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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q0: General
/ / / Q02: Commodity Market
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Trends and Cycles in Historical Gold and Silver Prices
    by Luis A. Gil-Alana & Goodness C. Aye & Rangan Gupta

  • 2015 A Causal Exploration of Conflict Events and Commodity Prices of Sudan
    by Chen, Junyi & Kibriya, Shahriar & Bessler, David & Price, Edwin

  • 2015 An economic assessment of GHG mitigation policy options for EU agriculture
    by Benjamin Van Doorslaer & Peter Witzke & Ingo Huck & Franz Weiss & Thomas Fellmann & Guna Salputra & Torbjörn Jansson & Dusan Drabik & Adrian Leip

  • 2015 Systemic Risk in Commodity Markets: What Do Trees Tell Us About Crises?
    by Lautier, Delphine & Ling, Julien & Raynaud, Franck

  • 2015 Does the volatility of commodity prices reflect macroeconomic uncertainty?
    by Marc Joëts & Valérie Mignon & Tovonony Razafindrabe

  • 2015 Dynamic convergence of commodity futures: Not all types of commodities are alike
    by Ahmet Sensoy & Erk Hacihasanoglu & Duc Khuong Nguyen

  • 2015 A joint affine model of commodity futures and US Treasury yields
    by Chin, Michael & Liu, Zhuoshi

  • 2015 Speculative bubbles in agricultural prices
    by Adämmer, Philipp & Bohl, Martin T.

  • 2014 Forecasting the Price of Gold Using Dynamic Model Averaging
    by Goodness C. Aye & Rangan Gupta & Shawkat Hammoudeh & Won Joong Kim

  • 2014 The impact of long-only index funds on price discovery and market performance in agricultural futures markets
    by Prehn, Sören & Glauben, Thomas & Loy, Jens-Peter & Pies, Ingo & Will, Matthias Georg

  • 2014 Financialization in Commodity Markets: Disentangling the Crisis from the Style Effect
    by Adams, Zeno & Glueck, Thorsten

  • 2014 The Relationship between Oil and Agricultural Commodity Prices: A Quantile Causality Approach
    by Mehmet Balcilar & Shinhye Chang & Rangan Gupta & Vanessa Kasongo & Clement Kyei

  • 2014 Efficient Indian Commodity Markets – Need for Comprehensive Warehousing System
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Mathur, Kritika

  • 2014 Latin American Performance to External Shocks: What Has Really Been Sweat?
    by Pagliacci, Carolina

  • 2014 Causality in distribution between European stock markets and commodity prices: Using independence test based on the empirical copula
    by Wanat, Stanisław & Papież, Monika & Śmiech, Sławomir

  • 2014 The conditional dependence structure between precious metals: a copula-GARCH approach
    by Wanat, Stanisław & Papież, Monika & Śmiech, Sławomir

  • 2014 Co-movement of commodity prices – results from dynamic time warping classification
    by Śmiech, Sławomir

  • 2014 Early Life Circumstance and Adult Mental Health
    by James Fenske & Achyuta Adhvaryu & Anant Nyshadham

  • 2014 Effects of Mineral-Commodity Price Shocks on Monetary Policy in Developed Countries
    by Atsushi Sekine

  • 2014 CAPRI long-term climate change scenario analysis: The AgMIP approach
    by Heinz-Peter Witzke & Pavel Ciaian & Jacques Delince

  • 2014 EU sugar policy: A sweet transition after 2015 ?
    by Alison Burrell & Mihaly Himics & Benjamin Van Doorslaer & Pavel Ciaian & Shailesh Shrestha

  • 2014 Forecasting the Price of Gold Using Dynamic Model Averaging
    by Goodness Aye & Rangan Gupta & Shawkat Hammoudeh & Won Joong Kim

  • 2014 Commodity Price Booms and Breaks: Detection, Magnitude and Implications for Developing Countries
    by Rodrigo Mariscal & Andrew Powell

  • 2014 Large scale societal transitions in the past
    by Marina Fischer-Kowalski & Daniel Hausknost

  • 2014 Oil Volatility Risk and Expected Stock Returns
    by Peter Christoffersen & Xuhui (Nick) Pan

  • 2014 Factor Structure in Commodity Futures Return and Volatility
    by Peter Christoffersen & Asger Lunde & Kasper V. Olesen

  • 2014 Comments Regarding China’s Influence on the International Metal Markets
    by Iulia Monica Oehler-Sincai

  • 2014 The Case for a Supra-national Control on Commodities in the post WWII World: Novel Perspectives from FAO and Kaldor Archives
    by Paolo Paesani & Annalisa Rosselli

  • 2014 The microstructure of the North American oil market
    by Kaminski, Vincent

  • 2014 Oil demand shocks reconsidered: A cointegrated vector autoregression
    by Kolodzeij, Marek & Kaufmann, Robert.K.

  • 2014 Economic Shocks and Conflict: Evidence from Commodity Prices
    by Samuel Bazzi & Christopher Blattman

  • 2014 The Effects of Global Shocks on Small Commodity-Exporting Economies: Lessons from Canada
    by Valery Charnavoki & Juan J. Dolado

  • 2013 Understanding momentum in commodity markets
    by Ielpo, Florian & Gatumel, Mathieu & Chevallier, Julien

  • 2013 Cross-market linkages between commodities, stocks and bonds
    by Ielpo, Florian & Chevallier, Julien

  • 2013 Volatility spillovers in commodity markets
    by Ielpo, Florian & Chevallier, Julien

  • 2013 Participatory Forest Management and the Trade-off between Current and Future Consumption of Forest Produce: Evidence from Nepal

  • 2013 Financialization in Commodity Markets: Disentangling the Crisis from the Style Effect
    by Adams, Zeno & Glück, Thorsten

  • 2013 Long-run trends or short-run fluctuations What establishes the correlation between oil and food prices?
    by Krätschell, Karoline & Schmidt, Torsten

  • 2013 Der Einfluss von Long-only-Indexfonds auf die Preisfindung und das Marktergebnis an landwirtschaftlichen Warenterminmärkten
    by Prehn, Sören & Glauben, Thomas & Loy, Jens-Peter & Pies, Ingo & Will, Matthias Georg

  • 2013 The Transmission of Oil and Food Prices to Consumer Prices – Evidence for the MENA Countries
    by Ansgar Belke & Christian Dreger

  • 2013 Agriculture and economic security of Russia: retrospective research
    by Fyodorov, Mikhail & Kuzmin, Evgeny

  • 2013 Price, Return and Volatility Linkages of Base Metal Futures traded in India
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Mathur, Kritika

  • 2013 How Export Restrictive Measures Affect Trade of Agricultural Commodities
    by Peter Liapis

  • 2013 The Financialization of Commodity Markets
    by Ing-Haw Cheng & Wei Xiong

  • 2013 Food Price Spikes, Price Insulation and Poverty
    by Kym Anderson & Maros Ivanic & Will Martin

  • 2013 Biofuels, Binding Constraints and Agricultural Commodity Price Volatility
    by Philip Abbott

  • 2013 Technology Agreements with Heterogeneous Countries
    by Hoel, Michael & de Zeeuw, Aart

  • 2013 Are Global Food Prices Becoming More Volatile and More Persistent?
    by Hyeongwoo Kim

  • 2013 Impacts of Inflation on Agricultural Prices: Panel Smooth Transition Regression Analysis
    by Bulent Guloglu & Saban Nazlioglu

  • 2013 Assessing The Price Risk On The Romanian Agricultural Market: Analyses And Implications
    by Larisa Nicoleta POP & Flavius ROVINARU & Mihaela ROVINARU

  • 2013 Gold prices: Analyzing its cyclical behavior
    by Martha Gutiérrez & Giovanni Franco & Carlos Campuzano

  • 2013 Environmental compliance and human capital: Evidence from Chinese industrial firms
    by Lan, Jing & Munro, Alistair

  • 2012 Food prices and the multiplier effect of export policy
    by Giordani, Paolo E. & Rocha, Nadia & Ruta, Michele

  • 2012 Super-cycles of commodity prices since the mid-ninteenth century
    by Bilge Erten

  • 2012 Convective Risk Flows in Commodity Futures Markets
    by Ing-Haw Cheng & Andrei Kirilenko & Wei Xiong

  • 2012 Food Prices and the Multiplier Effect of Export Policy
    by Paolo E. Giordani & Nadia Rocha & Michele Ruta

  • 2012 Agricultural sector and market developments: a special focus on Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan
    by Thomas Fellmann & Olexandr Nekhay

  • 2012 Integrating Soil Sciences into Agricultural Production Frontiers
    by Ekbom, Anders & Alem, Yonas & Sterner, Thomas

  • 2012 Trade and Resources: Welfare effects of the Lake Victoria fisheries boom
    by Eggert, Håkan & Greaker, Mads & Kidane, Asmerom

  • 2012 The asymmetric commodity inventory effect on the optimal hedge ratio
    by CARPANTIER, Jean-François & SAMKHARADZE, Besik

  • 2012 Food Prices and the Multiplier Effect of Export Policy
    by Paolo E. Giordani & Nadia Rocha & Michele Ruta

  • 2012 Do financial investors affect the price of wheat?
    by Daniele Girardi

  • 2012 Mandorle, una materia prima strategica: dinamiche di mercato e fabbisogno dell’industria dolciaria
    by Marco Ginanneschi

  • 2012 Quale ruolo per la politica agricola europea in un’era d’instabilità dei mercati?
    by Paolo De Castro & Felice Adinolfi & Jorgelina Di Pasquale

  • 2012 The Role of Speculation in the Determination of Energy Prices
    by Umar M. Mustapha

  • 2011 Do financial investors affect commodity prices? The case of Hard Red Winter Wheat
    by Daniele Girardi

  • 2011 Forecasting Commodity Prices with Mixed-Frequency Data: An OLS-Based Generalized ADL Approach
    by Yu-chin Chen & Wen-Jen Tsay

  • 2011 The Food Price Spikes of 2008/09 and 2010/11: Impacts and Policies in African Countries
    by Pedro Conceição & Sebastian Levine & Zuzana Brixiova

  • 2011 How far do shocks move across borders?Examining volatility transmission in major agricultural futures markets
    by Manuel Hernandez & Raul Ibarra & Danilo Trupkin

  • 2011 Export Restrictions and Price Insulation During Commodity Price Booms
    by Anderson, Kym & Martin, Will

  • 2011 How Far Do Shocks Move Across Borders? Examining Volatility Transmission in Major Agricultural Futures Markets
    by Manuel A. Hernández & Raúl Ibarra-Ramírez & Danilo R. Trupkin

  • 2011 Food Paradox – A Microeconomic Concept

  • 2011 Commodity Booms and Busts
    by Colin A. Carter & Gordon C. Rausser & Aaron Smith

  • 2010 Are Smaller Turbines the Way Forward for Wind Energy in Herefordshire?
    by Linnell, Peter

  • 2010 Modelagem Dinâmica do Uso e Cobertura das Terras para o Controle da Erosão na Bacia Hidrográfica do Rio Mogi-Guaçú e Pardo – São Paulo – Brasil
    by Roelof Boumanns & Luís Alberto Ambrósio & Ademar Ribeiro Romeiro & Eneida Maria Goddi Campos & Maria do Carmo Ramos Fasiaben & Daniel Caixeta Andrade & Sergio Gomes Tôsto & Jener Fernando Leite de Moraes & Luiz Armando Steinle Camargo & Paulo Antonio de Almeida Sinisgalli & Wilson Cabral de Sousa Junior

  • 2010 A Perfect Storm or an Opportunity for Latin America: High World Commodity Prices
    by Maximo Torero & Miguel Robles

  • 2009 The economy and the environment in the Dominican Republic and Haiti: what explains the differences?
    by Sanchez-Fung, Jose R. & Faria, Joao Ricardo

  • 2001 A természeti erőforrások pénzbeli értékelése
    by Marjainé, Szerényi Zsuzsanna

  • 2001 Coyuntura socio-económica en Colombia: algunas consideraciones
    by Rodolfo Valderrama Díaz

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