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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ F: International Economics
/ / F5: International Relations, National Security, and International Political Economy
/ / / F59: Other
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  2. Mondialisation

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  • 2017 Relationship between good governance and economic growth - A contribution to the institutional debate about state failure in developing countries
    by Rachid Mira & Ahmed Hammadache

  • 2017 Domestication of Germany?s European Policy and German Leadership in the EU: The Cases of Eurozone Crisis and Refugee Crisis
    by Ebru Turhan

  • 2017 Blockchains and Extra-Terrestrial Nations: Role of Blockchains in the Socio-Political Milieu of Future Extra-Terrestrial Settlements
    by Hegadekatti, Kartik

  • 2017 A Survey on Inequality-Adjusted Human Development in Africa
    by Asongu, Simplice

  • 2017 On the Relationship between Globalisation and the Economic Participation of Women in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Asongu, Simplice & Efobi, Uchenna & Tanankem, Belmondo

  • 2017 USA trade policy agenda perspectives in international trade
    by Marcel Kordos

  • 2017 China's evolving role in global production networks: implications for Trump's trade war
    by Prema-chandra Athukorala

  • 2017 Integración latinoamericana y del Caribe: 200 años de la Carta de Jamaica a la CELAC
    by Carlos Julio Martínez Becerra

  • 2017 A Survey on Inequality-Adjusted Human Development in Africa
    by Simplice Asongu

  • 2017 Croissance pro-pauvres en République démocratique du Congo
    by Oasis Kodila-Tedika & Akhenaton Izu-Makongo

  • 2017 On the Relationship between Globalisation and the Economic Participation of Women in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Simplice Asongu & Uchenna R. Efobi & Belmondo V. Tanankem

  • 2017 The Comparative Inclusive Human Development of Globalisation in Africa
    by Simplice A. Asongu & Jacinta C. Nwachukwu

  • 2017 Intertemporal Versus Spatial Externalities in Counterterror Policy Games
    by João Ricardo Faria & Emilson C. D. Silva & Daniel G. Arce

  • 2017 Türkiye Vatandaşlarının Kırgız ve Kırgızistan İmajına Yönelik Algıları
    by Azamat MAKSUDUNOV & Murat AVCI

  • 2017 Refugee Crisis in Europe (2015-2016): The Clash of Intergovernmental and Supranational Perspectives
    by Dogachan Dagi

  • 2017 Industrial Policy of BRICS Countries as an Instrument of State Capitalism
    by Martina Jiránková

  • 2017 Refugee Integration in the EU: Challenges and Economic Impact
    by Atanas Dimitrov & Goran Angelov

  • 2017 Julien Chaisse & Tsai-yu Lin (Eds.), International Economic Law and Governance: Essays in Honour of Mitsuo Matsushita
    by Debashis CHAKRABORTY

  • 2017 Political Instability and Lessons for Pakistan: Case Study of 2014 PTI Sit in/Protests
    by Dawood MAMOON & Rabbia JAVED & Rana Zamin ABBAS

  • 2017 On the political economy of national tax revenue forecasts: evidence from OECD countries
    by Beate Jochimsen & Robert Lehmann

  • 2017 Marketing Aspects of Russia-The European Union Cooperation in the Field of Education
    by E.S. Akopova & N.V. Przhedetskaya & P.V. Taranov & E.A. Israilova

  • 2017 Capital market liberalization: Optimal tradeoff and bargaining delay
    by Dong, Baomin & Gu, Xinhua & Song, Huasheng

  • 2017 Transnational insurgents: Evidence from Colombia's FARC at the border with Chávez's Venezuela
    by Martínez, Luis R.

  • 2017 Terrorism risk and democratic preferences in Pakistan
    by Rehman, Faiz Ur & Vanin, Paolo

  • 2017 Globalization and Inclusive Human Development in Africa
    by Asongu Simplice & Nwachukwu Jacinta

  • 2017 Political Institutions and the Incidence of FDI in South Asia
    by Mumtaz Hussain Shah

  • 2017 Alternative for Germany – More than a Fleeting Phenomenon
    by Marianna Dudášová

  • 2016 Ja zu Freihandel, nein zu TTIP? Die TTIP-Skepsis und ihre Ursachen
    by Kolev, Galina V.

  • 2016 In Pursuit of New Peace Building: Peace, Security and Development
    by FAZLI DO?AN & Duygu Özlük

  • 2016 The challenges of India economy in current international economics environment
    by Marcel Kordo? & Sergej Vojtovi?

  • 2016 Nation Building in fragile states
    by René Grotenhuis

  • 2016 Chinese investments in Africa: what have we known and what should we know?
    by Alexis Abodohoui & Marie-Helene Regniere & Zhan Su

  • 2016 Globalization and Inclusive Human Development in Africa
    by Asongu, Simplice & Nwachukwu, Jacinta

  • 2016 The Comparative Inclusive Human Development of Globalisation in Africa
    by Asongu, Simplice & Nwachukwu, Jacinta

  • 2016 Краснодарска Покрајина И Република Србија: Могућности И Перспективе Сарадње
    by Bukvić, Rajko

  • 2016 Difficulties in international travelling for residents of areas with undefined political status. Case study: Crimea
    by Constantin, Ștefan

  • 2016 Brexit: why, what next and how?
    by Begg, Iain

  • 2016 Globalization and Inclusive Human Development in Africa
    by Simplice Asongu & Jacinta C. Nwachukwu

  • 2016 The Comparative Inclusive Human Development of Globalisation in Africa
    by Simplice Asongu & Jacinta C. Nwachukwu

  • 2016 Geographic Politics, Loss Aversion, and Trade Policy: The Case of Cotton and China
    by Wenshou Yan

  • 2016 Seguridad de abastecimiento energético en la Unión Europea en el contexto del conflicto gasista ruso-ucraniano
    by Ana Fernández & Laura Rodríguez

  • 2016 Capital transnacional y gobernanza energética en la Unión Europea. El caso del gas natural
    by Ana Moreno

  • 2016 Credibility, preferences, and bilateral investment treaties
    by Seok-ju Cho & Yong Kyun Kim & Cheol-Sung Lee

  • 2016 Policies against human trafficking: the role of religion and political institutions
    by Niklas Potrafke

  • 2016 The New World (Dis)Order and the Conflicts Evolution ? The Iran Nuclear Proliferation and the Crisis in Ukraine as Cases of Study
    by Joao Sampaio & Marco Martins

  • 2016 Korea’s Post-1997 Restructuring
    by Hyeng-Joon Park

  • 2016 Development of Regionalism : New Criteria and Typology
    by Kang, Yoo-Duk

  • 2016 The key goal of this research is to empirically determine the effects of terrorism on FDI of the selected EU and EEA member countries
    by Heri Bezić & Tomislav Galović & Petar Mišević

  • 2016 Bank Failure Prediction Model for Zimbabwe
    by Victor Gumbo & Simba Zoromedza

  • 2016 Too Much Idealism? Ferguson, Kissinger, and the Vietnam War
    by Clark JOHNSON

  • 2016 Dual-use products export multipliers with the indirect effects
    by Bojnec, Å tefan

  • 2016 Sovereign Wealth Funds' Internationalization Strategies: The Use of Investment Vehicles
    by Murtinu, Samuele & Scalera, Vittoria G.

  • 2016 Food prices and the multiplier effect of trade policy
    by Giordani, Paolo E. & Rocha, Nadia & Ruta, Michele

  • 2016 Is tied aid bad for the recipient countries?
    by Kim, Sang-Kee & Kim, Young-Han

  • 2016 Is political risk still an issue for Turkish stock market?
    by Samet Gunay

  • 2016 Culture and International Business
    by Antoaneta Daneshka

  • 2015 Ukraine… The Big Test for the European Neighbourhood Policy [L’Ukraine… Un grand test pour la Politique Européenne de Voisinage]
    by Mouhoub Redouane

  • 2015 The Eurasian Economic Union: Outlooks on the Development of Relations with the European Union [Uniunea Economică Eurasiatică: privire asupra dezvoltării relaţiilor cu Uniunea Europeană]
    by Damoc Adrian-Ioan

  • 2015 Security Strains in the EU Eastern Neighbourhood in the Light of a Looming Common Foreign Policy [Presiuni de securitate în vecinătatea estică a UE în lumina emergentei politici externe comune]
    by Sandu Ioana

  • 2015 International Tax Cooperation and Implications of Globalization
    by CDP subgroup on Accountability

  • 2015 The Energy Policy of the US towards Central Africa After 2001
    by Emmanuel Eluke

    by Florin Bonciu

  • 2015 Emergence of cross-border taxation and firm behaviour
    by Goyal, Ashima

  • 2015 The origins of Argentina’s litigation and arbitration saga, 2002-2014
    by Porzecanski, Arturo C.

  • 2015 Democratic transition and foreign direct investment: Transition process matters
    by Derbali, Ahmed & Trabelsi Masmoudi, Lilia & Zitouna, Habib

  • 2015 Like Me, Buy Me: The Effect of Soft Power on Exports
    by Andrew K. Rose

  • 2015 The education networks of Latin America. Effects on trade during and after the cold war
    by Marina Murat & María Luisa Recalde & Pedro Gabriel Degiovanni

  • 2015 The education networks of Latin America. Effects on trade during and after the cold war
    by Marina Murat & María Luisa Recalde & Pedro Gabriel Degiovanni

  • 2015 Political influence in commercial and financial oil trading : the evidence from US firms
    by Kashcheeva, Mila & Tsui, Kevin K.

  • 2015 Empirical Analysis of Multinational S&T Collaboration Priorities –The Case of Russia
    by Maxim N. Kotsemir & Tatiana E. Kuznetsova & Elena G. Nasybulina & Anna G. Pikalova

  • 2015 Business as an Actor in Regional Governance: The Case of the APEC Business Advisory Council (Abac) in APEC
    by Elizaveta A. Safonkina

  • 2015 Values Vs. Interest: Strategic Use Of Japanese Foreign Aid In Southeast Asia
    by Asplund, André

  • 2015 Like Me, Buy Me: The Effect of Soft Power on Exports
    by Rose, Andrew K

  • 2015 Terrorism Risk and Democratic Preferences in Pakistan
    by F. Rehman Ur & P. Vanin

  • 2015 Beyond Minerals: China-Latin American Trans-Pacific Supply Chain
    by Alicia Garcia-Herrero & KC Fung & Jesus Seade

  • 2015 2015 Global Conjuncture And Expectations
    by POP, Napoleon & ALBU, Cornel

  • 2015 Czas w badaniach nad internacjonalizacją przedsiębiorstw
    by Milena Ratajczak-Mrozek

  • 2015 Does International Trade Reduce Political Disputes?
    by Hailay Gebretinsae Beyene

  • 2015 El MERCOSUR a 20 años del Protocolo de Ouro Preto: un balance de la dimensión comercial
    by Zelicovich , Julieta

  • 2015 Francouzsko-Německé monetární vztahy - pnutí v základech eurozóny
    by Vladan Hodulák & Oldřich Krpec

  • 2015 (Re)Mapping Geographies of Development- BRIC(S) Superpower Challengers?
    by Adina Moise – Titei & Eleonora Baca

  • 2015 Intercultural Communication in International Business through Transactional Culture Building
    by Antoaneta Daneshka

  • 2015 Dynamics And New Challenges In The Global Commodity Market

  • 2015 The Harnessing Of The Renewable Energy Sources Potential Of The Republic Of Moldova
    by Dumitru SIMONOV

  • 2015 Trade Policy in the European Union in the Light of Europe 2020 Strategy
    by Constanta Aurelia Chitiba & Anca Costea-Dunarintu

  • 2015 Theoretical Perspectives On Economic Cooperation
    by Gabriel Ciprian ANDRUSEAC & Gabriel Iulian HERTUG

  • 2015 Economic Security – New Approaches In The Context Of Globalization
    by Gabriel ANDRUSEAC

  • 2015 The Reconfiguration Of The Contemporary World Economic Order. Determining The Position Of The European Union Within The Hierarchy Of Power Centres
    by Larisa LUCHIAN

  • 2015 A Comparative Analysis Of The Eu Member States Regarding Their Interdependence With Russia
    by Loredana Maria SIMIONOV

  • 2015 A cluster analysis of FDI in Latin America
    by Rosa Forte & Nancy Santos

  • 2015 BRICS’ contribution to the new world order: a capacity appraisal
    by Iulia Monica Oehler-Șincai

  • 2015 Structural Changes in the Global Commodities Market
    by Maria Cartas

  • 2015 Comparative Advantages Revealed In The Foreign Trade From Mexico And Turkey, Las Ventajas Comparativas Reveladas En El Comercio Exterior De Mexico Y Turquia
    by Alberto Francisco Torres Garcia & Sarha Leticia Romero Martinez & Gustavo Rodolfo Cruz Chavez

  • 2015 Global crisis: a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to paradigm change
    by Augusto Santos Silva

  • 2015 Political economy of fiscal unions
    by Fidrmuc, Jan

  • 2015 Good-Bye financial crash, hello financial eclecticism: Latin American responses to the 2008–09 global financial crisis
    by Pastor, Manuel & Wise, Carol

  • 2015 The costs of conflict: A choice-theoretic, equilibrium analysis
    by Chang, Yang-Ming & Sanders, Shane & Walia, Bhavneet

  • 2015 An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Money Market Interest Rates and Stock Market Performance: Evidence from Zimbabwe (2009-2013)
    by Trust Kganyago & Victor Gumbo

  • 2015 The Behavior of Conventional and Islamic Bank Deposit Returns in Malaysia and Turkey
    by Serhan Cevik & Joshua Charap

  • 2015 Quelle stratégie financière pour un accord climatique à Paris 2015 ?
    by Christian de Perthuis & Pierre-André Jouvet

  • 2015 International macroeconomic impacts of structural reforms
    by S. Rivaud.

  • 2015 Impacts macroéconomiques internationaux des réformes structurelles
    by Rivaud, S.

  • 2015 Are Democratising Countries Rewarded with Higher Levels of Foreign Aid?
    by Balázs Szent-Iványi

  • 2014 Sraffa And Althusser Reconsidered; Neoliberalism Advancing In South Africa, England, And Greece

  • 2014 M. I. Tugan-Baranovsky’s Ethical Economics and the Challenges of Global Development
    by B. Korneychuk.

  • 2014 Prospects for Russian Investments in Ukraine
    by Yu. Kvashnin.

  • 2014 Price Movements in Commodity Markets in 2013 and Prospects for 2014
    by Maria Cartas

  • 2014 Oilseed Meals
    by Maria Cartas

  • 2014 Assessment of German-Pakistani relations in trade, investment and strategic cooperation
    by Mahmood, Talat

  • 2014 The relationship between services trade and government procurement commitments: Insights from relevant WTO agreements and recent RTAs
    by Anderson, Robert D. & Locatelli, Claudia & Müller, Anna Caroline & Pelletier, Philippe

  • 2014 The Political Economy of FDI flows into Developing Countries: Does the depth of International Trade Agreements Matter?
    by Rana, Arslan Tariq & Kebewar, Mazen

  • 2014 Inclusive human development in pre-crisis times of globalisation-driven debts
    by Asongu, Simplice & Efobi, Uchenna & Beecroft, Ibukun

  • 2014 Russian sub-national actors: paradiplomacies in the Arctic region
    by Alexander Sergunin

  • 2014 La politica di coesione dell'UE nel periodo 2014-2020, con particolare riferimento all'Italia
    by Aurelio Bruzzo

  • 2014 Political Risk Investing in Emerging Markets versus Economic Reality
    by Larisa Belinskaja & Ugne Kisielyte

  • 2014 Evolution Of The Turkey Democracy In Term Of Gezi Park Actions
    by Metin Aksoy

  • 2014 Economic Sovereignty
    by Aleksandar Savanovic

  • 2014 Human Rights Treaty Ratification Behavior: The ASEAN Way of Creating Standards
    by William J. Jones

  • 2014 The Nexus between Antidumping Petitions and Exports during the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence on the People’s Republic of China
    by Lin, Faqin & Tang, Hsiao Chink & Wang, Lin

  • 2014 Inclusive human development in pre-crisis times of globalisation-driven debts
    by Asongu, Simplice & EFOBI, Uchenna & BEECROFT, Ibukun

  • 2014 More than Words and Good Intentions: The Political Agenda-Setting Power Behind Foreign Aid Mechanisms
    by Riaño Rodríguez, Juan Felipe

  • 2014 The Political Economy of FDI flows into Developing Countries: Does the depth of International Trade Agreements Matter?
    by Rana, Arslan Tariq & Kebewar, Mazen

  • 2014 Greasing the wheels of entrepreneurship? A complement according to entrepreneurial motives
    by Marcus Dejardin & Helene Laurent

  • 2014 The effects of international politics on oil-exporting developing countries
    by Kashcheeva, Mila & Tsui, Kevin K.

  • 2014 Why do oil importers diversify their import sources politically? : evidence from U.S. firm-level data
    by Kashcheeva, Mila & Tsui, Kevin K.

  • 2014 Reconciling observed tariffs and the median voter model
    by Dhingra, Swati

  • 2014 Are Democratizing Countries ‘Rewarded’ with Higher Levels of Foreign Aid?
    by Szent-Iványi, Balázs

  • 2014 Trade Liberalization, Democratization and Technology Adoption
    by Matteo Cervellati & Alireza Naghavi & Farid Toubal

  • 2014 Who Runs the International System? Power and the Staffing of the United Nations Secretariat - Working Paper 376
    by Paul Novosad and Eric Werker

  • 2014 Reconciling Observed Tariffs and the Median Voter Model
    by Swati Dhingra

  • 2014 Latin America's socail imagination since 1950. From one type of 'absolute certainties' to another - with no (far more creative)'uncomfortable uncertainties' in sight
    by José Gabriel Palma

  • 2014 Does land titling matter? The role of land property rights in the war on illicit crops in Colombia
    by Juan Carlos Muñoz-Mora & Santiago Tobón-Zapata

  • 2014 Inclusive human development in pre-crisis times of globalisation-driven debts
    by Simplice Asongu & Uchenna EFOBI & Ibukun BEECROFT

  • 2014 Sovereign wealth funds – public investment vehicles, foreign policy element. Comparative evolution in the international context
    by Doina Draniceanu

  • 2014 Post-communist Economic Integration : Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia
    by Yarashevich, Viachaslau

  • 2014 The Impact of Japan's Rivalry with China on Its Willingness to Pursue Free Trade Agreements
    by Chum, Sonya

  • 2014 A New Distribution Strategy : The Omnichannel Strategy
    by Mihaela Gabriela Belu & Ana Maria Marinoiu

  • 2014 The Advantages Of Wto Commercial System
    by Alina HAGIU & Marinela BARBULESCU & Victoria-Mihaela BRINZEA

  • 2014 New Institutionalism in Europeanization Research: Positivist or Scientific Realist Metatheory Synthesis?
    by Jan Poruba

  • 2014 Theories of EU Actorness and the Treaty of Lisbon EU as a Global Foreign Policy Actor
    by Alžběta Kuchařová

  • 2014 Information and Communication Technologies Role in Risk Analysis and Risk Management
    by Sevdana Docheva

  • 2014 A New Managerial Tool For Scenarios In Scheduling
    by George Cristian Gruia & Michal Kavan

  • 2014 The Emerging World Order

  • 2014 La Organización Mundial de Comercio, los acuerdos mega-regionales y los usos estratégicos del regionalismo/The World Trade Organization, Mega-Regional Trade Agreements and the Strategic Uses of Regionalism

  • 2014 Current Developments in the Global Economy
    by Constanta Aurelia Chitiba & Anca Costea-Dunarintu

  • 2014 Euroscepticism Across Europe: Drivers and Challenges

  • 2014 Efforts of Controlling Money Laundering of Narcotics Money in Saudi Arabia
    by ALASMARI Khaled A.

  • 2014 The Eastern Partnership Of The Eu – The Challenges And The Opportunities In The Context Of The Ukraine’S Crisis
    by Gheorghe Ciascai

  • 2014 The impact of Mena conflicts (the Arab spring) on global financial markets
    by Mohammad Mahdi Mousavi & Jamal Ouenniche

  • 2014 The dual political effect of foreign direct investment in developing countries
    by Feng Sun

  • 2014 Trends in Global and Regional Integration by means of Trade
    by Iulia Monica Oehler-Sincai

  • 2014 The Psychological And Symbolic Factor Of Great Britain'S Geostrategy In The Cyprus-Suez Issue
    by Professor Ioannis Th. MAZIS

  • 2014 Professionalizing the role of Shari'ah auditors: How Malaysia can generate economic benefits
    by Najeeb, Syed Faiq & Ibrahim, Shahul Hameed Mohamed

  • 2014 How close a relationship does a capital market have with other markets? A reexamination based on the equal variance test
    by Yang, Lixiong & Lee, Chingnun & Shie, Fu Shuen

  • 2014 The global arms trade network 1950–2007
    by Akerman, Anders & Seim, Anna Larsson

  • 2014 Donor ideology and types of foreign aid
    by Brech, Viktor & Potrafke, Niklas

  • 2014 Mark my words: Information and the fear of declaring an exchange rate regime
    by Méon, Pierre-Guillaume & Minne, Geoffrey

  • 2014 German-Chinese Economic Relations: Opportunities and Risks for Germany
    by Georg Erber

  • 2014 Argentina-Indonesia: fortalecimiento de las relaciones comerciales y despertar del interés político en el marco de una estrategia Sur-Sur
    by Florencia Rubiolo

  • 2014 The Us-Eu Relation. Competition Or Cooperation
    by Mădălina Laura CUCIURIANU

  • 2014 Drogový Problém Afganistanu Ako Obmedzujúci Faktor Jeho Ekonomickej Obnovy (Illegal Drugs And Afghanistan‘S Economic Reconstruction And Development)
    by Lubomir Cech

  • 2014 Vnútropolitické Determinanty Krízovej Situácie Na Ukrajine
    by Tetyana Zubro

  • 2014 Zahraniční Politika Ázerbajdžánu V Letech 1991-2004
    by Emil Souleimanov & Josef Kraus

  • 2014 Severný Kaukaz Ako Destabilizujúci Región V Kontexte Vnútornej Bezpečnosti Ruskej Federácie
    by Lucia Borošová

  • 2014 What If Marx And Veblen Met…
    by Bahar Araz Takay & Derya Güler Aydın

  • 2014 Foreign Policy as Part of Strengthening the Polish Economy in the World: the Ethical Aspect
    by Mateusz Pawlak

  • 2014 Poland and the euro: Between lock-in and unfinished transition
    by Anna Visvizi & Paweł Tokarski

  • 2013 Contradictions: Finance, Greed, And Labor Unequally Paid

  • 2013 Sovereign Investment Funds and the International Competitiveness Through Outsourcing in Emerging Countries [Fondurile suverane de investiţii şi competitivitatea internaţională prin outsourcing în ţări emergente]
    by Drăniceanu Doina

  • 2013 Global Imbalances: An Unconventional View
    by V. Popov.

  • 2013 The Political Economy of Banking Regulation – Does the Basel 3 Accord Imply a Change?
    by Elias Bengtsson

    by Maria Cartas

  • 2013 Vegetable Edible Oils
    by Ecaterina Patilea

  • 2013 Muslims in Contemporary Russia: Russia's Domestic Muslim Policy
    by Yunus Yilmaz

  • 2013 Eastern Mediterranean Natural Gas: Analyzing Turkey's Stance
    by Abdullah Tanriverdi

  • 2013 Secular Law in an Islamic Polity: The Ottoman Case
    by Ihsan Yilmaz & Huseyin Gundogdu

  • 2013 Governing Chaos: Uncertainty and the Comparative Examination of the 2010/2011 Uprisings in North Africa
    by Paola Rivetti

  • 2013 The Iran Nuclear Issue in New Zealand Newspapers
    by Shah Nister Kabir

  • 2013 Economic Thinking about Transnational Governance: Blind Spots and Historical Perspectives
    by Hans-Michael Trautwein

  • 2013 Hanging together or being hung separately: The strategic power of coalitions where bargaining occurs with incomplete information
    by Konrad, Kai A. & Cusack, Thomas R.

  • 2013 Hanging Together or Being Hung Separately: The Strategic Power of Coalitions where Bargaining Occurs with Incomplete Information
    by Konrad, Kai A. & Cusack, Thomas R.

  • 2013 The economics and empirics of tax competition: A survey
    by Baskaran, Thushyanthan & Lopes da Fonseca, Mariana

  • 2013 Democratization and real exchange rates
    by Benjamin Furlan & Martin Gächter & Bob Krebs & Harald Oberhofer

  • 2013 The 'Europeanization' Of The Common Road Safety Policy: An Econometric Analysis
    by Mercedes Castro-Nuno & Jose I. Castillo-Manzano & Xavier Fageda

  • 2013 Online appendix to “Mark My Words: Information and the Fear of Declaring an Exchange Rate Regime”
    by Pierre-Guillaume Méon & Geoffrey Minne

  • 2013 Emerging Geopolitical Trends and Security in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the People’s Republic of China, and India (ACI) Region
    by Mohan, C. Raja

  • 2013 Convergence and Divergence in Europe: Polish and Ukrainian Cases
    by Lukianenko, Dmytro & Chuzhykov, Viktor & Woźniak, Michał Gabriel & Antoniuk, Larysa & Bal-Woźniak, Teresa & Bolonek, Ryszarda & Dobija, Mieczysław & Fedirko, Natalia & Fedirko, Oleksandr & Firszt, Dariusz & Honcharuk, Andrii & Ilnytskyi, Denys & Jabłoński, Łukasz & Kaleniuk, Iryna & Kaliszuk, Ewa & Kleer, Jerzy & Olefir, Anna & Panchenko, Yevhen & Poruchnyk, Anatolii & Satsyk, Volodymyr & Savchuk, Volodymyr & Stępień, Kinga & Stolyarchuk, Yaroslava & Tatarenko, Nataliya & Tokarski, Tomasz & Tsyhankova, Tetiana

  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Theoretical
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 Border Carbon Adjustment and International Trade: A Literature Review
    by Madison Condon & Ada Ignaciuk

  • 2013 Explaining the G7 and G10's influence on World Bank decisions: The role of formal and informal rules of governance
    by Arthur Foch

  • 2013 Trade Liberalization, Democratization and Technology Adoption
    by Cervellati, Matteo & Naghavi, Alireza & Toubal, Farid

  • 2013 The US-Russia missile defense dialogue as a factor of the Russian defense policy
    by Dmitry Suslov

  • 2013 The US-Russia relations and the Russian strategic defense policy: getting beyond the cold war logic
    by Dmitry Suslov

  • 2013 Going beyond the zero-sum game: Flexisecurity as a tool for worker advancement in the Asia-Pacific region
    by Parvinder Kler

  • 2013 Post-Communist Country Assistance Programs: Some Approaches To Evaluation Of Factors Affecting Their Efficiency
    by Vladimir Mau & Konstantin Yanovsky

  • 2013 Emerging Geopolitical Trends and Security in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the People’s Republic of China, and India (ACI) Region
    by C. Raja Mohan

  • 2013 Does Globalization Lead to a Rat Race of National Labor-Market Institutions?
    by Peter J. Stauvermann

  • 2013 Sovereign Investment Funds, Opportunity Within The Context Of The Global Economic Crisis
    by DRANICEANU, Doina

  • 2013 F.A. Hayek and Ordoliberalism: A Comparative Study
    by Nazmi Tolga TUNCER

  • 2013 Bilateral engagement amid geopolitics: A case of India and Iran
    by Faisal Ahmed & M. Absar Alam

  • 2013 La tributación en América Latina desde la crisis de la deuda y el papel del legislativo en Colombia
    by Víctor Mauricio Castañeda Rodríguez

  • 2013 Vulnerabilidad Del Sector Externo De México
    by Francisco Venegas Martínez & Francisco Almagro Vázquez & Miguel Flores Ortega

  • 2013 Sovereign Wealth Funds and the New Dynamics of Globalization in the Context of the Current Financial Crisis: International Competitiveness Through Outsourcing in Emerging Countries
    by Drãniceanu Doina

  • 2013 The Global Dimension of Poverty
    by Botescu Ion

  • 2013 Global Logistics , Competitiveness And The New Incoterms
    by Popa Ioan & Belu Mihaela Gabriela & Paraschiv Dorel Mihai &

  • 2013 Specific Principles Of Foreign Investments In Romania
    by Valerian SĂLĂVĂSTRU

  • 2013 On the political economy of high skilled migration and international trade
    by Bougheas, Spiros & Nelson, Doug

  • 2013 The political economy of “currency manipulation” bashing
    by Ramirez, Carlos D.

  • 2013 Deutsch-chinesische Wirtschaftsbeziehungen: Chancen und Risiken für Deutschland
    by Georg Erber

  • 2013 Instituciones y tecnología como factores clave en los proyectos nacionales del desarrollo: un análisis comparativo de Brasil y México
    by James Martín Cypher & Aldo Andrés Pérez Escatel

  • 2013 Riscuri Generate De Posibile Retrageri Ale Unor State Membre Din Zona Euro
    by Silviu-Marius ŞEITAN

  • 2013 Nový Regionalizmus A Zmena Integračnej Paragidmy V Latinskej Amerike Po Rozpade Bipolárneho Usporiadania Sveta
    by Marian Sabo

  • 2013 Komparácia Modelov Riadenia Hospodárskej Diplomacie Na Príklade Ukrajiny A Slovenskej Republiky
    by Mykhaylo Kunychka

  • 2013 Aktuálne Výzvy V Postavení Taiwanu Vo Svetovom Hospodárstve
    by Marek Csabay

  • 2013 Current problems and challenges of the Slovak economic diplomacy – practitioner views
    by Dušan Plichta & Michal Polgár

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  • 2011 Evaluating the Contributions of Regional Trade Agreements to Governance of Services Trade
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