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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R5: Regional Government Analysis
/ / / R52: Land Use and Other Regulations
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Urban Land Systems: An Ecosystems Perspective
    by Monika Kopecká & Harini Nagendra & Andrew Millington

  • 2018 Inferring Missing Climate Data for Agricultural Planning Using Bayesian Networks
    by Leonel Lara-Estrada & Livia Rasche & L. Enrique Sucar & Uwe A. Schneider

  • 2018 Land Use Dynamics of Drove Roads: The Case of Tratturo Castel di Sangro-Lucera (Molise, Italy)
    by Michele Minotti & Carmen Giancola & Piera Di Marzio & Paolo Di Martino

  • 2018 Land Use and Land Cover Changes and Their Effects on the Landscape of Abaya-Chamo Basin, Southern Ethiopia
    by Ashebir WoldeYohannes & Marc Cotter & Girma Kelboro & Wubneshe Dessalegn

  • 2018 Land Use as a Motivation for Railway Trespassing: Experience from the Czech Republic
    by Pavlína Skládaná & Marek Havlíček & Ivo Dostál & Pavel Skládaný & Pavel Tučka & Jan Perůtka

  • 2017 The effect of land consumption on municipal tax revenue: Evidence from Bavaria
    by Langer, Sebastian & Korzhenevych, Artem

  • 2017 Measuring the Stringency of Land Use Regulation: The Case of China's Building Height Limits
    by Shihe Fu

  • 2017 How Valuable are National Parks? Evidence from a Proposed National Park Expansion in Alaska
    by Michael Spanbauer & Lindsay Johnson & Patrick Button

  • 2017 The impact of highways on population redistribution: The role of land development restrictions
    by Or Levkovich & Jan Rouwendal & Jos van Ommeren

  • 2017 Spatial assessment of construction waste generated by residential buildings in rural areas
    by Mihai, Florin-Constantin & Grozavu, Adrian

  • 2017 Indicators on Terrestrial and Marine Protected Areas: Methodology and Results for OECD and G20 countries
    by Alexander Mackie & Sarah Sentier & Ivan Haščič & Myriam Linster

  • 2017 Multi-objective local environmental simulator (MOLES 1.0): Model specification, algorithm design and policy applications
    by Ioannis Tikoudis & Walid Oueslati

  • 2017 Justice, Exclusion, and Equity: An Analysis of 48 U.S. Metropolitan Areas
    by Chelsey Palmateer & David Levinson

  • 2017 Accessibility Oriented Development
    by Robbin Debbosere & Ahmed El-Geneidy & David Levinson

  • 2017 Why Has Regional Income Convergence in the U.S. Declined?
    by Peter Ganong & Daniel W. Shoag

  • 2017 A model for strategic planning of sustainable urban transport in Scandinavia: a case study of Uppsala
    by Pyddoke , Roger & Norheim, Bård & Betanzo , Mari Fossheim

  • 2017 Land-Use Regulations, Property Values, and Rents: Decomposing the Effects of the California Coastal Act
    by Severen, Christopher & Plantinga, Andrew

  • 2017 Is the Rent Too High? Aggregate Implications of Local Land-Use Regulation
    by Devin Bunten

  • 2017 The nature and response to the 1930s agrarian crisis : Spain in a European perspective
    by Simpson, James

  • 2017 Capacidad del estado, democracia y política en la Segunda República (1931-1936) : el fracaso de la reforma agraria en España
    by Simpson, James & Carmona, Juan

  • 2017 Forming State through Land Reform Policy: The Dynamics of Baldío Allocation in Peripheral Colombia
    by Laura Montenegro Helfer

  • 2017 The Economic Effects of Density: A Synthesis
    by Gabriel Ahlfeldt & Elisabetta Pietrostefani

  • 2017 The Energy Costs of Historic Preservation
    by Christian A. L. Hilber & Charles Palmer & Edward W. Pinchbeck

  • 2017 The Compact City in Empirical Research: A Quantitative Literature Review
    by Gabriel M. Ahfeldt & Elisabetta Pietrostefani

  • 2017 Using Micro-Geography Data to Identify Town-Centre Space in Great Britain
    by Paul Cheshire & Christian Hilber & Piero Montebruno & Rosa Sanchis-Guarner

  • 2017 The Economic Effects of Density: A Synthesis
    by Gabriel M. Ahlfeldt & Elisabetta Pietrostefani

  • 2017 Steering the Metropolis: Metropolitan Governance for Sustainable Urban Development
    by Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) & United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) & Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)

  • 2017 Empirics on the Long-Run Effects of Building Energy Codes in the Housing Market
    by Makram El-Shagi & Claus Michelsen & Sebastian Rosenschon

  • 2017 Western Public Lands and the Fiscal Implications of a Transfer to States
    by Paul M. Jakus & Jan E. Stambro & Michael Hogue & John Downen & Levi Pace & Therese C. Grijalva

  • 2017 Data-driven development in the smart city: Generative design for refugee camps in Luxembourg
    by Elie Daher & Sylvain Kubicki & Annie Guerriero

  • 2017 Urban sprawl in Madrid?
    by Fernando Rubiera Morollón & Víctor M. González Marroquín & José L. Pérez Rivero

  • 2017 Informality, city structure and rural–urban migration in Latin America
    by Héctor M. Posada & Ana I. Moreno-Monroy

  • 2017 A fixed effects logit model of rural land conversion and zoning
    by Carmen Carrión-Flores & Elena G. Irwin

    by Samora-Arvela, André & Ferrão, João & Ferreira, Jorge & Panagopoulos, Thomas & Vaz, Eric

  • 2017 Renewing expectations about Africa’s cities
    by Somik V. Lall

  • 2017 Spatial Heterogeneity, Accessibility, and Zoning: An Empirical Investigation of Leapfrog Development
    by Wendong Zhang & Douglas H. Wrenn & Elena G. Irwin

  • 2017 Agglomeration externalities and urban growth controls
    by Wouter Vermeulen

  • 2017 Additionality and Forest Conservation Regulation for Residential Development
    by David A. Newburn & Jeffrey S. Ferris

  • 2017 The Effects of Development Constraints on Forest Management at the Urban-Forest Interface
    by Maria A. Cunha-e-Sá & Sofia F. Franco

  • 2017 The Scope and the Rules for Granting Discounts on the Selling Prices of Public Real Properties in Krakow Municipality
    by Anna Trembecka

  • 2017 The Organisation and Activities of the Municipal Committees of Valuation Experts in Germany
    by Sławomir Kłosowski

  • 2017 Wymóg zagospodarowania zbywanych nieruchomości gminnych w procesach rewitalizacji – uwarunkowania prawne
    by Aleksandra Jadach-Sepioło & Krzysztof Kaszuba

  • 2017 The Influence of Undetermined Legal Status of Real Properties on the Process of Determining Compensation for Properties Expropriated for Roads
    by Anna Trembecka

  • 2017 Towards a conceptual multi-agent-based framework to simulate the spatial group decision-making process
    by Seyed Morsal Ghavami & Mohammad Taleai

  • 2017 Theoretical Foundations of Modeling the Development of Rural Areas: Behavioral Aspect
    by Valeriy Zhuk

  • 2017 Constraining the Deforestation History of Europe: Evaluation of Historical Land Use Scenarios with Pollen-Based Land Cover Reconstructions
    by Jed O. Kaplan & Kristen M. Krumhardt & Marie-José Gaillard & Shinya Sugita & Anna-Kari Trondman & Ralph Fyfe & Laurent Marquer & Florence Mazier & Anne Birgitte Nielsen

  • 2017 A Stakeholders’ Analysis of Eastern Mediterranean Landscapes: Contextualities, Commonalities and Concerns
    by Theano S. Terkenli & Dimitris Kavroudakis

  • 2017 Pastoralism and Land Tenure Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Conflicting Policies and Priorities in Ngamiland, Botswana
    by Lenyeletse V. Basupi & Claire H. Quinn & Andrew J. Dougill

  • 2017 Determining the Frequency of Dry Lake Bed Formation in Semi-Arid Mongolia From Satellite Data
    by Yuta Demura & Buho Hoshino & Kenji Baba & Christopher McCarthy & Yuki Sofue & Kenji Kai & Tsedendamba Purevsuren & Katsuro Hagiwara & Jun Noda

  • 2017 Bequest of the Norseman—The Potential for Agricultural Intensification and Expansion in Southern Greenland under Climate Change
    by Chatrina Caviezel & Matthias Hunziker & Nikolaus J. Kuhn

  • 2017 Grassroots Innovation Using Drones for Indigenous Mapping and Monitoring
    by Jaime Paneque-Gálvez & Nicolás Vargas-Ramírez & Brian M. Napoletano & Anthony Cummings

  • 2017 Simulating Stakeholder-Based Land-Use Change Scenarios and Their Implication on Above-Ground Carbon and Environmental Management in Northern Thailand
    by Melvin Lippe & Thomas Hilger & Sureeporn Sudchalee & Naruthep Wechpibal & Attachai Jintrawet & Georg Cadisch

  • 2017 Assessing the Sustainability of EU Timber Consumption Trends: Comparing Consumption Scenarios with a Safe Operating Space Scenario for Global and EU Timber Supply
    by Meghan O’Brien & Stefan Bringezu

  • 2017 Dust Storms from Degraded Drylands of Asia: Dynamics and Health Impacts
    by Shinji Otani & Yasunori Kurosaki & Youichi Kurozawa & Masato Shinoda

  • 2017 Identifying Hot Spots of Critical Forage Supply in Dryland Nomadic Pastoralist Areas: A Case Study for the Afar Region, Ethiopia
    by B. G. J. S. Sonneveld & C. F. A. van Wesenbeeck & M. A. Keyzer & F. Beyene & K. Georgis & F. Urbano & M. Meroni & O. Leo & M. K. Yimer & M. Abdullatif

  • 2017 A Conceptual Model for Land System Dynamics as a Coupled Human–Environment System
    by Richard Aspinall & Michele Staiano

  • 2017 In the Land of the Dammed: Assessing Governance in Resettlement of Ghana’s Bui Dam Project
    by Kwabena Asiama & Monica Lengoiboni & Paul van der Molen

  • 2017 What’s (Not) on the Map: Landscape Features from Participatory Sketch Mapping Differ from Local Categories Used in Language
    by Flurina M. Wartmann & Ross S. Purves

  • 2017 Impact of Soil Depth and Topography on the Effectiveness of Conservation Practices on Discharge and Soil Loss in the Ethiopian Highlands
    by Adugnaw T. Akale & Dessalegn C. Dagnew & Mulugeta A. Belete & Seifu A. Tilahun & Wolde Mekuria & Tammo S. Steenhuis

  • 2017 Water Rights on Community Lands: LandMark’s Findings from 100 Countries
    by Liz Alden Wily & Fabrice Dubertret & Peter Veit & Katie Reytar & Nicholas K. Tagliarino

  • 2017 Landscape Risk Assessment Model and Decision Support System for the Protection of the Natural and Cultural Heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean Area
    by Maria Gabriella Trovato & Dana Ali & Jessica Nicolas & Ammar El Halabi & Sarah Meouche

  • 2017 Impact of the Household Registration System on Farmers’ Rural Housing Land Use Decisions in China
    by Xinhua Zhu

  • 2017 Effect of Climate and Agricultural Land Use Changes on UK Feed Barley Production and Food Security to the 2050s
    by David O. Yawson & Barry J. Mulholland & Tom Ball & Michael O. Adu & Sushil Mohan & Philip J. White

  • 2017 Land Cover Change in Northern Botswana: The Influence of Climate, Fire, and Elephants on Semi-Arid Savanna Woodlands
    by John Tyler Fox & Mark E. Vandewalle & Kathleen A. Alexander

  • 2017 Monitoring Changes in Croplands Due to Water Stress in the Krishna River Basin Using Temporal Satellite Imagery
    by Venkata Ramana Murthy Reddi & Murali Krishna Gumma & Kesava Rao Pyla & Amminedu Eadara & Jai Sankar Gummapu

  • 2017 Investigating the Diversity and Variability of Eastern Mediterranean Landscapes
    by Ioannis N. Vogiatzakis & Paraskevi Manolaki

  • 2017 Mapping Land Cover and Estimating the Grassland Structure in a Priority Area of the Chihuahuan Desert
    by Alberto Rodríguez-Maturino & José Hugo Martínez-Guerrero & Isaías Chairez-Hernández & Martín Emilio Pereda-Solis & Federico Villarreal-Guerrero & Marusia Renteria-Villalobos & Alfredo Pinedo-Alvarez

  • 2017 Horse Welfare and Natural Values on Semi-Natural and Extensive Pastures in Finland: Synergies and Trade-Offs
    by Markku Saastamoinen & Iryna Herzon & Susanna Särkijärvi & Catherine Schreurs & Marianna Myllymäki

  • 2017 Collaborative Research on the Ecology and Management of the ‘Wulo’ Monsoon Rainforest in Wunambal Gaambera Country, North Kimberley, Australia
    by Tom Vigilante & Stefania Ondei & Catherine Goonack & Desmond Williams & Paul Young & David M. J. S. Bowman

  • 2017 Global Hotspots of Conflict Risk between Food Security and Biodiversity Conservation
    by Amy Molotoks & Matthias Kuhnert & Terence P. Dawson & Pete Smith

  • 2017 Agricultural Land Use Change after NAFTA in Central West Mexico
    by Quetzalcóatl Orozco-Ramírez & Marta Astier & Sara Barrasa

  • 2017 Using Historical Maps within a GIS to Analyze Two Centuries of Rural Landscape Changes in Southern Italy
    by Dina Statuto & Giuseppe Cillis & Pietro Picuno

  • 2017 Vegetation in Drylands: Effects on Wind Flow and Aeolian Sediment Transport
    by Jerome R. Mayaud & Nicholas P. Webb

  • 2017 Wolf and Bear Depredation on Livestock in Northern Sweden 1827–2014: Combining History, Ecology and Interviews
    by Weronika Axelsson Linkowski & Marie Kvarnström & Anna Westin & Jon Moen & Lars Östlund

  • 2017 Soy Expansion and Socioeconomic Development in Municipalities of Brazil
    by Luiz Antonio Martinelli & Mateus Batistella & Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva & Emilio Moran

  • 2017 Fire Data as Proxy for Anthropogenic Landscape Change in the Yucatán
    by Marco Millones & John Rogan & B.L. Turner II & Benoit Parmentier & Robert Clary Harris & Daniel A. Griffith

  • 2017 Investigating Semi-Automated Cadastral Boundaries Extraction from Airborne Laser Scanned Data
    by Xianghuan Luo & Rohan Mark Bennett & Mila Koeva & Christiaan Lemmen

  • 2017 Informal Urban Green Space: Residents’ Perception, Use, and Management Preferences across Four Major Japanese Shrinking Cities
    by Christoph D. D. Rupprecht

  • 2017 Efficiency of Conservation Agriculture Production Systems for Smallholders in Rain-Fed Uplands of India: A Transformative Approach to Food Security
    by Catherine Chan & Brent Sipes & Abouzeid Ayman & Xu Zhang & Patricia LaPorte & Fellipe Fernandes & Aliza Pradhan & Jacqueline Chan-Dentoni & Pravat Roul

  • 2017 Understanding Pollinator Habitat Conservation under Current Policy Using Economic Experiments
    by Chian Jones Ritten & Christopher Bastian & Jason F. Shogren & Thadchaigeni Panchalingam & Mariah D. Ehmke & Gregory Parkhurst

  • 2017 Integrating Modelling Approaches for Understanding Telecoupling: Global Food Trade and Local Land Use
    by James D. A. Millington & Hang Xiong & Steve Peterson & Jeremy Woods

  • 2017 Central Asian ‘Characteristics’ on China’s New Silk Road: The Role of Landscape and the Politics of Infrastructure
    by Troy Sternberg & Ariell Ahearn & Fiona McConnell

  • 2017 The Dynamics of Urban Land Rent in Italian Regional Capital Cities
    by Benedetto Manganelli & Beniamino Murgante

  • 2017 The Sino-Brazilian Telecoupled Soybean System and Cascading Effects for the Exporting Country
    by Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva & Mateus Batistella & Yue Dou & Emilio Moran & Sara McMillan Torres & Jianguo Liu

  • 2017 Comparing Quantity, Allocation and Configuration Accuracy of Multiple Land Change Models
    by Brian Pickard & Joshua Gray & Ross Meentemeyer

  • 2017 The Influence of Geology on Landscape Typology in Jordan: Theoretical Understanding and Planning Implications
    by Taleb Odeh & Natalia Boulad & Omar Abed & Anas Abu Yahya & Nour Khries & Nizar Abu-Jaber

  • 2017 High-Resolution Vegetation Mapping in Japan by Combining Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 Based Multi-Temporal Datasets through Machine Learning and Cross-Validation Approach
    by Ram C. Sharma & Keitarou Hara & Ryutaro Tateishi

  • 2017 Scenarios of Vegetable Demand vs. Production in Brazil: The Links between Nutritional Security and Small Farming
    by Camille L. Nolasco & Luciana S. Soler & Marcos W. D. Freitas & Myanna Lahsen & Jean P. H. B. Ometto

  • 2017 The Integration of Ecosystem Services in Planning: An Evaluation of the Nutrient Retention Model Using InVEST Software
    by Stefano Salata & Gabriele Garnero & Carlo Alberto Barbieri & Carolina Giaimo

  • 2017 Erratum: Viet Nguyen, L., Tateishi, R., Kondoh, A., Sharma, R.C., Thanh Nguyen, H., Trong To, T. and Ho Tong Minh, D. (2016). Mapping Tropical Forest Biomass by Combining ALOS-2, Landsat 8, and Field Plots Data. Land , 5(4), 31
    by Luong Viet Nguyen & Ryutaro Tateishi & Akihiko Kondoh & Ram C. Sharma & Hoan Thanh Nguyen & Tu Trong To & Dinh Ho Tong Minh

  • 2017 Land‐Use and Land‐Cover Change in the Páramo of South‐Central Ecuador, 1979–2014
    by Cristina Ross & Stephen Fildes & Andrew Millington

  • 2017 The Socio-Ecological Dynamics of Human Responses in a Land Degradation-Affected Region: The Messara Valley (Crete, Greece)
    by Vassilis Detsis & Helen Briassoulis & Constantinos Kosmas

  • 2017 From Producers to Consumers: The Challenges and Opportunities of Agricultural Development in Iraqi Kurdistan
    by Lina Eklund & Abdulhakim Abdi & Mine Islar

  • 2017 Numerical Investigation of Aggregated Fuel Spatial Pattern Impacts on Fire Behavior
    by Russell A. Parsons & Rodman R. Linn & Francois Pimont & Chad Hoffman & Jeremy Sauer & Judith Winterkamp & Carolyn H. Sieg & W. Matt Jolly

  • 2017 Monitoring Urban Growth and the Nepal Earthquake 2015 for Sustainability of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
    by Bhagawat Rimal & Lifu Zhang & Dongjie Fu & Ripu Kunwar & Yongguang Zhai

  • 2017 Biodiversity in Locally Managed Lands
    by Jeffrey Sayer & Chris Margules

  • 2017 Landscape Archaeology and Sacred Space in the Eastern Mediterranean: A Glimpse from Cyprus
    by Giorgos Papantoniou & Athanasios K. Vionis

  • 2017 Detection of Land Subsidence in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, Using DInSAR Technique
    by Richa Bhattarai & Haireti Alifu & Aikebaier Maitiniyazi & Akihiko Kondoh

  • 2017 A Review on Remote Sensing of Urban Heat and Cool Islands
    by Azad Rasul & Heiko Balzter & Claire Smith & John Remedios & Bashir Adamu & José A. Sobrino & Manat Srivanit & Qihao Weng

  • 2017 The Status of National Legal Frameworks for Valuing Compensation for Expropriated Land: An Analysis of Whether National Laws in 50 Countries/Regions across Asia, Africa, and Latin America Comply with International Standards on Compensation Valuation
    by Nicholas K. Tagliarino

  • 2017 Modeling Future Land Cover Changes and Their Effects on the Land Surface Temperatures in the Saudi Arabian Eastern Coastal City of Dammam
    by Muhammad Tauhidur Rahman & Adel S. Aldosary & Md. Golam Mortoja

  • 2017 Quantifying the National Significance of Local Areas for Regional Conservation Planning: North Carolina’s Mountain Treasures
    by R. Travis Belote & G. Hugh Irwin

  • 2017 Validation and Inter-Comparison of Spaceborne Derived Global and Continental Land Cover Products for the Mediterranean Region: The Case of Thessaly
    by Ioannis Manakos & Christina Karakizi & Ioannis Gkinis & Konstantinos Karantzalos

  • 2017 Application of Anthromes to Frame Scenario Planning for Landscape-Scale Conservation Decision Making
    by Dainee M. Gibson & John E. Quinn

  • 2017 Historical Land Use Dynamics in the Highly Degraded Landscape of the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory
    by Michael R. Coughlan & Donald R. Nelson & Michael Lonneman & Ashley E. Block

  • 2017 Rangelands: Where Anthromes Meet Their Limits
    by Nathan F. Sayre & Diana K. Davis & Brandon Bestelmeyer & Jeb C. Williamson

  • 2017 Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Road Networks and Urban Expansion
    by Guoliang Zhao & Xinqi Zheng & Zhiyuan Yuan & Lulu Zhang

  • 2017 Historical Analysis of Riparian Vegetation Change in Response to Shifting Management Objectives on the Middle Rio Grande
    by Roy E. Petrakis & Willem J.D. van Leeuwen & Miguel L. Villarreal & Paul Tashjian & Regina Dello Russo & Christopher A. Scott

  • 2017 Agricultural Land Fragmentation at Urban Fringes: An Application of Urban-To-Rural Gradient Analysis in Adelaide
    by Suranga Wadduwage & Andrew Millington & Neville D. Crossman & Harpinder Sandhu

  • 2017 Factors Influencing Perceptions and Use of Urban Nature: Surveys of Park Visitors in Delhi
    by Somajita Paul & Harini Nagendra

  • 2017 Modeling Future Urban Sprawl and Landscape Change in the Laguna de Bay Area, Philippines
    by Kotaro Iizuka & Brian A. Johnson & Akio Onishi & Damasa B. Magcale-Macandog & Isao Endo & Milben Bragais

  • 2017 Analysis of Urban Green Spaces Based on Sentinel-2A: Case Studies from Slovakia
    by Monika Kopecká & Daniel Szatmári & Konštantín Rosina

  • 2017 Governance of Land Use Planning to Reduce Fire Risk to Homes Mediterranean France and California
    by Susan D. Kocher & Van Butsic

  • 2017 Forest Cover Changes in Lao Tropical Forests: Physical and Socio-Economic Factors are the Most Important Drivers
    by Chittana Phompila & Megan Lewis & Bertram Ostendorf & Kenneth Clarke

  • 2017 Do Community-Managed Forests Work? A Biodiversity Perspective
    by John Terborgh & Carlos A. Peres

  • 2017 Urban Growth Dynamics in Perth, Western Australia: Using Applied Remote Sensing for Sustainable Future Planning
    by Andrew MacLachlan & Eloise Biggs & Gareth Roberts & Bryan Boruff

  • 2017 Habitat Loss on Rondon’s Marmoset Potential Distribution
    by Jose Manuel Ochoa-Quintero & Charlotte H. Chang & Toby A. Gardner & Mariluce Rezende Messias & William J. Sutherland & Fernanda A. C. Delben

  • 2017 The Politics of Land Use in the Korup National Park
    by Siewe Siewe & Jacqueline M. Vadjunec & Beth Caniglia

  • 2017 Will Biodiversity Be Conserved in Locally-Managed Forests?
    by Jeffrey Sayer & Chris Margules & Agni Klintuni Boedhihartono

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Land in 2016
    by Land Editorial Office

  • 2017 Analysis of Vegetation Phytosociological Characteristics and Soil Physico-Chemical Conditions in Harishin Rangelands of Eastern Ethiopia
    by Haftay Hailu

  • 2017 Hydrological Response to ~30 years of Agricultural Surface Water Management
    by Giulia Sofia & Paolo Tarolli

  • 2017 Can Community Forests Be Compatible With Biodiversity Conservation in Indonesia?
    by Agni Klintuni Boedhihartono

  • 2017 Understanding Land Use and Land Cover Dynamics from 1976 to 2014 in Yellow River Delta
    by Baolei Zhang & Qiaoyun Zhang & Chaoyang Feng & Qingyu Feng & Shumin Zhang

  • 2017 Conservation Benefits of Tropical Multifunctional Land-Uses in and Around a Forest Protected Area of Bangladesh
    by Sharif A. Mukul & Narayan Saha

  • 2017 Characterizing Spatial Neighborhoods of Refugia Following Large Fires in Northern New Mexico USA
    by Sandra L. Haire & Jonathan D. Coop & Carol Miller

  • 2017 Multi-Criteria Assessment of Land Cover Dynamic Changes in Halgurd Sakran National Park (HSNP), Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Using Remote Sensing and GIS
    by Rahel Hamad & Heiko Balzter & Kamal Kolo

  • 2017 Identifying Employment Subcenters: The Method of Exponentially Declining Cutoffs
    by Jifei Ban & Richard Arnott & Jacob L. Macdonald

  • 2017 Resistance and Contingent Contestations to Large-Scale Land Concessions in Southern Laos and Northeastern Cambodia
    by Ian G. Baird

  • 2017 Anthropogenic Landscapes, Human Action and the Process of Co-Construction with other Species: Making Anthromes in the Anthropocene
    by Agustín Fuentes & Marcus Baynes-Rock

  • 2017 Characterizing Islandscapes: Conceptual and Methodological Challenges Exemplified in the Mediterranean
    by Ioannis N. Vogiatzakis & Maria Zomeni & A. M. Mannion

  • 2017 Toward a Global Classification of Coastal Anthromes
    by Eli D. Lazarus

  • 2017 Estate Crops More Attractive than Community Forests in West Kalimantan, Indonesia
    by James D. Langston & Rebecca A. Riggs & Yazid Sururi & Terry Sunderland & Muhammad Munawir

  • 2017 Late Neolithic Agriculture in Temperate Europe—A Long-Term Experimental Approach
    by Manfred Rösch & Harald Biester & Arno Bogenrieder & Eileen Eckmeier & Otto Ehrmann & Renate Gerlach & Mathias Hall & Christoph Hartkopf-Fröder & Ludger Herrmann & Birgit Kury & Jutta Lechterbeck & Wolfram Schier & Erhard Schulz

  • 2017 Fire and the Distribution and Uncertainty of Carbon Sequestered as Aboveground Tree Biomass in Yosemite and Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
    by James A. Lutz & John R. Matchett & Leland W. Tarnay & Douglas F. Smith & Kendall M. L. Becker & Tucker J. Furniss & Matthew L. Brooks

  • 2017 Taming drillers through legislative action: Evidence from Pennsylvania’s shale gas industry
    by Kim, Byung-Cheol & Oliver, Matthew E.

  • 2017 Why has regional income convergence in the U.S. declined?
    by Ganong, Peter & Shoag, Daniel

  • 2017 Are local governments maximizing land revenue? Evidence from China
    by Wang, Yuan & Hui, Eddie Chi-man

  • 2017 Analysis of Prospects for Sustainable Land use (Lands of Agricultural Designation) in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Context of the Development of Alternative Energy
    by Ardak Dikhanbayevna Omarbekova & Toleubek Pentayevich Pentayev & Ainur Kanatovna Igembayeva & Kurmangul Toletaevna Abayeva

  • 2017 Analysis of the “Plan Fronteras” for Clean Cooking in Ecuador
    by Javier Martínez-Gómez & Javier Martínez-Gómez & Gonzalo Guerrón & Gonzalo Guerrón & A. J. Riofrio

  • 2017 Efectos de un programa de mejoramiento integral de barrios sobre los valores del suelo y del área construida: El caso de la localidad de Bosa Occidental, en Bogotá, 2012 - 2015
    by Carlos Alberto Barreto Nieto & Andrés Leonardo Acosta Hernández & Johann Dilak Julio Estrada & Johana Gaitán Álvarez & Juan Diego Saldaña Arias & María del Pilar Camacho

  • 2017 Creative Destruction: Barriers to Urban Growth and the Great Boston Fire of 1872
    by Richard Hornbeck & Daniel Keniston

  • 2016 Regulation versus Taxation
    by Hirte, Georg & Rhee, Hyok-Joo

  • 2016 Monopsony and industrial development in nineteenth century Quebec: The impact of seigneurial tenure
    by Arsenault Morin, Alex & Geloso, Vincent & Kufenko, Vadim

  • 2016 Strip Clubs, “Secondary Effects,†and Residential Property Prices
    by Taggert J. Brooks & Brad R. Humphreys & Adam Nowak

  • 2016 Computing functional urban areas using a hierarchical travel time approach
    by Moises Lenyn Obaco Alvarez & Vicente Royuela & Xavier Vítores

  • 2016 "Province-Managing-County" Fiscal Reform, Land Expansion, and Urban Growth in China
    by Yongzheng Liu & James Alm

  • 2016 Government Expropriation Increases Economic Growth and Racial Inequality: Evidence from Eminent Domain
    by Chen, Daniel L. & Yeh, Susan

  • 2016 Government Expropriation Increases Economic Growth and Racial Inequality: Evidence from Eminent Domain
    by Chen, Daniel L. & Yeh, Susan

  • 2016 Spatial Planning and Segmentation of the Land Market
    by Or Levkovich & Jan Rouwendal

  • 2016 La lucha de los "rabassaires": análisis de largo plazo de un movimiento social y político
    by Josep Colomé & Jordi Planas & Raimon Soler-Becerro

  • 2016 Land Policy and Urbanization in the People’s Republic of China
    by Zhang, Li & Xu, Xianxiang

  • 2016 Housing Policy in the Republic of Korea
    by Kim, Kyung-Hwan & Park, Miseon

  • 2016 Housing Policies in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United States: Lessons Learned
    by Hilber , Christian A. L. & Schöni, Olivier

  • 2016 Housing Policies in Hong Kong, China and the People’s Republic of China
    by Jing Li, Victor

  • 2016 Direct-selling farming and urban externalities: what impact on products quality and market size?
    by Anne Fournier,

  • 2016 Attempts to delineate functional regions in Hungary based on commuting data
    by Pálóczi, Gábor & Pénzes, János & Hurbánek, Pavol & Halás, Marián & Klapka, Pavel

  • 2016 Measuring the Stringency of Land-Use Regulation: The Case of China's Building-Height Limits
    by Brueckner, Jan & Fu, Shihe & Gu, Yizhen & Zhang, Junfu

  • 2016 El potencial dinamizador de los grandes equipamientos comerciales en espacios metropolitanos. Un análisis comparado en tres realidades españolas
    by Fernando Alfonso Ríos

  • 2016 Land Cover and Land Use Indicators: Review of available data
    by Vasco Diogo & Eric Koomen

  • 2016 Leader Networks and Transaction Costs: A Chinese Experiment in Interjurisdictional Contracting
    by Chau, Nancy & Qin, Yu & Zhang, Weiwen

  • 2016 Towards a national indicator for urban green space provision and environmental inequalities in Germany: Method and findings
    by Henry Wüstemann & Dennis Kalisch &

  • 2016 Unlock the lock-in! Balance of rights in relation to betterment and compensation in Poland
    by Havel, Magorzata Barbara

  • 2016 Modelling effects of policy instruments for sustainable urban transport in Scandinavia
    by Pyddoke, Roger

  • 2016 Housing mortgage lending in Russia in 2015
    by Zadonsky Georgy

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  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
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  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
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  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonskiy

  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
    by Georgiy Zadonskiy

  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
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  • 2015 Ипотека В Рф
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  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
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  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
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  • 2015 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
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  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
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  • 2014 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
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  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
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  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
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  • 2014 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
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  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
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  • 2014 Ипотека В Рф
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  • 2014 Рынок Недвижимости Рф
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