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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ K: Law and Economics
/ / K3: Other Substantive Areas of Law
/ / / K34: Tax Law
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 The Unconstitutionality Of The Additional Tax On Dividends In Mexico Inconstitucionalidad De La Tasa Adicional De Impuesto A Los Dividendos En Mexico
    by Ernesto Hernandez Soto & Lizzette Velasco Aulcy

  • 2017 The development of corporate tax structures in the European Union from 1998 to 2015 - Qualitative and quantitative analysis
    by Bräutigam, Rainer & Spengel, Christoph & Stutzenberger, Kathrin

  • 2017 Entwicklung eines Indifferenzsteuersatzes für den European Tax Analyzer
    by Bräutigam, Rainer & Nicolay, Katharina & Spengel, Christoph

  • 2017 Country-by-country reporting: Tension between transparency and tax planning
    by Evers, Maria Theresia & Meier, Ina & Spengel, Christoph

  • 2017 The implications of book-tax differences: A meta-analysis
    by Evers, Maria Theresia & Meier, Ina & Nicolay, Katharina

  • 2017 Potentielle Risikofaktoren für die Erhöhung der Betriebsprüfungswahrscheinlichkeit - Eine analytische und empirische Untersuchung auf Basis der E-Bilanz-Taxonomie 6.0 -
    by Henselmann, Klaus & Haller, Stefanie

  • 2017 The effects of a tax allowance for growth and investment: Empirical evidence from a firm-level analysis
    by Petutschnig, Matthias & Rünger, Silke

  • 2017 Taxing high-income earners: Tax avoidance and mobility
    by Alejandro Esteller-Moré & Amedeo Piolatto & Matthew D. Rablen

  • 2017 Assessing the Importance of Taxation on FDI: Evidence from South-East Asian Developing Countries
    by Athiphat Muthitacharoen

  • 2017 Neutralnosc podatkowa przy dzierzawie gospodarstwa rolnego lub jego skladnikow na cele rolnicze
    by Violetta Skrodzka

  • 2017 Anti-avoidance rules against international tax planning: A classification
    by Åsa Johansson & Øystein Bieltvedt Skeie & Stéphane Sorbe

  • 2017 Regressive Sin Taxes
    by Benjamin B. Lockwood & Dmitry Taubinsky

  • 2017 The Performance of VAT in DGD-partner countries
    by Mattéo Godin & Romain Houssa & Kelbesa Megersa

  • 2017 Taxing multinationals beyond borders: financial and locational responses to CFC rules
    by Sarah Clifford

  • 2017 Taxing high-income earners: tax avoidance and mobility
    by Alejandro Esteller & Amedeo Piolatto & Matthew D. Rablen

  • 2017 Stock Option Taxation: A Missing Piece in European Innovation Policy?
    by Henrekson, Magnus & Sanandaji, Tino

  • 2017 The Role of Taxes in the Disconnect between Corporate Performance and Economic Growth
    by Urooj Khan & Suresh Nallareddy & Ethan Rouen

  • 2017 Mining taxation in Africa: the gold mining industry in 14 countries from 1980 to 2015
    by Bertrand LAPORTE & Céline DE QUATREBARBES & Yannick BOUTERIGE

  • 2017 Tributación sobre las utilidades empresariales en Colombia: una comparación de los regímenes impositivos de antes y después de la ley 1819 de 2016
    by Javier Ávila Mahecha & Jorge Armando Rodríguez

  • 2017 Mining taxation in Africa: The gold mining industry in 14 countries from 1980 to 2015
    by Bertrand LAPORTE & Céline DE QUATREBARBES & Yannick BOUTERIGE

  • 2017 The effect of card payments on vat revenue in Greece
    by George Hondroyiannis & Dimitrios Papaoikonomou

  • 2017 HS 2002–HS 2017: Notes of the tariff nomenclature and the additional notes of the EU revisited
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2017 Globally Uniform Harmonized System Nomenclature? Waivers for Developing Countries and Membership Development: Situation 2017
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2017 Entwicklung des Harmonisierten Systems, neue Lücken und alle Anmerkungen - HS 2017
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2017 AEO-Programme weltweit – Stand 2017
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2017 Das Zollverfahren der Ausfuhr nach dem Unionszollkodex in grafischen Übersichten
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2017 Arbeitsprogramm zum UZK 2016 – Beschluss (EU) 2016/578
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2017 Evaluating the Use of Personal Networks to Circumvent Formal Processes: A Case Study of Vruzki in Bulgaria
    by Williams Colin C. & Yang Junhong

  • 2017 Steuer- und wirtschaftspolitische Bedeutung von Patentboxen im Post-BEPS-Zeitalter
    by Joachim Englisch

  • 2017 An examination of firms’ responses to tax forgiveness
    by Terry Shevlin & Jacob Thornock & Braden Williams

  • 2017 Kamu Alacaklarının Tahsilatını Sağlamaya Yönelik Bir Önlem: Tasarrufun İptali Davaları
    by Hakan ARSLANER

  • 2017 Tax Enforcement of Execution and Insolvency Proceedings
    by Tomáš Kouba

  • 2017 Forming Of Local Budgets: Between Fiscal Decentralization And Social Solidarity
    by Brîndusa GOREA & Oana Voica NAGY & Ioana Raluca TONCEAN-LUIERAN

  • 2017 Tax and Brexit
    by Judith Freedman

  • 2017 Voluntary Taxation and Beyond: The Promise of Social-Contracting Voting Mechanisms
    by Ian Ayres

  • 2017 32nd International Public Finance Conference
    by Barýþ YILDIZ & Gizem AKBULUT

  • 2017 A methodology for determining the ‘cash economy’ in the European Union via an announcement effect
    by John Cullis & Bruce Morley

  • 2017 Effective international information exchange as a key element of modern tax systems: promises and pitfalls of the OECD’s common reporting standard
    by Stjepan Gadzo & Irena Klemencic

  • 2017 The Integral Nature Of Tax Laws For Tax Payer’S In Mexico, Las Leyes Tributarias Forman Parte Integral De La Vida Del Gobernado En Mexico
    by Rosa Hilda Hernandez Sandoval & Sandra Patricia de la Garza Cienfuegos & Ana Maria Aguilar Sanchez & Rosa Margarita Torres Hernandez

  • 2017 Immobilizing corporate income shifting: Should it be safe to strip in the harbor?
    by Gresik, Thomas A. & Schindler, Dirk & Schjelderup, Guttorm

  • 2017 Cross-country evidence on the relation between capital gains taxes, risk, and expected returns
    by Hail, Luzi & Sikes, Stephanie & Wang, Clare

  • 2017 An Assessment of Carousel Value-Added Tax Fraud in The European Carbon Market
    by Berrittella Maria & Cimino Filippo Alessandro

  • 2017 The Firm as an Enterprise Entity and the Tax Avoidance Conundrum: Perspectives from Accounting Theory and Policy
    by Biondi Yuri

  • 2017 Evolutions and tendencies regarding the Romanian transfer pricing legislation: is there a need for change?
    by Ioana NEACSU & Liliana FELEAGA

  • 2017 Reminders and Recidivism: Using Administrative Data to Characterize Nonfilers and Conduct EITC Outreach
    by John Guyton & Pat Langetieg & Day Manoli & Mark Payne & Brenda Schafer & Michael Sebastiani

  • 2017 Taxman's Dilemma: Coercion or Persuasion? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in Ethiopia
    by Abebe Shimeles & Daniel Zerfu Gurara & Firew Woldeyes

  • 2017 Quantifying the Disincentive Effects of Joint Taxation on Married Women's Labor Supply
    by Alexander Bick & Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln

  • 2016 Book-tax conformity and reporting behavior: A quasi-experiment
    by Evers, Maria Theresia & Meier, Ina & Nicolay, Katharina

  • 2016 Immobilizing Corporate Income Shifting: Should It Be Safe to Strip in the Harbor?
    by Schindler, Dirk Steffen & Gresik, Thomas & Schindler, Dirk & Schjelderup, Guttorm

  • 2016 Harmonisierung der heterogenen Unternehmensteuern in Europa? Plädoyer für einen Mittelweg
    by Melle, Marco Cataldo

  • 2016 Erbschaftsteuerreform: Auswirkungen für Unternehmenserben
    by Beznoska, Martin & Hentze, Tobias

  • 2016 Exploring the characteristics of transfer pricing systems across countries
    by Rathke, Alex Augusto Timm & Rezende, Amaury José

  • 2016 Identifying firms' tax loss carry-forward status: The accuracy of database-ariven methods
    by Rechbauer, Martina

  • 2016 Implications of Fiscal Policy for Housing Tenure Decisions
    by Anastasia Girshina

  • 2016 Designing Tax Policy to Promote Agricultural Cooperatives and Environmental Protection in China

  • 2016 Self-Concept Maintenance and Tax Evasion
    by Francesco Flaviano Russo

  • 2016 Assessing Tax Incentives for Investment: Case Study of Thailand
    by Athiphat Muthitacharoen

  • 2016 Untaxed Social-Media Problem and Potential Solutions
    by Kaplanhan, Fatih & Korkut, Cem

  • 2016 What's BEPS got to do with it? Exploring the effectiveness of thin capitalisation rules
    by Kayis-Kumar, Ann

  • 2016 International tax planning by multinationals: Simulating a tax-minimising intercompany response to the OECD's recommendation on BEPS Action 4
    by Kayis-Kumar, Ann

  • 2016 Exploring the characteristics of transfer pricing systems across countries
    by Rathke, Alex Augusto Timm & Rezende, Amaury José

  • 2016 Fiscal burden differentiation between European Union countries as a source of opportunism, moral hazard and unproductive entrepreneurship
    by Andrzej Pestkowski

  • 2016 Bitcoin as an example of a virtual currency
    by Anna Wisniewska

  • 2016 Heuristic Perceptions of the Income Tax: Evidence and Implications for Debiasing
    by Alex Rees-Jones & Dmitry Taubinsky

  • 2016 A Distribution-Neutral Perspective On Tax Expenditure Limitations
    by Louis Kaplow

  • 2016 Stock Option Taxation and Venture Capital Activity: A Cross-Country Comparison
    by Henrekson, Magnus & Sanandaji, Tino

  • 2016 La fiscalité minière en Afrique : Un état des lieux sur le secteur de l’or dans 14 pays de 1980 à 2015
    by Bertrand LAPORTE & Céline DE QUATREBARBES & Yannick BOUTERIGE

  • 2016 The Italian Blitz: a natural experiment on audit publicity and tax compliance
    by Pietro Battiston & Denvil Duncan & Simona Gamba & Alessandro Santoro

  • 2016 The Impact of Social Pressure on Tax Compliance: a Field Experiment
    by Pietro Battiston & Simona Gamba

  • 2016 Measuring tax treaty negotiation outcomes: the Actionaid tax treaties dataset
    by Hearson, Martin

  • 2016 La carga tributaria sobre los ingresos laborales y de capital en Colombia: el caso del impuesto sobre la renta y el IVA
    by Jorge Armando Rodríguez & Javier Ávila Mahecha

  • 2016 La fiscalité minière en Afrique : un état des lieux du secteur de l’or dans 14 pays de 1980 à 2015
    by Bertrand LAPORTE & Céline DE QUATREBARBES & Yannick BOUTERIGE

  • 2016 The tax burden on banks over the period 2006-2014
    by Giacomo Ricotti & Marco Burroni & Vincenzo Cuciniello & Elena Padovani & Elena Pisano & Stefania Zotteri

  • 2016 Effekte der Niedrigzinsen auf die betrieblichen Pensionsrückstellungen in Deutschland
    by Hentze, Tobias

  • 2016 Acht Jahre Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO)
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2016 Der Unionszollkodex – Übersicht der Neuerungen und Zeitpunkte der Geltungen
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2016 Sieben Jahre Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO)
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2016 Warum es keine Ergänzungsbilanz des KGaA-Komplementärs gibt und vor einer Reform der KGaA-Besteuerung ausdrücklich zu warnen ist
    by Kollruss, Thomas StB

  • 2016 Some Aspects of Local Real Estate Taxes as an Instrument of Land Use Management
    by Źróbek Sabina & Manzhynski Siarhei & Zysk Elżbieta & Rassokha Yauheni

  • 2016 Financing sustainable development with enhanced domestic resource mobilization: transitional role of international cooperation
    by Koji Yamada

  • 2016 Tax reforms with vector autoregression analysis: Ecuador case
    by Fabricio Zanzzi & Ana Lisbeth Cordero Linzán & Mayra Gabriela Cordero Linzán

  • 2016 EU: Umsetzung des OECD-Aktionsplans gegen unerwünschte Steuergestaltungen
    by Wolfram Scheffler & Manuela Herttrich

  • 2016 Abschaffung der Abgeltungsteuer — gerechter und steuersystematisch einheitlicher?
    by Clemens Fuest & Christoph Spengel & Désirée I. Christofzik & Lars P. Feld & Uwe Scheuering & Margit Schratzenstaller & Manfred Gärtner & Gerhard Schick

  • 2016 Who benefits from the preferential treatment of business property under the German inheritance tax?
    by Benedikt Franke & Dirk Simons & Dennis Voeller

  • 2016 Vergilendirilebilir Gelir ve Gelir Vergisinde Üniter Yapıyı Bozan Uygulamalar
    by Zeynep ARIKAN & Ahmet İNNECİ

  • 2016 Bütçe Kanununa Ekli Vergi Harcamaları Listesinin Mevzuatla Ücret Gelirlerine İlişkin Getirilen Muafiyet, İstisna ve İndirimler Bağlamında Analizi
    by İlhami ÖZTÜRK

  • 2016 The Principle Of Non-Retroactivity Of Civil Law - Deviations Identified In The Matter Of Tax Legislation
    by Cristina-Simona Capatina (Dumitrache)

  • 2016 The choice of earning form and maximization of net salary. The employment contract, civil contracts and own business (Wybor formy zarobkowania a maksymalizacja wynagrodzenia netto. Umowa o prace, umowy cywilnoprawne i wlasna dzialalnosc gospodarcza)
    by Igor Postu³a & Olga Augustyniak

  • 2016 Provisions for Future Liabilities and Effective Corporate Income Tax Rate
    by Anna Leszczyłowska

  • 2016 Possible Ways of Further Evolution of Tax Systems in the EAEU Countries
    by Petrosyan, Heghine G.

  • 2016 Le Role Du Mediateur Fiscal Pour Maintenir La Confiance Du Contribuable Dans L’Administration Fiscale: Approche De Droit Comparè
    by Arina DRAGODAN

  • 2016 The Challenges Of The Recent Financial Crisis: An Analytical Approach Of Poland Experience
    by Tatiana - Camelia DOGARU

  • 2016 Concrete Aspects Regarding the Imputation of Current Tax Receivables in Insolvency Proceedings
    by Marioara Mirea & Cristina Stroie

  • 2016 Making Promises Good: The Anti-Money Laundering Regime as a Multi-Purpose Tool for Governance
    by Stavros Katsios

  • 2016 Corruption as a Governance Challenge and the Role of Civil Society
    by Stavros Katsios

  • 2016 Eine ökonomische Analyse der Erbschaftsteuerreform
    by Hentze Tobias

  • 2016 No progressive taxation without discrimination? On the generality of the law in the classical liberal tradition
    by Åsbjørn Melkevik

  • 2016 Reliability Or Tax Captivity By Tax Microentrepreneurs In Mexico, Formalidad O Cautividad Fiscal Mediante El Regimen De Incorporacion Fiscal En Mexico
    by Jessica Lizbeth Cisneros Martinez & Loreto Maria Bravo Zanoguera & Placido Valenciana Moreno & Sosima Carrillo & Ana Cecilia Bustamante Valenzuela

  • 2016 A Review Of Hobby And Business Loss Rules: Evidence From Recent Developments
    by Peg Horan & Thomas Horan

  • 2016 Substantial Authority Update: Tax Penalty Avoidance By Good Faith Reference To Judicial, Administrative And Legislative Authorities
    by Albert D. Spalding & Nancy W. Spalding

  • 2016 Allowing firms to choose between separate accounting and formula apportionment taxation
    by Gresik, Thomas A.

  • 2016 The impact of social pressure on tax compliance: A field experiment
    by Battiston, Pietro & Gamba, Simona

  • 2016 Panama Papers: Steueroasen im Visier – was ist noch legal, welche Mittel wirken gegen Missbrauch?
    by Alfons J. Weichenrieder & Friedrich Schneider & Norbert Walter-Borjans & Michael Meister & Lukas Hakelberg & Thomas Rixen & Jörg R. Werner

  • 2016 Affirmation of the Legal Status of Taxpayers in Montenegro
    by Srđa Božović

  • 2016 The Sale Of The Mortgaged Asset And Property Taking In The Account Of The Claim
    by Nicolae, GRADINARU

  • 2016 Considerations On The Causes Of Tax Evasion In Romania
    by Raluca-Viorica LIXANDRU

  • 2016 A Glimpse Into The Offshore World After “Panama Papers”
    by Ana-Maria GEAMANU

  • 2016 A Glimpse Into The Offshore World After “Panama Papers”
    by Ana-Maria GEAMANU

  • 2016 Application of international double taxation conventions in Romania
    by Florin Dumiter & Stefania Jimon

  • 2016 Considerations regarding the constitutional obligation determining the financing source for budgetary expenditures
    by Florentina Camelia Stoica

  • 2016 Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations for Tax Compliance: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Germany
    by Nadja Dwenger & Henrik Kleven & Imran Rasul & Johannes Rincke

  • 2016 Estimating the Top Tail of the Wealth Distribution
    by Philip Vermeulen

  • 2015 Les paradis fiscaux dans la concurrence fiscale internationale
    by Molé, Antoine

  • 2015 Theoretische Fundierung der Gestaltung flexibler Kostenrechnungssystematiken im mittelständischen Industriebetrieb
    by Schröder, Stefan

  • 2015 „Wie hat sich die Steuerberatervergütungsverordnung (StBVV) auf die Honorarpolitik der Steuerberater in Einzelkanzleien ausgewirkt? Ergebnis einer Umfrage an Steuerberatern in Einzelkanzleien“
    by Thüs, Stefan

  • 2015 Steuerpolitik in Deutschland: Eine Halbzeitbilanz der aktuellen Legislaturperiode im Kontext europäischer Entwicklungen
    by Bräutigam, Rainer & Spengel, Christoph

  • 2015 Rechtliche Überlegungen zur Position der Sparer und institutionellen Anleger mit Blick auf die Niedrigzins- bzw. Negativzinspolitik der Europäischen Zentralbank
    by Hirdina, Ralph

  • 2015 Tarifverwerfungen beim Zusammentreffen von Progressionsvorbehalt und Besteuerung außerordentlicher Einkünfte: Theoretische und empirische Befunde zu arbiträren Grenzsteuersatzverläufen
    by Hechtner, Frank

  • 2015 The effect of cross-border group taxation on ownership chains
    by Rünger, Silke

  • 2015 Voluntary Disclosure Programs for Tax Evaders
    by Heiner Schmittdiel

  • 2015 An Assessment of the Performance of the Italian Tax Debt Collection System
    by Margherita Ebraico & Savino Rua

  • 2015 Economic Crime And Punishment In Turkish Tax System: A Comparative Analysis
    by Emre Atsan & Mete D?BO

  • 2015 The Legality Principle Of Taxes In The Constitution Of Republic Of Turkey
    by Ümit Süleyman ÜSTÜN (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) & Faruk B?L?R

  • 2015 The fiscal implications of mobile applications: The case study of UBER in Romania

  • 2015 Value Added Tax and its place in the fiscal system of the Republic of Croatia during the financial crisis
    by Sonja Cindori

  • 2015 Cross-Country Evidence On The Preliminary Effects Of Patent Box Regimes On Patent Activity And Ownership
    by Bradley, Sebastien & Dauchy, Estelle & Robinson, Leslie

  • 2015 Thin capitalisation rules: A second-best solution to the cross-border debt bias?
    by Kayis-Kumar, Ann

  • 2015 Perception of tax evasion and tax fraud in Portugal: a sociological study
    by Maria Poço & Cidália Lopes & Alexandre Silva

  • 2015 Tax evasion and tax fraud in the bankruptcy process: empirical evidence from Portugal
    by Ana Dinis & Cidália Lopes & Alexandre Silva

  • 2015 A nation without a corporate income tax: Evidence from nineteenth century Japan
    by Kazuki Onji & John P. Tang

  • 2015 Insuring Your Donation – An Experiment
    by Renate Buijze & Christoph Engel & Sigrid Hemels

  • 2015 The OECD's "Action Plan" to Raise Taxes on Multinational Corporations
    by Gary Clyde Hufbauer & Euijin Jung & Tyler Moran & Martian Vieiro

  • 2015 Fiscal and Economic Aspects of Book Consumption in the European Union
    by Borowiecki, Karol J. & Navarrete, Trilce

  • 2015 Immobilizing Corporate Income Shifting: Should It Be Safe to Strip in the Harbor?
    by Gresik, Thomas A. & Schindler, Dirk & Schjelderup, Guttorm

  • 2015 Porez Na Dohodak U Republici Hrvatskoj
    by Miljenko Javorović

  • 2015 Novi Zakon O Računovodstvu – Usporedni I Kritički Prikaz
    by Marica Javorovic

  • 2015 Corporate Governance, Incentives, and Tax Avoidance
    by Armstrong, Christopher S. & Blouin, Jennifer L. & Jagolinzer, Alan D. & Larcker, David F.

  • 2015 Fiscal and Economic Aspects of Book Consumption in the European Union
    by Karol J. Borowiecki & Trilce Navarrete

  • 2015 Dance Participation and Attendance in Denmark
    by Karol J. Borowiecki & Catarina Marvao

  • 2015 Impuesto Sobre la Renta: dime cómo opera y te diré cómo redistribuye
    by Jorge Armando Rodríguez

  • 2015 Immobilizing Corporate Income Shifting: Should it be Safe to Strip in the Harbour?
    by Thomas A. Gresik & Dirk Schindler & Guttorm Schjelderup

  • 2015 Tax Evasion and Economic Crime. Empirical Evidence for Italy
    by Amedeo Argentiero & Bruno Chiarini & Elisabetta Marzano

  • 2015 A nation without a corporate income tax: Evidence from nineteenth century Japan
    by Kazuki Onji & John P. Tang

  • 2015 Contribution à l'amélioration de la performance en matière d'imposition sur le revenu en République de Guinée
    by Monemou, Ouo-Ouo Waïta

  • 2015 AEO Programmes Worldwide: From MRAs to a General AEO Agreement?!
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2015 AEO-Programme weltweit – Stand 2015
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2015 Die Kraftfahrzeugsteuer – ein systematischer Überblick und einige Praxishinweise und Praxisprobleme
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2015 Umschlüsselungshilfe vom Zollkodex (ZK) zum Unionszollkodex (UZK) - Teil 2
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2015 Umschlüsselungshilfe vom Zollkodex (ZK) zum Unionszollkodex (UZK) - Teil 1
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2015 Das Arbeitsprogramm UZK - Vorstellung der IT-Zollentwicklung nach Artikel 280 UZK
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2015 Algunos aspectos críticos en la aplicación del impuesto de sociedades a las cooperativas según el régimen fiscal de cooperativas. La necesidad de su reforma
    by Agustín Romero Civera & Sergio Marí Vidal

  • 2015 Do Estate Tax Rates Really Affect Charitable Bequests? A Regression Model Analysis Of Estate Distributions

  • 2015 The powers of rural districts in Poland (Kompetencje powiatow ziemskich w Polsce)
    by Iwona Koza

  • 2015 Tax effects of converting the partnership into other partnership (Skutki podatkowe przeksztalcenia spolki osobowej w inna spolke osobowa)
    by Rafal Bernat

  • 2015 Regulating Cryptocurrencies in Poland and in the World as Exemplified by Bitcoin – the Legal Status and Economic (Regulowanie kryptowalut w Polsce i na swiecie na przykladzie Bitcoina – status prawny i interpretacja ekonomiczna )
    by Grzegorz Sobiecki

  • 2015 Funkcja fiskalna i społeczna w powierzchniowym systemie opodatkowania nieruchomości na przykładzie gmin w Polsce
    by Paweł Felis

  • 2015 Tax Policy Response to Market Changes: The Case of the Gaming Services Sector. - L’adeguamento della politica fiscale ai cambiamenti di mercato: il caso del settore del gioco pubblico
    by De Bonis, Valeria & Gandolfo, Alessandro

  • 2015 Deductibility of Provisions under the CCCTB Proposal and Its Effects on Companies: The Case of Poland
    by Anna Leszczyłowska

  • 2015 Property Tax in Prague: Quantifying the current Situation and potential Changes on the Basis of Data from Tax Returns
    by Petr Janský & Jiří Šatava

  • 2015 Why Eu Migration Law Matters? Legal Perspectives On Eu Migration Law
    by Olard HASANI

  • 2015 Taxpayers’ Rights In Relation To An Italian Tax Audit
    by Vincenzo CARBONE

  • 2015 Un “Code Européen Du Contribuable” Pour Renforcer La Lutte Contre La Fraude Et L’Évasion Fiscales
    by Arina Nicoleta DRAGODAN

  • 2015 Microsimulation as an instrument for tax policy analyses
    by Anna Leszczylowska

  • 2015 The Sheriff of Nottingham Hypothesis: A Tribute to Theodore Eisenberg
    by Marcelo Nunes & Ivan Ribeiro & Pedro Roquim & Julio Trecenti

  • 2015 Tax Aggressiveness of Taxpayers with Heterogeneous Income and Uncertainty about Taxable Income
    by Markus Diller & Johannes Lorenz

  • 2015 Controversies in Connection with the Definition of a Building Structure in the Polish Property Tax
    by Iwona Zarêba

  • 2015 General Remarks on Collecting Stamp Duties
    by Mirela Niculae & Beatrice-Tanta Strat & Mihaela Simionescu

  • 2015 Taxation Of Per Diem. Romanian Current Liabilities For Employers And Employees
    by Mihaela TOFAN & Ana Maria BERCU

  • 2015 In pursuit of tax equity: lessons from VAT rate structure adjustment in Poland
    by Artur Świstak & Sebastian Wawrzak & Agnieszka Alińska

  • 2015 Enhanced Relationship Participation Incentives For (Dutch) Multinational Organizations
    by Damy Colon & Dirk Swagerman

  • 2015 Transfer Pricing: Increasing Tension Between Multinational Firms And Tax Authorities
    by Wray Bradley

  • 2015 Planificación fiscal y Gobierno Corporativo en las empresas cotizadas españolas
    by Juan Monterrey Mayoral & Amparo Sánchez Segura

  • 2015 El fraude fiscal en la CAPV. Cuantificación, efectos y medidas para reducirlo
    by Lourdes Serna Blanco & Mercedes Vallejo Escudero & Ignacio Zubiri

  • 2015 Servet Vergilerinden Veraset ve Intikal Vergisi Üzerine Degerlendirmeler
    by Havva Safak & Hatice Yurtsever

  • 2015 Porez Na Dohodak U Republici Hrvatskoj
    by Miljenko Javorovic

  • 2015 Novi Zakon O Raèunovodstvu - Usporedni I Kritièki Prikaz
    by Marica Javorovic

  • 2015 Corporate governance, incentives, and tax avoidance
    by Armstrong, Christopher S. & Blouin, Jennifer L. & Jagolinzer, Alan D. & Larcker, David F.

  • 2015 The wealth effects of premium subsidies on moral hazard in insurance markets
    by Jaspersen, Johannes G. & Richter, Andreas

  • 2015 Income taxation, wealth effects, and uncertainty: Portfolio adjustments with isoelastic utility and discrete probability
    by Sims, Theodore S.

  • 2015 A influência das políticas públicas quanto a aplicação do imposto predial e territorial urbano progressivo no tempo como instrumento do estatuto da cidade
    by Semíramis Amaral Rabello De Mello

  • 2015 EU-Aktionsplan zur Unternehmensbesteuerung: Ein Weg zu größerer Fairness und Effizienz in der Steuerpolitik?
    by Wolfgang Schön & Dennis Klein & Markus Kerber & Martin Ruf & Tanja Kroh & Katharina Finke & Christoph Spengel & Andreas Oestreicher

  • 2015 Fiscal Rules
    by Sabrina Enzinger

  • 2015 La fiscalité minière en Afrique : le secteur de l’or dans 14 pays de 1980 à 2015
    by Bertrand Laporte & Yannick Bouterige & Céline de Quatrebarbes

  • 2015 Comparison between the legal regime of the extinctive prescription in Romanian civil law and fiscal law
    by Silvia Lucia Cristea

  • 2015 Hungarian Small Business Tax and Possibilities to Minimize Distortions from Capital Income Taxation
    by Benedek Nobilis & András Svraka

  • 2015 Taxpayer Search for Information: Implications for Rational Attention
    by Jeffrey L. Hoopes & Daniel H. Reck & Joel Slemrod

  • 2015 No Taxation without Information: Deterrence and Self-Enforcement in the Value Added Tax
    by Dina Pomeranz

  • 2014 I metodi di misurazione dell’Economia Non Osservata
    by Amedeo Argentiero & Matilde Guarino

  • 2014 Gemeinsame Körperschaftsteuer-Bemessungsgrundlage in der EU: Konkretisierung der Gewinnermittlungsprinzipien und Weiterentwicklungen
    by Evers, Maria Theresia & Finke, Katharina & Köstler, Melanie & Meier, Ina & Scheffler, Wolfram & Spengel, Christoph

  • 2014 Effective tax rates under IP tax planning
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