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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ I: Health, Education, and Welfare
/ / I0: General
/ / / I00: General
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The Healthy Immigrant Paradox and Health Convergence
    by Constant, Amelie F.

  • 2017 Learn4Health, a European project creating health and food literacy through innovative interdisciplinary teaching and learning methods
    by Anna Marie Fisker & Katja Seerup Clausen

  • 2017 Combined application of CFD and flipped classroom practices in improving knowledge acqusition for an undergraduate water resources engineering related course
    by Ronald R. Gutierrez & Jose H. Cabrera & Frank Escusa & Richard Pehovaz

  • 2017 The Need of Educating Adolescent Females of Karachi, Pakistan regarding Reproductive Health
    by Rizwana Amin & Prof. Dr. Shahida Sajjad

  • 2017 Moving Forward: Near Peer Teaching Experience Of Undergraduate Medical Students
    by Raneem Salem

  • 2017 Community Participation on Health Management: A Case of Dengue Fever Disease Control Program
    by Anusorn Kunanusorn & Chanita Chotisatiankul

  • 2017 Public Private Competition
    by Klumpp, Tilman & Su, Xuejuan

  • 2017 Child Care Quality and Child Development
    by María Caridad Araujo & Marta Dormal & Norbert Schady

  • 2017 The Welfare Implications of Health Insurance
    by Sonia Jaffe & Anup Malani

  • 2017 Origins of adulthood personality: The role of adverse childhood experiences
    by Jason M. Fletcher & Stefanie Schurer

  • 2017 Measuring women’s economic empowerment: Lessons from South America
    by Susana Martínez-Restrepo & Laura Ramos-Jaimes & Alma Espino & Martin Valdivia & Johanna Yancari Cueva

  • 2017 The Healthy Immigrant Paradox and Health Convergence
    by Amelie F. Constant

  • 2017 Sibling Spillovers
    by Sandra E. Black & Sanni Breining & David N. Figlio & Jonathan Guryan & Krzysztof Karbownik & Helena Skyt Nielsen & Jeffrey Roth & Marianne Simonsen

  • 2017 Post-neonatal Mortality Impacts Following Grants from the Gavi Vaccine Alliance: An Econometric Analysis from 2000 to 2014
    by Robert John KOLESAR & Martine AUDIBERT

  • 2017 Contemporary Issues in Economy. Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Economics: Economics

  • 2017 Contemporary Issues in Economy. Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Economics: Proceedings in Polish

  • 2017 9th International Conference on Applied Economics Contemporary Issues in Economy, Torun, Poland, 22-23 June 2017

  • 2017 Waist circumference, body mass index, and employment outcomes
    by Jonas Minet Kinge

  • 2017 What happens to drinking when alcohol policy changes? A review of five natural experiments for alcohol taxes, prices, and availability
    by Jon P. Nelson & Amy D. McNall

  • 2017 The Quality of Life in Romania Viewed from the Perspective of the Sustainable Development
    by Criveanu Maria Magdalena

  • 2017 Job Training Subsidies, Reemployment and Earnings in the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program
    by James N. Giordano

  • 2017 Pedal And Motor Cycle Helmet Use, Split By Gender: Evidence From Europe, Central America And The Caribbean
    by Keith Akiva Lehrer

  • 2017 Would you choose to be happy? Tradeoffs between happiness and the other dimensions of life in a large population survey
    by Adler, Matthew D. & Dolan, Paul & Kavetsos, Georgios

  • 2017 Performance of people with diabetes in the labor market: An empirical approach controlling for complications
    by Rodríguez-Sánchez, Beatriz & Cantarero-Prieto, David

  • 2017 Accountability pressure: Regression discontinuity estimates of how No Child Left Behind influenced student behavior
    by Holbein, John B. & Ladd, Helen F.

  • 2017 The legacy of natural disasters: The intergenerational impact of 100 years of disasters in Latin America
    by Caruso, Germán Daniel

  • 2017 The Social Impacts of Information and Communication Technology in Nigeria
    by Jonathan E. Ogbuabor & Monica N. Agu & Ugbor I. Kalu

  • 2017 Fantasy Pitching
    by Robert Faff & Searat Ali & Muhammad Atif & Matt Brenner & Hasibul Chowdhury & Leelyn Crudas & Alison Joubet & Ihtisham Malik & Lin Mi & Vinu Nagar & Tim Pullen & Manuel Siegrist & Steve Smythe & Jeff Stephenson & Beile Zhang & Kun Zhang

  • 2016 Trends in the distribution of income between labor and capital: Factors, consequences and problems of adjustment
    by V. Klinov.

  • 2016 Abgrenzung und Typisierung ländlicher Räume
    by Küpper, Patrick

  • 2016 What Explains the Difference in the Effect of Retirement on Health?: Evidence from Global Aging Data
    by Motegi, H. & Nishimura, Y. & Oikawa, M.

  • 2016 The affective dynamics of hedonic versus healthy food choices: Making salient post-consumption affect promotes healthy food choices
    by Claudia Toma & Marcel Zeelenberg & Olivier Corneille

  • 2016 Integration of Precision Medicine into Family and Community Medicine Practice: Problems and Challenges
    by Ahmed Eltobgy & Abdullah Al-Temani & Ibrahim Abdelhafiz & Asma Alharbi & Waad Al Nomasi & Ashwag Al-Rwaili

  • 2016 Applying comprehensive nursing intervention to improve mother?s confidence and breastfeeding rate in China
    by Dai Hongxia

  • 2016 Accessing state funded services for children with disabilities: a strategic communication issue?
    by Daniel Pelletier & Chantal Valiquette

  • 2016 Quality of Life among Elderly in Elderly Clubs of Three Southern Border Provinces of Thailand
    by Paiboon Chaosuansreecharoen & Kannika Ruangdej Chaosuansreecharoen

  • 2016 Women in Turkey and Comparative Analysis of Women's Condition in Political Party Programs
    by Senem Kurt Topuz

  • 2016 Understanding the healthy lifestyle behaviors and life satisfaction of students and staff in a university
    by AHU ERGEN

  • 2016 Web-Based Education Practices in Education of Nursing Students: Turkey Profile
    by Menek?e Aker & Selma ?nfal & Esra Uslu

  • 2016 People?s Awareness of Natural Disaster Risks: Differences across Regions and Generations
    by Erina Gyoba

  • 2016 Agricultural Fires and Infant Health
    by Marcos A. Rangel & Tom S. Vogl

  • 2016 Domestic violence and violence against children in Ghana 2015
    by Mueller, Catherine & Tranchant, Jean-Pierre & Oosterhoff, Pauline

  • 2016 Impact of health and recreation on work-life balance: A case study of expatriates
    by Naithani, Pranav

  • 2016 A Global Voice for Survival: An Ecosystemic Approach for the Environment and the Quality of Life
    by Pilon, André Francisco

  • 2016 A Global Voice for Survival: An Ecosystemic Approach for the Environment and the Quality of Life
    by Pilon, André Francisco

  • 2016 Child Disability, Children’s Time with Mother and Maternal Employment
    by Mahmud, Mir

  • 2016 Can Iron-Fortified Salt Control Anemia? Evidence from Two Experiments in Rural Bihar
    by Abhijit Banerjee & Sharon Barnhardt & Esther Duflo

  • 2016 Interactions Between Family and School Environments: Evidence on Dynamic Complementarities?
    by Ofer Malamud & Cristian Pop-Eleches & Miguel Urquiola

  • 2016 Can Cash Transfers Help Households Escape an Inter-Generational Poverty Trap?
    by Maria Caridad Araujo & Mariano Bosch & Norbert Schady

  • 2016 The Marriage Market, Labor Supply and Education Choice
    by Pierre-André Chiappori & Monica Costa Dias & Costas Meghir

  • 2016 Partner Choice, Investment in Children, and the Marital College Premium
    by Pierre-André Chiappori & Bernard Salanié & Yoram Weiss

  • 2016 Waist circumference, body mass index and employment outcomes
    by Kinge, Jonas Minet

  • 2016 Effect of Type 1 Diabetes on School Performance in a Dynamic World: New Analysis Exploring Swedish Register Data
    by Persson, Emma & Persson, Sofie & Gerdtham, Ulf-G. & Steen Carlsson, Katarina

  • 2016 Born to lead? The effect of birth order on non-cognitive abilities
    by Black, Sandra E. & Grönqvist, Erik & Öckert, Björn

  • 2016 Can Iron-Fortified Salt Control Anemia? Evidence from Two Experiments in Rural Bihar
    by Banerjee, Abhijit & Barnhardt, Sharon & Duflo, Esther

  • 2016 Determinants Of Blood Donation: A Study On Organizational Satisfaction
    by Maura Pozzi & Caterina Gozzoli & Daniela Marzana & Giovanni Aresi

  • 2016 I Feel Good At Home And With Myself: How Does Dyadic Companionship Within The Family Affect Adolescents’ Well-Being?
    by Sara Alfieri & Sonia Ranieri & Maura Pozzi & Margherita Lanz & Elena Marta & Semira Tagliabue

  • 2016 Estimating Capabilities with Structural Equation Models: How Well are We Doing in a ‘Real’ World?
    by Jaya Krishnakumar & Florian Chávez-Juárez

  • 2016 Job-Related Well-Being Through the Great Recession
    by Francis Green & Alan Felstead & Duncan Gallie & Hande Inanc

  • 2016 The costs and consequences of obesity in Germany: a new approach from a prevalence and life-cycle perspective
    by Tobias Effertz & Susanne Engel & Frank Verheyen & Roland Linder

  • 2016 What matters in type 2 diabetes mellitus oral treatment? A discrete choice experiment to evaluate patient preferences
    by Axel Mühlbacher & Susanne Bethge

  • 2016 Economic evaluation of a telephone- and face-to-face-delivered counseling intervention for smoking cessation in patients with coronary heart disease
    by Nadine Berndt & Catherine Bolman & Lilian Lechner & Wendy Max & Aart Mudde & Hein Vries & Silvia Evers

  • 2016 Социальная эксклюзия людей с инвалидностью: успешные стратегии преодоления. Social exclusion of people with disabilities: succesful strategies for overcoming
    by Коржук С.В.

  • 2016 Communication Problems Between Administration and Other Medical Personnel in Health Institutions: Example of Public Heath Management
    by Soysal, Abdullah & Yağar, Fedayi & Koz, Turgut & Tunç, Meryem

  • 2016 From Oil to Non-Oil: How are Private Higher Education Institutions Confronting with Quality Issues?
    by Stuti SAXENA

  • 2016 Parental health and child behavior: evidence from parental health shocks
    by Andrea M. Mühlenweg & Franz G. Westermaier & Brant Morefield

  • 2016 Are pregnant women happier? Racial and ethnic differences in the relationship between pregnancy and life satisfaction in the United States
    by Paul Hagstrom & Stephen Wu

  • 2016 Can human capital variables be technology changing? An empirical test for rural households in Burkina Faso
    by Fleur Wouterse

  • 2016 Decision Making And Saint Petersburg Paradox: Focusing On Heuristic Parameters, Considering The Non-Ergodic Context And The Gambling Risks
    by Antonio Cappiello

  • 2016 Labor market consequences of childhood onset type 1 diabetes
    by Persson, Sofie & Gerdtham, Ulf-G. & Steen Carlsson, Katarina

  • 2016 What happens when a woman wins an election? Evidence from close races in Brazil
    by Brollo, Fernanda & Troiano, Ugo

  • 2016 Mediating Role of Organizational Cynicism in Relationship between Role Stressors and Turnover Intention: Evidence from Healthcare Sector of Pakistan
    by Tahira Nazir & Tahira Nazir & Ungku Norulkamar Bt. Ungku Ahmad & Samina Nawab & Syed Fida Hussain Shah

  • 2016 Interrelationship of Incivility, Cynicism and Turnover Intention
    by Tahira Nazir & Ungku Norulkamar Bt. Ungku Ahmed

  • 2015 More than twenty years of New Public Management (NPM) in Germany – Learning Effects and Developments for Social Work and particularly Occupational Social Work (OSW)
    by Schulze, Wolfram

  • 2015 Spillover effects of local human capital stock on adult obesity: Evidence from German neighborhoods
    by Dang, Rui

  • 2015 Preliminary Estimates of Good Life Time (GLT) in Canada Using the General Social Survey
    by Michael Wolfson & Kar-Fai Gee

  • 2015 Higher Education System in Georgia: Reforms and Modern Challenges
    by Lia Charekishvili

  • 2015 Social Networking Addiction: Are the youth of India and United States Addicted?
    by Shivani Arora & Daniel Okunbor

  • 2015 Changes and determinants of teacher?s burnout syndrome
    by Anita Holecz

  • 2015 An E-learning Approach to Education and Training in Biomechanics and Osteosynthesis of Fractures
    by Keti Tokmakova & Petar Molchovski & Mariya Tokmakova

  • 2015 Developmental fears, frustrations and fantasies in children's fantasy novels providing opportunities for educational life skills training programs
    by Kristina Riman & Darko Loncaric

  • 2015 Pattern Approach to Coping with School Failure for Better Learning Outcomes: Reconsidering Relationships between Coping, Personality, Self-Esteem and Test Anxiety
    by Darko Loncaric & Sanja Tatalovi? Vorkapi? & Renata ?epi?

  • 2015 Breast Self Examination- A Necessary Preventive Tool: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice among Nurses in Tabuk Region, Saudi Arabia
    by Shahad Ghabban & Jamal Ghabban & Ashwaq Alruwaili & Bashayer Althobaity

  • 2015 Nursing students? interaction with a computer-controlled human patient simulator
    by Hao Bin Yuan

  • 2015 The Perception Of Occupational Health And Safety: An Application On The Students Of Technical Vocational School

  • 2015 Leveraging the creative potential of fieldwork learning plans
    by Marion Palmer

  • 2015 Effectiveness of a planned educational program for primigravida Indian women regarding factors influencing LBW
    by Abeer Orabi & Pushpamala Ramiah

  • 2015 Barriers to research, research competency and research implementation of public health professionals working in a district located near Walilak University, Thailand
    by Yuwadee Wittyapun & Jira Decho

  • 2015 Finance and Inclusive Human Development: Evidence from Africa
    by Asongu, Simplice & Nwachukwu, Jacinta C.

  • 2015 Comparative Analysis of Factor Affecting Child Mortality in Pakistan
    by Rabbani, Sarah & Qayyun, Abdul

  • 2015 Catastrophic health payments in Malawi: analysis of determinants using a zero-inflated beta regression
    by Mussa, Richard

  • 2015 Does Sanitation Affect Health Outcomes? Evidence from India
    by Das, Amarendra & Das, Bibhunandini

  • 2015 The Misty Grail: The Search for a Comprehensive Measure of Development and the Reasons of GDP Primacy
    by Felice, Emanuele

  • 2015 Urbanization, Natural Amenities, and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from U.S. Counties
    by John V. Winters & Yu Li

  • 2015 Providing the right skills to all in China: From “made in China” to “created in China”
    by Margit Molnar & Vincent Koen

  • 2015 Worms at Work: Long-run Impacts of a Child Health Investment
    by Sarah Baird & Joan Hamory Hicks & Michael Kremer & Edward Miguel

  • 2015 Government expenditure and economic development: evidence from Italy 1862-2009
    by Barbara Pistoresi & Alberto Rinaldi & Francesco Salsano

  • 2015 Urbanization, Natural Amenities, and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from U.S. Counties
    by Winters, John V. & Li, Yu

  • 2015 Technology-enabled services for older people living at home independently: lessons for public long-term care authorities in the EU Member States
    by Stephanie Carretero

  • 2015 Report on case studies of the technology-based services for independent living for older people
    by Stephanie Carretero & Csaba Kucsera

  • 2015 ICT for the employability and integration of immigrants in the European Union: A Qualitative Analysis of a Survey in Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Spain
    by David Reichel & Melissa Siegel & Juan Carlos Andreo Tudela

  • 2015 ICT for the employability and integration of immigrants in the European Union: Results from a survey in three Member States
    by Francisco Lupiañez & Cristiano Codagnone & Rosa Dalet

  • 2015 ICT for the Employability and Integration of Immigrants in the European Union: Methodological Final Report of a Survey in three Member States
    by Francisco Lupiañez & Cristiano Codagnone & Rosa Dalet

  • 2015 Mapping of effective technology-based services for independent living for older people at home
    by Sephanie Carretero

  • 2015 Can Early Intervention Improve Maternal Well-being? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial
    by Orla Doyle & Liam Delaney & Christine O'Farrelly & Nick Fitzpatrick & Michael Daly

  • 2015 Correlation, Consumption, Confusion, or Constraints: Why do Poor Children Perform so Poorly?
    by Elizabeth Caucutt & Lance Lochner & Youngmin Park

  • 2015 Human Development as Positive Freedom: Latin America in Historical Perspective
    by Leandro Prados de la Escosura

  • 2015 The gender gap in mathematics: evidence from a middle-income country
    by Bharadwaj, Prashant & De Giorgi, Giacomo & Hansen, David & Neilson, Christopher

  • 2015 Gender roles and medical progress
    by Albanesi, Stefania & Olivetti, Claudia

  • 2015 Determinants of Expected Returns at Public Defined-Benefit Pension Plans
    by Aggarwal, Raj & Goodell, John

  • 2015 Would you choose to be happy? Tradeoffs betweenhappiness and the other dimensions of life in a largepopulation survey
    by Adler, Matthew D. & Dolan, Paul & Kavetsos, Georgios

  • 2015 Spillover Effects of Local Human Capital Stock on Adult Obesity: Evidence from German Neighborhoods
    by Rui Dang

  • 2015 Human Development as Positive Freedom : Latin America in Historical Perspective
    by Prados de la Escosura, Leandro

  • 2015 Human Development as Positive Freedom: Latin America in Historical Perspective
    by Prados de la Escosura, Leandro

  • 2015 Religión como modeladora de idearios y comportamientos relacionados con la fecundidad
    by Yirlean Ramos Feria & Felipe Del Río Carrasquilla & Jorge Quintana Montes

  • 2015 Constraints on Matching Markets Based on Moral Concerns
    by Katharina Huesmann & Achim Wambach

  • 2015 Would You Choose to be Happy? Tradeoffs between Happiness and the Other Dimensions of Life in a Large Population Survey
    by Matthew D. Adler & Paul Dolan & Georgios Kavetsos

  • 2015 Price Effect in the Short and in the Long Run
    by D. Dragone & P. Vanin

  • 2015 Explaining the Gender Gap in Financial Literacy: the Role of Non-Cognitive Skills
    by Alfonso Arellano & Noelia Camara & David Tuesta

  • 2015 Socioeconomic status and health: A new approach to the measurement of bivariate inequality
    by ERREYGERS, Guido & KESSELS, Roselinde

  • 2015 Finance and Inclusive Human Development: Evidence from Africa
    by Simplice Asongu & Jacinta C. Nwachukwu

  • 2015 The Subprime Crisis: Is Government Housing Policy to Blame?
    by Robert B. Avery & Kenneth P. Brevoort

  • 2015 Motivations for Bilateral Aid Allocation in Korea: Humanitarian, Commercial, or Diplomatic?
    by Bokyeong Park & Hongshik Lee

  • 2015 Une Nouvelle Mesure Du Développement Des Économies Ultramarines Françaises À Travers L’Application De L’Indicateur De Développement Humain « Hybride »
    by Michaël GOUJON & Jean-François HOARAU

  • 2015 Does the Financial System Promote Sustainable Development? Evidence from Eastern European Countries
    by Ioana Andrada Moldovan Gavril

  • 2015 Strategies Concerning the Translation of Specialized Texts
    by Dan (Nãdrag) Lavinia

  • 2015 The dynamics of social expenditures over the cycle: A comparison across OECD countries
    by Anna Cristina D’Addio

  • 2015 Self-management Support of Diabetes Type 2 Patients in Bulgaria: Analysis of Biographical Intervi
    by Velina Balkanska

  • 2015 Factors influencing engagement with higher education pathway programs
    by Stephen Boyle & ABM Abdullah

  • 2015 The Child Offender Under The Age Of Criminal Liability
    by Niculina KARACSONY

  • 2015(XXV) Identification and classification of the factors causing falls from heightat work
    by Nicoleta CRACIUN

  • 2014 Situation und Perspektiven im Gesundheitsbereich „Dental Public Health“ in Deutschland
    by Boensel, Rouven

  • 2014 Teenage pregnancies and births in Germany: Patterns and developments
    by Cygan-Rehm, Kamila & Riphahn, Regina

  • 2014 "Alkoholmissbrauch, Alkoholabhängigkeit": Begrifflichkeit, Epidemiologie, Therapie
    by Bojack, Barbara

  • 2014 (In)equality in Education and Economic Development
    by Petra Sauer & Martin Zagler

  • 2014 Social Security and the Rise in Health Spending
    by Kai Zhao

  • 2014 Can early intervention policies improve wellbeing? Evidence from a randomized controlled trial
    by Michael Daly & Liam Delaney & Orla Doyle & Nick Fitzpatrick & Christine O'Farrelly

  • 2014 Financial Distress and Happiness of Employees in Times of Economic Crisis
    by Efstratia Arampatzi & Martijn J. Burger & Ruut Veenhoven

  • 2014 Evaluation of Activities Related to Beautify, Maintenance and Repair of School and Its Environment within the Scope of Community Service Implementations
    by Zühal Çubukçu & Ay?e Dönmez & Elif Aydo?du-Özo?lu & Zeynep Ak?n-Demircan

  • 2014 Music in Mission: Exploring Outcomes of a Community Music-Service Learning Project
    by Maria Sherla Najera

  • 2014 Osteosynthesis for Surgical Management of Fractures - An E-learning Approach to Education and Training in Biomechanics
    by Petar Molchovski & Keti Tokmakova & Mariya Tokmakova

  • 2014 Network Development of Social Welfare Promotion Organizations: A Case of Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
    by Anusorn Kunanusorn

  • 2014 Total Quality Management for Better Hospital Services in Algeria
    by rahima Houalef

  • 2014 The Learning Capability Development of Technical Pharmacy Students in Laws and Consumer Protection Course at Sirindhorn College of Public Health Chonburi, Thailand

  • 2014 Research and Prevention Perspectives on Smoking in Romania
    by Zoltan Abram

  • 2014 Psychological Aspects Of Children´S Dental Treatment

  • 2014 The Need For Improved Addressability And Accessibility In West Romanian Rural Population With Acute Coronary Heart Disease At Specialized Medical Services To Reduce The Economic Costs Of Health Services

  • 2014 A look from the employer?s perspective: work readiness of paramedic graduates in Australia
    by Kylie O'Brien & Peter Hartley & David Dawson & Jason Quick & Amber Moore

  • 2014 Class Size: Teaching Quality and Students? level of Satisfaction with their Academic Performance
    by Zamira Hyseni-Duraku

  • 2014 Environmental Education And Sustainable Development From A Curricular Perspective
    by Mustafa ER & Ünal ARI

  • 2014 Social Factors Affecting Women's Susceptibility to HIV in India
    by Lall, Priya

  • 2014 Efficiency of health systems in sub-Sahara Africa: a comparative analysis of time varying stochastic frontier models
    by Novignon, Jacob & Lawanson, Akanni

  • 2014 Can religion buy happiness? The case of Singapore
    by Salahodjaev, Raufhon

  • 2014 Impact of Health on Earnings: Individual and District Level Analysis for Pakistan
    by Ahsan, Henna & Idrees, Dr Muhammad

  • 2014 Differences in birth-weight outcomes: A longitudinal study based on siblings
    by Bacci, Silvia & Bartolucci, Francesco & Chiavarini, Manuela & Minelli, Liliana & Pieroni, Luca

  • 2014 High fluoride and low pH level have been detected in popular flavoured beverages in Malaysia
    by Rahim, Zubaidah HA & Bakri, Marina M & Zakir, HM & Ahmed, IA & Zulkifli, NA

  • 2014 La Spesa sanitaria Ssn in Italia e nella Regione Emilia Romagna - Ricostruzione e benchmarking con la metodologia Ecofin-Ocse
    by SALERNO, Nicola Carmine

  • 2014 Unhappy Cities
    by Edward L. Glaeser & Joshua D. Gottlieb & Oren Ziv

  • 2014 Teenage Pregnancies and Births in Germany: Patterns and Developments
    by Cygan-Rehm, Kamila & Riphahn, Regina T.

  • 2014 Public and private expenditures on human capital: Accumulation in India
    by Chetan Ghate & Gerhard Glomm & John T. Stone

  • 2014 Childhood Health and Labor Market Outcomes in the Case of Type 1 Diabetes
    by Persson, Sofie & Dahlquist, Gisela & Gerdtham, Ulf-G. & Steen Carlsson, Katarina

  • 2014 Estimating capabilities with structural equation models: How well are we doing in a 'real' world?
    by Jaya Krishnakumar & Florian Wendelspiess Chavez Juarez

  • 2014 Climate change and sustainable welfare: an argument for the centrality of human needs
    by Gough, Ian

  • 2014 What predicts a successful life? A life-course model of well-being
    by Layard, Richard & Clark, Andrew E. & Cornaglia, Francesca & Powdthavee, Nattavudh & Vernoit, James

  • 2014 Teenage Pregnancies and Birth in Germany: Patterns and Developments
    by Kamila Cygan-Rehm & Regina T. Riphahn

  • 2014 English as a Global Language
    by Jacques Melitz

  • 2014 English as a global language
    by Melitz, Jacques

  • 2014 Contexto histórico y evolución del SGP en Colombia
    by Jaime Bonet & Gerson Javier Pérez & Jhorland Ayala

  • 2014 Wealth and the Construction of Non-Cognitive Skills. The Case of Colombia
    by Rodrigo Azuero Melo

  • 2014 Teenage Pregnancies and Births in Germany: Patterns and Developments
    by Kamila Cygan-Rehm & Regina T. Riphahn

  • 2014 Climate Change and Sustainable Welfare: An Argument for the Centrality of Human Needs
    by Ian Gough

  • 2014 The effect of self-confidence on financial literacy
    by Alfonso Arellano & Noelia Camara & David Tuesta

  • 2014 El efecto de la autoconfianza en el conocimiento financiero
    by Alfonso Arellano & Noelia Camara & David Tuesta

  • 2014 A unified structural equation modeling approach for the decomposition of rank-dependent indicators of socioeconomic inequality of health
    by KESSELS, Roselinde & ERREYGERS, Guido

  • 2014 Development and Disparity in Bihar
    by Kumari, Reena

  • 2014 Tribal Population in India: Regional Dimensions & Imperatives
    by Paltasingh, Tattwamasi & Paliwal, Gayatri

  • 2014 Overvalued and Underestimated. Veblen’s Contribution to the Analysis of (un-)Sustainable Consumption
    by Lorek, Sylvia

  • 2014 Quality of Services between Expectations and Performance
    by Cioban Gabriela-Liliana

  • 2014 Aspects Regarding Quality Integration Into Accounting And Financing Of Higher Education Institutions
    by Caraus Marian

  • 2014 Dimensions Of Poverty And Social Exclusion In Romania. Present And Perspectives
    by Ion GHIZDEANU & Marioara IORDAN

  • 2014 Luigi Bodio: promoter of the political and high scientific mission of statistics and pioneer of the international statistical cooperation
    by Antonio Cappiello

  • 2014 Teenage Pregnancy in Mexico: Evolution and Consequences
    by Eva O. Arceo-Gómez & Raymundo M. Campos-Vázquez

  • 2014 Financial Aspects of Social Infrastructure Development in Ukraine
    by Maria Trofymenko

  • 2014 Failure and potential of profit-loss sharing contracts: A perspective of New Institutional, Economic (NIE) Theory
    by Abdul-Rahman, Aisyah & Abdul Latif, Radziah & Muda, Ruhaini & Abdullah, Muhammad Azmi

  • 2014 Social security and the rise in health spending
    by Zhao, Kai

  • 2014 The influence of state policy and proximity to medical services on health outcomes
    by Li, Jing

  • 2014 The effect of Medicaid premiums on enrollment: A regression discontinuity approach
    by Dague, Laura

  • 2014 Human capital estimates in China: New panel data 1985–2010
    by Li, Haizheng & Liu, Qinyi & Li, Bo & Fraumeni, Barbara & Zhang, Xiaobei

  • 2014 Stimulating Students’ Motivation To Learn Science
    by Cintia L. COLIBABA & Irina GHEORGHIU & Cristina A. COLIBABA

  • 2014 Practical Aspects Of Quality Data Processing And A Rule –Based Expert System For Quality Of Life Evaluation
    by Irena L. ATANASOVA

  • 2014 Growth with gender-differentiated human capital and family wealth accumulation based on the Uzawa-Lucas two-sector model
    by Wei-Bin Zhang

  • 2013 Delivery of Public Services on Intensively Depopulated Territories: Is There Any Solution?
    by I. Starodubrovskaya.

  • 2013 Impacts of parental health shocks on children's non-cognitive skills
    by Westermaier, Franz & Morefield, Brant & Mühlenweg, Andrea M.

  • 2013 Like Brother, Like Sister? The Importance of Family Background for Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills
    by Anger, Silke & Schnitzlein, Daniel D.

  • 2013 A review of the literature on well-being in Italy: A human development perspective
    by Francesco Burchi & Chiara Gnesi

  • 2013 The heterogeneity of wellbeing "expenditure" preferences
    by Becchetti, Leonardo & Corrado, Luisa & Fiaschetti, Maurizio

  • 2013 Differential Fertility, Human Capital, and Development
    by Tom Vogl

  • 2013 Doubling Up as a Private Safety Net for Families with Children
    by Natasha V. Pilkauskas & Irwin Garfinkel & Sara S. McLanahan

  • 2013 Liminal Men: Incarceration and Family Instability
    by Kristin Turney

  • 2013 Multiracial infants and low birth weight: Evidence from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study
    by Kate H. Choi & Sara S. McLanahan

  • 2013 Soft Drinks Consumption is Associated with Behavior Problems in Five-Year Olds
    by Shakira F. Suglia & Sara Solnick & David Hemenway

  • 2013 Employment, Work-Family Conflict, and Parenting Stress Among Economically Disadvantaged Fathers
    by Kei Nomaguchi & Wendi Johnson

  • 2013 Examining the Relationship between Paternal Incarceration, Maternal Stress, and Harsh Parenting Behaviors
    by Jerrett Jones

  • 2013 Village sanitation externalities and children's human capital: Evidence from a randomized experiment by the Maharashtra government
    by Jeffrey Hammer & Dean Spears

  • 2013 Health Challenges Past and Future
    by Anne Case & Cally Ardington

  • 2013 Fraud in the Workplace? Evidence from a Dependent Verification Program
    by Michael Geruso & Harvey S. Rosen

  • 2013 Building a New World: An Ecosystemic Approach for Global Change & Development Design
    by Pilon, André Francisco

  • 2013 Influence of subject choice, work overload and work stress on expatriate higher education teachers
    by Naithani, Pranav

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