anhand der Gesamtpublikationen deutschsprachiger Hochschullehrer für BWL
    by Müller, Harry & Dilger, Alexander

  • 2013 Zur Ethik von Rankings im Hochschulwesen: Eine Betrachtung aus ökonomischer Perspektive
    by Müller, Harry

  • 2013 “Sustainability; A New Element of Project Success” “From whose point of view is Velodrome Park and Wind Turbine projects considered a success or failure?”
    by Kaysi, Serhat

  • 2013 Capital-as-a-Service?
    by Rosa, Frederico

  • 2013 Ranking of Business School Journals: A Rating Guide for Researchers
    by Bandyopadhyay, Arindam

  • 2013 Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneur: A Synthesis View
    by Dissanayake, Srinath

  • 2013 Students’ Perception About Management Education in India and USA
    by Shetty, Bhavna R. & Gujarathi, Rajashree

  • 2013 Introduction to the Research Tools Mind Map
    by Ale Ebrahim, Nader

  • 2013 Application of data envelopment analysis in management research (case of Russian domestic energy sector)
    by Irina O. Volkova

  • 2013 How to Identify and Forecast Bull and Bear Markets?
    by Kole, H.J.W.G. & van Dijk, D.J.C.

  • 2013 Dutch Corporate Finance, 1602-1850
    by de Jong, A. & Jonker, J. & Roëll, A.

  • 2013 Trademark or patent? The effects of market structure, customer type and venture capital financing on start-ups' IP decisions
    by de Vries, A.G.B. & Pennings, H.P.G. & Block, J.H.

  • 2013 Small Steps or Giant Leaps Forward: Theoretical Contributions in Management Studies
    by Cornelissen, J. P. & Durand, Rodolp

  • 2013 Category Stretching: Reorienting Research on Categories in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Organization Theory
    by Durand , Rodolphe & Paolella , Lionel

  • 2013 Maintaining an Institution: the institutional work of Michelin in haute cuisine around the world
    by Bouty, Isabelle & Gomez, Marie-Léandre & Drucker-Godard, Carole

  • 2013 Stakeholder Analisys of Higher Education Institutions
    by Ivana Maric

  • 2013 Hidden factors of entrepreneurial activity (following the example of organizations from the Information Technology industry)
    by Magdalena Parcheva

  • 2013 The Factors Affecting Information Technology Usage Behavior of Tax Office Employees in the Black Sea Region of Turkey
    by Yilmaz, Emine & Aktaş, Sonnur & Özer, Gökhan & Özcan, Murat

  • 2013 Current issues in International HRM: Alternative forms of assignments, careers and talent management in a global context
    by Festing, Marion & Budhwar, Pawan S. & Cascio, Wayne & Dowling, Peter J. & Scullion, Hugh

  • 2013 The influence of global talent management on employer attractiveness: An experimental study
    by Ewerlin, Denise

  • 2013 Current Concepts of the Quality in Sport and their Utilization in the Czech Republic
    by Jana Nová

  • 2013 Economic Risks during the Current Economic CrisisAbstract:Today’s business environment is constantly changing. We are witnessing a very unpredictable and volatile economic context which faces a number of serious risks. Market’s participants view risks as a necessary evil and therefore they should find out effective solutions for minimising them. Risk identification and assessment become the main mechanisms for managers all over the world in their fight for determining risk responses. Risk assessment could be seen as a systemic process used for identifying and evaluating the events that interfere in the achievement of companies’ objectives, having positive or negative consequences. Especially during this period of the economic crisis, the risk assessment process should be refreshed in order to deliver the best possible solutions able to ensure companies’ survival on market
    by Sintea Lucica

  • 2013 Problematic Elements With Impact On The Local Public Administration In Romania
    by Adriana PETCU

  • 2013 Brand Analysis Of Lg Electronics: A Case Study
    by Syed Fida Hussain Shah & Tahira Nazir & Khalid Zaman

  • 2013 A Research on Relationship of Institutionalization and Institutional Entrepreneurship
    by Musa Sanal & Ibrahim Efe Efeoglu

  • 2013 The New Migration Flow An Analysis Of Economic Factors Of Poland And Spain
    by Antonio Mihi-Ramirez

  • 2013 Evaluación del concepto de valor para el consumidor en el marketing y el diseño. Una revisión conceptual
    by Claudia Marcela Correa Malagón & Edison Jair Duque Oliva

  • 2013 Ventajas y desventajas de la Sociedad por Acciones Simplificada para la empresa familiar en Colombia. Estudio exploratorio
    by José Bernardo Betancourt Ramírez & Gonzalo Gómez Betancourt & María Piedad López Vergara & Francisco Pamplona Beltrán, Claudia Beltrán Ruget

  • 2013 Liderazgo, poder y movilización organizacional
    by Francoise Venezia Contreras Torres & Guido Angello Castro Ríos

  • 2013 Tourism in time of crisis and influence in the process of increase economic. Comparative analysis Romania-Bulgaria-Greece
    by Laura-Maria POPESCU & Ileana NISULESCU

  • 2013 Understanding the determinants of firms’ performance. Empirical study using a Romanian dataset
    by Gyula Laszlo I. FLORIAN

  • 2013 Challenges in Change Management in Central Banks
    by Radoica Luburić

  • 2013 Effects of the Leadership Style on the Employees’ Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment from the Hotel Industry

  • 2013 Traditional products – vectors of sustainable development on the regional and national markets
    by Georgica Gheorghe & Bogdan Gabriel Nistoreanu & Alina Filip

  • 2012 Suggestion of a Framework of Dissemination of Knowledge between Research and Practice
    by Carton, Guillaume & Dameron, Stéphanie

  • 2012 The impact of physical attractiveness on the popularity of female tennis players in online media
    by Kiefer, Stephanie & Scharfenkamp, Katrin

  • 2012 Eine Analyse der Forschungseffizienz deutscher betriebswirtschaftlicher Fachbereiche basierend auf den Daten des Centrums für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE)
    by Bielecki, Andre & Albers, Sönke

  • 2012 Wovon hängt die Leistung in Forschung und Lehre ab? Eine Analyse deutscher betriebswirtschaftlicher Fachbereiche basierend auf den Daten des Centrums für Hochschulentwicklung
    by Albers, Sönke & Bielecki, Andre

  • 2012 The Influence Of Decision-Maker Characteristics On The International Strategic Decision-Making Process: An SME Perspective
    by Musso, Fabio & Francioni, Barbara

  • 2012 Il ruolo dei consorzi per la valorizzazione del Made in Italy nel mercato indiano
    by Francioni, Barbara & Musso, Fabio & Pagano, Alessandro

  • 2012 The internalization of SMEs operating in the engineering industry
    by Procházková, Lenka & Kubíčková, Lea

  • 2012 Free Business Intelligence – An Easy and Reliable Alternative

  • 2012 Business Intelligence Approaches
    by Muntean, Mihaela

  • 2012 Strategy Formulation Approach, Industry Factors, Competition and the Notion of Learning Organization: Evidences from KAO Corporation
    by Dissanayake, D.M.N.S.W.

  • 2012 La mediana empresa familiar peruana y la creación de ventajas competitivas
    by David Wong & Carlos Parodi Trece & Martín Monsalve

  • 2012 Towards a Richer Specification of the Exploration/Exploitation Trade-off: Hidden Knowledge-based Aspects and Empirical Results for a Set of Large R&D-Performing Firms
    by Schubert, Torben & Neuhaeusler, Peter

  • 2012 The Dialogical Model: Developing Academic Knowledge for and from Practice
    by Marie-José Avenier & Aura Parmentier-Cajaiba

  • 2012 Management Excellence in Pflegeeinrichtungen
    by Zeides, Roland & Gmür, Markus

  • 2012 Professionelles Management und Zielerreichung im Verein
    by Gmür, Markus & Wolf, Markus & Schafer, Jonas

  • 2012 Financial Accounting, te praktisch voor theorie en te theoretisch voor de praktijk?
    by Pronk, M.

  • 2012 Self-Employed but Looking: A Labor Market Experiment
    by Koellinger, Ph.D. & Mell, J. & Pohl, I. & Roessler, C. & Treffers, T.

  • 2012 Cooperative CEO Identity and Efficient Governance: Member or Outside CEO?
    by Liang, Q.X. & Hendrikse, G.W.J.

  • 2012 The 2012 Power Trading Agent Competition
    by Ketter, W. & Collins, J. & Reddy, P. & Weerdt, M.M.

  • 2012 Making a consultancy slideshow 'rock solid': a study of pragmatic efficacy
    by Alaric Bourgoin & Fabian Muniesa

  • 2012 Nudging Healthy Lifestyles – Informing Regulatory Governance with Behavioural Research
    by Alemanno , Alberto & Amir , On & Bovens , Luc & Burgess , Adam & Lobel , Orly & Powys Whyte , Kyle & Selinger , Evan

  • 2012 Sistemas de información: principales costos de implementación
    by Liliana Herrera & Edgar García

  • 2012 Schluesselfaktoren der Entscheidungsfindung zur Eigentums- und Fuehrungsnachfolge in Familienunternehmen. Ein Fallstudienvergleich

  • 2012 Relative Performance Measurement of Researchers: The Impact of Data Source Selection
    by Matthias Meyer & Rüdiger W. Waldkirch & Michael A. Zaggl

  • 2012 Means of Improving the Management of Projects Financed by the European Union
    by Razvan NISTOR & Ioana Natalia MURESAN

  • 2012 Public Administration’S Management: Challenges And Possible Solutions
    by Monica-Daniela TESU (PASCULESCU)

  • 2012 Public Administration’S Management: Challenges And Possible Solutions
    by Monica-Daniela TESU (PASCULESCU)

  • 2012 On the Motives and Needs for Work beyond Age 65: Comparing Voluntary Workers versus Agency Workers
    by Torka, Nicole & Goedegebure, Ivy & Ewijk, Inge van & Looise, Jan Kees

  • 2012 Social Entrepreneurship In Times Of Economic Austerity: A Sparkle Of Light For The Economies In Crisis?
    by Evangelia ZIKOU & Paraskevi GATZIOUFA & Aikaterini SARRI

  • 2012 Performances Of The Policy Of Industrial Competitiveness In Romania, In The European Context

  • 2012 The Importance of Financial Accounting Information in the Internal Audit
    by Ion Croitoru & George Calota

  • 2012 Churning And Suitability Of Investments: A Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Arbitration Case Study
    by Steven Shapiro & Katherine Kinkela & Peter Harris

  • 2012 A Robust And Cost-Effective Database Approach To Managing And Reporting Assessment Data
    by Lee Revere & Phillip Decker

  • 2012 Assessment Of Business Programs: A Review Of Two Models
    by Nathan Garrett & Joan Marques & Satinder Dhiman

  • 2012 An Architecture For Dynamic E-Learning Environments Based On Student Activity And Learning Styles
    by John A. Kaliski & Queen E. Booker & Paul L. Schumann

  • 2012 Strategic Financial Performance Evaluation of the Turkish Companies Traded on ISE

  • 2012 Akademisyenlere Uygulanan Psikolojik Tacize Yonelik Ampirik Bir Arastirma
    by Kubilay OZYER & Ufuk ORHAN

  • 2012 Impact of Social Capital on Radical Innovation Efforts of the Organizations: A Case in the Aviation Industry
    by Aytul Ayse OZDEMIR & Ahmet Emre DEMIRCI

  • 2012 Entrepreneurial Intention Among Senior High School Students in the Sunyani Municipality
    by George Lord Opoku-Antwi & Kwaku Amofah & Kofi Nyamaah-Koffuor & Abubakari Yakubu

  • 2012 Analysis of Transport Processes Management for a Romanian Food Market
    by Maria NEAGU & George DUDA

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  • 2011 Marketing Mix Strategies Of Small Manufacturers Of India: Punjab Experience
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  • 2011 Considerations Regarding Behavior And Strategic Orientations Of Romanian Retailers During The Economic Crisis
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  • 2011 Considerations Regarding Behavior And Strategic Orientations Of Romanian Retailers During The Economic Crisis
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  • 2011 Considerations Regarding Behavior And Strategic Orientations Of Romanian Retailers During The Economic Crisis
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