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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ K: Law and Economics
/ / K1: Basic Areas of Law
/ / / K12: Contract Law
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Additionality When REDD Contracts Must be Self-Enforcing
    by Paula Cordero Salas & Brian E. Roe & Brent Sohngen

  • 2017 Contract institutions in the Russian economy: The sphere of state, municipal, and regulated procurement
    by O. Anchishkina.

  • 2017 Exemptions Featured in the 2015 German Small Investor Protection Act
    by Christa Hainz & Lars Hornuf & Lars Klöhn & Björn Brauer & Felix Ehrenfried & Gerrit Engelmann

  • 2017 Theoretische Erklärungsansätze für die Entsprechenserklärungen zu Abfindungen für Vorstandsmitglieder
    by Schottmüller-Einwag, Ute

  • 2017 How to make land titling more rational
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 How should we model property? Thinking with my critics
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 Blockchain's struggle to deliver impersonal exchange
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 Property as sequential exchange: The forgotten limits of private contract
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 The (Unfulfilled) Potential of Data Marketplaces
    by Koutroumpis, Pantelis & Leiponen, Aija & Thomas, Llewellyn D W

  • 2017 Smart Contracts – How will Blockchain Technology Affect Contractual Practices?
    by Lauslahti, Kristian & Mattila, Juri & Seppälä, Timo

  • 2017 Legal Systems and Blockchain Interactions
    by Hegadekatti, Kartik

  • 2017 Human Rights and Sovereign Debts in the Context of Property and Creditor Rights
    by Porzecanski, Arturo C.

  • 2017 Neutralnosc podatkowa przy dzierzawie gospodarstwa rolnego lub jego skladnikow na cele rolnicze
    by Violetta Skrodzka

  • 2017 Governing together: An international review of contracts across levels of government for regional development
    by Claire Charbit & Oriana Romano

  • 2017 Governance and Stakeholders
    by Vikas Mehrotra & Randall Morck

  • 2017 Experimental Social Planners: Good Natured, but Overly Optimistic
    by Christoph Engel & Svenja Hippel

  • 2017 Behaviorally Efficient Remedies – An Experiment
    by Christoph Engel & Lars Freund

  • 2017 Committing the English and the Continental Way – An Experiment
    by Christoph Engel & André Schmelzer

  • 2017 Stabilize the Peasant Economy: Governance of Foreclosure by the Shogunate
    by Mandai, Yu, and Nakabayashi, Masaki

  • 2017 Platforms to business relations in online platform ecosystems
    by Nestor Duch-Brown

  • 2017 Quality discrimination in online multi-sided markets
    by Nestor Duch-Brown

  • 2017 The competitive landscape of online platforms
    by Nestor Duch-Brown

  • 2017 Barriers to European cross-border E-commerce
    by Alex Coad & Nestor Duch-Brown

  • 2017 The economics of ownership, access and trade in digital data
    by Nestor Duch-Brown & Bertin Martens & Frank Mueller-Langer

  • 2017 The new system of formation of the public Contract in 2016: the main risks and prospects of development
    by Kireeva Anastasia

  • 2017 Informal Homeownership Issues: Tracking Contract for Deed Sales in the Southeast
    by Carpenter, Ann & Lueders, Abram & Thayer, Chris

  • 2017 Cost Uncertainty and Time Overruns in Public Procurement: a Scoring Auction for a Contract with Delay Penalties
    by Cesare Dosi & Michele Moretto

  • 2017 Preordered Service in Contract Enforcement
    by Jan U. Auerbach & Miguel A. Fonseca

  • 2017 Contingent judicial deference: theory and application to usury laws
    by Guimaraesy, Bernardo & Meyerhof Salama, Bruno

  • 2017 Contingent Judicial Deference: theory and application to usury laws
    by Bernardo Guimaraes & Bruno Meyerhof Salama

  • 2017 Understanding the Time to Court Case Resolution: A Competing Risks Analysis Using Belgian Data
    by Samantha Bielen & Peter Grajzl & Wim Marneffe

  • 2017 Scope of Rules Concerning Personal Guarantee Agreements (Report of Workshops (4))
    by Kazutoshi Sugimura & Masaru Itatani & Masaki Bessho

  • 2017 Scope of Maximum Interest Rate Regulations (Report of Workshops (1))
    by Kazutoshi Sugimura & Masaru Itatani & Masaki Bessho

  • 2017 How to Make Land Titling more Rational
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 Property as sequential exchange: The forgotten limits of private contract
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2017 Praxiserfahrungen mit den Befreiungsvorschriften des Kleinanlegerschutzgesetzes
    by Christa Hainz & Lars Hornuf & Lars Klöhn & Björn Brauer & Felix Ehrenfried & Gerrit Engelmann

  • 2017 Liability for Damage Caused at the Pursuit of Financial Advisory
    by Slezáková Andrea

  • 2017 Effects of contractor and employer's obligations in buy back contracts: case study of oil exporting country
    by Farzam Ardalan & Farzam Ardalan & Nejad1 Almasi & Nejad1 Almasi & Mansour Atasheneh & Mansour Atasheneh

  • 2017 Towards sustainable business relationships: ratification doctrine in the case of unauthorised agency
    by Vaidas JurkeviÄ ius & Raimonda BublienÄ— & Raimonda BublienÄ—

  • 2017 Niedrigzinsen bei Bausparkassen — ein Urteil des Bundesgerichtshofs
    by Thomas Wein

  • 2017 Settlement games with rank-order payoffs and applications to sovereign debt restructuring
    by Rohan Pitchford & Mark L. J. Wright

  • 2017 Volunteer Contract– A New Species Of Free Service Agreements
    by Titus PRESCURE & Georgeta-Bianca SPIRCHEZ

  • 2017 The Legal Effects Of Residential Lease Agreements- A Comparative View Of The Implied Warranty Of Habitability In Civil Law And In Common Law
    by Szilard SZTRANYICZKI

  • 2017 A Comparative View Of The Minimum Standards Of Habitability In Romania And In The State Of Massachusetts (U.S.A)
    by Szilard SZTRANYICZKI

  • 2017 Subsidiary Legal Entities and Innovation
    by Kenneth Ayotte

  • 2017 Efficient Material Breach of Contract
    by Bernhard Ganglmair

  • 2017 Incentives to Acquire Information under Mandatory versus Voluntary Disclosure
    by Urs Schweizer

  • 2017 Caveat Venditor: The Conditional Effect of Relationship-Specific Investment on Contractual Behavior
    by Peter Murrell & Radu A. Păun

  • 2017 The Fallacies Of Patent-Holdup Theory
    by Alexander Galetovic & Stephen Haber

  • 2017 The Moral-Hazard Effect of Liquidated Damages: An Experiment on Contract Remedies
    by Sven Hoeppner & Lars Freund & Ben Depoorter

  • 2017 Efficient Compensation: Lessons from Civil Liability
    by Urs Schweizer

  • 2017 Cost-of-Completion versus Diminution-of-Value Damages for Deliberate Breach: An Economic Analysis
    by Abraham L. Wickelgren

  • 2017 Hitelesek-e a vállalkozások ígéretei Magyarországon?
    by Mike, Károly & Kiss, Gábor

  • 2017 Some Remarks about the Nature of the Preemption Right for the Municipality
    by Wojciech Fill

  • 2017 Commission Splits in Real Estate Transactions
    by Xun Bian & Bennie D. Waller & Abdullah Yavas

  • 2017 Automobile Insurance and Driver Ability: Contract Choice as a Screening Mechanism
    by Lisa L. Posey & Paul D. Thistle

  • 2017 Parties’ legal capacity in electronic commerce transactions
    by Parviz Bagheri & Kamal Halili Hassan & Mehdi Shabannia Mansour

  • 2017 On the efficiency of the common law: an application to the recovery of rewards
    by Anthony Niblett

  • 2017 Promises and expectations
    by Ederer, Florian & Stremitzer, Alexander

  • 2017 Individualism, democracy, and contract enforcement
    by Cline, Brandon N. & Williamson, Claudia R.

  • 2017 Creditor control rights, capital structure, and legal enforcement
    by Daher, Mai

  • 2017 Bankruptcy and Insolvency: An Exploration of Relevant Theories
    by Adegbemi Babatunde Onakoya & Ayooluwa Eunice Olotu

  • 2017 Tax neutrality at leasing or rural farms
    by Violetta Skrodzka

  • 2017 The Consumer Concept In G.O. No. 107/1999 And G.O. No. 21/1992. Comparative Approach
    by Andreea-Teodora STANESCU

  • 2017 Die Befreiungsvorschriften des Kleinanlegerschutzgesetzes
    by Christa Hainz & Lars Hornuf & Lars Klöhn & Björn Brauer & Felix Ehrenfried & Gerrit Engelmann

  • 2017 Testing the Endowment Effect for Default Rules
    by Marcin Isabel & Nicklisch Andreas

  • 2017 Optimal Patent Protection: A Macroeconomic Perspective
    by Meng Samuel

  • 2017 Land associations in Slovakia
    by Anna Bandlerova & Jarmila Lazikova & Lubica Rumanovska & Zuzana Lazikova

  • 2017 Claims settlement in insurance contracts from a consumer protection perspective in Cameroon
    by Comfort Fuah Kwanga

  • 2017 The parties of fiduciary contract
    by Cornelia Lefter & Gunay Duagi

  • 2017 Are mediation clauses binding and mandatory?
    by Miruna Constantinescu & Monica Corchis

  • 2016 Critical Remarks On The Collective Labor Agreement In The Sphere Of Machine Building Companies And Metal Production For The Years 2016-2017
    by Radu Stefan Patru

  • 2016 Analysis Of The Legal Nature Of The Administrative Appeal In Romania
    by Liana-Teodora PASCARIU

  • 2016 Global Commercial Law between Unity, Pluralism, and Competition: The Case of the CISG
    by Gralf-Peter Calliess & Insa Buchmann

  • 2016 Settlement Offers
    by Schumacher, Heiner & Karle, Heiko & Volund, Rune

  • 2016 Freedom of contract and financial stability through the lens of the Legal Theory of Finance (LTF): LTF approaches to ABS, Pari Passu-Clauses, CCPs, and Basel III
    by Haar, Brigitte

  • 2016 I rinvii legali ai contratti collettivi e il jobs act: problemi e sfide della contrattazione aziendale
    by Maurizio Falsone

  • 2016 How Rome enabled impersonal markets
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2016 Coase and the departure from property
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2016 Costly Pretrial Agreements
    by Luca Anderlini & Leonardo Felli & Giovanni Immordino

  • 2016 Smart Contracts – How will Blockchain Technology Affect Contractual Practices?
    by Lauslahti, Kristian & Mattila, Juri & Seppälä, Timo

  • 2016 Analysis of Contracts in Various Formats of Blockchain
    by Hegadekatti, Kartik

  • 2016 Reassessing the Ethicality of Some Common Financial Practices
    by Bagus, Philipp & Gabriel, Amadeus & Howden, David

  • 2016 Corporate Control around the World
    by Gur Aminadav & Elias Papaioannou

  • 2016 Past Performance and Procurement Outcomes
    by Francesco Decarolis & Giancarlo Spagnolo & Riccardo Pacini

  • 2016 Principals, Agents and Incomplete Contracts: Are Surrender of Control and Renegotiation the Solution?
    by Matthias Kiefer & Edward Jones & Andrew Adams

  • 2016 Business Transaction Invalidity In the Context of the Principle of Legality
    by Konstantin Yu. Totyev

  • 2016 Psychic Punishment Costs and Deterrence
    by Bakó, Barna & Isztin, Péter

  • 2016 Legal Efficiency and Consistency
    by Luca Anderlini & Leonardo Felli & Alessandro Riboni

  • 2016 Law, Trust & Institutional Change in China: Evidence from Qualitative Fieldwork
    by Ding Chen & Simon Deakin & Mathias Siems & Boya Wang

  • 2016 Unbundling Efficient Breach: An Experiment
    by M. Bigoni & S. Bortolotti & F. Parisi & A. Porat

  • 2016 Coase and the Departure from Property
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2016 How Rome Enabled Impersonal Markets
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2016 Collateral in Italy: a legal and economic analysis of privileges, pledges and mortgages
    by Elisa Brodi

  • 2016 Instrumentos alternativos de financiación para las cooperativas españolas
    by Luis Ángel Sánchez Pachón

  • 2016 Sale Subject To Modalities
    by Bujorel Florea

  • 2016 Risks In The Enforcement Of Assignment Of Claim Arising From A Bank Loan Agreement
    by Calin Viorel Iuga

  • 2016 Aspects Regarding The Enforceability Against Third Parties Of Choice Of Court Agreements In International Disputes
    by Alina Oprea

  • 2016 Transport Contract - Exception To The Relativity Effects Of Legal Document
    by Adriana Elena Belu

  • 2016 Considerations On The Termination Of The Insurance Contract By Denunciation
    by Veronica Stoica

  • 2016 Practical Aspects Regarding Fiduciary Operations
    by Bazil Oglinda

  • 2016 The Company Contract In The New Romanian Civil Code, Reporting To The Special Provisions Of Law No. 31/1990
    by Victor Birca

  • 2016 The Insurance Contract - A Support In The Business Sphere
    by Catalin Cristian Selisteanu

  • 2016 Tenant'S Insolvency In Lease Agreements
    by Simona Chirica

  • 2016 Essential Clauses Of Individual Employment Contract - Questions And Answers
    by Monica Gheorghe

  • 2016 The Risk Of Occurance Of An Unforseen Event While Performing A Contract For Execution Of Works
    by Eugen Sarbu

  • 2016 Termination Of The Caretaking Contract For Enforcement Objective Impossibility. Case Study
    by Ileana Constantinescu & Adriana Motatu

  • 2016 The Voluntary Deposit Contract In The Romanian Civil Code Regulation

  • 2016 Brief comments on the recovery of unused EU structural funds
    by Vlad Mihai Dorel

  • 2016 Online Communication and E-Commerce Dynamics in the European Union. A Consumer-Based Approach
    by Elena-Alexandra GORGOS & Elena-Mãdãlina VÃTÃMÃNESCU

  • 2016 Some Aspects Concerning the Concept of Rent in the Romanian Law
    by Marilena Marin

  • 2016 Regime of Carrier’s Macro and Micro-Liability Dealing with the International Carriage of Goods by Sea Contracts
    by Diana Marinova

  • 2016 Incentive Contracts for Environmental Services and their Potential in REDD
    by Fortmann, Lea & Cordero-Salas, Paula & Sohngen, Brent & Brian, Roe

  • 2016 Stipulated Damages as a Rent-Extraction Mechanism: Experimental Evidence
    by Claudia M. Landeo & Kathryn E. Spier

  • 2016 Considerations On The National Case Law Regarding The Control Of Abusive Clauses In The Matter Of Credit Loan Repayment
    by Mircea GROZAVU

  • 2016 The European Court Of Justice Jurisprudence In Árpád Kásler Vs. Otp Case And Its Interpretation In The Jurisprudence Of National Courts
    by Mircea GROZAVU

  • 2016 The Relation between the Indexation Clause and the Lessor’s Entitlement to Terminate the Amount of Rent in Commercial Lease Agreements
    by Jacek Motyka

  • 2016 Consumer education: why the market doesn’t work
    by Sophie Bienenstock

  • 2016 Alive and well: the good faith principle in Turkish contract law
    by Hans-Bernd Schäfer & Hüseyin Can Aksoy

  • 2016 Disclosure in insurance law: a comparative analysis
    by Kevin X. Li & Yulan Wang & Owen Tang & Jie Min

  • 2016 Il "rent to buy": problemi e prospettive di un contratto di recente tipizzazione
    by Davide Aramini

  • 2016 Il consumatore di servizi finanziari nelle norme di diritto internazionale privato dell’Unione europea
    by Maria Elena De Maestri

  • 2016 Usura e interessi
    by Fabrizio Piraino

  • 2016 L’Unione bancaria e il suo impatto sul rapporto tra intermediari e consumatori
    by Pietro Sirena

  • 2016 Optimal rules of negligent misrepresentation in insurance contract law
    by Lando, Henrik

  • 2016 Efficient incentives from obligation law and the compensation principle
    by Schweizer, Urs

  • 2016 Debt covenants and credit spread valuation: The special case of Chinese global bonds
    by Chang, Sean Tat & Ross, Donald

  • 2016 How Rome enabled impersonal markets
    by Arruñada, Benito

  • 2016 Dynastic entrepreneurship, entry, and non-compete enforcement
    by Rauch, James E.

  • 2016 The Register of Dishonest Tenants as a solution to problems on the real estate market
    by Marcelina Zapotoczna & Marcin Poczbutt

  • 2016 Political risk in foreign direct investments and its reduction by bilateral investment treaties
    by Krzysztof Marcinek & Marcin Tomasz Tomecki

  • 2016 Enforcement Of Mortgage Contract
    by Alisa A. BELU

  • 2016 Normalizing Leasing Operations. National Issues
    by Dorina, LUTA & Laura-Filofteia, PANOIU

  • 2016 International Delivery Risks: The Case of Delivered Duty Paid in Australia
    by Roberto Bergami

  • 2016 The unilateral declaration of rescission - an extrajudicial mean of terminating a contract
    by Diana Geanina Ionas

  • 2016 The distribution contracts: an Iberian approach
    by Sónia de Carvalho

  • 2016 The balance between the parties in Law N° 2015/018 of December 21, 2015 governing the commercial activity in Cameroon
    by Joseph Emmanuel Yayi Lipem

  • 2016 Land lease contract and prior right of lessee to concluding the new land lease contract - case of Slovakia
    by Anna Bandlerová & Jarmila Lazíková

  • 2016 Some considerations on the legal qualification of the contracting authority
    by Ioana Panagoret & Ivan Vasile Ivanoff

  • 2016 FIDIC contracts: analysis of the impact of general and particular conditions on the financial risk management in Romanian infrastructure projects
    by Constanta-Nicoleta Bodea & Augustin Purnus

  • 2016 The fiduciary guarantee in the Romanian and European legal context
    by Cornelia Lefter & Günay Duagi

  • 2016 La contractualisation des rapports pecuniaires entre epoux en droit camerounais
    by Etienne Mbandji Mbena

  • 2016 Enforceable contracts and the consequences of termination on them in Romania
    by Tomescu Raluca Antoanetta

  • 2015 Lex Maritima: Vanishing Commercial Trial – Fading Domestic Law?
    by Gralf-Peter Calliess & Annika Klopp

  • 2015 Law Firms and Export Insurance Companies
    by Fabian Sosa

  • 2015 Lex mercatoria
    by Gralf-Peter Calliess

  • 2015 Transnational Business and Relational Contracting 2.0
    by Thomas Dietz

  • 2015 Contract, Renegotiation, and Holdup: When Should Messages be Sent?
    by Göller, Daniel

  • 2015 Incentives to Acquire Information under Mandatory versus Voluntary Disclosure
    by Schweizer, Urs

  • 2015 International refugee law and the European Union's Refugee Protection Protocol: A study on the ius cogens norm of non-refoulement
    by Balogh, Cintia

  • 2015 Contracts and Trust
    by Bryan C. McCannon & Colleen Tokar Asaad & Mark Wilson

  • 2015 Il ÒdestinoÓ delle collaborazioni coordinate e continuative dopo il Jobs Act (D.Lgs. n. 81/2015)
    by Gaetano Zilio Grandi

  • 2015 The institutions of Roman markets
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2015 Optimally vague contracts and the law
    by Nicola Gennaioli & Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto

  • 2015 The impact of fine size and uncertainty on punishment and deterrence: Theory and evidence from the laboratory
    by Feess, Eberhard & Schildberg-Hörisch, Hannah & Schramm, Markus & Wohlschlegel, Ansgar

  • 2015 Contracts and Cooperation: The Relative Failure of the Irish Dairy Industry in the Late Nineteenth Century Reconsidered
    by Ingrid Henriksen & Eoin McLaughlin & Paul Sharp

  • 2015 Comparative Contact Law Differences Between Civilian Legal Systems ,The Common Law And The Albanian Contac
    by Brunela Kullolli & Madrid Kullolli

  • 2015 An Overview To The Circumstances Causing Legal Liability Sustained In The Event Of The Damages To The Passenger Baggage During The Carriage By Air
    by Alper Uyumaz & Sinan Sami Akkurt

  • 2015 Law and Economics and Tort Litigation Institutions: Theory and Experiments
    by Landeo, Claudia

  • 2015 Stipulated Damages as a Rent-Extraction Mechanism: Experimental Evidence
    by Landeo, Claudia & Spier, Kathryn

  • 2015 Oil and water do not mix, or: aliud est credere, aliud deponere
    by Bagus, Philipp & Howden, David & Gabriel, Amadeus

  • 2015 Transaksi drop shipping perspektif ekonomi syari’ah
    by Busthomi, Achmad Otong

  • 2015 Praktek Jual Beli Kain Kiloan dalam Perspektif Ekonomi Islam
    by Jumena, Juju & Nurjannah, Nurjannah

  • 2015 Conventional Futures: Derivatives from Islamic Law of Contract Perspective
    by Uddin, Md Akther

  • 2015 Reflexiones Sobre el Contrato en el Derecho Colombiano
    by Vargas-Chaves, Ivan

  • 2015 Dynastic Entrepreneurship, Entry, and Non-Compete Enforcement
    by James Rauch

  • 2015 Short-term, Long-term, and Continuing Contracts
    by Maija Halonen-Akatwijuka & Oliver Hart

  • 2015 An Empirical Analysis of Primary and Secondary Pharmaceutical Patents in Chile
    by María José Abud Sittler & Bronwyn Hall & Christian Helmers

  • 2015 Can Reputation Discipline the Gig Economy? Experimental Evidence from an Online Labor Market
    by Benson, Alan & Sojourner, Aaron J. & Umyarov, Akhmed

  • 2015 Court-ship, Kinship and Business: A Study on the Interaction between the Formal and the Informal Institutions and Its Effect on Entrepreneurship
    by Chakraborty, Tanika & Mukherjee, Anirban & Saha, Sarani

  • 2015 Contracts and cooperation: The relative failure of the Irish dairy industry in the late nineteenth century reconsidered
    by Ingrid Henriksen & Eoin McLaughlin & Paul Sharp

  • 2015 Economic Duress and Significant Imbalance: Two Different Approaches of Contractual Imbalances
    by Faustine Jacomino

  • 2015 Legal Evolution and Contract Evolution under Imperfect Enforcement
    by Gennaioli, Nicola & Ponzetto, Giacomo AM

  • 2015 Long-term Relationships: Static Gains and Dynamic Inefficiencies
    by Hémous, David & Olsen, Morten

  • 2015 Dynastic Entrepreneurship, Entry, and Non-Compete Enforcement
    by James E. Rauch

  • 2015 Continuing Contracts
    by Maija Halonen-Akatwijuka & Oliver Hart

  • 2015 Contract Innovation and Legal Evolution under Imperfect Enforcement
    by Nicola Gennaioli & Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto

  • 2015 The Institutions of Roman Markets
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2015 Optimally Vague Contracts and the Law
    by Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto & Nicola Gennaioli

  • 2015 La retribución de los miembros del consejo rector o de los administradores en las sociedades cooperativas
    by Belén García Álvarez

  • 2015 General Terms Of The Amicable Settlement Of Disputes Between Consumers And Traders
    by Adriana Deac

  • 2015 The Transport Contract In The New Civil Code Form, Proof And Means Of Transport
    by Adriana Elena Belu

  • 2015 The Rights And Obligations Of The Main Stakeholders In Cloud Computing Services
    by Marioara Maxim

  • 2015 Legal Environment For B2b Cross-Border Sales Between Cisg And Cesl
    by Charlotte Ene & Ileana Voica

  • 2015 Aspects Regarding Imprevision In Employment Contracts
    by Radu Stefan Patru

  • 2015 The Preemption Right Regarding The Transactions Of Agricultural Lands Located Outside The Built-Up Areas
    by Simona Chirica

  • 2015 Juridical Regime Of The Interest In The Romanian Law. Particular Case. Comparison Between The Regulations Of The Remuneratory Interest Versus The Penalizing Interest, In The Romanian Banking Law
    by Silvia Lucia Cristea

  • 2015 Conditions And Effects Of The Commissoria Lex In The Leasing Contract
    by Raluca Tomescu

  • 2015 Same-sex relationship escalation with uncertain marriage legality: Theory and empirical implications
    by Amy Farmer & Andrew W. Horowitz

  • 2015 Specific aspects related to the partnership agreement
    by Andreea Seucan

  • 2015 The Meaning Of Frand, Part Ii: Injunctions
    by J. Gregory Sidak

  • 2015 Legal Issues Relating to the Liability of the Carrier for the Air Carriage of Passengers
    by Viktoria Rusanova

  • 2015 Consumer Contracts Distance Concluded - Required Information / Advice
    by Gabriela NEMÞOI

  • 2015 Abusive Terms in Loan Contracts
    by Mirela Niculae & Beatrice-Tanta Strat

  • 2015 Lemons on the Edge of the Internet: The Importance of Transparency for Broadband Network Quality
    by Reza RAJABIUN & Catherine MIDDLETON

  • 2015 Secured Loans In Mexico And Its Effects, Prestamos Prendarios En Mexico Y Sus Efectos
    by Rufina Georgina Hernandez Contreras & Rosa Maria Medina Hernandez & Rosa Maria Solis Salazar

  • 2015 Particular Aspects on General Assemblies of Members in Cooperative Companies in Romania
    by Anca Sorina Popescu-Cruceru

  • 2015 Il diritto della sicurezza sul lavoro nel contratto di rete
    by Silvia Borelli

  • 2015 Employment-At-Will Exceptions and jobless recovery
    by DeNicco, James P.

  • 2015 The role of informational uncertainty in the decision to strategically default
    by Seiler, Michael J.

  • 2015 The role of dynamic renegotiation and asymmetric information in financial contracting
    by Roberts, Michael R.

  • 2015 Where do firms issue debt? An empirical analysis of issuer location and regulatory competition in Europe
    by Eidenmüller, Horst & Engert, Andreas & Hornuf, Lars

  • 2015 Economic analysis of hiring forms dedicated to managerial positions in Poland
    by Jacek Lewkowicz

  • 2015 Haftungsrechtliche Folgen eines griechischen Staatskonkurses
    by Markus C. Kerber

  • 2015 Intercreditor and Debtor-creditor Equity Issues in Sovereign Debt Restructuring
    by Skylar Brooks & Martín Guzman & Doménico Lombardi & Joseph E. Stiglitz

  • 2015 The late payment under the EU legislation
    by Charlotte Ene

  • 2015 Implied terms in English and Romanian law
    by Stefan Dinu

  • 2015 Le maître d’ouvrage et le contrat de sous-traitance dans les marchés publics de travaux au Cameroun
    by Lesmont Bahoken Valeri

  • 2015 The joint venture contract. Practical aspects regarding the admissibility of the request for exclusion of the associate
    by Andreea Stoican

  • 2015 Optimal Design of Trade Agreements in the Presence of Renegotiation
    by Giovanni Maggi & Robert W. Staiger

  • 2014 Osnove trgovackoga (ugovornog) prava
    by Marko Verovic

  • 2014 Transnational Access to Court for Commercial Claims: The Shortcomings of International Commercial Arbitration and Litigation
    by Hermann Hoffmann

  • 2014 IT-Compliance nach COBIT: Gegenüberstellung zwischen COBIT 4.0 und COBIT 5
    by Klotz, Michael

  • 2014 Registries
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2014 The titling role of possession
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2014 Transaction-Specific Investments and Organizational Choice: A Coase-to-Coase Theory
    by Thomas J. Miceli

  • 2014 Mesures de compensation écologique : risques ou opportunités pour le foncier agricole ?
    by Claire Etrillard & Michel Pech

  • 2014 Rôle des institutions et des régulations foncières sur le marché foncier agricole : illustration dans la région Bretagne
    by Elodie Letort & Michel Pech

  • 2014 La franquicia hotelera
    by Mayorga-Toledano, María Cruz

  • 2014 The Role of Dynamic Renegotiation and Asymmetric Information in Financial Contracting
    by Michael R. Roberts

  • 2014 From the Substance to the Shadow: The Court Embedded into Japanese Labor Markets
    by NAKABAYASHI, Masaki

  • 2014 Asymmetric Information and Opportunistic Behaviour in Ex Ante Contract Negotiations: Precontractual Liability Regime
    by Angelo Castaldo & Elisabetta Conte & Gianluigi Galeotti

  • 2014 Interpreting the Pari Passu Clause in Sovereign Bond Contracts: It's All Hebrew (and Aramaic) to Me
    by Wright, Mark L. J.

  • 2014 Legal Institutions, Credit Markets, and Economic Activity
    by Brown, James R. & Cookson, J Anthony & Heimer, Rawley

  • 2014 Large Cities And World Economy
    by Nebojša Gijić, Bojan Zdravković, Adriana Jović - Bogdanović

  • 2014 Globalisierung und Recht: Auswirkungen der Globalisierung auf die Praxis grenzüberschreitender Transaktionen aus deutscher Perspektive
    by Fischer, Peter C.

  • 2014 Architecture of an Economy with Social Enterprises: the Relational Capacity Approach
    by Pieter H.M. RUYS

  • 2014 Legal Evolution, Contract Evolution, and Standardization
    by Gennaioli, Nicola & Perotti, Enrico C & Ponzetto, Giacomo AM

  • 2014 Retos de la administración distrital en la recolección y disposición de residuos sólidos
    by Jeimmy Paola García Jiménez & Yeleny Andrea Padilla Realpe

  • 2014 The Titling Role of Possession
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2014 Education Franchise – Legal Aspects
    by Margarita Bachvarova

  • 2014 The just price doctrine and contemporary contract law: some introductory remarks
    by Andrea Perrone

  • 2014 Dispossession Of Assets In The New Romanian Civil Code. Comparative Law
    by Silvia Cristea

  • 2014 Out Of The Court Settlement In Relation With The Challenging In Court Of The Unfair Contractual Terms
    by George CHIOCARU

  • 2014 The Cluster - An Entity With Or Without Judicial Personality
    by Diana Anca ARTENE

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